Tulpa Visualization Guide v1.0

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  1.                     _______________________________________________________
  2.                    /                                                       \
  3.                   /    T u l p a   V i s u a l i z a t i o n   G u i d e    \
  4.                  /                                                           \
  5.                  \                                            Author: Shockk /
  6.                   \                               Date Modified: 2013-01-13 /
  7.                    \_______________________________________________________/
  9. This guide is an adaption of my Visualization Focus Guide. If you find it hard to focus, I recommend you complete the exercise in that guide at least once before attempting the exercise in this guide.
  11. Visualization Focus Guide:
  13. This guide is intended to help people who have trouble visualizing their tulpa, or who have trouble visualizing anything. A tulpa who is able to move/control their mindform is required.
  15. Begin by visualizing a canvas in your mind. The canvas can be any colour but if you really can't decide, use white. At this point, your tulpa should use some sort of pen to draw the number 0 on the current page of the canvas. The pen can be any colour but you should be able to see it on the canvas's colour (so don't pick white if the canvas is white).
  17. Next, relax your body and mind slightly and become aware of your breathing. Take a minute or so to get to a level where you feel sufficiently relaxed. This will help you stay focused while doing the exercise.
  19. Now, ask your tulpa to turn to the next page on the canvas, then write the number 1. You should try and focus on them in your visualization and watch their movements as they turn the page (or magic the canvas blank if they so desire). Then ask them to move on to the next number.
  21. Continue this all the way to the number 100 without getting distracted! If you lose focus, your tulpa should throw the canvas away and get a new one. To throw in a twist, your tulpa is also allowed to make you start again if they think you took too long to ask them for the next number, or if you didn't try to visualize them during a number!
  23. You might not be able to reach 100 on the first try, but don't worry. Each time you try this, you'll improve your visualization skills more and more and as a bonus, communication between you and your tulpa will also improve! If you keep practicing, you'll be able to reach 100 before long. Practice makes perfect!
  25. Ideally, you should do this exercise at least once a day if you want to improve your visualization skills more than a little. As you do it, remember to have fun and feel free to chat with your tulpa during it (and for the tulpa: feel free to chat to your host if you want to give them more to focus on!).
  27.    §~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~§
  28.    |   S h o c k k   |
  29.    §~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~§
  30.       |           |
  31.       |           |
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