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  1. [23:20:09] <Giantree> i want to actually /nick for that because her name is SUPER CUTE
  2. [23:20:13] * Giantree is now known as Norn
  3. [23:20:19] <Norn> Not that Steyr isn't, but
  4. [23:21:01] <Norn> ... let me just decide if she falls on you right when you finish comms or actually plans a date somewhere
  5. [23:21:01] <Shinobu_Nagare> Steyr is a Kokonoe expy, she's not cute.
  6. [23:21:12] <Norn> (kokonoe expies are cute af shit you talkin bout nigga)
  7. [23:21:47] <Norn> Probably the latter come to think about it, she actually did say she has the hots for ninjas
  8. [23:21:50] <Norn> if indirectly
  9. [23:23:05] <Norn> .. And I really just want her to be standing in the town square dressed for a date and waiting patiently while gazing wistfully at the other happy couples, because that's what my headimage wants it to be.
  10. [23:24:45] <Shinobu_Nagare> Yes, that does sound like something Ecky can fuck up.
  12. [23:24:59] <Norn> [Gregminster theme on full blast]
  13. [23:25:00] <Norn> ok
  14. [23:26:42] <Norn> Yeah, sometime after your underground adventure and the offhanded lines you and the peg rider exchanged about tastes in women and other young people stuff - by the way you're only like 4 years apart and age of consent is like 13 or something so it's totally fine - Norn decides she wants to ACTUALLY give it a shot instead of just cracking jokes about it, and is pretty desperate at this point to both a) be an important character and b) have an excuse to get away from her sister's lectures.
  15. [23:27:01] <Norn> Thus, she requests to meet up and hang out in town somewhere later that night.
  16. [23:28:53] <Norn> In the town square of Partizania, the snow white-haired maiden waits patiently wearing a beige coat and red scarf instead of the usual RPC gear, because it's not like there's going to be any FIGHTING going on.  Even though it IS the weapon capital of the world, it's more for the technology and industry of forging and maintaining weapons than actuall utilizing them, so there're surprisingly few arenas or fight club-esque groups.  Not that there aren't a few underground, but it's a tourist trap town first and foremost so most things you can find along the streets are establishments catering to travelers.
  17. [23:29:05] <Norn> ...
  18. [23:29:10] <Norn> headimage wants me to give her a hat too
  19. [23:29:17] <Norn> naaaaaaaaaaaaah
  20. [23:31:59] <Shinobu_Nagare> Well, here goes. Shinobu- That is, Eckhart- arrives at the town square about a minute after Norn's arrival, wearing what appears to be a coat over his normal spy clothing. No facemask, though. "Sorry to keep you waiting, lady Norn."
  21. [23:33:06] <Norn> Oh geez, Norn's kokoro dokidokis so loud you can almost HEAR it.  And her face goes red too.  "O-Oh!  Nonono, no need to call me 'lady' or anything!  Ahahahaha!"
  22. [23:33:59] <Norn> Some of the rest of the crowd turns and stares, and as if trying to shut them up she twirls over to your side and tries to grab an arm to cling onto.  "But it's okay, I wasn't waiting long.  Shall we go?"
  23. [23:35:10] <Shinobu_Nagare> "You are a lady, so I ought to call you that," Reasons the man who uses "I'm the best" as his reason ten cases out of eleven. "Let's go."
  24. [23:38:29] <Norn> The crowd, almost about to start laughing and gossiping, is almost impressed by the man's gentlemanhood, and all go back to their business.  Nornie just gives an 'uh-huh' nod and decides it's better not to turn down compliments, leading the two of you through the streets.  The good streets that is, not the shady alleyways full of muggers.  Though even on the 'good' ones there's still weird shit like young women in bunnygirl outfits advertising for shops, and sometimes even Pre-N.C.C.-era combat practitioners putting on weapon displays on the street for tips.
  25. [23:39:20] <Norn> Either way, the young lady looks in every direction and tries to find something to make conversation about.  "Um, so, you said you're not a fan of coffee, right?"
  26. [23:41:31] <Shinobu_Nagare> Even in this frozen hell... there is merriment. "Can't say that I'm that much of a a fan of coffee. Never really got how people like something that bitter. Tea's more my thing." Of course it is.
  27. [23:44:15] <Norn> At that, Norn's face brightens.  I'd say 'brightens so much it reveals her idort face' but holy shit is that meme seriously a decade old already?  What the FUCK.  "Oh!  Yeah yeah, there's a place with great tea just down this road!  Er... I think so anyway, it's been a couple years since I was in town.  Ooh, and they have scones too!  Wanna go there?"
  28. [23:45:06] <Norn> Still snuggling by the way.  Not uncomfortably close or anything, but she clearly tries to look affectionate.  It's possible that she's only doing it so the advertisers and weirdoes in the street leave you both alone, but maybe there's something more to it?
  29. [23:46:13] <Norn> also you check gamefaqs and apparently this scene has multiple routes where you go watch a play or something instead of you say no, but most players get nervous and just jam the first option anyway
  30. [23:46:19] <Norn> -of +if
  31. [23:49:13] <Shinobu_Nagare> Ecky's face shows a faint glow of interest. "A tea place, huh? Haven't tried the tea in Acaiah, since most of my operations used to be in Sirrolant, but hey, guess that's an opportunity to try something new, right?" He gives Norn an actually normal smile. Not a smug-ass smirk, and actual smile.
  32. [23:51:57] <Norn> Oh geez.  You can tell Norn was trying to give off an air of superiority and act knowledgeable about the place, but your sheer attitude makes her almost melt into a pool of swooning fangirlhood.  Still, she manages an 'uh-huh' while grinning bigger than a crocodile having a bird brush its teeth, and sure enough, there actually IS a quiet little tea shop exactly where she thought there was, much to her relief.  However, it looks a bit run-down and, though it is open, doesn't seem to see a whole lot of business.
  33. [23:53:33] <Norn> "Well uh..." She stammers and tries to sound like she knows anything about the subject.  "We usually import a lot of stuff from Sirrolant, so!  It shouldn't be that different, right?  And I swear everything here is delicious!"
  34. [23:54:26] <Norn> "I swear it on my honor!  Mark my words, with the pride of an RPC graduate!"  Some passerbys chuckle, and without another word, she quietly pushes the door open.
  35. [23:56:32] <Shinobu_Nagare> "I trust you on that," Eckhart nods, chuckling lightly. Say, there was a tea shop owned by an old couple whose son was in the Sirrolantean army. He wondered how they were...
  36. [00:00:38] <Norn> You know it makes the GM's kokoro go dokidoki when you people remember stuff like that.  Regardless, as though it were a requirement for all tea shops to be run by old people (like it's intentionally trying to be contrary to said GM's personal experiences working for a gay guy who ran a tea shop full of hip young folk), there are indeed kind elderly individuals running the establishment.  And it's more like a little diner that just happens to serve tea, really, but it's mostly dessert and stuff too?  They definitely have scones, crêpes, and other shit that would almost definitely not exist in an actual medieval-ish setting, perhaps solely to purposefully trigger anybody who might care.  Or maybe just because all that shit is fucking GOAT holy shit I want a crêpe right now what the fuck have I done.
  37. [00:02:06] <Norn> Needless to say, Norn goes straight for the strawberry crêpes and some earl grey to drink.  Simple but not quite unrefined.  And before this turns into the equivalent of roleplaying breakfast she tries to come up with a conversation topic instead.
  38. [00:02:29] <Norn> "So what's it like?  Doing spy stuff."
  39. [00:03:54] <Shinobu_Nagare> Man, same here, and not a Nutella crêpe this time. Probably like, a strawberry-filled one. But anyway- huh, nice- "It's... well, once I got used to it, it became... easy? You could say that I was born to be one."
  40. [00:05:37] <Norn> "Easy?"  She blinks.  "So it's not scary or thrilling like all the books and plays about it?  I've done scouting before, but man, not being able to fly and worrying about getting caught sounds tough."
  41. [00:07:23] <Shinobu_Nagare> Oh, and I guess he orders pretty much the same thing, too. "Oh, it's definitely thrilling. 'Specially the one where I went to a costume party disguised as a ninja. People thought it was pretty funny." The retired spy leans a little closer to whisper the truth. "To be honest, I thought it was pretty funny, too, when I killed them all later."
  42. [00:08:50] * WhiteKnight ( Quit (Quit: - Chat comfortably. Anywhere.)
  43. [00:10:05] <Norn> "Brutal."
  44. [00:11:29] <Norn> Your orders come in.  Nornchan tries to look like a refined tea-sipper but kinda burns herself instead, trying to pretend like it's nothing.
  45. [00:14:55] <Norn> "So did you ever get scared?"  She tries to keep things flowing without letting conversation hit a lull.  Only kinda succeeds.
  46. [00:15:50] <Shinobu_Nagare> There's a little bit of him that sees some part of his younger self in her. But only a little bit. Eckhart tries to slowly go through the motions, attempting to subtly show he- Ninja'd literally. "... no. That was my job. A job that I couldn't give up. Until, well..."
  47. [00:16:17] * Norn leans in closer.
  48. [00:20:54] <Shinobu_Nagare> "... Alright, let's call her Aileen for now. She and I... well, we were good friends. One day, she... just disappeared. Last place anyone saw her was in Acaiah, so... here I am," What kind of an explanation is that?!
  49. [00:22:11] <Norn> "Good friends..." Siiiiiiiiiiiip.  "Oh!  Were you in love with her?"
  50. [00:23:54] <Shinobu_Nagare> Oh, there's that smirk. "Tch, first thing you think of is 'in love'? We were just close friends, nothing like that." Shinobu takes a sip himself. "Her last assignment was apparently to disguise as a maid, and go infiltrate some noble's house."
  51. [00:25:29] <Norn> "Oh, sorry."  Norn takes another sip.  "Just sounded like the sort of thing you'd read in a story, y'know?  Childhood friends, separated by fate, hanging on to their lingering feelings for each other, struggling to meet once again before a fatal disease claims the girl's life and it's too late.  Something like that?"
  52. [00:28:19] <Shinobu_Nagare> "Guess you could say that. We were both from Ordanon, but I was closer to Sirrolant, and Aileen was more around Acaiah, so we'd usually meet each other between missions," Even worse explanation.
  53. [00:29:56] <Norn> As bad as you seem convinced it is, Norn's timidity and worry fanish into the faint wind, eyes alight with anticipation for what may come next.  "That sounds like a real adventure!  And then what happened?  She disappeared, and that's why you're here looking for it?"
  54. [00:30:12] * Norn looks down at the table. "That sounds really romantic. I'm jealous."
  55. [00:36:03] <Shinobu_Nagare> "Romantic? Well, guess I wouldn't really know that," A shrug, the spy taking yet another sip. "We shared tales of what we did, and exchange some tips on fighting. If it weren't for our assignments, I'd say we'd be inseparable partners... which is probably why we were separated. Anyway, fast forward a few months, she goes off on a new assignment. Days weeks,
  56. [00:36:03] <Shinobu_Nagare> months, a year... no news. I decide to go off myself to see what happened. If she was alive, I'd get her out. If not..."
  57. [00:38:31] <Norn> Siiiiiiiiiiiiip.  "I'm sorry..." Her sorrowful expression only lasts a moment, before returning to a cheery smile.  "But I know how you feel more than you know!  See, my um, my sister disappeared the same way, 3 years ago.  She was changing her post during training and then just vanished with no trace.  Nobody knows what happened."
  58. [00:40:00] <Norn> "I wish I could say I'd met your partner, but being cooped up in a training school for so long doesn't really give a whole lot of chances to meet new faces, eheheh."  She chomps a whole bite of crêpe in a single fluid motion and it is fucking delicious.  "But... just in case, you've never met a 'Nell' before, right?"
  59. [00:42:20] <Shinobu_Nagare> "Huh, really?" Shinobu quirks an eye at Norn. "Yeah, don't know any Nells, and I'm pretty sure you'd know who she was if you saw her." Another smile. "Guess you and I are on the same boat, huh?"
  60. [00:42:52] <Norn> The peggirl giggles.  "Yeah!  I guess we were more similar than we realized, huh?"
  61. [00:51:52] <Shinobu_Nagare> "Yeah, definitely. Say, you... seem to be the sort to strive for perfection," Shinobu sets back down his teacup. "Same here. So let's make a deal: Let's top each other off in battle."
  62. [00:53:35] <Shinobu_Nagare> "That way, we'll improve... least, that's how I see it."
  63. [00:55:38] <Norn> "Sure!"  Norn extends a hand.  Maybe even a pinky, but that seems a little too childish for the kind of deal it is.  "I always wanna be the best I can be, even if that just means keeping others from dying and ferrying them around the battlefield.  You people need me more than you know you do!"
  64. [00:59:58] <Norn> And yeah you can call that /C if you want, all I'd have left to do is blog about how Norn insists on going Dutch because the RPC's paycheck is actually pretty decent.  And then I'd go on to write smut about how you go to a love hotel and ravage her hymen, which fortunately I can hold back from doing because I haven't had any alcohol today.
  65. [01:00:36] <Shinobu_Nagare> "So it's a deal, then?" Eckhart accepts her hand. "I've got high expectations for you... and I'll suppose the same from you to me."
  66. [01:03:01] <Norn> If she were more couragous she'd use that as an excuse to have a sloppy makeout.   However, she is not.  She IS pretty impressed though and sees you less as an arrogant weirdo, which is enough to earn you Noel's notice.  Not notice in the 'wants to shove delicious ninja sausage in her meat-hole' sense, but more 'that guy got my imouto's attention and she pushed away all the lesbians in training school so he must be something.'
  67. [01:04:25] <Shinobu_Nagare> Good to know that Noel won't kill on sight.
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