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  1. Hi Mike and Taylor,
  2. I've just recently started listening your podcast, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I have been using a Brain Freeze Pet Deck to out Aggro many plant players right now.
  4. Strategy:
  9. Mulligan: Two conditions must be met in the Mulligan phase. 1. You must have a 1 brain zombie drop. (For which 1 drop to place, refer to turn 1 priorities) 2. You must have the Pet Synergy ability to buff (either Cat Lady or Zookeeper). Although Cat Lady is both a 1 drop and a pet buffer, it is not always a good idea to drop turn 1.
  10. Other Priorities:
  11. Have a Fire Rooster in your hand if you are facing ANY Kabloom Hero (in case of Shroom for two)
  13. Dog Walker Counters: Forget-me-nuts, Galacta-Cactus | Blooming Heart, High-Voltage Currant, Poison Mushroom, Shroom for Two, Astro-Shroom | Bonk Choy, Clique Peas, Party Thyme, Pea Pod, Umbrella Leaf | Mars Flytrap, Snowdrop (if played on Turn 1) | Cosmoss, Pumpking, Morning Glory, Sunflower, Primal Sunflower
  15. Cat Lady: As long as you don't start with Acid Rain, can be protected or buffed with Pet Zombies
  17. Turn 1: Priority 1 drop (You must place a 1 drop Zombie)
  18. Against Captain Combustible:
  19. 1. Dog Walker  (see relevant counters)
  20. 2. Cat Lady (See above)
  21. 3. Ducky Tube Zombie (Better on Turn 2 after playing Cat Lady, since CC has no Amphibious plants, can take advantage of becoming massive, be wary of Sweet Pea)
  22. 4. Scaredy Cat (CC has no turn 1 tricks that it can take advantage of, other than meteor, which kills it)
  24. Against Grass Knuckles
  25. 1. Scaredy Cat (on Heights, Counters GKs Super and Holo-Flora, slowing down their plays)
  26. 2. Dog Walker (on heights, see relevant counters)
  27. 3. Cat Lady, (See above)
  28. 4. Ducky Tube (Countered by Sting Bean, Sweet Pea, and if it does grow big, Guacodile will most likely destroy it)
  30. Against Green Shadow
  31. 1. Ducky Tube Zombie (Counters Admiral Navy Bean HARD, smarty class has mostly weaker Amphibious Plants, but as always be wary of Sweet Pea)
  32. 2. Dog Walker (See relevant counters)
  33. 3. Cat Lady (not in lane 3, otherwise see above)
  34. 4. Scaredy Cat (Can counter Precision Blast, but otherwise not that good)
  36. Against Chompzilla
  37. 1. Ducky Tube Zombie (Only way to stop it is Devour, which is a win, or Sweet Pea, which you must always be careful with in Mega-Grow Class)
  38. 2. Dog Walker (See relevant counters)
  39. 3. Scaredy Cat (Counters Holo-Flora, but not much else)
  40. 4. Cat Lady (Devour and Pumpking are the two plant cards that can outright kill Cat Lady Turn 1)
  42. Against Spudow
  43. 1. Cat Lady (see above)
  44. 2. Dog Walker (see relevant Counters)
  45. 3. Scaredy Cat (Better than DTZ)
  46. 4. Ducky Tube Zombie (Spudow has many ways to kill DTZ in the first 3 turns)
  48. Against Citron
  49. 1. DTZ (Counters ANB, but could play Sting Bean)
  50. 2. Cat Lady (See above)
  51. 3. Dog Walker (Least amount of Counters, but still viable)
  52. 4. Scaredy Cat (No Turn 1 tricks that are good to play)
  54. Against Beta Carrotena
  55. 1. Ducky Tube Zombie (counters ANB, but be wary of Sting Bean)
  56. 2. Scaredy Cat (Lightseed and BC super will buff it, but can still trade with minion supers)
  57. 3. Dog Walker (See Citron)
  58. 4. Cat Lady (Minion Supers Trade well with Turn 1 Cat Lady)
  60. Against Wall Knight
  61. 1. Dog Walker (see relevant counters)
  62. 2. Scaredy Cat (isn't massively countered by Wall Knight on Turn 1)
  63. 3. Cat Lady (Pumpking in Aggro Wall Knight (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vcgUUwr-S0)  Decks can be a devastating match up, but otherwise fine)
  64. 4. Ducky Tube Zombie (Guardian class counters DTZ)
  66. Against NightCap
  67. 1. Cat Lady (see above)
  68. 2. Dog Walker (in spite of super, can still counter a lot of Kabloom)
  69. 3. Ducky Tube Zombie (ANB is used less with Nightcap, but it can still grow a fair amount)
  70. 4. Scaredy Cat (No Powers will activate it)
  72. Against Solar Flare
  73. 1. Dog Walker (see above)
  74. 2. Ducky Tube Zombie (Another hero with no Amphibious, if grown can wreck havoc and force 5 cost spell on 1 cost zombie)
  75. 3. Cat Lady (Pumpking counters it, but still viable)
  76. 4. Scaredy Cat (Will nearly always get killed to Turn 1 powers or Banana Bomb)
  78. Against Rose
  79. 1. Dog Walker (see above)
  80. 2. Cat Lady (see above)
  81. 3. Ducky Tube (ANB is used less with Rose, but can still grow a fair amount)
  82. 4. Scaredy Cat (No Turn 1 plays it will get to attack that turn)
  84. If you have the resources, replace the 4 Space Pirates with 1 Area 22, 2 Space Cowboys and 1 Hover Goat
  86. Minion Priorities:
  87. Zookeeper (never play turn 2)
  88. Cat Lady (play zookeeper before playing Cat Lady if possible)
  89. Cosmic Yeti (keeps you alive in the late game with good conjures)
  90. Hover Goat (try to get it bounced as much as possible)
  91. Ducky Tube Zombie (especially against heroes that have amphibious minions)
  92. Sharkotronic (big hits in late game and works well with Fire Rooster)
  93. Fire Rooster (if your opponent values it too highly, they won't get to use removal cards on actual threats. If not valued enough, still quite dangerous even without Zookeeper)
  94. Scaredy Cat (People forget it moves to a random lane. I know I have)
  95. Fishy Imp (cheapish removal)
  96. Dog Walker (force opponents to play around it)
  97. Space Pirate (decent face hit, but still does reasonable damage to plants)
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