Lei setups

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  1. Neat ideas for post combo. u+1+2~d for mixup or just do the u+1+2 into ws+3
  3. If you catch the opponent near the wall with crouch d/f+2,1,4 you can bound with PHX 2 or go for the PHX f+4 unblock able.
  4. If the opponent is on the wall you can go for the f+3,1 into u/b+4. from there hold either ~b for PHX and ~f for CRN
  6. moves to do at the wall:
  8. - after succesfull wallender, f3,1 df2~f SNA
  9. poke with SNA 4, try to wallsplat with SNA 1+2
  10. or SS into PAN when they do wakeup for relaunch!!
  11. (you can deal tons of damage and wont get launched for punishment)
  13. - after f3,1 ub4 CRA
  14. mixup between CRA 1 for wallsplat (safe!) and CRA 4 (launchable)
  16. - after f3,1 ub4 PHX. try to fish for CH with PHX b+3
  17. or PHX b+4 into another knockdown mixup
  18. PHX 4 lowpoke into SNA stuff
  20. after df1+2 TGR B! TGR 1 if they stay grounded ws3 will whiff a lot, but fc df2,1,4 is guaranteed if they do so, which leads into PHX stance
  22. after df1+2~f B! TGR 1 ws 3, I usually do something like ub4 of df3 for more (safe!!) wallpressure.
  24. without any wallenders
  25. DRU mixup
  26. 2~b BT mixup
  27. df3
  28. uf4
  29. f1+2 for + frames
  30. b+4 into BT mixup
  32. ---------------------------------------------
  34. the format goes like this:
  36. The setup: - post the start of the setup
  37. The mixup: - the possible mixups go here(that's why it's called setup right?)
  38. It goes wrong when: -indicate what the opponent might do that will make this setup go wrong, if there are any, the better if there are none. ^_^
  39. Ideal time to perform setup: - indicate the best time to do the setup, if there are any particular time
  43. The setup:
  44. when opponent turtles, do a 4~4,3~KND, these should hit otherwise it won't leave you with good frames.
  46. the mixup:
  47. when in KND, you could do 4 things depending on your mood or opponent. you could do KND 3(most opponents thing they can punish or intercept you with a mid move so take advantage and a CH KND 3), of if your opponent is wise enough to duck, you could go do KND 4. when you're feeling a bit on the far side, do a KND 3+4 getup, it'll be a laugh.otherwise you can just wait or switch to FCD position by pressing 1 for mroe mixups.
  49. It goes wrong when:
  50. the opponent backdashes away and you wait too long for him to move and he/she hits you with a grounded move.
  52. Ideal time to perform setup
  53. when the poking game is on, low health on your opponent. he/she tends to turtle a lot. or from the VERY start of the match.
  55. --
  57. The setup
  58. After connecting with BT d+1, iWS+2, f+2, f,N+2, do a delayed 1+2. If you do it ASAP, then 1+2 will hit. But, we want 1+2 to whiff. And we want them to techroll.
  60. The mixup
  61. As the opponent techrolls, they're open to BT mixups. I do either BT d+1 or BT 2 or BT u/f+4.
  63. It goes wrong when
  64. You do 1+2 quickly and it hits them instead of whiffing.
  66. Ideal time to perform setup
  67. Hm, anytime. As long as you haven't abused it yet.
  69. --
  71. The Setup: Your typical T6 juggle but the ender is different. ff3~b, BT u/f+4, f+3,1, ff+2 B! f+3+4, DRU u/f+1+2.
  73. The Mixup: If DRU u/f1+2 hits, then you could use FCD 4~3 because they would be in front of you when it hits, or you could use any of the Play Dead setups, but it make things way more interesting if you went over you opponent with DRU u/f1+2 if they stood there on the ground that is, and from there you could either use BT DRU or other Play Dead setups, just play with it.
  75. It goes wrong when: If you try to use BT DRU near a wall after you went behind them with DRU u/f1+2 which leaves you venerable, but that is all I can think of.
  77. Ideal time to perform setups: When you successfully launched them into a juggle, you apply the setups and from the you try to experiment the Play Dead tricks!
  79. --
  81. the setup after ff+2 b!, another ff+2 is guaranteed. do a b+4 step and it will hit grounded. it can be avoided with a quick getup to crouch, but most opponents don't do it.
  83. the mixup: b+4~b will lead you to BT, and you'll have numerous BT mixups at hand. Also, if you do b+4, 1, shoulder smash. if your opponent manages to block the low, they might think it's punishable, only to discover that moving after blocking b+4 will guarantee a CH shoulder smash to the face.
  85. it goes wrong when: you're opponent already knows the setup and turtles. he either blocks everything up to b+4,1 or just lies down and you whiff the 1 part in b+4,1. if you turtle too much, you might also get hopkicked or kicked in their wakeup.
  87. ideal time to do setup: anytime after launch. just not everytime.
  89. --
  91. the set-up when the opponent turtles, do a 3,3~b. Whether the first kick hits is not important as long as you do the notation and end up in BT.
  93. the mix-up 3,3~b is an old school move, a high low move. but in T6 you can now cancel the second low kick by doing 3,3~b and ending up in BT. so because of the move's old schoolness,most people tend to block or parry the second low kick.only to find out that it is canceled and now you're on BT. now do any BT mix-up.
  94. BTd+1 after 3,3~b surprises most people.tend to mix-up BT d+1 by BT 2 and BT 4,3 and combo all the way if you know what i mean.
  96. it goes wrong when the opponent does a move/hopkick after the first 3 high kick because they know you're just gonna cancel the second 3 low kick.they can interrupt you if they don't turtle. but most of the people really tend to block the second hit.thats whats good.
  98. ideal time to do set-up anytime,as long as it doesn't get obvious.
  100. --
  102. the set-up either knocking an opponent down with a f+1+2~d or fn1,2,1 (both ending in PAN)
  104. the mix-up when the opponent is down, most character or maybe all, will have the choice of hitting mid with a 4 or hitting low 3 or d+4 or tech roll away or tech roll then strike with the mid or the low.
  105. in PAN you can use the auto low parry to parry against the low and leaving them open for either a CH df+1 for a juggle(not sure if its guarantee, but seen it in a video).
  106. If the opponent is either tech rolling side or getting up or getting up to do a mid hit, you can use PAN 1~2 to get them or if they tech roll forward, hit them with a PAN 2 for a juggle and if they tech roll backwards, you can leap at them with the new PAN 4.
  108. Note: Luck / Prediction is required for low 3 or mid 4, if you're not sure which one they would do, it is best just to use PAN 1~2 during the frame when opponent is getting up .
  110. it goes wrong missing with PAN 4, leaves you open for a launch and getting hit by a mid 4 (Thanks to Ultimat )
  112. ideal time to do set-up as long as they are down and you're in PAN
  114. --
  116. the setup
  117. usual combo. ff+3~b BT u/f 4, f+2, then use d/f+1+2~f TGR B! TGR 3~f to the sitting snake pose thing to KND. Then I press 1 to go to FCD. Most opponents try to put a little distance between me and them, not too far from me, but far enough to avoid KND 3. Little do they know that FCD 3 has a greater range than KND 3, most opponents get hit with this.
  118. the mixup
  119. after TGR 3~f to pose to KND, you have plenty of sleeping stance mixups. If the opponent comes close and expect a KND 3, you can do a KND 4, or switch to FCD by pressing 1 and then do FCD 3+4 (which is sooooooo cool). If TGR 3~f to snake pose makes the enemy hit the wall, continue with 1+2 (which is like the SNK 1+2).
  120. it goes wrong when
  121. after TGR 3~f to pose to KND, the opponent gets up and decides to go far away from you where you can't hit him/her with any sleep stance mixup.
  122. ideal time to do the setup
  123. when you think that TGR 3~f will make the opponent hit the wall. That way, you can make the sitting snake pose (sorry don't know what to call it) 1+2 hit.
  125. --
  127. The setup
  128. after a ff+2 , df+1+2 or d+2 b! ss+3+4 for a BT setup or ss3+4~d for KND setup
  130. The mixups
  131. For BT:
  132. BT d+4, CH BT d+1 for the usual low launch
  133. BT uf+4 the other launcher mixup
  134. BT 2, power punch, if you want a fast mid move
  135. BT uf+2 for people who lie down on the floor for too long
  136. BT 1,1,3,2 the standard BT knockdown combo to DRU mixup
  137. BT ff, opponent running away, no biggie, CHASE!
  139. For KND:
  140. KND 3, the good old launcher
  141. KND 4, the good old mixup poke
  142. KND 1+2, DRU mixup
  144. Ideal time to do setup
  145. after a b! sacrificing the good old ff+3,4 ender for something fancy and confusing
  147. It goes wrong when
  148. SS+3+4 too late after a b! and opponent stands up or tech roll and block it.
  149. in KND mixup opponent do a getup kick to poke ya
  151. --
  153. at wall B! f+3,1 leads to many options:
  155. f+3,1 then u/b4 for CRA & PNX mix ups
  156. f+3,1 d/f+2 into SNA DRA & PAN mixups
  158. --
  160. Set up: opponent is on the ground near the wall, use u/b 4 (cartwheel)
  162. mix up: from there you have the option to b into phx or f into crane, if the opponent looks to stay on the ground use crane 4 for further punishment, or if he looks to stand up you have the option for phx into cartwheels or 2 for launcher.
  164. mix up does not work: if you guess wrong, or you are interrupted by wake up move
  166. --
  168. Set Up: B! f,f+4, 3+4~b_~f
  169. Mix-up: Depending which direction you choose will decide... (b=PHX, f=CRN)
  170. CRN:
  171. Stays Down->CRN4
  172. Quickroll/Techroll->CRN4_CRN1+2
  173. Quickstand->w/e CRN game you'd like to impose
  174. Backroll->choose how you'd like to rush down. I usually go to PAN, gives better/faster 50/50's than SNK or CRN, IMO
  175. PHX: For me, I like to ~f into DRU
  176. Stays Down-> u/f1+2_PHX4_Cartwheels into KND/BT mix-up
  177. Quickroll/Techroll->{space}DRU grab
  178. Quickstand->PHX b+3 spam until hit or CH_DRU grab
  179. Backroll-> Chase 'em down in DRU
  180. Goes Wrong:
  181. If you commit to something and your opponent just guesses right =/
  182. Random Note... you'd be surprised how many players run into B! SS+1~f TGR4_3
  184. --
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