Manaverse Folklore

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  1. Keileon - Last Tuesday at 1:17 AM
  2. So, Manaverse people
  3. Do your worlds have any fairytales/folk tales?
  5. Cerberus - Last Tuesday at 1:28 AM
  6. In Kalasta, it is said that true Souls exist in another plane. It is vast and lonely there, however, and they could sense the life in the real plane, and envied it. The veil between our two planes has pores, but they are too small for the normal Souls themselves, and so, when their loneliness gets to be too much, they break themselves in two and throw themselves through the cracks. In the life each half of a single Soul leads below, though, despite there being life abound around them, they feel a loneliness... they are missing their other half. And thus, some spend their entire lives wishing to find their other half, so they can be complete once more.
  7. ...Basically, soul mates.
  8. I suppose that's not exactly a fairytale in the conventional sense, but it's the most widespread story on Kalasta
  9. My goal for the entire planet is to have a similar feel as the Grimm fairy tales
  11. Keileon - Last Tuesday at 1:30 AM
  12. Euthoran Shapeshifters have a couple of variants on a few stories
  13. There's one about a carnivorous Shapeshifter hunting an herbivorous Shapeshifter, and them reasoning out"we're the same" without sapience. Traditionally it's a wolf and a deer but the two can vary
  14. There's another about a Shapeshifter entering a group of other animals, and acting as a guardian against predators
  15. And there's also a fairly universal one about the Shapeshifter's first encounter with man and the emergence to sapience
  16. Dragon folktales tend to be songs and poems
  17. The creation myth is obviously the most universal, but there's also the Seven Gems one
  18. There are some folk tales that reach epic-length
  19. Like, imagine the story of Beowulf sung by a dragon. In its entirety.
  21. Codaster - Last Tuesday at 2:44 AM
  22. re: Folktales
  23. Yeah, probably.
  24. I haven't planned it out, but I don't see why there wouldn't be.
  25. Vansyri culture is very complex. There entire society is made up of small groups that communicate between each other.
  26. With so many people spending so much time travelling, storytelling would most likely become an instrumental part of life
  28. Flem - Yesterday at 1:11 AM
  29. In general I like to think there's this "theme" in Yulatra, where history is told in an extremely exaggerated way.
  30. To the point where people basically misremember things as fairy tales
  31. I also think a lot of stories from when humans and dragons lived together would be regarded as fairy tales, even if at least a few of them are probably true.
  32. But I think a lot of those sorts of stories died when ACTUAL magic became so widely used
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