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  1. <color="blue">Our New Name</color> --> <color="green">US ENG Snowfire Official</color>
  2. Come and join us on our discord: <link="https://discord.gg/SNhvqSp"> https://discord.gg/SNhvqSp </link>
  3. Or at our steam group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/AtlasSCP
  5. <b>Server Information:</b>
  6. Auto-Nuke Script (20mins)
  7. Friendly Fire = Off
  8. Server Mod 3.1.10
  9. Custom 914 routes
  10. 914 Held Items
  11. 30 Second Late join
  12. SCP Regen Health <i> Stand Still for 10 seconds </i>
  13. Random SCP-106 Escape Locations
  15. <color="yellow"> If you need to make a report or have a question feel free to contact the owner at:</color>
  16. <i>Discord -</i> Space_Mau5e#0286
  17. <i>Steam -</i> Space_Mau5e
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