Chapter 4

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  3. Despite how pleasant and titillating yesterday was; even though he had gone through three caring, big breasted playmates, the budding player known as Oster was unable to sleep easy tonight. Dreams were not something he often had, even rarer did he remember them upon waking up. Yet as he slept within one of the several repurposed bedrooms Alex prepared for him, the poor lad was writhing and whimpering as if someone had him by the throat deep in his subconscious.
  5. The brown haired lady of the lab was not here to witness any of this, for she was too preoccupied finalizing a custom world for a server that she has had running in secret for some time. It was her pet project, a miniature of her world encapsulated perfectly in the virtual domain. Although it would have been pleasant to sleep with the guy who had restlessly pleased her anus earlier in the day, she could not forego her passion even for a second.
  7. “A-Ahhhn… W-what are you?..”
  10. His body being laden with sweat as he shook from here to there, in his conscience he was in a serious tussle with some otherworldly female that was very menacing in her approach. The typical trick of acknowledging that this was a dream was not working, is it felt all too real from him. And so, at the utter mercy of this fantasized mistress he was.
  12. It was not until the early morning when he was allowed to jolt awake from his perturbed slumber. With his toiling and trembling having transpired undisturbed, his eyes opened sharply as he was wrested back into the here and now. The ravenous and hair raising torment of his nightmare finally dissipated, though the effect was still fresh on his mind. He took a moment to feel the super soft, current generation nano-foam keep his body snug; the heavy, silk blankets enveloping him in warmth.
  14. No longer was he in that strange and traumatizing domain. He was back in the dorm. The clock embedded to the wall opposite the room showed that it was 5 AM. It would be time for school in two hours. There were no windows in this room, since it was three levels deep underground in this refurbished facility. The soft, cream lighting of the room came on just seconds after his awakening, enabling full and lucid sight of his area.
  16. His intense panting and trembling façade gradually wore off to a more stable and customary expression, gradually curling himself off the incredibly comfortable smartbed to recount what he had just dreamt. Just before he could even piece things together, the presence of somebody else became known through the mellifluous, feminine words to his right.
  18. “Ah.. you’re awake… are you doing alright?”
  20. Blinking a couple of times upon hearing that, his head turned to the right to behold a new girl that was in medias res of folding and putting down a fresh set of clothing for his school day. To think she had been able to come in here and do a lot of preparation without him ever noticing. She was a master at pussyfooting around, it seemed.
  22. Paying close attention to her showed that there was a concerned expression upon her purplish eyes, engendered from quietly watching his agonizing sleep experience but deciding to do nothing about it; she thought it would be best to allow for him to get all the sleep he could get. Similar to Alex, she had brown hair that was of a slightly nuttier shade. It only went down to the bottom of her neck, with a white scrunchie tying up much of the hair into a single, small ponytail. A few locks of hair were particularly longer than the rest of the head, maybe a choice in style or the result of busying herself for the past lot of hours.
  24. Her vivid burgundy, long sleeved top was comprised of smartfabric, with her currently having the article set to expose and accentuate the sizable bust that she boasted. It was similar in proportion to Alex’s, perky enough to now hang down significantly despite the near perfect right angle she was in from leaning her torso forward. The top hem of the long sleeve was low enough that the top third of her breasts were clearly visible, displaying the soft, heavenly skin of her cleavage and the little brown mole that was on the inner side of her right breast.
  26. All of this was especially visible because she allowed for the fabric to sag along the area where her breasts were instead of keeping it taut throughout the entirety of her torso. Had she allowed for the shirt to be even a bit more lose, he should be able to see her nipples form the downblouse angle she knowingly displayed to him. The sleeves and stomach portion remained taut against her lithe body, the ends of said sleeves being frilly.
  28. Her white, high waist pants were just as fine-tuned to accentuate her assets as the shirt. The pristine, nanite and cyberfiber infused material, similar to the type one would find in a pair of formal slacks, clung to her legs so well that one could wonder how it was possible to put them on if this was the 21st century. The shape of her buttocks were crisp in its definition,  Though he could not see from this current angle, the crease of her buttocks were well defined; she decided not to go for a full blown “trefoil” tautness, however.
  30. “Are you okay?.. you didn’t seem to sleep peacefully tonight…”
  32. When he nodded his head down, it was blatantly obvious that he had left quite mess from where he slept. The fabric of the bedsheets retained plenty of sweat from during his frantic tussle against that recent nightmare. When he brought his gaze back at her, he could see that she was reaching for something within a small box on the nightstand nearby him.
  34. “The dream I had was very strange… to say the least”
  36. After pulling something out of the box, her left hand closed the lid as she turned to face him. A look of concern was still visible in her purplish pupils as she plodded the few steps required to close the distance between them. During this, she gave some insightful words.
  38. “Sounds like you ought to report it to a psychologist or take a Sleep Scan to see what’s causing that… Here…”
  40. By the time she had gotten toward the side of the bed that he was seated on, she brought out her right hand to show the object she had taken out of the little box. It was a Universal Sustenance Pill.
  42. “Take this… you might just be in need of one right now.”
  44. This tiny pill contained all of the nutrients, proteins, calories, essential fats, and vitamins necessary for the entire day. This single pill was the equivalent of three wholesome meals and a couple dozen of the ancient Multivitamins from the dawn of the second millennium. Every single human that was not significantly cybernetically enhanced were prescribed these pills every single day for the entirety of their lives. The end product of decades’ worth of careful testing, this modern day staple works with the government mandated implants and common engineered Genomes of people to efficiently and seamlessly maintain optimal health and sustenance.
  46. As a consequence of this uniformly accepted system, “food” and “eating” have been rendered obsolete. There are no venues or markets where any form of groceries or meats could be sold or consumed, and it is in fact illegal in practically every country to sell or distribute any of the aforementioned. For meat, the killing of animals for their flesh or the raising of livestock was long banned.
  48. Even before the Sustenance Pill was patented and widely distributed, all types of meat and organs could be artificially grown from a single cell of the target animal. And for vegetables and plants, it comes underneath the umbrella banning of “consumables” because of how they interfere with both the absorption of the Pill and the various implants/genetic mods that render the modern day body incapable of properly processing normal food. Nowadays, if one did not live in a tribe untainted by society or one of the very few “third world countries” that still exist, food and most beverages could only be legally consumed in VR.
  50. Although her hanging breasts, which were clearly visible due to the intentional low cut of her top, was on full display right now, his gaze was focused on the tiny white pill that was pinched between the digits of her index finger and thumb. He did not fell hungry nor fatigued in particular, but he was not going to refuse the offer. He opened his mouth and stuck her tongue out, enabling for her to gently drop the pill right into his mouth. He swallowed the unflavored pill immediately, having gotten all the sustenance of today through that pea sized object.
  52. As it moved down his gullet and quickly got absorbed into his system, her left hand moved to softly cup at his cheek to give it a gentle tug; all while maintaining the right angle between her torso and legs.
  54. “There… and don’t worry, this is an over the counter generic brand I just gave you… I heard you had to take Yarena’s pill yesterday… Feel better, now?”
  56. Indeed; it was good that he did not have to take an Estrogen loaded pill for a second time in a row. USP’s can be designed to cater to the consumer’s genetic makeup, lifestyle, and even the environment of their living area. Body builders and athletes could get different types of pills prescribed that were predicated to optimizing muscle development and maintaining peak physical fitness. There were also pills that could quickly change a person’s sleep schedule, going from normal to nocturnal in a seamless fashion.
  58. He ought to go and visit his doctor, Charna, for a checkup and to get some more pills. But right now, his attention was focused on the soft caress of the girl who still had her hand on his face. Putting some locks of his hair behind his corresponding ear, he realized that she was still waiting for a response. Whoops; his tendency to drift away caught him again.
  60. “Yes… Thought should do it for today… what’s your name by the way?”
  63. Her hand left his face to softly grasp against his bare shoulder, squeezing it gently.
  65. “Lestelle… Me and my pal were tasked with being your caretakers for today. While I get to drive you to school now, it’s my friend that will pick you up and take you to our home… How does that sound?”
  67. At this point, the sight of that mole on her right breast had just wrested any sensibility from him. With his gaze affixed to her hanging breasts, he brought himself closer by leaning his torso towards her. A gentle gasp exited her lips as his face met with the cleavage visible from the dangling low cut of her top. With a reddish tincture appearing upon her face, a motherly smile appeared as her hands moved towards his head.
  69. Her left rested atop of his scalp, softly stroking his locks. The right grasped against the back of his bare shoulder, giving it a loving squeeze. A giggle emerged from her lips, watching the boy kiss at the mole visible in her cleavage and rubbing his nose gently against it. In return, she nodded her head down to give a sweet smooch to the crown of his head.
  71. “Lestelle… why did you chose to wear your smart-shirt like this?”
  73. Her right hand left his shoulder to softly cup at his chin, pulling on it to make him nod his head up. When he did, she brought her forehead down to press it softly against him. Her eyes closed as she felt his breath against her flushed face. A few seconds afterwards, she gave two kisses to him; one for each of his eyebrows.
  75. “Nmn? Should I have kept the hem at neck level? Alex could not refrain from telling me about how good you were yesterday when I first arrived here, so I decided to have the top like this as a subtle little invitation… Besides, from what I’ve been hearing, you’re a great person to be around with.”
  77. Bringing his face towards her right shoulder, he softy nuzzled his cheek against the smooth fabric that covered it. He gently nibbled against it, tugging it around while being sure not to actually drag the top aside. The way he conveyed himself made it blatant that he was in need of some comfort and nurturing intend, and Lestelle was more than ready to give that to him.
  79. “Still seems like you need to wind down after that nightmare… What would you like to do before I have to give you a ride on my Hyperbike?”
  82. Releasing his bite against the tip, he softly rubbed the tip of his nose against the mole along her right breast, grazing the soft skin of her cleavage.
  84. “How much time do we need before we have to go?”
  86. With both of her hands moving to rest atop of his head, she still remembered the time.
  88. “About one and a half hours… Will that be enough for what you had in mind?”
  90. ---
  91. Her back was against the wall from the opposite end of the bed, having been brought there by the gentle pushing of the nude and enticed boy she was tasked of driving to school. Keeping a mostly upright posture, her tightpants clad buttocks pressed against the steel wall as her back arched outwards. She watched lovingly as her playmate leaned his torso forward, brought his hands to softly rest against her shoulders, and bring his face towards the cleavage currently visible from the low cut of her top.
  93. “Ahhhn… Kufufu~”
  95. Her purplish eyes watched lovingly as he opened his mouth to release a fat wad of drool onto her. It landed right against the tip of her interstice, whereupon it settled against the spot for a couple of seconds. Then, it seeped its way down the space between her breasts, vanishing from their sight. This frothy deposit was followed by a kiss against that mole still visible on her right breast. Not once did either of them break eye contact, their pupils similar in the tender glimmer they radiated.
  97. The smooch was succeeded by a trace up of her interstice, starting from the center of the low hanging top hem to the zenith of the crevice. Taking about two seconds to scale up the meridian point of her chest, he proceeded to twiddle his tongue at her tip for a few seconds. A kiss was given at the spot thereafter, followed by a wad of spit being softly ebbed directly onto it. Before this wad could even slowly seep into the crevice like its predecessor, he shoved his tongue downwards to force it down between her breasts.
  99. Soon after he began tonguing the tip of her interstice, his hands departed from her shoulders to rest them softly against the wall beside them. This enabled her to bring her hands up off the wall beside her hips to softly hold him against her. Her right hand moved around his back, softly stroking it, and the left rested atop of his head to give loving pets. That gentle smile on her face refused to leave even as he sucked on the tip of her cleavage in an audible fashion.
  101. “Despite how eager you seem, there’s temperance and care in your actions…”
  103. She remarked to him, those words inducing him to pull his tongue out from against the tip of her cleavage to show the fat cord of drool that bridged the apex to it. As he moved his head up to bring his face level to hers, the thread stretched up to six inches. Only then did it snap off his end, the broken strand dropping along her interstice.
  105. Given that he was turning his head to the left and right once he was level with her, she knew that he wanted some smooches. A kiss was given to his left cheek first, the right following shortly afterwards. Once he straightened his face back form the second kiss, the tip of her nose met with that of his to give a sweet Eskimoo kiss. He rubbed against the right side of her nose for about five seconds in a slow manner, their eyes remaining open as they sweetly stared at one another.
  107. What followed was some proper kissing, his head canting to the left to meet her lips with his. They closed their eyes in unison, her arms lacing around the middle of his back to pull him in closer. In response, his hands moved off the wall to meet with her breasts. His fingers were splayed, digging deeply into the vivid burgundy clothed flesh to push them upwards and against her chest. This created a resounding moan on her end, lasting throughout the seven second long pucker.
  109. Once their lips departed for the first time, the both of them took a breather while opening their eyes. The break was only ephemeral, for he returned for a second kiss. This one involved his tongue, delving it into her mouth to incept a messier iteration of the last kiss. This time, they both kept their eyes open as their tongues began to play with one another.
  111. Her deep purple eyes radiated a loving light throughout the tongue play, never departing from his gaze sans the occasional quick blink. He exhaled directly into her mouth, his saliva travelling to hers and vice versa. Her heart began to palpitate harder and faster, him easily discerning this through the soft reverberations against his squeezing hands. A trickling of their combined spittle ran along their coiling tongues, whereupon it landed on various spots of her chest. It all depended on how he was groping her and where he maneuvered her breasts. All in all, it was an even coating of the exposed skin, leaving several rivulets and splotches along her sensitive, squishy flesh.
  113. “Nmmmh….. Mmmmmmmnhh…”
  116. Softly moaning against his mouth, her tongue swiveled against his while getting a taste of his saliva. At this point, her legs began to squeeze together and rub against one another; the lecherous deeps he propagated against her was working well to beget heat within her loins. He was also able to feel her nipples perk up and stiffen as a result of his continuous squeezes and gyrations, the flesh poking against the vibrant burgundy fabric of her shirt to rub up against his palms.
  118. About a minute into the tongue play, he brought his lips away from hers just enough to permit a one inch gap between their mouths. The Frenching continued, this time with their moans and groans being not muffled anymore. Their firm exhalations brushed each other’s cheeks, their tongues pushing against one another from corpus to corpus between bouts of rolling against each other. Another thing that they did was rapidly flick their tongues back and forth, with one layered on top of the other.
  120. A corollary of there now being a gap was that some of the combined drool of the heated playmates fell down along their dancing tongues or the corners of their parted lips, these little drops and threads of saliva landing upon various spots of her compressed and groped chest. Some of said droplets hit the fingers of either of his hands, inducing him to change the demeanor of his fondling.
  122. His left hand released its grip against her chest, bringing it against her right shoulder. He trailed the top side of it as the right hand moved towards the center of her chest. By the time he was rubbing down her sleeved forearm, Lestelle unlaced her arm from the back of his neck out of the presupposition that he wanted to hold hands. Indeed, this was the case; their hands joined together, fingers intertwined in a tight hold. They were situated just to his left, remaining in place as the Frenching continued.
  124. After letting go with his right hand, he pivoted it downwards so that the fingers pointed at her cleavage and palm faced her. This made it facile for him to penetrate the interstice by pushing his hand straight down, the middle and ring fingers going in between the breasts. The remaining two were curled up, his knuckles hitting against the top of each breast at the nadir of each motion. Fingering her cleavage at nearly three repetitions per second, soft ripple effects were made with each impact between the knuckles and the soft skin of her breasts.
  126. During this spate of symbolic fingering, both of her hands moved off from his back to maneuver to the front of him. Similar to him, she rotated her hands so that her fingers were pointing downwards.  Moving her hands up and down to lovingly rub his bare, sweat stained stomach and abdomen, the touch of her palms and digits were gentle as they climbed and descended along his physique. At times, she was able to feel something firm press against either of her thighs. Without being able to see it from here, she knew that he was already fully erect.
  128. For just a moment, her eyes darted down to see him fingering at the space between her breasts. The spittle that they both were supplying via their kiss aided well in keeping his fingers, as well as the crevice, sufficiently lubricated. A couple of quick blinks were given, for she had never witnessed someone penetrate her cleavage with a hand instead of the usual piece of meat many a boy and girl had down there. Soon enough, her eyes returned to his gaze near the third minute mark of their kissing.
  130. He was the first to pull away, a shining cord of silvery spit bridging the apex of his outstretched tongue to that of hers. Extending for about eight inches before breaking form her end, she retracted her tongue first as he curled his back a tad. Looming his face just above the cleavage he was fingering, he brought his lips to form a small circle to release some of the shared drool that was accumulated during the kiss. The egg yolk worth of dribble made a splash right against the tip of her interstice, quickly getting smeared against the inner sides of her breasts from his still fast moving hand.
  132. A few seconds after depositing that wad, his gaze returned to her while removing his hand from the crevice. As he heaved his face forward to press firmly in between the somewhat wet and soft globes, he spoke aloud in a loving tone.
  134. “I hope I’m not taking too much time, Lestelle!”
  136. Her breasts bulged out from the low lying hem of her vibrant burgundy top, creating significant protuberances spanning the entirety of the said line of fabric. The way her breasts splayed out to conform around the sides of his head, her areolae were peeking out from within the stretched out hem of her top. His nose pushed firmly against her sternum, softly rubbing his head back and forth to enjoy the motherly, heavenly warmth that her bosom provided. With a playful giggle coming from her finding him to be both cute and funny to ensconce himself this way, a moment was had to look at the nearby clock.
  138. “Nuh-uh, Oster; you’re doing just fine… it’s only been ten minutes so far, and I really love how patient and gentle you’re being right now.”
  140. Emerging from the sanctuary that was her cleavage, he gave a pair of kisses to each of her still clothed nipples. He did the left first before going to the right. Then, he brought his head up to the meridian of her collarbone to give a series of kisses. Five of them were in line, tracing the left side of her collarbone before making it to the shoulder.
  142. “How much are you liking this, Lestelle?”
  144. He asked, rubbing his right cheek lovingly against the mostly clothed shoulder. At this point, her hands moved off his torso to softly lace her arms around the back of his neck, batting her lashes at him in elation.
  146. “I wish you did not have to go to school, for I could just spend hours cuddling you close… You’re soooooo sweet”
  147. ---
  148. It took such a long time to get everything fixed up in the new virtual world that has yet to be apportioned a name. Neglecting to sleep as a consequence of her fastidious labor, Alex was utterly exhausted by the time she got out of her VR suite. Wearily, she waltzed her way off the VR room and towards her bedroom. Being bedecked in an all-black, stealth multipurpose suit, the old clothes she had on from last night were currently in a hamper.
  150. Her pacing was slow, venturing towards the hallway that led to the stairwell preceding her bedroom. In the back of her head, the independent techie wondered if her new playmate had left her lab already. The inbuilt indication system in Alex’s self-modified suit proved otherwise. The alarm came as a soft vibration in her right arm, the pulsation being accompanied by a soft ring that typically connoted sexual activity happening in her facility. Her exhausted countenance turned to one of intrigue as Alex brought her left hand up.
  152. “Ara Ara… This could only mean one thing, kufufu~”
  154. Remarked the brown haired nerd, grasping at the dangling piece of leather that once went over her face, she pulled up the hood, causing the bodysuit to change its properties so that it was flexible and loose enough to be casually pulled over her head. Once she got it on just right, she brought both her hands up to pull up against the sides of the hood from just above her eyes. This caused a makeshift visor to form from the suit, one of the many things that could be produced from the nanobots this expensive article was made out of.
  156. By the time she had fully formed the eye covering sheet of black material, she gained access to footage from all of the microscopic Spy-Cameras embedded within the walls and around various pieces of furniture in the room the sexual activity was detected in. For someone as savvy as Alex, it was seamless to transition between the couple dozen cameras available in this single room, enabling her to view the lustful actions of Oster and Lestellse from whatever angle she so desired.
  158. All of a sudden, she was not a sleepless husk. The sight of Oster peeling down the top hem of Lestelle’s low hanging top was enough to reinvigorate the weeb’s concentration. From underneath her vizor, Alex’s brown pupils radiated a strong glimmer of joy. Her pearly white teeth were displayed through the big grin she had.
  160. “Gomen… but I hope you don’t mind if I peep at you two for a while…”
  161. ---
  162. His hands dragged down the hem of her vibrant burgundy top, bringing it low enough to bring those somewhat stained and large breasts outside of it. Took about twenty minutes for them to get at this point, and all of it was him either kissing her or ruthlessly teasing her chest from above and beneath the hem. A sigh of relief was bestowed by her when the elastic fabric was pulled down enough to be easily brought underneath the breasts. Letting go after bringing the hem against her stomach, it softly bolstered her sizable globes upwards by just a couple of inches. At last, her nipples were in full view and easy to behold.
  164. “Ahh… Oster… what took you so long?”
  166. As he brought his hands to give an underhanded grasp against both of her breasts, he looked up into her purplish eyes while replying to her.
  168. “I thought you liked me taking my sweet time.”
  170. Shortly after saying this, he sunk his face right down between those liberated globes to press his nose against her sternum. Beginning to gyrate those soft melons against his cheeks for a short massage, a giggle and an answer was elicited from her.
  172. “Eheheheh, of course. I-I was just trying to tease.”
  174. As he rubbed his head from left to right to grid his nose against her sternum, he blew some air against her skin. The end result was that a loud raspberry noise occurred, spittle being sprayed against the epicenter towards the inner side of each breast. It was just a tad ticklish, so further giggles ad a few squirms were given by the girl who still had her back against the wall.
  176. Hehehe-hey, that tickles, nmmmh”
  178. Eventually, he desisted with the blowing ad emerged from the moistened space between her breasts. Blinking a couple of times softly to look up into her eyes, he brought his lips towards her right breast to suck firmly against the mole that was on its inner side. Taking four seconds worth of high suction to finish, he departed just before he could bruise her skin. A new, fresh ring of his spittle covered the black dot on her breast, a cord of saliva bridging the center of his lower lip to the aforesaid spot. It stretched out for just three inches hitherto breaking from his end.
  180. Being far from finished, what transpired next was a barrage of short lived suckles spread along the entirety of her chest. Removing his hands from her breasts to allow them to drop back down and solely be supported by the dragged down top hem of her shirt, he started with the right breast ad gradually worked his way across. Typically, he sucked on a spot for about five seconds; the, he pulled his head back just slowly enough to tug the breast away from her. When it finally separated from his lips, it gave a short bounce before rebounding into place. On occasion, he randomly deposited a frothy wad of spit against the spot he just departed from.
  182. The first spot was at the outer, upper corner of her right breast. The, he hit the middle of the outer side, and then the bottom-outer corer. The bottom half of the areola, right against the nipple, right above the areola, just beneath the right side of the collarbone, right against the mole for a second time, against the middle of the inner side, the center of the bottommost area, and the inner right sector of the right breast.
  184. Except for the times that he was suckling against the bottom of her breasts, Oster was always able to keep eye contact with the flustered, smiling angel who calmly watching him. As of now, she had kept her hands against the wall just beside her hips. A reddish hue was consistent across her face, with even her nose blushing from how titillating his actions were. Softly, her legs rubbed up against each other. Little whimpers ad muffled moans were plentiful from her, her purple eyes shimmering in desire and reverence for how patient and calculated his deeds were.
  186. Four wads of spit were emitted right onto her right breast throughout the spate of suckles, the bubbly globules having now gotten absorbed into the fabric of her shirt after trailing their way down. Now that he had made it to the left breast, he was mirroring all of the spots he suckled on; only difference was that it was happening more or less in reverse order. Feeling the soft pulsations of her heart against his lips, gentle groans ad hymns of joy were reverberated from him to oscillate her sensitive flesh.
  188. By now, she was unable to keep her eyes on him throughout his barrage of suckles. Lestelle either turned her head to the left or right, closing her eyes firmly while giving faint gasps or titillating whimpers. Her hands moved softly up and down against the wall she was planted against, resisting the urge to place her hands on him for some reason. Being able to feel his veiny, firm member poke and rub up against her thighs due to his occasional pelvic thrusts, she wondered how long he was going to keep her like this.
  190. “Ah…Oster… Nmmmh”
  192. After making it to the outer, upper corner of her left breast, he kissed at the portion of her shoulder that was not concealed by the sleeve of her shirt. He then followed this with a silvery tablespoon worth of froth, dropping it right atop of the outermost area of her collarbone. Tracing the aforementioned, it gradually reached the space between her breasts and sunk down into obscurity. As this happened, he brought his head up so as to turn to the left and right, offering his cheeks for her to kiss; she happily obliged, smooching the center of the right followed by that of the left. She then quickly shook her head form left to right to flick the tip of her nose against that of his.
  194. Momentarily, the two stared lovingly at each other post eskimoo kiss. Her right hand moved off of the wall, bringing it to the corresponding cheek. Cupping it lovingly, she watched him nuzzled into her hand and then bite at the frilly cuff of her sleeve. Catching the wavy end against the right side of his teeth, he turned his head form left to right to playfully tug against it. At this point, her left hand rose up from against the wall to rest it neatly atop of his corresponding shoulder, giving it an affectionate squeeze.
  196. Letting go of the frilly cuff, he moved away from her hand before shooting the same question he had shot at three different girls in the past 24 hours.
  198. “Lestelle… will you protect me?”
  200. A flummoxed look appeared on her face, blinking a couple of times quickly out of curiosity towards where that query of his came from. Soo enough, that mellifluous smile of hers returned to accompany an answer and soft nod of her head.
  202. “Of course I will protect you… it’s one of the responsibilities Yarena tacked onto me…”
  204. As she said that, he brought his head down to bring it level to her chest once more. Moving his head to the left, he took the exposed and semi moistened nipple into mouth. Pushing the breast against her chest, he proceeded to suck on it with a great amount of force form the get go. Meanwhile, his left had moved off the wall to grasp at the right nipple. Doing so with the first two fingers and thumb, rapid shakes of the wrist were utilized to shimmy the nipple here and there.
  206. For now, he had his eyes closed during the intense sucking. The sizable globe splayed out to cover the area of his lips, push against his nose firmly, and bulge outwards towards his cheeks. For the other nipple, he did not pull further than an inch to prevent any pain. Thus, the breast was dragged outwards I a variety of directions. Sometimes, he shook the sizable mound up and down several times. Other times, he made it smack rapidly against the other breast.
  208. Her deep purple eyes remained glued to the loving actions effected against her breasts, her left hand moving atop of his head to lovingly, gently run through his rich locks of hair. As for the right hand, it had moved downwards to finally do something about that member that had been rubbing and jabbing at her thighs continuously for nearly half an hour.
  210. Taking the veiny, sizable length via an underhanded grasp, she pivoted it upwards until it was parallel to her wrist. From there, she began to stroke it in a slow demeanor. Soft gyrations of her hand accompanied the full pumps she carefully grated to him, keeping her grip soft so as to not disturb his unrelenting treatment of her breasts. Sometimes, she stopped stroking his head to nod her head down and peck at his crown.
  212. “I will… a-always… I will always protect you… Always…”
  214. These words were more than sufficient to get his lips off of her nipple. Doing so by moving upwards, he ended up dragging the breast up along with him. Eventually, once the breast was lifted up above her collarbone, it departed with an audible pop. Just a second later, his grip against the other nipple was released. In a manner similar to the other times he surfaced, he nuzzled his cheek firmly against hers. Starting with the right one first, he was firm and slow in his rubbings against the giggling countenance of his playmate.
  216. Just as he separated cheeks with her, Lestelle turned just enough to smooch at him. One kiss just beneath his eye, one against the center of his cheek, and one along his jaw were giving in just a bit over a second of time. As the two stared intimately at each other for the following moment, his left hand moved up against her right breast so as to push it upwards. Stopping only when the nipple was just beneath her chin, he kept his eyes on her while bringing his tongue out to lap against the erect tip.
  218. The way he gazed into her eyes while exhaling firmly against her face and chest helped her figure out what he sought right here; he wanted for her to join him in playing with  the nipple. Just a couple of seconds passed before she joined him in the licking, her tongue pointing down to lap against the topside of her own nipple. Their corpuses wriggled and rubbed against one another, their breaths brushing against the saliva laden pink spot, and their eyes remained ever locked on each other. The sounds they were making were quite similar to each other.
  220. “Ahhhn… Ahhhhhn…”
  222. Sometime into the sharing of her nipple, they took turns kissing at it. He did it first, with her smocking at the tip just a half second later. They went back and forth this way four times, and then he brought his tongue right into her mouth to end the sharing altogether. Still holding the nipple up, their tongues began to coil against one another as their lips were just an inch apart. Both of their eyes were shimmering as their spittle moved from tongue to tongue. A small trail of saliva oozed down form the dancing tongues, landing against the nipple pointing up at them just a couple of inches below.
  224. Shortly afterwards, their lips closed together as the tongue kiss became more intense, while the stroking of his member remained consistent throughout this time, her pace began to hasten at this point. Still scaling the entirety of his length with each pump, her muffled moans were quite audible and telling as their faces pressed against one another. By now, she had his member softly pressing up against his abdomen but not in a way that was discomforting for him.
  226. About a minute into the Frenching, he pulled away from her lips with his tongue already retracted into his mouth. Keeping hers open to pant through her mouth, she watched as he took all of the spittle that they had swished between one another and softly drool all of it down to the breast he still held up. IT landed right against the nipple, the copious amounts ensuring a fast cascade down the topside of her breast, along the collarbone, and down the outer side to reach the top hem of her shirt.
  228. Once he had dropped the breast back down to its former position, the drool either got absorbed into the vibrant burgundy fabric of the aforesaid top or fell straight form the breast down to the floor between them. By now, he felt that he had spent enough time enjoying her heavenly bust. He didn’t even take this long to explore Yarena’s bust, even accounting for the time he spent teasing through her black bikini top.
  230. Feeling the notion that he wanted to move on, she stopped her rapid stroking of his manhood to release her grip on it. It was then that the confirmation was voiced by him.
  232. “Turn around for me… and bend as far as you can forward”
  234. Knowing where he wanted to go with this, Lestelle gave a gentle nod and timid smile while bringing her hand off his head. Soon, her gaze momentarily broke away from his while pivoting herself to the left, bringing her hands to rest just beside her head, and scooting herself backwards through the shuffling of her sneakered feet. It took a few paces for her to gt into place, but y the time she was finished, she was at a perfect ninety degree bend between her torso and legs.
  236. Turning her heat to the right and splaying her fingers while her hands remained against the she glanced at him with a gentle smile to see that he had stepped out of the way to give her the clearance needed to move into place. Shortly she got into place, he shuffled himself to the right to get right behind her. Looking down at her derriere, he got to see the crease of her white pants defining the space between her butt cheeks; this resulted I them being defined quite well, though not to “impossible pants” levels of tautness that are wholly possible with the current generation article she was using.
  238. “Do you want me to make it skin tight, Oster?”
  240. The flustered angel asked him, who had now scooted himself back, curled his torso forward, and dipped his head down close enough to reach her buttocks. The first thig he did was plant his lips right against the white fabric of her pants that concealed her anus, giving it a deep ad loving kiss.
  242. “No… keep it just like this…”
  244. He said after the anal peck, looking up into her eyes as he brought his tongue to jab the apex against the veiled sphincter. Pushing hard enough to press the fabric against her anus, he broke off by just an inch before jabbing at the spot again. Ten pokes were given by his tongue, followed up by second smooch to the clothed anus. Then, he momentarily brushed his face against her butt cheeks in a bout of affection. Remaining against the crease of her butt, he rubbed against the inner side of the right cheek before moving on to do nuzzle against the left.
  246. Even though she was unable to derive any pleasure from his teasing, she thought of him as adorable to give such loving and close attention to her backside. The fact that he was eating her through both her pants and thong ensured that her anus would barely feel anything from his licking and sucking. She kept herself perfectly still regarding the backside, but her left hand moved away form the wall so as to rest her hand against his head and stroke it lovingly. She tilted her torso a tad to the right in order to do this, still looking behind her right shoulder as she combed his hair lovingly.
  248. “Oh, Oster… It looks like you’re enjoying yourself.”
  250. Bringing his eyes up to the hand that was stroking at his head, he temporarily desisted form the nuzzling to instead rub his cheek against her palm. A couple of kisses were give after the five seconds worth of rubbing, two for the forefinger and a couple more for the frilly sleeve of her shirt. After that aforesaid smooch, Lestelle’s hand gently cupped at his corresponding palm to pet it lovingly. A sweet exchange of glances transpired from there, lasting for several seconds.
  252. It was him that broke the gaze first, his eyes centering in on her pants accentuated buttocks. Bringing his head down towards the left cheek, his mouth was wide open by the time he made contact. Clamping down firmly against the left back pocket, he bit into her cheek through the expensive article pretty strongly. It was more than enough to create deep indentations in the white fabric, the girl being able to feel his maw clamp down against her squishy flesh.
  254. Even though he was softly shaking his head to tug her buttock around, she did not find what he was doing to be painful in the slightest. After seven seconds of gnawing against her cheek, his bite loosened enough to depart from her. A trio of kisses were given, going from the center of her back pocket to right against her clothed anus.  Another bout of nuzzling happened preceding a second bite to her other cheek.
  256. So brazen and eager he was towards teasing her derriere through her pants. Having brought her left hand back to its previous place in the wall just as he began to bite on her, her first moans were given in accordance to his gnawing. After that kiss to her clothed anus, a soft swivel of her hips from left to right gently shook her buttocks at him in a inviting manner. While a part of her wondered when he would get the high waist pants out of the way, another part admired his forbearance and affection displayed right now. A moment was taken to close her eyes and nuzzle her right cheek against the wall, imagining that it was his chest instead. She then rubbed her forehead against it a couple of times, a contented sigh emerging form her.
  258. When she resumed to look behind her right shoulder, she could see him pressed firmly between her cheeks. Trying hard to suck on her anus through both the thong and the pants, the current properties of the fabrics prevented him from getting the suction needed to keep a hold against her. One could wonder if he had no fear of getting any nasty surprises from such assiduous ass worship, but the truth of the matter is that there was no reason to fear any such hazards.
  260. Going back to the fact that all non-cyborg type humans in modern day society thrive and subsist solely on a single pill a day, the majority of the digestive system has been, more or less, rendered redundant.  The wherewithal of the daily pill gets absorbed into the body quickly, typically before it even exits the stomach. None of these materials produce any form of waste that has to be processed by either the digestive tract or urinary system.
  262. In short, the original purpose of the anus was obsolete; it simply served as a second orifice to use and abuse without any risk of the disgusting surprises ancient humans had to deal with centuries ago. Some people even have genetic mods so that they are born without one or with the ability to create or unmake one at will, but that story is for another time.
  263. ---
  265. Although she was on her large, suspended smartbed, Alex was doing anything but sleeping. Still bedecked in the same black morph suit as before, her legs were spread wide open so that both of her hands could move in between them to relentlessly pleasure herself. As per her command, the material around her labia as anus had disintegrated fully, as did that which was covering her chest. The vizor was still on her face and actively showing footage of Oster’s nonstop teasing from a variety of angles.
  267. Her left hand was atop of her exposed vulva, rapidly rubbing her labia using the ring and index fingers; they rubbed the upper half of her lips. As for the right hand, it was maneuvered beneath her back and waist to have her hand aligned with the crease of her buttocks. The middle finger was deep into her anus, fingering it all the way in and out in a pace similar to the gyrations performed against her moistened lips. Working hard o both ends to bring out an orgasm, she was salivating out of her toothy grin whilst watching Oster continuously bite, tongue, and suck on her butt from over the pants.
  269. “Come on… Come on… When are you gonna take her pants off?”
  271. To keep her excitement level at a high, she was imagine that visible, massive length of his finally penetrating the anus of the girl he had been teasing for what felt like an hour. Right now, he was pressing his left thumb against her clothed vulva while feverishly lapping at her other clothed hole. The wait was killing her lady boner, but at least Lestelle seemed to be enjoying this.
  273. “Yarrrrouuuuu… Get them outta the way, Oster... Kisamaaaa… Pull em dooooownnn… “
  275. As if he unconsciously heard her command, he gave oe last kiss to her clothed anus before straightening himself up, grasping at the top hem of her tight fitting pants, and pulling down on them. Seeing this, Lestelle straightened herself to an upright stance and also reached behind herself; they were finally going to get the pats out of the way.
  277. “Yaaaataaaaa~… Sugoiiii desuuuuu~”
  279. Remarked the snooping rogue in a tone rife with gaiety. The pace at which she moved her fingers had now accelerated significantly, working harder against both of her holes as the unveiling of that tight looking  booty esued.
  280. ---
  282. As she meandered her way away from the wall, Lestelle had a firm grasp on each side of the top hem of her white pants. Having let go of it for her to have full control, his eyes were focused o her buttocks as she began to pull down on them. While a normal pair of pants would require at least for the button to be undone, this was made of the latest version of Smartfabric.
  284. In a display of current generation technology, the previously tight article suddenly loosened up to her grasp. As if growing a couple of waist sizes, the pants was easy to pull down her buttocks in a matter of seconds. Leaning her torso forward just enough to make a slight bend at her backside, she swiveled her hips from left to right in accordance to which of her hands were pulling down at the hem; she took turs alternating between right and left.
  286. Bit by bit, her black, lacey thong was getting revealed. The strap aligned neatly with the crease of her butt, the back of the top having a little panda bear emoji plastered right against the center of it. She had just gotten the hem past her sphincter when he spoke out and gesticulated with his right hand; the left was firmly grasping at his girth to stroke it in preparation.
  288. “That’s enough, keep them right there.”
  290. Admittedly, Lestelle felt like he didn’t want the pants off or even past her backside. So, she softly nodded her head ad enabled the pants to retighten around herself.
  292. “Of course, dear… this good?”
  294. In less than a second, the loosened white fabric suddenly tightened around her buttock to constrict against them. By the time it had stopped, there was a slight bulging of her mostly exposed butt cheeks from around the now tight top hem. It just barely overlapped her vulva, keeping it out of sight from him. Truly, modern technology makes so many thigs convenient and fun. He would enjoy getting a buttjob from Lestelle or any girl who wore smart-pants like this, but he had to cut to the chase. They have been at it for nearly an hour by now.
  296. To invite him over, the patient and loving biker bent her torso forward far enough to easily bring her arms down and plant them against the side of the bed he slept on. With her arms straightened out, she assumed a 95 degree-ish bend for him. Her legs kept closed, her hips swaying softly from left to right to present her buttocks at him. She was looking behind her right shoulder, fluttering her lashes to cement the enthralling image.
  298. “Yes, Lestelle… are you ready?”
  300. To consolidate her preparedness, her left hand rose off the bed so as to bring her hand level to her head. With her palm facing the side of her head, she curled the index finger while keeping her eyes halfway closed. A titillating smirk joined this to create a lissome invitation.
  302. “Mmmhmm~”
  304. Having now brought himself aback of her, his left hand released the grip on the base of his shaft as he began to squat ad lea his torso forward. His right hand moved to softly grip at her hip, while his left pinched at the strap of her thong to pull it aside. Stopping when the black strap was brought to the outer side of her left cheek, At last, her anus was finally visible to him. It took nearly half an hour of teasing just to get here.
  306. Immediately after getting her thong out of the way, Oster’s first course of action was to get her anus prepared for his length; and the best way to do that was to eat her out some more. His lips sealed against her butthole, sucking on it with a great amount of suction right at the start. His cheeks brushed gently against her butt cheeks over the next few seconds, eventually pulling his lips off against the sphincter in a way that created an audible pop noise.
  308. This time, moans were coming out of the girl proper now that he was making direct contact against her anus. The intense suction over the next dozen seconds caused her splayed fingers to dig into the fabric of the bedsheet, her upper teeth digging down against her lower lip. Following the suckling, his corpus met against her sphincter to rapidly lap up against it. For the time being, his eyes were closed and his exhalations were firm against her now moistened anus.
  310. His hands gradually climbed back down from her hips to rest against her butt cheeks, splayed fingers digging into the soft flesh to get a firm enough grip for spreading them. When he could not spread those buttocks any further, he brought his tongue straight out to peg against her anus. Jabbing at the hole a few times, he then applied just enough pressure to force it into her anus. He truly enjoyed the taste of her rectum, realizing that she had actually came prepared for him; that was flavored, long lasting lube he was tasting, cherry flavored.
  312. Though he could spend so much time feasting on her like this, he only kept at this long enough to have her pucker thoroughly moistened and ready for him. Bringing his lips against her butthole to suck on it firmly for the next dozen seconds, he separated from the tasty in an audible manner. With his eyes opening and just a couple of inches separating him from the sphincter, he stared right at it as he brought himself back to kiss it. Two more kisses followed, one for the center of the left cheek succeeded by one for the right cheek.
  314. Throughout this small display of affection towards her anus, soft and slow blinks were given by Lestelle as she remained, for the most past, still. Her body quivered I response to the careful work of his tongue ad mouth, her grip tightened firmly against the bed, and her arms quaked in a way that signified giving in at any moment. Watching as he straightened himself up to a stand, but not before dropping a frothy wad of spit right against her butthole, he grasped at the base of his shaft with his left hand.
  316. “Here it comes, Lestelle!”
  319. Eagerly forewarned Oster, pushing the heated head of his manhood right against her sphincter. Forcing the bubbly wad of spit into her rectum, the brown haired caretaker gasped as his length began to push its way inside of her. This would be the first time anyone had ever gone it in her butt, with VR being a different story altogether. Her head straightened, her eyelids shut tightly, and she rolled her head backwards as more and more of that veiny flesh pushed its way inside.
  321. Before long, the whole of his member was deep inside her rectal caverns. Her innards tightly constricting against his flesh and suffusing it with great warmth. Oh, how great it felt inside of her. Having released his grip against the shaft just before the bottom of his shaft got inside, he placed his hand back onto her corresponding hip. Slowly but assuredly, the girl acclimated to the big insertion. Her purple eyes came into view once more, her head nodding down as her head turned to the left to softly look at him.
  323. During the silent staring that the two partook in, Lestelle reached up with her left hand to grab the scrunchied brad of her hair and fling it across to the other side; that way, nothing could obstruct her view of him. Feeling that she had softened up enough to his manhood, he had to ask.
  325. “Are you ready, now?”
  327. “I am, Oster…”
  329. She was fast to respond, and he was just as fast to get moving. Gradually, he pulled his hips back to move the rod out of her rectum. Just when his head was about to leave the sphincter, he stopped and changed direction to drive his way back inside. It was requisite to take things slow now, so he only moved at a full repetition per second; that meant going all the way in and out.
  331. With his oral breathing becoming ever stronger, his gaze slowly meandered down to gawk at the plump rear he was carefully moving to and from. His veiny member throbbed gently against her innards, which felt taut yet perfectly smooth throughout. As time progressed, he felt comfortable enough to hasten his pace. Within a minute, he was going at two full repetitions per second. This introduced the soft clapping of her cheeks, the pants framed bottom rippling whenever his crotch smacked against her buttocks.
  333. In the beginning, Lestelle was able to move in sync with the motions of her playmate. As he pushed forward, she moved backwards to him. This strengthened the force of impact while his crotch smacked against her cheeks, bolstering the overall pleasure they derived from this moment. Her gaze remained on his, even after he was focusing primarily on those buttocks he was hitting. It was only when she hastened the pace that she straightened her head and nodded it down.
  335. “Ahhhn… Ahhhn… Ahhh”
  338. Tears were beginning to gather along her ducts, the poignant pleasure intermixed with the pain that came with her first ever instance of receiving anal in real life. It always felt easier in VR, for some reason. With her teeth firmly gritted, she gradually nodded her head back up until she was facing straight ahead. Shortly afterwards, her mouth was agape as her cries began to grow especially voluminous. Her whole body was shimmying softly back and forth,, no longer able to move in accordance with his thrusts but instead able to take recoil to his moderately fast pace.
  342. For the next few minutes, this was how they were acting. Oster kept his pace and pressure unabated against her backside, while she was able to keep her arms fully extended ad planted against the edge of the floating bed. Her breasts remained exposed because the hem was dragged below them. Those dangling spheres moved like a pair of pendulums, swaying to and from in accordance to his repetitive thrusts. Most importantly, both of them were giving out all sorts of sounds that denoted the great pleasure they were experiencing.
  344. Gradually slowing himself down to a halt, the boy opted to lean his torso forward and do something a bit different. His hands reached out to take hold of her shoulders, slowly gliding them down her upper arms. Understanding what he was going for, Lestelle raised both hands up off the bed to extend them behind herself. Just as expected, his hands soon moved down to her wrists to grasp at them firmly, right along the frilly sleeves of her vibrant burgundy shirt.
  346. Straightening his torso back up, he had her wrists parallel to her hips by the time he resumed thrusting.  As a consequence of how he was pulling on them like the reigns of a horse, the brown haired girl arched her back further than she did before. In turn, this made her anus a tad bit tighter while also making the sensations of the penetration all the more enticing. They were back at it soon enough, him now being more proactive in moving against her and moving her against him.
  348. Compared to before, the rippling engendered from his humps were much easier to notice and hear. Whenever he was just about to push his length all the way back in, he pulled firmly on her wrists to bring her buttocks towards his hastily thrusting pelvis. At this point, it was lucid for him to discern the intense sways and revolutions her bare, dangling breasts were doing. Half of the time, he looked up at her head and upper back; the other had was spent focusing no those clapping cheeks he joyously worked against.
  350. Both of their bodies were profuse with sweat as the minutes gone by, Lestelle doing her best to maintain eye contact with him by looking behind her left shoulder. While it was a bit painful to maintain this position because of his tight grip against her arms and her reliance on said grip to maintain the ninety degree bend, the elated look in his sweat laden mien made her deem it all worthwhile.  Sometimes, she straightened her face to look across the room. Other times, she allowed her head to hand down with her eyes sharply closed. For the most part, her hands were balled into tight fists. At times, they opened up to splay her fingers out, trying to grasp at something from him but failing.
  352. “AAAAAAHN. AAAAAAAAHHHHN. MMMH… Osteeer, Ooooosssteeeeeer!”
  354. Truly, it was amazing that she was fine with keeping this position for a full five minutes. As a reward for her forbearance, he exerted himself for this last lot of seconds.  Accelerating to a staggering four repetitions per second, he was still able to cover the majority of his length with each hasty pump. The clapping became rapid and the jiggling of her buttocks were now constant and violent. Gritting his teeth firmly, his exhalations became strong and intermixed with groans for the next twenty seconds. Likewise, her moans have reached a tone ad volume high enough to break through the soundproofing of this room.
  356. Despite the intensity of this moment, neither of them were able to reach the peak of pleasure. Feeling the exhaustion, Oster slowed his pace down to the point of stopping altogether. The entirety of his length remained within her rectum. The conjoined pair took this moment to pant heavily, slowly regaining their strength with the passing of time. The girl had her head hanging downwards, beads of sweat dropping from her brown forelocks onto the bed that she was no longer supported by
  358. With a sufficient amout of time to cool down, he began to pull up on her arms while speaking to her.
  360. “How much are you enjoying this, Lestelle?.. I am not being too rough, am I?”
  362. As a result of his upwards pull, the sweetheart slowly raised her torso upwards to assume a straighter posture. By the time she finished getting into place for him, his hands were no longer on her wrists. They were instead grasping at her hips, enabling her to reach down and grasp at his forearms. There were about ten to fifteen degrees of distance between his torso and hers. With her head now upright, she turned a bit to the left to look at him with a gentle smile on her blush-filled face.
  364. “I really am liking this… and not at all… Go as roughly as you want…”
  366. The two smiled at each other for just a moment, hitherto his gaze moving dow to the buttocks that were now pressing against his abdomen and lower stomach. He resumed to move against her, relying mainly on his lower back and hips to provide the torque and motions necessary. Unlike earlier, he was unable to cover as much distance as before. At most, two thirds of his length were outside of her anus. This still gave him enough distance to drive hard into her backend, creating audible claps in the process.
  368. The moans and heavy breathing form the both of them recrudesced, Lestelle straightening her head while closing her eyes firmly.  The hem of her vibrant burgundy top remained tucked beneath her breasts, allowing for them to freely bounce and swivel in correspondence to his thrusts. The way his manhood was pushing against her innards in this angle gave a more poignant form of scintillation than in the last one. Tears were beginning to pool in her eyes from the combined pleasure ad pain she felt right now, a small rivulet of saliva oozed down from the left corner of her lips.
  370. “Ohhhn.. Ehhhn.. Ahhhhn.. Oooohhhn~”
  373. Keeping a rhythmic pace of two repetitions per second, his gaze moved up from the intercourse happening to look at the back of her head. Between heated breaths, he asked some questions to see if she was still coherent enough to answer them.
  375. “I still don’t get why you are doing this with me so early on… Could you explain?”
  377. Through her heavy moans and poignant pants, she eked out an answer for him.
  379. “I… We… have met before… I’ll explain later… ahhhhn…”
  381. “How proud are you to be here with me, now, Lestelle?”
  383. “Uhhhn… Ahhhnn.. V-Very proud… I knew… you’d be so niiiice to be wiiiith…”
  385. “What is it about me that you find so nice?..”
  387. “Uhhhn… Ohhh… From the light in your eyes… to… to the warmth that surrounds you… It’s hard… to put into words… but I enjoy that part of you... Ahhh”
  389. This went on for a couple more minutes, the girl maintaining that slight lean with her torso while firmly grasping against his forearm. Not even for a short bit did he relent o his anal thrusting. She occasionally turned her head to the right or left, looking behind her shoulder to give a smile with her gaping, drooling mouth. On a couple of occasions, he exerted himself to move as fast as he could against her cheeks. This always had her sharply closing her eyes, nodding her head up to face the ceiling, and crying aloud in a farrago of high pain and titillation.
  393. Despite the top hem of her pants constantly hitting and rubbing against his scrotum and thighs, he did not mid it at all. After what felt like an hour worth of penetration, he finally felt that intense swelling of pleasure preceding an orgasm. She had just squirted sometime before, her secretions flooding her white pants and staining it a dim shade of grey. Stopping after a bout of rapid humping, he drove his length all the way inside, arched his back, stood up on his toes, and flooded her rectum with a big deposit of fresh spunk.
  395. Her pupils dilated, her head nodded up after keeping it hanging down, and her breathing was stifled the moment she felt the rapid convulsions of his meat and the great inflow of semen. The glimmer in her purple eyes were unmistakable; the high she was feeling right now was unlike anything ever experienced I the past. This well surpassed the orgasms she dealt with her female friends, in VR, in all. Her entire being was being suffused with heavenly warmth, wholesomeness, and beatitude.
  397. It was as if he was an Angel, or maybe his semen was genetically modified to have powerful somatic properties.
  399. Eventually, the high died off and the two meandered back down to reality. What did remain, however, was the feeling of wholeness; the all-pervading notion of having a complete life. With the two desisting with their panting, he slowly pulled his length out of her now stuffed anus. This allowed for all of that white, sticky fluid to emerge from her gaping butthole ad spill down into the pats that barely covered any of her derierre.
  401. His hands moved up from her hips to her shoulders, grabbing them in a way that connoted he wanted for her to turn around. And face him. Doing so with a couple of slow paces, the two laced their arms around each other and pulled themselves into a tight and loving embrace. The way they had their arms wound around one another was enough to make Alex go “Awww” after having her own orgasm.
  403. The two remained close to each other, her bare chest pressing firmly against his. With the two of them slowly rocking from left to right, her left hand was softly rubbing up and down his spine and giving occasional pats against the middle of his back. She nestled her head atop of his right shoulder, with him on her left shoulder. Her eyes were half mast, a full, tender smile on her face as the palpitations in her hear gradually began to soften up.
  405. The two remained united like this for a short while, the two nuzzling at each other’s cheek or shoulder. Oster eventually broke the silence with a question.
  407. “Lestelle… how much time do we have left?”
  409. Bringing her eyes up at the clock that faced her, she noted the time with weary eyes.
  411. “…About fifteen minutes, Oster…”
  413. ---
  415. After a hasty bit of washing and dressing up, the two hopped onto the pink themed, hovering, newly remodeled Hyperbike from tis parking space within the gated area of the backend of the lab. Pressing the remote button after taking it out from the right pocket of her replacement pair of white tightpants, Lestelle turned the top end craft. The two proceeded to put on their helmets, before the Rosetta V120 began to float up from the desiccated dirt.
  417. Hugging her firmly from behind, the sweetheart was able to bring her bike over the fence and gliding up into the topmost transit route, the aerial path reserved for the fastest craft. Soon, the antigravity engine and electromagnetic propulsion devices were in full force as they raced out of the Lopsot District and towards their school.
  419. For such a gentle soul like Lestelle, she was able to ride her bike at dangerous speeds. His grip against her stomach remained firm, his crotch lovingly nestled between her clothed butt cheeks. She studiously had the pants worn in a way that the back hem sagged down much lower than she would usually allow it, resulting in about one third of her butt crack and the same thong she wore from before to show.
  421. Were it not for the fact that both helmets were able to interface with one another and have seamless two way conversation, Oster was able to inquire her as they raced quickly to his destination.
  423. “Lestelle… you said that we had met before, right?.. Where?”
  425. With his head nestled calmly atop of her left shoulder, the pink helmet of hers turned to the left so that she could give a quick look into his vizored façade. A gentle smile was made behind the deep tinctured reinforced crystal as she answered him.
  427. “That is true… We actually first met in VR about a year ago… that’s why I was so open to you…”
  429. Is that so? Sadly, he had no idea who she was ad what avatar she was using back then. During that year, he had chanced a whole bunch of different personalities in different servers. Some of them were pretty nasty to him after a while, others were incredible in their interactions but vanished later on. He tried to think of who she could be, but nothing came to mind.
  431. “Uhhn… I don’t remember you… I am sorry…”
  433. She did not take it personally; it was a long time ago, and she did not disclose anything about herself after their time together had ended.
  435. “Do you remember that Littorio you got to play with for much of the day?”
  437. Ding; this immediately dredged up memories of those pleasant times.
  439. “Ahh… yes, I do... from Kancolle Kantai Collection?”
  441. Bingo, he still remembered.
  443. “Mhm; that was me… and I am glad you still remembered.”
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