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Mar 29th, 2017
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  1. solutions need to be fully working
  2. otherwise they are subject to deletion
  3. newer languages are non-competing
  4. Default Program or Function
  5. but also REPL
  6. functions can be unnamed
  7. Input and Output methods
  8. Numeric I/O as bytes
  9. Numeric I/O in unary
  10. truthy and falsy
  11. what's a string?
  12. is the empty string a valid representation of zero?
  13. are booleans integers?
  14. solutions may cause errors after solving the task
  15. but they have to terminate
  16. duplicate answers are allowed
  17. how to count command-line flags
  19. Challenge-type specific:
  20. what's a proper quine?
  22. Unclear consensus:
  23. What are programming languages? overruled by
  25. Honorable mention: Standard Loopholes
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