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  1. love is not a plague - punctured plumes:
  2. hoisted hooey, disaster's hood
  3. quack qualities dripping nectar
  4. worn whooshes, malady's fosters
  6. love ain't bounty bliss - Utopia:
  7. numb nature's cloak sewn by favor
  8. timid oak oozes pruned pleasures
  9. sassy stream girded in leisure
  11. lanky love is far from merit:
  12. gaunt grace's groomed by bruised verdicts
  13. felon features seeped'n hacked acme
  14. porous passion puking smith'reens
  16. love's a gullible game: the Chess!
  17. We're the pawn, while nature's the rest.
  19. Note: of lanky love
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