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  1. Steps to reproduce:
  2. 1. View the profile of a friend who is playing an osu map.
  3. 2. Click the spectate button.
  4. Intended result:
  5. Osu should open and begin spectating the friend. If you click on the friend in the friends menu (F9) it should say [1. Stop Spectating]
  6. Bugged result:
  7. Osu opens, but doesn't start spectating. When I click on my friend in the friends menu (F9), it says [1. Start Spectating]
  8. Discord Version:
  9. [BUILD INFO] Release Channel: stable, Build Number: 18977, Version Hash: 6f346ff9fbdb67043d0218ad5227327850b67014
  10. Your Discord client (Stable, PTB/Beta or Canary/Alpha):
  11. Stable
  12. Operating system and OS version:
  13. Windows 10 Education Version 1803 Build 17134.165
  14. Osu Stable b20180626.1
  16. Troubleshooting Attempts:
  17. - Trying both vc_redist 2017 and vc_redist 2015 (they cannot be installed together) with both 64bit and 32bit versions installed
  18. - Reinstalling both osu! and Discord
  19. - Trying to spectate a different friend
  20. - Upgrading from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10 Home
  21. - Upgrading from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Education
  22. - Installing Discord PTB and Discord Canary
  23. - Installing osu! cutting edge
  24. - In every attempt, I have ran Discord and osu with and without administrator
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