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  1. Why is there almost always a flood of Greeks spamming the comments wherever Macedonia is mentioned? Even though the history presented about Macedonia today favours Greece in every way you still have people attacking the tiniest comment with an opposing view about Macedonia. It does not make sense that Greeks and their supporters are so opposed against comments which are supposedly baseless. A reasonable person would look at the opposing information and see what they are really trying to drown out. I will point to some background information here that I believe gives perspective and reveals why Greeks react to comments like these so negatively. You decide if this negativity has anything to do with them being against the public learning the truth? All these titles are available here on YouTube which you can watch. Okay let us get started learning. Firstly it is important to begin with learning how the country of Greece was established in the first half of the 19th century. Please see the YouTube video titled The Documentary That Shocked Greece - SKAI "1821". Next it is important to understand how Macedonia was illegally partitioned in the beginning of the 20th century. Note these new claims over Macedonian land by the neighbour happened after Greece was already established in the 19th century. This partition of Macedonia saw for the very first time part of Macedonia become Greece and is the part of Macedonia which is today know as northern Greece. Also this video should help explain the neighbours actions towards Macedonians as well. YouTube title Hans-Lothar Steppan On The Macedonian Question: Greece Never Possessed Macedonian Territories Before 1912-13. Thirdly it is relevant to understand Greece committed ethnic cleansing over the part of Macedonia which was granted to them during the partition. Being that the ethnic Macedonians were the indigenous group of but then part of Greece it was and has been Greece's policy to erase the Macedonian identity or even remove them all together. One reason why Greeks deny Macedonians exist in the comment sections all over the internet. YouTube this video called Genocide On The Macedonians. FYI this video also has Cyrillic lettering in the title but includes English subtitles. It is 1 hour and 49 minutes in length. This fourth video here presents a fact that is now largely obscured in the popular culture. Here in this video taken from a documentary which looks as it was made in the 80's the narrator explains how the ancient Macedonians were not Greek at all. A blunt truth which would not be heard in today's modern documentaries which have established the newer narrative that everything ancient Macedon was Greek. YouTube the video called Macedonia - The Clip That Shocked Greece. This fifth video here combats the theory that some type of huge Slavic migration occurred that has resulted in today's Macedonians having zero connection to ancient Macedonians and therefore Macedonia. Here the science has not only confirmed that both ancient Macedonians and ancient Hellenic people were always two distinct races but also that the direct descendants of each are distributed mostly within the the respective populous of each country. Search for this short YouTube video titled DNA Of Macedonian People By IGENEA. And finally this video here explains how Hesychius of Alexandria who lived during the 5th century AD clearly sore the ancient Macedonian language separately to that of the Greeks. In his lexicon he had words from the ancient Macedonians grouped together with words from other foreign languages. But he also had all of these these words of foreign languages separated from the words of Greek origin. And interestingly as noted by the narrator in the video his lexicon has not been released in full to the public today. Something that should make you wonder if you have really been taught the truth about ancient Greece and Macedonia? See the YouTube video titled The Ancient Macedonians Were Not Greek! (Episode 31 Of 40). And if you have read up to here thank you. You should now have a better overall understanding from where the hate comes from in the comments towards Macedonians and other people sharing information such as this.
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