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  1. #### Update v4.0.0.0034 (13 December 2018)
  3. ##### New Features
  5.   * Ship Respawning - Ships will now respawn as captains are defeated on the world map to keep the seas interesting to traverse. Ships will not respawn for every captain defeated, but the seas will continue to be populated with ships of each faction.
  7.   * Ondra, Wael, & Woedica's Challenge - Three new exciting Challenges will be coming in with this patch:
  8.   * Ondra - Storms on the world map are bigger, faster, and more frequent and Enemy Captains and crew about the ship are increased in rank and travel faster when chasing the player.
  9.   * Wael - All numerical data for characters, spells, and items and more are hidden! This excludes Item Counts and Party Member Attributes, Skills, and Levels.
  10.   * Woedica - All Per-Encounter and Class resources become Per-Rest, Party Health no longer regenerates outside of combat, and only Prepared Meals will recover injuries and Resources.
  11.   * New Megabosses - Two new Megabosses can now be challenged in the game:
  13.   * Sigilmaster Auranic:
  14.   * Briny Grotto
  15.   * Dorudugan
  16.   * Corroded Wasteland
  17.   * New Subclasses - 11 new subclasses are being added to the game to add variety and allow for more interesting combinations!
  19.   * Tactician (Fighter)
  20.   * Those who can rally their wit in the heat of battle are known as Tacticians. These warriors see all forms of combat as only pieces moving in play. Frequently assuming leadership positions within a structured military, Tacticians weaponize cleverness and sharpen experience.
  21.   * Bonus
  22.   * Restore Discipline when successfully Interrupting an enemy action.
  24.   * Gain Brilliant Tactician.
  26.   * Penalty
  28.   * Penetration and Accuracy is reduced when attacking a target that is not being attacked by an ally.
  30.   * Gain Tactical Dilemma
  32.   * Furyshaper (Barbarian)
  33.   * Furyshapers carry a burden of trauma in their past lives, suffering when those emotions inexplicably bleed into their current psyche. These rare individuals can manifest their emotions in a physical form, inflicting their rage, terror, or madness onto the world.
  34.   * Bonus
  35.   * Gain Shape Ward: Frenzy at Power Level 1.
  37.   * Gain Shape Ward: Fear at Power Level 4.
  39.   * Gain Shape Ward: Blood at Power Level 8.
  41.   * Gain bonus Accuracy against spirits.
  43.   * Penalty
  45.   * If a Ward is destroyed, take immediate Raw Damage and a Power Level penalty until combat ends.
  47.   * Will is reduced.
  49.   * Debonaire (Rogue)
  50.   * As charming as they are devious, these rogues use cleverness and diplomacy to achieve their goals. Often acting only in self-interest, they have been known to contract high-society thefts, unveil scandals, or even perform the occasional white-glove assassination.
  51.   * Bonus
  52.   * Gain significant Hit to Crit against Charmed targets.
  54.   * Gain Roguish Charm ability.
  56.   * Gain Hit to Graze against attacks when not affected by any afflictions.
  58.   * Penalty
  60.   * Cannot Engage.
  62.   * Gain Cowardice ability.
  64.   * Steel Garrote (Paladin)
  65.   * The Steel Garrote is a feared paladin order dedicated to Woedica. They work with powerful individuals and business interest to hunt down those who violate contracts, especially if said contracts were endorsed by a priestess of the Exiled Queen. They were founded in the Aedyr Empire and are active throughout the region - branching out as far as the Dyrwood and the Vailian Republics.
  66.   * Bonus
  67.   * Heal for a portion of the damage dealt to afflicted targets.
  69.   * Gain Garrote ability.
  71.   * Arcane Archer (Ranger)
  72.   * A rare few find themselves gifted in both physical ability and the more cerebral, arcane talents. Arcane Archers are among those few, and apply their innate aptitude with magic by temporarily infusing spells into their projectiles. More commonly seen among traveling performers or during archery contests, these skilled individuals are both admired and reviled for their abilities.
  73.   * Bonus
  74.   * Imbue spell effects gain increased Accuracy from Arcana skill.
  76.   * Gain Imbue: Missiles at Power Level 1.
  78.   * Gain Imbue: Web at Power Level 3.
  80.   * Gain Imbue: Fireball at Power Level 5.
  82.   * Gain Imbue: Eora at Power Level 7.
  84.   * Gain Imbue: Death at Power Level 9.
  86.   * Penalty
  88.   * Receive a penalty to Accuracy with attacks not of the following traits: Imbue, Elements, Fire, Frost, Acid, Electricity, and Spell.
  90.   * Max health is reduced.
  92.   * Forbidden Fist (Monk)
  93.   * Followers of cryptic teachings rooted in a dark past, these monks are among the few granted - or cursed - with knowledge of forbidden techniques. Their martial prowess was said to corrupt the very soul of the wielder. Believing that great and terrible events justify their use, these monks travel Eora weighing the balance between the purity of their soul and the necessity of conflict.
  94.   * Bonus
  95.   * Gain Wounds and Health when Hostile effects expire.
  97.   * Gain Forbidden Fist ability.
  99.   * Penalty
  101.   * No longer gain Wounds from damage received.
  103.   * Bellower (Chanter)
  104.   * Bellowers are often found in communities steeped in hardship, particularly among those that have experienced recent misfortune. Their tales better resemble a collections of ramblings and gibberish than coherent stories. Their name stems from the rare, violent, empassioned outbursts of fearsome magic.
  105.   * Bonus
  106.   * Invocations grant (and benefit from) a brief bonus to Power Level based on the number of held Phrases.
  108.   * Penalty
  110.   * Invocations consume all remaining Phrases.
  112.   * Chant radius is reduced.
  114.   * Priest of Woedica (Priest)
  115.   * Priests and Priestesses of the Exiled Queen express their faith as lawyers and judges in towns and urban centers. The most prominent among them have served as advisers in royal court. They are of particular importance in the Empire of Aedyr, where business contracts require their endorsement. Woedica's devotees are typically found in the upper classes, but any tradition-minded person who longs for a vanished past will find a place in her faith. When Woedica takes back her throne is a common saying amongst her followers, signifying a utopian future when society will be properly ordered once again, and she will take her rightful place as ruler of the gods.
  116.   * Bonus
  117.   * Automatically learn the following priest spells at new power levels:
  119.   *     1. Writ of Engagement
  120.   *     1. Spiritual Weapon
  121.   *     1. Writ of Consumption
  122.   *     1. Divine Terror
  123.   *     1. Writ of War
  124.   *     1. Pillar of Holy Fire
  125.   *     1. Writ of Sorcery
  126.   *     1. Hand of Weal and Woe
  127.   *     1. Writ of Mending
  128.   * Ancient (Druid)
  129.   * Not all Ancients are venerable in form, but many have walked Eora for hundreds of years. Primal in nature, these zealots of Galawain tend to keep to themselves in forests and extreme environments, warding off would-be travelers and conjuring untamed magics.
  130.   * Bonus
  131.   * Gain bonus Power Level with Beast and Plant spells.
  133.   * Automatically learn the following druid spells at new power levels:
  135.   *     1. Summon Sporelings
  136.   *     1. Hold Beasts
  137.   *     1. Wild Growth
  138.   *     1. Form of the Delemgan
  139.   *     1. Wall of Thorns
  140.   *     1. Venombloom
  141.   *     1. Call to the Primordials
  142.   *     1. Fire Stag
  143.   *     1. Aspect of Galawain
  144.   * Penalty
  146.   * Reduced defense against Veil-Piercing attacks.
  148.   * Increased damage received from vessels.
  150.   * Blood Mage (Wizard)
  151.   * Devoted to the belief that blood fuels the power of the soul, Blood Mages walk a painful and self-destructive path to arcane mastery. Though reputable animancers have discredited their beliefs, those few that have witnessed blood magic cannot deny that gratuitous self-harm can indeed preface unbelievable - often terrible - magical events.
  152.   * Bonus
  153.   * Gain Blood Sacrifice ability.
  155.   * Gain passive health regeneration.
  157.   * Penalty
  159.   * Unable to use Empower.
  161.   * All defenses against bloodied attackers are reduced.
  163.   * Psion (Cipher)
  164.   * Psions are quite rare, often beginning as prodigal young minds that slowly unlock secrets deemed incomprehensible to even the wisest scholars. Their powers require intense meditation, but can allow them to manipulate the conscious mind or move objects with incredible force.
  165.   * Bonus
  166.   * Gain Soul Mind passive ability.
  168.   * Gain Telekinetic Burst ability.
  170.   * Penalty
  172.   * Loses Soul Whip ability.
  174.   * Receiving damage disables Soul Mind briefly.
  176. ##### Major Fixes & Updates
  178.   * Savegames with subdirectories in the zip no longer fail to load.
  179.   * If Beast of Winter is installed, you may now converse with Ydwin as you would a main companion.
  180.   * Summoned creatures now unsummon when their summoner is knocked out.
  181.   * The game will no longer return to the main menu after loading a save in particular scenes and exiting and re-entering that scene.
  182.   * Veteran Difficulty has been tuned to be slightly more difficult.
  184.   * Enemies now have +12% health, +8 accuracy, +1 penetration, +8 all defenses and +1 armor rating on Veteran difficulty.
  186. ##### Challenges
  188.   * God Challenges no longer disable mods or Berath's Blessings.
  189.   * New games will no longer have Challenges enabled if the player loaded a Challenge save before starting the new game.
  190.   * Berath's Challenge timer is no longer modified by hostile/beneficial duration multipliers.
  191.   * Berath's Challenge now delays 10 seconds until unconscious party members are killed (from 6 seconds).
  192.   * Slightly increased Vela's base defenses and the health she gains per level during Hylea's Challenge.
  193.   * Users can now use Slow-Mode while playing under the Magran's Challenge.
  195. ##### Quests
  197. ##### Spoiler
  199.   * Whehami now acknowledges Aexica's admission of guilt.
  200.   * A Bigger Fish quest ends after completing A Sinking Feeling and siding with the Bardattos.
  201.   * Bounty - Assila Wave-Skipper can now be completed after speaking with Fleet Master Wakoyo. This will allow players to accept other future bounties from the Royal Deadfire Company.
  202.   * Sabotaging and blowing up the Powderhouse will automatically fail the RDC bounty quest for Radulf should the player have this quest.
  203.   * Captain Pai now correctly leaves loot after being defeated.
  204.   * Sugaan now correctly gives the Strand of Favor to the Watcher.
  206. ##### Text & VO
  208.   * More than 100 typos have been fixed.
  209.   * There are no longer errors in the conversation with Engari when Pallegina and Xoti are in the active party.
  210.   * Speaking to generic NPCs in the Sacred Stair no longer displays Missing String messages.
  211.   * Xoti's VO is no longer cut while talking with a lost soul.
  212.   * Dunnage Townsperson no longer produces two barks simultaneously.
  214. ##### Spoiler
  216.   * All dialogue lines during the first conversation with Queen Onekaza are played correctly.
  217.   * Eder's bark during Gul Endurance Trial is now correctly voiced.
  218.   * Serafen's Final Maneuver reaction bark is now fully voiced.
  219.   * Aloth now skips over keeping discretion with the Animancers when recruited outside of Clario's office.
  220.   * Pressing Read button on missive from Vatnir now correctly displays the letter.
  222. ##### Abilities
  224. ##### General
  226.   * Visage of Death's Herald (and its variants) can no longer be cast on self.
  227.   * Hunter's Instincts has a proper stat block.
  228.   * Boreal Dwarves' Hunter's Instinct effect now matches its description and grants a bonus vs Primordials and Wilders (not beasts).
  229.   * Writ of War no longer turns off spell abilities.
  230.   * Rogue
  232.   * Pernicious Cloud Base Penetration from 0 -> 7.
  233.   * Debonair can no longer select Persistent Distraction.
  234.   * Roguish Charm no longer applies inspirations if its Charm is resisted.
  235.   * Enduring Shadows or Flurry of Blades no longer allow the player to get both Shadow Step and Shadowing Beyond.
  236.   * Fighter
  238.   * Tactician only recovers resources when interrupting an ability being cast, not on all interrupts.
  239.   * Paladin
  241.   * Garrote can no longer be used on Destructibles.
  242.   * Garrote now ends when combat ends or the target is killed.
  243.   * Garrote's base duration reduced from 8.0 sec to 6.0 sec.
  244.   * Garrote can no longer be used on self.
  245.   * Steel Garrote passive healing effect now only applies to weapon attacks.
  246.   * Barbarian
  248.   * Furyshaper wards now properly increase in level based on the Barbarian's level.
  249.   * Ranger
  251.   * Animal Companion Armor is now of the category Light (from Medium) - this only affects validation such as from Charged Field.
  252.   * Evasive Fire will no longer target destructibles.
  253.   * Ranger's Strengthened Bond no longer becomes impossible to acquire in some situations.
  254.   * Bonded Fury and Shadowed Hunters will now provide feedback that they are unavailable if the Ranger Animal Companion is unconscious.
  255.   * Imbue Missiles scaling now provides additional projectiles in addition to default scaling.
  256.   * Arcane Archer will no longer spam spells when using an AOE weapon.
  257.   * Cipher
  259.   * Psion focus generation increases every odd power level.
  260.   * Chanter
  262.   * Their Putrid Stench Wafts Across now uses the same targeting style as its base ability White Wurms Writhed in the Bellies of the Dead.
  263.   * His Laughter Rang Through The Halls now pushes from the caster position rather than the target.
  264.   * Fixed an issue that caused the base Cone effect from Her Revenge Swept Across the Land to bounce, not just the additional bolts.
  265.   * Bellower power level bonus per phrase increased from 0.5 -> 1.
  266.   * Priest
  268.   * Restore is no longer restricted to combat.
  269.   * Eothas Incarnate summons now have weapons that use the same material as the models.
  270.   * Monk
  272.   * Slog zones and other infinite hostile effects no longer trigger Forbidden Fist to gain wounds.
  273.   * Druid
  275.   * Fire Stag's Self-Destruct ability is no longer named Fire Stag.
  276.   * Call to the Primordials now more clearly displays the number of summons.
  277.   * Wizard
  279.   * Wall of Draining will now properly increase the duration of effects on the caster.
  280.   * Concelhaut's Corrosive Siphon will now correctly heal the caster for each affected enemy.
  281.   * Concelhaut's Corrosive Siphon will no longer cause characters to take damage extremely quickly after the caster unequips the grimoire it's in.
  283. ##### Items
  285.   * Thundercrack Pistol, Dragon's Dowry, and Frostseeker now have keywords for their respective elements on their attacks.
  286.   * Thundercrack Pistol's Conductive Blast & Storm Rune Shot attacks now have the Electricity keyword.
  287.   * Added minor delays to Essence Interrupter's effects to prevent it from invalidating on death mechanics.
  288.   * Cleansing Flame and Chain Lightning Scrolls now use the read scroll animation.
  289.   * Deltro's Cage (Shock Shield) is no longer a passive ability and it is now active.
  290.   * Magran's Shield has the Shield Engagement mod now.
  291.   * Scordeo's Edge Accuracy bonus can no longer be stacked higher than the number of times listed on its effect.
  292.   * Multiple instances of the same item mod effect from The Red Hand should no longer infrequently appear as separate effects.
  293.   * Description of Solitude effect has been updated to be more clear.
  295. ##### Spoilers
  297. ##### Spoiler
  299.   * Characters affected by Jadaferlas' Fiery Maw can no long move while petrified.
  300.   * Serafen no longer learns a PL3 Cipher Spell when he first acquires PL2 Cipher spells in his auto-progression - Fractured Volition replaced with Phantom Foes.
  302. ##### Sound Effects
  304.   * Belranga's Consume ability has proper SFX.
  305.   * SFX have been added for the water pillar during Battle Royale.
  306.   * Rotghasts now have proper SFX when Combat Speed is set to low.
  307.   * Sheathing and unsheathing weapons triggers SFX.
  308.   * SFX have been added to the lightning strike during the play in A Tidy Performance.
  309.   * Defensive Roll trigger has SFX.
  311. ##### Visual Effects
  313.   * Soul vision VFX are not prematurely removed during conversation with Spirit Engari.
  314.   * Aexica has proper VFX when appearing to assist Whehami.
  315.   * Glowing eyes effect of the statue of Toamowhai properly fade out.
  317. ##### Misc
  319.   * Accuracy indicator on mouse-over now represents the chance to at least Graze, instead of at least Hit.
  320.   * Vatnir has casting voice and hit reactions.
  321.   * Hostile NPC Encounters in the Old City will not pull together when they shouldn't.
  322.   * Hostile NPC Encounters in the Engwithan Digsite will not pull together when they shouldn't.
  323.   * Examining a Soulbound item's detail page will no longer show that item's artwork in future item detail pages the player examines.
  324.   * A loading exception when clearing child effects from racial abilities, which prevented some saves from loading correctly, has been fixed.
  325.   * Food items are now classified as either ingredients or prepared meals.
  326.   * Daily Wages are no longer deducted multiple times when loading a game.
  327.   * When the player sells enchanted items that stack with ones the store already has, they will now receive the proper amount of money.
  328.   * Port stores no longer contain multiple infinite stacks of basic supplies.
  329.   * Watershaper's Robe character model no longer displays prominent neck seams.
  330.   * The ability bar has received some optimizations.
  331.   * Fixed an issue that would cause Strengthened Bond to become unavailable during level up.
  332.   * Characters that are engaged or engaging two or more enemies cannot be bumped by allies.
  333.   * Soulbound items can't have quality enchantments added manually, even when they're damaged in Abydon's challenge.
  334.   * The subclass abilities column in the Ability Tree will no longer permanently disappear after viewing a tree that didn't use it.
  335.   * New ship items can now be removed from the shopping cart in the Store UI.
  336.   * Updated bestiary sorting keyword on Body Affliction Resistance so it will now sort correctly.
  337.   * Eating Spoiled Food now lowers the crew's morale.
  338.   * Attacks that teleport the attacker to the target now properly receive accuracy from the attacker's Class.
  339.   * The player can now click to move closer to the edge of the revealed fog of war.
  340.   * DLC Deck of Many Things and Beast of Winter NPC's are no longer displaying empty stores or empty conversations with the player.
  341.   * Uncharted Island naming can no longer be closed by accident.
  342.   * If the player canceled the dialog for naming an uncharted island before this patch, they may access it again by entering and exiting the associated dungeon.
  343.   * Players can no longer duplicate morale rewards from ship combat using quicksaves.
  344.   * The 'Follow Camera' option works correctly on the World Map.
  345.   * Initial cutscene is not repeated after performing a save/load cycle during Battle Royale.
  346.   * Special Armor Ratings are now correctly displayed in the Bestiary.
  347.   * The door in the Eastern Cavern of Rimebound Temple now blends correctly with its surroundings.
  348.   * The combat with the bears in the Eastern Cavern of the Rimebound Temple will not start without Line of Sight.
  349.   * Conditionals for player responses in conversation with Beast of Winter have been updated.
  350.   * Portals in the Sunken Crown are now marked on the area map.
  351.   * King Wingauro's headdress no longer clips with the wall behind him.
  352.   * Responses in the dialogue with Menzzago now grant appropriate disposition points.
  353.   * Glossary links for the word Nilkzenze are now appearing correctly.
  354.   * Skill checks in the Kohatekana Expanse function correctly.
  355.   * The Inspect (question mark) button now works in the Grimoire UI.
  356.   * The game will show a useful error message when trying to upload a mod or exported character to the Steam Cloud if the user is out of space.
  358. ##### Spoiler
  360.   * Conversation about the Pool of Lost Memories in the Drowned Kingdom no longer triggers without Rekke being in the party.
  361.   * Vela appears next to Engrim at the beach only when the correct conditions are met.
  362.   * Remaining volumes of Pitfalls of the Deadfire are now available at Sanza's Map Emporium.
  363.   * Players will no longer get stuck on a loading screen in the Endless Queries when using multiple Void Gates.
  364.   * Sigilmaster Auranic Megaboss Encounter can no longer be repeated on lower difficulties.
  365.   * Reputation is lost with the Valian Trade Company is reduced if Aenia is killed by the player party.
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