Anon And The Tentacle Cat (a flexible survival story)

May 20th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. >It had been about two months since the military's big push into the quarantine zone
  2. >you had been there to see the whole thing, just a few miles from where what could very well end up being the worst disaster in human history went down
  3. >back then you were stuck here along with everyone else, outside the city and away from the initial outbreak but unable to leave and with no idea what going on just a few miles past the wall of tanks and armed men with worried looks on their faces
  4. >now it was all "over" and you were all alone in your apartment building
  5. >your other neighbors having run for it the second infected had started getting cleared at check points
  6. >you should have left too, hell you wanted to but everything just happened so quickly
  7. >after the military ended the communications blackout it all went down so fast
  8. >one day you were surrounded by sacred, furious, excited people desperately trying to figure out what was happening same as you and the next day it was like they vanished
  9. >right after that the busses and taxis shut down, then the airports
  10. >once word really started getting out there were riots on the streets and desperate pleas to the government to try and keep it contained
  11. >so yeah you were stuck here in your crappy apartment getting your meals from the back of a national guard truck as the city of freaks next door opened up into your neighborhood
  12. >you'd seen a few already, the "infected" not that you and everyone else in a hundred miles wasn't infected already according to the news
  13. >it seemed like the military was keeping the real mutants close at at hand for now but what little you saw still freaked you out
  14. >women with fur and horns, guys with paws for hands
  15. >even one poor bastard in a wheelchair whose lower body had become a tangle of what looked like tree roots
  16. >you felt guilty but honestly it was more than enough to make you spend most of your time at home either trying to pass the time or get a hold of your family
  17. >it was one of those nights when it finally happened
  18. >another disheartening evening of unanswered phone calls and pointless shitposting finally drove you to open up your meager booze cabinet
  19. >you took out a nice bottle of gin and poured yourself a little gin and tonic
  20. >you headed to the livingroom to watch some more depressing news but just then you saw the kitchen lights flicker out of the corner of your eye
  21. >you turned around and almost dropped your drink
  22. >the bottle of gin you had left on the table was gone
  23. >after checking to see the bottle is indeed gone you run around the apartment checking every nook and cranny for some kind of intruder
  24. >doors and windows are all shut amd locked
  25. >you are all alone
  26. >you spend the rest of the evening even more on edge than usual
  27. >you try and tell yourself you're safe and that there's no one in here with you
  28. >and maybe there isn't, maybe the loneliness and insanity outside is just finally getting to you
  29. >but then again you can't lie to yourself
  30. >you've heard the rumors about infected getting abilities and as far as you know the idea of being trapped inside with a super mutant is a very real threat
  31. >still you have no where else to go
  32. >sure there's a hotline you can call to report dangerous activity related to the infection but what are you going to say?
  33. >please help officer! My booze went missing!
  34. >yeah that's not gonna fly
  35. >taking a deep breath you tell yourself everything's going to be okay
  36. >you retreat to your room and start to get ready for bed
  37. >you don't even shower just brush your teeth and slowly get into bed
  38. >you're going to be okay
  39. >there's nothing in here with you
  40. >you turn out the light
  41. >........
  42. >its dark
  43. >you try to fall back asleep
  44. >you were having a nice dream
  45. >standing out in the middle of a field a soft breeze blowing blades of grass across your legs
  46. >but...
  47. >oh fuck something actually is rubbing against your legs
  48. >you try to jump up only to have something grab you and press you back into the sheets
  49. >giggling fills the room
  50. >it seems like its coming from every direction at once
  51. >there's a gun in your nightstand you just need to reach it
  52. >there's the loud sound of liquid being gulped followed by a thud as something hits the floor
  53. >"fuuuuuck guy I knew you were holding out on me!"
  54. >"you young guys always have a stash somewhere"
  55. >"buuuut don't worry!"
  56. >"I didn't, I didn't steal it... you know!?"
  57. >the words seem to slur together as you feel something warm and soft slither up your pants leg
  58. >going up your leg it curls around your cock and starts to softly pulse
  59. >you swear you can see it glowing under the fabric of your pants
  60. >shhhhh that's right just lay back and let me repay you the voice whispers
  61. >dispite the abject horror you feel at this moment you can't help yourself
  62. >it's actually feeling good, extremely good
  63. >like every neve in your member is being slowly triggered with each pulse
  64. >within moments you've tented your pants and have to resist the urge to reach down and yank them off
  65. >hah, I wish you could see yourself right now guy you look soooo freaking silly right now
  66. >you like this huh?
  67. >you like getting teased by someone you don't even know?
  68. >totally worth letting a girl get a drink right?
  69. >the tip of the thing in your pants begins to swell creeping up your shaft and pressing against your glands
  70. >fuck you are enjoying this, you're a such an idiot
  71. >you can't just let this happen right? What if this is kind of some dick eating monster? What if whatever is doing this is infectious
  72. >oh god is this how you go? Disappeared from a locked room like a damn horror movie?
  73. >the pulsating warmth in your pants gets faster causing your train of thought to falter
  74. >your whole lower body starts to go numb as pleasure overtakes you
  75. >you can't take this you don't care anymore your body needs this
  76. >you feel yourself starting to actually relax your worries melting away
  77. >the voice has been quiet for awhile now obviously enjoying the show
  78. >with your last bit of energy you struggle against the bed kicking down your pants and finally revealing yourself
  79. >you don't even care when you see the long glowing tentacle wrapped around your cock
  80. >mmmmm good boy, I didn't expect you to be so eager it teases
  81. >you're so close at this point you don't even care
  82. >now let jus-GUH!?
  83. >you hear the sound of a bottle being kicked and suddenly its like the darkness itself is coming down on you
  84. >something large and furry lands right on top of you
  85. >with a moan you finally let go
  86. >its the biggest orgasm of your life
  87. >it feels like it goes on of over a minute it just won't stop
  88. >by the time its finally finished you feel like you just pumped out your damn soul
  89. >which, if late night radio is correct about the infected you may have actually done
  90. >it's amazing
  91. >"d-did you just..."
  92. >the thing on top of you speaks none of the smug confidence from earlier present in its voice
  93. >"HOLY SHIT"
  94. >suddenly it's like trying to pick up a feral cat
  95. >the thing panics, scrambling across the bed
  96. >you feel the sheets rip and claws dig into your skin but what the hell you don't really give a shit at this point
  97. >"oh my god it's everywhere! I can fucking smell it jesus christ!"
  98. >a fuzzy fist slams into your chest knocking the wind out of you
  99. >a pair of angry green eyes glare at you from the darkness
  101. >you see more glowing tentacles appear out of the darkness as the creature starts to dance around the room in a panic
  102. >fuuuuck why is there so much!?
  103. >with an frightened yelp the creature vanishes and the room goes quiet
  104. >exhausted, drained, and most likely bleeding you pass out your, brain not even trying to process what just happened
  107. >you wake up to the sound of thunder outside
  108. >your room is dark and quiet save for the pitter patter of rain against the window
  109. >you stretch and try to roll out of bed pausing when you notice your pants down around your ankles
  110. >oh fuck that really did happen didn't it
  111. >you hobble rush to the bathroom you pants nearly tripping you as you throw open the door and hit the lights
  112. >you look over yourself in the mirror paying extra attention to your cock
  113. >you look normal, no fur, no tentacles, no nothing
  114. >most importantly your dick is in the exact same condition as it was the last time you saw it
  115. >thank god
  116. >rummaging around your medicine cabinet you grab your infection safety pamphlet
  117. >going down the symptoms you breathe a sigh of relief
  118. >you seem to be in the clear
  119. >taking no chance's however you takean extra long extra hot hot shower that morning
  120. >stepping out wrapped in a towel you realize something
  121. >you feel fantastic
  122. >its the dumbest thing in the world but for the first time since this all went down you feel accomplished
  123. >you smile as you pick up the empty bottle of gin off the floor
  124. >God you had a crazy night didn't you
  125. >you look over at your torn up sheets then back at yourself
  126. >not even a scratch, guess the infection is good for something after all
  127. >feeling pleased with yourself you walk to the kitchen chucking the bottle into the recycling
  128. >you pause a moment
  129. >hmmm
  130. >on a hunch you walk over to your liquor cabinet
  131. >as if on que the cheap wooden door falls off its hinges clattering to the floor
  132. >the drawer itself is completely empty the wood marred with frantic claw marks
  133. >oh well, hopefully it'll be enough to keep what that was last night satisfied
  134. >maybe the events of last night just haven't sunk in yet but all the fear you felt then seems like a distant memory
  135. >your home was invaded and your body violated but here you are feeling like you could take on the world right now
  136. a sudden knock at the door sends you practically leaping into your living room to take cover behind your couch
  137. >you swear you hear snickering coming from somewhere
  138. >your newfound confidence mostly shattered you rush to the door hoping you aren't blushing to hard
  139. >the fact that you're currently buck naked wrapped in a towel only coming to your mind as you swing the door open
  140. >GAH!
  141. >both you and the creature on the other side of the door frame stifle a shout as you see each other
  142. >its the most extreme mutation you've seen yet
  143. >its body is completely smooth and featureless, with pure white almost metallic looking skin
  144. >its face and head are blank and warped no eyes no nose, no hair, just a terrifying mouth open in an expression of shock
  145. >it's wearing a badly shredded police uniform clutching a clip board to its chest
  146. >the two of you stare at each other, each of you desperately trying to think of something to say
  147. >the thing drops the clipboard and covers its non existent face
  148. >I'm-I'm sorry..they said there wasn't anyone...
  149. >it turns and runs down the hall arms head in its hands
  150. >you slowly shut the door, shocked and feeling a bit sick to your stomach
  151. >you slowly walk to your couch holding your damp towel around you like a kid squeezing a blanket
  152. >that was a person....
  153. >jesus
  154. >you're suddenly very aware of how unprepared you really are for all of this
  155. >a lazy shut in in the wrong place at the wrong time just lucky enough to be a few miles away from where people ended up looking like that
  156. >you wish you were home, you wish you knew what was going on with your parents
  157. >you wish you didn't feel so alone right now
  161. >Help prevent outbreaks by following these steps
  163. >1. Keep yourself and your property clean, avoid stagnant water and any unknown substances. If you are forced to use an untrustworthy water source remember to MICROWAVE it before other methods of sanitizing
  165. >2. Avoid all animals and plant life. Any house plants should immediately be disposed of. All animals and INCLUDING SERVICE ANIMALS must be handed over to officials for proper screening. If you come into contact with any plants or animals wash your hands immediately.
  167. >4. Practice vigilance with food and drink. Never consume food or drink you did not prepare yourself. Store food and drink properly. Avoid scavenged or open goods. Remember to MICROWAVE before any other from of sanitizing
  169. >3. Avoid direct contact with infected individuals. Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet at all times. Even skin to skin contact can lead to infection. When communicating with stable infected be wary of both yourself and your surroundings. Avoid divulging any personal information and leave immediately if you notice any change in your behavior or thinking during the interaction.
  171. >4. Report any suspicious or feral activity to local officials immediately
  173. >5. If you have come into direct contact with infected bodily fluids or otherwise believe yourself to potentially be infected, report your location and condition, then isolate yourself immediately and watch for any physical changes.
  175. >REMEMBER: mutation is not always obvious. In some cases it can take hours for symptoms to develop and physical changes to become apparent
  176. >Look for these signs
  177. >Sudden memory loss
  178. >Minor physical changes such as change in weight or height
  179. >Inability to think straight or speak coherently
  180. >Intrusive inappropriate thoughts
  181. >Sudden irregular cravings or desires
  182. >Manic behavior
  183. >Sudden flashes of pain across the body
  184. >prolonged intense sexual arousal
  185. >If you believe yourself to be infected and have already taken proper precautions start a journal or other record of your condition as soon as possible
  186. >a journal can help you remember important information and allow you to track your condition.
  187. >Studies have shown that maintaining certain activities such as reading, writing, and proper etiquette can help mitigate negative mental impacts of the infection
  188. >A well maintained journal can also serve as a guide for rescue workers if you become unable to communicate or wander from your current location. It can also help doctors determine what strain you might have and what the best course of action may be for treatment.
  190. >Remember we need your help to keep everyone safe!
  192. >you spend the afternoon pacing around your apartment not sure what to do with yourself
  193. >you lucky lucky idiot
  194. >you can't believe you were actually feeling pride over last night
  195. >you came so close to the point of no return before sheer luck saved your ass
  196. >is wasn't fun, it wasn't romantic, it was stupid and dangerous
  197. >you sigh and flop down onto the couch
  198. >you really wish that thing had left you some alcohol
  199. >you flick on the tv to try and distract yourself
  200. >its the same bad news that's been on for months now
  201. >panic, riots, govoners declaring lockdowns, taking heads interviewing scientists who are clearly trying to downplay the threat of the virus or whatever it is that's causing this
  202. >still, the government does seem to be doing its job for once. There hasn't been a single outbreak outside the initial quarantine zone
  203. >with how on edge the country is right now that's something to be thankful for
  204. >if people saw what this shit could really do thing's would really start to fall apart
  205. >flipping through channels you decide to settle on a marathon of old family guy episodes
  206. >you could use some mindless entertainment right about now
  207. >you stay like that until dark curled up on the couch half watching half listening to the rain outside
  208. >you decide to skip dinner, you really don't have much of an appetite
  209. >you feel yourself start to doze off
  210. >POP
  211. >everything goes dark
  212. >its really not your day huh?
  213. >your heart pounding in your chest you leap off the couch and sprint to your room painfully and loudly sending several things smashing to the ground as you go
  214. >feeling your way into your room you rush to your nightstand grabbing your phone and gun
  215. >you click on your phone's light and back your way into the bathroom
  216. >the super bright led fills the room with cold light
  217. >nothing there
  218. >you try to compose yourself as you hold your gun out waiting for something to jump you
  219. >you leave the bathroom spinning around like an action hero
  220. >walking up to the window you open the blinds and peek outside
  221. >through the rain you hear men shouting and see trucks going back and forth
  222. >no gun shots probably just a power outage not an attack
  223. >you breathe a sigh of relief and turn back to you bed looks like you're skipping showering tonight too
  224. >shit you hate going to bed dirty
  225. >wait.....
  226. >when did you close your bedroom door
  227. >"heeeeeey there guy"
  228. >you smack face first into the carpet as you scramble over your bed to the bathroom
  229. >if you didn't have the safety on you probably would have just shot yourself
  230. >your phone goes flying and lands face down, no light for you
  231. >you push your self up and stumble into the bathroom slamming the door and locking it
  232. >no light, no way to call for help
  233. >fuck
  234. >you hear the creature chuckling
  235. >wuzz tha matter guy I just wanna say hello haha
  236. >a bottle kinks against the bathroom door
  237. >I was gonna wait -gulp- wait until you fell asleep but BAM loghts go out
  238. >so I -gulp-gulp- thought I'd check up on ya. Izz...Is not safe being a human all alone around here
  239. >you gather up the courage to speak
  240. >just stay back okay? I got a gun in here alright so just go home!
  241. >go home? Guy you know I pretty much live here right?
  242. >you pause
  243. >-gulp- heh fuck yeah dude been watching your pink ass and stuff
  244. >I...I'm warning you I really do have a gun in here you meekly reply. Wondering if the thing is actually being serious
  245. >wut? You do? Cool man let -burp- let me see it!
  246. >there's a thud against the door
  247. >What!? No just please go! You're not getting in here
  248. >whatever you say guy....
  250. >it feels like its been over an hour at this point
  251. >an hour of silence and darkness
  252. >you can't calm down you know the thing is messing with you
  253. >It could break down this door at any time and you're becoming increasingly unsure about your dinky pistols ability to actually protect you
  254. >god damn it this is not the time to be a loser
  255. >suddenly there's another thud outside you hear a bottle roll into the door
  256. >you wait holding your breath gun at the ready
  257. >nothing
  258. >you remind yourself of your own stupidity as you undo the lock and perk out into your room
  259. >still nothing
  260. >you inch your way out nearly kicking a fallen bottle
  261. >the carpet is wet and the room reeks of alcohol
  262. >finally you see it
  263. >sprawled out across the floor a puddle of black somehow even darker than the room around it
  264. >okay no time to look for your phone just get to the door and get out of here
  265. >maybe you can find a soldier or cop down on the street or at least get somewhere safe
  266. >you creep to the bedroom door using the wall as a guide
  267. >from where the creature is laying you see two softly glowing tentacles start to rise up and move around
  268. >you shudder, did you really let yourself get jerked off by that?
  269. >you find door and search around for the handle
  270. >oh crap
  271. >the metal door knob feels like its been crushed flat and practically bent off
  272. >you desperately shake it unable to undo the lock switch or even turn the damn thing
  273. >you look around in a cold sweat
  274. >the thing is still on the ground tentacles swaying above it
  275. >you nervously grip your pistol
  276. >what are you going to do?
  277. >you can't just shoot it right?
  278. >that thing used to be a person they're just sick
  279. >but then what?
  280. >just hide in your bathroom untill you figure something out?
  281. >you crouch low to the ground looking for your phone as you slowly start to inch back to the relative safety of the bathroom
  282. >no sign of it
  283. >you swear it fell over here
  284. >unless....
  285. >it couldn't have taken it right?
  286. >you look over to the creature on the ground
  287. >its gone
  288. >something ever slightly taps your shoulder
  289. >you stand perfectly still
  290. >its impossible
  291. >you're in front of a doorway in a small room there's no way it could have gotten around you
  292. >there's nothing behind you
  293. >you can't bring yourself to move
  294. >god why do you have to be such a bitch
  295. >a pair of furry arms wrap around you
  296. >mmmmm yeah just like that
  297. >don't talk dont move just stay still and let me hold you
  298. >a tentacle comes from out of nowhere and whips the the gun from your hands
  299. >you never even took the safety off
  300. >the thing burps loudly in your ear before falling on top of you
  301. >you hit the ground wrapped tightly in its arms
  302. >a tentacle brushes around your neck practically daring you to call out
  303. >shhhhhh the thing whispers in your ear
  304. >it smells like a brewery and you can feel its bones through its fur as it presses into you
  305. >up against its body like this it almost feels emaciated
  306. >but it holds onto you like a vice
  307. >you're mine now you big pervert
  308. >all mine
  309. >forever
  310. >it nuzzles the back of your neck
  311. >you know how hard it is to get cum out of fur?
  312. >I had to run around smelling like spunk all fucking night
  313. >cant..cant even stay drunk thanks to this ....thanks to this shit and now I gotta stink too?
  314. >well now I'm gonna...
  315. >gonna....
  316. >you feel its fuzzy head rest on your back
  317. >what the hell?
  318. >after a minute you try and crawl out of its grasp only for it to grunt and squeeze even tighter
  319. >so this is how it ends huh
  320. >crushed eaten or fucked into non existence by a drunk monster
  321. >eh, could be worse you guess
  322. >at least it's kinda soft
  324. >you wake up to the relaxing sound of violent retching and the loud click of the power coming back on
  325. >stiff and groggy, you try to sit up, groaning as you stretch a bit
  326. >sleeping face down pinned to the floor isn't what you'd call a refreshing way to spend the night
  327. >you hear the toilet flush and the sink turn on in the bathroom
  328. >huh
  329. >looks like its time to weigh your options
  330. >A. you could lose your shit and go sprinting out to the nearest soldier and start ranting about invisible monsters committing drunken sexual assault
  331. >likely getting your place getting torn up by strangers and having to go through quarantine or some shit
  332. >or B. seeing as you still appear to have your clothes on, the right number of appropriately sized appendages, and no hair coming out of your ears, you could ignore all the horrifying thoughts going through your mind, go make breakfast and see what happens
  333. >you decide to go make breakfast
  334. >you pull the top of a small plastic bowl of cereal and pop open a carton of shelf stable milk
  335. >after mindlessly eating for a bit your nighttime assailant quietly enters the room, a floating formless black shape looking incredibly out of place in your humdrum apartment
  336. >it just kind of stands there for a bit seemingly oblivious to you until you take another loud crunch of lukewarm frosted flakes
  337. >it doesn't seem to really move but suddenly there are a pair of wide, bright green eyes starring out from the blurry patch of darkness in front of you
  338. >after a few moments of awkward silence, broken up by the occasional bite of cereal the thing decides to make the first move
  339. >uhhhhh hey
  340. >you keep eating
  341. >uh listen didn't call anybody about this right?
  342. >you shake your head
  343. > cool uh hey you wouldn't happen to have any Advil would you?
  344. >putting down the cereal you silently slide over a bottle of pills from the counter next to you
  345. >the blob of standing darkness seems to shimmer and you see the the bottle float into the air for a bit top popping off before being set back down
  346. >back to silence
  347. >uh hey could you turn the lights off for a bit, I kinda got a.....thing going on here
  348. >you reach over and flick the switch leaving nothing but the dim grey light filtering in from the shades
  349. >the black mass lets out an audible sigh of relief as it starts to shimmer again the shapeless fuzzy outline coming into focus
  350. >you suddenly find yourself standing in front of a foul smelling, disheveled cat person
  351. >far from the imposing creature of the past few nights they look almost sad, matted black fur and tired expression giving them more the look of a depressing stray cat than anything else
  352. >um thanks
  353. >It looks down at the floor, a long black tail swaying back and forth out from behind it
  354. >um say...
  355. >you wordlessly pass it the milk and another bowl of cereal
  356. >the cat thing chows down with gusto milk dripping down into its already dirty fur, with a quiet burp it sets the empty container on the counter and licks the milk from its lips
  357. >finally you cant keep it down any longer
  358. >trembling you try you best to keep your cool
  360. >the cat mutant nervously looks away, clearly trying to avoid eye contact
  361. >haha yeah..... I was kinda waiting for this
  362. >You start blurting out questions
  363. >What are you, why are you in my house, what do you want what the fuck have the past two nights been about...
  364. >obviously embarrassed they try to stammer out a response, tail wrapping around their leg
  365. >well I uh...well I was just...
  366. >you hold out a hand to stop them and look them in right in the eyes
  367. >listen just tell me, am I fucked? Am I going to you know...end up like you?
  368. >They immediately perk up a worried look on their feline face
  369. >Oh god, I didn't even...No no you're good, you're good.
  370. >I uh, think....
  371. >You THINK!?
  372. >you are suddenly on the verge of panic
  373. >I got a shot when then let us into the holding camps on the edge of town, they said it would "suppress our strains" or something like that.
  374. >trust me, if you had something we would both know by now, it uh, shows itself pretty quickly
  375. >you lean back on the counter in a cold sweat, trying to convince yourself you're fine
  376. >Listen, I know you're probably freaking out right now but I'm sorry, I swear I never meant for this to go this far.
  377. >I just wanted to swipe some booze and food, but this stuff, they point to their fur covered body, it puts ideas in your head ya know?
  378. >gaining back your composure you look at the mutant incredulously
  379. >you know breaking in and stealing shit is bad with or without attempted rape right?
  380. >why are you even doing this shit if the army let you out into the camps? You're obviously not feral
  381. >for a moment they take on a serious demeanor and you're reminded that you are talking to what is basically a giant panther
  382. >don't ever make that assumption. Just because someone can talk to you doesn't mean they're in control of themselves or aren't about to attack you the second you let your guard down
  383. >so you're saying I should have called the cops on you? you respond
  384. >well....yeah actually
  385. >I mean I'm grateful you didn't but it would have been the smart thing to do. If I wasn't so out of it when I woke up I probably would have made a break for it the second I got on my feet
  386. >you pause a minute
  387. >wait are you not hungover right now? I swear I heard you ruining my bathroom
  388. >they chuckle and point back to themselves again, whatever did this cleans out your insides like crazy it makes it a real pain to get drunk
  389. >anyway about the whole camp thing, it went to shit really fast
  390. >long story short me and a buddy broke out and Ive been bumming around out here ever since
  391. >with how chaotic that place was I'm pretty sure they don't even know I'm gone but I don't think they'd be amused if they caught me out here
  392. >They sigh, ears drooping a bit
  393. >Okay for real, I am incredibly sorry and you're being a really good sport about all this which makes me feel even worse about it all
  394. >Ill head out before I end up getting you in trouble but if I find any liquor laying around Ill see if I can replace what I took
  395. >thanks for breakfast
  396. >They start to move towards the door but you reach out to stop them
  397. >wait a sec, I need to go make a food run today anyway and Id be happy to share, its not great but its better than stealing
  398. >and well, you look them up and down, feel free to take a shower too I guess
  399. >they look at you clearly flabbergasted before bursting out laughing
  400. >hell guy, you would NOT have made it in the city dude hahaha
  401. >but seriously....thank you
  403. >You lead your guest to the bathroom and hand them a towel and fresh bar of soap
  404. >the two of you both stop and swap awkward looks as you glance around your disheveled bedroom, empty booze bottle still rolling around the carpet
  405. >so uh, need anything else before I go?
  406. >the mutant looks down at the towel you gave it obviously still a bit taken aback by all this, before finally speaking
  407. >this....this is more than enough, seriously are you sure this is okay? I really don't want to turn your bathroom into a biohazard zone or anything.
  408. >you look at them, eyebrow raised. You mean that wasn't you vomiting in there a bit ago? I'm pretty sure any damage that could be done has been done at this point
  409. >they smile, bright white fangs showing through thick black fur. haha yeah I guess
  410. >they pause for a bit before holding out a hand
  411. >thank you for being so chill about all this dude, really I mean it. My names Megan by the way
  412. >and yes before you ask, I know the body and sandpaper voice might not really show it but I am a girl under all this
  413. >blushing a little you take her hand and the two of you shake, I'm anon, and uh...
  414. >she laughs and gives you a wink, trust me you should really get into the habit of asking if you want to survive out there
  415. >well I'm going to go get clean, nice meeting you anon. I...well..just thanks
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