Octavia (On Hiatus)

Apr 5th, 2015
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  1. >you’re fast asleep on your bed
  2. >you’re dreaming about the time Twilight gave you a chance to be the little pone
  3. >she said she’d be back in a few months
  4. >you waded eagerly for some sign, some indication of her existence
  5. >but it never came
  6. >it’d been eight months since she showed up
  7. >you’re beginning to believe it was all just a dream
  8. >suddenly, you wake from sleep, and feel a boop on your nose
  9. >you sit bolt upright in bed, and something files off your chest into the wall in front of you
  10. >”SHIT.”
  11. >a voice proclaims as whatever was previously sitting on your chest crashes into the wall and slides into the floor
  12. >”By Celestia, no need to kill me!”
  13. “Who’s there.”
  14. >you say to the darkness
  15. >a cute little tinkling laugh is heard, accompanied by something leaping back onto your bed
  16. >it pushes you into a lying position and stands, four legs on your chest
  17. >it’s not heavy, but uncomfortable enough
  18. >a purple light illuminates from a unicorn’s horn
  19. >Twilight’s smirking face sits about half a foot from yours
  20. >”Hiya. I’m back. Did you think our last meeting was a dream?”
  21. “A-actually yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking.”
  22. >”Well it was a reasonable and common response, cartoon characters don’t often come to life.”
  23. “Guess so… So, uh, are you here to give me the deal we talked about?”
  24. >”Ah, yeah, about that. I was wondering, there’s a little experiment I was wishing to try. Are you willing to help out?”
  25. “Could you tell me what is is? I’d like to know what’s going on before you throw me into something.”
  26. >”Oh, of course. Got a bit ahed of myself. I want to try something a little more long term. I’m going to give you a pony, and instead of what I offered, you’ll stay with someone for a whole week. Are you for it?”
  28. >a whole week as a little pony
  29. >it could end amazing, or terrible
  30. >for instance, you could get a really sweet guy, or heck, even a normal, socially awkward anon
  31. >It’d probably end happily, you two making sweet, sweet love into the night
  32. >however
  33. >the other end of the spectrum
  34. >it almost makes you reconsider the decision you’ve already decided on
  35. >but you’re willing to take your chances for love
  36. >even before that, you’ve got a question
  37. “Is time going to pass here? In the real world?”
  38. >”Yeah, about that. Time still is going to pass on Earth. To be honest, this is really just a trans-dimensional teleportation spell with a little transformation magic mixed in. Equestrian and Earth run on the same temporal continuum, so time passes at the same speed here as it does there.”
  39. >time to pretend to understand what she just told you
  40. “Uhuh, anything else I should be worried about?”
  41. >”There shouldn’t be, unless something happens in Equestria while I’m gone. I doubt it will, but if something dangerous happens I won’t be able to pull you out until I can re-establish a link.”
  42. “If something dangerous happens? Why would that specifically sever the link?”
  43. >you say, slightly puzzled
  44. >”If you or him get scared, the connection between me and you severs. I can’t reconnect easily, as I’m stuck on Earth while you’re there. In short, don’t do anything dumb.”
  45. >she gives you a little nudge with her nose
  46. “Guess I’m in.”
  47. >”Great!”
  48. >Twilight says, face visibly brightening into a smile
  49. “And when do we start?”
  50. >”That’s the thing. I just wanted to see if you were on board with the idea. I won’t have the spell set up for another day, and your Anon is on a business trip until Saturday. So I was planning on starting this Sunday. Is that alright with you?”
  52. >you think
  53. >was there anything planned Sunday you’d have to get out of?
  54. >nothing came to mind
  55. “Yep, I don’t think I’m busy.”
  56. >”I’ll come back Sunday with everything prepared.”
  57. >she squees a little, excited for some reason unbeknownst to you
  58. >”Sweet dreams Anonymous.”
  59. >she kisses your forehead and prepares to teleport
  60. >another question popped into your mind, so before she leaves, you grab her leg
  61. >she quickly stops and pushes you back down, a frightened look on her face
  62. >”Never never never never never never, touch me, or anypony, while they’re teleporting. It… ah… ends badly. For everyone involved.”
  63. >you quickly let go of her, and look up at her
  64. “Sorry, didn’t know. W-Was there any reason you gave me this offer? Like me in specific?”
  65. >”Ah, good question. do you want the long explanation or the short one. Both don’t take too long to say.”
  66. “In that case, the long one.”
  67. >Twilight lied down on top of you like a cat, an eager smile on her face
  68. >she seemed to relish the chance to tell a story, something she didn’t often get to do
  69. >”It began with Celestia actually. A while ago, she found your world. Something like three-hundred or four-hundred moons ago, anyway, she liked what she saw. Well, not how horses and equines in general were treated by most, but she admired your ingenuity as a whole.”
  70. >”She decided about sixty or so moons go, to let some snippets of our lives into your world, as an idea for a cartoon to a woman named Frost or something. Specifically, stuff revolving around yours truly. She didn’t exactly tell me this at the time, but ehh, let bygones be bygones.”
  71. “So that’s how the show came to Earth.”
  72. >”Yeah pretty much. Celestia then decided to give some people who watched it a chance to come here. Then realized that would be a terrible, terrible idea. So she compromised with this, and after some curation, decided the project was a go.”
  73. “Who didn’t make the cut?”
  74. >”There were a lot of reasons… Some got cut for extreme fetishes, some hygiene, some general unpleasantness, others mental instability. Pretty much anyone who she thought could seriously harm ponies. And a few she just didn’t like.”
  75. >a thought pops into your head, a really amusing one
  76. “Is ah… Christopher Poole, by chance on the list?”
  77. >”I, uh… Gimme a sec.”
  78. >her horn glows , and her eyes roll back in her head
  79. >fuck that’s creepy
  81. >her eyes roll back down, and she looks at you
  82. >”Yep, he’s on the list. He turned down the offer though. Any reason you ask? He a friend of yours?”
  83. >hardly containing your laughter, you just sputter
  84. “Yep, just a friend of mine.”
  85. >”Ah, got it. That satisfy your curiosity?”
  86. >you rack your brains for any other questions
  87. “Yes, I think I’m good now. See you Sunday.”
  88. >”Alrighty ‘Non. Guess I’ll see you then.”
  89. >she blinks off into the night
  90. >you touch where she was sitting
  91. >you could’ve sworn there was a damp patch
  92. >three days
  93. >best to just get it over with
  94. >you try to go to sleep
  95. >but you can’t
  96. >no matter how many times you flip the pillow or change position, nothing can get you to dreamland
  97. >excitement you assume
  98. >or magic just fucks with the human body clock
  99. >you finally pass out around four, and fall into a deep sleep
  101. >Sunday
  102. >fuck you’ve been waiting for this
  103. >you pull into the garage, lock the car and get into the elevator
  104. >skipping to your room, you unlock the door, walk in and see Twilight in your room
  105. >she’s got something in her mouth
  106. >as soon as she see you, she muffles out
  107. >“Herro “Nonymousch!”
  108. “Good! It wasn’t all a dream!”
  109. >you say, locking the door and running to her
  110. >you pick her up and hug her, her giving a little surprised
  111. >”Ooh!”
  112. >you place her back on the bed and she returns to whatever she was doing
  113. >without looking up, spitting out what she had in her mouth, she says
  114. >”I suggest you get something to eat. This might be a little draining, for both of us.”
  115. “Gotcha.”
  116. >you open your fridge to find
  117. >Milk, half a small chicken, still in it’s plastic holding and a box of oreos.
  118. >you hadn’t exactly gone shopping, and had cleared the fridge, thinking you wouldn’t need food throughout the adventure
  119. >might be a small problem now
  120. >you toss the chicken in the microwave
  121. >after it’s heated, you wolf it down, and wash it down with milk and Oreos
  122. >not the healthiest dinner you’ve ever shoved down your gullet, but you’ve got a fast metabolism
  123. >a few minutes of idly snacking on Oreos later, you hear a voice call
  124. >”All ready, c’mon in.”
  125. >you walk into your room to see intricate drawings and other arcane symbols drawn on your bedsheets
  126. “Is this shit gonna come off?”
  127. >”Yes, if I don’t botch the spell, it should disappear with you. Now just lie in the center and don’t move a fucking muscle. Seriously, I was telling the last guy, I spent five hours reattaching an arm from a guy who sneezed during the teleportation.”
  128. “Ouch.”
  129. >”You’re telling me. Anyway, just don’t move after I say go and you’ll be fine.”
  130. “Got it.”
  131. >you lie down on the bed, trying not to disturb and dust
  132. >your hand brushes over some of it, and it seems to be locked in place
  133. >2spooky
  135. >”Just one last thing to do.”
  136. >your nose glows as she dabs some sort of salve onto it
  137. >”Alllll set! Great, give me one minute to get ready, and we should be good!”
  138. >you sit on the bed, breathing, a little nervous, a little excited
  139. >surprisingly, you’re not a bit scared
  140. >you thought you’d be quaking in fear, but you feel
  141. >surprisingly peaceful
  142. >”Ok Anon, GO”
  143. >you tense up for a second, before feeling a intense sense of relaxation rush over you
  144. >then waves of magic start rippling over your body
  145. >like ripples in a pond, floating over you
  146. >4spooky
  147. >you start to feel slightly uncomfortable
  148. >the magic is starting to get a bit hot
  149. >imagine putting your hand a little too close to an open fire
  150. >it’s that all over your body
  151. >then a little hotter
  152. >and a little more
  153. >your whole body feels like you’ve been dropped into a vat of boiling water
  154. >and yet you’ve never felt more calm in your life
  155. >the pain is registering in your brain, yet you feel no desire to move
  156. >maybe Twilight is helping with that
  157. >and suddenly your vision goes all white, and you’re floating
  158. >then the whiteness fades to black and you aren’t anymore
  159. >you’re on your back on the ground
  160. >or some other flat surface
  161. >all you know is that it’s very warm
  162. >and snuggly
  163. >you’re pretty tired
  164. >you feel like you could just fall asleep
  165. >and you fall asleep
  167. >you blink
  168. >shit you’re awake
  169. >you do a double take and push yourself up with your h…
  170. >hooves
  171. >grey hooves
  172. >you look at yourself in awe
  173. “It worked…”
  174. >you say breathlessly
  175. >you get out of bed and walk to the bathroom
  176. >surprisingly, you have no difficulty walking on your new four legs
  177. >you push open the door with your front hoof
  178. >everything is so small compared to human sized stuff
  179. >you stand up, a bit unbalanced and look at yourself in the mirror
  180. >Octavia
  181. >background pone, but not a bad choice
  182. >you’ll have to see if you retained her musical prowess
  183. >but not now
  184. >you check your butt, and in all it’s glory, a little treble cleft sits
  185. >you brush it a little
  186. >it seems to be just some purple fur, not emblazoned upon you like a brand
  187. >neato bonito
  188. >walking out of the bathroom, you take a look around your room
  189. >you don’t think you’re in Octavia’s apartment, the distinct lack of an cello the main reason for the assumption
  190. >it consists of your bedroom, a bathroom, and a livingroom/kitchen area
  191. >not bad
  192. >you open the door and take a look outside
  193. >it’s daytime in Ponyville, and ponies are rushing about, doing their business
  194. >all seems good
  195. >and you see a human, looking around the streets in awe
  196. >he’s fucking huge compared to your now small stature
  197. >you wave to him, but he seems to have already been coming this way
  198. >he catches sight of you and walks into the house
  199. >he seems of average build, though you can’t be too sure
  200. >you’re too small to be able to judge his height properly
  201. >he seems rather well kept, slightly windswept dark hair covering his forehead
  202. >he spins in delight as he walks over the threshold, bonking his head lightly on the way in
  203. >” Shit. gotta watch out for that…”
  204. >his voice is pretty deep, but not gravely
  205. “Well. Seems we’re going to be staying together for a week.”
  207. “So we are. What’s your name?”
  208. >”Just call me Anon. And I assume you’ll want to be called Octavia?”
  209. >you hadn’t really thought about it
  210. “Sure, guess I’ll go with that. So how are ya?”
  211. >”Pretty good I guess. Twilight put me up at a job at the library while she’s away. I’ll be helping Spike reach taller shelves, as well as doing general organization and management.”
  212. “Gotcha. So you’ll be away for a lot of the day?”
  213. >that’s actually a little bit of a disappointment, but your time together might be a little more valuable this way
  214. >Twilight really has thought of everything
  215. >at that moment, a buzzing comes into your head
  216. >it’s a very small whine, just at the edge of your hearing
  217. >you only noticed because you’re both silent, looking at each other
  218. >Twilight forces her way into your head
  219. >”Sorry guys! I just wanted to tell you, this whine is here as a safety precaution. If you can’t hear it, I can’t pull you out. Anyway, I’ll let you two get down to fucking or cuddling or whatever you two plan on doing.”
  220. >you both just stare at each other for a second
  221. >”Did you j—“
  222. “Yes. Yes I did.”
  223. >Anonymous looks to the sky and says
  224. >”Seems we have a voyeur. You gonna flick it while we get it on Twilight?”
  225. >no response
  226. >”I’ll take that as a yes.”
  227. >a little huff appears in both your heads, along with a sigh
  228. >”No, I’m not going to—F-fine. Maybe a little.”
  229. >the both of you smile, and withhold the laughter you both feel welling up inside.
  230. >”S-shut up. I knew I shouldnt’ve told you guys. S-stop laughing… Anyway, I won’t be watching you guys all the time, just sometimes. Now I’m gonna go cradle my hurt feelings, you two lovebirds do whatever.”
  231. >she leaves your heads once again, and the buzzing returns
  233. “So… What now?”
  234. >”Not too sure to be honest…”
  235. “Oh, before we get into this, do uh… Do you want me to pretend I’m Octavia? Act… Like she would? I mean, obviously you like her, or you wouldn’t have chosen her.”
  236. >”Hell, why not. As long as you don’t go britbong, all good.”
  237. “Sounds good.”
  238. >”To pose your question, What now?”
  239. “Not too sure… I seem to be missing my Cello, so sadly I won’t be able to play you anything… We could… Go out for lunch? The sun’s shining, and it’s a beautiful day!”
  240. >”Sounds like fun. C’mon Tavi.”
  241. “Already with the pet names Anonymous? We’ve just met you know.”
  242. >you say, giving him a little wink
  243. >”Alright, Octavia, if that’s what you want.”
  244. “For the time being. Now let’s go, I have a place in mind.”
  245. >nigga what are you doing
  246. >you’ve nothing in mind
  247. >you lead Anon towards what you think is town square
  248. >to your surprise, nobody gives either of you a second glance, some even wave to Anonymous
  249. “Why are they waving to you? Didn’t we just get here?”
  250. >”Not sure… Maybe Twilight just plopped us in Equestria, and humans are a somewhat common appearance nowadays due to her testing?”
  251. >reasonable enough for you
  252. >you arrive in town square, and to your surprise, there’s a restaurant just north of town hall
  253. >lucky you
  254. >you lead him in and sit down
  255. >he can’t fit on the tiny, pony sized chairs so he kneels
  256. >a waiter brings you both menus, and asks if you want drinks
  257. >he doesn’t even bat an eye at the six foot man who walked into the restaurant
  258. >you both get water, most other drinks didn’t sounds appetizing
  260. >the waiter walks off and leaves you two sitting together
  261. >"So..."
  262. >you rack your mind for something
  263. >Octavia-like
  264. "Ahm. Anonymous, since this is out first, ah, date... Why don't you tell me about yourself. Likes, dislikes—"
  265. >"Well let's see..."
  266. >he scratches his head in thought as the waiter returns
  267. >he places the waters on the table and asks for orders
  268. >seems resturants here have prompt service
  269. >"Could I have a bit more time? I'm still deciding upon what I'm having."
  270. >Anon says
  271. >"Certainly, and you miss?"
  272. >your eyes quickly scan the menu
  273. "I'll just have a Garden Salad."
  274. >the waiter marks it down in a booklet and moves off to another table
  275. >Your eyes drift back to Anon
  276. "So..."
  277. >"Ah, Yes, I, well... Well I guess I'm into computers? Oh, I work for a animation company, I'm an editor. It's fun work."
  278. >time for fun
  279. "What's a computer?"
  280. >a look of confusion washes over his face
  281. >"But, you know what a comput—"
  282. >realization hits, and a smile passes over his face
  283. >"Ah, a computer is a box that allows you to do all manner of things. Talk to your friends over long distances, draw art, write, play games, there's a lot of cool stuff you can do."
  284. "Really... And do these 'boxes' run on magic?"
  285. >"Well, a magic of sorts. Electricity is what it's called. Except it's quite a bit more dangerous than unicorn magic."
  286. "Interesting. Well, tell me more about where you come from."
  287. >this is one of the strangest experiences of your life
  288. >you're asking someone from earth
  289. >to explain earth
  290. >to a pastel pony
  291. >amazing
  293. >"Shit, where do I begin..."
  294. "The beginning's a good place to start."
  295. >"Aye, guess I'll start. A very long time ago, on a planet much like this one, covered completely in water, there were a ton of very tiny things. They fought and fought, and eventually joined together to make plants and animals, much like here. One thing formed after another very long time, was monkeys."
  296. "You mean those crap-flinging shitbags? We have them too."
  297. >clearly, he wasn't expecting this
  298. >"Ah, y-yes... Anyway, they began to use tools ar some point. Very crude, but worked. At another point in time, far down the road, they started walking like I do, and got rid of their hair."
  299. >"These guys eventually became what I am today. Our society's only been around 5000 years, but we've reached the stars, and the depths of the smallest things in the world. If you'd like me to go a bit more in-depth, I can."
  300. "Maybe we should save it for another time, food's here."
  301. >the waiter arrives, holding your salad and gives it to you
  302. >"And for you?"
  303. >the waiter says, turning to Anon
  304. >"Ah, maybe the pea soup?"
  305. >the waiter marks it down and walks away, leaving you both to yourselves once again
  306. >you idily munch on your salad as Anon twiddles his thumbs
  307. >"So, ah, how's the orchastra going?"
  308. >fuck
  309. >you hadn't expected him to put you on the spot
  310. "Oh, pretty good actually. Right now we're in a sort of break period. I believe we'll be up and running again in about a month or so. I can't find my cello for the life of me, perhaps I just left it at the concert hall... Though I think I would have remembered that…”
  311. >you say with a sigh
  312. >and then the thought that, holy shit that wasn't a stuttering train wreck, flies into your head
  315. >you might come out of this, not sounding like a complete autist
  316. >gold star
  317. >"So, any plans once you're back?"
  318. "No, not really... To be honest, I've actually enjoyed this break so far, even without my cello. Going on tour is great, and a fun way to see the world... It's just so draining."
  319. >"I get what you mean, being on the go all the time isn't the best way to keep your stress low."
  320. >you sigh a little, and look to the ceiling
  321. "I guess so... A-anon?"
  322. >time for a little intimacy
  323. "Can I confide something in you? I-I know it's only our first date, but... I feel like I can trust you, at least somewhat..."
  324. >"Absolutly, whatever it is, I'd be happy to help."
  325. "A-anon, I'm getting older, but I don't want kids. I-is there something wrong with me? I know I'm supposed to want a family, and raise little fillies and colts... But that's not what I want to do, in fact, that seems like hell to me..."
  326. >first date and already you decide to drop heavy stuff on him
  327. >at least it's your construction
  328. >he sits there, mouth open a little
  329. >"You. You're not a bad pers— pony for not wanting a family Octavia. Is there something else you want to do instead?"
  330. "Y-yeah... I just want to improve my music. I feel that with kids, I wouldn't be able to do any of the things I love."
  331. >the waiter arrives once again, walking on three hooves, balancing a tray with pea soup on it in his fourth
  332. >that takes some serious hoof-eye coordination
  333. >he lightly places it on the table and walks away
  334. >Anon begins to eat, and the two of you finish your meal in silence
  335. >the waiter walks over, and clears your dishes
  336. >"That will be twelve bits."
  337. >you've got none
  338. >Anon's got jack shit too
  339. >the buzzing heightens again
  340. >"Oh, Anon, you should find some bits in your back pocket. Sorry, forgot to tell you."
  341. >Anon mouthes "ditz" as he reaches behind him, into his pocket
  342. >he extracts the money, and hands it to the waiter, who walks off with your plates
  344. >you might come out of this, not sounding like a complete autist
  345. >gold star
  346. >"So, any plans once you're back?"
  347. "No, not really... To be honest, I've actually enjoyed this break so far, even without my cello. Going on tour is great, and a fun way to see the world... It's just so draining."
  348. >"I get what you mean, being on the go all the time isn't the best way to keep your stress low."
  349. >you sigh a little, and look to the ceiling
  350. "I guess so... A-anon?"
  351. >time for a little intimacy
  352. "Can I confide something in you? I-I know it's only our first date, but... I feel like I can trust you, at least somewhat..."
  353. >"Absolutly, whatever it is, I'd be happy to help."
  354. "A-anon, I'm getting older, but I don't want kids. I-is there something wrong with me? I know I'm supposed to want a family, and raise little fillies and colts... But that's not what I want to do, in fact, that seems like hell to me..."
  355. >first date and already you decide to drop heavy stuff on him
  356. >at least it's your construction
  357. >he sits there, mouth open a little
  358. >"You. You're not a bad pers— pony for not wanting a family Octavia. Is there something else you want to do instead?"
  359. "Y-yeah... I just want to improve my music. I feel that with kids, I wouldn't be able to do any of the things I love."
  360. >the waiter arrives once again, walking on three hooves, balancing a tray with pea soup on it in his fourth
  361. >that takes some serious hoof-eye coordination
  362. >he lightly places it on the table and walks away
  363. >Anon begins to eat, and the two of you finish your meal in silence
  364. >the waiter walks over, and clears your dishes
  365. >"That will be twelve bits."
  366. >you've got none
  367. >Anon's got jack shit too
  368. >the buzzing heightens again
  369. >"Oh, Anon, you should find some bits in your back pocket. Sorry, forgot to tell you."
  370. >Anon mouthes "ditz" as he reaches behind him, into his pocket
  371. >he extracts the money, and hands it to the waiter, who walks off with your plates
  373. >you get up, push in your chair with your back hoof and motion Anon to follow
  374. >as you walk out, you snuggle against his hip, rubbing your cheek against his bone
  375. >he reaches down and strokes his fingers through your mane
  376. >you let out a contented sigh, and you walk home together, a little closer then you did on the way to dinner
  378. >you push open the door with your hoof
  379. >didn't even bother to lock it, but with Ponyville's near inexistent crime, you should be fine
  380. "Home, sweet home."
  381. >it's getting dark outside, and you decide to get into bed
  382. "Anon? I'm going to bed. C-could you join me?"
  383. >"Sure Octavia! Just, just let me take a shower first. Okay?"
  384. "Oh. A-alright..."
  385. >you pull the covers up to your chin
  386. >it's pretty snuggly
  387. >the bed is pony sized, not built for humans
  388. >he'll take up a majority of the bed
  389. >but with what you're planning, that won't matter
  390. >finally, he finishes, and walks out of the bathroom
  391. >"Jesus, your shower is teensy."
  392. "Well, it wasn't exactly built with you in mind, was it?"
  393. >"Guess so."
  394. >he slides into bed and closes his eyes
  395. >"Goodnight Octavia."
  396. >he says, tussling your hair
  397. "Not just yet... I have to try something.”
  399. >your head ducks beneath the covers, and you pull off his boxers
  400. >”Easy… Weren’t you the one who said they wanted to take it slow?”
  401. “Fine, we can take it slow.”
  402. >you slip his cock into your hands
  403. >er… hooves
  404. >and start running your hoof down his length
  405. >like he said, you decide to take it slow
  406. >he was rising up in your grasp
  407. >god this feels weird when it isn’t your own rod you’re rubbing
  408. >you move agonizingly slow, your fur running through each crevice of his dick
  409. >”Th-that’s not what I meant by slow… But I’m fine with t-this too. “
  410. >you continue, using your fur to the fullest extent you can
  411. >you run the lip of your hoof over his head and he lets out a little moan
  412. >jesus, it’s getting stuffy under here
  413. >you push the covers up for a breath of fresh air, and for the first time, get a glimpse of his cock
  414. >it’d been completely dark, so you hadn’t seen him
  415. >and my
  416. >my, he probably was average sized, but to your smaller stature, that was pretty big
  417. >probably no larger than normal horsecocks, but you weren’t used to cocks as long as your head would be
  418. >you pay it no mind as the covers fall onto your back, cool air rushing over your back
  419. >as you rub, you notice the tip of your hoof sticks sometimes, a bit damp
  420. >you rub the top of him, and a bit of pre-cum dribbles from his tip
  421. >no time like the present
  423. >you brace yourself, and run your tongue over the top of his cock
  424. >it’s probably not very seductive looking, but he can’t see it anyway
  425. >you swallow what little you licked up
  426. >it actually tastes—
  427. >not that bad
  428. >n-not gay
  429. >you once again take a lick, this time a bit slower
  430. >your tongue explores around, fitting into crevices and sucking in whatever pre-cum it finds
  431. >feeling a bit more adventurous on your third go-around, you slip the whole tip of his cock into your mouth
  432. >he lets out a little moan, and his right hand reaches around and cradles your ear
  433. >he just tastes like flesh, nothing disgusting or sweaty like you expected
  434. >one of two options pop into your head
  435. >your Anon has good hygiene
  436. >dick tastes better than you thought
  437. >either way is fine with you right now
  438. >you suck up some courage, along with his rod and choke about half his member down
  439. >you thought you’d have gagged by now, but clearly muzzles can take a lot
  440. >you start to bounce up and down on him a little, pursing your lips around him
  441. >you close your eyes and enjoy the feeling
  442. >it’s actually pretty relaxing, the meat sliding over your teeth and tongue
  443. >you open your eyes and what little vision you have under the covers starts to grey a little around the edges
  444. >oh, right, you need to breathe
  445. >you pull off him and take a big breath
  446. >he looks rather disappointed as you look towards his face
  447. >”Why’d you stop? You’re not planning on blue-balling Junior the first night, are you?”
  448. “No… Just… Need breathe… one minute…”
  449. >his face significantly changes
  450. >”Oh. That’s actually pretty hot.”
  451. >unf
  453. >now that you think about it, that is pretty hot
  454. >one day and already you’re a slut
  455. >fuck it, dick is good
  456. >you return to his rod, slipping a little more into your muzzle this time
  457. >still no gag
  458. >you’re about three fourths of the way down
  459. >you’ve got quite a bit to bounce on now, and it shows in his face
  460. >you look up
  461. >ten seconds after returning to his cock, he’s got his mouth open, looking at the ceiling
  462. >snickering to yourself, you return to working his rod
  463. >his hand, which had been idle before, begins scratching the tip of your ear
  464. >god it feels nice
  465. >you’s like someone took the feeling of tickling the bottom of your foot and put it on your ear
  466. >you pull off him and coo in contentment
  467. >you rub yourself against his tool, face now damp with a mixture of pre-cum and spit
  468. >you look down at yourself, discovering a wet spot under your legs
  469. >you’ve been dry humping the covers without even noticing
  470. >you place your hoof onto yourself and go back to sucking
  471. >as you move up and down on him, your hips seem to have a mind of their own
  472. >they take your lips on a wild ride, running them over the tip of your hoof
  473. >you moan into his cock, waves of pleasure running over you
  474. >his hand gets a little more forceful on your ear, a bit less consistent
  475. >you feel him rising, but you’re nervous
  476. >you not want to take him in fully,
  477. >you’re afraid you’ll throw up if you do, no matter how farfetched it may seem
  478. >another thought hits you
  479. >what are you going to do with his cum?
  480. >you don’t want to swallow, but you’ll ruin the moment if you run to the bathroom and spit
  481. >playing with it seems out of the question for the time being, you want to see what happens with cum and fur before you try anything
  482. >guess you’ll have to cross that bridge when you get there
  484. >”If you’re going to do something, get it over with.”
  485. >that’s a maxim your grandfather taught you
  486. >he’d have never thought you’d apply it to sucking dick
  488. >you cram his cock all the way into your throat
  489. >you don’t gag, but the feeling is running up and down your throat
  490. >every muscle in your body is telling you to cough whatever’s blocking your throat out
  491. >but you push farther, and the feeling passes
  492. >you’ve pushed his whole member into you
  493. >now the hard part
  494. >you start to try to move up and down on him, dick to and fro over the gag point
  495. >it’s an incredibly unpleasant feeling, but you push through
  496. >a cramp in your side suddenly alerts you to what you’ve been doing down below
  497. >your hoof’s been doing a number on your vag, soaking with juices
  498. >you hadn’t even noticed
  499. >an unexpected jump from Anon shocks you
  500. >his seed floods into your mouth and throat
  501. >Now’s the perfect time to gag!
  502. >his cock shoots out of you as you pull off
  503. >you try to hold in the cough you feel rising in your chest
  504. >it burns for a second, and then passes
  505. >you let out a huff, thankful you didn’t ruin his post-coitus
  506. >gradually returning to reality, you realize his cum is dripping from your mouth, leaking onto Anon’s belly
  507. >and it actually doesn’t taste too bad
  508. >fuck, not gay
  509. >deciding to make the best of your predicament, you gulp down what’s currently in your mouth, and start to clean his stomach
  510. >looking up at him with the most seductive look you can muster, you run your tongue over him one last time
  511. >you lick your lips and look him straight in the eye
  512. “Well… That was certainly a first impression Anonymous.”
  513. >”No kidding Octy, Jesus Christ.”
  514. “Back to the pet names I see. Well… I think it's justified now..."
  516. >”I thought by slow, you meant wait a bit.”
  517. “Guess I reconsidered the meaning I was going for.”
  518. >”Well, d’ya want me to repay the favor?”
  519. >he pulls you from your spot on your lap, propping you next to him
  520. >he spreads your legs and reaches towards your snatch
  521. “No I think I’ve go—“
  522. >his fingers slip into you, slick from your juices dripping around your vagina
  523. “Oh Celestia, no, no continue.”
  524. >he pries you open and starts rubbing you
  525. >you thought it was just going to be the same as jacking it, just with a hole instead of a pole
  526. >no
  527. >no you thought very, very wrong
  528. >this is a completely different feeling
  529. >and it’s better in your opinion
  530. >instead of the constant, steady pleasure you normally got, waves radiate through your body
  531. >you bite your lip and cry a bit, nuzzling your face into his hand
  532. >his fingers begin to fall into a rhythm, each stroke making you twitch a little
  533. >your mind begins to fog, numb with pleasure
  534. >your breathing is heavy, large huffs leaving your body in sync with his thrusts
  535. >after a short time, he pulls out, leaving you unsatisfied
  536. “N-no… M-more…”
  537. >you say, out of breath and a bit desperate
  538. >”Don’t worry, I’m not done with you yet.”
  539. “Thank Go— Celestia…”
  540. >still haven’t gotten the hang of that
  542. >he pulls you onto his lap
  543. >you make yourself comfortable, as he spreads your legs
  544. >his boner sticks into your back, and you fully expect him to shove you onto his dick, and ravage you
  545. >but to your surprise, he doesn’t
  546. >instead, he spreads his fingers, making a peace sign
  547. >with the hand, he puts the fingers on the edges of your lips and spreads
  548. >the insides of your privates are on full display
  549. “W-what… What are you doing Anon?”
  550. >he doesn’t respond, instead, takes his other hand and reaches down
  551. >instead of pushing in like before, this time he rubs only slightly inside the entrance
  552. >it’s a bit rough and uncomfortable at first, but quickly his hands start to slide in, courtesy of your slick
  553. >you bite your lip, trying to keep back a moan
  554. >you can’t and it escapes, and your head falls back into Anon’s shoulder
  555. >you look up at him, helpless in his arms
  556. >he’s intent on your nethers, but takes a moment to look at you
  557. >he smiles, gives you a quick peck on the lips before returning to pleasuring you
  558. >you look back down, his fingers working magic down below
  559. >his rhythm picks up, and you gasp a little
  560. “T-too fast…”
  561. >he ignores you, and a slow burn begins below, adding to the pleasure you feel
  562. >it’s a strange feeling, and keeps growing in intensity
  563. >it starts to hurt a little, but at the same time, fuels the fire of your pleasure
  564. >you try to push off him, the pain becoming a bit uncomfortable, but he picks up speed once again
  565. >you all back onto his arms, euphoria clouding your mind
  566. >all you can do is lay back in his warm arms and moan
  567. >and you’re perfectly ok with that
  568. >suddenly, you convulse and clench on his finger, furiously moving inside you
  569. >the pleasure reaches a height it had never touched before, then begins a slow descent
  570. >Anon lies back, pulling you down with him
  571. >you lie flat on the bed, breathless and staring at the ceiling
  572. “Anonymous… That was…”
  573. >”Shh”
  574. >he says, and pulls the covers up to your chin
  576. >turn over and hit him, his cock pushing into the base of your tail
  577. >but you don’t want him inside you
  578. >you thought you’d want to fuck like a rabbit, but you’re utterly spent
  579. >you nuzzle into him, soft fur tickling his chest
  580. >he laughs a little and tussles your hair
  581. >”So, I want to talk to Anon for a second.”
  582. “What’s up fag?”
  583. >”There we go. I got a couple questions for you. How do we want to go about this. Do you want to act romantic, or would you prefer just to be fuck buddies for the week.”
  584. “Hell, I’d love a little romance. Being fuck buddies just seems so unfulfilling…”
  585. >”That’s what I was hoping for. Second question. I-is this gay?”
  586. >you lie on him, a bit stunned
  587. >your post coitus goes straight out the window
  588. “I… I don’t think so? I mean, I’ve got lady parts now… And I’m a mare.”
  589. >”Yeah but…”
  590. “I don’t know man. Do you want the horse pussy or not?”
  591. >”I see your point. That’s all the questions I have for now.”
  592. “You want Octy back?”
  593. >”Yeah, she’s a bit less abrasive.”
  594. “Hey, shut up asshole.”
  595. >”Point proven.”
  596. >ignoring him, you close your eyes for a second
  597. >you open them again and kiss him
  598. “Good night Anonymous…”
  600. ===
  602. >you snuggle into his arms and let out a contented sigh
  603. >he moves his arms around you and the two of you sit there, just staring
  604. >you’re both breathing heavily, tired from your previous escapade
  605. >eventually, your eyes start to droop, and you nuzzle your face into the nape of his neck
  606. >it’s soft and warm, and you rub your face into him, fur brushing his chin
  607. >he runs his fingers down your hair, like little race-cars
  608. >they rush over your mane, and as you do a shiver runs down your spine
  609. >you could sit there forever in his grasp, your chests rising and falling in sync
  610. >it can’t be true but…
  611. >after only one day, you’re actually starting to like the guy
  612. >is that just sex talking?
  613. >you’ve barely talked
  614. >or is it something a little more…
  615. >you’ll have to find out
  617. >Twilight sat on PonyAnon’s bed
  618. >she had a little window open in front of her, viewing the two of them in Equestria
  619. >a half eaten bag of Sweet Tarts sat next to her, and she munched on them as she watched intently
  620. >she was very happy with how this experiment was going
  621. >they seemed genuinely to like each other
  622. >she’d hoped, after all the trouble she took to match their personalities
  623. >as they got into bed, she waited intently
  624. >as she expected, they got down to their dirty business
  625. >throughout the session, her eyes were locked on the two, not even noticing her hoof pawing towards her nether-regions
  626. >after they finished and fell asleep, Twilight lay down on the bed
  627. >as she lay down, her legs caught on her hoof, still idly rubbing her bottom lips
  628. >she realized her actions, and gasped
  629. >she blushed and franticly looked around, making sure nobody was watching her
  630. >”You sure are enjoying yourself, aren’t you Twi…”
  631. “C-celestia? W-what are you doing here?”
  633. >Princess Celestia sat next to her, looking at her with a twinkle in her eye and a smirk on her face
  634. >”Thought I’d come see what you were up to. I was… Let’s say, more than pleasantly surprised. The experiment is…”
  635. >Twilight straightened up and removed her hoof from her crotch, trying to regain an air of professionalism
  636. “Oh, yes. It’s going swimmingly, however, there’s still six days to go.”
  637. >”Alright, good. Just wanted to check in. Wait, didn’t you say the spell would be up three days ago?”
  638. “Oh, there was a slight scheduling conflict I forgot to inform you of. One of the men you selected was out on a business trip. Instead of getting him out of it, I waited until his return. This was their first day. They arrived just after three o’ clock, had a late lunch and ah…”
  639. >”Ah, good. Nothing serious to worry about. I’ll leave you to your… business… Well, unless you’d like some help.”
  640. >Twilight sat there, slightly stunned
  641. >she hadn’t expected the Princess to drop in from nowhere
  642. >and certainly not expected an offer for her ‘help’
  643. “I… I think I’ve got it from here Princess. If I need any help, I’ll call you.”
  644. >Twilight stammered, scrambling to hide her embaressment
  645. >”I’ll assume that goes for both the experiment and your private matters?”
  646. >Twilight blushed a little and hid her face with her wing
  647. >”I’ll take that as a yes. Maybe some other time, faithful student.”
  648. >and with a wink, left Twilight to her thoughts
  650. ===
  652. >your eyes blink open
  653. >you blink away sleep and get your bearings
  654. >you’re on someone’s chest, and they clearly aren’t a girl
  655. >a bit nervous you did something you regret, you push up on him
  656. >hooves push beneath you, and memories of yesterday flood back to your mind
  657. >you smile
  658. >you give your sleeping husbando a peck on the lips and slide out of bed
  659. >an idea runs a circle through your cerebellum
  660. >it’s cliche as hell, but a nice gesture
  661. >breakfast in bed
  662. >stumbling to the kitchen, you open the…
  663. >refrigerator, icebox… thing?
  664. >you poke around inside, looking for some sort of breakfast food to cook
  665. >you find some eggs, cheese, and some Aunt Zigga’s pancake mix
  666. >seems ponies aren’t entirely vegetation
  667. >deciding to save the pancakes for another time, you pull out the eggs and pull some bread from the breadbox
  668. >Twilight really is a savior
  669. >you pick up a pan, and after getting the hang of balancing it on your hoof, move it onto a burner of some sort
  670. >you turn the flame on and peruse the kitchen for more food
  671. >there’s a rack of fresh veggies and fruit, ranging from lettuce to tomatoes to lemons to oranges
  672. >it seems to have a sort of enchantment on it, because as you get closer to it, it hums slightly
  673. >the same sort of hum that won’t shut up in your head right now
  674. >maybe something to keep food fresh longer
  675. >you pick up some lettuce, and move back to the pan
  678. >you decide on something simple, scrambled eggs aren’t hard, right?
  679. >looking around for a spatula and an egg beater, you find both tools in a cupboard to the left
  680. >you search for a bowl and crack two eggs into one you find
  681. >cracking eggs is surprisingly hard, but ventrally you’re able to get one in, then two
  682. >next, you search for some milk, and find a little back in the icebox
  683. >you pour a small amount in with the eggs and put it back
  684. >you pick up the eggbeater
  685. >or
  686. >you try to pick up the egg beater
  687. >it’s an incredibly frustrating task, but eventually you get it between your hooves
  688. >how in hell do people—ponies hold shit with one hoof?
  689. >as soon as that thought pops into your head, an eager Twilight invades your head
  690. >”Hi! You seem to be having a bit of trouble picking up your cooking instruments.”
  691. “Jesus fucking Christ Twilight, can you hear my thoughts?”
  692. >”Oh. What? No! I just saw you having a bit of trouble, and wanted to help. Just push down on stuff, and it should stick.”
  693. “What?”
  694. >”Yeah, I know, it seems dumb to you, just do it, it works.”
  695. >you look back down at the beater and press on it with your hoof
  696. >and it stuck
  697. >not stuck to your skin, just hung, attached
  698. “And how do I get it off?”
  699. >”Just place it down again.”
  700. >you follow her instructions, and once again, it works
  701. “Oh… ok?”
  702. >”Alright, I’ll leave you to your cooking, I have something else to attend to anyway.”
  703. “Thanks for the help Twilight.”
  704. >but she’s already gone
  706. >oh well
  707. >you pick up the egg beater and start beating the egg/milk mixture
  708. >once it’s sufficiently mixed, you dump it into the saucepan, and begin folding it over with the spatula, breaking it up as it cooks
  709. >after a short time, you leave it to cook and pop the bread on a pan next to it
  710. >then, you grab a plate and place it next to you on the counter
  711. >you continue folding the eggs, checking on the bread every minute or two
  712. >once the eggs seem cooked, and the toast lightly browned, you toss the bread onto the plate and dump the eggs next to it
  713. >you elf back to the icebox, and find some butter
  714. >you place it down, and pulling back the wrapper a little, cut off two small hunks and dump them onto the bread
  715. >noticing the head of lettuce you’ve abandoned, you peel off a layer or two, shred it with your hooves and place it on the plate
  716. >for a final touch, you search the kitchen for a strainer
  717. >you find one, put a glass in the sink and place the strainer over it
  718. >you walk back over to the fruits and grab an orange
  719. >pulling open a drawer and grabbing a knife, you chop the orange in half
  720. >with your hooves, you squish the orange over the strainer, juice dripping into the glass
  721. >after this, you pick up the glass, put it next to the plate, and admire your work
  722. >it’s not much, but you feel accomplished
  723. >you try to find a tray, and after a moment fumbling through drawers, find one, and place his meal on it
  724. >then realize you didn’t cook yourself anything
  725. >shit
  727. >oh well, you can go hungry until lunch
  728. >you then encounter another problem
  729. >getting the tray into his room
  730. >you can’t carry it with two hooves, you’d fall over
  731. >if you push it across the floor with your muzzle, you’ll look like a retard
  732. >albeit a cute one
  733. >you try to balance it on one hoof
  734. >it wobbles a little, then stays put
  735. >you move very slowly, trying to keep it balanced as you walk on three legs
  736. >you slowly make your way over to the bedroom
  737. >thank go you left the door open
  738. >you walk in and place the tray next to him on the bed
  739. >then, you smile, and boop him on the nose
  740. “Wakey-wakey!”
  741. >you put two of your hooves up on the bed and lean your face in front of his giving him the cutest smile you can muster
  742. >he slowly opens his eyes to your smiling face
  743. >for a second, a frightened look comes over his face
  744. >however, it quickly fades to a happy one, then a surprised one
  745. >he looks down at the food you’ve cooked and stutters out, blinking his eyes
  746. >”W-Wow, I… T-thanks Octavia, I didn’t know you could cook!”
  747. “Eh, just a little hobby I have when not on the road.”
  748. >you place the tray on his lap and pull under the covers with him
  749. >you snuggle your head on his lap as he eats
  750. >his hand reaches over, and once again begins to run his hands down your silky black hair
  751. >you close your eyes, and sigh, head resting on his hips
  752. >you curl your legs into him and snuggle up to him as he continues eating
  753. >after some munching, he looks down
  754. >”Did you cook yourself anything?”
  755. “W-what? Oh, no, I forgot… It’s fine really, I can wait for lunch.”
  756. >”Really? No, I’ll make you something. When I’m done here, you sit your ass right here until I’ve whipped something up for you.”
  757. “Oh, alright!”
  758. >he finishes up and gluts down the orange juice you made then slides your head from atop his lap
  759. >”Now just pretend you were asleep, alright?”
  760. >in response, you lie limp on the bed, and he chuckles as he leaves the room
  762. >the bed is still warm from where he was lying, and you scoot to where he was
  763. >it’s warm and cozy under here
  764. >you push your face under the blankets and hum to yourself
  765. >after a a little while, Anonymous walks back in
  766. >lucky bastard, having arms
  767. >he puts the tray on your little lap and see what he’s made for you
  768. >it’s exactly what you made for him, albeit a bit smaller sized
  769. “You made—“
  770. >”Yep. I’m not exactly the most creative, or best cook in the world, but there’s some stuff I can make alright.”
  771. >as he slides back into the bed you take a bite
  772. >it’s pretty good
  773. >as you continue eating, you realize how hungry you were
  774. >you wolf down the whole plate, still feeling a bit empty
  775. >you look up at him, and say
  776. “T-thank you! I really wasn’t expecting you to return the favor.”
  777. >”You’re welcome, m’lady.”
  778. >fuck
  779. >your head shoots up to look at him
  780. “That better have been a joke.“
  781. >with a shit eating grin on his face, he looks back at you
  782. >”What do you think?”
  783. “Point taken”
  784. >chuckling a bit at your reaction, Anon stands up
  785. >”Alright, I’ve got to leave for work at Twi’s library. So—.”
  786. >you instantly jump from the bed and hug his waist
  787. >he’s taken aback a bit at your sudden change of character, but after a second smiles down at you
  788. “D-do you really have to go? Can’t you stay with me a little longer?”
  789. >”I can’t skip work the first day, that’d set a bad first impression. Don’t worry, I’ll be back at three, I’m sure you can find something to do in that time.”
  790. “Alright…”
  791. >you say, a little crestfallen
  792. >suddenly he picks you up
  793. >fuck, humans really are strong
  794. >he boops his nose against yours and kisses you
  795. >”See you later Tavi.”
  797. >he puts you back on the bed, and you smile up at him
  798. “Bye!”
  799. >he walks out into the living room, then you hear the door shut as he leaves
  800. >well, you’ve got no human to snuggle or waif for, so
  801. >what the fuck now
  802. >he’s got work, but you’ve got nothing to do in the meantime
  803. >you walk into the kitchen and see a mess of dishes
  804. >guess you can do that
  805. >you order the dishes and utensils into a somewhat organized fashion and put them under the sink
  806. >just a fucking second
  807. >you realized Ponyville has running water
  808. >you place the dishes down and rush to your bathroom
  809. >indeed, there is a toilet
  810. >you chuckle a little to yourself, then walk back to the kitchen
  811. >after a dull ten minutes of dishwashing, you order them back where you think they were before
  812. >you finish up, dry your fur the best you can and waltz over to the couch
  813. >taking a seat at the couch, you stare at the wall for a second
  814. >”Well, isn’t someone having fun?”
  815. >your mind snaps and the buzzing fades
  816. “Who’s there?”
  817. >”Just little old me.”
  818. >Discord walks out from behind the couch and sits down next to you
  819. >”You really do make a cute couple, let me tell you. I mean, I’m all for inter-species relations, let me tell yo—“
  820. “Are you going to fuck with me and him somehow? Because I know you scared me to get Twilight’s monitoring out of my head.”
  821. >”Ah yes, Twilight’s little monitor, it’s like you two are babies. So cute. Anyway, I was planning on livening things up for you. You’ve got nothing to do during the day, why not let me help you out?”
  822. >this is incredibly stupid
  823. >don’t open your mouth
  824. >what the fuck are you doing Anon, stop
  825. “What do you have in mind?”
  826. >oh boy, you’ve really done it now
  828. >”Really, you’re open to suggestions? Most people just told me to fuck off, or ‘go stick a helicopter of dragon dildos up your ass you huge flaming faggot.’”
  829. “And…”
  830. >”Well, I screwed with them anyway, but Tartarus be damned, you seem alright.”
  831. “‘Alright’ That’s me, thanks for validating my existence.”
  832. >”You’re welcome. Anyway… Well, you’ve actually stunned me, I was preparing for yet another rude outburst, but for you, I’ve got to think up something special. I think I’ll come back tomorrow, sound good?”
  833. “Sound good? No, not really, but I can’t stop you, can I?”
  834. >Discord chuckles to himself a bit
  835. >”No, no you can’t. Anyway, make sure not to tell Twilight about our little conversation, hm?”
  836. “Gotcha.”
  837. >”Buh-bye.”
  838. >with a smile a mile wide, Discord snaps his fingers, opens a door and steps through
  839. >you catch sight of his room for a second, and see some damn interesting stuff
  840. >first off is a computer
  841. >seems Discord’s discovered the wonders of the internet
  842. >it’s also good to know one of the shitposters on /mlp/ is in fact the Equestrian god of Chaos
  843. >fun
  844. >next, a large collection of dildos sits on a shelf
  845. >you aren’t too sure, but you’re pretty sure Discord can switch his gender
  846. >and anyone else’s
  847. >that’s a lovely thought
  848. >and third you notice, next to the desk his computer sits on is a large glowing portal
  849. >now you didn’t get too long of a look at it, but you’re almost sure it said “Portal to Earth” above it
  850. >that opens a whole new realm of possibilities when it comes to people claiming to have had lucid dreams about Equestria
  851. >he snaps again as he steps through and it shuts behind him, leaving you on the couch
  853. >well
  854. >what now
  855. >that certainly was…
  856. >that was an interesting way to spend three minutes of your life
  857. >you get up and walk to the bathroom
  858. >you’d pinch yourself, but cold water will have to do
  859. >as you walk in, you hit the faucet and it runs down the drain, forming a little whirlpool
  860. >you splash a little cold water on your face, and the buzzing starts to come back
  861. >your eyes close for a second and suddenly
  863. >the ceiling certainly looks nice today
  864. >you’re lying back down on the floor, hooves splayed to your sides
  865. >you stand up and stagger, nearly tripping and falling into the bathtub
  866. >you’ve got a crushing headache and a trickle of blood runs from your snout, dripping onto the white tile under your hooves
  867. >”A-Anon? Are you ok? Sorry, reconnecting’s kinda rough, on you and me both. What happened? I heard a voice and the connection severed.”
  868. >as you stumble around, memories of Discord’s meeting flood back
  869. >you can’t tell
  870. >panic
  871. “I… Nothing, it was just the radio, it startled me. I didn’t know it was on.”
  872. >you actually pulled that off with only minor stuttering, well done
  873. >”Really? Are you sure? I mean, it sounded an awful lot like Discord. I think he’s been screwing with the experiment. It’s happened multiple times. I swear, if it’s him, I’m going to kick his ass so hard he wished he was stone aga—“
  874. “Nope, I’m sure. Just the radio. Is Discord on any radio shows you know of?”
  875. >”Ah… Now that I think about it, I’m not sure. I don’t really listen to the radio, and mine was destroyed with the library. Maybe it’s just been that, I-I’m a bit paranoid…”
  876. “Considering what he’s done before, assuming it was him isn’t too far a stretch to go. But no, I don’t think it was him.”
  877. >”Alright. Sorry for ah… The headache… And the nosebleed… And any other ailments you might have now, I’m not really sure of any long term effects.”
  879. “Thanks… I guess?”
  880. >”No problem.”
  881. >she says shortly, then leaves
  882. >the water’s still running, the sink nearly overflowing
  883. >you jump on it and turn it off before it starts running over the sides
  884. >you walk back out of the bathroom, rubbing your forehead
  885. >it was starting to throb a little
  886. >hell, fresh air might do you some good
  887. >you walk out the door and breathe in the air of Ponyville
  888. >to your surprise, it feels a shit-ton cleaner than normal, Earth air
  889. >smog’s a bitch on your lungs
  890. >you walk down the street and take a look at your surroundings
  891. >Ponyville really is bigger than the show makes it look
  892. >there’s a lot of cottages, block after block of pony housing
  893. >the streets bustle with ponies, as well as carts and stalls selling wares
  894. >you look towards the town center, ad see Twilight’s magic castle tower over the city
  895. >it’s a pretty big eyesore, and not only that, but whatever part of the town happens to be in the shade of it must have a hell of a hard time
  896. >you walk to town center, ponies passing you on either side
  897. >to your surprise, about half of everyone waves or says hello, a few even calling you by name
  898. >”Hey Octy! Octy!”
  899. >a voice calls from behind you
  901. “Hm?”
  902. >you turn around to see a pony you’ve never seen before
  903. >it looks like a Berry Punch, but with a green color scheme
  904. >she’s got a bandana around her hair, and it pulls her hair to the side
  905. >she’s a more pastel green, but not lyra green
  906. >”Octy! I’m so glad I saw you. C’mere, I’ve been wanting to see you.”
  907. >well, you’ve got nothing better to do
  908. >she twists and turns down a number of streets and alleys as you follow
  909. >you realize you’ve completely lost your bearings
  910. >how you’ll find your way back will have to wait for later
  911. >a small number to the side of the door informs you it’s #639
  912. >she opens the door and pulls you inside
  913. >as she does, you catch sight of her buttmark, a wrench
  914. >the door shuts and she takes you over to the couch
  915. >she sits, and motions for you to do the same
  916. >”So you’re back from your tour?”
  917. >fuck, she thinks you’re Octavia
  918. >and apparently Octavia’s been on tour
  919. “Y-Yep, I’ve been… Traveling… Yep”
  920. >her eyes light up as she looks at you
  921. >”Really! I want to hear all about it! But first—“
  922. >she grabs your face and kisses you straight on the lips
  923. >shit
  924. >Octavia’s got a marefriend
  925. >fucking wonderful
  927. >”I’ve missed you…”
  928. >a tear rolls down her cheek, and she pulls you close
  929. >jesus christ, ponies are emotional
  930. >she lies on the couch, pulling you down with her, and you sit there for a second
  931. >she looks into your eyes for a second, and a look comes over her face
  932. >”A-aren’t you happy to see me? Octy?”
  933. “Oh, yes, yes, fine, just… I’m honestly a bit stunned is all.”
  934. >”Oh, good.”
  935. >the pony says, eyes shifting down
  936. >they flick backup to you and she pulls you close
  937. >”Thank Celestia you’re back…”
  938. >and kisses you again, this one a much longer one
  939. >she pulls off
  940. “I’ve missed you too…”
  941. >that’s a generic response, hopefully you can get away with this
  942. >”D-do you mind if I… I just hug you for a couple minutes? P-please?”
  943. >christ, your marefriend seems pretty attached to you
  944. >you’re not sure if that’s a good or bad thing in this situation
  945. “S-Sure.”
  946. >you didn’t know how to respond, but that’s as good as any
  947. >the pony pulls you into a bear hug, and she mumbles
  948. >”Fank yuu.”
  949. >as she snuggles her face into your shoulder
  950. >she lies motionless for a couple minutes, only shifting her legs a little around yours
  951. >her breath tickles your shoulder, and you rub her back a bit with your hoof
  952. >after your little cuddle, she relinquishes you from her grasp and the two of you sit up
  953. >”Well. Tell me about it!”
  954. >looks like it’s time to play “Bullshit!: Press your Luck”
  956. “Well… I… Uh… W-where do you want me to start?”
  957. >her eyes look down for a second and her hoof comes up to her chin
  958. >”Start in Fillydelphia, I know that was your first stop.”
  959. >at least you have something to go on
  960. “Oh, it was… Well it was interesting, I really need to show you the music hall there. When I wasn’t playing I took some time to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall[spoiler] couldn’t think of puns [/spoiler]”
  961. >”Sounds like fun! Did you ah… Did our little… agreement work out?”
  962. >well shit
  963. “Agreement? S-sorry, I’ve been a bit frazzled by work… Could you jog my memory?” \
  964. >your marefriend’s face jumps back in surprise
  965. >”You forgot? Octy, you never forget anything, a-are you ok?”
  966. “No, I’m fine, just a bit forgetful as of late. Stress got to me…”
  967. >”Ah, that’s ok, you can do it next time. Do you want to stop talking about it? I mean, if it’s stressing you out, we can ju—“
  968. >thank god
  969. “Yes, please. I’m just a bit…”
  970. >you let your face fall a little, and lean into her
  971. >”Aw, that’s ok, I’m always here for you…”
  972. >she gives you a little hug and kisses your cheek
  973. >”Well, what do you want to do today? We can go our, or well…”
  974. >she stops and chuckles
  975. >”We can stay home and amuse ourselves…”
  976. >while you’re fully up for hot lesbian pone sex, you’d like to hear what other options you have
  977. “What’s there to do in town right now, I’ve been a bit behind on current events.”
  978. >her face falls a bit
  979. >”Oh… Well, that Trixie bitch is back, if you want to go watch her. I’ve heard she’s doing actual magic now, so at least it’s an improvement over what she was pulling before. Uh… There’s some new “film” device, it’s been put up in town hall if you want to go check that out. And as for current events, you’ve missed nothing, except save… Well, save the fuckin’ gigantic crystal that is Little Miss Sparkle’s castle. Though I’m guessing you heard about that, I’m guessing you can see it from Canterlot.”
  981. >“Well, that Trixie bitch is back, if you want to go watch her. I’ve heard she’s doing actual magic now, so at least it’s an improvement over what she was pulling before. Uh… There’s some new “film” device, it’s been put up in town hall if you want to go check that out. And as for current events, you’ve missed nothing, except save… Well, save the fuckin’ gigantic crystal that is Little Miss Sparkle’s castle. Though I’m guessing you heard about that, I’m guessing you can see it from Canterlot.”
  982. “What happened with that anyway?”
  983. >”Twilight using the magic of friendship to bullshit herself out of a jam after fucking stuff up yet again. Nothing new. She did however, beat her record for destruction of the city.”
  984. “Really?”
  985. >”She nearly got the whole thing on fire this time, impressive, right?”
  986. “Certainly is…”
  987. >you’re not sure what to do
  988. >hot lesbian secks is defiantly tempting, but you’d like to see the city at some point in time
  989. >fuck it, your dick—
  990. >well… vagina?
  991. >that doesn’t sound right
  992. >your vagina calls?
  993. >ah well
  994. “After some consideration… I think I’m going to have to explore a little.”
  995. >”Aw, really? I was—“
  996. >you jump her, pushing her to the couch
  997. “I was thinking a different kind of exploring… Do you get my meaning?”
  998. >”You’re a bit too subtle for me.”
  999. >she deadpans, before pulling you into a kiss
  1000. >your eyes close and you worm your tongue into her mouth
  1001. >after couple of seconds, she pushes you off and steps off the couch
  1002. >”C’mon, the bedroom’s better for this anyway.”
  1003. >you blindly follow her through the house
  1004. >you pass a couple rooms, peeking into a couple as you go by
  1005. >seems you two have roommates
  1006. >she notices what you’re doing, and stops in the hallway
  1007. >”Oh in case you were wondering, Ammy’s at work, and Light’s doing… something, so we’re all clear for the morning.”
  1008. “Sounds good”
  1010. >as you get into the room, your marefriend jumps into bed
  1011. >after a couple seconds, her head pokes out from the covers
  1012. >”Well, what are you waiting for?”
  1013. >she says grinning
  1014. >you chuckle a little
  1015. “I’m not as fleet-footed as you, give me a moment.”
  1016. >”Alright, alright, just hurry up will ya? I’m growing old as we speak.”
  1017. >she looks back at you for a second, then says
  1018. >”It’s good to have you back Tavi.”
  1019. >instead of giving a response, you pull her into a kiss, running your tongue around the inside of her mouth
  1020. >her cheeks billow a little, and her face lights up in surprise
  1021. >eventually, she gets into it as well, and runs her hooves around your back, drawing you closer
  1022. >”Well… I wasn’t expecting you to be so… Forward.”
  1023. “It’s been a while… You could have said I’ve been a little… Deprived.”
  1024. >”No worries, I just certainly didn’t expect it from you. I’m not complaining.”
  1025. >good to know Octavia’s a bit more reserved than you’ve been playing her
  1026. >you’ll have to change that
  1027. >but for now, you’re going to enjoy the mare in front of you
  1028. >Once again, you pull her into a kiss, this time snaking your hoof down towards her snatch
  1029. >as you run it around the outside of her castle, she lets out a little moan into your mouth and pulls you closer to her body, your chests now rubbing up against each other
  1031. >fur on fur is a strange feeling
  1032. >especially when half of that fur is attached to you
  1033. >not a bad feeling, just strange
  1034. >like someone’s rubbing a very soft cat on another very soft cat
  1035. >it’s slightly ticklish, and on occasion, pricks you
  1036. >but for the most part it glides over you like silk
  1037. >your hoof’s slightly damp now and only getting more so from your escapades below
  1038. >you pull out of the kiss up above and push your mare up against the headrest
  1039. >”Octavia? What are you do—“
  1040. >you push your face into her nethers, and start her off down under
  1041. >you run your lips against hers, and you hear from above
  1042. >”Y-you little tease…”
  1043. >as a response, you softly nip her, and she yelps a little, and her whole body jumps
  1044. >shaking a little, she stammers out
  1045. >”A-asshole.”
  1046. >you start to slide your tongue in, running it around the outside
  1047. >this elects a little moan, and she starts rubbing your mane with her hoof
  1048. >it’s not as nice as fingertips, but you’ll be damned if it didn’t feel good.
  1049. >you continue for a little, and a little more juice begins to flow, dampening your muzzle with slick
  1050. >you lick a little up, and swallow, looking her in the eye the whole while
  1051. >it’s a bitter flavor, with a hint of lime
  1052. >ponies have flavored snatches
  1053. >that’s nice to know
  1054. >you work around, felling the inside of her warm crevice pushing against your tongue
  1055. >you push in a little more, the tip of your muzzle now fully in her, and start working a little more
  1056. >her occasional moans increase with frequency and intensity, and the hoof on your head starts moving erratically
  1057. >your whole mouth is enveloped in her warmth, juices running over your snout
  1058. >you slowly work in deeper, and the moans increase again
  1059. >her hoof shifts from a gentle stroking, to a forceful pushing, deeper into her
  1061. >every so ofter, the muscles inside contract around your muzzle
  1062. >not hard, just a gentle pulse, like a wave tightening a little, then relaxing
  1063. >these grow in frequency as she forces you onto her, looking down at you in awe
  1064. >you can feel her getting close
  1065. >suddenly, the front door slams, and someone, very clearly irritated, lets out a shout
  1066. >”SPROCKET!”
  1067. >Your marefriend, apparently Sprocket, lets out a yelp, and shakes a little, then goes slack
  1068. >then a look of fear comes over her face, and she covers her mouth with her hooves
  1069. >the door to the room slams open, and in walks a disgruntled pink unicorn
  1070. >you can only imagine what the scene looks like
  1071. >you, face next to Sprocket’s crotch, juices splattering the area around it
  1072. >she starts
  1073. >”UNBELIVEA—ah. Ah…”
  1074. “Hello.”
  1075. >you say in the most suave voice your embarrassed body can muster
  1076. >you sit up, and put your back against the headboard, next to her
  1077. >”Ah… So you’re back?”
  1078. “Yeah, just got off the tour. Don’t have another one for a while, so I should be in Ponyville for a little.”
  1079. >the pink pony looks between the two of you
  1080. >”So what fun did I walk in on here?”
  1081. >”Ammy, We… Um… J-just a little… Excited to see each other again…”
  1082. >Sprocket smiles, shuffling her hoof
  1083. >the pink unicorn smirks, presumably Ammy
  1084. >”Well, just make sure to share after you’re done.”
  1085. >seems you’ve got two marefriends
  1086. >that’s interesting
  1087. >and fucking awesome
  1088. “Why wait until after we’re finished?”
  1089. >she chuckles at this, and Sprocket flushes an even brighter shade than before
  1090. >”I’ll get washed up first. If you two are still going then, I might join you.”
  1091. >she walks out
  1093. “Safe for the morning, huh.”
  1094. >”S-shut up. I thought she worked a full day today, I didn’t remember it was Monday.”
  1095. “So, what now?”
  1096. >”That… That kinda just killed my post-coitus… W-what now?”
  1097. “Yeah, I’m not exactly up for round two at the moment either.”
  1098. >the entrance knocked you for a loop as well, though to be fair, most likely to a lesser extent
  1099. >and now that you aren’t clouded by hormones, you think of Anon
  1100. >it had to be at least past 1 now
  1101. >you thought Anon got off at 4, but you weren’t sure
  1102. >you also weren’t sure how to bumble your way through the city back to your house
  1103. >which could prove a problem
  1104. “I actually think I have to go now…”
  1105. >”Aw, really? Where are you staying?”
  1106. >shit
  1107. >you haven’t the slightest what it’s called
  1108. “I actually don’t know…’
  1109. >”Well, that’s to be expected. You aren’t here too often. I can lead you back to where I found you, maybe you can find your way home from there?”
  1110. “Sounds as good as any to me.”
  1111. >you both walk out the room, a little sad you were interrupted
  1112. >as you do, Sprocket yells
  1113. >”Hey Ammy! I’m taking ‘Tavi home now.”
  1114. >in response, you hear
  1115. >”Oh, so you have your fun, then take her home and leave me with nothing?”
  1116. >you hear the sound of hoosteps on wood
  1117. >”Not happening sister.”
  1118. >the door swings open, and a hoof grabs you, pulling you in
  1120. >quickly, the pink pony slams the door shut, uses magic to lock it, and forces you onto the bed
  1121. >”Amethyst! You little—OPEN THE DOOR.”
  1122. >with a grin, Amethyst looks towards the door
  1123. >”Not till I’ve had a little fun. I won’t be long, just a quickie.”
  1124. >then she looks down at you
  1125. >”You don’t mind do you?”
  1126. “Long as it’s quick, I’m down.”
  1127. >her grin grows even wider
  1128. >”I’ve never heard you say ‘down’ before! Guess you’re finally loosening up, fuckin ay.”
  1129. >note to self: Don’t make yourself look like an idiot. You’re supposed to act somewhat refined
  1130. >she punches your shoulder lightly, then leans down and whispers in your ear
  1131. >”It wouldn’t have mattered, I was gonna fuck you silly either way.”
  1132. “Good to know my opinion matters here.”
  1134. >you hear from outside
  1135. >without breaking eye contact, Amethyst sighs and a pair of vibrators float over, enveloped in an aqua halo
  1136. >”Guess it’ll have to be a real quickie.”
  1137. >she forces one into her snatch, then attends to you, slowly working it into yours
  1138. >they flick on simultaneously, and quickly move to the max setting
  1139. >waves of pleasure run through you as the little plastic object pulses inside you
  1140. >for a couple seconds, Amethyst stands atop you, then falls on you, mouth open
  1141. >”O-oh Celestia…”
  1142. >she says with a pant
  1143. >in addition the what’s inside you, she kisses you, pulling you into lip lock and staring into your eyes
  1144. >the two of you lie there for a couple minutes, letting the waves pass over you, as Sprocket beat on the door
  1145. >suddenly, you feel a wave, bigger than the others pass over you, and you shake a little
  1146. >a couple seconds later, Amethyst lets out a little squee, and the vibrators pop out
  1147. >”That should be good…”
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