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  1. Frazier06:15 PM
  2. The app does not acknowledge my order, the website won't let me log back in.
  3. I am not having a Good Uhaul Experience!
  4. system06:15 PM
  5. Your message has been sent, someone will be with you shortly.
  6. Alexis06:16 PM
  7. Hi, I will be assisting you today. Please give me a moment to review your question.
  8. Alexis06:17 PM
  9. I do apologize that you are not able to log back in, please hit forgot my password and make a new one and try to log back in.
  10. Frazier06:17 PM
  11. I did not forget my #()&$*@)# password.
  12. Frazier06:18 PM
  13. please interpret #@)$*@(# as Enthusiasm
  14. Alexis06:20 PM
  15. I do apologize the website will not allow you to sign back in. Did you try to associate the reservation to your Uhaul account?
  16. Frazier06:20 PM
  17. Yes i did, it denies ever having heard of the reservation number/name combination
  18. Alexis06:22 PM
  19. I do see the email has yet been verified on our end, I went ahead and sent a confirmation code to the email on file. May I have the 6 digit code please?
  20. Frazier06:22 PM
  21. 22422028
  22. Alexis06:23 PM
  23. I do apologize, that code is invalid, it will be a 6 digit code in the email.
  24. Frazier06:23 PM
  25. i do not get emails from uhaul, idk where they go... but they dont get to my email.
  26. Frazier06:23 PM
  27. that was my reservation number
  28. Alexis06:26 PM
  29. On the mobile app, can you please check the past orders to see if your reservation was placed in that tab. Sometimes the reservations are not showing in the current orders.
  30. Frazier06:26 PM
  31. its empty
  32. Frazier06:27 PM
  33. i was trying to use the app when i saw there was a problem.
  34. Alexis06:28 PM
  35. When you went on the mobile app, you hit orders correct, then hit find my order at the bottom and then entered the contract number and the last name on the order?
  36. Frazier06:28 PM
  37. YES
  38. @#$@#$@#$@$
  39. Alexis06:29 PM
  40. I do apologize that you are not able to log in. At this time since the reservation is not allowing you to pick up, I can look for another location that may be open with a truck available for you.
  41. Frazier06:29 PM
  42. I have a Reservation #.
  43. Frazier06:30 PM
  44. That is Supposed to mean that i have a reservation that is Ready.
  45. Alexis06:30 PM
  46. I understand that you have a reservation number, however, if you are not able to link the contract to your U-Haul account you are not able to do the pickup process.
  47. Frazier06:30 PM
  48. have you verified the res # is Good?
  49. Alexis06:31 PM
  50. That is correct, your reservation number is good. I am looking at the contract at this time.
  51. Frazier06:31 PM
  52. Excellent
  53. Alexis06:32 PM
  54. Is there anything further I may assist you with today?
  55. Frazier06:33 PM
  56. Yes, please escalate this and have some one call me, fast.
  57. Frazier06:33 PM
  58. 606 615 3131
  59. Frazier06:34 PM
  60. I don't see my phone ringing, yet.
  61. Alexis06:34 PM
  62. At this time, I can provide a manager on duty with your phone number, may I ask the reasoning of the call?
  63. Frazier06:34 PM
  64. #MindBlown #Really?
  65. Frazier06:35 PM
  66. Phone is still not ringing.
  67. Alexis06:36 PM
  68. Please give me a moment to get a manager on duty.
  69. Alexis06:38 PM
  70. The manager on duty advised me to gain more information so I can transfer you to the correct manager to properly assist you.
  71. Frazier06:39 PM
  72. this may not have come across the chat... so i'll spell it out.
  73. I am Irate. Put a mouth on a phone and a finger on a button.
  74. Alexis06:45 PM
  75. I do apologize, however, the manager I was speaking with does not take escalations. They did tell me to make a file for you and assign it to a manager, they will review that file within 24-48 hours in regards to the situation. The manager also suggested to check your junk or spam mail, the verification codes can end up there instead of your inbox.
  76. Frazier06:45 PM
  77. Unacceptable.
  78. Frazier06:45 PM
  79. What is their name.
  80. Frazier06:45 PM
  81. id #
  82. Frazier06:46 PM
  83. and yours as well.
  84. Alexis06:46 PM
  85. Their name is Jessica, and mine is Alexis, however, I am not allowed to provide any more information then that.
  86. Frazier06:47 PM
  87. You need to Fix this. Now.
  88. Alexis06:49 PM
  89. I do apologize for any inconvenience, as stated above I am not able to associate or work on your account. I was able to change the pickup time for you to 7:00 pm. I did send a verification code to your email. Without the email being verified, you are not able to log in and start the pickup process. However, I can try and find a location that is still open that has a truck available for you at the counter.
  90. Alexis06:50 PM
  91. Is there anything further I may assist you with today?
  92. Frazier06:50 PM
  93. Yes
  94. Frazier06:50 PM
  95. You can Fix this. Now.
  96. Alexis06:51 PM
  97. I do apologize, what can I help you fix at this time?
  98. Frazier06:53 PM
  99. you are kidding me?
  100. Frazier06:53 PM
  101. really?
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