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  1. Save Chat
  2.  End Chat
  3. Mark
  4.   Thank you for contacting Ubisoft Live Support. My name is Mark and I'll be here to assist you today. Please give me a moment to read your question, and I'll be with you shortly.
  5.  Hi I accidentally disconnected my last chat
  6.  Not a problem. Can you provide a full screenshot of your proof of purchase please.
  7. Instruction : Maximum file size is 5MB.
  8. Your file has been successfully uploaded to the agent.
  9.  is this okay?
  10.  No it needs to be a full screenshot please.
  11.  like
  12.  how full
  13. Your file has been successfully uploaded to the agent.
  14.  heres 1 more
  15.  this should be full
  16.  hello?
  17.  OK one moment please.
  18.  OK can you also provide a full screenshot from your Steam Transaction History
  19.  sure
  20.  To view your own transaction history from the Steam client, click on your account balance in the upper right of the client to bring up the account page. Then select "STORE TRANSACTIONS" and then "SEE ALL"
  21.  file upload
  22.  give me the upload box please
  23.  There you go.
  24. Your file has been successfully uploaded to the agent.
  25.  OK can you please provide details of any other Ubisoft Accounts that you use.
  26.  uplay accounts?
  27.  sure
  28.  Ubisoft Accounts.
  29.  the one i use to sign into uplay right?
  30.  Yes.
  31.  i have another one with emails
  33.  and
  34.  xPeetey and Peetey02
  35.  theyre linked to separate steam accounts with siege purchased on them
  36.  separately
  37.  OK can you please go to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\cache\user_profile on your PC and then provide a screenshot of what comes up.
  38.  ok
  39.  one sec
  40.  Thank you.
  41. Your file has been successfully uploaded to the agent.
  42.  Thank you. One moment please.
  43.  ok
  44.  OK so the game is not linked to any of the accounts that you have provided. You said previously that you had played the game on another account?
  45.  yeah
  46.  different steam and uplay accs
  47.  same pc
  48.  the other two accounts function fine
  49.  Ok what is the email of the Uplay Account.
  50.  which one
  51.  The other one
  53.  and
  55.  both work
  56.  Ok so the game is not on and no account under exists. What is the username on the account
  57.  wot
  58.  What is the username for the account
  59.  Peetey02
  60. is xPeetey
  61.  both have the game
  62.  OK so that account is not under the email you provided, it is under the email
  63.  The game is tied to that account and as such you need to transfer the game from that account to this one.
  64.  yeah same thing
  65.  wait
  66.  You will need to please contact us from that account in order to have the game transferred to this one.
  67. and is the same thing
  68.  and I have 3 copies of the game
  69.  2 work
  70.  i cant activate third one
  71.  so transfer what
  72.  OK so you need to contact us from the account and request the game be transferred to this account please.
  73.  but why
  74.  thats another copy of the game
  75.  i bought the game three times
  76.  OK your game is tied to the wrong account. It is currently tied to when it is meant to be on this account.
  77.  So the game needs to be transferred to this account in order for it to work.
  78.  will that result with 3 playable accounts?
  79.  Yes.
  80.  okay
  81.  logging into the other one right now
  82.  OK thank you. Is their anything else that I can assist you with for now?
  83.  well its limited chat support time or something right now
  84.  how do I reference this case in the new chat
  85.  You can quote this number: 06019687
  86.  im starting a chat right now
  87.  with another computer
  88.  once that starts Ill end this one
  89.  No problem. Thank you for contacting Ubisoft Customer Support. Feel free to end the chat when ready.
  90.  its not starting lol
  91.  waiting to connect
  92.  OK we can not keep this chat open whilst you wait.
  93.  alright
  94.  thank you
  95.  how do i save a chat log
  96. The agent is typing.
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