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  1. ; Menu configuration file
  2. ; File location: $moddir/addons/amxmodx/configs/speech.ini
  3. ; To use with Commands Menu plugin
  5. ; NOTE: By default in all settings the access level is set to "u".
  6. ;       However you can change that, to limit the access to some settings.
  8. ; Commands Menu: ; < description > < command > < flags > < access level >
  9. ; "a" - execute from server console
  10. ; "b" - execute from admin console
  11. ; "c" - execute on all clients
  12. ; "d" - back to menu when executed
  14. "Dzień dobry" "spk \'misc/home-edition/frdobry11\'" "cd" "u"
  15. "siemaeniu" "spk \'misc/home-edition/siemaeniu\'" "cd" "u"
  16. "synek" "spk \'misc/home-edition/synek2\'" "cd" "u"
  17. "aletobylodobre" "spk \'misc/home-edition/aletobylodobre\'" "cd" "u"
  18. "aleurwal" "spk \'misc/home-edition/aleurwal\'" "cd" "u"
  19. "huaha" "spk \'misc/home-edition//huaha\'" "cd" "u"
  20. "tuskafka" "spk \'misc/home-edition/tuskafka\'" "cd" "u"
  21. "sound11" "spk \'misc/home-edition/sound11.wav\'" "cd" "u"
  22. "palmoliveskora11" "spk \'misc/home-edition/palmoliveskora11\'" "cd" "u"
  23. "noiskonczylosierumakowanie11" "spk \'misc/home-edition/noiskonczylosierumakowanie11\'" "cd" "u"
  24. "leczsiekamilleczsie" "spk \'misc/home-edition/leczsiekamilleczsie\'" "cd" "u"
  25. "nieladnie11" "spk \'misc/home-edition/nieladnie11\'" "cd" "u"
  26. "Serioserio" "spk \'misc/home-edition/Serioserio11\'" "cd" "u"
  27. "odpoczynek" "spk \'misc/home-edition/odpoczynek11\'" "cd" "u"
  28. "libero-jasne" "spk \'misc/home-edition/libero-jasne11\'" "cd" "u"
  29. "koniecimprezy" "spk \'misc/home-edition/koniecimprezy\'" "cd" "u"
  30. "puknal" "spk \'misc/home-edition/puknal\'" "cd" "u"
  31. "nauczsiekultury" "spk \'misc/home-edition/nauczsiekultury\'" "cd" "u"
  32. "dziekuje" "spk \'misc/home-edition/dziekuje\'" "cd" "u"
  33. "chamski" "spk \'misc/home-edition/chamski\'" "cd" "u"
  34. "ciasteczko-zwirekkrecizmuchomorkiem11" "spk \'misc/home-edition/ciasteczko-zwirekkrecizmuchomorkiem11\'" "cd" "u"
  35. "acotubedesiedzial11" "spk \'misc/home-edition/acotubedesiedzial11\'" "cd" "u"
  36. "GT" "spk \'misc/home-edition/6\'" "cd" "u"
  37. "Drago" "spk \'misc/home-edition/drago2\'" "cd" "u"
  38. "Puacz Gaming" "spk \'misc/home-edition/puaczgaming\'" "cd" "u"
  39. "Jestes zwyciezca" "spk \'misc/home-edition/zwyciezcaa\'" "cd" "u"
  40. "Baton Pro" "spk \'misc/home-edition/batonpro\'" "cd" "u"
  41. "Idol" "spk \'misc/home-edition/idol\'" "cd" "u"
  42. "Rasz botqi" "spk \'misc/home-edition/popelniam2\'" "cd" "u"
  43. "Kobieta mnie bije" "spk \'misc/home-edition/kobieta\'" "cd" "u"
  44. "Zwirek z muchomorkiem" "spk \'misc/home-edition/ciasteczko-zwirekkrecizmuchomorkiem11\'" "cd" "u"
  45. "Dawaj" "spk \'misc/home-edition/Dawaj\'" "cd" "u"
  46. "przeklinac" "spk \'misc/home-edition/przeklinac\'" "cd" "u"
  47. "Pyyyyyyy" "spk \'misc/home-edition/Pyyyyyyy\'" "cd" "u"
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