othin vs touma 1

Jan 13th, 2021
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  1. Whoever she was, Kamijou concluded she was from the magic side and he went on full
  2. alert because she had grabbed his right wrist.
  3. However, what happened next went well beyond anything he could have expected.
  4. The eyepatch girl whispered to him.
  5. “...This isn’t over yet.”
  6. Immediately afterwards...
  7. Without hesitation...
  8. The girl tightened her grip, crushing Kamijou’s right wrist and severing his hand.
  10. ***
  12. Utterly overwhelming pain tore Kamijou Touma’s consciousness from him the instant his
  13. right hand was crushed. His unconscious form dropped to the floor with surprising ease.
  14. It was much worse than having his hand cut off with a knife. An unbelievable amount of
  15. fresh blood spewed from the mangled wound, but the boy’s body no longer moved. He did
  16. not writhe in pain or fear or even let out a cry.
  17. The no longer needed right hand was tossed to the floor.
  18. “Ah...ah...”
  19. Kumokawa Maria was unable to move.
  20. The great amount of red blood made her feel dizzy.
  21. But before that, the one-eyed witch who had suddenly appeared was simply too
  22. frightening. This was different from Dáinsleif. The feeling was different from that easily
  23. understandable surface fear. It slipped into the deepest portions of people without them
  24. noticing and the next thing they knew, strength had left their limbs.
  26. - Toaru Majutsu no Index New Testament Volume 4, Profound Destruction
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