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  1. Key: CaelumZ
  3. Character: Dustin
  5. Transformation/Ascension: Fully Mastered SSJ2
  7. Reasoning: It's end wipe, I'm dead, we wont be getting into any serious fights, it's for the sake of fighting my characters friends, it'd make me plenty stronger to stand up to them and have a lot of fun in my final moments, gives me an excuse to bug Jesse for SSJ2 if I ever show up in her next wipe muwahahahaha
  9. Moment: Dustin's fighting with Redtail in the Afterlife. With a proper sparring partner, its much easier and faster to grow as a fighter. So mastering his Super Saiyan 2 state would be FAR more simply then it would be back on earth, where he's limited by his miasma, an actual killable body, and more.
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