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  1. -1
  2. keep stuff you have to move to get out of sight (donuts)
  3. best of all out of sight
  4. minimize liquid calories (soda, etc)
  5. -2
  6. avoid processed food, middle aisles of the grocery store
  7. avoid sweeteners for food
  8. include omega 3 in diet (fish, flaxseed, dairy, meat, eggs, veg)
  9. omega 6 and 9s
  10. -3
  11. reduce overall dense calories of food
  12. like add vegetables or potatoes
  13. avoid more processed food
  14. don't add fat to food (if you want it, eat it seperately)
  15. -4
  16. eat only single ingredients, no flavor, herb, spices
  17. boil/steam/bake chicken
  18. dissolve and drink salt if you want it at all
  19. avoid eating wheat
  20. -5
  21. reduce variety of food
  22. eat the same foods every day
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