The Job Interview (AiE; Shining Armor; nsfw)

May 21st, 2014
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >Been in Equestria for about a month
  3. >Celestia took you in, gave you your own room, took care of you while you adjusted to pony life
  4. >Even had her seamstresses sew you clothing
  5. >You tell her everyday how grateful you are
  6. >She smiles her usual smile and tells you not to worry about it
  7. >But as time passed you started feeling too much like a freeloader
  8. >Especially when you see how much work she does day to day
  9. >You wanna pull your own weight but what you did back in the human world doesn't exactly translate to Equestria
  10. >You've asked Celestia for a little guidance but she insists you find your own path
  11. >Plus she's very busy and now that you've mostly settled in she doesn't spend as much time with you
  12. >You've been a little stir crazy
  13. >Never thought in a million years you'd miss having a job
  14. >Or maybe just missing being useful, either way it's extremely boring
  15. >You spend most of your days wandering around the castle or in the library
  16. >Without TV or Internet you've been reading a lot
  17. >The librarian seems to like you, some beige mare unicorn
  18. >Well, more accurately, she seems to tolerate the weird ape creature who likes to read
  19. >She's had to chase you out of the library after sunset more than once
  20. >But she's been nicer and nicer about it at least
  21. >One particular night, after being removed from the library, you ran into a pair of guardponies
  22. >They were chatting to each other and while you're not one to eavesdrop, you heard the words 'out' and 'cider' close together
  23. >You walked a few paces behind and kept listening to their night plans
  24. >Till finally the thought of another boring night gave you enough confidence to ask to join them
  25. >They stopped and asked you to repeat yourself and you told them you'd like to hang out
  26. >They eyed you for a moment but they agreed
  27. >Their only condition was you didn't get sloppy or anything
  28. >That wouldn't be a problem, you just had to get the hell out of the castle
  29. >Turned out to be the best move you made in awhile
  30. >The guards are pretty stiff, even off duty, but they're better company than the empty halls
  31. >Had a few ciders with them
  32. >Wasn't so bad
  33. >Met the guard captain
  34. >White unicorn with a shield and stars on his butt
  35. >Nice guy, he never let your glass stay empty
  36. >Kept getting you to talk about yourself
  37. >Was nice but you figure he was sizing you up, given your proximity to the Princess and all
  38. >You didn't mind, it was his job and you weren't exactly a normal sight for ponies
  39. >Sides you're a nice guy and he seemed to notice
  40. >After a little bit it becomes friendlier banter
  41. >Or maybe the cider kicked in
  42. >Either way, as the guards file out one by one, you two remain
  43. >Talking, laughing, having a good back and forth going
  44. >But eventually he decided it was time for him to go and he wobbly got off his stool
  45. >You couldn't help but feel responsible for his condition
  46. >He kept up with you but he clearly didn't know humans love their booze and cider wasn't what you'd call strong
  47. >You decide to walk back with him to his barracks before turning in for the night
  48. >Along the way you mention your predicament involving lack of anything to do
  49. >He suggests joining the guard
  50. >Starts prattling on about how great it is
  51. >Mid-recruitment speech he sways and you have to catch him
  52. >You hang on to him awkwardly but you're strong enough to keep him from falling
  53. >Your hands reach a little close to his flank during the whole ordeal
  54. >He blushes and apologizes, saying he had one too many
  55. >You nod and ask him to continue about the guard
  56. >He says he's a little too woozy now to talk about anything
  57. >You both laugh and he swishes your leg with his tail
  58. >You'd do it back if you could
  59. >He says if you want he'll meet you tomorrow after his shift
  60. >Some cafe right around the corner from the castle gate
  61. >Weird it's not the barracks or an office or something but you agree
  62. >He smiles and tells you what time before trotting inside
  63. >What a happy pony
  64. >You stroll back to 'home' or whatever you call a guestroom in a palace
  65. >When you get there, you lay down and feel a little excited
  66. >You might have a job soon!
  68. >Next day decide to make yourself look nice
  69. >Get a haircut and a shave
  70. >Find some nicer looking clothes
  71. >Dress for success, that's what they always say
  72. >But not too overboard, it's not an interview
  73. >...or is it?
  74. >Naw he probably just wants to lay down what you'd need to do
  75. >Ya know physical stuff and junk
  76. >Either way, no need to stress it and be late
  77. >Head out to the cafe
  78. >Half hour early
  79. >Not sure if you should wait outside or--
  80. >Well then
  81. >He's in there already?
  82. >Sitting by himself at a booth by the window
  83. >He's all buffed and polished in his dress uniform
  84. >You had to admit, even though he's a big stallion pony, he looked cute
  85. >But why was he here already?
  86. >Are you late?
  87. >No, you're definitely early
  88. >He keeps looking toward the door
  89. >He sees you this time
  90. >Smiles and waves
  91. >You do the same and head inside
  92. >When you get to the table he gets up and extends a hoof
  93. >You give it a good firm shake
  94. >Don't want him to think you're a weakling
  95. >He seems surprised at your hand-hoof shake and smiles
  96. >You swear his cheeks got a little red..
  97. >"Hey, Anon! Glad you could make it!"
  98. "Hi umm..."
  99. >Oh fuck
  100. >You forgot his name
  101. >He's married to Princess Cadence, how could you forget his name?
  102. >He's always been "Guard Captain"
  103. >Quick, cover
  104. ...Captain!"
  105. >Not bad
  106. >"No need for that when I'm off duty, Shining Armor is ok!"
  107. >Shining Armor
  108. >Don't forget it this time
  109. >He sits back down
  110. >You sit across from him
  111. >"So, how long have you been in Equestria, Anon?"
  112. >You start telling your story
  113. >How you arrived, how life has been, how you're getting stir crazy, etc
  114. > He smiles a lot and listens
  115. >Coffee arrives for both of you
  116. >He says he ordered it before you got here
  117. >That was nice of him
  118. >He apologizes if you don't like regular coffee but insists its good here
  119. >You take a sip and agree, saying it's one of the best coffee's you've had since you arrived
  120. >Never hurts to brown nose a little
  121. >He gets pretty happy about the coffee comment
  122. >In fact he seems really happy about everything
  123. >You must be making a heck of an impression!
  124. >After a lot of small talk, a few jokes here and there, and even a quick bite to eat
  125. >Shining Armor's demeanor seems to change all of a sudden
  126. >Not ultra serious just...different
  127. >"So...umm...Anon do you have a girlfriend or something like that?"
  128. >He seems nervous all of a sudden
  129. >Maybe he's worried what you'll say?
  130. >Must be some rule about not being involved with someone when they recruit you and he's worried he'll have to let you down
  131. >Yea that's it
  132. "Naw I'm as single as you'd expect someone from another planet to be"
  133. >You force a chuckle
  134. >Try not to think about crippling loneliness right now, Anon, focus!
  135. >"Are you....ya know...looking?"
  136. >He taps his hooves on the table and looks away
  137. >OK, now it's getting a little awkward
  138. "I dunno, maybe? I guess if the right person came along but...ya know, trying to get a job first and stuff"
  139. >"I see...but what about, ya know...'special' friends, are you ok with that sort of thing?"
  140. >Alright, officially confused now
  141. >Is he really asking you what you think of friends with benefits?
  142. >Is this some kind of really confusing interview tactic to test your moral fiber?
  143. >But why would he be...blushing...
  144. >And not making eye contact...
  145. >...
  146. >...
  147. >Oh...
  148. >Oh god
  149. >fucking
  150. >dammit...
  151. >He's into you!
  152. >This isn't a job interview, it's a...
  153. >And you showed up dressed all nice and he's been smiling and--
  154. >OK, Anon, deep breath
  155. >Different world, different social acceptable stuff
  156. >Wait...isn't he married!?
  157. "Shining Armor...sir...I...don't think I follow"
  158. >When in doubt, play stupid
  159. >He clears his throat and drinks some water
  160. >But he's still pretty nervous so he doesn't use magic and knocks the glass over
  161. >Water and ice everywhere
  162. >Most of it your direction
  163. >Dammit, you liked this shirt, and its not like you can go out and buy a new one!
  164. >Cross Stitch is gonna be furious
  165. >"Sorry!"
  166. >He's on his hooves with a napkin and before you can blink, is rubbing the cloth into your shirt
  167. >"I didn't mean to get you wet"
  168. >He wipes at your abs with both his hooves
  169. >Doesn't he have magic though?
  170. >And you didn't remember getting water on your pants either...
  171. >Wow
  172. >Just
  173. >Wow
  174. >Shining Armor, Captain of the Royal Fucking Guard, just pulled a move you haven't seen since High School
  175. >One typically reserved for women's chests, at that
  176. >You're not the type to overreact or to be mad over a clear misunderstanding
  177. >But come on, you're worth more than a cheap trick like this
  178. >You place your hand on his leg and gently move his hoof away from your crotch
  179. >You can feel him tense a little where your hand rested and he blushes when he makes eye contact
  180. "Shining Armor...this isn't a job interview, is it?"
  181. >He chuckles and rubs the back of his head
  182. >"Is...that what you thought it was?"
  183. "I thought you wanted me to join the guard not..."
  184. >Both of you look to your crotch and back to each other
  185. "...that."
  186. >He swallows and keeps rubbing his head
  187. >"So are you...still interested in...err...joining the guard?"
  188. >He winks
  189. >You've been in Equestria long enough to know they don't really care about gay stuff like they do on earth
  190. >Heck there were two colts at another table not three booths over
  191. >But something is still bothering you
  192. "Isn't the guard captain...ya know...married? To an alicorn princess?"
  193. >He clears his throat and sits on his haunches
  194. >"I...we have an...err...agreement. So long as she gets what she wants when I'm home...I can get what I want when I'm...not home"
  195. >His horn glows for a fraction of a second
  196. >And you feel a tingling spread from your crotch all the way around your rear
  197. >You bit your lower lip and give him a 'not funny' look
  198. >"Sorry...I've been out of practice since they made me Captain"
  199. >What the hell does that mean?
  200. >"The guards who's barn doors swing both ways tend to find out what I like so soon there's no real...challenge, ya know? Good for the body but no challenge! I had fun actually flirting with you last night"
  201. >That wasn't flirting
  202. >Was it?
  203. >You get up from the booth and straighten your damp shirt
  204. >His ears droop, assuming you're about to storm out of the place
  205. >But, new world, new life
  206. >Might as well give something else a chance, right?
  207. "Want me the barracks?"
  208. >His face brightens and he jumps back on 4 hooves
  209. >"Yea! Come on, I'll show ya where I went to basic training! It's empty this time of year!"
  210. >Perfect
  211. >Didn't an episode of SVU start like this?
  212. >But, whatever, you follow the happy unicorn out of the diner
  213. >"This was where I first...ya know, decided Cadence wasn't the only one I loved, ya know?"
  214. >That doesn't surprise you at all
  215. >"My old bunkmate and I really...did some stuff together...I think I'll show you that!"
  216. "Sounds good, just don't be too, ya know, eager to show me things"
  217. >"Don't worry, Anon. If something bugs ya just tell me to stop"
  218. >It took a lot to tell him to stop right this second
  219. >Come on, don't be shy
  220. >He has magic and stuff and well
  221. >You're not as fast as him and can't help glancing at his rear beneath his short cut tail
  222. >It's awful round for a stallion
  223. >He must have caught you peaking because he started walking a little more deliberately
  224. >He'd put Celestia herself to shame how he worked those hips
  225. "I take it you're the catcher?"
  226. >He swallowed and nodded as he pushed the door to the barracks open
  227. >As he said, it was deserted
  228. >" could say that. I mean I have a wife for being on top."
  229. "So you're bi?"
  230. >"More like...I'm dutiful to her when I have to be"
  231. >Damn he's honest all of a sudden
  232. >Must be because you're going along with this
  233. "That must be weird, sleeping with her then messing around with guys?"
  234. >"Naw, she's the princess of love, she understands. Heck, it was her idea"
  235. >He leads you down a hallway
  236. >The barracks itself was clean but slightly eerie without anyone using it
  237. >"Man, this brings back some memories. You going to be in Canterlot long, Anon?"
  238. "I don't really have anywhere to go"
  239. >"Well, I'm in town for another two days so if you wanna have another coffee..."
  240. "One day at a time, buster"
  241. >He chuckles and winks, stopping at a door and using his magic to unlock it
  242. >It's what you'd expect, you know that dorm/military furniture every universe seems to have
  243. >Two twin beds with those standard issue blue mattresses on top of them at either ends of the room
  244. >He nods toward one and you take a seat
  245. >The springs creek
  246. >"I did a lot of things with my bunkmate here..."
  247. >His tail lifts and sways a little, drawing your eyes to exactly what he wanted you to see
  248. >It has the desired effect and you shift on the mattress, the springs giving away your movements
  249. >He turns around to grin, then takes a seat next to you
  250. >"So ever...with a colt?"
  251. >You shake your head
  252. >Part of you were wondering why the heck you were doing it now
  253. >It's not that you had a problem with gay people or anything but you never wer--
  254. >Huh
  255. >While you were thinking about all this
  256. >His magic pulled you closer and he kissed you
  257. >Nothing crazy, just a quick peck on the lips
  258. >"How was...that?"
  259. >His cheeks are a little flushed
  260. >You lick your lips and taste the coffee from early with a hint of minty mouthwash
  261. "Not too terrible"
  262. >He smiles and you feel his hoof rest on your leg
  263. >You decide to stop being a virgin on prom night and loosen up some
  264. >You put your hand over his hoof and squeeze
  265. >His leg tenses again and his other brushes your cheek
  266. >He wants another kiss
  267. >Point of no return, Anon
  268. >Taking a breath through your nose you lean down to make it easy and press your lips to his
  269. >This time you let yourself enjoy it a little
  270. >His lips are flatter than a humans, but fuller
  271. >Much softer too, like kissing two marshmallows
  272. >You take your other hand and run it gently through his blue mane, fingers parting to allow his thick hairs to cascade between them
  273. >He shivers again and you feel his lips begin to part
  274. >Oh boy, getting serious now
  275. >Closing your eyes, you follow his lead and let your tongue slip out, meeting his between your lips
  276. >Like his lips, his tongue was bigger, flatter, and softer than a humans
  277. >For the first time you felt a shiver of your own creep up your spine
  278. >Except it wasn't like any other kind of chill you'd get from this sort of activity
  279. >It trickled up your spine and blossomed to what felt like every sensitive nerve you had between your shoulders and your waist
  280. >Your lips part in a huff and you hear yourself moan, surprised to say the least
  281. >It gave you an excuse to steal a glance back at him
  282. >His horn was glowing a soothing pale blue, his cheeks red with lust and his mouth and eyes half open
  283. >"Too...much at once?"
  284. >You shake your head 'no'
  285. >His magic felt incredible
  286. >The little grope from the diner was nothing by comparison
  287. >He smiled and closed his eyes, the next sensation nearly causing you to jump to your feet
  288. >Dozens of tiny pinpricks of light teased at your crotch, like feathers
  289. >Fuck you couldn't think straight and your hands began to tremble
  290. >"Still ok?"
  291. >You nod yes vigorously
  292. >He smiles and his magic tugs at your shirt
  293. >You help him along and undo the buttons as it lifts off your body and is tossed to the other bed
  294. >"Nice body"
  295. "Thanks, you're pretty cute yourself"
  296. >"Am I?"
  297. "Yea"
  298. >You lean forward and start undoing his uniform
  299. >He doesn't help, the act itself seemed to excite him as he watched your fingers unclip each latch on the jacket till the top was loose
  300. >He wore no pants to speak of so once the jacket was gone, it was just a big fluffy unicorn left
  301. >You kept your hands on his back, curiously beginning to stroke your fingers along his spine
  302. >His magic matched where your fingers explored and before long you both were in a sort of dominance tug of war
  303. >He had magic but every time you found a ticklish or sensitive spot, he lost his concentration and couldn't match you
  304. >But if you kept it up too long he'd lean in and surprise you with another kiss, each one more passionate than the last
  305. >By now you felt your pants tightening around your erection, and he kept nudging and teasing it with his magic
  306. >You had to get your pants off
  307. >He put his hoof on your crotch when you reached for your zipper
  308. >"No...let me...stand up"
  309. >You do as you're told as he gets off the bed
  310. >He got up himself, his magic swirling around your rear and crotch
  311. >You groaned loudly and it took every ounce of willpower not to rip what remained of your clothes off
  312. >He grinned, satisfied with the tender torture he was inflicting on you
  313. >You felt his nose nuzzle at your throbbing bulge and you take this moment to run your hand up and down his horn
  314. >He wasn't expecting that and he gasps suddenly, nearly falling right onto his round bottom
  315. >First time you noticed the floppy stallion meat between his legs
  316. >Wow, for a tiny pony he's big
  317. >"D-don't...don't do that when I'm...magic....its...really sensitve"
  318. "Sorry."
  319. >"It's hold still. I wanna do something"
  320. >You rest your hands on the mattress behind you
  321. >He leans forward and grabs your zipper with his mouth
  322. > that's...
  323. >He's undoing your pants with his mouth
  324. >So goddamn slowly...your dick even throbs in protest
  325. >When he hits the bottom of your zipper his magic pulls your pants and boxers the rest of the way down
  326. >Your cock springs free and nearly hits him in the face
  327. >"Easy now, Nonny~ I'll take care of you. I know this is your first time with a stallion"
  328. >He winks and licks the tip of your cock
  329. >Your turn to gasp and nearly fall down
  330. >His tongue was so silky and his breath immediately cooled the moisture he left behind
  331. >And his lips, you should have known when you were kissing him how good they'd feel down there...
  332. >You can't take it anymore and have to sit back down
  333. >Fingers running back through his mane, encouraging his slurps and licks
  334. >He's still deliberately slow, savoring the taste of your admittedly exotic meat
  335. >A hoof finds its way on your thigh, rubbing up and down while he shows you how experienced he was down there
  336. >And boy, he knew his craft
  337. >He barely has the first inch of your cock completely in his mouth when you feel a twinge deep within your loins
  338. >You couldn't believe it, already?
  339. >You were panting and groaning loud enough, you're sure he got wind of it
  340. >But you're never this quick!
  341. >Trying to prolong things, you let your thoughts wander somewhere else
  342. >Anywhere else
  343. >Your first time with him, with ANY stallion, you don't want a reputation for being a 10 second wonder, right?
  344. >You feel his tongue evilly slather along the underside of your manhood, causing you to tense and shiver
  345. >"Anon...are you holding it in?"
  346. >You shake your head no
  347. >"Liar"
  348. >His horn began to glow and you feel those tiny fingers attack your balls
  349. >But instead of dozens, it felt like hundreds
  350. >Like every single nerve ending you had was simultaneously pulled and poked
  351. >You can't help but whimper from this assault
  352. >"Don't do that, give me what I want, I'm working hard for it"
  353. >You meekly nod in agreement and try your best to relax your muscles
  354. >He winks and gives your head another widetongued lick
  355. >You nearly fall backwards, grabbing the mattress even tighter to keep yourself upright
  356. >His oral assault resumes, this time with no teasing to speak of
  357. >Head bobbing up and down on your pulsating length, you couldn't hold back if you tried
  358. >His horn was glowing brighter blue and his mouth was suckling and slurping
  359. >The magic 'fingers' left your sack and teased around both your asscheeks
  360. >Oh man was he...
  361. >Your hole tingled and his magic pushed inwards and went right for your...
  362. >holy
  363. >shit
  364. >With a cry that practically shook the walls of the empty barracks, you grabbed Shining's ears and pressed his entire head down on your crotch
  365. >Your cum exploded like shotgun from your trembling cock and he gulped it down like the greedy prince he was
  366. >Wave after wave of pleasure continued to wrap around your buttcheeks, your sack, inside your...everywhere
  367. >You squeezed your eyes shut and you came what felt like gallons of fluid, every drop Shining moaned and swallowed like a champ
  368. >The room was spinning and you could swear you saw yourself fall backwards onto the mattress
  369. >Shining lifted his head to follow, catching every little drip and aftershock that your body could still muster
  370. >You eventually had to beg him to stop, pushing at his face and pleading with what little energy you had left
  371. >He licked his lips and grinned, satisfied with his handiwork and climbed next to you on the bed
  372. >"Heh heh, sorry, I shoulda warned you I get a little hungry with new guys"
  373. >You can't even nod, your afterglow was so pronounced the ceiling looked like it was coming alive
  374. >He climbed on top of you and rested his head on your chest, his plush rear neatly enveloping the twitching mess that was once your manhood
  375. >Between your stomachs, Shining's own cock trembled and throbbed, leaking pre on your belly button
  376. >"I hope cuddling is ok with you?"
  377. >You answer by wrapping your arms around the white unicorn and squeezing his body
  378. >"Thanks buddy, a lot of the colts get weird about this part. They wanna run to the showers or something"
  379. >He licked his lips again and nuzzled your chest
  380. >"Man, you taste great...I want more"
  381. "There....isn't any...more..."
  382. >"There could be..."
  383. >You shake your head 'no'
  384. >There is no way that...
  385. >"Cadence taught me a vigor spell, just say the word and I'll show you"
  386. >...
  387. >Do you dare?
  388. >He gives your chest another nuzzle and you pet his mane
  389. "In a few...k? Let me just.."
  390. >"Hey, no problem, buddy. Heck, I like this too"
  391. >He gives your chest another nuzzle and you scratch behind his ear
  392. >"Mmm.....right there, Anon....yea like that..."
  393. >He starts to squirm a little as you scratch
  394. >Your senses slowly returning to you, you use your other hand to pet at his back
  395. >He wiggles more and a tiny whinny escapes his lips
  396. >Your turn to grin as you scratch a little lower on his back
  397. >He's not all that large so you can just barely reach his tail without stretching or moving him
  398. >Your fore and middle fingers swirl around the base of his tail and tickle the beginnings of his rear
  399. >You hear him grit his teeth and suck in a breath of air
  400. >All the while your stomach was becoming damp from his pre
  401. >"Can...can I cast...spell now?"
  402. >He whimpered and looked up at you
  403. >You propped your head up
  404. "One condition...I don't think I can...handle you so..."
  405. >"Don't worry Nonny. I don't want that..."
  406. >His horn begins to glow and your cock and balls warm suddenly
  407. >Any other time it would have been alarming but it was somehow hot but not uncomfortable
  408. >"I want this...and I want it in here"
  409. >Your wrist is tugged by his magic as he pulls himself upward on your body
  410. >In a moment your hand is grabbing the cheek of his very round, very full, very plush rump
  411. >Dare you say it but if you didn't know better you'd swear he was a woman
  412. >The throbbing horse cock on your stomach was a bit of a giveaway anyhow
  413. >"You...ready?"
  414. "I think so..."
  415. >Smiling, he closed his eyes and his magic became blinding, forcing you to do the same
  416. >With a flash and a burst of energy, the spell was cast as quick as he began it
  417. >You didn't feel any different though
  418. >This has happened before, magic seems to have a hit or miss effect on humans
  419. "Sorry, Shining, I don't think it wooooooohaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhooooO!!!"
  420. >Your cock went from half mast to fully hard in the blink of an eye
  421. >You nearly knocked him off the bed it was so sudden and...
  422. "Fuck...I...I"
  423. >Shining Armor laughed and got off you
  424. >"I told ya that's some good magic"
  425. >His own length was pulsing and swaying, pre dripping to the floor
  426. >Even that seemed to turn you on more and you couldn't resist reaching for it
  427. >He pulled away though, trotting to the other bed and putting his forelegs on it
  428. >His tail moved to the side, exposing his creamy white cheeks to you
  429. >"Don't worry about me, all I want..."
  430. >He lowers his head and spreads his back legs apart
  431. >Between those perfectly round ass cushions is a black, winking donut
  432. >Your mouth goes dry, and you feel your own cock leaking as much as his
  433. >" you to fill me with that amazing dick of yours"
  434. >You didn't need to be told twice
  435. >Like a lion pouncing on a gazelle, you're off the bed and grabbing him
  436. >Your fingers sink deep into the flesh of his rear, digging against his cutie mark
  437. >He gasps in surprise and thrusts his ass back into you, his balls swaying and trembling below that perfectly shaped hole
  438. >Your cock was still slick from before, and pre is now dripping from you like a faucet
  439. >Sometime later you'd attribute that to his magic but right now the only thing on your mind was claiming that ass for yourself
  440. >You don't even ask if he's ready or even prod him a little
  441. >With one fluid thrust, your length slams into his hole, parting his tight little muscles and getting him to cry out in pure ecstasy
  442. >He might have called your name but you were far too lost in your own lust to make sense of any of the noises he made
  443. >You were breeding him like a champ, thrusting so hard and so deep inside him your balls actually slapped into his
  444. >He was just tight enough to keep you going but not nearly so much that you wouldn't be able to last long
  445. >You felt him whinny and scream for more and you gave his rear a hard, open palmed slap as you rutted him
  446. >His tail thrashed with every firm shove into his hole and finally you grabbed it
  447. >With a yank, you pulled him even deeper onto your length, so far that his ass completely pancaked against you thighs
  448. >You hear him cry out with that, it was such a surprise that he starts to finish on the mattress
  449. >Like the stallion he was, he came like a hose, the sound of his fluids hitting the fabric only trumped by your grunts and his cries for more
  450. >You give him what he wants, even as his hole tightens to the point where your orgasm begins to form in full force, you ignore the telltale signs and continue breeding him hard and fast
  451. >Every full push is met with another trembling gasp from the guard captain, followed by another splash of cum into the already widening puddle on the bed
  452. >Releasing his tail and digging your fingers back into his plush plot, you give him one final rut before your own release takes hold of your body
  453. >By then he's gotten so tight you could barely move your length, whatever wetness he left on your cock long gone
  454. >You explode into that plentiful rump and your body tenses with the suddenness of it
  455. >He feels you begin to finish and clamps down even harder, refusing to let you pull out as you breed him
  456. >Despite the spell, you don't have nearly as much seed for him this time
  457. >A few hard spurts and you're spent, slumping onto his back with a very satisfied sigh
  458. >He joins you, laying forward into a puddle of his own mess
  459. >Your manhood slowly slips from his rear, finally exiting with a lewd slurping sound
  460. >You pet his side idly, him murmuring something underneath you
  461. "You're a....really good pony..."
  462. >He shivers from your words, pushing his back into your chest
  463. >"'re the first one to ever...say that after..."
  464. >You nod and give him a squeeze
  465. >You can't see but you're sure he's hiding his face with his forehooves
  466. >Only a pony could be that cute covered in his own semen...
  467. >"We...better get up...the showers work if you wanna...clean up"
  468. >You nod and, despite every muscle in your body protesting, push yourself to your feet
  469. >A yawn tugs at you, subconscious suggesting you make your way to the clean bed and lay down
  470. >But you fight it, opting instead to collect both your outfits
  471. >"Hey so...umm...after we shower and stuff."
  472. >You turn back to him, trying to ignore how he's still dripping cum from his chest and rear
  473. >"If you're still interested in finding work I...can probably set something up for you in the Crystal Empire"
  474. >"Cadence has been...asking for me to find someone I liked who could also...with her too."
  475. >You raise an eyebrow and he rubs the back of his head
  476. "You mean you'd like me to...with her and you?"
  477. >"Yea she's...really wanted to see this side of me but it had to be with someone she can also, ya know, enjoy for herself"
  478. >"You'd have a title...ya know for official reasons and stuff but really all you'd have to do is keep in shape and be around when we needed you"
  479. >He smiles and trots a little closer, his horn glowing and your barely-functional cock tingling
  480. >"My wife is...even better with her magic"
  481. >Holy hell
  482. >To think yesterday you were wandering the castle, bored and looking for something to do
  483. >This is like something out of playboy
  484. >So needless to say, you agreed in an instant
  485. >He was overjoyed and led you to the shower, yapping away about the details of the kingdom and how he's going to send for Cadence to meet you first and etc etc
  486. >At some point while you were scrubbing his back, you started laughing
  487. >"What's so funny, Anon?"
  488. "So...this was a job interview after all"
  489. >He chuckles and winks, his magic teasing your balls for the hundredth time that day
  490. >What a sneaky pony
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