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Tactics For a New Year

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  1. Tactics for a new year:
  3. 1. Name
  4. 2. Blame
  5. 3. Complain
  7. - Put a name to your opponent.  Bush is a great example.  In fact, continue to use George W. Bush if you can't find a name.  Your enemy needs a face and a name.  Words travel faster on the internet, so names are the most efficient.  Throw out names of any conservative: Boehner, Hannity, Limbaugh, etc.  It doesn't matter if the person actually is responsible for anything -- just use their name to link it with your gripe.
  9. - Blame all your problems on conservatives.  Put EVERYTHING on conservatives.  The economy, social injustice, climate change, world peace, your ugly dog.  The idea is to paint conservatives as the devil.  Nothing is your fault or the fault of progressives.
  11. - Complain about everything.  You are never content.  Conservatives are content with the status quo, hence why they are called conservatives.  You, however, are not conservative, and should never be content.  If you're wallet is a little thin: complain.  If your pet social program isn't effective: complain.  If the sun is too hot: complain.  Remain that mosquito in the ear of everyone.  The squeaky wheel gets the grease.  Complain.
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