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Sors Ultovex - Eye's Boredom (1/20) (CoI)

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  1. Once more the magi of Huangzhou find themselves assaulting Dawn's southern front. Soldiers meet on the battlefield in a storm of swords and spells. Foes, familiar and unfamiliar, meet and strive for supremecy in brutal combat. Please ahelp the results of your matchup as the conclude. Max for this one is 2 cap danger!
  3. Meiyo vs Arthur
  4. Hayashi vs Neo
  5. Zeriel vs Ludovic
  6. Tenevan vs Sors
  7. Rikona vs Ophelia
  8. Khonsu vs Franziska
  9. [18:30] It was time for battle once more. Tenevan followed the group of Huangheze magi, keeping his spear at his side as they marched onwards to Dawns southern flank.
  11. The Siren kept himself on the side of the lines as they arrayed, looking for space for himself to battle. The Merman moved onwards when the sound was given, picking out a target for himself.
  13. After a few bolts of ice thrown at passing undead, he found his mark. A necromancer controlling a whole squad! This'd do.
  15. "Hey, over here, corpse-fucker!"
  17. Sound magic amplified his voice, carrying it onwards to Sors' ears. The Merman pointed his spear at the hostile mage, hoping to draw his attention.
  19. Cold winds flared around his form as the atmosphere around chilled noticeably. The Siren kept himself in a fighting posture, leaned forth, spear in hand.
  21. "You're facing Tenevan, of the Green Coral clan. I'll take extra care in releasing the souls of those poor saps following you."
  23. His water spirit floated up beside him, and it didn't take long for him to close in. It was on.
  24. (Tenevan)
  25. [18:31] A battalion of Undead draw their weapons, throwing away cloaks. Eyes and mouths cover their skin, opening in places that they shouldn't where such appendages didn't belong. Attackers from all sides are bloodied, and the writhing undead abominations throw themselves against the assailants. Above it, a darkness weighs down on the people, needles of occultism stabbing into skin and draining many of their life force.
  27. "Ain't it beautiful?"
  29. A grey eye looked over the field, but in the other socket rests one of emerald green. Hidden away from the view of others in the chaos of war and battle, eyes open on the ground, mouths open on people eating their flesh. Green power flows from the floating Necromancer, eyes appearing above and around him.
  31. "Ta see people die, ta see 'em struggle? Tha' taste o' war. How I love it real."
  33. Occultic power spreads among the non-magi, culling them by the dozen until a particular one stands out, floating to where he sees a magi, his staff is taken in hand.
  35. "Huh. Ain't taken from a Sirenian 'fore."
  37. The many green eyes all looked to Tenevan.
  39. "We'll take ya arm. No. Ya lungs. Sirenian lungs. Tha' sounds like something I want.
  41. Entertain us."
  42. (Sors Ultovex)
  43. [18:38] ** Tenevan has inflicted an injury upon Sors Ultovex. ("Temporary Injury", "Temporary Injury", "Temporary", "Duration: Medium (4 days)") **
  44. [18:51] And so, they clashed.
  46. The Merman faced off against Sors, and already, the problems became evident. Necromancers rarely fight alone, after all.
  48. His undead minions were a nuisance, constantly blocking his movements, hindering his abilities, occasionally even taking a shot in the man's place.
  50. Tenevan fought on regardless, pressing forth with blasts of wind and water. A biting chill followed him as they moved onwards, back and forth, trading their blows.
  52. "Beauty. Is that what you call it?"
  54. He found the time to shout back at the man amidst the chaos, using sound magic to convey his words. Unusually, his speech had a painful sting to it - the Siren was happy to use it as a weapon as well.
  56. The Merman pulled back, letting himself be concealed by the brewing snowstorm. The winds had intensified into a gale, making it difficult to pinpoint his precise location.
  58. "I am not one who enjoys violence, killing, but you. Your kind are a plague, one whom I'll gladly exterminate."
  60. The fight progressed. The Siren eventually felled the last of Sors' minions, leaving him without allies and stranded amidst a raging gale. It wasn't easy, not at all - the man was resilient, and the tendrils of his occult magic wrecked havoc on the Merman, leaving him gasping for breath at times.
  62. Still, the fight endured. And as it endured, so did the freezing, inhospitable temperatures about them.
  64. The Necromancer would feel the strength drain away, first from his arms, then from his legs. Though Tenevan wasn't faring much better, he had the advantage of concealment. Eventually, Sors would collapse into a cold, shivering wreck.
  66. The snowstorm abated, and the Siren approached, pressing his spear against the neck of this unconscious foeman. He deliberated, but soon decided against stabbing.
  68. "You'll be more useful alive. If not now, you'll die later."
  70. He hefted the man's body on his shoulder, making a swift retreat back to his lines. Of course, he'd take his weapon and any immediate belongings as they moved.
  72. Sors would live, for now at least. Though knowing Huangzhou and his profession, he was likely not long for this world.
  73. (Tenevan)
  74. [18:52] Sors Ultovex's Orichalcum Amulet was stolen by Tenevan.
  75. [18:52] Sors Ultovex's Master Staff was stolen by Tenevan.
  76. [18:52] Sors Ultovex's Mythril Trauma Kit was stolen by Tenevan.
  77. [18:52] Sors Ultovex's Mythril Trauma Kit was stolen by Tenevan.
  78. [18:57] The undead writhe, throwing themselves against the merman as all manner of eyes, mouths and other appendages open on the earth and creatures around. Floating above, the astral force empowering the Ultovex failed them, not be able to close the distances so desperately needed. Instead there was only the pain of biting cold, lethargy entering the vessel.
  80. The eyes stare down at the Necromancer. Then they close, strength vanishing. He grits his teeth.
  82. "Ain't entertain ya at this point, huh.."
  84. Bitter tone spoken to whatever watched, then the gale eliminated the last of the undead and Sor's body found itself too clod to draw away. The spear was pressed to his neck, yet the movement is little. Occultism boils around him hatefully and he stays, saying nothing but the hate feelable in the air around.
  86. "Tha's tha idea o' utility, ain't it?"
  87. (Sors Ultovex)
  88. [19:00] {NARRATION} The fierce battle between magi rages from the evening and far into the night. It's a close fight on all sides. But as the commanders from Huangzhou signal to fall back, Dawn's soldiers will find themselves missing a pair of necromancers. The raid was a success in Huangzhou's favor, and as the forces escape back to the Southwest they bring with them Sors Ultovex and Ophelia de' Fiano.
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