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  3. The Meaning of a Word
  4. Specimens of Sense1. 1. What-is-the-meaning-of (the word) 'rat'?1. 11. What-is-the-meaning-of (the word) 'word'?1. 21. What is a 'rat'?1. 211. What is a 'word'?1. 22. What is the 'muzzle' of a rat?2. 1. What-is-the-meaning-of (the phrase) 'What-is-the-meaning-of'?2. 11. What-is-the-meaning-of (the sentence) 'What-is-the-meaning-of (the word) "
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  6. "?'?Specimens of Nonsense1. 1. What-is-the-meaning-of a word?
  8. 1. 11. What-is-the-meaning-of any word?1. 12. What-is-the-meaning-of a word in general?1. 21. What is the-meaning-of-a-word?1. 211. What is the-meaning-of-(the-word)-'rat'?1. 22. What is the 'meaning' of a word?1. 221. What is the 'meaning' of (the word) 'rat'?2. 1. What-is-the-meaning-of (the phrase) 'the-meaning-of-a word'?2. 11. What-is-the-meaning-of (the sentence) 'What is the-meaning-of-(the-word)-"
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  10. "?'?2. 12. What-is-the-meaning-of (the sentence) 'What is the "meaning" of "the word" "
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  12. "?'?
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