Devstream 90

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  1. --== DEVSTREAM 90 ==--
  2. -Console builds for Octavias Anthem are submitted
  3. -More Design Council content incoming
  4. -"Leaf of the Lotus" Easter in game cosmetics live
  5. -New Machete Stance, has some weird hovering animations
  6. -Prototypes for single pistol and single melee "equip state" in progress
  7.     -rough demo showed
  8.     -also showed charge attacks "power attacks" that add dashes/damage
  9. -Pump action Tenno shotgun still being worked on
  10. -Kuva in sortie drop tables instead of 4k endo?
  11.     -Sheldon: "It's worth talking about..."
  12. -"THIS IS NOT A DEMOCRACY." -Steve
  13. -Melee rivens coming Soon
  14. -Wall hopping vs. running, hoping to go back to running while keeping hopping mechanics
  15. -OBERON
  16.     -Scott: "We aren't going to go into details. . . Better to show it than just talk about it"
  17.     -getting new passive
  18.     -powers aren't changing, just adding synergies/combos
  19.     -Rebecca: "Could be soon..."
  20. -LIMBO
  21.     -Scott: "Sure is broken..." "Yes, we will be changing it." *drinks beer*
  22. -CHROMA
  23.     -Fix incoming for vex armor damage
  24.     -Rebecca: "Bug actually exposed a bigger bug that had been there for a long time"
  25. -NYX
  26.     -"heated" debate among DE
  27.     -Steve: "We are working on it."
  28. -Steve has "backlog" of about ten warframe ideas
  29. -NEW FRAME: Popeframe
  30.     -Art made by Kevin Glint, not part of DE
  31.     -Support frame, dependent on "high accuracy"
  32.     -will come with quest, will have "Lore Bombs" and will be a dramatic foil to Octavia
  33.     -Will be related to the Red Veil, the "Deacons of the Red Veil"
  34. -new Corpus spider tanks, several different sizes and styles
  35. -Mystery grineer body bag, "Diapause?", will be foundation of a new grineer unit
  36.     -looks like a body bag
  37. -Rebuilding Relays:
  38.     -Sheldon: "Hell yes" "Will start by end of may"
  39. -New tennogen: 5 syandanas, 4 helmets (saryn, trinity, nyx, rhino), 7 skins (ember x2, ivara x2, volt x2, limbo), 1 sword skin
  40. -New Immortal Skins: Hydroid, Zephyr
  41. -Ambulas Rework: No invulnerability phases, but has time limit, you have to hack him bursa-style and send him back to a mothership, has to be repeated 6 times
  42.     -will be a clan event tied to the release of this boss fight
  43. -Scott acknowledges that Zephyr needs a rework
  44. -Focus system is being "looked at," maybe next stream
  45. -Rebecca: "I like it thick, you know?"
  46. -Earth visual update shown
  47.     -New neutral animals are being worked on
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