Kain Lesbians Ruin Everything? ~A Play in 4 Acts~

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  1. -- ACT 1 --
  3. [00:10:59] <@Chase> It's only a bit later... perhaps you had a refreshing nap in the same room as Fenna...
  4. [00:11:31] <Bunclie> Did we at least get to throw a party?
  5. [00:11:36] <@Chase> Sure!
  6. [00:12:35] <Bunclie> Good!  Not a HUGE one, but at least one where Elimmy could make some fish and we could awkwardly hide from Cirra who Fenna was to spare her from days of being researched.  And... oh, right, talking to Lolo would be a thing too, but, ehhh.  IMPORTANT MISSION.
  7. [00:13:04] <@Chase> In any case! Fenna is STILL napping!
  8. [00:13:21] <Bunclie> Well th- okay I can't take myself seriously nicked like this
  9. [00:13:21] <@Chase> What a lazy bird. What kind of girl sleeps all day when there are THINGS to do?
  10. [00:13:23] * Bunclie is now known as Natalie
  11. [00:13:35] <Natalie> Yeah, that's weird, sounds like something a cat would do.
  12. [00:13:40] <Natalie> Who would be silly enough to have a cat around?
  13. [00:13:46] <@Chase> I know, right?
  14. [00:14:09] * Natalie approaches after having funtimes and possibly drinking then, bending down and poking the birdgirl in the bea- nose.
  15. [00:15:11] <@Chase> Fenna: "Twee...."
  16. [00:15:23] <@Chase> Fenna's eyes flutter open.
  17. [00:15:32] <Natalie> "Hi!"
  18. [00:15:36] * Natalie holds her finger there.
  19. [00:15:45] <Natalie> Honk.
  20. [00:16:25] <@Chase> They focus on you a moment, confused, as she tries to recall something... but unlike Nat's affliction she seems to remember well enough after a moment and nods, smiling. "Hello!" She leans back from your finger as you honk her nose, and then playfully tries to bite on it.
  21. [00:18:02] <Natalie> Nat allows a bit of nibbling and helps her up after the Phoenix' meal, beaming a bit.  "How was it?  Nnnn, you nap almost as long as I do... but that means you remember me, right?"
  22. [00:19:39] <@Chase> Fenna yawns. "Mhm. It took a moment, though..." she sits up, rubbing her eyes.
  23. [00:21:01] <@Chase> Fenna: "Naps're nice. What are we doing today?"
  24. [00:21:28] <Natalie> "Yeah.  It kinda sucks, huh.... but!"  She droops and perks right back up again.  "I'm gonna go visit my - our - Summoner!  I already told her I'll be coming (or I think I did), wanna come?"  The invisible tail is swishing around, only not because it isn't there.
  25. [00:21:50] <@Chase> She's helped up, stretching. You notice she's regrown the feathers  along her arms, though she's now scratching furiously at where they meet her skin.
  26. [00:22:25] <Natalie> JEALOUSY.  How nice it'd be to have a tail all the time, Natbuncle ponders.  "Titan's coming too!  ... I hope."
  27. [00:22:30] <@Chase> Fenna blinks. "Of course I do! I want to see Eiko again so badly... I just feel like if I can be with her again, it'll be alright..."
  28. [00:23:05] * Natalie nods, a bit slowly. "Mhm! I feel that too... even though I don't actually remember myself. Just what I have written..."
  29. [00:23:29] <Natalie> "And a couple things the crystal showed me, but even those are kinda funny.  Still, who cares!  It'll be fine!"
  30. [00:23:51] * Natalie grabs her by the wrist and pulls her into the middle of the room. And presumably Ammy too sometime during this.
  31. [00:24:04] <castfromhp> Ammy is pretty draggable.
  32. [00:24:28] <Natalie> 1,1I really want to say she's drunk too if we're handwaving her presence, this amuses me
  33. [00:24:32] <@Chase> Fenna decides not to be so passive and pulls YOU, instead. "Come on! I'm so excited..."
  34. [00:24:52] <Natalie> "Gwah!  No no wait you have to stand there for me to caaaast it!"
  35. [00:25:07] <@Chase> Fenna: "Oh! I'm sorry. Here..." she gets a bit closer, frowning.
  36. [00:25:08] <Natalie> Her Ruby comically glows and blinks out at the tug-o'-war.
  37. [00:25:13] <castfromhp> 1,1She can be passed out from Spring Day and you just sort of teleport her to Lindblum and leave a note for her when she wakes up. Nat just thinks she's napping.
  38. [00:25:23] <Natalie> 1,1ACCEPTED
  39. [00:27:18] <Natalie> "Well, it'd be a long walk, anyway.  Ahem!"  Nat looks up and a red ball of light pops out of her forehead- she takes it on a finger and balances it like a basketball or something before THROWING it forward.  Ting!  It bounces off the air - like reflect walls usually make things do - and passes by the three of them, then bounces again and again until they're surrounded in a big pentagram shape.  The ball trails a red path behind it, making the big magic circle around them clearly visible, and with each bounce it speeds up to the point of being a blur.
  40. [00:27:24] <Natalie> ...
  41. [00:27:31] <Natalie> Nothing happens though.
  42. [00:27:48] <Natalie> With a sigh Nat takes one of her shoes off after waiting for something to happen and wiggles her toes.
  43. [00:27:52] <Natalie> VWOOP?
  44. [00:29:01] <@Chase> TYPING
  45. [00:30:24] <@Chase> The magic circle then explodes into light, surrounding the three of you with a cage of magic, which drags you up, up, and away. You pass through the roof of the house, into the sky, and across the world in a matter of seconds. Already Lindblum is coming into sight...
  46. [00:30:58] <Natalie> :D
  47. [00:31:24] <@Chase> WHAM. You all land smack dab in the middle of Regent Cid's audience room. ...Judging from him being on his throne and the well dressed people kneeling before him, he's in the middle of an audience. Oops.
  48. [00:31:55] <Natalie> "Oops."  Indeed.
  49. [00:32:34] * Natalie puts her shoe back on and pulls Fenna to stand to attention too, basking in awkwardness.
  50. [00:32:42] <Natalie> ... Then waves.  "Hi!"
  51. [00:35:09] <@Chase> Fenna looks around, and waves too!
  52. [00:35:13] <@Chase> Cid: "...Erm."
  53. [00:35:25] <Natalie> "Um, we'll just... be... going... ahahaha..."
  54. [00:35:28] <@Chase> The addressees look back as well, confused.
  55. [00:35:40] * Natalie slowly backs out of the room. And... is piggybacking Ammy too. That's adorable.
  56. [00:35:46] <Natalie> Or maybe just dragging.
  57. [00:35:56] <@Chase> Cid: "...Right. She's in her room." he adds on your way out.
  58. [00:36:02] <Natalie> "Thanks~"
  59. [00:36:07] <@Chase> Fenna: "Bye!"
  60. [00:36:19] <@Chase> The guards hurry in to escort you out, scowling quite cross.
  61. [00:36:21] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Aw~kwa~rd~)
  62. [00:36:21] <Natalie> ... The addressees weren't the Glutton or Kugina or someone, right?
  63. [00:36:28] <Natalie> aw who cares ~amnesia~
  64. [00:37:12] * zoofman is now known as Anna_And_Ammy
  65. [00:37:46] * Natalie happily gets escorted out, and finds a nice napping place for her BFF who's totally asleep and not just drugged the fuck up or anything nope.
  66. [00:38:30] <Natalie> "I wonder how he knew... oh well!  I think I know how to find where her room is!"
  67. [00:38:31] <@Chase> You drop off Ammy in the middle of the castle, while Fenna looks around.
  68. [00:38:36] <@Chase> Fenna: "Was that someone important?"
  69. [00:38:57] <Natalie> Nat grabs Fenna again.  "Um, I think so... but he's definitely not Eiko!  C'mon!"
  70. [00:39:02] <Natalie> SPECIAL TECHNIQUE: HORNDAR
  71. [00:39:05] <Natalie> Hornmap?
  72. [00:39:20] <Natalie> ... 'Focus slightly to feel where the Summoner's horn is at'
  73. [00:39:25] <Natalie> whatever name that deserves
  74. [00:40:28] <Natalie> "You can't feel her, right, Fenna?  I'd talk to her right now but that feels a little cheaty if you can't..."
  75. [00:40:49] * Natalie makes sure they're out of earshot of guards but since when does that even matter when you're a protagonist?
  76. [00:40:56] <@Chase> You ping out, and realize Eiko is already approaching your location!
  77. [00:41:13] <@Chase> Fenna: "No, not yet..."
  78. [00:41:53] <Natalie> The Ruby on Nabuncle's forehead causes her to turn around and point like a magnet toward whatever direction she's coming from.  "Oh... that way!"
  79. [00:42:01] * Natalie runs to meet the signal, birdgirl in tow!
  80. [00:45:11] <@Chase> You head along the hallways, and see Eiko running towards you, with an ecstatic look on her face! She's wearing a long, baggy red jumpsuit with yellow overall and baggy, open leggings, and a large, yellow bow. Pretty much an adult sized version of her FFIX clothes, only these seem to fit her.
  81. [00:45:22] <@Chase> Eiko: "Ruby! And that must be..."
  82. [00:45:24] <Natalie> >crotchpants
  83. [00:45:25] <Natalie> why
  84. [00:45:33] <castfromhp> ^
  85. [00:45:46] <@Chase> The crotch isn't skin colored this time!
  86. [00:46:02] <@Chase> It has been retconned to the same red as her shirt.
  87. [00:46:02] * Natalie just exclamation points and jumps onto her for a TACKLE-HUG. Yes, even in the palace where she's the princess or something.
  88. [00:46:17] <Natalie> Retconned or 'dyed since she got older and realized what that looked like?'
  89. [00:46:17] <@Chase> You leap for her as she leaps for you.
  90. [00:46:29] <@Chase> 2d6+3 (opposed force)
  91. [00:46:29] <Natalie> Excellent.
  92. [00:46:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Chase, (opposed force): 7 [2d6=3,1]
  93. [00:46:35] <Natalie> 2d6+2 Force?  What's that?
  94. [00:46:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, Force?  What's that?: 7 [2d6=1,4]
  95. [00:46:42] <@Chase> WHUMPF
  96. [00:46:48] <Natalie> WHOMP
  97. [00:46:52] <@Chase> You collide midair and collapse into a pile.
  98. [00:46:54] <Natalie> "Nnnnfff!"
  99. [00:47:03] <@Chase> Fenna: "Oh! That... that looked painful! Are you alright??"
  100. [00:47:14] <@Chase> She approaches and Eiko sits up and pulls Fenna down into the pile too!
  101. [00:47:22] * Natalie shakes it off and sits up. "Uh-huh! This is her!"
  102. [00:47:31] <@Chase> Eiko: "I got your message!" she says to Natalie.
  103. [00:47:41] <@Chase> Eiko: "It was faint, but I could feel it..."
  104. [00:47:58] <@Chase> Eiko: beams at Fenna, exchanging some hornfeelings a moment.
  105. [00:48:00] <Natalie> "Oh, phew.  I was scared it wouldn't go through!  Well, not like I wasn't totally ready to tell you again even if it didn't."
  106. [00:48:34] * Natalie stands up and handhips, letting them be. An eidolon's gotta do what an etc
  107. [00:49:33] <@Chase> Eiko just goofily sits on the floor.
  108. [00:50:15] <Natalie> Hee hee.  "I'd bring Titan with me but... um... it's... kind of a good thing I didn't now."
  109. [00:50:20] <@Chase> Eiko smiles up at Nat. "Thank you, Ruby.... Wow, your human form is kind of cute too, Fenna!" ...huh. They must have exchanged quite a bit via hornphone.
  110. [00:50:52] <@Chase> Eiko: "You found him too? Ooh, I can't wait to see him again! So is he like... a really cute muscleman or something?"
  111. [00:50:57] * Natalie beams at the mention of 'form'- ... nah, later. "Don't worry, I'm glad to help! Even though I... um... well..."
  112. [00:51:26] <@Chase> Eiko: "Hm?"
  113. [00:51:29] <Natalie> "He's actually..."  She flips open the diary. 0,0hey cast get ready
  114. [00:51:54] <Natalie> And opens it to the page with that cute drawing of Titan on it, totally unaware that was scribbled onto the same page when she was asleep.
  115. [00:52:17] <Natalie> "..."
  116. [00:52:19] <Natalie> "WHAT"
  117. [00:53:05] <Natalie> "I didn't actually draw that... did I?"  She SQUINTS at it.
  118. [00:53:20] <Natalie> "Well I mean, this one but not... that one."
  119. [00:53:28] <@Chase> Eiko and Fenna look over it.
  120. [00:53:45] <@Chase> Eiko: "....Heeeee. I'd like you even if you looked like that, Ruby~"
  121. [00:53:48] * Natalie just flips it closed after a couple seconds. "N-Nevermind! He's um, still big and earthy."
  122. [00:53:57] <@Chase> Fenna: "???"
  123. [00:54:24] <Natalie> Natty shrinks down and looks at Fenna awkwardly.  "Uhhhhh it's nothing don't worry about it."
  124. [00:54:54] <Natalie> "I actually got my me-form back, anyway!  And it SO does not look like that.  But um..."
  125. [00:55:08] <@Chase> Eiko drags you up. "You did -what-?" :O
  126. [00:55:50] <@Chase> In the meantime she pulls Fenna up and hugs her, too. Kind of weird looking, really, since Fenna is several years older than both of you. It's like a girl hugging her big sister.
  127. [00:55:54] <Natalie> "It just took a lot of... um... remembering myself.  Drinking weird green energy stuff, going to that big wall in that one place, beating up some of those Fiend guys..."
  128. [00:56:43] <Natalie> "But that's not important right now!  He probably wants to meet again too, right?"  Nat is SO FOR hugging by the way like whoa dude.
  129. [00:56:50] <Natalie> Kawaii group huggu~ ♡
  130. [00:57:16] <Natalie> "He said he's come if I called him from anywhere, so uh... where's... safe for that?"
  131. [00:58:06] <Natalie> -s +d
  132. [00:58:13] <@Chase> Squeeeeze.
  133. [00:58:18] <Natalie> Uguu.
  134. [00:58:19] <@Chase> Eiko: "Hmm... um..."
  135. [00:58:23] <@Chase> Eiko: "Oh, I know!"
  136. [00:58:29] <@Chase> Eiko: "We'll go to Dragon's Gate!"
  137. [00:58:49] <Natalie> Headtilt.  "Where's that at?"
  138. [00:59:04] <Natalie> "I could always try to get us there like I got us here if I knew it, buuut..."
  139. [00:59:17] <@Chase> Eiko: "It's the old gate waaaay at the bottom of the cliffs, it used to be the main gate to take to get to Burmecia."
  140. [00:59:21] * Natalie totally obliviouses on the fact that Eiko is like, THE epitome of 'white mages she stole her magic from.'
  141. [00:59:29] <@Chase> Eiko: "We can get to it from the lift and rail cars."
  142. [00:59:54] <Natalie> "Okay!  He's probably not in a hurry..."
  143. [00:59:58] <@Chase> Eiko: "Teleporting is cool, but I kinda wanna ride the cars, too~"
  144. [01:00:01] <Natalie> "... So what's a rail car again?"
  145. [01:00:15] <Natalie> Sad music plays, the audience cries.
  146. [01:00:34] <castfromhp> (you mean "cue laugh track"?)
  147. [01:00:39] <Natalie> (I hate you)
  148. [01:01:30] <@Chase> Eiko: "It's a machine that pulls you along a track! It's really neat. Father said someone tried designing a large scale version for traveling across entire continents, but it was pretty much outdone by the invention of the airship... We still have a working model for transport in the castle, though!"
  149. [01:01:35] <@Chase> Fenna: "Oh, that sounds fun..."
  150. [01:01:47] <@Chase> Eiko: "Come on!" she pulls the two of you along to the elevator.
  151. [01:02:01] <Natalie> Upon pulling back from the hug, Nat just grabs Fenna again.  While getting pulled herself.  So it's like, a chain reaction and that's adorable.
  152. [01:02:08] <Natalie> "Yeah, let's go~!"
  153. [01:02:45] <Natalie> Oh by the way for reference Nat brought the Crystal with her too but it's like, CRAMMED into a pocket or a bag or something for now.
  154. [01:03:47] <@Chase> You ride the elevator lift allll the way down to the tunnels beneath the castle, where some sort of roller coaster ride awaits. Eiko hurries you all into the cab, and throws a switch that sends you hurtling down the tunnels!
  155. [01:04:27] * Natalie squeals like a fujoshi if it's really THAT fast. "WOOHOO!"
  156. [01:04:40] <@Chase> Wind whips past your head as Fenna screams (in fear or delight you can't tell), it's pretty damn fast.
  157. [01:05:04] <Natalie> Good, they're both screaming the opposite kind of screams, even though it's technically a 'first' time for both.
  158. [01:05:06] <Natalie> LOVABLE.
  159. [01:05:15] <@Chase> Eiko: "They should make these with turns and loop de loops!" she yells as you zip along.
  160. [01:05:47] <Natalie> "Yeaaaah, I'd riiiide iiit!"  she yells back.
  161. [01:06:30] <Natalie> "BY THE WAY I" she screams at the top of her lungs so as to actually be heard, having to take a breath.
  162. [01:06:39] <Natalie> "THINK I MIGHT KNOW"
  163. [01:06:44] <@Chase> The ride is so fast, however, that it is already starting to end as the cab slows down. You see a light at the end of the tunnel, giving way to a large room with a big, wooden gate leading outside.
  164. [01:06:52] <Natalie> "WHY WE LOST ALL OUR- OHHEYAREWETHERE?"
  165. [01:07:09] <@Chase> Eiko: "Lost all our whats?" she says as the car comes to a stop.
  166. [01:07:18] <Natalie> "... Memories."
  167. [01:07:46] <Natalie> "The Crystal told us all about it!"  Nat hops out once it stops and :Ds.
  168. [01:08:40] <Natalie> "The one I've been putting together... uhhh umm... it WAS you who told me to do that, right?"
  169. [01:08:50] <@Chase> Eiko: "Mhm..." she nods as you all get out.
  170. [01:09:10] <@Chase> Eiko: "So what happened? Oh! I just noticed your tiara, it's really cute, by the way!"
  171. [01:09:49] <Natalie> "I hope it's right," she pulls Fenna out too, still pretty hype.  "Oh!  This?  It's supposed to keep me from losing mine," she spins around- which doesn't actually show it off much since it's only on the front of her head.  "Thanks!"
  172. [01:10:03] <Natalie> "... I still forgot what I was just saying though."
  173. [01:10:42] <@Chase> Eiko: "You might know why you lost all your memories...?" she says, looking at Fenna.
  174. [01:10:54] <@Chase> The Phoenix is examining the gigantic door with a bit of interest.
  175. [01:11:12] <Natalie> "Oh... it thinks it has something to do with the world changing."  She approaches the door herself, handhipping.
  176. [01:11:31] <Natalie> "And not like, someone trying to screw us over on purpose or anything."
  177. [01:11:47] <Natalie> "Having amnesia still sucks, but..."
  178. [01:12:16] <@Chase> Eiko: "Oh, realllly.. If I ever find out who, I'm going to fry their butts with Holy! Twice!" she scowls.
  179. [01:13:24] <@Chase> Fenna: "This carving is beautiful...
  180. [01:13:25] * Natalie raises a finger. "A-Actually I said 'not'..."
  181. [01:13:39] <@Chase> Eiko: "...O-oops..."
  182. [01:13:42] <Natalie> "... But I guess that doesn't mean it wasn't.  It still could be."
  183. [01:13:59] <@Chase> Eiko: "Sorry! Selective hearing, I guess..."
  184. [01:14:18] <Natalie> "Hehe.  Well, if it is, then I'll be with you!  And that'll mean you'll get to do it FOUR TIMES."
  185. [01:14:19] <@Chase> Eiko: "But, the world is changing, hm..."
  186. [01:14:30] <@Chase> Eiko grins. "Yeah!"
  187. [01:14:55] <@Chase> She heads over to join Fenna, and shows you there's a smaller door built into the gate, which with some help is pushed open.
  188. [01:15:33] <@Chase> You find yourself exiting into some sunny plains, mountains visible high all around you.
  189. [01:15:36] * Natalie isn't much of the help all things considered. STRONK BIRD is a better choice for this oh who am I kidding of course she helps by kicking it.
  190. [01:15:46] <Natalie> "Whoa!"
  191. [01:16:18] <Natalie> "This does look like a pretty good place.  Um, should I...?"
  192. [01:18:01] <@Chase> Eiko: "Go for it!"
  193. [01:18:52] <Natalie> "Alright!"  Nat STOMPs the ground once, using Monk shit to make it matter.  "It is I, your rescuer- your savior from the grasp of evil!  Hear my voice!"
  195. [01:19:47] <@Chase> There's a sudden rumbling, Eiko and Fenna look around, a bit unsure.
  196. [01:20:06] <@Chase> And then you see a massive figure practically noclipping through the mountains, doing the backstroke.
  197. [01:20:20] <Natalie> "~"
  198. [01:20:41] <@Chase> Titan: "5,0HUM DE DUM~ I'M HEEEEERE!"
  199. [01:20:46] <Natalie> "There he is!  ... Actually I kinda wonder why he DOESN'T look like we did now."
  200. [01:21:03] <@Chase> The enormous creature turns and sits up when he reaches your group, curious.
  201. [01:21:13] <@Chase> Feena: "So... that's Titan? Magnificent..."
  202. [01:21:17] * Natalie leaps up to give him a big loli hug, anyway- because it's either that or be TOO SMALL to even try to wrap around him.
  203. [01:21:35] <@Chase> Titan reaches down to you and pat, pat, pat as you hug.
  204. [01:21:58] <@Chase> Eiko closes her eyes and reaches out with horn phone again. Titan looks a bit surprised.
  205. [01:22:06] <Natalie> "Hi again!  I'm glad you actually heard me," she clears her throat.  "This is my, er I mean, your Summoner!"
  206. [01:22:23] <Natalie> "Well.  Ours."
  207. [01:23:56] <@Chase> Titan: "5,0EEEEEIKO" he says after a moment, staring down and squinting.
  208. [01:24:25] <@Chase> Eiko: "Hi, Titan! Fenrir missed you, you know... you shouldn't wander off like that! ...even if you did misplace your memories..." ;-;
  209. [01:24:38] <@Chase> Eiko: "The gang's all here, again..."
  210. [01:24:45] <@Chase> Eiko: "In that case..."
  211. [01:25:05] * Natalie tilts her head at the mention of Fenrir. "Actually... where IS he?"
  212. [01:25:10] <@Chase> Eiko: "Servant of howling winds! Roam with your pack once more! I summon you, Fenrir!"
  213. [01:25:25] <Natalie> "Ohh."
  214. [01:25:39] <@Chase> She pulls out a flute to play, and the enormous wolf materializes from the aether without Eiko vanishing.
  215. [01:26:14] <@Chase> The big doggy barks as soon as he gets sight of Titan, and immediately starts scaling Titan, before sitting on his head and lapping at his face, tail wagging.
  216. [01:26:27] <@Chase> Titan: 5,0HEHEHE... FUZZY PUPPY"
  217. [01:26:30] <@Chase> *brown
  218. [01:26:37] * Anna_And_Ammy is now known as zoofman
  219. [01:27:19] <Natalie> "Hee hee... well if that's how we're doing it," she gets in ready-to-leap position.  "Hey, Titan!"
  220. [01:27:38] * Natalie leaps and speaks while already somersaulting toward him. "Launch me~!"
  221. [01:28:24] <@Chase> Titan looks down at you and grins an enormous, toothy grin, reaching down to grab you and launch you into the air.
  222. [01:28:58] <@Chase> The enormous creature's muscles fling you high into the air!
  223. [01:29:00] * Natalie accepts the launch because she asked for it, duh, using the momentum to soar into the air at exaggerated heights and spin around in the 4RL pose!
  224. [01:29:15] <Natalie> And... permission to poofcat?
  225. [01:29:28] <@Chase> Final Fusion approved!
  226. [01:29:41] * Natalie is now known as Carbuncle
  227. [01:29:42] <Carbuncle> kyaaa
  228. [01:29:54] <@Chase> Eiko watches with excitement!
  229. [01:29:56] * Carbuncle lands on Fenna's head then! Or actually-
  230. [01:29:58] <Carbuncle> 2d6+11 is that true?
  231. [01:30:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Carbuncle, is that true?: 21 [2d6=5,5]
  232. [01:30:04] <Carbuncle> Yeah why not
  233. [01:30:12] <@Chase> You land on Fenrir's head easily, showing off!
  234. [01:30:19] <Carbuncle> Fenna.
  235. [01:30:20] <Carbuncle> ...
  236. [01:30:22] <Carbuncle> nah that's fine too
  237. [01:30:31] <@Chase> ...goddamm it
  238. [01:30:31] <Carbuncle> Because his neck is probably strong enough to not get snapped by it!
  239. [01:30:34] <@Chase> Fenna's head, then!
  240. [01:30:38] <Carbuncle> NOPE TOO LATE FENRIR
  241. [01:30:40] <@Chase> ...well
  242. [01:30:42] <@Chase> EITHER WAY
  243. [01:30:43] <Carbuncle> HOT DOG ON CAT ACTIoN
  244. [01:30:49] <@Chase> Fenna poses next to Titan, a bit sad she can't turn into Phoenix
  245. [01:30:56] <@Chase> But she tries to look her best!
  246. [01:31:05] <@Chase> Eiko: "That just leaves..."
  247. [01:31:25] <Carbuncle> "3Nice to meet you all again!"
  248. [01:31:33] <@Chase> Eiko twirls her flute around and plays. "Best friends forever, my sister until the end!"
  249. [01:31:43] <@Chase> "Guardian of humankind, I summon you!"
  250. [01:31:48] <@Chase> Eiko: "Madeen!"
  251. [01:32:32] * Carbuncle jumps over TO Fenna's shoulder for a nice popcorning seat during this, anyway.
  252. [01:32:58] <@Chase> The sky rips apart briefly as a lion-like humanoid creature with enormous purple wings flies out of the sky and lands with an earth-shaking THUMP on her two feet, and lets out a roar!
  253. [01:33:09] <@Chase> Madeen: "I'm here!"
  254. [01:33:52] * Carbuncle :Os and sticks her tails straight up. ... And then they thwack the phoenixgirl in the back of the head on accident.
  255. [01:34:04] <@Chase> Eiko: "Everyone's back together...." From up here you can barely see it, but you think you see a tear sliding down Eiko's cheek. "I have everyone back! I missed you all so much!"
  256. [01:34:12] <@Chase> Fenna: "Ow!"
  257. [01:34:33] <@Chase> Fenna tugs on the tail slightly as a bit of revenge.
  258. [01:34:34] <Carbuncle> "3Hehe... Even without all my memories - oops sorry - I'm really happy too."
  259. [01:34:48] <@Chase> Just slightly, though!
  260. [01:34:53] * Carbuncle catkyaaaas at the tug.
  261. [01:35:09] * Chase is now known as Kain
  262. [01:35:26] <@Kain> Eiko: "Okay, everyone... group hug?"
  263. [01:36:31] <Carbuncle> "3You bet!"  She forgets she doesn't have the arms for it, but compensates with her tails.  "3By the way, whatcha think of new-me?  My friend Ammy helped, I'm pretty sure!"
  264. [01:38:08] <@Kain> Eiko: "Hey, you DO look different! You're all cat-like now... that's amazing, Ruby!" she says, happily and gathers everyone for a big hug. Lacking anything else, Titan just picks up everyone else briefly and squeezes.
  265. [01:39:14] <Carbuncle> "3Ahaha... Apparently nobody could tell if I was a cat before?  But I~ am~ now~!"  The cat giggles and shows off with her laser-wing thing, caressing the entire group.
  266. [01:39:33] <Carbuncle> She has to jump into the air for that though, that's the absolute requirement.
  267. [01:40:18] <@Kain> The eidolons stand by, quietly as Eiko looks up at you.
  268. [01:40:45] <@Kain> Eiko: "And I have you to thank for all of this, Carbuncle... Thank you, so much..."
  269. [01:42:04] * Carbuncle twirls out of the air and launches at Eiko, giving her a DIRECT hug this time. "3I'm just glad I could help! Even if my missions aren't all done yet..."
  270. [01:42:14] <@Kain> Eiko: "I never thought I'd see all of you together again... and you managed to accomplish it so quick! You should feel really, really good about yourself! Actually, make that an order! We should probably have a celebration, too..." she hugs you tightly.
  271. [01:42:32] <@Kain> Eiko: "Now if I could just get Bunce to confess...."
  272. [01:42:42] * Carbuncle perks up. "3Order. Got it!"
  273. [01:42:45] <Carbuncle> "3..."
  274. [01:42:52] <Carbuncle> "3Whonce?"
  275. [01:43:07] <@Kain> Eiko: "Bunce! You know... the boy in Tantalus I like...?"
  276. [01:43:11] <Carbuncle> "3I swear I heard that name somewhere... oh no."
  277. [01:43:28] <@Kain> Eiko: "Lucella's already got him to admit her likes a girl! He should just come out and confess to me, already!"
  278. [01:44:07] <Carbuncle> "3I think that..."  The Bunc gets her rubyclaws out and scratches at her own fur a little, before realizing afterward she doesn't have pockets and feeling stupid.
  279. [01:44:28] <Carbuncle> "3Um... Well ah... hahaha, so that's... what... that... meant..."
  280. [01:44:32] <@Kain> Fenna: "Awww."
  281. [01:44:52] <@Kain> Eiko: "What what meant?"
  282. [01:45:00] <@Kain> She looks at you blankly.
  283. [01:45:05] * Carbuncle jumps into Phoenix' arms. "3Fenna, throw me?"
  284. [01:45:11] <Carbuncle> You bet this is gonna be a THING
  285. [01:45:29] <@Kain> Fenna: "Um... okay!" She throws Natbuncle up!
  286. [01:45:37] <@Kain> Whoosh!
  287. [01:45:42] <Carbuncle> 2d6+11 I just want to disaster
  288. [01:45:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Carbuncle, I just want to disaster: 18 [2d6=4,3]
  289. [01:45:45] <Carbuncle> aww okay
  290. [01:45:50] * Carbuncle is now known as Natalie
  291. [01:46:02] * Natalie does a handstand on the way down- actually make that a triangle-jump off of Titan.
  292. [01:46:11] <Natalie> And THEN a handstand.
  293. [01:46:16] <Natalie> Then a somersault.
  294. [01:46:29] <Natalie> Then an embarrassed finnicking.
  295. [01:46:57] <Natalie> "Well you see, I'd been carrying this uh..."  Twitch.  "This letter around with me, and I forgot who it was from..."
  296. [01:46:58] <@Kain> Eiko waaaatches.
  297. [01:47:11] <@Kain> Eiko: "Oh no... what did he send you?"
  298. [01:47:27] <Natalie> "And I wrote something in my diary about," she mimics a proud voice, "'I don't need to read it!  They're obviously together by now!'"
  299. [01:47:46] <@Kain> Eiko sort of deflates.
  300. [01:47:59] <Natalie> "... Here" she squeaks as fast as possible and hands it over, since it's been in her pockets this whole time.
  301. [01:48:01] <Natalie> ...
  302. [01:48:05] <Natalie> And then casts Protect on herself.
  303. [01:48:09] <@Kain> Eiko reads over it.
  304. [01:48:12] <Natalie> And Shell.
  305. [01:48:18] <Natalie> Not enough MP!
  306. [01:48:20] <Natalie> ... fuck
  307. [01:48:32] <@Kain> Eiko: "...."
  308. [01:48:42] <Natalie> "Sur... prise?"
  309. [01:49:13] <@Kain> The summoner just... sighs, disappointed, and crumbles up the letter.
  310. [01:49:20] <@Kain> Eiko: "I should have guessed..."
  311. [01:49:36] <Natalie> "That's not okay, is it?"
  312. [01:49:49] <@Kain> Eiko: " went and cast protect on yourself. I'm not gonna hit you, Ruby..."
  313. [01:49:50] * Natalie deflates a little too, but makes that pouty determined face she always does.
  314. [01:50:08] <Natalie> "Sorry..."
  315. [01:50:14] <@Kain> Eiko: "It just means..."
  316. [01:50:21] <Natalie> inc holy
  317. [01:50:30] <@Kain> Eiko: "He really does see me as a sister, like Lucella."
  318. [01:50:44] * Natalie stomps the ground. "There's no WAY that's okay!"
  319. [01:51:14] <@Kain> Eiko: "... you're lucky you're cute enough to have gotten his attention." she forces a smile, looking up at you.
  320. [01:51:31] <Natalie> "You love him, right?  He's your one true love?"  She'd have to be pretty far on the ground to do that to THIS midget.
  321. [01:51:55] <@Kain> Eiko: "...well..."
  322. [01:52:36] <@Kain> Eiko: "I don't know about that, actually... I like him, but... a bit early to call it -that-... I remember crashing pretty hard a decade ago when I had my crush on Zidane, too..."
  323. [01:52:46] <@Kain> Eiko: "...Maybe I should try someone else..."
  324. [01:53:07] <@Kain> She just kind of crouches down and sits on her knees.
  325. [01:53:41] * Natalie handhips and staaaaares. "That's no good! I don't know all that much about love without my memories, but I think I might have a true love already so you should too, right?"
  326. [01:54:02] <@Kain> Eiko: "Maybe... but... maybe it's not him...?"
  327. [01:54:17] <Natalie> "I wanna help however I can!  We GOTTA find out for sure if he's right or not!"
  328. [01:55:08] <@Kain> She stands up a bit, just looking a bit depressed now, and looks over at you. "...I want him. I do... but I think it might be a lost cause. ...but you know, that hasn't stopped me before... I guess we can give it one more try."
  329. [01:55:19] <Natalie> "If he likes me..."  She kicks up the crumpled letter with a foot and into her hand.  Assuming it was just dropped and not like, burned or something.  "(Or thinks he does)... then maybe I should just meet him and be totally gross so he realizes he doesn't like me all that much after all?"
  330. [01:55:35] <Natalie> "Or maybe I could reflect his feelings..."  She pauses to rub her Ruby.  "... okay I don't think it actually works that way."
  331. [01:56:43] <@Kain> Eiko laughs a bit, sadly. "Feelings can't just be protected from so easily as magic..."
  332. [01:57:36] * Natalie extends a hand to her. "Well, there's no reason to be sad at a time like this! We're all yours, so we just gotta make HIM yours too. And THEN we'll celebrate!"
  333. [01:57:38] <@Kain> She hugs you again, though, a bit more tightly. "...Thanks, though. We'll try again. But just one more time. ...and then I think I can move on."
  334. [01:58:19] * Natalie turns to the others. "You'll all help too, right?" :D
  335. [01:58:37] <Natalie> ... oh jesus if he sees fenna it's all over, hubba hubba
  336. [01:59:04] <@Kain> Madeen: "Of course I will. Eiko is my cherished sister. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for her..."
  337. [01:59:22] <@Kain> Fenna: "Right, we're going to get his attention one way or another!"
  338. [01:59:26] <@Kain> Fenrir: "Bark!"
  339. [01:59:50] <@Kain> Titan: "5,0HEHE... DOGGY MAKE FUNNY SOUND"
  340. [01:59:57] <Natalie> "(By the way we should hang out later)," to the former while flipping out her diary real quick.  "(And... Chimoomo? says hi.)"
  341. [02:00:44] <@Kain> Eiko: "Chimomo? You saw her? Ooooh... I really just want to go visit Madain Sari, sometime! But I can't! I bet the guards are sounding the alarms right now since I snuck out of the castle..."
  342. [02:01:03] <@Kain> Madeen simply nods.
  343. [02:01:40] <Natalie> "Heee.  Let's hurry back then, 'kay?  And then we can make plans to win his heart!"
  344. [02:01:46] <Natalie> TO THE RUBYCAVE
  345. [02:01:55] <@Kain> Eiko thinks about it, then nods. "Alright, let's go, everyone!"
  346. [02:01:58] <Natalie> dananananananana- okay let's get real it's more like the... horn... cave
  347. [02:02:01] <Natalie> Summoncave?
  348. [02:02:04] <Natalie> Eikave.
  349. [02:02:17] <@Kain> Hm... want to call it here?
  351. -- ACT 2 --
  353. [14:35:10] <@Kain> Eiko had just summoned her full array of eidolons and had begun making plans to win Bunce's heart, bunce and for all. But where were you going to scheme away?
  354. [14:35:29] <Natalie> That depends!  Are there... many guards in the castle?
  355. [14:35:49] <Natalie> Actually who am I kidding nobody's going to get that reference, did anybody notice us slipping out?
  356. [14:36:17] <@Kain> >Lindblum's guards in charge of security
  357. [14:36:23] <Natalie> good
  358. [14:36:34] <@Kain> Eiko: "I don't think anyone noticed us slipping out..."
  359. [14:37:11] <Natalie> "Good!  Then... hnnn.  Should we plan it all out in here?"
  360. [14:39:22] <@Kain> Eiko looks around. "In the Dragon's Gate terminal...?"
  361. [14:39:57] <Natalie> "... Okay maybe not.  To the palace!"
  362. [14:42:16] <@Kain> She considers a moment. "Welll... it'd be hard to dragon Titan all the way up there..."
  363. [14:42:21] * Kain is now known as Eiko
  364. [14:42:28] <@Eiko> *drag
  365. [14:42:32] <Natalie> freud
  366. [14:43:12] <Natalie> "Can he... actually do what we did after all?"  She spins around to indicate that she's obviously in humanform, then gestures to Fenna too.  "Maybe he's just shy~"
  367. [14:43:15] <Natalie> :3c
  368. [14:44:05] <@Eiko> Titan stares down, scratching his head.
  369. [14:44:19] <@Eiko> "I dunno! I didn't even know you two could do that... I don't think every eidolon can."
  370. [14:45:11] <Natalie> "Ohhh.  I really with I could remember... well!"  She snaps her fingers.  "There's gotta be something he can help with anyway, right?"
  371. [14:45:44] <@Eiko> Titan: 5,0"I HELP TOO"
  372. [14:46:02] <@Eiko> Eiko: "Yeah, we just need to decide on a place to think all this out..."
  373. [14:46:15] <Natalie> "Exactly!"
  374. [14:46:44] <@Eiko> Eiko: "Oh, I know just the place!"
  375. [14:46:45] <Natalie> "Then... a big, open place?"
  376. [14:46:52] <@Eiko> Eiko: "They'll never find us there!"
  377. [14:47:00] * @Eiko begins casting teleport~
  378. [14:47:00] * Natalie sighs with relief. "I like it already!"
  379. [14:47:06] <@Eiko> Madeen: "Eiko... where are you-"
  380. [14:47:11] <@Eiko> "Teleport!"
  381. [14:48:32] <@Eiko> Suddenly, the lot of you are whisked off... straight into the sky! You find yourself dropped unceremoniously onto a hunk of ground resting on a really, REALLY thick sheet of clouds. You notice Fenna landed on a patch of the clouds, and she's not fallen through. The rest of the place... seems to be a group of interconnected chunks of land.
  382. [14:48:49] <@Eiko> You notice past the cloud bank it's a long, long way down to the ocean.
  383. [14:49:01] <@Eiko> Fenna: "...I... I remember this place!"
  384. [14:49:11] <@Eiko> Fenna: "This is where we did battle with... Ozma..."
  385. [14:49:27] <Natalie> "This place is?"  Natbuncle looks around.  "Realy?"
  386. [14:49:38] <@Eiko> Eiko hops up onto a nearby rock, spinning around.
  387. [14:49:40] * Natalie leaps up like a cat.
  388. [14:49:49] <@Eiko> "Yup! Don't worry, it's safe now! Welcome to..."
  389. [14:49:55] <@Eiko> "Chocobo's Air Garden!"
  390. [14:50:25] <Natalie> "Whoaaaa... I wish I could remember a place like this."
  391. [14:50:35] <@Eiko> Titan is sitting kind of dumblike on one of the chunks of land, trying to figure out what the fuck and not moving.
  392. [14:50:36] * Natalie rubyrubs. And... did Titan make it okay?
  393. [14:50:42] <Natalie> Okay he did.
  394. [14:50:50] <Natalie> God he's like, a giant diglett or som-
  395. [14:50:52] <Natalie> ...
  396. [14:50:53] <@Eiko> Titan: "5,0HEIGHTS...." ;-;
  397. [14:50:54] <Natalie> !diglett
  398. [14:50:55] <Anise> You try to pull the Diglett out of the ground, but the ground comes with it. You find yourself holding a Diglett attached to a chunk of ground.
  399. [14:51:03] <Natalie> Good that's perfect.
  400. [14:51:24] <Natalie> ... But nobody's doing that anyway.  Nat just hops on top of him and pats him, using him as a giant chair.
  401. [14:51:45] <@Eiko> "It's okay, Titan! You won't fall here!" Madeen hops over to a nearby rock formation, examining something, before flying back over. Fenrir curls up under the rock Eiko is on and yawns.
  402. [14:51:45] <Natalie> "It'll be okay!  We can just warp back down when we're done anyway."
  403. [14:51:54] <Natalie> "SO."
  404. [14:52:02] <@Eiko> Meanwhile , Fenna flaps her arms and comes up to join the rest of you.
  405. [14:52:07] <Natalie> Dramatic planning music plays.
  406. [14:54:04] <Natalie> "I um... don't actually remember what he looks like or anything, if that's gonna be a problem."
  407. [14:54:26] <@Eiko>
  408. [14:54:45] <@Eiko> "Aw, that's okay."
  409. [14:54:53] <Natalie> (Gotta love how we were both searching at the same time)
  410. [14:55:10] <@Eiko> (I don't even think this is the one I wanted but close enough)
  411. [14:55:22] <Natalie> (This fits probably better than the one I was getting)
  412. [14:55:47] <@Eiko> "I'll just have to 4,0recap the whole deal!"
  413. [14:55:52] * Natalie stands up, balancing on top of Titanhead. "Right!"
  414. [14:56:19] <@Eiko> Titan sways a bit, trying to balance so you don't fall off. More ironically it's harder to balance than if he stood still.
  415. [14:56:27] <@Eiko> Fenna has a seat, listening.
  416. [14:56:42] <Natalie> It's best when you're MASTER CAT ACROBAT
  417. [14:57:55] <@Eiko> "Okay, everyone, so, to recap, I'm in a band of theater performers and thieves called Tantalus! And there are two others around my age. A boy named Bunce, and his sister, Lucella. They've been my best friends for ten whole years, growing up in Lindblum."
  418. [14:58:24] <Natalie> Nat dedicates a diary page to this, writing it professionally and checklisting points.
  419. [14:59:24] <@Eiko> "The thing is..." she starts to turn red. "Bunce is really cute! And he's always been so nice, and thoughtful... when he hasn't been an oblivious idiot! I want him to be my boyfriend! But I-I can't just blurt out how I feel, it's supposed to be the man that asks the lady out, right??"
  420. [14:59:45] <@Eiko> Madeen is sort of holding her face in one of her hands, but listening.
  421. [15:01:02] * Natalie balances on one leg. "So we need to make something happen that'll make him ask you... out?"
  422. [15:01:34] <@Eiko> "Yeah! We need to help him realize how much he loves me! He's even been dressing up as my childhood crush, Zidane, lately! That's gotta be a sign!"
  423. [15:01:38] <@Eiko> Fenna: "Really?"
  424. [15:01:44] <Natalie> "Really?"
  425. [15:01:45] <@Eiko> Fenrir: *yaaaawn*
  426. [15:01:53] <@Eiko> "R-right?"
  427. [15:02:47] <Natalie> "Is he just dressing up, or is he really pretending to be this Zidane guy?"  She stops balancing and stands, folding her arms in thought.  "Because you could always be like, 'what would Zidane do?'  And go from there..."
  428. [15:02:56] <@Eiko> Titan: "5,0I GO POUND ON HIS HEAD UNTIL HE LIKE EIKO" he says, looking cross.
  429. [15:03:37] <Natalie> "Well that's not the WORST idea, but... I dunno if he'd be able to survive that."
  430. [15:03:50] <Natalie> "I mean, you kinda pounded on us pretty hard!"
  431. [15:03:50] <@Eiko> "I... I don't think that's a good idea either, Titan, sorry..."
  432. [15:04:01] * Natalie bends down and pats him.
  433. [15:04:19] <@Eiko> Titan: 5,0"UUUUUU..." he makes the cutest goddamn face.
  434. [15:04:34] * Natalie makes a note to draw that one later too hnnnggg.
  435. [15:05:22] <Natalie> "Well, I don't remember what I did, but he made that 4letter so there must be something about me he likes... we just gotta make him see that in you instead!"
  436. [15:06:13] <@Eiko> Madeen: "Eiko, listen." She abruptly changes form as she walks over, shrinking down to the size of a tiny moogle, that tugs on Eiko's leg. "We've been together forever, and I'm telling you, you just need to say something to him."
  437. [15:06:33] <@Eiko> Eiko looks down at Mogdeen, a bit nervously, and just... shakes her head. "I can't..."
  438. [15:06:43] <@Eiko> She looks up at Nat though, and nods.
  439. [15:06:46] * Natalie makes a 'hmmmm' face and goes back to sitting on the Titan.
  440. [15:07:10] <Natalie> "Well... what about both?  Like, you say it to each other at the same time?"
  441. [15:07:23] <@Eiko> "Th-that's..."
  442. [15:07:27] <@Eiko> "That's so romantic...!"
  443. [15:07:30] <Natalie> ".. I guess we gotta make him actually DO it though."
  444. [15:07:37] <@Eiko> Fenna: "But... how?"
  445. [15:08:26] * Natalie crosses her legs. "Um... what DO people do to show they love each other? There's gotta be a way to give him a sign somehow."
  446. [15:08:37] <Natalie> "And we HAVE to prove that I'm not who he wants!"
  447. [15:08:55] <Natalie> "Like, I could always just transform and be all 'by the way I'm not human' but that..."
  448. [15:09:39] * Natalie headshakes without another word.
  449. [15:10:05] <zoofPhone> (a cat is fine too)
  450. [15:10:10] <Natalie> (I hate you)
  451. [15:11:56] <@Eiko> "No, not that... hm..."
  452. [15:12:16] <@Eiko> Fenna: "What if... Carbuncle goes on a date with him, but it turns out awful?"
  453. [15:12:31] <@Eiko> Fenna: "And he realizes he's got better options closer to home?"
  454. [15:12:37] <Natalie> "That was what I said!  ... Well, kind of."  Headtilt.  "What's a 'date?'"
  455. [15:13:09] <@Eiko> "W-well..."
  456. [15:13:54] <Natalie> "Is it just... being with him?  Because that sounds easy, we just need you guys to make sure and ruin it!"
  457. [15:14:10] <@Eiko> Madeen: "It's when a couple goes out and enjoys an evening together doing things like eating, dancing, whatever they might enjoy. I think it'll turn out to be a disaster, though."
  458. [15:14:18] <Natalie> "Oh, thanks."
  459. [15:14:38] <Natalie> "Well... what's something you KNOW he doesn't like?"
  460. [15:14:50] <@Eiko> She thinks.
  461. [15:14:51] <Natalie> "I could just pretend that's my favorite thing and do it.  Easy!"
  462. [15:15:03] <@Eiko> "Um... sweet potatoes."
  463. [15:15:30] <Natalie> "Oh, I got it!"  She smashes a fist into an open palm.
  464. [15:15:32] <@Eiko> "And green vegetables! Like cauliflower. ...but who likes that stuff?? Bleh!"
  465. [15:15:38] <Natalie> "I'll cook for him!"
  466. [15:15:46] <@Eiko> Madeen: "Eiko..."
  467. [15:15:50] <@Eiko> Madeen: "Cauliflower is white."
  468. [15:16:06] <@Eiko> "Y-you know what I mean!"
  469. [15:16:15] * Natalie doesn't even snrk because amnesia moe. ... Her player does though.
  470. [15:16:17] <@Eiko> Fenna: "Oh, that's a good idea!"
  471. [15:16:25] <Natalie> "I don't know how to cook!"  :D
  472. [15:16:38] <@Eiko> Fenna: "Even better!"
  473. [15:16:50] <Natalie> "Exactly~!"
  474. [15:16:56] <@Eiko> Titan scratches his head. "5,0WHAT WE DO THEN."
  475. [15:16:59] <@Eiko> *brown
  476. [15:17:42] <Natalie> "Well... it shouldn't be JUST me cooking.  We should go do something first... and uh, then there'll be an earthquake!"
  477. [15:17:53] <@Eiko> "An... an earthquake??"
  478. [15:17:54] <Natalie> "People are like, scared of earthquakes, right?"
  479. [15:18:13] <@Eiko> "But what if he pulls you into his nice, strong arms to protect you from it?" D:
  480. [15:18:34] <@Eiko> Madeen just groooans.
  481. [15:18:54] <Natalie> "Heyyy, that's an idea!  What if I do that instead?  Because I'm probably totally stronger!"  At this point she leaps up and does some snap-kicks at the air.
  482. [15:19:11] <Natalie> "From how you're describing it, it seems like he wouldn't like that kinda thing..."
  483. [15:19:32] <Natalie> "If I'm tough and pick lots of fights with people, wouldn't he get annoyed?"
  484. [15:19:33] <@Eiko> "That... that m-might work..." she says hesitantly. "He hates feeling vulnerable..."
  485. [15:20:07] <Natalie> "Ah-ha!  Then it's perfect!  Maybe Fenna can pretend to be someone who... who..."  She stops and thinks.
  486. [15:21:01] <@Eiko> Fenna: "Who..." she thinks, too.
  487. [15:22:06] <@Eiko> "Okay! A recap then..."
  488. [15:22:15] <Natalie> "Hnnn... it's gotta be something that'll make him feel helpless.  I could always just pick a fight with you on the street or something- b-but I don't wanna ACTUALLY hurt you or anything!"
  489. [15:22:31] <Natalie> "(Oh, hey, I can cast Protect...)"
  490. [15:23:02] <@Eiko> Fenna: "So you just want me to act like a tough girl who doesn't like you?" she considers.
  491. [15:24:20] <Natalie> "Or maybe... you're doing something and I decide I want it instead, so I just act really mean!"
  492. [15:24:39] <Natalie> "And then you... um... oh wait, he'd just protect you from me if that happened, huh..."
  493. [15:25:28] * Natalie headshakes. "That's probably not gonna work. What DO you think you could do?"
  494. [15:25:47] <@Eiko> Fenna: "I'll think of something..." she muses.
  495. [15:26:21] <Natalie> "Okay, your ideas are probably better than mine.  After all, I just met you yesterday!  ... Er... well..."  She coughs and turns back to Eiko for the recap.
  496. [15:29:42] <@Eiko> Eiko nods once you've gotten that out of the way. "So, Ruby will go on a... date with Bunce! Except we're gonna make it the worst date ever! She'll cook him all the foods he hates, and then Titan will cause an earthquake..." she considers that a moment. "M-maybe just a tiny one, I don't want anyone actually getting hurt..." She shakes her head. "And Nat babies him a bit, which will set him
  497. [15:29:42] <@Eiko> off... and then Phoenix.... Fenna, sorry! Meets up with Nat and they do... something to show how Ruby isn't the girl he wants?"
  498. [15:29:51] <@Eiko> "How could this possibly go wrong?" she asks, beaming.
  499. [15:29:54] <@Eiko> Madeen just sighs.
  500. [15:30:23] <Natalie> "..."
  501. [15:30:46] <Natalie> "I... I have ONE idea..."
  502. [15:30:55] <@Eiko> "What is it?"
  503. [15:31:28] <Natalie> "Well um.  At the end, just to make him feel as down as possible..."
  504. [15:32:12] <Natalie> "Fenna shows up and then I act like I'm... a-actually i-i-into... uh... you know..."
  505. [15:32:30] <@Eiko> "Oh, you mean that you're into girls?"
  506. [15:32:43] <Natalie> "Uh-huh.  Like, we act like lovers."
  507. [15:32:54] <@Eiko> "...."
  508. [15:32:58] <@Eiko> Fenna: "...."
  509. [15:32:58] <Natalie> "And then you cheer him up!"
  510. [15:33:03] <@Eiko> Fenrir: "...."
  511. [15:33:11] <@Eiko> Titan: "5,0...."
  512. [15:33:16] <Natalie> "...."
  513. [15:33:18] <@Eiko> Madeen: ". . ."
  514. [15:33:34] <@Eiko> There is an awkward silence.
  515. [15:34:06] <Natalie> "... No good?"
  516. [15:34:33] <@Eiko> "That's brilliant, Ruby!"
  517. [15:34:39] <@Eiko> Madeen: "Oh my god."
  518. [15:35:10] <Natalie> "4☆"
  519. [15:35:20] <@Eiko> The tiny moogle shakes Fenrir. "They're going through with this. Why are they going through with this. She listens to you, talk to her, kupo." ;-;
  520. [15:35:37] <@Eiko> Fenrir: *whine*
  521. [15:35:57] <Natalie> "It's just pretending so it'll be fine!"
  522. [15:36:13] <Natalie> "... Maybe!"
  523. [15:36:23] <@Eiko> Madeen: "...Nnnnughhh..."
  524. [15:36:50] <@Eiko> Madeen: "Fiiine, go through with it, kupo. Watching an airship wreck in slow motion is fine too, I guess..."
  525. [15:37:00] * Natalie gives her usual goofy thumbs-up.
  526. [15:37:19] <Natalie> "... Oh hey, what about you, Fenry?  Anything you wanna do?"
  527. [15:37:25] <@Eiko> Fenrir: *bark*
  528. [15:37:31] <Natalie> "Good idea!"
  529. [15:37:41] <@Eiko> "Yeah, that's great!"
  530. [15:37:51] <@Eiko> Fenna: "I don't get it..."
  531. [15:38:00] * Natalie headscratches. "One last thing..."
  532. [15:38:21] <Natalie> "I could just use my human name, but should I call myself something else?  Like, you know, an al... ail... ale..."
  533. [15:38:50] <@Eiko> "Ooh... I... I don't know if you TOLD him your human name already..."
  534. [15:38:58] <@Eiko> "I guess you could...!"
  535. [15:39:07] <Natalie> "Oh... crap, I don't either."  Rub rub.  "That uh, happens a lot."
  536. [15:40:36] <@Eiko> "Well, if he says anything, you can just say that was your nickname! Or something."
  537. [15:40:53] <@Eiko> "Oh, but... when are we doing this?? Aren't you still doing things with your other friends?"
  538. [15:41:45] <Natalie> "Putting the crystal together... oh, and there's someone I really need to talk to!  But there's... not a time limit for that, right?"
  539. [15:41:57] <Natalie> "The world can handle waiting a day~"
  540. [15:42:37] * Natalie has the entire goddamn crystal with her, by the way, and pulls it out. Not necessarily to talk or anything, but just to show off how HUEG it's gotten.
  541. [15:42:37] <@Eiko> "So you wanna do this today? Hmm..."
  542. [15:42:43] <@Eiko> "Whoa!"
  543. [15:42:53] <@Eiko> She hops off the rock and walks over to look.
  544. [15:43:19] <Natalie> "Yeah, if we're gonna spent time together I wanna do it all at once, y'know?  ... Even though you can just summon me anytime and stuff."
  545. [15:44:25] <@Eiko> "I'll probably start doing that! At night though, probably. I don't want to yank you over here in the middle of a battle..."
  546. [15:44:53] <Natalie> "Besides, there's another thing I should probably tell you about while I'm here.  I'm involved, Fenry's involved... oh, Madeen too!  That's where I saw that name!"
  547. [15:44:54] <@Eiko> She places a hand on the crystal chunk and leans her ear over. "Tell me your secrets...~"
  548. [15:45:06] <@Eiko> "Hmm?"
  549. [15:45:06] * Natalie stops idly prattling for a minute.
  550. [15:45:13] <@Eiko> "What's up?"
  551. [15:45:26] <@Eiko> Fenrir looks up, and Madeen, too.
  552. [15:45:27] * Natalie starts idly prattling again. "Well um, I don't know how big a deal it is, and maybe you know already..."
  553. [15:46:06] <Natalie> "But we kiiiiiinda tied our life forces to some black mages(?) and I dunno if I'm the only one who forgot about it or not."
  554. [15:46:25] <@Eiko> "...Oh! That..."
  555. [15:46:34] <@Eiko> "Yeah... that was..."
  556. [15:46:47] <@Eiko> "That was Vivi's last request from us..."
  557. [15:46:54] <Natalie> "... So everybody does know, huh..."
  558. [15:47:15] <@Eiko> "I don't think Dagger knows, actually..."
  559. [15:47:26] * Natalie does the amnesia headtilt.
  560. [15:48:29] <@Eiko> "Vivi wanted to keep his work on the downlow from her because Zidane was around too, and we had totally prepared for him to show up at her next birthday party after a whole year of being gone! Aaaaand because Kuja was involved too. So Vivi sought out her eidolons individually."
  561. [15:49:37] <Natalie> "I don't know if it actually has anything to DO with losing our memories and powers and stuff.  From what I can tell Fenna and I only lost our powers because we got beat up.  ... At least, I GUESS that's what happened to me."  She wears a serious expression for once.  "So, I'm just a little worried for all the others involved, that's all."
  562. [15:49:59] <@Eiko> "I don't think it does... I guess that's why I didn't think to mentioned it before, sorry..."
  563. [15:50:06] <Natalie> "But they're safe now, so!"
  564. [15:50:33] * Natalie headshakes. "Don't worry, it's probably no big deal anyway. I hope."
  565. [15:50:53] <Natalie> "SO!  Are we ready to pull off the plan now?"
  566. [15:52:10] <@Eiko> Eiko nods. "I think so!"
  567. [15:52:20] <@Eiko> Fenna stands up. "Okay...!"
  568. [15:52:30] <Natalie> "Good!  I'll call myself 'Ruby'- ... oh wait, that might be a little too obvious."
  569. [15:54:34] <@Eiko> "Okay then, we'll go back to the castle, and I'll show you where to find him..."
  570. [15:54:55] <Natalie> "... Aw screw it that's too much work.  I'll use the old one and rattle off the whole name just to be annoying," she mutters while getting up and ready.
  571. [15:55:01] <@Eiko> "Teleport!"
  572. [15:55:05] <Natalie> "~!"
  573. [15:55:06] <@Eiko> FLASH!
  574. [15:55:35] <@Eiko> and we'll call that there, because it's nearing 4pm and that's the time DL has listed in crystals' topic
  576. -- ACT 3 --
  578. [00:58:02] * Natalie approaches like a ninja, scouting the area, and then LEAPS onto where she left poor unfortunate Ammy, poking the latter's stomach. Repeatedly.
  579. [00:58:22] <Amaryllis> (oh I was gonna start with Ammy already awake and bewildered)
  580. [00:58:49] <Natalie> (Yeah I was 90% sure you'd do that so it became a duel to the death)
  581. [01:00:08] <Amaryllis> "Agh! What? Nat! Stop that." Ammy flails about and stumbles off away from the poking. "What the hell, Nat? Are we in the bloody Lindblum palace?"
  582. [01:00:56] <Natalie> "Uh-huh!"  Nat beams, pulling back.  "I told you where we were going!  ... I think you might've been napping though."
  583. [01:01:54] * Amaryllis stares.
  584. [01:02:04] * Natalie doesn't stop smilin'.
  585. [01:02:37] <Amaryllis> "Well, yes, you did tell me -before- while I was -awake-, but then you teleported us here and left me napping on a bloody bench?"
  586. [01:03:27] * Amaryllis sighs and rubs her head. "Never a dull day with you around, is there, Nat?" She smiles wearily. "So where did you bring Fenna? Did you see Eiko already?"
  587. [01:03:28] <Natalie> "Well I was just excited to meet Eiko again and didn't want to teleport without you, so I..."  She slowly turns the smile into a frown, shrinking down.  "... Sorry."
  588. [01:04:28] <Natalie> "Yuh-hum!  It was just a couple horntalks and wham, we're all a happily family again!"  She claps her hands together, smiling again.  "And now we're- oh, hey, you might be able to help with this!"
  589. [01:04:30] <Amaryllis> "It is quite alright." Ammy shuffles over and lightly baps Nat on the head, tsukkomi style.
  590. [01:04:38] <Natalie> "Au!"
  591. [01:04:42] <Natalie> "Er, I mean, nn!"
  592. [01:04:55] <Amaryllis> "Nnnnnnn."
  593. [01:05:04] <Natalie> "Stopthat."
  594. [01:05:34] * Natalie twirls backwards like a catgirl ballerina. "Um well uh, so..."
  595. [01:05:40] <Amaryllis> "The Eidolon of reflection cannot take seeing her own habits in a mirror? How shameful."
  596. [01:06:00] <Natalie> :< "It just sounds weiiiiiird when you do it!"
  597. [01:06:01] * Amaryllis sits back down on the bench. "Well, what is it?"
  598. [01:06:10] <Natalie> "Anyway, um... what do you know about dating, Ammy?"  :D
  599. [01:06:53] <Amaryllis> "I know a great number of romantic tales."
  600. [01:07:10] <Natalie> "Oh good!  I'm gonna do it in a few minutes, got any tips?"
  601. [01:07:18] <Amaryllis> "What?"
  602. [01:07:28] <Natalie> "Yeah, I'm gonna date someone.  What do I do?"
  603. [01:07:35] <Amaryllis> "With who? Is Cait here? Oh bloody hell this is not the time."
  604. [01:07:49] <Natalie> "Nah, his name's... Buns?"
  605. [01:08:42] <Natalie> "Anyway it's just gonna be real quick-like because I'm doing it for Eiko, anyway.  And then once it's over I'll feel good and we can keep adventuring and all that funstuff."
  606. [01:08:51] <Amaryllis> "You have never mentioned a Buns before. Tell me a story, Nat. How did you meet? Why do you fancy hi- for Eiko?"
  607. [01:09:06] * Natalie uncruples the letter. "Oh, I lied, 'Bunce.'"
  608. [01:09:17] * Amaryllis calls her knife up and scratches her head with the blunt side.
  609. [01:09:30] <Natalie> "Mhm!  She's in love with him but he's in love with me somehow."
  610. [01:09:53] <Amaryllis> "...So why are you going on a date with him? Should she not be the one on the date?" Poor Ammy is so confused.
  611. [01:10:23] <Natalie> "Well, since he likes me and not her I'm gonna date him and I need to know all the things to do right so I can purposely do them wrong.  And it'll be the most awful date ever!"  Oh dear.
  612. [01:10:46] * Amaryllis stares.
  613. [01:10:57] * Amaryllis looks down at her not having her bag with her.
  614. [01:11:00] * Amaryllis stares back at Nat.
  615. [01:11:04] <Natalie> "And then she'll comfort him and then they'll kiss and then they'll be happy."
  616. [01:11:10] <Amaryllis> "What a wonderful time not to have my whiskey."
  617. [01:11:21] * Natalie droops. "So you don't have ideas?"
  618. [01:11:57] <Amaryllis> "You do know how this shall go, do you not?" Ammy springs up much like she does when she's telling a story.
  619. [01:12:15] <Natalie> "Nope!"  Nat recognizes that and plops down on... wherever Ammy was sitting.
  620. [01:12:22] <Natalie> She's already practically munching imaginary popcorn.
  621. [01:12:23] <Amaryllis> "It is an ageless staple of comedic tales."
  622. [01:12:36] <Natalie> "Is it really?  Huh... what'll happen?"
  623. [01:13:27] <Amaryllis> "An elegant noblewoman is arranged to be married off to a fellow aristocrat, one for whom she feels no love." Ammy begins to pace. "Set to meet the man, she endeavors to give him the worst possible impression of her."
  624. [01:14:08] <Natalie> "Uh-huh..."  Nat starts- oh she's eating leftovers she brought with her.  Gross.
  625. [01:14:23] <Natalie> As a substitute for popcorn.
  626. [01:14:47] <Amaryllis> "So on their walk through a garden, she is clumsy and awkward." Ammy stumbles forward and nearly trips, teetering a second before she falls forward and catches herself on a bench.
  627. [01:15:16] <Amaryllis> "She grabs worms from the flowerbeds," Ammy mimics the act with a gesture, "thinking that it shall disgust her suitor."
  628. [01:15:36] <Natalie> "And it does, right?  Rightrightright?"
  629. [01:16:19] <Amaryllis> "Throughout their dinner she is borish and inelegant as can be, with little to no regard for table manners." Ammy mimes that as well, lifting an invisible bowl of soup to her face, wiping her face with her sleeve, and taking large exaggerated bites from an invisible chocobo leg.
  630. [01:16:44] <Natalie> "... This story is something I did that I forgot, isn't it."
  631. [01:17:17] <Amaryllis> "No. The man bloody adores her! He finds it endearing, and it turns out at the end he had been tired of all the prissy noblewomen who were afraid to get their hands dirty or acted fake for the sake of keeping up airs."
  632. [01:17:32] <Amaryllis> "Maybe." Ammy replies to the last thing Nat said with a wave of her finger.
  633. [01:18:12] <Amaryllis> "That is how these stories go. Whatever I tell you, Bunce will find absolutely adorable and love you even more for your flaws."
  634. [01:18:24] <Natalie> "Ohh... so you think he'll just get into me more?  But, we planned so hard!  It's like, there's no WAY anybody will fall for that.  We even know all his weak points!"
  635. [01:18:43] <Amaryllis> "Oh, do you? Do tell."
  636. [01:19:00] <Natalie> "Eiko said he likes being strong and hates being vulnerable, so, I'll be all tough," she leaps up and starts doing idle snap-kicks, "and try to be the one protecting HIM and stuff."
  637. [01:19:29] <Amaryllis> "And what if he fancies you a fighting duo? What if he always wanted a girl who could fight by his side?"
  638. [01:19:44] <Natalie> Round house!  "Well uh... oh crap, I didn't think of that."
  639. [01:19:54] <Natalie> "Maybe I'll just screw up and 'accidentally' kick him in the face or something?"
  640. [01:20:02] <Amaryllis> "...What are you even protecting him from?" Ammy's face turns from amusement to worry.
  641. [01:20:07] <Natalie> "Earthquakes."
  642. [01:20:16] <Amaryllis> "Earthquakes?"
  643. [01:20:25] <Amaryllis> "How the...oh no." Ammy's expression darkens even more.
  644. [01:20:25] <Natalie> She returns to stillness and looks on like that's totally normal.  "Yeah, an earthquake."
  645. [01:20:56] <Natalie> "Not like, a BIG one or anything, but just enough to scare him!  And I'll be like, 'don't worry, I'll protect you!'"
  646. [01:20:57] <Amaryllis> "You cannot -do- that, Nat. We're in a bloody city. There are people who could get hurt."
  647. [01:21:12] <Amaryllis> "Protect him from the earthquake? What, are you going to kick the ground?"
  648. [01:21:33] <Natalie> "Don't wooooorry, she," Nat taps her forehead like indicating a horn, "knows this place, I think, so it'll obviously be where it won't hurt many people!"
  649. [01:22:20] <Natalie> "... Well, I could, but I was thinking more holding onto him or tackling him or something I don't know the last time I was around earthquakes I was with a guy who does Geomagix anyway."
  650. [01:22:39] <Amaryllis> "Geomancy."
  651. [01:22:44] <Natalie> "Whatever!"
  652. [01:23:04] * Amaryllis sits down next to Nat with a sigh.
  653. [01:23:11] * Natalie sits back down on that note!
  654. [01:23:28] <Amaryllis> "Can Eiko not just ask him a bloody date?" Ammy is probably lucky Nat doesn't remember anything of how -Ammy- acts around Noah as she says this.
  655. [01:23:35] <Amaryllis> *on a
  656. [01:23:39] <Natalie> "Nope, she can't!"  Very lucky.
  657. [01:23:47] <Amaryllis> "Why ever not?"
  658. [01:23:56] <Natalie> "We all already asked, she thinks the boy has to be the one to do it or something."
  659. [01:24:24] <Natalie> "I said they should ask each other at the same time!  But it's like, he doesn't even realize his feelings for her yet."
  660. [01:24:35] <Amaryllis> "That -is- how it goes in most of the tales." Ammy ponders this. "The old ones, at least."
  661. [01:25:02] <Amaryllis> "...Does he have feelings for her? It sounds as if he only has feelings for you, and making him hate you will do nothing to change that."
  662. [01:25:25] <Natalie> "Um... I dunno.  I know that he dresses up like a guy she used to have a crush on though!"
  663. [01:25:53] <Amaryllis> "Did she ever manage to woo this man?"
  664. [01:26:01] <Natalie> "His name was 'Zidane' or something... can't remember why that sounds SO familiar though."
  665. [01:26:18] * Natalie looks over, about to answer, but that probably answered itself.
  666. [01:26:46] <Amaryllis> "He was one of the heroes of the war against Kuja, and he is now happily wed to Garnet, the Queen of Alexandria."
  667. [01:26:55] <Natalie> "Oh, I guess she didn't then."
  668. [01:27:09] <Natalie> ('happily' my ass)
  669. [01:27:14] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps then if she dressed like Garnet..."
  670. [01:27:42] <Natalie> "Oh... huh.  But that'd mean dressing like a Queen, right?"
  671. [01:27:42] <Amaryllis> (Shush. He has pregnancy-free sex that has to count for something)
  672. [01:27:55] <Natalie> (ok fair enough)
  673. [01:28:03] <Amaryllis> "Eiko is the adopted daughter of the Regent."
  674. [01:28:30] <Natalie> "Well, yeah, I guess.  ... You really think he'd be into that?"
  675. [01:30:44] * Amaryllis shakes her head as she gets to her feet again. "Perhaps not, but there are other stories of young love one can draw upon."
  676. [01:31:08] <Natalie> "Well, it's always worth a try.  I COULD tell her if you think it'll help..."
  677. [01:31:42] <Natalie> "But!"  She raises an index finger ominously.  "There's no way we can stop our plan now, when we're already getting ready- actually I might need to actually show up really soon."
  678. [01:31:53] <Natalie> "Titan and Fenna may already be in place!"
  679. [01:31:59] <Amaryllis> "Now, here is a bloody common way for two youth with undeclared affections to get together. Does Eiko have some way to make it rain?"
  680. [01:32:21] <Amaryllis> "Okay I understand Titan with the earthquakes, but what role is Fenna playing in your ridiculous farce?"
  681. [01:32:23] * Natalie stands up and pauses, spinning around on one leg. "Um... dunno. But she has cool awesome magic so maybe?"
  682. [01:32:32] <Natalie> "Oh, well, she's there to, uh..."
  683. [01:32:51] <Natalie> "... I'll tell you later, what's this about rain?"
  684. [01:34:30] * Amaryllis squints but continues. "So many stories of undeclared affections between youth end in this way. The couple to be is caught unawares in the midst of a storm without shelter." Ammy starts shambling back and forth, shivering.
  685. [01:35:03] <Natalie> "A storm?  ... Isn't that a lot like the earthquake?"
  686. [01:35:21] <Amaryllis> "No umbrellas. This part is important." Ammy wags a finger in emphasis. "The two are soaked to the bone."
  687. [01:35:47] * Natalie does a handstand for no reason, listening.
  688. [01:35:51] <Amaryllis> "A rainstorm. A downpour. Not a hurricane or something quite so ridiculous. An earthqauke would hurt someone. A bit of rain would not."
  689. [01:36:24] <Natalie> "Ohh, I guess..."
  690. [01:36:32] * Natalie lands right-side-up.
  691. [01:37:20] <Amaryllis> "They find shelter eventually but only after both are drenched and cold. Perhaps they choose to wait out the rain, or perhaps they are trapped in some way. A collapsing building perhaps, or a landslide." Ammy hops up on the bench, careful not to step on Nat, and pantomimes these.
  692. [01:37:31] <Amaryllis> "...Do not actually set that up though. You might hurt someone."
  693. [01:37:37] <Amaryllis> "Just rain would likely be enough."
  694. [01:38:09] <Natalie> "That sounds like it'd take a lot of rain though..."
  695. [01:38:34] <Amaryllis> "In any case, with nothing to do and little warmth. One thing leads to another. One's clothes are wet and cold, and bodies are w-warm, a-and..." Ammy starts to stammer over her words and loses her composure a bit.
  696. [01:38:51] <Amaryllis> "Anyway! You know what I mean. If there is anything there, such a situation would lead the tale to its logical conclusion."
  697. [01:39:08] * Natalie stares straight into Ammy's eyes and tilts her head.
  698. [01:39:17] <Natalie> "... Actually I don't know what you mean, what happens?"
  699. [01:39:54] <Amaryllis> "Well," Ammy takes a deep breath. "...Just explain my story to Eiko. She shall understand."
  700. [01:40:20] <Natalie> "Um.... okay, if you say so, Ammy..."  Her head tilts in the other direction.  "I don't think she'll like being wet, though."
  701. [01:41:22] <Amaryllis> "Well, I have other ideas, but if you are short on time and insist on this...preposterous proposition of yours..." Ammy trails off, then suddenly asks again. "So what role have you drafted Fenna into?"
  702. [01:41:48] <Natalie> "Oh uh."  Damnit she doesn't have a watch for 'look at the time, I gotta go' shenanigans.
  703. [01:42:07] * Amaryllis crosses her arms and raises an eyebrow.
  704. [01:42:09] <Natalie> "Well, in case things don't work out and he actually DOES like me more, she's the backup plan."
  705. [01:42:13] <Natalie> "So at the end we..."
  706. [01:42:38] * Natalie turns a little red, looks both directions, and tiptoes a little closer, bending to Ammy's ear.
  707. [01:42:42] <Natalie> Whisperwhisperwhisper.
  708. [01:42:47] * Amaryllis stoops down to listen.
  709. [01:43:11] * Natalie actually just whispers the entire part of the plan. And the player doesn't have to type it. Hah!
  710. [01:43:22] <Amaryllis> How lazy.
  711. [01:43:27] <Amaryllis> Lazy reflect cat.
  712. [01:43:35] <Natalie> Not ruby lizard?
  713. [01:43:51] * Amaryllis sighs and slowly raises a palm to her face.
  714. [01:44:18] <Natalie> "That way there's NO WAY AT ALL he'll have feelings for me, right?"  Unblushing Nat pulls back and beams, giving her signature stupid thumbs-up.
  715. [01:44:23] <Natalie> "Even Eiko said it was brilliant!"
  716. [01:44:45] <Natalie> "But... Madeen kinda... did the same thing you just did."
  717. [01:44:48] <Amaryllis> "...And what if he asks to join in? Oh hell, what if he takes it as a bloody invitation to join in? You are at the end of a date, and you bring a second woman into the scene. It is a dream come true for many men, is it not?"
  718. [01:45:03] <Natalie> "But neither of us are women!  We're-" ...
  719. [01:45:07] <Natalie> "... Oh right he doesn't know that."
  720. [01:45:11] <Natalie> "Crap."
  721. [01:45:50] <Amaryllis> "Where is Madeen in all this? Surely you have not written some ridiculous role for her to play as well."
  722. [01:46:18] <Natalie> "... Actually I don't think she DID want to do anything."
  723. [01:46:37] <Amaryllis> "Very smart." Ammy nods approvingly.
  724. [01:47:00] <Natalie> "Fenrir didn't really want to do anything either, though he did have some good ideas."
  725. [01:47:22] <Amaryllis> "Truly." Ammy looks like she's given up at this point.
  726. [01:47:58] <Natalie> "Mhm!  Anyway I'll ask if anyone can make it rain after the end when Eiko comforts him and... that'll make them both confess to each other, right?"
  727. [01:49:18] <Amaryllis> "The crux of the tale is that they are isolated in a situation where they might have to cuddle up together for warmth. Rain is merely the most convenient way to do so here."
  728. [01:49:30] <Amaryllis> Even as she suggests this, there's a hollow hopelessness in Ammy's voice.
  729. [01:50:02] <Natalie> "Isolated... oh, so I could just teleport them to a really cold place!"  She nods at herself, then shrinks down.  "Oh wait, she can teleport too, so I don't think they'd stay there."
  730. [01:50:10] <Amaryllis> It's like the sound of a coal shoveler in the head car of a train if trains existed. And the engineer is telling her to shovel faster so they can ram head on into another oncoming train.
  731. [01:50:32] <Natalie> Nat is like twice as clueless now as she was when she first came to ask for help.
  732. [01:51:22] <Natalie> "Well, don't worry, we'll think of SOMETHING.  Thanks for the help, Ammy!"
  733. [01:51:26] <Amaryllis> "No, no magic, just have Eiko lead the both of them into an empty building, or a cave, or any other shelter." Ammy plops back down on the bench.
  734. [01:51:38] <Natalie> "... Oh, okay.  By the way um."
  735. [01:51:44] <Amaryllis> "Yes?"
  736. [01:51:54] * Natalie looks at her diary. "You're the one who came up with all the names I used... right?"
  737. [01:52:14] <Amaryllis> "Most of them, yes."
  738. [01:52:20] <Natalie> "Should I use a new one for this?  I was thinking I should, but I can't come up with anything, so..."
  739. [01:52:59] <Amaryllis> "Does Bunce know you by any names already? I could have sworn you had met him as Natalie when we last were in Lindblum."
  740. [01:53:05] <Natalie> "No clue!"
  741. [01:53:17] <Amaryllis> "Keep Natalie."
  742. [01:53:20] <Natalie> "Well, she said I could pretend it was a nickname or something if that is what he knew my by..."
  743. [01:53:30] <Natalie> "Haaah.  Okay."
  744. [01:54:09] * Natalie headscratches. "Um... is that one more important than the other ones I used? Sorry if there was a reason I forgot..."
  745. [01:55:27] <Amaryllis> "Not in particular, but we have used it for a long time compared to the others."
  746. [01:56:07] <Natalie> "... Hnnn.  That makes sense, I guess.  I'm already starting to wonder if I need this form anymore..."
  747. [01:56:33] <Natalie> The idle snap-kicks start up again.  "But I guess it's convenient!  And fun!  So I'll keep it for a while... and the name too."
  748. [01:56:48] * Amaryllis suddenly looks more serious. "It helps you blend in. Remember, there are still those who may wish ill upon the Eidolons of the world."
  749. [01:57:29] * Natalie looks over maliciously, pausing, then leaps up and gives Ammy a little peck on the forehead - at the same spot where her own Ruby is - pulling back and grinning afterward. "Yeah... thanks."
  750. [01:57:48] <Natalie> "Alright, here I go!  Wish me luck, 'kay?"
  751. [01:58:07] * Amaryllis steps back, confused. "What, practicing for Fenna?"
  752. [01:58:30] <Natalie> "Naaah.  I don't know if I've ever done that before, but, that's my blessing."
  753. [01:58:39] <Natalie> "Because that spot's the one that's important to me, see?"
  754. [01:59:05] <Amaryllis> "Very well. May you weave a magnificent tale of love here." Ammy says half-mockingly as she gives a wry smile.
  755. [01:59:09] <Natalie> "Maaaaybe I had different ways of going about it that I just don't remember in the past..."
  756. [01:59:25] <Natalie> "But you BET I will!  They're gonna be SO into each other and then they'll..."
  757. [01:59:27] <Natalie> "..."
  758. [01:59:37] <Natalie> "Huh, I don't remember what lovers do.  Guess I'll ask."
  759. [01:59:41] * Natalie darts off. "Bye!"
  760. [01:59:49] * Amaryllis waves.
  761. [02:00:00] <Natalie> And she actually will ask.
  762. [02:00:32] <Amaryllis> As Nat darts off, Ammy sighs and facepalms again, muttering to herself. "I wonder if Madeen is the drinking type."
  763. [02:00:52] <Amaryllis> </nanodesu?>
  764. [02:01:11] <Natalie> </na- 4HOLD IT!!
  765. [02:01:16] * Natalie runs backwards.
  766. [02:01:28] <Natalie> "By the way, um, where're you gonna be so I can warp us back later?"
  767. [02:03:03] * Amaryllis looks up. "I shall seek a brief audience with the Regent to ask about the Aitchison mansion since I here already, and then perhaps I shall ask to borrow his kitchen again. Do not worry; I shan't forgget to leave you a note if I go further than that."
  768. [02:03:26] <Natalie> "Okay, gotcha!  See ya soon!  Whoosh!"
  769. [02:03:29] * Natalie whooshes.
  770. [02:03:36] <Natalie> </nanodesu!>
  772. -- ACT 4 --
  774. [15:03:38] <@Kill-It-Kain> Okay, tree, you ready to wrap this silliness up?
  775. [15:03:45] <Natalie> Uau!
  776. [15:04:43] <@Kill-It-Kain> OKAY THEN
  777. [15:05:29] <@Kill-It-Kain> First things first, you need to actually find Bunce.
  778. [15:06:09] <Natalie> Yeah, while the others were getting set up Nat disappeared for a second to do *personal business* of her own- and she came out wiser for it!  By which I mean, 'filled with more misinterpretations and stupid ideas.'
  779. [15:06:10] <@Kill-It-Kain> Eiko said to check the seeeeecret hideout over in the Theater District, which... she pretty much almost leads you to it since she knows you probably don't remember it.
  780. [15:06:20] <Natalie> ;-;
  781. [15:07:16] * Natalie makes a bad decision and decides to just tell Eiko about Ammy's ideas after phase 1. Which will probably be fatal. But heads to the hideout anyway!
  782. [15:07:52] <Natalie> In... ooh, clothes are so hard to pick.  Normal wear it is then.
  783. [15:07:55] <@Kill-It-Kain> Eiko: "Here we are... just go up through the window, and... he SHOULD be here this time of day. Good luck, Ruby~"
  784. [15:08:09] <@Kill-It-Kain> She seems to take the ideas you feed her into consideration.
  785. [15:08:23] <Natalie> ... Oh right there's hornphoning.  Yes, we do that.
  786. [15:08:40] <Natalie> "Alright!  Wish me- ... oh, you just did."
  787. [15:08:45] <Natalie> Cough.  "Here goes!"
  788. [15:09:20] * Natalie somersaults to the window! In an unnecessarily flashy way, no less.
  789. [15:12:09] <@Kill-It-Kain> The place hasn't changed much from when you last saw it, not that you remember! You find a teenage boy inside, though, throwing darts next to a teenage girl. Thunk, thunk. They look a bit bored.
  790. [15:13:00] <@Kill-It-Kain> The girl speaks up, not even looking over as you enter. "You find any work for us, Eiko?"
  791. [15:13:42] * Natalie slowly enters, then... despite doing a fucking somersault. Mulling over the options she just clears her throat. "Ahem. Well, um."
  792. [15:14:09] <Natalie> ...
  793. [15:14:20] * Natalie flutters her eyelashes, hoping that cough caught Bunce's attention. "Do I count as work?"
  794. [15:14:56] <Natalie> Meanwhile she's already making gag noises over the hornphone.  ... Man, it's like a camera for the others, isn't it?
  795. [15:16:46] <@Kill-It-Kain> They look over, surprised!
  796. [15:16:52] <@Kill-It-Kain> Lucella: "Oh, wait, you're..."
  797. [15:17:12] <Natalie> "Yeah, sorry."  Nat waves a bit, sticking a tongue out.  "Hi!"
  798. [15:17:18] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "You... came back!" his face brightens considerably.
  799. [15:18:01] <Natalie> "U-Uh-huh... I was in town a bit, so I..."  oh fuck why is there not a script  "T-Thought I'd say hi..."
  800. [15:18:19] <Natalie> That tiara HAS to look silly with all her loose clothes.
  801. [15:18:32] <@Kill-It-Kain> He throws the stack of darts down and hurries over. "So... you came to see me?"
  802. [15:18:49] <@Kill-It-Kain> Eiko seems to be more listening than anything.
  803. [15:19:19] <Natalie> "Weeeeeellllll...."  She rubs her head, trying to avoid the ruby.  "Yeah, kinda.  Um, you're Bunce, right?"
  804. [15:21:27] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "You... didn't remember my name." he sort of deflates.
  805. [15:21:37] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "Wasn't sure, I mean..."
  806. [15:21:44] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "You did remember it! I just mean..."
  807. [15:21:49] <@Kill-It-Kain> Lucella rolls her eyes.
  808. [15:22:09] <Natalie> "No no duh I did!"  She lies through her teeth.  "I was just making sure.  You know, in case you had an evil clone or something..."
  809. [15:22:33] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "R-right... N-nevermind!" oh god he is suddenly nervous as fuck.
  810. [15:22:42] <@Kill-It-Kain> Lucella: "What was your name again...?"
  811. [15:22:42] <Natalie> "Ahem."
  812. [15:23:12] <Natalie> "My name?  Well, it's..."
  813. [15:23:49] * Natalie clears her throat and hopes Ammy knows what she was doing by suggesting this. "Natalie Ellis Floruna Lazuli Annette-Maria Cynthia Cathaoir Aitchison III. You uh, don't have to remember the whole thing or anything."
  814. [15:24:39] <Natalie> "Anyway!"  She almost spins like her loopy self but shows SOME restraint, turning politely to make sure she's facing Bunce.  "Wanna go out?"  :D
  815. [15:25:19] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "I... um... uh..."
  816. [15:25:21] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "Y-yeah!"
  817. [15:25:28] <@Kill-It-Kain> Lucella: "Oh, brother..."
  818. [15:25:37] <@Kill-It-Kain> Lucella: "You too have fun, don't stay out too late, okay?"
  819. [15:25:40] <@Kill-It-Kain> *two
  820. [15:25:50] * Natalie LEAPS forward and grabs him by a wrist, like always. "Okay! C'mon, let's go!"
  821. [15:27:16] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "..." he winces as a bit as he's dragged off.
  822. [15:27:33] <@Kill-It-Kain> Eiko: "Wow, he's acting so different..." :/
  823. [15:27:36] <Natalie> And already doesn't ease up on jumping out the window- any chance there's a map of where the others are positioned and what places to go first?  You know, in the hornphone.
  824. [15:28:23] <@Kill-It-Kain> Oh, did you not have a plan yourself on where to take him?
  825. [15:28:44] <Natalie> Well, it's more like, we had to station the others for the earthquake shenanigans and such, right?
  826. [15:29:15] <@Kill-It-Kain> Sure, though... we didn't actually work those details out, did we? Let's see....
  827. [15:29:17] <Natalie> So we're going wherever that is first.  Which is probably... near jewelry or girly stuff.
  828. [15:30:15] <@Kill-It-Kain> Okay, then! You drag Bunce off to a jewelry store! It's quite a bit of a walk, but you eventually find the right place, standing out front and looking at all the necklaces and bracelets on display.
  829. [15:30:27] * Natalie speaks while pulling. That's gotta be annoyingly rude. "So what do you do~?"
  830. [15:31:05] <Natalie> Nat's thoughts are mostly 'Mr. Beta can do better than most of these probably.'  D'awww, she cares.
  831. [15:34:02] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "What do I do? W-well.. I act... and..."  he looks shifty eyed at the jewelry. "I know my way around one or two of these kinds of places... do you want those?" he asks, his thieving fingers itching.
  832. [15:35:23] <Natalie> OH GOD TEMPTATION "Uh... well... I can probably get better than that if I look anyway, it's no big."
  833. [15:35:33] <Natalie> "So wait does that mean... you know jewelers?"  :D :D :D
  834. [15:36:50] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "Kinda...! Not in the good ways..."
  835. [15:37:11] <@Kill-It-Kain> He flexes his hand a bit. "If you're sure, though..."
  836. [15:37:24] <@Kill-It-Kain> Eiko: "Titan is following you, just let me know when you want him to do something!"
  837. [15:37:47] * Natalie tilts her head. Plan initiated: make him feel stupid by being oblivious as fuck. GO. "There are bad ways to know people who make jewels? I think- I mean I know some too, the stuff they make is really pretty!" She spins her anklet around on her leg a little.
  838. [15:38:26] <Natalie> Gonna use <>s for hornphoning for convenience.  <Okay, I'll lead him a little thissaway first...>
  839. [15:38:59] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "Uhhh..."
  840. [15:39:17] <Natalie> Nat pulls him BY the hand he was flexing.  Man he's gotta hate that.  Into... probably a more open area.  "Well nevermind that!  Acting... like acting how?"
  841. [15:40:02] <Natalie> <Okay, is... here good?  Get him while he answers!>
  842. [15:40:17] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce seems to be trying to figure out how to respond, but suddenly he's dragged off by you! "A-agh! Like... uh, well... I don't actually do any of the big roles yet, just an extra, but-"
  843. [15:41:50] <@Kill-It-Kain> Rrrrrrrrrumble. The ground starts to shake, making it rather hard to stand! Bunce almost immediately starts to lose his balance, not expecting a fucking earthquake. "Whoa!"
  844. [15:43:03] * Natalie expects a fucking earthquake and barely holds back a smile, pulling him close by the hand she still has grabbed. "Aaaaah, an earthquake! D-Don't worry, I'll protect you! Get down!"
  845. [15:45:50] <@Kill-It-Kain> You and Bunce drop to the ground, you holding him protectively in your arms.
  846. [15:46:10] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "A-aaah! Wait... but..."
  847. [15:46:39] <@Kill-It-Kain> The two of you stay like that a moment until the quakes stop, and he's blushing, quite a bit.
  848. [15:46:40] <Natalie> "But what, you coulda got hurt!"
  849. [15:47:01] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "Y-you're the one I should be worrying about, Natalie...! Are you okay??"
  850. [15:47:03] <Natalie> <Good job!  Tell Titan he can st- ... awww look at his face.>
  851. [15:47:46] <Natalie> "Hmm?"  She looks at him like he's stupid, standing up and brushing herself off.  "Yeah, I'm fine.  It's just a little earthquake, I'm used to stuff like this!"
  852. [15:48:37] * Natalie reaches up and feels at her tiara. Well duh it's not going to fall off, it's locked into her forehead. "This little guy coulda got hurt too, but... nah, it's fine."
  853. [15:48:50] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce reels a bit, thrown off guard. He pushes away a bit, trying to get up before Nat does.
  854. [15:49:02] <Natalie> 2d6+11 lol but I'm rolling athletics to get up first
  855. [15:49:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, lol but I'm rolling athletics to get up first: 23 [2d6=6,6]
  856. [15:49:18] <Natalie> (oh god I am losing it)
  857. [15:49:34] <@Kill-It-Kain> You just sort of...
  858. [15:49:39] <Natalie> Hop up like a cat?
  859. [15:50:11] <@Kill-It-Kain> Sure! I was going to describe you pulling off some crazy contortionist shit but that's fine.
  860. [15:50:22] <Natalie> Crazy contortionist cat.
  861. [15:50:45] * Natalie does just that in the most flashy, showoffy way imaginable, anyway.
  862. [15:50:57] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce just looks embarassed, a bit, but then.. curious. "...I don't think I've ever heard of an earthquake in Lindblum before... I bet it's Mr. Pritchard again."
  863. [15:51:27] <Natalie> "Yeah, that was kinda scary.  But as long as you're okay!"  And then she grabs him by the same wrist again and goes back to  leading.
  864. [15:51:52] <Natalie> "So um, this'll sound weird but..."
  865. [15:52:12] <Natalie> "What'd I do that was so special you had to write me a letter?  Just cuuurious~"
  866. [15:53:34] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "Well..." he stumbles along, and tries to get ahead of you, or at least match your pace. "Y-you're just... really cute, and that chocobo you brought was good, and..."
  867. [15:53:52] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "I just wanted to see you again!"
  868. [15:54:25] <Natalie> "A chocobo?  Huh..."  She trails off to herself, headshaking.
  869. [15:54:40] <Natalie> "Okay, that makes sense!  Anyway, anywhere you wanna go?"  :D
  870. [15:55:50] <Natalie> <Ah-huuuh, he thinks I'm 'cute' when he hasn't even SEEN real-me.  Hmph!  Gotta be some way I can convince him... like, horns are adorable or something...>
  871. [15:57:04] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "Oh... we could go... get something to eat, maybe?"
  872. [15:57:33] <@Kill-It-Kain> Eiko: <Hm...  I think you're doing a good job so far, Ruby...>
  873. [15:58:18] <Natalie> "Hmm?  Oh, I got that covered!"  Another plan: initiate!  Nat just... pulls wrapped-up leftovers out of a pocket.  "I had these with me, want some?"
  874. [15:58:20] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "I... like your tiara, by the way!" he says in a fairly insincere manner. "Those are some nice jewels..." That part sounded quite a bit more honest.
  875. [15:58:44] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "What is it...?" he stares in horror as you literally offer him leftovers out of your pocket.
  876. [15:59:12] <Natalie> "Hee hee... yeah, the Ruby... on it is really expensive, so I've heard."  It's whatever Ammy just cooked, probably even more horrifying considering the likelihood that it's fish.
  877. [16:00:44] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "I... um... are you sure you don't want to get something nice and ...fresh?"
  878. [16:02:10] <Natalie> "Oh, well, I guess that'd work if you REAAALLY want to.  I mean, I totally have more money than I know what to do with."
  879. [16:02:26] <Natalie> <Man, why wasn't he grossed out?  Well, maybe a little, but... nnnn I gotta try harder!>
  880. [16:03:52] <Natalie> <I think I'll go with him... and when we're done, we start Plan F.  Anything I need to do between now and then?>
  881. [16:03:55] <@Kill-It-Kain> He -was- pretty grossed out, thus his insisting.
  882. [16:04:08] <Natalie> Not as grossed out as he could've been?
  883. [16:04:11] <Natalie> -? +!
  884. [16:04:21] <Natalie> Like, 'EW WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT' + vomit on floor grossed.
  885. [16:04:23] <Natalie> Standards!
  886. [16:04:26] <@Kill-It-Kain> Eiko: <Hmm... nothing I can think of! >
  887. [16:05:06] <Natalie> <Okay, make she she's ready then!  And after we leave together, you move in.... and... um... I don't think I can help you with rain or anything though, sorry.>
  888. [16:05:15] <Natalie> -she #1 +sure
  889. [16:05:40] * Natalie crams the leftovers back in the pocket. "So what kinda place're you thinkin' of?"
  890. [16:07:17] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "Oh, I know a pretty good deli! It's this way!" he says, regaining his confidence a bit and starting to bound off.
  891. [16:08:41] * Natalie finally lets go of his hand for this, and bounds off herself... probably with ridic shit like triangle-jumps off walls too just to show off.
  892. [16:09:05] <@Kill-It-Kain> 2d6+7 Bunce tries to show off, too!
  893. [16:09:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Kill-It-Kain, Bunce tries to show off, too!: 12 [2d6=1,4]
  894. [16:09:18] <Natalie> 2d6+11 ok so that's a challenge
  895. [16:09:18] <@Kill-It-Kain> He is entirely emasculated.
  896. [16:09:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, ok so that's a challenge: 16 [2d6=2,3]
  897. [16:09:28] <Natalie> Even with the same roll result!
  898. [16:10:08] <Natalie> Nat just hops around looking like she's enjoying herself... okay, so she actually is.  Showing off is fun!
  899. [16:10:19] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "W-wow..." he looks sort of pale trying to keep up with you. You evetually reach a little sandwich deli restaurant thing with an outdoor seating area and waitresses.
  900. [16:10:38] <@Kill-It-Kain> Eiko: <Fenna is nearby! She'll approach when you give the signal~>
  901. [16:10:42] <Natalie> "Haaaah!  So this is the place?"
  902. [16:11:18] <Natalie> <Okay... I'll see how annoying I can be during this, then I'll give it!>
  903. [16:11:40] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "Yep! They make these amazing sandwiches where they butter the bread and then put salami and cheese inside, and fry it on a hot slab over a fire!
  904. [16:12:04] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "Here's a menu if you want to look... don't worry, I'll cover it..."
  905. [16:12:13] <@Kill-It-Kain> He hands you one of the menus as he has a seat at a table.
  906. [16:12:50] <Natalie> "Salami... I dunno if I've ever had that..."  She reads the menu upside-down.  On purpose?  Ha ha, who knows!  "Cover, like... ah no, don't worry," she jinglejangles a pocket filled with enough gil to asphyxiate a puppy.
  907. [16:15:59] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "..." :<
  908. [16:16:09] <Natalie> :>
  909. [16:16:13] <@Kill-It-Kain> Eiko: <Oh yeah, do they have sweet potatoes?>
  910. [16:16:28] <Natalie> <I dunno, this isn't in a language I can read...>
  911. [16:17:34] * Natalie flips it over, just in case.
  912. [16:17:37] <Natalie> <... Oh.>
  913. [16:17:39] <Natalie> Do they?
  914. [16:18:03] <@Kill-It-Kain> Yuo scan the menu... scan... scan... oh!
  915. [16:18:32] * Natalie twin souls and steals Ammy's scan for it. ... Ha ha, if only that were possible!
  916. [16:18:35] <Natalie> .... ;-;
  917. [16:19:01] <@Kill-It-Kain> They're a side you can get to one of the other meals. ...Or you can get sweet potato pudding pie!
  918. [16:19:45] * Natalie grins wickedly for a second, then wipes it off and points the latter out to Bunce with a cute girly eyelash flutter. "Hey, doesn't this one look good?"
  919. [16:20:51] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce looks over to where your finger is, and his expression is completely agast.
  920. [16:21:11] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "i... um... n-no, n-not really..." he stammers quietly.
  921. [16:21:27] <Natalie> "Huh?  I can't hear you- but yeah I thought so too!  Okay, I'm getting that, and this..."
  922. [16:21:45] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce cringes in his chair.
  923. [16:22:07] * Natalie does just that, with however you order in a place like this. She doesn't know, of course, which just makes it its own brand of hilarity.
  924. [16:22:25] <Natalie> <Maybe I'm TOO GOOD at this?  I feel kinda bad for him...>
  925. [16:25:44] <@Kill-It-Kain> Eiko: <He might be acting like a complete geek right now, but he's tougher than he looks! Don't worry, he'll get over it~>
  926. [16:26:19] <@Kill-It-Kain> You finally do get your food ordered, and Bunce doesn't watch you the entire time you eat your pie.
  927. [16:26:32] * Natalie spends that entire time offering him slices and looking at him funny.
  928. [16:27:47] <@Kill-It-Kain> Eiko: <Oooh, Ruby, Fenna is insisting to get her part in before you finish him off!>
  929. [16:28:16] <Natalie> If there WAS a sandwich it's gone like whoa.  <You mean... to do it early?  Well yeah, sure, let her come in!>
  930. [16:29:16] <@Kill-It-Kain> Eiko: <And then when he can't take it anymore, I'll ride in on Fenrir and whisk him away! It'll be perfect~>
  931. [16:29:35] <Natalie> And much to his horror she starts jangling at his point, reaching into the gilpocket without any further provocation.
  932. [16:29:40] <Natalie> <Got it!  Let's do it!>
  933. [16:31:57] <@Kill-It-Kain> Yoiu see movement out of the corner of your eye. Seems like Eiko managed to get a different outfit for Fenna. She's wearing some sort of deep red shirt-skirt hybrid that's too short to be called a dress, with orange shorts peeking out from underneath. Makeup adorns her face, and she's decked out in enough jewelry to make a peacock jealous. She approaches your table, hips swaying.
  934. [16:32:29] <Natalie> Resisting laughing is the greatest challenge yet.
  935. [16:32:38] <@Kill-It-Kain> Fenna: "Oh, Natalie? Is that you? I didn't think you'd be back in Lindblum so soon, sweetie!" she says in a tone that almost convinces you, goddamn.
  936. [16:32:40] <Natalie> "Ah- Oh!"
  937. [16:32:49] <AoriShirt> (>put it in)
  938. [16:33:26] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "H-huh...?"
  939. [16:34:06] * Natalie does all the laughing in the hornphone. Eidolons can cheat like that. "Oh- how long have you been here, Fenna?" They're using these names anyway, so Nat just hops up and gives the birdgirl a big hug. "I missed you too!"
  940. [16:34:47] <Natalie> And then she spins to face him.  "Uh, sorry I didn't introduce you.  This is 1,1my girlfriend!"
  941. [16:35:18] <@Kill-It-Kain> She wraps her arms around you from behind, giving a biiiig, big smile.
  942. [16:35:24] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "..."
  943. [16:35:55] <Natalie> "Hehe, kinda slipped my mind.  My bad!"
  944. [16:36:03] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "Ha. ...hahaha... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa..." He just starts laughing, in his chair right there, looking at the two of you.
  945. [16:36:10] <@Kill-It-Kain> But... something isn't quite right.
  946. [16:36:16] <@Kill-It-Kain> Tears are streaming out of his eyes, too.
  947. [16:36:25] * Amaranthe is now known as Anise
  948. [16:36:27] <Natalie> <I think it's... your... turn...>
  949. [16:36:36] * Natalie looks up to Fenna with an 'uh-oh' face.
  950. [16:37:15] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "Oh god... this... this has probably been... the worst day of my whole life... it figures, it really, really does...."
  951. [16:37:27] <@Kill-It-Kain> He stumbles out of his chair, turning away from you and Fenna.
  952. [16:37:37] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce: "I...I've gotta go..."
  953. [16:38:12] <Natalie> "Yeah, we do too.  Don't worry, there's definitely someone for you out there.  I'm sure of it!"  Oh man she kind of wants to cry too.
  954. [16:38:31] <Natalie> <Everything's going as planned- go go, swoop him up!>
  955. [16:38:34] <@Kill-It-Kain> From the sidelines Eiko jumps down, riding Fenrir, blocking Bunce's path! "Bunce, what's wrong? Come on, let's get out of here~"
  956. [16:38:54] <@Kill-It-Kain> Bunce just... starts running, pushing his way past Eiko and Fenrir, bursting into sobs.
  957. [16:39:06] <Natalie> "... Ah."
  958. [16:39:22] <@Kill-It-Kain> You hear him yell as he runs past. "I QUIT GIRLS FOREVER." ;_;
  959. [16:39:41] <@Kill-It-Kain> Eiko just... stares as she watches him go.
  960. [16:39:49] <Natalie> "Um."
  961. [16:39:59] <@Kill-It-Kain> Eiko: "Uuum..."
  962. [16:40:02] <@Kill-It-Kain> Fenna: "Uhh...."
  963. [16:40:03] <AoriShirt> (;_;)
  964. [16:40:08] * Natalie walks up to Eiko, making a face. "... Don't just stand there, chase him anyway!"
  965. [16:40:28] <@Kill-It-Kain> Eiko: "R-right! I'll see you sometime again, Ruby!"
  966. [16:40:36] <@Kill-It-Kain> Eiko: "Come on, Fenrir! Let's go!"
  967. [16:40:38] <Natalie> "Yeah!  Get alone together or something!"
  968. [16:40:41] <@Kill-It-Kain> Fenrir: "Bark!"
  969. [16:40:44] <Natalie> "Only you can do it!  I believe in you~!"
  970. [16:40:49] <@Kill-It-Kain> They run off, after Bunce.
  971. [16:41:06] * Natalie looks up at Fenna and snrks. And THEN bursts out laughing.
  972. [16:41:17] <Natalie> "Hehehe, that looks REALLY funny on you, you know."
  973. [16:42:50] <@Kill-It-Kain> Fenna: "...does it? I picked everything out..."
  974. [16:43:01] <@Kill-It-Kain> Fenna droops, her feelings hurt, a bit.
  975. [16:43:04] <Natalie> "Well, I bet my tiara looks just as silly!"
  976. [16:43:17] <@Kill-It-Kain> Fenna: ", I thought it was really pretty..."
  977. [16:43:49] <Natalie> "Oh... well... okay, this part is... and..."
  978. [16:44:07] * Natalie scratches the back of her head. "Man, maybe my acting really does suck."
  979. [16:45:04] <Natalie> "So we're um... leaving them alone now, right...?"
  980. [16:45:41] <@Kill-It-Kain> Fenna: "I... guess so. I hope it turns out okay."
  981. [16:46:03] <Natalie> "Y-Yeah, me too..."
  982. [16:46:05] <@Kill-It-Kain> Fenna: "Are you gonna go back to Black Mage Village?"
  983. [16:46:49] <Natalie> "Well, I need to meet Ammy, and tell her how it went, and then I guess so... I kinda don't wanna leave without finding how it turns out though."
  984. [16:47:12] <Natalie> "You wanna come too?  Or stay here?  I wish there was a way I could help with your memories..."
  985. [16:47:30] <Natalie> "Well, there MIGHT be one."
  986. [16:48:46] <@Kill-It-Kain> Fenna thinks...
  987. [16:49:15] <@Kill-It-Kain> Fenna: "I think I'll stay here with Eiko, for now... You got to spend some time with her, before! I haven't gotten that chance yet..."
  988. [16:49:50] <@Kill-It-Kain> Fenna: "I dunno what's gonna happen with my memories, but I think it's going to be okay..."
  989. [16:49:56] <Natalie> "Hehe... I wish I remembered it better than I do.  But, she ordered me to fix the crystal, and I DO remember that!  So I gotta go finish it."
  990. [16:50:09] <@Kill-It-Kain> Fenna: "You guys are out there trying to fix things! And I believe in you, so I know it'll turn out alright."
  991. [16:50:13] * Natalie tries to tiptoe up and pat her on the head. Probably.... not tall enough for that even still.
  992. [16:50:14] <@Kill-It-Kain> Fenna grins.
  993. [16:50:24] <@Kill-It-Kain> Fenna laughs and stoops down a bit.
  994. [16:50:27] <@Kill-It-Kain> Fenna: *chirp*
  995. [16:50:29] <Natalie> "Thanks, Fenna.  ... And I guess that is kinda pretty the more I look at it."
  996. [16:50:43] <Natalie> "Tell her she can summon me anytime if she needs me, 'kay?"
  997. [16:50:51] <@Kill-It-Kain> Fenna: "Mhm, sure thing."
  998. [16:51:02] <Natalie> "And... I'll see if I can talk to the guy who made me this," she points to the tiara, "anyway.  Just in case."
  999. [16:51:14] <@Kill-It-Kain> Fenna: "Okay, thank you. I really do appreciate it..."
  1000. [16:51:31] <@Kill-It-Kain> Fenna: "I'll go find Madeen and hang out with her until Eiko's done with Bunce..."
  1001. [16:51:55] <Natalie> "Alright.  I... think I already forgot where Ammy told me to look, whoops.  Well off I go~!"
  1002. [16:52:00] <@Kill-It-Kain> MEANWHILE
  1003. [16:52:24] <castfromhp> (/me grabs popcorn bucket)
  1004. [16:52:27] <@Kill-It-Kain> Madeen lowers her moogle-sized binoculars, sighing and shaking her head. "I think I'll have more of that, please." she says to Ammy.
  1005. [16:54:06] <@Kill-It-Kain> Two glasses and a rather large bottle of whiskey are nearby, as well as a bucket of popcorn. No further context necessary.
  1006. [16:54:17] <@Kill-It-Kain> BACK TO NATALIE
  1007. [16:54:35] <Natalie> >implying not darting off to the wonderful land of /session
  1008. [16:54:41] <@Kill-It-Kain> okay then
  1009. [16:54:50] <@Kill-It-Kain> </ATE>
  1010. [16:55:04] <Natalie> oh god was this entire thing an ATE
  1011. [16:55:15] <@Kill-It-Kain> Let's see
  1012. [16:55:15] <AoriShirt> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  1013. [16:55:30] <@Kill-It-Kain> goofy nonplot related scenes in a distant locale broken into several parts
  1014. [16:55:35] <@Kill-It-Kain> YEP
  1015. [16:55:40] <Natalie> FAIR ENOUGH
  1016. [16:55:43] <@Kill-It-Kain> sure is an ate
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