Wild Wind Girl Chapter 2 Trans

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  1. 00
  2. The super popular mobile game’s astounding new manga!!
  3. Could the beautiful gang leader really transform into a beautiful idol!?
  4. Walking through the city streets at night pissed off at his job, the Producer met Takumi, a beautiful girl clad in the traditional long jacket of a delinquent biker gang member. Though she initially seemed to be a hot-headed, valiant kind of girl, upon seeing her being unexpectedly gentle with a stray cat, he was drawn to her and attempted to chat her up – only to end up getting punched in the face. Several days later, the cat had disappeared from its usual home, and suspecting this was the Producer’s doing, Takumi went to his office to pick a fight; but there she found that he’d actually taken the cat in out of kindness. And just as she was looking for some way to apologise, the office phone rang…
  5. (Not going to do the text in last chapter’s panels because people can just read the last chapter, and I can’t be arsed to look up more readable scans of c.1)
  6. Walking the through the city at night, the Producer met a beautiful delinquent gang leader.
  7. When he tried to touch her, she sent him flying!!
  8. The Producer got a call with a request for a pinch hitter to replace another idol. Though Takumi obviously refused, the Producer pulled some dirty tricks to make her agree!
  9. So Takumi ended up being forced to help out, for one day only. There she ended up being embarrassed on stage… But somehow, the audience loved it.
  10. Takumi watched the other idols perform for the first time; and she began to feel it, the ‘wind’ that blows through the wild atmosphere of a crowd!
  11. Realising what she had felt, the Producer invited Takumi to really become an idol. She blew him off, but could it be…?
  12. (Character intros) Producer
  13. Though his bleach-blonde hair and sunglasses may make him look like a thug, he is actually a producer for a well-respected idol production company. His bad attitude at work and his lack of any idols to actually produce give a bad impression, but maybe, just maybe…?
  14. Takumi Mukai
  15. A beautiful girl who is the leader of a biker gang as well as attending high school. On the surface she seems to be a hardcore delinquent – but she seems to have a cute side too, and secretly feeds stray cats.
  16. Manga by Misaki Sako
  17. Original Character by Bandai Namco Entertainment
  18. Up to speed in 3 minutes! The story up to now!
  20. 01
  21. ヴオン vroom vroom vroom
  22. Takumi has had an eye-opening first encounter with the world of Idols…
  23. Ah-aaaah.
  24. Man, storming down the coast is the best!
  25. Yeah!
  26. Aaah, he’s right.
  27. Bikes are the best.
  28. ビュオオオ vrooooooom
  29. There’s absolutely
  30. Nothing that could beat this feeling…
  33. 02
  34. クッ Tsk!
  35. ヴオオオオ vroooooom
  36. … Shit.
  37. What the hell was that…?
  38. Come on guys, floor it!
  39. ウオー Yes boss!
  40. (bottom bar) This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any organisations or persons, living or dead, is coincidental.
  42. 03
  43. Original Character by Bandai Namco Entertainment
  44. Manga by Misaki Sako
  45. A hardcore delinquent… charging headlong down the highway to being an idol?!
  46. Thank you so much for your great reactions to chapter one!
  47. Stage.2 Jobs Without Honour and Humanity
  49. 04
  50. I ended up coming here…
  51. It was like my feet were moving on my own…
  52. B-but just because I came doesn’t mean I want to be an idol or anything, right?
  53. And I really don’t wanna meet that guy…
  54. Aaaaaah~, what the hell am I doing here!?
  56. 05
  57. Ooooh, if it isn’t Takumin!
  58. Watcha doin’?
  59. Woah!
  60. That voice…
  61. You’re…
  62. ソリコミ shaved sides
  63. ギャルメイク gyaru makeup
  64. ちょりーっす Heeeeey.
  65. ニッカボッカ Knickerbockers
  66. Eeh…?! You…
  67. You’re that girl from that time…!?
  69. 06
  70. No way! She’s like a completely different person!!?
  71. Is she really that girl? The one who was all idol-ly idol like!?
  72. ‘cos if anything, she…
  73. Doesn’t she look more like the same kind of girl as me…!?
  74. Why the hell’s a girl like you working as an idol…?
  75. ハッ Ah!
  76. Wait a second!!
  77. You had some fucking nerve, turning me into a laughing stock like that, you little…!!!
  78. Ahaha! Takumin, your face is just toooo funny~!
  79. Your face muscles do hella work, haha~. They’re super-awesome!
  80. Ah, whatever.
  81. Who gives a…
  82. Oh yeah, stop calling me ‘Takumin’, right? I don’t even know your name and you’re callin’ me that..
  83. Oh? Didn’t I tell you it?
  85. 07
  86. I’m Rina Fujimoto!
  87. You can call me Rinarina.
  88. Nice to meetcha☆
  89. An overwhelming aura
  90. Of ‘Whatever, I don’t really care’
  91. I’m not callin’ you that.
  92. Ah… right.
  93. Well, I’m gonna go, so…
  94. Huh?
  95. Not got any business at the office?
  96. ギク gulp!
  97. This is my producer’s office too, actually!♪
  98. C’mon, let’s go on in♪
  99. No, wai-
  100. I don’t really have anything…
  101. Go, go!☆
  102. Hey-…!
  104. 08
  105. (various unimportant sound effects)
  107. 09
  108. Oi.
  109. u-woah!
  110. Gah! Shit, my boss!? Aah, I mean, umm, I was…
  111. It’s not like I was asleep or anythin’…
  112. Oh, right, it’s just you.
  113. Would it kill this guy to have some fucking respect for once!?
  114. Yeah, well, y’know, Takumi.
  115. You’re kinda late.
  116. And You’ve been ditching work for days now…
  117. What!?
  119. 10
  120. I told you, I’m not gonna become an idol!
  121. I’m just here to see Butch.
  122. Butch…?
  123. Meow~
  124. Butch! Man, you’re lookin’ healthier!
  125. You gave it a name?
  126. But… ‘Butch’? It’s a pretty small kitten, y’know…?
  127. It’s weird, but I guess it’s kinda a cute name.
  128. Ah c’mon, it’s obvious why I called him that, right?
  129. BUTCHI-GIRI! You know, the biker slang! Racing ahead of the pack, burning rubber!
  131. 11
  132. BUTCH
  133. Meow~
  134. N-No way, hahah! That’s too much!
  135. It sounds like some huge Rottweiler or something!
  136. Hehe, it’s so cool, ain’t it!
  137. You’ve gotta get all big and live up to your name, Butch!!
  138. コホン cough
  139. Well, whatever…
  140. Anyway.
  141. Look at this.
  142. The hell is…?
  143. Just read it.
  144. It’s funny as hell.
  145. Huh…?
  146. (on paper)企画書 Plan
  147. Huh? What’s this, some kind of planning document?
  148. Hmm, PR for some product, right…
  149. … Hmmmm?!
  151. 12
  152. 当時の衣装(イメージ)Costume (tbc)
  153. (bottom) Inspired by a prawn, the idol will wear this costume for PR dut-
  154. That’s… so fucking laaaaaaammmeee!!
  155. I know right!!?
  156. What the hell is this thing!?
  157. It’s fucking stupid, right? I haven’t been able to stop laughing since I saw it!
  158. I just had to show it to someone!
  159. Holy shit, haha! The way the face is showing is the worst part!
  160. No way that would ever be good PR, right?
  161. Yeah, who the hell is gonna wear that!?
  162. Hahaha!! Well, obviously,
  164. 13
  165. You.
  166. Haaaaaaaaaaah!?!?
  167. You’re gonna make me wear that!? You were just laughin’ your head off at it!
  168. You fucking do it!
  169. Hey, I’m just a producer, I don’t wear the outfits.
  170. It’ll be fine, it’ll be fine, it’ll suit you.
  171. I don’t wanna hear that!!!!
  172. Anyway, I told you, I don’t wanna be an idol or anyth-
  173. ひょい snatch!
  175. 14
  176. Ooh…
  177. This looks fun, right?
  178. If Takumin’s not gonna do it, how about letting me at it? C’mon!
  179. Eh… Seriously?
  180. You’re okay with that?
  181. Yeah, it sounds cool, right?
  182. Well, I guess it’s okay, but…
  183. It’s not exactly a huge job, you know? I didn’t think it was the kinda thing an idol like you, who actually gets gigs, would want to…
  184. Eh, why not? I’m super-okay with it~
  185. Lemme do it~!
  187. 15
  188. Yaaay! I got some work~
  189. Good job I decided to drop by the office. Lucky!
  190. She’s…
  191. Kinda a weird one…
  192. Yeah…
  194. 16
  195. Mmmmn~~~
  196. … Aaah, guess I’ll stop somewhere for a break.
  197. Man, it’s perfect biking weather today!
  198. What was that back there?
  199. I know, right?
  200. I SO wouldn’t want to do that kind of job~
  201. Yeah, no way I’d do that!
  203. 17
  204. (signboard) Sea’s Blessings Supplements
  205. Rich in Minerals
  206. New on Sale
  207. (banner) Eases Tiredness!
  208. Free Samples~!
  209. ブッhurk!
  210. Free Samples~!
  211. Try our new product~!
  212. That’s… her!!!
  213. That job was for today…!?
  214. She’s really doing it!!
  215. ぶははっ Bwahahaha!
  217. 18
  218. Man am I glad I didn’t have to do that!
  219. ははははは Hahahahahaha
  220. Woah, what is that?
  221. Some mascot character?
  222. But her face is showing, though.
  223. Man, is that girl for real?
  224. That’s so laaame.
  225. Try our new product~
  226. And you’ll transform into a lively little shrimp just like me!
  227. Heh, jokes, jokes~
  228. It doesn’t really do that,
  229. But try it out anyway~!
  230. That wasn’t funny at all…
  231. It’s making me embarrassed just listening to her.
  232. What a dud…
  233. What the hell even is that?
  235. 19
  236. Did she lose a bet or something?
  237. 行こ行こーC’mon, let’s go.
  238. Hey there, babe.
  239. You’re pretty cute. Who are you?
  240. 高校生? You a high schooler?
  241. I’m an idol~
  242. I’m Rina Fujimoto~
  243. よろしくちゃーん Nice to meet ya!
  244. Huh? She’s an idol?
  245. Really?
  246. Jeez…
  247. It’s really pretty sad what they make idols that aren’t selling do, isn’t it?
  249. 20
  250. Hey, you!
  251. Oh, Takumin, it’s you! What’s up~?
  252. スゲー服 Whoa, what an outfit…
  253. イラッ snap!
  254. You…
  255. Everyone’s lookin’ down on you!
  256. This job’s fucking stupid, and they know it!
  257. Dammit, messing around like this…
  258. Have you got absolutely no pride or somethin’?
  260. 21
  261. Why?
  262. …Whaaaa?!
  263. Eh.
  264. I mean, what’s so bad about this job, really? It’s fun, y’know.
  265. But everyone’s making fun of you…
  266. This girl… Does she really not notice!?
  267. 白い目~ blank stare~
  268. Is she actually a genuine idiot!?
  269. I knew it.
  270. Being an idol is a job is a job for people who don’t actually have brains!
  271. Hmph!
  272. Whatever. Sorry for interruptin’.
  273. Y’know, Takumin…
  274. You’ve seen it too, right?
  276. 22
  277. That view.
  279. 23
  280. It’s ‘cos I’ve seen that~
  281. That I can’t give up.
  282. … ‘Cos I wanna be an idol.
  283. And I’ll take any job that gets my name out there, no matter how small.
  285. 24
  286. Anyway, back to work for me!
  287. … What’s with this girl?
  288. I thought she was just a weirdo…
  289. Now that I think about it, this job was one that guy wanted me to do, right?
  290. I was gonna be the one getting’ laughed at…
  291. So she’s…
  292. Being made fun of, just ‘cos she’s covering for me!!
  293. I’m so…
  295. 25
  296. ‘Man am I glad I didn’t have to do that!’? What the fuck was I thinking?
  297. How heartless could I be?
  298. You’re pathetic, Takumi!
  299. I’m so…
  300. I’m so ashamed of myself! I can’t take this…!!!
  301. Not really thinking about it that much
  302. Free samples~
  304. 26
  305. Huh? Takumi? So you came.
  306. I guess you were interested after all.
  307. I’ve come to check up on her too.
  308. … It’s not like that.
  309. Oh man, that outfit really is amazing! It’s a fucking masterpiece!
  310. ブチ snap!
  311. Take this!!!
  312. Huhbbwhghgh!?
  314. 27
  315. W-Wha…?! What the hell was that for?!
  316. Shut up!
  317. … That costume.
  318. Is there another one?!
  320. 28
  321. What. Is. That?
  322. Free samples~!
  323. Try our new product~
  324. ブフッ Hehe!
  325. There’s another one!
  326. It looks so weird!
  327. If Rina’s gonna get laughed at for my sakes,
  328. Then…
  330. 29
  331. I’ve gotta be the one to rescue her!!!
  332. 仁義 DUTY HONOUR (split in two)
  333. Not thinking anything at all
  334. Here! Take this, dammit!!
  335. Jeez, that girl’s too scary…
  336. Who is she…?
  338. 30
  339. You not gonna take this?
  340. Hey! You!
  341. Hyiiii!?
  342. You think you can just walk away from me?!
  343. Dammit. That girl…
  344. I just can’t get enough of her!!
  345. ぶわははは Bwahahahahaha!!
  346. C’mon! Why are you walking away!?
  347. Wha…
  348. What on earth are you girls doing!?
  350. 31
  351. Huh? Who are you guys?
  352. あっAh!
  353. It’s the client!
  354. Thanks for coming by~
  355. How dare you girls speak to the chief like that!?
  356. And what on earth is going on here!?
  357. You’re scaring away all the passers-by!
  358. Are you actually here to work properly, or not?
  359. Are you fu—
  360. Now, now.
  362. 32
  363. It’s alright really, Nishimura.
  364. But, chief…
  365. I’m sure these girls didn’t mean to do anything bad.
  366. Right?
  367. Y-yeah…
  368. Ah, at least this guy seems alright.
  369. They’re still new to the idol business.
  370. That just means we’ll have to teach them all kinds of stuff.
  371. Isn’t that right, miss?
  373. 33
  374. Aaaaah
  375. Sorry about that, guys, really, soz.
  376. Looks like our idols have caused you a teensy bit of trouble!
  377. Wha-
  378. Who are you!?
  379. チンピラ? A yakuza?
  380. I’m this pair’s producer!
  381. Huh, right.
  382. We did say we wouldn’t mind if you just sent the idols along on their own today.
  383. Ah, these two are kinda our problem children, though.
  384. 気になちゃって! So I thought I’d better come, y’know.
  385. What did you just-
  386. Who the hell are you callin’ a problem!?
  387. They’re not really used to the job yet!
  388. So,
  390. 34
  391. I’ll get them working properly!
  392. Leave it to me!
  393. … I see.
  394. Very well then. Go ahead.
  395. Roger!
  396. … Phew.
  397. Guess it can’t be helped.
  398. I’ll have to pitch in too!
  400. 35
  401. Try our new product~
  402. Free samples here~
  403. It’s a new supplement~
  405. 36
  406. How about giving it a try~?
  407. There’s no way this business isn’t crooked!!
  408. 引っ Back away!
  410. 37
  411. You girls better be grateful for me helping you out like this!
  412. Kinda feels like we’ve got even less people coming up to us, though~
  413. チョー遠巻き They’re, like, super keeping their distance now…
  414. If you take this supplement, it’ll make you happy~ (lie)
  415. How about it?
  416. Mama, look! They’re giving something out!
  417. お菓子かなーIs it candy?
  418. Don’t take it from him!
  419. Wha-
  420. Hey, what’s up?
  421. It’s nothin’ bad!
  422. You there….
  423. Hey…
  425. 38
  426. Exactly what are you doing here?!
  427. Gah!
  428. The police…
  429. Huh, odd reaction. This is getting more and more suspicious…
  430. 反射 Reflex
  431. じーっ Staaaaare
  432. Looks like we might have an incident on our hands here.
  433. What do you mean, it looks like…
  434. I’ll hear what you have to say at the station.
  435. Come with me!
  436. Eh?
  437. Ah!
  438. Wai-
  439. ああああ…Aaaaahhhh….
  441. 39
  442. … What the hell is he doing?
  443. Kyahaha! That’s, like, soooo funny!
  444. Isn’t getting taken in for questioning, like, really bad?
  445. It’s never happened to me, though.
  446. Well, whatever
  447. Let’s get back to work.
  448. Is that actually alright!?
  449. Free samples~!
  450. Try our new product~!
  451. Get your free samples here~
  453. 40
  454. They’re slowly starting to actually take them, aren’t they?
  455. Yep!
  456. Obviously we’re still gettin’ laughed at
  457. But, well, whatever.
  458. Today, I’ve absolutely gotta prioritise making this job a success,
  459. For Rina’s sake!
  460. Aaah, looking good, girls.
  461. Looks like you’ve got better at this.
  462. Yeah!
  463. I know-…
  465. 41
  466. サワサワ rub rub
  467. That bastard, he’s…!!!
  468. I thought it was kinda weird before too…
  469. But that’s what it was!
  470. Ahaha~
  471. …Mr. Client~…?
  472. Hm? What’s up?
  473. ムカムカムカムカ Grrrrrrrrrrrrr
  474. Even though we’re just tryin’ to actually do our jobs, this guy…
  476. 42
  477. Raaargh!!!
  478. Aaaah!!
  479. T-Takumin?!
  480. Have some fucking shame!!
  481. Are you a horny teenager or something? Act your age, uou old pervert!
  482. Ch-
  483. Chief!? Are you alright!?
  484. あがあが Ow! Ow!
  486. 43
  487. You…
  488. You think you’ll get away with doing something like this!?
  489. So violence isn’t okay,
  490. But sexual harassment is?!
  491. ‘Sexual harrassment’?
  492. Ugh, that’s horrible!
  493. That company must be just the worst.
  494. You… You’re fired! Fired!!
  495. No, actually, we quit!
  497. 44
  498. What I really wanna do right now is beat the shit out of you…
  499. But I can’t really move properly in this costume.
  500. Rina!
  501. You give them a real beating!
  502. Eep!
  503. Like, I might be an idiot, but~
  505. 45
  506. I’m not that kinda easy girl!
  507. Nice!
  508. Those girls are awesome!!
  510. 46
  511. Sorry!!
  512. In the end I just completely ruined your job…
  513. No way, it’s totally fine!
  514. Like, it’s better this way~
  515. You girls…
  516. I heard you caused a hell of a scene, jeez.
  518. 47
  519. Yeeeah, I think you managed to do that as well.
  520. You’ve got some nerve, comin’ back like it’s nothing…
  521. Man, I really got chewed out by my boss over the phone. It was crazy.
  522. But whatever, it got the police to believe me.
  523. Look, it’s because you were no help at all that we ended up-
  524. Oh yeah, about that,
  525. Well done.
  527. 48
  528. … Huh?
  529. D-don’t touch me!
  530. I heard what happened.
  531. And yeah, it was their fault, right?
  532. I thought there was somethin’ kinda off about those guys too.
  533. I was pretty worried about the job.
  534. これでも I still am.
  535. And well, the higher-ups got hella angry at me,
  536. But,
  537. You protected a friend.
  538. Be proud of that!
  539. Proud…?
  541. 49
  542. Good work, good work!
  543. Ah, this isn’t sexual harassment, by the way
  544. Kyahaha!
  545. Thanks, Takumin!
  546. I am like, super-relieved after all that~!
  547. W-well… If you say so, that’s good, I guess.
  548. Like, I know I dress all flashy and stuff~
  549. And a lotta guys tend to think I’m gonna be, like, suuuuper easy or something~
  550. But since I’m kinda dumb, when that kinda stuff happens,
  551. Even if I’m really, like, super steaming mad, I end up just like, ‘oh you’ and laughing it off~
  552. So I’m really, really glad you were there~! I’m, like, super-stoked right now!
  553. Ye… Yeah!
  554. I only understood about half of that, but yeah!
  555. Hehe!
  557. 50
  558. Hey, you two.
  559. How about forming a unit?
  560. … What?
  561. You just thought of that, didn’t you? Don’t just say whatever comes into your head.
  562. Well, yeah, I did just think of it.
  563. Oh, for gods sakes!
  564. フザケてんのか Are you messin’ around with me?
  565. But I think if you two team up
  566. It’ll be pretty interesting, right?
  568. 51
  569. Yeah, that’s totally an awesome idea~
  570. たのちそー Sounds fun!
  571. You need to think about what jobs you take more!
  572. And what about the group from that other time? The one at the live?
  573. That was just a one-time thing for that gig~
  574. Hey
  575. Can I talk to you for a second?
  576. That’s the woman from before…!
  577. Aah… Do you still need something from me…?
  578. So you guys are idols, right?
  580. 52
  581. Uh…
  582. There’s something
  583. I’d like your help with.
  584. The policewoman comes to them looking strangely troubled… Whatever could she need with these idols!?
  585. Continued in the July issue
  587. 53
  588. Telling you all about the girls!
  589. Thank you for reading Wild Wind Girl chapter two!! Today we’re turning the spotlight on the girl who Takumi Mukai spent a lot of the first two chapters together with, Rina Fujimoto!! In this manga she appears as one of the idols who entered the business before Takumi, but in the original game her position is a little different!! Those interested should give the game a try, and find the differences for themselves!!
  590. Heya~☆ Hey, hey, if you’re not doing anythin’, let’s have fun~!
  591. Number Two: Rina Fujimoto
  592. Age: 18
  593. Hometown: Shounan
  594. Birthday – 14th October
  595. Height/Weight: 154cm/41kg
  596. B/W/H: 77/55/80
  597. Voice Actor: Mayumi Kaneko
  598. Star sign: Libra
  599. Blood Type: A
  600. Handedness: Right-handed
  601. She owns her own scooter
  602. Will she end up going touring with Takumi too…?
  603. Seen wearing a characteristic construction worker-style outfit, Rina Fujimoto is an easy-going gyaru idol. She has a distinctive style of speaking, often ending her sentences with ‘poyo’ or a star☆. Though this can make her look like a loose woman, she has an honest and tolerant personality, and is very serious about her work. She often gives people nicknames.
  604. Even though she’s wearing work clothes here…
  605. With a change of clothes she’s super cute!!
  606. I’m gonna pour in aaaaaall of my love, poyo! Cool!
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