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  1. - discord bot
  2.     - problem
  3.         - chats that aren't #general have a lot of activity that easily goes unseen due to how discord works
  4.     - goal
  5.         - draw people to channels with lots of activity to take a look
  6.     - benefits
  7.         - let people know where activity is happening, making it so that chat isn't falling in the cracks
  8.     - proposed solution part 1
  9.         - add a star to the front of a channel name when it has X messages in Y minutes. This is removed after Z minutes of the channel not having X messages in Y minutes
  10.         - For example, 5 messages in 3 minutes. Removed after 15 minutes.
  11.     - proposed solution part 2
  12.         - send a #link in general, drawing attention to that channel
  13.         - this could quickly get annoying
  14.     - proposed execution
  15.         - hosted on amazon aws
  16.         - only responds to admin users
  17.         - .star command: <.star 5, 3, 15> for example
  18.             - used by itself, disables if enabled
  19.             - used by itself, enables with last used values
  20.         - .nostar: add channels to exclude from .star, ex .nostar <bot>
  21.             - used by itself, it lists the channels currently on the no star list
  22.         - .starlink: running list of channels to link in general when star is triggered
  23.             - used by itself, lists the channels to link
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