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  1. 23:43:04] You are now talking in #RDSecrets. Have fun!
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  10. [23:43:19] <@Kkat> Wow. Lots!
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  12. [23:43:35] <Yondalor> Tell us your secrets, o holy one ;3
  13. [23:43:39] <Ash> I happened to check in on IRC when I saw that :)
  14. [23:43:45] <Dragmaister> You shouldn't be surprised :P
  15. [23:43:52] <Solis> This is dashie we're talking about.
  16. [23:43:54] <Solis> of course we'll flock
  17. [23:44:05] <Hidden_Fortune> We're insatiable
  18. [23:44:09] Yondalor stands ready to carve Kkat's words in stone for future generations to worship.
  19. [23:44:10] <Red_Barrette> Like a flock of pegasi.
  20. [23:44:39] <@Kkat> Okay... now remember, this is just headcanon. And it's what I'm using in the games I run. But it is NOT canon. And so it shouldn't step on any author's toes.
  21. [23:44:40] Snow braces
  22. [23:44:50] Solis nods
  23. [23:44:53] <Dragmaister> Understood.
  24. [23:44:57] <@Kkat> Short version:
  25. [23:44:58] <Jimm> ok
  26. [23:45:04] <Dragmaister> . . Long version? :P
  27. [23:45:13] <@Kkat> Gilda killed Rainbow Dash. It didn't take.
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  29. [23:45:16] <@Kkat> Long version:
  30. [23:45:26] <Jimm> "It didn't take"?
  31. [23:45:29] <Jimm> what does that mean
  32. [23:45:33] <Snow> she was only mostly dead?
  33. [23:45:35] <Solis> she didnt die.
  34. [23:45:37] <Yondalor> Snow: XD
  35. [23:45:42] <DeathCloud> I understand (but still it will overwrite my headcacon , maybe)
  36. [23:45:51] <Yondalor> I hope she had fun storming the castle afterwards. *nod*
  37. [23:46:08] <Jimm> I forget what details the story said about RBD
  38. [23:46:18] <Jimm> in this regard
  39. [23:46:46] <Snow> pretty much nothing. Gilda confronted Dash and that was all we heard
  40. [23:46:59] <Dragmaister> Yeah, the memory orb.
  41. [23:47:04] <Solis> gilda was ordered to bring her head back, wasnt she?
  42. [23:47:04] <@Kkat> Magical radiation is a natural byproduct of megaspells. And magical radiation has transformative properties. Ponies who are exposed (assuming they are not killed by the spell) tend to change.
  43. [23:47:13] <Jimm> last thing she was known to do was enter the MoA building right?
  44. [23:47:49] <@Kkat> Most ponies of the wasteland are familiar with at least an aspect of this reality: the Balefire Bombs emitted necromantic radiation and that created ghouls.
  45. [23:47:50] <DeathCloud> it's result of all megaspells weapons?
  46. [23:48:40] <Yondalor> Nah, the last known record of her situation was when she was on the Watcher's mountain, and Gilda found her.
  47. [23:48:41] <@Kkat> What most ponies do not realize is that *all* megaspells release some type of magical radiation. The radiation is different, as is the transformations caused by it.
  48. [23:49:24] <@Kkat> Many ponies know of at least one variation of ghouls... that the Pink Cloud created Canterlot ghouls.
  49. [23:49:26] <Solis> such as the healing megaspells?
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  53. [23:50:19] <Jimm> so even Fluttershy's healing megaspells had radiation?
  54. [23:50:29] <DeathCloud> so that megaspell from Tenpony Tower can create it's own version of ghouls/mutants?
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  56. [23:51:00] <Snow> so dashy turned into a ghoul, is what it comes down to
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  59. [23:52:38] <@Kkat> What the Beyond Equestria group has discovered is that the Ministry of Peace first cottoned onto the idea of megaspells by studying what could best be described as a proto-megaspell: the Crystal Empire and its Crystal Heart. The Ministry of Peace was studying Crystal Pony physiology.
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  61. [23:53:06] <@Kkat> Crystal Ponies are the "ghouls" of the Crystal Heart's magical radiation.
  62. [23:53:11] <DeathCloud> hmm season canon?
  63. [23:53:17] <Snow> nice :D
  64. [23:53:33] <DeathCloud> I like that idea too
  65. [23:54:02] <SlashySmiley> ooooh
  66. [23:54:29] <Hidden_Fortune> Neat
  67. [23:54:31] <Snow> that makes sense
  68. [23:54:44] <@Kkat> As seen in the show, the Mane Six transformed into Crystal Ponies when exposed to the radiation. However, they were only exposed once, and the effect wore off. However, the radiation is cumulative, and over repeat exposures, the ponies of the Crystal Empire became permanently transformed.
  69. [23:54:55] <Solis> I like this.
  70. [23:55:03] <@Kkat> And since this was true transformation, it was passed on genetically.
  71. [23:55:19] <Hidden_Fortune> Even neater.
  72. [23:55:32] <@Kkat> Now for the really interesting part:
  73. [23:55:44] <Dragmaister> Just /now/?. . . oh damn
  74. [23:56:00] <Hidden_Fortune> Haha
  75. [23:56:14] Yondalor looks up from the stone tablet. "Hold up, I need to preserve this for posterity!"
  76. [23:56:29] <@Kkat> All megaspells give off magical radiation... and that included the first megaspell: Fluttershy's healing megaspell.
  77. [23:57:35] <DeathCloud> can I quote it in FOE thread on TV Tropes forum?
  78. [23:57:51] <@Kkat> :P Sure. So long as you give the "not canon" disclaimer.
  79. [23:57:55] <Snow> this is noncanon though
  80. [23:58:04] <Snow> though as non-canon as it can be coming from the creator
  81. [23:58:05] <Dragmaister> Close enough for me. :P
  82. [23:58:22] Hidden_Fortune considers it... Will be quiet now.
  83. [23:58:26] <Lucky_Charm> Oh. So this is non-canon?
  84. [23:58:28] <@Kkat> Fluttershy's megaspell soaked all the ponies in several miles with radiation, as well as the grounds around it.
  85. [23:58:34] <@Kkat> Very non-canon.
  86. [23:58:53] <@Kkat> Lucky_Charm: it is headcanon, though. And it is what I am using for the FOE roleplaying games I'm running.
  87. [23:59:08] <Lucky_Charm> Alright. I was worried about the fallout of bringing in canon from FiM seasons beyond the first...
  88. [23:59:12] <Dragmaister> I shall use this as my headcanon until something canon is released (if ever)
  89. [23:59:12] <Ash> Its Kkats own canon, but not Fanfic canon, from what I understand. That way authors dont have to worry about going against canon
  90. [23:59:22] <Dragmaister> ^
  91. [23:59:26] <@Kkat> But yes, Lucky_Charm, very non-canon. So this doesn't conflict with side stories.
  92. [23:59:41] <@Kkat> Exactly.
  93. [23:59:43] <DeathCloud> I choose it as my headcanon because I like it
  94. [23:59:50] <Hidden_Fortune> ^
  95. [00:00:01] <Hidden_Fortune> Now ssshhhhhh
  96. [00:00:08] <Hidden_Fortune> Let her finish.
  97. [00:00:14] <SlashySmiley> i am familiar with Headcanon
  98. [00:00:47] <@Kkat> The Stalliongrad game benefits from a unique setting because, in my headcanon, Fluttershy's megaspell was cast in a battlefield just outside the city.
  99. [00:01:32] <@Kkat> And this has resulted in a number of interesting features. First: the Healing Fields.
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  101. [00:03:53] <@Kkat> The other thing that Stalliongrad has a great amount of is ghosts.
  102. [00:04:16] <@Kkat> And in Stalliongrad, everyone can see the ghosts.
  103. [00:04:43] <@Kkat> (More precisely, everyone can see ghosts who come within a dozen miles of the Healing Fields.)
  104. [00:05:32] <@Kkat> Ghosts are the souls, trapped in this world, of ponies who were exposed to the radiation of Fluttershy's megaspell.
  105. [00:05:52] <Yondalor> Zebras too?
  106. [00:05:59] <@Kkat> The "ghouls", if you will, of that very unique spell.
  107. [00:06:33] <@Kkat> And yes, both ponies and zebras...
  108. [00:07:26] Shady_Steps feels like i am in a lecture room, likes it. anyway, how do the ghosts interact with the area and people around them?
  109. [00:07:28] <@Kkat> And not just those who were in the battle, but those who... soon enough after death that their spirits hadn't moved on... had their bodies buried in the area now known as the Healing Fields.
  110. [00:08:19] <@Kkat> Which happened a lot, as the battlefield became a memorial graveyard before ponies realized anything was abnormal about them.
  111. [00:08:29] <@Kkat> s/them/the area
  112. [00:09:57] <Milia> are the ghosts confined to the area around Stalliongrad since that is where their replenishing radiation and bodies are located? or can they wander into other parts of the wasteland?
  113. [00:10:19] <@Kkat> Many ponies who were healed by the megaspell went on to live there lives in other parts of Equestria or elsewhere, only to become ghosts upon death. And outside of Stalliongrad, the only ones who can perceive ghosts are those with Wild Wasteland.
  114. [00:10:33] <@Kkat> (And thus Homage's comments as DJ Pon3 about having seen a ghost.)
  115. [00:11:02] <Yondalor> No wonder the Chosen One in Fallout 2 could see the ghost in The Den...
  116. [00:11:42] <DeathCloud> he had Wild Wasteland as default trait :D
  117. [00:11:47] <@Kkat> Ghosts don't need to replenish... but every so often, a particular set of circumstances will cause all the ghosts to migrate to Stalliongrad for a short time. This is called the Ghostwalk... and the reasons for that are very... involved.
  118. [00:12:06] <Gold> wouldn't the folks with spiritually awakened also be able to perceive ghosts?
  119. [00:12:34] <@Kkat> Gold: yes, if they were spiritually awakened towards ghosts rather than spirits.
  120. [00:12:49] <Yondalor> Mediums, so to speak
  121. [00:12:52] <@Kkat> Which is possible.
  122. [00:13:01] <Lucky_Charm> And spirits are personifications of... ideas?
  123. [00:13:18] <DeathCloud> so this can count as negative effect of that megaspell ?
  124. [00:13:19] <Lucky_Charm> Primal forces?
  125. [00:13:23] <Yondalor> Heh, the Wasteland must be hell for Mediums. All those ghosts...
  126. [00:13:29] <SlashySmiley> like Death
  127. [00:13:35] <@Kkat> Spirits are things like nature spirits, primal forces, Discord...
  128. [00:13:48] <Lucky_Charm> Alright.
  129. [00:14:01] Yondalor ponders creating a shaman and asking Discord for a favor... >.>
  130. [00:14:06] <@Kkat> Spirits are the realm of shamanism. Souls, including ghosts, are the realm of necromancy.
  131. [00:14:23] <Lucky_Charm> Mhmm
  132. [00:14:24] <Shady_Steps> YAY NECROMANCY!
  133. [00:14:24] <@Kkat> Now: Rainbow Dash.
  134. [00:14:27] Gold is now known as Long_Shadow.
  135. [00:14:30] <Snow> yay
  136. [00:14:31] Lucky_Charm isn't sure what to think of Shamanism currently.
  137. [00:14:50] <Shady_Steps> i am working on some necromantic rules but they may take a while
  138. [00:14:55] <@Kkat> Rainbow Dash was at the battle of Stalliongrad where the megaspell was set off. She was exposed.
  139. [00:14:57] <Lucky_Charm> Oh!
  140. [00:15:18] <Dragmaister> . . dayumn
  141. [00:15:25] <@Kkat> When Gilda killed her on that cliffside, Rainbow Dash found herself as a ghost.
  142. [00:16:08] <Hidden_Fortune> Oh my
  143. [00:16:22] <Lucky_Charm> Cool.
  144. [00:16:23] <Dragmaister> . . is Ghost Walks somehow related to RD?
  145. [00:16:27] <@Kkat> She has been trying to do what good she can... although it's hard when you're incorporeal and nopony can see or hear you. Well, almost nopony...
  146. [00:16:30] <DeathCloud> what about ponies like Steelhooves
  147. [00:17:07] <@Kkat> The radiation of Pink Cloud was much stronger and worse, so the transformation it caused pretty much overrode that of the healing megaspell.
  148. [00:17:08] <Long_Shadow> Well heck find somepony taht can see you
  149. [00:17:16] <Lucky_Charm> Kkat?
  150. [00:17:18] <Ash> Can ghosts see other ghosts.
  151. [00:17:33] <Lucky_Charm> Can I ask a question about zebra magitech?
  152. [00:17:47] <@Kkat> Unfortunately, the first pony that Rainbow Dash encountered that could see her, the first Wild Wasteland pony, was a member of the Enclave.
  153. [00:18:28] <@Kkat> After that encounter, Rainbow Dash took to concealing her identity.
  154. [00:18:42] <Hidden_Fortune> Understandable
  155. [00:19:00] <Yondalor> Hmmm...
  156. [00:19:05] <Yondalor> "Player characters can only be affected by one type of Radiation Effect at at time."
  157. [00:20:11] <DeathCloud> so mass use of similar megaspell is not that good idea?
  158. [00:20:15] PONY_2012_ [] has quit (Client exited).
  159. [00:20:54] <@Kkat> But it is possible, if you are in the right place and are sensitive to such things, that you might spot... out of the corner of your eye... a ghostly figure dressed in purple and black... with a mask, cape and oversized hat... and maybe, just maybe, she'll even come to your aid.
  160. [00:21:13] <SlashySmiley> ooooh
  161. [00:21:15] <Yondalor> >.>
  162. [00:21:29] <Ash> Ahah oh wow.
  163. [00:21:32] <Hidden_Fortune> Hmmmmm
  164. [00:21:37] <Yondalor> Excuse me while I clean my room. My mind was just blown.
  165. [00:21:45] <Dragmaister> ^
  166. [00:22:08] <WandOfEternity> Beware Wasteland, for I am MDW.
  167. [00:22:23] <Jimm> so do you think RD's ghost had any effects in FoE?
  168. [00:22:34] <Yondalor> Meapon of Dass Westruction? ;3
  169. [00:22:57] <Jimm> Mare Do-Well
  170. [00:23:03] <Yondalor> I know :P
  171. [00:23:29] <DeathCloud> Misterour Mare Do Well - should be a perk
  172. [00:23:38] <WandOfEternity> I didn't want to say it in case others didn't know.
  173. [00:23:43] <Yondalor> I always love these theories about the Mysterious Stranger. ^^
  174. [00:23:54] <Jimm> I read FoE before playing Fallout: New Vegas
  175. [00:24:13] <Ash> Misterous Mare Do Well - should be a perk <--- It isnt one?
  176. [00:24:15] <Jimm> I'd probably get more references and such if I re-read it
  177. [00:24:25] <WandOfEternity> Haha.
  178. [00:24:31] <WandOfEternity> Mist. I see what you did there Ash.
  179. [00:24:55] <@Kkat> Mysterious Mare-Do-Well *is* a perk.
  180. [00:25:03] <@Kkat> It's the "Mysterious Stranger" perk.
  181. [00:25:07] <Ash> Yeah I thought so
  182. [00:25:19] <DeathCloud> it is in FOE RPGs?
  183. [00:25:30] <Dragmaister> Yes
  184. [00:25:30] <Milia> yah
  185. [00:25:40] <Ash> I want to take that perk on all of my characters now
  186. [00:25:46] <Yondalor> Hehe
  187. [00:25:46] <Milia> it sure is! do you need the wild wasteland trait to take it?
  188. [00:25:46] <Ash> haha
  189. [00:25:53] <Milia> i don't recall
  190. [00:26:00] <@Kkat> And now you know, at least for my games and personal headcanon, what happened to Rainbow Dash
  191. [00:26:09] <WandOfEternity> Awesome.
  192. [00:26:22] <Dragmaister> Very, very much appreciated. Thank you Kkat
  193. [00:26:29] <DeathCloud> *headcanon accepted*
  194. [00:26:29] <@Kkat> :)
  195. [00:26:32] <Ash> As far as Im concerned, it is canon :P. I understand why you dont want it to be canon though
  196. [00:26:32] <@Kkat> You're welcome!
  197. [00:26:33] <Prism> :) Thank you Kkat.
  198. [00:26:46] <SlashySmiley> thanks
  199. [00:26:47] Yondalor carves the story in a stone tablet, so the Word of God can be preserved for future generations.
  200. [00:26:58] <Red_Barrette> That's a super awesome headcanon.
  201. [00:26:59] <DeathCloud> I didn't think it could be some thing that much interesing but this is awesome
  202. [00:27:01] <Dragmaister> *cough* . . I don't suppose there is any other headcanon stuff you wouldn't mind sharing?
  203. [00:27:02] <Hidden_Fortune> ^
  204. [00:27:03] <@Kkat> Oh, and while I'm talking...
  205. [00:27:08] <DeathCloud> Steelhooves level of awesome
  206. [00:27:12] <@Kkat> Somepony asked about the Ghost Walk.
  207. [00:27:17] <Dragmaister> I did, yeah.
  208. [00:27:25] <Hidden_Fortune> Dun dun dun
  209. [00:27:25] <SlashySmiley> though i always kinda hoped Gilda couldn't bring herself to kill Dash in the end
  210. [00:27:26] <@Kkat> One other aspect of the Stalliongrad setting:
  211. [00:27:41] <Yondalor> What happened to Gilda, then? ;3
  212. [00:27:42] <Long_Shadow> far as I'm concrned your head canon is canon :D
  213. [00:28:01] <Yondalor> Kkat's head is our canon.
  214. [00:28:06] <Yondalor> Worship her! Worship her!
  215. [00:28:12] <@Kkat> Stalliongrad, being the northern-most city in Equestria, and the closest to the one land bridge to the zebra lands, was conquered and occupied by zebras multiple times during the war.
  216. [00:28:13] Dragmaister bows
  217. [00:29:03] <Hidden_Fortune> Interesting bit of knowledge there...
  218. [00:29:12] <Hidden_Fortune> Zebra land north.
  219. [00:29:17] Hidden_Fortune makes note.
  220. [00:29:27] <Red_Barrette> Wow.
  221. [00:29:30] <@Kkat> After they were driven out the first time (in the Battle for Stalliongrad where the megaspell was set off), the Ministry of Wartime Technology had a huge rebuilding push for the city, with lots of incentives for businesses to put major resources there.
  222. [00:29:32] <Red_Barrette> I had that part right for my fic, weird.
  223. [00:29:59] <@Kkat> One of the companies which took advantage of the MWT's incentives was Sparkle~Cola.
  224. [00:30:08] <Hidden_Fortune> Oh no...
  225. [00:30:09] <DeathCloud> Zebra land is noth from Equestria ?
  226. [00:30:38] <Yondalor> Land bridge to Zebra Land? Sounds like the land bridge that used to be between Alaska and Siberia
  227. [00:30:47] <@Kkat> Yondalor: very much so.
  228. [00:31:06] <Yondalor> Makes sense, since Zebraland -> China :3
  229. [00:31:10] Hidden_Fortune scribbles notes.
  230. [00:31:14] <Yondalor> Or something like that
  231. [00:31:27] <SlashySmiley> the key piece of my comic is going to take place on a pony built bridge between the two
  232. [00:31:49] <ProfessorPat> Sparkle~Cola and ghosts are going to be tied too? So many new things to think about...
  233. [00:31:59] <DeathCloud> still it;s not agaist my side fic idea setting focused around San Franciscolt
  234. [00:31:59] <@Kkat> There is a land route up through the mountains of the Frozen North... accessible only through the treacherous mountain pass called Shattered Hoof Ridge... that leads to a land bridge to zebra lands.
  235. [00:32:23] <Lucky_Charm> Aha!
  236. [00:32:24] <Hidden_Fortune> Interesting
  237. [00:32:26] <Yondalor> The ones that drank Sparkle~Cola Quantum glow. *nod*
  238. [00:32:28] <Lucky_Charm> So Shattered Hoof is mountainous.
  239. [00:32:46] <SlashySmiley> this was great, but i need to go to work now
  240. [00:32:50] <@Kkat> Most war with the zebra lands happened across the ocean because the land bridge was a bad route to send a military force.
  241. [00:32:59] <Lucky_Charm> :O
  242. [00:33:09] <Hidden_Fortune> Hmm
  243. [00:33:16] <Red_Barrette> Bye SlashySmiley!
  244. [00:33:20] Kkat hugs SlashySmiley
  245. [00:33:24] <Hidden_Fortune> Bye hun
  246. [00:33:25] <@Kkat> Almost done anyway...
  247. [00:33:26] SlashySmiley hugs all
  248. [00:33:34] <SlashySmiley> someone save what i miss
  249. [00:33:35] <Yondalor> Naval battles, or landings alá Normandy?
  250. [00:34:03] SlashySmiley [] has quit (Connection closed).
  251. [00:34:11] <Hidden_Fortune> Good question
  252. [00:34:13] <@Kkat> Sparkle~Cola bought the land that was the Healing Fields. Moved the graves. And turned the fields into an orchard for zap apple treas.
  253. [00:34:24] <@Kkat> Yondalor: Both.
  254. [00:34:25] <Hidden_Fortune> Oh shit
  255. [00:35:02] <@Kkat> It was Sparkle~Cola's intention to create a new brand: Sparkle~Cola Rainbow!
  256. [00:35:38] <@Kkat> With Rainbow Dash as the celebrity icon, and the bottling plant, named the "Rainbow Factory" located in Stalliongrad.
  257. [00:35:50] <Yondalor> XD
  258. [00:35:51] Hidden_Fortune covers her ears.
  259. [00:35:54] <Milia> oh dear
  260. [00:35:57] <Yondalor> Me gusta XD
  261. [00:36:06] <Ash> pfft
  262. [00:36:07] <Hidden_Fortune> I know where this goes...
  263. [00:36:10] <@Kkat> You may remember this quote from Fallout: Equestria...
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  266. [00:38:12] <@Kkat> Apple Bloom glanced down at me. “…hey, when didja started drinkin’ Sparkle~Cola again?”
  267. [00:38:22] <@Kkat> I couldn’t tell if Scootaloo was annoyed or thankful for the change of topic. “I haven’t. You know I can’t touch the stuff after hearing about that accident at the plant. That was Peek-a-Boo’s.”
  268. [00:38:41] <Yondalor> Me so fucking gusta. XD
  269. [00:38:42] ProfessorPat hasn't read Rainbow Factory and wonders how much he's missing by only knowing vague things about it
  270. [00:38:47] Lucky_Charm [Mibbit@Pony-2f2.kam.237.12.IP] has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client).
  271. [00:38:49] Hidden_Fortune keeps her ears covered.
  272. [00:38:58] <Ash> I havent read it either
  273. [00:39:05] <Yondalor> Me neither, but I've got the idea that it's very much like Cupcakes
  274. [00:39:27] <Ash> Its not my cuppa tea
  275. [00:39:39] <ProfessorPat> I know it's really dark, but past that, kinda lost when it comes up
  276. [00:39:51] Hidden_Fortune hasn't read, knows.
  277. [00:40:00] <@Kkat> There was an industrial accident at the plant. It involved a class of young pegasi on a field trip. Needless to say, Sparkle~Cola Rainbow didn't have a long market life.
  278. [00:40:33] <Dragmaister> . . damn
  279. [00:40:45] <ProfessorPat> So what's the significance of the moved graves? I'm assuming that's important somehow
  280. [00:40:50] <@Kkat> The plant was shut down. A new one was build. Sparkle~Cola Clear became the new project, and the zap apple orchards were abandoned.
  281. [00:41:20] <@Kkat> However, once every few generations, the signs will start again...
  282. [00:41:23] Hidden_Fortune is now known as Hiddenbot.
  283. [00:41:24] <DeathCloud> neat DLC material
  284. [00:41:46] <@Kkat> First, the Ghost Walk, drawing all the ghosts back to the Healing Fields.
  285. [00:41:55] <@Kkat> Then the Timberwolves come.
  286. [00:42:08] <@Kkat> Then the stormravens gather.
  287. [00:42:23] <@Kkat> Finally, starfall.
  288. [00:42:39] Hiddenbot raises an eyebrow.
  289. [00:42:42] <ProfessorPat> Wow
  290. [00:42:43] <Dragmaister> Oooohh. . .
  291. [00:42:43] <@Kkat> All leading up to a zap apple harvest.
  292. [00:44:44] Kkat has to run.
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