The Chevalin Experience

Apr 15th, 2019
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  1. >”The modern world can be a stressful place at times, and humanity has taken great lengths to try and remedy this bitter truth. But, as it turns out, we often overlook the greatest source of stress in life: humanity itself.
  2. >”Of course, that was until we at the Château Chevalin et Source Chaude had perfected our centuries-old mineral baths enough to come forward with our life-altering recipe. Only time and careful precision can bring about an experience as otherworldly as that within our facility.
  3. >”During your stay, our unparalleled spa experience will be available at all hours of the day, along with unbridled access to our natural hot spring on site. If you seek refuge from the cold outside, there are countless public areas for you to explore.
  4. >”Of course, I’m sure you’re wondering how we do it. The news has spread to all four corners of the Earth: there is no hyperbole within this advertisement. It is simply a promotion of a unique way of experiencing life.
  5. >”All we require is a modest fee and, of course, your full consent to the treatment itself. We hope you enjoy your stay.”
  7. –The Chevalin Experience–
  9. Part I: Anon and Katherine
  11. >You are Anon.
  12. >And you’re in Switzerland.
  13. >Each day, you thank every god on this earth that the daughter of a wealthy real estate tycoon had an eye for you of all people, because it means you get to do shit like this.
  14. >Currently, you’re reclining in the back of a Rolls-Royce while an extremely French chauffeur navigates the winding roads of the Swiss Alps.
  15. “Kat, how’d you hear about this place again?”
  16. >”When this place was invite-only, my parents spent a week up here. They couldn’t go into details, of course, but they said it was the best place they’ve ever visited. It wasn’t even that expensive, either.”
  18. >You grin.
  19. “That’s a hell of an honor. Is there any place they haven’t been?”
  20. >She laughs with you as the driver turns a corner and brings the massive lodge into view.
  21. >The building looks both aged and pristine at the same time, with a tall main structure flanked by two squatter wings.
  22. >The focal point is the large, covered entrance, shrouded from the relentless snowfall by an equally massive portico.
  23. >A small cupola sits atop the steep roof; the entire building is made from the same rich, beautiful wood.
  24. >Clearly, no costs were cut here.
  25. “You said it wasn’t that expensive?”
  26. >”Trust me, I was surprised too.”
  27. >As soon as the car comes to a stop, a bellhop opens the car door to let you out, while another person begins the arduous process of moving all your luggage.
  28. >A doorman holds the large wooden doors open for you as you step into the lobby.
  29. >It’s smaller than you’d expect, given the size of the lodge, but it’s still lavish.
  30. >There’s a fire roaring on one side of the room, while the reception desk takes up most of the other wall.
  31. >And even that is made of rich, expensive wood, featuring countless intricate carvings.
  32. >Kat, unfazed by the warmth and luxury, saunters over to the desk to check you in while you mill around and take in the details.
  33. >The receptionist wastes no time in acquainting your traveling partner with the schedule at the resort in a very thick French accent.
  35. >”Breakfast is served until eleven in the dining room. Tea is in the conservatory from noon to four, and dinner starts at six. A copy of the dinner menus for the duration of your stay will be in your room. You’ll receive your room key once you’ve finished with our comprehensive initial treatment, which will be right through those doors over there–”
  36. >You turn and take a step towards the imposing-looking set of doors.
  37. >”Right after you both sign these.”
  38. >Damnit.
  39. >You don’t bother glancing over the cut-and-dry non-disclosure agreement before you sign it, and neither does Kat.
  40. >It looks like just the standard “don’t steal the secret formula” type shit.
  41. >You both slide the papers across the desk and, right on cue, the quaint wooden doors open behind you.
  42. >The receptionist gives you both a warm smile as she picks them both up and slides them under the desk.
  43. >”Enjoy your stay.”
  44. >Kat looks over at you and grins.
  45. ”After you.”
  46. >She laughs and steps through the doors, and you follow close behind.
  47. >An attendant closes them behind you and you find yourself in a small hallway.
  48. >The short Swiss woman motions to two open doors out of the several that line one side of the hall; Kat takes the one on the left, and you go for the door on the right.
  49. >”Ring the bell whenever you’re ready.”
  50. “A spa? Kat, you didn’t say anything about a spa.”
  51. >She just laughs.
  52. >”Oh, shut up. Trust me, it’ll be worth it.”
  53. >The door shuts behind you, and you find yourself in a small room decorated in rich shades of lavender, with potted plants placed in the corners of the space and a mirror lining one of the walls, with a towel rack across from it.
  54. >A massage table takes up the bulk of the floor area, with a small bell dangling from the ceiling, and you pick up the small notecard resting atop it.
  56. >”Welcome to the Château Chevalin et Source Chaude. Please follow the instructions carefully to ensure you have the best possible introduction to the Chevalin experience.
  57. >”Undress completely and lie atop the massage table on your stomach. Use a hot towel to cover your buttocks, and place another inside the table’s opening, before resting your head inside the hole. Ring the bell and an attendant will enter to begin the massage procedure.”
  58. >You follow the instructions and get into the right position, letting the cushion of the table and the hot, lavender scented towel hug your face before you gingerly ring the tiny brass bell.
  59. >Almost immediately, the door opens behind you.
  60. >Although you can’t see the person that just walked in, as your vision is obscured by the towel, but you can hear their soft footsteps as they wheel a small cart into the room.
  61. >There’s a pause, but soon enough you feel yourself tense up as a thick strand of warm lotion is applied onto your back.
  62. >The soft, delicate hands of the masseuse currently working the lotion into your back make you breathe a sigh of relief: you were already more than a little weirded out by this silent exchange, and being alone in a small room, naked, with another guy would just be too much for you.
  63. >You let yourself slowly relax as the lotion is spread across your back, from your shoulders all the way down to your ass.
  64. >With each rub, you feel yourself relax further and further, letting out a large sigh of contentment.
  65. >Once the lotion is thoroughly worked into your skin, you feel the skilled hands travel up and down your back, searching out knots and loosening them with delicate passes as the stress dissipates throughout your entire body.
  66. >As her hands finish their second trip down your back, you feel your chest tighten for a brief moment, before all the tension is suddenly released and you let out a deep breath.
  67. “Oh man…”
  69. >The attendant lets out a small laugh as her hands pass over your back one more time, spreading outwards to rub more lotion onto your arms and legs.
  70. >The warm oil makes your skin feel soft and malleable as it sinks deeper into you.
  71. >When the rubbing reaches your neck, the sensation makes you feel almost drunk, your head already buzzing from the pure bliss.
  72. >”Arms forward, please.”
  73. >You barely hear her accented voice, but you comply anyway, your forearms dangling off the edge of the table.
  74. >She uses both hands to work more warm, soothing lotion into your arms, and, as she passes over your hand, you feel it start to fall asleep.
  75. >When she moves on to your other arm, you feel that hand quickly fall asleep, too.
  76. >The pins and needles spread as she works her way up both your arms, smoothing and moulding your skin until it feels like felt.
  77. >Soon, both your arms have the unusual, yet oddly familiar, post-massage feeling of being oh-so-wonderfully out of place, like your body just isn’t used to feeling this relaxed.
  78. >She repeats the process on both your legs, applying the oil and intensifying the pleasant buzzing inside your head as your legs quickly fall asleep, too.
  79. >As the masseuse works out every knot in your calves and thighs, the rippling feeling of tension being released makes your legs feel like they’ve been reshaped entirely.
  80. >Her hands leave you for a brief moment before they’re back to work on your scalp, massaging your hair and making each follicle tingle until your head is filled with television static.
  82. >You feel hair spreading down your neck and brushing against your back, and your drunken, hazy mind assumes it’s just your masseuse’s hair spilling onto you as she leans over to work out a particularly tight knot on your neck that makes your whole spine feel out of place.
  83. >She covers both your ears in lotion and slowly drags on them, making upward motions with each hand as they start to tingle and tickle your hair.
  84. >Her hands leave your ears after a few blissful minutes that leave you reeling, and you just barely think to protest when you feel the towel being lifted off your ass.
  85. >She wastes no time in pouring more of the wonderfully warm oil over your rear as her hands go to work at your lower back.
  86. >Your spine feels like it’s being pulled and pulled as the massage builds in intensity, and you feel more hair tickle your leg.
  87. >”Turn over, please.”
  88. >You barely think as you roll over on the massage table, the towel still covering your face.
  89. >The masseuse makes a few adjustments to the table, softening the cushion in some places to make lying on your back more comfortable by orders of magnitude.
  90. >”Eyes closed now.”
  91. >She takes the towel off, and you keep your eyes closed as you feel more oil cascading down your face.
  92. >Her hands slide across your cheeks as she expertly draws your face outward, making your nose twitch instinctually.
  93. >You feel like your whole head is being moulded under her touch, and it feels wonderful.
  94. >She lays the towel back over your face when she finishes, and you barely register the difference in how it drapes over your head as her hands move down your chest, coating the other half of your body in warm oil.
  95. >You can almost feel your chest expand outwards, along with a distinct tugging at your nipples.
  96. >And then, as the masseuse pours another dollop of runny oil onto your belly, you can feel it run down onto your groin.
  98. >Before you know it, her hands are there, too, and the mounting creepiness of the massage barely registers as you feel yourself get more sensitive with every circular motion.
  99. >The hands pass over you a few more times, seeking out bare patches of skin and easing lotion onto them until they grow malleable and tingly, like the rest of your body.
  100. >When the last of the oil soaks into your skin, you feel the towel lifted off your face, and your eyes blink open as the fog slowly lifts from your head.
  101. >”And we’re done. Let me help you off the table. You’re going to get down on all fours now.”
  102. “All fours– What the hell was that?”
  103. >”That was the start of the Chevalin experience. Now, here, all four legs.”
  104. >You grin at the imperfect English and eease over to one side of the table and prepare to slide off the surface, with the help of the masseuse.
  105. >Her hands brush against the too-long hairs of your belly, and you feel yourself tense up.
  106. >Your heart starts to race as you end up on your hands and knees and immediately notice the cream-colored lump sticking out in the forefront of your vision.
  107. “Is that a–”
  108. >”Look to your left, please.”
  109. >You turn your head and instantly find yourself staring into the full-length mirror.
  110. >You expected with every fiber of your being to see your normal self staring back at you, but, instead, there’s a diminutive, pastel-colored horse, with a mane colored in two shades of pink and cream fur.
  111. >Come to think of it, that coat is colored a lot like the furry mass at the center of your vision.
  112. >You reach an arm up to feel it and immediately lose your balance.
  113. >”Careful!”
  114. >The masseuse is back to wrap her arms around your–your?–waist and help you back up to a standing position.
  116. >”Take a moment to familiarize yourself with your surroundings and try to take a step forward. It should come naturally.”
  117. >You stare at yourself in the mirror, unblinking, trying to wrap your head around what the hell just happened.
  118. “How can a massage really do... this?”
  119. >You notice that your voice sounds much higher as a pony.
  120. >”It’s the Chevalin oil, a family recipe. The minerals are enriched from the natural hot spring on the resort’s grounds.”
  121. “But I’m a horse.”
  122. >”A pony, rather. It’s part of the supernatural side effects of the minerals.”
  123. “This can’t be possible.”
  124. >”I assure you, it is, and this is only the start of your stay. Now, when you’re ready, take a step forward.”
  125. >You steel yourself and extend a forehoof.
  126. >Instead of falling on your face, a back hoof rises in sync.
  127. >You repeat the motions until you’ve walked across the room, and the masseuse opens the door for you.
  128. >”I hope you enjoyed the massage. Enjoy your stay!”
  129. >You cross the threshold and are taken aback by the sight in front of you.
  130. >The room is bright and airy, helped by the massive bay window letting in copious natural light.
  131. >The ceilings feel immensely tall, and you’re not sure if the space is really this massive of if you’ve shrunk.
  132. >Maybe it’s a combination of both?
  133. >The room is hot and steamy, thanks to a large, bubbling hot tub embedded in the center of the floor.
  134. >And, seeing as there are no other ponies in the room, Kat isn’t done with her massage yet.
  135. >You waste no time in carefully walking across the tiled floor, stepping over the stylized tile border that reads “Mineral Baths” in block letters and dipping your hooves into the basin.
  136. >You slowly let yourself sink into the water and come to rest in a natural groove arcing inward from the tub’s edge, allowing you to lie suspended in the water with only your head exposed to the air.
  138. >The time alone gives you some freedom to let your mind wander.
  139. >And it goes right to how none of this should be possible.
  140. >Are you hallucinating or something?
  141. >You have to be.
  142. >Your ears swivel–seriously, what the fuck–as you hear a door open behind you.
  143. >The sound of clopping hooves on tile echoes throughout the room as a green mass appears in the corner of your vision.
  144. >A large stallion slides into the hot tub, settling into the same groove as you found.
  145. >You both awkwardly glance at each other, before he clears his throat.
  146. >”Ah, sorry. I’m just waiting for someone.”
  147. “Oh, so am I. I didn’t think there were any other people in here.”
  148. >”Neither did I.”
  149. >You both fall silent, the only noise in the room being the rhythmic bubbling of the hot tub.
  150. >”So where are you from?”
  151. “America, actually.”
  152. >”What part?”
  153. “Michigan.”
  154. >”Oh, really? My boyfriend’s from Michigan.”
  155. >You notice that you can hear your blood pounding in your new pony ears.
  156. >That’s okay, Anon, people can be gay in the current year.
  157. >”Maybe when he’s done you can meet him. You know, I was honestly not expecting… well, this.”
  158. “Neither was I. I bet my girlfriend’s freaking out right now.”
  159. >You both meet eyes and then quickly look away.
  160. >”Your girlfriend? What’s her name?”
  161. “Katherine. Why?”
  162. >He lets out a pained smile.
  163. >”Because that’s my name.”
  164. >You both stare at each other, unblinking, for a solid minute.
  165. >”Anon?”
  166. “Kat?”
  167. >You both leap up, sending waves splashing onto the tile floor.
  168. “What the hell is this place?”
  169. >”I don’t know! There was a masseuse, and everything got all tingly, and then when I got up, I was a pony.”
  170. “Fuck, that’s exactly how this happened to me, too. I really hope this is worth it, Kat.”
  171. >”I do too. Nothing feels right anymore, but it all feels completely natural at the same time.”
  173. >You laugh.
  174. “God, this is insane. I mean, look at us! We’ve both changed so much!”
  175. >Kat lets out a nervous laugh and rubs the back of her neck.
  176. >”Yeah, really…”
  177. >You take the time to really examine her features.
  178. >She’s really big for a mare (?), with forest green fur and a short, burgundy mane.
  179. >And, from the look on her face, she’s taking in your new form, too?
  180. >”Anon?”
  181. >You notice just how deep her voice is.
  182. “Yeah?”
  183. >And how high yours is.
  184. >”I think you might be a–”
  185. “I know!”
  186. >Your shout takes you both be surprise.
  187. “I’m sorry! I know! I just don’t want you to say it! But, fuck, I fucking know, and I can feel it, and god–”
  188. >”It’s okay! Anon, it’s okay. It happened to me, too.”
  189. >You stop and give him a look, before quickly connecting all the dots and letting out a groan.
  190. >No lesbian horse sex for you, then.
  191. “How’d you figure it out?”
  192. >”I can feel them swinging behind me while I walk.”
  193. >You bite back a blush and contemplate dunking your head under the water and drowning yourself.
  194. “This is so fucking awkward.”
  195. >Kat laughs.
  196. >”It really is, isn’t it? I mean, I guess we’re both in this together.”
  197. “I guess we are.”
  198. >You both lie back down for a few seconds until you hear the sound of splashing water moving close to you.
  199. >”Mind if I come over here?”
  200. >You let out a small laugh twinged with nervousness.
  201. “Not really.”
  202. >Sh–He sidles up next to you and spreads out in the tub, one of his hind legs brushing against yours.
  203. >The feeling of fur on fur is both relaxing and unnerving.
  204. >But you don’t move your leg.
  205. >You both sit in silence for a few minutes before you feel his foreleg come out of the water and wrap around you.
  206. “Uh, Kat?’
  207. >”Yeah?”
  208. “What are you doing?”
  209. >”Just showing my boyfriend some love, that’s all.”
  210. >You grimace.
  211. “Kat, I’m sorta not in the mood right now.”
  212. >”What’s wrong?”
  214. “Fucking hell, what isn’t wrong? How are you dealing with all this so easily?”
  215. >”I’m not, Anon! But I know if you’re feeling anything like me right now, the most important thing you need is some love and support.”
  216. >You immediately feel guilty, and you mentally kick yourself multiple times.
  217. “I’m sorry, Kat.”
  218. >”It’s fine. This is just weird for both of us.”
  219. >He pauses.
  220. >”I can move my arm, though.
  221. >You hesitate.
  222. “No, keep it. You’re right. I guess it’s making me feel a little better.”
  223. >You stay like that for a few moments before wiggling out of his grip and getting out of the tub.
  224. “Let’s towel off and try to find our room.”
  225. >You walk over to a row of wooden pool chairs and pick up a towel laying on one in your mouth.
  226. >How is this gonna work?
  227. >After a few failed attempts at drying yourself, you enlist Kat’s help in getting you dry.
  228. >Now that you’re out of the water, it’s obvious how much bigger than you he turned out: easily half a head, maybe more.
  229. >You silently thank him for avoiding your more sensitive areas while drying you off, and you return the favor.
  230. >Even though, when you’re toweling off his hind legs, his short tail doesn’t really leave much to the imagination.
  231. >You try to ignore the large, hefty pair of balls that belong to your girlfriend, who’s now a small green horse, and focus on toweling.
  232. >The set of double doors closest to you are adorned with a sign leading you to the suites, so that’s where you go next.
  233. >As soon as you push open the door, an attendant opens it the rest of the way.
  234. >He’s a light blue stallion with a pepper gray mane, and he gives you a smile as you pass him.
  235. >Fuck, even he’s a hair taller than you, too.
  237. >”Are you Anon and Kat?”
  238. >You nod, smiling at the sound of his chipper German accent, and he passes you both small, thin bracelets with a raised metal circle on one side.
  239. >”These will get you into your room. There’s a barcode on this bezel, and if you hold your hoof up to the room’s card reader it should scan it and let you in. You’re in room 204.”
  240. >”Uh, thank you.”
  241. >You both slip the bracelets on and trot down the expansive hallway connecting the main building with one of the resort’s wings.
  242. >The space is bright and airy, thanks to the full-height windows on either side of you.
  243. >You almost don’t want to leave such a beautiful space, but the lobby waiting for you through a tall archway manages to steal your breath away just as fast.
  244. >A large, grand staircase is situated right at the end of an even more expansive reception area, with a balcony circling the entire room.
  245. >You still haven’t seen any other guests, but you’re sure that’ll change soon.
  246. >Your hoofsteps quickly change from loud and reverberating to quiet as the wood floors of the hallway transition to the soft, plush red carpet of the vestibule.
  247. >You both slowly make your way up the staircase until you’re on the second floor of the resort.
  248. >Just two doors down on your right is room 204, and, sure enough, the small black card reader at the base of the door has an indent to fit the bezel into.
  249. >A light on the device turns green and you push the door open with a hoof.
  250. >The room is large, yet cozy at the same time, with plenty of light, rich woods on almost every surface of the room.
  251. >There’s a small sitting area and, of course, the bed.
  253. >You take a peek in the bathrooms and let out a sigh in relief at the clearly pony-designed fixtures before hopping up onto the large bed at the center of the room.
  254. >”Looks like they already brought our stuff here, then.”
  255. >You follow Kat’s line of sight until you notice a familiar assortment of luggage arranged in the corner of the room.
  256. “I don’t know how much we’ll be able to wear now, though.”
  257. >Kat laughs.
  258. >”That’s true. We really should have packed lighter, yeah?”
  259. >You laugh with him.
  260. “Yeah, probably. Now hop up here.”
  261. >Instead of complying with your request, he starts leafing through the leather-bound booklet sitting on the coffee table.
  262. >”Let’s see what’s going on at this place.”
  263. >There’s a lull in the conversation as he starts to read.
  264. >”Oh, that would explain it.”
  265. “What?”
  266. >”Why we haven’t seen anyone else. ‘Ponies are instinctively social; you may find yourself wanting to meet the other guests here at the resort and get acquainted. That’s why, at all hours, there’s always something going on in the resort’s other wing. There’s a lounge and a conservatory for casual conversation, as well as a library with a more comfortable and peaceful setting. This area also holds the dining room, where three meals are yadda yadda yadda. Oh, look at this! There’s a hot spring right outside our window!”
  267. >You both pull back the curtains and take a look at the courtyard between the building’s two wings.
  269. >Sure enough, a small natural pool stands as a clear contrast to the snow-dusted ground, lightly bubbling in places.
  270. >Few others are outside, but you can see some multicolored figures moving around through the windows into the opposite wing’s public areas.
  271. >”Do you want to go over there?”
  272. “In a couple minutes. Right now, I just need to lie down for a minute. I’m exhausted.”
  273. >You flop onto the bed and rest your head on a soft, comfortable pillow, and you feel Kat hop up behind you.
  274. >”C’mere.”
  275. >He wraps you in a hug, and, before you know it, you’re the little spoon, and your head is resting in the crook of his neck.
  276. >You open your mouth to say something, but the words don’t come out.
  277. >You’ll say something about it when you wake up.
  278. >Right now you just need to rest.
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