Oran Mini - Mooncheese Valley

Jan 13th, 2012
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  1. [14:00:25] <@Clarity> WHOMP. That's not what the Slaking's door sounds like at all, today on the 18th(?) of Summer. Because it's more like WHOMPWHOMPWHOMPWHOMPWHOMPWHOMP.
  2. [14:01:04] <@Nephene> "....."
  3. [14:01:19] <@Nephene> "The door is open!" Nephene calls out as she continues wiping down a stein.
  4. [14:01:40] <@Clarity> SLAM. An apologetic Shinx wearing an Omanyte hat and a hyper teenager enter... as the latter pulls the door closed and THEN opens it again just to make an impact.
  5. [14:01:48] <@Clarity> "Hiii, Neffy~!"
  6. [14:01:59] <@Nephene> "....hello, Clarity. What brings you here?"
  7. [14:02:28] <@Nephene> Amon stares at the door to check for damage. Finding none, he simply shakes his head in frustration before returning to his meditations.
  8. [14:02:50] <@Clarity> "Sky and I are hungry! Oh, and I wanted to say thanks for the other day and stuff." She hops straight for a seat at the bar first-thing, as does Sky. The latter's a little more shy about it though.
  9. [14:03:43] <@Nephene> It seems the Lazing Slaking has a new employee - a Torchic drying dishes on the counter.
  10. [14:04:36] * @Clarity eyes it, before eyeing the back of the bar and drooling a little. Torchic curry? ... Maybe not.
  11. [14:05:02] <@Nephene> "Torchic!" She's honestly a little unsettled by Clarity's presence.
  12. [14:05:57] <@Clarity> Sky gives a small wave of his paw to the bird, seemingly pestering the omanyte on his head to do something. The latter doesn't do much. Curiously, Clarity's actually wearing a Pokéball for once, even though the usual two roam free.
  13. [14:06:06] <@Nephene> The Hoppip is simply feasting on assorted vegetables on the table nearest the counter.
  14. [14:06:28] <@Nephene> "Well, what do you feel like having?"
  15. [14:06:40] <@Clarity> "Gimme curry! And his usual, too." The peppy teenager says at too high of a volume to be normal. "So~"
  16. [14:07:16] * @Clarity slams imperials on the counter and wraps Sky's scarf around her finger, almost daydreamingly. "Turns out we really were in love after all!"
  17. [14:08:43] <@Nephene> "Sure. Green or red?" She's already preparing the batter, as there aren't too many options available for pancakes.
  18. [14:08:56] <@Nephene> " and Balthazar?"
  19. [14:08:58] <@Clarity> "Hm.... red."
  20. [14:09:10] <@Clarity> "Yep~!" A triumphant thumbs-up. "We're getting married!"
  21. [14:09:14] <@Nephene> "Taking it easy, then."
  22. [14:09:57] <@Clarity> ".. Actually, both sound good. Gimme an order of both." More imperials flop down. "But we are, I can't wait~"
  23. [14:10:19] <@Nephene> In a different bowl, she prepares the curry base, and starts up the rice steamer.
  24. [14:11:54] <@Nephene> The pancakes don't take long to finish. "We're actually out of chicken, Clarity."
  25. [14:12:49] <@Clarity> "... Oh." A look saying "go ahead and enjoy" is sent to the Shinx who'd been rolling his eyes. "That's fine! Hunger is hunger, and it's not like you're cooking's ever bad anyway, Neffy. As long as whatever it is is really spicy~"
  26. [14:13:05] <@Nephene> The innkeeper slides two pancakes onto a plate in front of Sky, and sets a small tub of butter and a bottle of maple syrup on the counter.
  27. [14:13:17] <@Nephene> She gauges the Shinx's reaction to see how much of each he wants on his pancakes.
  28. [14:13:37] <@Nephene> "The red curry's actually less spicy than the green one."
  29. [14:14:24] <@Clarity> He claps his paws together and stares, leaning his head in each direction as if to indicate. Obviously he wants it smothered in syrup, because he can't see the depressed omanyte's face when the pancake's stop being dry. Since the omanyte's on his head.
  30. [14:14:49] * @Clarity gives a hyper giggle. "I know~! That's why it's best as an appetizer. I haven't woken up since two days ago so I'm STARVING, anyway."
  31. [14:15:10] <@Nephene> "...."
  32. [14:15:21] <@Nephene> She immediately starts preparing the green curry.
  33. [14:15:32] <@Clarity> "Hmm... does being in love make you hungrier? That might be it."
  34. [14:15:48] <@Clarity> "Oh, I didn't! He was just like, 'let's get married,' and I was like 'okay!'"
  35. [14:16:10] <@Clarity> "I mean, getting married is good, right?"
  36. [14:17:12] <@Nephene> "....."
  37. [14:17:24] <@Nephene> "I thought you said you were in love?"
  38. [14:18:24] <@Clarity> "Oh, I knew we were in love, but... being married is like a totally different thing, right? I mean, dating and stuff is for people who're in love, and getting married is when you decide you've been dating long enough and wanna have kids and argue with each other all the time... from what the books I borrowed from 'Ka said, anyway. Issat close?"
  39. [14:18:42] <@Nephene> "Honestly? Probably not."
  40. [14:19:00] <@Nephene> "I was about your age when I met my first boyfriend."
  41. [14:19:10] <@Nephene> "Maybe a little older."
  42. [14:19:25] <@Clarity> "Oh! Well I didn't expect to be asked to get married so soon, either! But I totally feel the love goin' on."
  43. [14:19:27] <@Nephene> "Marriage wasn't even close to being on my mind."
  44. [14:20:10] <@Clarity> "Maybe... he just has a reason to want to get married? I mean, like, there's no way I could've said 'no' after that. And... married people do that... what was it called again?"
  45. [14:20:36] <@Clarity> "Honey... moon? And since we're already going to the moon..." Her fist hits an open palm. "Oh, yeah! I think I might need to borrow some honey for that! You have any spares here, Neffy?"
  46. [14:21:09] <@Nephene> "I don't think that's what a honeymoon is, Clarity."
  47. [14:22:14] <@Clarity> ".. Oh, okay. I dunno if pouring all that honey on the moon would be worth it, anyway." A head-tilt. "I don't think honey tastes that great on cheese... does it?"
  48. [14:22:50] <@Nephene> Where did -that- come from? "I've never tried it."
  49. [14:23:55] <@Clarity> "So if moon-cheese tastes different than normal-cheese... mmhmm, mmhmm..." Clarity's finger taps her chin in contemplation. Meanwhile, the Shinx thoroughly enjoys his pancakes, scarfing them down in huge gulps. Well, assuming they're not still being prepared.
  50. [14:24:40] <@Nephene> "I've heard honey and cheese do work amazingly well together, though."
  51. [14:24:54] <@Clarity> "... For real?" Blink, blink.
  52. [14:25:12] <@Nephene> His pancakes have been done for a while. The red curry, however, is just about done.
  53. [14:25:53] * @Nephene nods. "My mother said it'd depend on the type of cheese, though."
  54. [14:25:55] <@Clarity> Waiting warmly for the appetizer~ Sky thoroughly enjoys them and tries to offer some to the omanyte, who only takes small bites of corners. Clarity doesn't pay attention to either of them, of course.
  55. [14:26:07] <@Clarity> "WHOA!"
  56. [14:26:20] <@Clarity> "... There's a type of cheese that isn't just 'cheese?' Like, there's more than one?"
  57. [14:26:45] * @Nephene pours the unfortunately meatless curry over a bed of white rice, and serves the red curry to Clarity. "Bon appetit."
  58. [14:26:53] <@Clarity> "I... really thought it was just 'Earth' and 'Moon.'" Her fingers point around in the sky, as if indicating the difference between the two.
  59. [14:27:15] <@Clarity> "Alright~!" Fork lifted, and dig in! "Thanks a bunch, Neffy! I'm REALLY feelin' it today."
  60. [14:27:27] <@Nephene> ""
  61. [14:27:36] <@Nephene> This is going to be difficult.
  62. [14:27:52] * @Clarity scarfs it down in a way that's slightly less funny because, unlike the Shinx, she's not wearing a scarf.
  63. [14:28:02] <@Nephene> Amon briefly snaps out of his meditation, and takes a bite out of a small block of cheddar.
  64. [14:29:01] <@Nephene> The Torchic struts around the counter, lacking any other work to do. She approaches the Shinx curiously.
  65. [14:29:40] * @Nephene waits for a moment where Sky isn't too preoccupied with eating, and scratches under his chin.
  66. [14:29:57] <@Clarity> GULP! Sky swallows the last bite and finishes licking his plate clean to make it less of a pain to wash, pawing at the Omanyte who gently slides off his head. As the latter does so, the Shinx stands up and takes a bow before returning to sitting on his hind legs.
  67. [14:30:33] * @Clarity swallows a big helping before turning around and blinking; two fingers point out simultaneously to the Torchic and the Hoppip, with a few curious blinks. "Oh yeah! Who're those? They new?"
  68. [14:31:11] <@Nephene> "The Torchic? That's Jeanne."
  69. [14:31:35] <@Nephene> "Got her from Joanna's. Adorable, isn't she? I'm trying to figure out what she's good at so she can help out."
  70. [14:31:52] <@Clarity> One finger retracts into the teenager's hand. "Bet she'd taste great- heeeeey, you said you were out of chicken!"
  71. [14:32:02] <@Nephene> "The Hoppip just hangs out here. Don't know what to call him. I said he's free to come here if he's hungry."
  72. [14:32:04] <@Clarity> Cough cough. "Er, what about the other one? Is it for a salad?"
  73. [14:32:11] <@Nephene> "...."
  74. [14:32:15] <@Clarity> "Oh. You should call him Salad!"
  75. [14:32:19] <@Nephene> "They're not food, Clarity."
  76. [14:32:21] <@Nephene> "...."
  77. [14:32:28] <@Clarity> "Because... he looks like a salad."
  78. [14:32:45] <@Nephene> "He looks like a Hoppip."
  79. [14:33:07] <@Nephene> Jeanne seems to take offense, and breathes out a short burst of embers that fizzle quickly.
  80. [14:33:09] <@Clarity> "Which looks like a salad!"
  81. [14:33:31] <@Nephene> Being quite small and young, though, it's less intimidating, and looks more like a sneeze than anything.
  82. [14:34:41] * @Clarity giggles a bit and finishes the curry off. "Well, I dunno how you do it, Neffy. Having lots of Pokémon is nice, but it gets REALLY hard to take naps when they're making noise and stuff- oh yeah!"
  83. [14:35:12] <@Nephene> The green curry finishes shortly after, and she serves that with white rice, as well.
  84. [14:35:37] <@Nephene> Jeanne pecks Sky - the rough equivalent of tapping him on the shoulder.
  85. [14:35:54] <@Clarity> A hand reaches for the single pokéball attached to Clarity's clothing somewhere, slamming the button in and releasing a dangerous-looking Koffing into the Slaking. "Like this guy! His smell makes him hard to sleep around, but I wanna see him make friends and all that cool stuff too."
  86. [14:36:18] <@Clarity> Sky cleans himself up and looks quizzically, with as much politeness as he can muster. The Omanyte and Koffing are just curious.
  87. [14:36:30] * @Nephene coughs. "That's wonderful. What's his name?"
  88. [14:36:32] * @Clarity starts to dig into that, too, taking a trial bite. "Mmmm~! Perfect! Thanks a bunch!"
  89. [14:36:43] <@Nephene> THe innkeeper is clearly exhausted - no pun intended.
  90. [14:36:59] <@Clarity> "Well, when I met him, he was really smoky, so I called him Smoke. He was a gift, y'know!"
  91. [14:37:08] <@Nephene> "Oh?"
  92. [14:38:02] * Raven nearly tumbles down the stairs. "Good lord, Neph, what did you burn to make a smell like that!? - oh it's just a Koffing."
  93. [14:38:20] <@Clarity> "Oh yeah! That's what I wanted to ask about. How can I give him something bac- oh hi, guard lady!"
  94. [14:39:04] * @Clarity keeps scarfing the curry down, obnoxiously and loudly, while Sky shows interest in the Torchic. Smoke flies toward Raven and tries to tackle her head playfully.
  95. [14:39:57] * Raven bats it away "We'd better open some windows or it'll smell like death in here for a while.."
  96. [14:40:36] <@Nephene> "Could you do that, please?" she asks Raven.
  97. [14:40:42] <@Clarity> "Well~ I kinda wanted to go see Fashion Guy and maybe he'd have some... perfume to spray on him or something? He totally sells perfume, right?"
  98. [14:41:54] * Raven nods and heads to open the windows. "I dunno if that's gonna drown out...uh..."
  99. [14:42:30] <@Clarity> "Oh, pfft! I bet he'd love to smell nice!"
  100. [14:42:38] <@Nephene> "It probably won't work. Might actually be harmful to Smoke, really."
  101. [14:42:57] <@Nephene> "I've heard distilled Koffing and Weezing gases are used to -make- perfumes, though."
  102. [14:43:37] <@Clarity> "Whoa, what? Really?" Scarf, chomp, munch. "Wfll, Idn't wfnna hrt 'im."
  103. [14:44:12] <@Clarity> "Though the only gifts I ever get are from mom and dad and it's always like, birthday money with a note about how they 'struck it rich again' or something. Oh, and Sky too!"
  104. [14:44:41] <@Clarity> "So I dunno what to give baaaaack." The teen's head rests on the bar, lazily. She keeps eating in that position, though.
  105. [14:45:28] <@Nephene> "When's your birthday?"
  106. [14:45:37] <Raven> "What brings you over here anyway, Clarity? Other than food, I guess." She leans her head out the window and whistles, calling a little collection of mammels to the front door.
  107. [14:45:59] * @Clarity starts counting on her fingers. "Uh... sometime in fall..."
  108. [14:46:10] <@Nephene> "Apparently she's getting married to Balthazar." Her tone clearly indicates that she's still trying to wrap her head around it.
  109. [14:46:30] <@Clarity> "Yep! Gettin' married! I can't wait for it~"
  110. [14:47:19] * Raven raises her head with such surprise and speed that she bangs it on the window frame. "Ow! Fuck!" She topples backward a bit, rubbing the back of her head.
  111. [14:47:22] <Raven> "WHAT?"
  112. [14:48:13] <@Clarity> "Uh-huh! We're in love for real~ ... Oh yeah, weren't you like, his sister or something? Doesn't that make you... uhhh, what'rethosecaled"
  113. [14:48:17] * @Clarity munch munch chomp.
  114. [14:49:46] * Raven storms over, walks behind the bar, grabs a stein, fills it with whatever is currently on the kegtap, and chugs it before continuining this conversation.
  115. [14:50:50] <@Nephene> It's a cool Gulpin Pale Ale.
  116. [14:51:47] <@Clarity> "... Hmm, I forgot! Oh, this curry's really good, Neffy, it's even spicier than usual. Hey, want some?" A fork pokes out toward the Koffing who just stares at it.
  117. [14:52:08] <@Nephene> Jeanne looks at the curry plate expectantly.
  118. [14:52:16] <Raven> "Clarity." Her voice is firm, but doesn't have an angry tone. "What the hell are you talking about?"
  119. [14:52:27] <@Nephene> Thoroughly bored, she hops over to Raven instead.
  120. [14:52:56] <@Clarity> "Oh! Every time I come here I get Neffy's curry, it's really good 'cause it's SO over-the-top spicy," Clarity says to Raven matter-of-factly. Sky just paw-waves at the Torchic.
  121. [14:53:30] <Raven> "I didn't mean about the food."
  122. [14:53:40] <Raven> "I meant about this 'engagement.' "
  123. [14:54:12] <@Clarity> "Well, we're getting married! And... uh, we're gonna go to the moon after we do. And then we're gonna pour honey on it and eat the cheese."
  124. [14:54:58] <Raven> "..."
  125. [14:55:27] * Raven looks to Nephene "Did you liquor her up or did she come like this?"
  126. [14:56:09] <@Nephene> "She's always like this, Raven."
  127. [14:56:31] * @Clarity points to the side and makes a face, in a very Patrick Bateman-esque way.
  128. [14:56:31] <Raven> "She just said she's going to eat the -moon-."
  129. [14:56:44] <@Clarity> "Because the moon's made of cheese, duh! Doesn't everyone know that?"
  130. [14:57:07] <@Nephene> "Yeah. She's always like this."
  131. [14:57:38] <@Clarity> Sky smacks his paw into his forehead.
  132. [14:58:11] * Raven shakes her head. "Clarity, I can't permit the two of you to get hitched. I don't even think you're aware of what all that implies."
  133. [14:58:59] * @Clarity giggles. "I don't even know what that word means!"
  134. [14:59:13] <@Clarity> "... It doesn't mean married, right? 'Cause we're totally getting married."
  135. [15:01:48] * Raven looks visibly perplexed. "Yeah that ain't gonna happen anytime soon."
  136. [15:03:12] <@Clarity> Gulp. That's the last of the green curry. "O-Oh yeah? He said it himself, though! We're gonna have our honeymoon on the moon and bring moon-cheese back from the village and... and..."
  137. [15:03:16] <@Clarity> "..."
  138. [15:03:23] <@Clarity> "Huh, didn't think about what we'd do next."
  139. [15:04:20] <Raven> "I didn't even know you two were -a thing- and suddenly you're saying you want to spend the rest of your life together. Not to mention you're both too young."
  140. [15:04:49] <@Nephene> "....Clarity, she's right. You're moving into this way too fast."
  141. [15:04:53] <@Clarity> "Welllllll, who else would I spend my life together with? I mean, y'know, besides Sky." A hand reaches over to pet the Shinx while he just sighs.
  142. [15:05:03] <@Nephene> "You didn't even know what a honeymoon was until a few minutes ago."
  143. [15:05:22] <@Nephene> "Just because you feel that way now doesn't mean it'll stay true."
  144. [15:05:35] <@Clarity> "Actually, I still don't! Unless it really does have something to do with putting honey on cheese, since all I did was read the word a couple times."
  145. [15:06:21] <@Clarity> "Buuuuut... oh yeah, the things I read did say something about 'putting out on the first date' being bad. Is that what I'm doing now?" After a pause, a loud gasp. "Oh man, that means you guys BOTH think he's an alien out to eat my brain, don't you?"
  146. [15:08:22] <Raven> "Neither of you even have a steady job and -" she looks like she just awoke from a terrible nightmare. "Oh don't even mention that, last thing his family needs to hear is he knocked up a girl in the country. Do you even know why he's out here?"
  147. [15:08:45] <@Clarity> "Uh... to build stuff?"
  148. [15:11:16] <Raven> "He got -expelled- from the Imperial University for dangerous experimentation. His family sent him here to help him figure his shit out and try to start fresh. And trust me, you don't want his aunt and uncle flying down here."
  149. [15:11:49] <@Clarity> "So... you're sayin' we should do the fancy marriage ceremony stuff in secret?"
  150. [15:14:00] <Raven> "No, I'm saying no for both your sakes," she says as she crosses her arms. "...Hm, however..."
  151. [15:15:16] <Raven> "You're 17, right?"
  152. [15:15:17] <@Clarity> "Yeaaaaaah~?" The sleepy teen drapes herself over the stool, stirring about.
  153. [15:15:35] <@Clarity> "Uh-huh! My birthday's like, in the middle of Fall."
  154. [15:16:22] * @Nephene 's face slides into her palms. This was frustrating.
  155. [15:19:11] <Raven> She thinks a bit. "How does this sound. This is a bad idea because it's hasty, you haven't even -met- each other's family, and you don't know each other as nearly as much as you think you do. Not to mention neither of you are adults, and I don't even know if the money Balth makes could support both of you, considering literally all you do is sleep and eat and fish. So, let's make a
  156. [15:19:11] <Raven> bet."
  157. [15:20:23] * @Clarity tilts her head to the side. "Getting married is really THAT complicated? It sounded like we'd just do it and figure out the hard stuff while we're on it... oh, and my parents are loaded, they send me extra money all the time, everything's fine there! Food Guy pays a bunch for fish, too."
  158. [15:20:39] <@Clarity> "But... okay~ Bets aren't bad. Well, not ALL the time."
  159. [15:24:11] <Raven> "You'll live together, for six months, and without banking on your parent's income, and then bring this little proposal to the attention of both of your families if you still feel up for it then."
  160. [15:25:24] <@Nephene> "They won't support you forever, you know."
  161. [15:25:27] * @Nephene knows this all too well.
  162. [15:26:56] <@Clarity> "Six... whole seasons?" Finger-count. "Whoa, that's a LONG time. Buuuut~ ... I don't see why not! Being an assistant is fun n' stuff, it's SO much better than sitting around fishing and not even eating the fish. I mean, I never even learned to cook the fish. But with all the stuff that blows up in the lab, like, the fish could cook themselves! So it couldn't be all THAT bad."
  163. [15:27:55] * @Clarity gets all pouty. "It's not like mom n' dad ever come more than once every other year anyway. They'd just say 'that's great, have fun' and go off to build another one of those 'casino' things in a big city, I bet."
  164. [15:28:33] <Raven> "And I'd give Terry the 'don't stick your dick in crazy' talk but I'm honestly not sure which one you is more rational," She's rather blunt about it. "So in the event you -do- get knocked up inbetween that time period, well, you'll have bigger problems than my approval. Big, mechanical metal ones."
  165. [15:28:50] <@Nephene> "Clarity."
  166. [15:28:53] <@Nephene> "It is hard."
  167. [15:29:00] <@Nephene> "It is -much- harder than you think it is."
  168. [15:29:09] <@Clarity> "... Cooking?"
  169. [15:30:25] <@Nephene> "Living without your parents' income. Living with someone else."
  170. [15:31:43] <@Clarity> "... Oh. Yeah, that could be pretty hard. And..." A pause to contemplate; Sky even lets his ears down and backs off at Raven's tone, but Clarity isn't able to do that as well being a human and all. "Er... well... having giant robot babies doesn't sound that easy either. At least that's what it sounds like you're saying."
  171. [15:31:58] <@Nephene> "Or even actual babies."
  172. [15:31:59] <Raven> "I was referring to his relatives."
  173. [15:32:08] <@Nephene> "Or even having more Pokemon to take care of, between the two of you."
  174. [15:32:19] <@Clarity> "... Whoa. He has... giant robot relatives? For REAL?"
  175. [15:32:19] <@Nephene> "Or relatives, yeah."
  176. [15:33:10] <@Clarity> "And it's okay!" Her thumb triumphantly points backward to the poor Shinx, who only gives a 'who, me?' response. "Sky's responsible enough to take care of everyone! Mom n' dad even said 'he'll do a better job taking care of you than you will' when they bought 'im. And they were SO TOTALLY right."
  177. [15:33:35] <Raven> "You know that mechanical arm he has? Think that, only everyone has one, much bigger, sharper, and have used it to beat the hell out things way stronger than anything around here."
  178. [15:33:42] <@Nephene> "That's more a check against you than it is a plus for Sky, Clarity."
  179. [15:34:50] * Raven raises a finger, about to say something, closes her mouth, then gets another drink.
  180. [15:35:02] <@Clarity> "W... Well." Puffyface. "I am in love and stuff, I mean it! I can't just say 'nevermind, we can't get married, fish don't sell for enough,' after all that talk of going to the moon and having a ceremony and al the dancing..." The crazy teenager's face turns bright red while speaking.
  181. [15:35:33] <@Nephene> "Sometimes that's the reality of it, though."
  182. [15:35:47] <@Nephene> " doesn't work out as well as you think it will, for whatever reason."
  183. [15:36:44] <@Nephene> "Both of you get into a lot of trouble, making it hard to take care of -yourselves-."
  184. [15:36:51] <@Nephene> "How can you take care of each other?"
  185. [15:37:36] <@Clarity> "... Okay." With a loud noise the Koffing gets sucked back into a pokéball, and Clarity's arms scoop Sky up. They even put his hat back on first. "I get it, I get it. Thanks for the food, Neffy, it really is good."
  186. [15:38:01] <Raven> She sips at it slowly. "This is why you need time to actually live together. Under a set condition. I'm not trying to be a bitch, here."
  187. [15:38:33] <@Nephene> "You've got to be able to take care of each other."
  188. [15:38:46] <@Nephene> "And you have to know that you really -do- love each other."
  189. [15:38:46] <@Clarity> "We can do it, we totally can. I... I'll learn to cook and we'll make awesome stuff every day! And maybe I'll sleep a couple hours less every now and then."
  190. [15:38:50] <@Clarity> "... Okay, minutes."
  191. [15:38:54] <@Nephene> "This is moving too fast for -dating-, much less marriage."
  192. [15:39:21] <@Clarity> "Moon-cheese money'll make enough to get us a house and stuff, though! I know people'll buy it!"
  193. [15:39:48] <Raven> "You should try to find a job other than fishing, if fishing isn't paying well. The valley's small but people are looking for helping hands left and right."
  194. [15:42:11] <@Clarity> "You're ALL just out to make fun of me, huh? I'm really boring and sleep a lot, yeah, but that doesn't mean I CAN'T do stuff, I just didn't want to!" A gigantic 'hmph' smashes itself onto her face, while Sky stares up in horror. "You're all jerks, I'll SHOW you I can do stuff that matters!"
  195. [15:42:18] <@Nephene> "Though the valley could afford to expand a little...."
  196. [15:42:23] <@Clarity> A couple loud STOMPs and the door opens itself, then closes. Really loudly.
  197. [15:42:31] <@Nephene> "...."
  198. [15:42:37] <@Nephene> "That didn't go as well as I'd hoped."
  199. [15:42:43] <@Nephene> "But we have to be honest with her."
  200. [15:43:00] <@Clarity> ... It opens again. "Oh yeah, I want that recipe sometime."
  201. [15:43:04] <@Clarity> ...
  202. [15:43:05] <@Clarity> SLAM.
  203. [15:43:39] * Raven sighs. "I suddenly know how you felt about uh....yeah."
  204. [15:44:03] * @Nephene sighs.
  205. [15:44:13] <@Nephene> "Hell, I can -barely- support us."
  206. [15:44:52] * @Nephene gathers up the Imperials on the counter, and places them in the register.
  207. [15:45:45] <@Nephene> Jeanne hops on the counter in front of Raven.
  208. [15:46:21] <Raven> "Well, I already told you my paycheck's with you guys anyway - oh hi there."
  209. [15:48:00] <@Nephene> "Tor!" She flaps her stubby little wings excitedly.
  210. [15:48:00] * Raven smiles and waves awkwardly, living with her favorite meal is still sort of awkward.
  211. [15:49:35] <Raven> "I still think you overexaggerate a little, you do have the only inn in the area, only a matter of time before more business builds up here and visitors get drawn in." She rustles the bird's head.
  212. [15:50:14] <@Nephene> Jeanne sneezes a bunch of embers harmlessly with a high-pitched "FWEE~"
  213. [15:50:48] <@Nephene> "Well, we need to attract more people from out of town."
  214. [15:51:01] <@Nephene> "We don't get many new people here aside from the occasional merchant."
  215. [15:51:10] <@Nephene> "We have to be worth visiting on our own merits."
  216. [15:54:53] <Raven> "We could use a few events to promote some visitors. Tournaments and such. I dunno, least for now, between my income and what we make here, we can't be -that- bad off, right?"
  217. [15:56:08] <@Nephene> "Well, if I start hiring and expanding, our financial situation's going to be a little unstable."
  218. [15:56:13] <@Nephene> "Takes money to make money."
  219. [15:56:27] <@Nephene> "I already offered to hire and give Claud some startup funds for expansion."
  220. [15:56:42] <@Nephene> "Between those, staying afloat will be harder."
  221. [15:57:28] * Raven shakes her head. "Still think you're being too pessimistic on this. Hiring some help would also mean more free time for you to find a hubby of your own, anyway." :3c
  222. [15:57:46] * @Nephene gives Raven a doubtful look.
  223. [15:59:03] <Raven> "What?"
  224. [16:00:00] * Raven picks up Jeanne and holds her towards Neph. "You don't think I'm capable of caring for your widdle Jeanne when mommy's off finding a daddy?"
  225. [16:01:09] <@Nephene> Jeanne sneezes again.
  226. [16:05:09] <Raven> "No? Alright, have it your way." She puts the Torchic down. "Your the boss in this household anyway."
  227. [16:07:11] <@Nephene> "Let me try to hire a cook, first."
  228. [16:07:39] <@Nephene> "And maybe a waiter and room service."
  229. [16:07:53] <@Nephene> "-Maybe- then I can think about taking a break."
  230. [16:10:33] <Raven> "Right, right. Well, I'm gonna go get some work done," she rinses out the stein she used, sets it to dry, then heads for the door. "Just remember, no matter how desperate you get, don't hire Ricki!"
  231. [16:12:26] <@Nephene> "Right, right. See you tonight, Raven."
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