Sombra Gets Vored By Messier-87

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  2. MESSY: It seemed almost... Too easy. Horizon Lunar Colony, all about biological experiments, everyone knows about the animals they were working on up there- But Lunar Bases are never focused on just a single thing. Radiometric frequencies, telescopes, compounds, there were always installations for much more than merely testing weird things on Gorillas and Hamsters. And some leaked transmission logs... Implied some sort of foreign, established contact. Long after the fall of the Colony, that is- A radio signal sent out, left there for years, and one day seemingly catching... Something. But with the Station in that sate, the relays weren't reliable. Anyone wanting to access this strange intel? Would have to access the room physically.
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  5. Sombra: Of course, Talon knew this. Maybe not the specifics, but they knew that a space Colony that hadn't been destroyed yet, and yet was just abandoned, must have had some kind of interesting information on it. And, of course, Sombra had tried many a time to access anything about the Colony, and yet she could never get further than bullshit about plants and extremely minor experiments. So, with a good bit of specific funding, a ship was made, being enough to try and stealthily get up, dock, download anything she could, and get back without dying. It wasn't much, only having enough room for one person, but obviously Sombra was good with that. And off she went... tracking the strange signal that came from the colony, getting closer...and closer, and finally, she was there, getting past the first airlocks before carefully testing for oxygen, not exactly wanting to suffocate herself out of nowhere. "Hello~?! Food Service!" She joked, looking around.
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  8. MESSY: Oh, could you imagine if someone actually responded? With the way there used to be intelligent monkeys roaming around, she really should be careful not to tease like that. This was NOT a Stealth Mission on her side, but a bit of caution wouldn't be out there! Her voice echoes along meters upon meters of plating and exposed wiring. Yeah, it's alright, the place may be derelict, but the automated systems kept functioning with the solar panels, and the Arboretum keeps a fresh supply of oxygen. There were several things unable to be accessed off-base, but... The comms room and the radios. Those should be close by enough to warrant a quick exploration.
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  11. Sombra: Of course, hearing her own voice just echo around made her pretty confident that there was air in the place, the Woman quickly getting the awful spacesuit she had been forced to wear, with good reason... didn't make it any less awful. She started to explore, having made sure to study a few of the construction plans so that she could easily make her way around, heading off quickly to the communication room, wanting to find the source of that signal first, along with extra information later.
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  14. MESSY: It was such a difference. From outside, this place was like a vault of scientific advancements and plans, sealed entirely from Earth and left here on the Moon... But once she set foot? The security was. Laughable. So basic to bypass once it was from within the system itself. And the Comms were open soon enough- Computers lining the walls, sensors displaying data, there was a bundle of paper on the ground, a machine writing some frequency having long sun run out of it but continued to scribble in the air. And in one of those, there was that... Signal. That bizarre signal, sent in the direction of Messier, it seemed to have not... Picked something, but actually connected a few years back. There was a heavy amount of radio static sounding in the room.
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  17. Sombra: She furrowed her eyebrows a little, not exactly being a scientist or data analyst, but she was a messer of systems, and she knew the perfect solution, Fuck with as much shit as possible till something worked. She started by simply getting more paper for some of the machines that scribbled into thin air, letting those work away on the 'new' stacks while she started to try and almost turn some of the radios, like trying to tune into a station. Of course, she also tried sending a signal back, a Series of "Hello?"s and "Hey?"s.
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  20. MESSY: Of course there was no way there was any response. 99% of the Radios were either connected somewhere other in the base, or to the satellite relay that had since been decomissioned and didn't provide any more signal down to the Earth. The other 1% was the long-distance Radio Array sent to analyze waves, the one apparently connected to Messier. There was no human, plausible, explainable way there could ever be a response. ... And yet, the radio static seemed to break up after a few moments of contant. A sweet tone. A distinctly feminine, but somewhat rumbly... Voice? "H... llo...?"
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  23. Sombra: Her eyes widened a little, her hands moving back and forth ever so slowly now, adjusting the dials by millimeters at a time by that point. "This is Horizon Lunar Colony, Do you come in?"
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  26. MESSY: The static became more prominent, at first, before the voice started to become clearer, calling back out. Audible. "Is someone... There?" This. Should be impossible. This thing's parameters were connected somewhere in the vicinity of Messier 87. Even with the possibility of alien civilizations, this was a Supermassive Blackhole, not a Solar System...!
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  29. Sombra: She kept up with acting as a worker of the Space Colony, unsure what [s]on earth[/s] in the damn galaxy could be responding to her right now. "Yes, Uh... Pardon me, but whom are you?"
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  32. MESSY: "I can't see you..." There's some sort of... High-pitched sound of movement- And then a ripple that makes the machinery go haywire- The radiometric sensors are detecting something strange and entirely out of any kind of common parameters! Which is... Absurd, Messier 87 is several million light years away, the coincidence of these two events happening simultaneously were as ridiculous as they were implausible. "Ah~! There you are!"
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  35. Sombra: She yelped slightly as shit started going haywire, trying to quickly find out what the hell was going on before giving up. She wasn't exactly feeling like going down with the ship was a good idea here, turning and trying to leave the room. Statistics were not her strong point, but it didn't take much to realise something implausibly dangerous and unpredictable was happening... and then she froze up at the voice.
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  38. MESSY: The issue, the biggest issue... Is that there was no issue. The... The metrics were going haywire, but they seemed to CORRESPOND with some actual pulse of energy or radiation or SOMETHING. The voice calling that she'd found her... That definitely was chilling, that almost cheery tone. And the lights in the room seemed to dim- The door half-closed with a burst of static through the Comms room, and the pitch of static on the radio grew and grew and grew- Until every single screen in the room blew out entirely. The pitch replaced by the crackle of static, while a spot right in front of the... Radio she'd just checked into seemed to just. Go dark. Pitch blackness, like there was no light able to leave it. And then another crackle, making it swell out... Slowly taking on a more amorphous shape, shifting...?
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  41. Sombra: She yelped, getting down and holding her hands above her head, protecting herself and the expensive ass equipment she had implanted in herself as shit really started to go down. As it started to calm, she glanced up, eyes widening at the pitch blackness. She had never seen anything just She started to reach out, touching the shifting, growing larger, almost rift in space.
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  44. MESSY: But it wasn't like a rift or a portal. No amount of pushing would get her hand through, it seemed strangely solid even while shapeless and absolutely dark- Before, all of sudden, reacting to her touch? It seemed to expand dramatically. Its shape changed, within seconds, five spots spread outwards and growing out to the size of a massive hand, that quickly latched onto Sombra's arm! Squeezing down, swelling out, bubbling darkness in front of her seeming to shake and take more and more shape... The rest of an arm. Along the side of a humanoid figure, up along long, flowing blackness... And the more passed, the more the lights surrounding Sombra seemed to dim out, while the blackness took... Color and shape. From pitch black to tan brown, not unlike Sombra's own skin tone, perhaps a bit darker. A distinct humanoid color, striking against the... Distinctly NOT human hue of pitch black hair with fiery highlights, of the fuzzy circles of her irises, a blazing inferno in a black sea of her sclera, staring ahead...
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  47. Sombra: She would try to yank her arm back as it all of a sudden started to expand into... Someone? Something? An Unhuman, Humanoid figure who had a blackness that almost seemed to suck in light, it was pretty damn trippy to say the least. "W-Who the hell...No, WHAT the hell are you... Let me go right now!"
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  50. MESSY: Those long locks seemed to stand up like static was around her, but once the last strand of her hair had formed from her darkness, it just... Collapsed down, flopped over her face and onto Sombra. A bright, wide smile from the almost-giantess holding onto her. A belly-button-less navel, the flare of her hips, feminine, curvaceous... And her legs finally starting to form as the woman was left, bare, and on all fours- Or rather, all three, with one hand still holding onto Sombra... "Cuuute...! You're... You're one of those guys... Right?"
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  53. Sombra: "W-What guys? I don't know what the hell you are on about or what you even you uh. Actually understand me? You see, to be avoiding what Im saying.." She tried to still squirm away from her, clearly pretty damn nervous, ready to book it to her own ship as soon as she could.
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  56. MESSY: That would be difficult! The longer Messy just... Stayed here, the more the facility seemed to... Dim out. Lose power. There was almost some sort of force to the girl, like a pull, even when she wasn't holding onto Sombra that hard it just seemed like she was being pulled a bit closer... "The guys! It's been so long, I saw it, you guys wanted a picture~! It was so flattering but I was never able to find you... But then you said hi~. And I found you! You must have really wanted to see more about me..."
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  59. Sombra: She noticed the slight pull she would have, Sombra quickly looking around, finding the paper she had fed into one of the machines and tearing some out, scrunching it up and tossing it towards Messy, just watching what would happen to it, continuing to try and free her arm which just felt stuck while she watched.
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  62. MESSY: Oh? Torn paper. Thrown her way, like confetti swirling around her! Yeah- Swirling, it's almost like a magnet pull, the pieces of paper briefly hovered closer to her, and then quickly seemed to dash towards her hair- Stuck into her locks and seemingly, slowly, fading away... Curious enough about the paper, she let go off of Sombra at last, hand ruffling through her locks. "Is this a formal greeting for you guys?"
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  65. Sombra: "Holy fuck... Oh fucking jesus christ." She yanked away quickly as she let go, quickly starting to back up towards the door, getting further away and weakening that pull towards her. "J-Just wait here! I'll be back in a moment!"
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  68. MESSY: "Okay!" She... She seemed happy enough to just remain there. The door was half-closed, but still easy to pass through. The rest of the facility, though, it was... It was starting to look worse for the wear. Panels upon panels, lights, everything seemed like it was being DRAINED of its power- At this rate, there's a chance even her ship...
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  71. Sombra: She started to mumbled curses as she ran straight to her ship, not bothering with the suit and attempting to get right into her own ship. If She wasted any more time, this place might actually crumble due to whatever entity the fuck she summoned... there was no way that THING was a black hole, but it certainly had some of the properties of one.
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  74. MESSY: Was there really no way it was? She contacted her back from Messier-87... Appeared as that mass of darkness. And that pull of hers- If she's not THAT then what could she be, truly? She gets to the docking area, only to find... well. It seems that there's an electromagnetic seal that makes sure the ship doesn't undock from the station. And with the power having been turning intermitently on and off- Yeah that... That dock is closed and empty. The hovering spacecraft left behind isn't even visible through any of the portholes or windows.
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  77. Sombra: She froze up, eyes widening. If there wasn't enough power to even open the bay doors, it was pretty likely that a good number of the systems were quickly crashing. That meant that the lighting could go, the oxygen that circulated the place, hell, other things had also started to go quickly, like the automatic doors. She didn't WANT to freak out, but... how the hell was she going to get off the ship...
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  80. MESSY: On the bright side, while it's true ventilation systems were important, the trees were supplying oxygen from the Arboretum- And even if there was a full ventilation failure, there'd be enough oxygen in here for a few days, the place was too big... But she didn't have days. Not when the... Creaking of the door to the Comms started to echo- Hands PULLING the doors apart with almost ease... Even the emergency lighting was starting to flicker off- Leaving that glowing halo-like glow of her eyes and the highlights of her hair as the most prominent source of light in the entire station. "Hellooo~? I'm getting bored! Are you done?"
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  83. Sombra: "J-Just another few minutes!" She called back, freaking the fuck out. She couldn't even pretend now, she NEEDED those bay doors to open... unless... She ran, as fast as she fucking could before more of the station broke down, trying to see if any of the emergency escape pods were left. Of course, the chances were unlikely, but she had to rely on something, some kind of last string of hope, something to keep her trying and fighting.
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  86. MESSY: She raised a hand. It's really all it took, her hair seemed to flow behind her as if a breeze had just picked up, and Sombra's dash away from her was immediately halted in its tracks. It felt like she had suddenly gotten twice as heavy, but not downwards- Backwards. Stumbling, dragged, closer, as the giantess of a woman walked closer, giddy- Happy to be able to stand upright in the spacious areas away from the narrow rooms. "You don't need to be shy~! I love all of you guys, you're the only ones I've ever known..." And then a little crackle. A flicker of Sombra's own robotics- That strange electromagnetic field not making them go haywire but... It was definitely making them act up.
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  89. Sombra: She almost froze up as she being made her own devices start to glitch out, having been so connected into her by that point that it made both her vision and own feelings feel off, quickly working with that hard, suddenly stronger pull to completely disorientate her. "W-Wait! Please, you can't be here! If you loved us, you wouldn't want us to die right?!" She turned to face her, still trying, but failing to back away.
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  92. MESSY: "You're not going to die, silly!" There was an almost ditzy laugh, like what Sombra said was innocent and cute, a hand reaching out, darting quickly to SNATCH the woman by her waist, off the ground! It was like holding up a pretty little dolly... Poking at her belly in a cutesy manner, tongue out to drag across her lips- Showing the light flicker of orange and red from that almost luminescent mouth. "You little guys are so curious... Taking pics from sooo far away, trying to talk to me. But you're also so short-lived and small! So for being so good.. I wanna... I wanna give you something very special!"
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  95. Sombra: As she was held like a toy, a toy that was squirming and fighting back however, her cybernetics continued to freak out, getting much worse near the being, her vision flickering and being filled with almost purple static, tempting the Latina to almost try breaking it, although she was unsure what that could even do to her. "I-I dont want it!"
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  98. MESSY: "But look at this stuff you did to yourself! You've even got tasty, tasty light coursing through you... You're trying to live more, learn more, be more than you naturally are! So... I wanna offer you the chance to be more than you... You can be part of me~! We can be happy together, you can experience things no one else ever could! Isn't that exciting?"
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  101. Sombra: Oh god. It was a black hole. And it wanted her to be 'A part of her'. It was there, in obvious letters, she was able to be killed via.... black hole? It was certainly a way to go, although no one would even be able to tell the epic tale of how she died. "Please, That...That would kill me!"
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  104. MESSY: Mmmn... She squeezed her a bit tighter. Against her chest. Head tilted down, breathing hotly over Sombra... Staring her up and down, up and down... "Don't be silly... You'll be fine. We'll be fine~." A cosmic being just doesn't have the same conception of death and disappearing than a Human. There's no reasoning with her... "Besides... You're already making me so hungry with that pretty purple of yours..." At this point it... Almost seems like everything else has gone pitch black. Like there's nothing around them, just Sombra, and the girl holding her so close...
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  107. Sombra: She closed her eyes slightly, gulping, deciding that if she was going to try and save herself, this was her final chance. The other seemed to be wanting her light so bad... so she was determined to take that away, in a final petty move. She reached up, smacking herself in the head, a good few, hard times, trying to target the more important parts of her cybernetics. The lights did dim a little, the hard purple glow fading.
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  110. MESSY: Pinch. It worked at first, she was starting to make the cybernetics glitch out, her sight blurried a bit, the lights faded slightly- But just like how easily she'd squeezed at her waist, the other hand came to pinch one hand between two fingers- Then made sure to grasp both of her wrists together. Suspended over her head and used to pull her up. Her smile is sickeningly sweet. "Awww, I appreciate the light show! But you're fragile. You want to be still intact when you go down, don't you?"
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  113. Sombra: She yelled, glaring at the...Woman? She was almost like a woman, a sickeningly sweet woman. She was almost sure that Messy knew what she was doing, she seemed too innocent, but the act did nothing but annoy her more. "Let me go right now! Let me have my final moments in peace!"
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  116. MESSY: The worst part? She was right. Not only did she smile even hearing her plead for her final moments- Just looking back on how she'd appeared would make it obvious she could easily teleport away and likely just as easily fix everything back up so she didn't have to worry about dying. But no. She wanted her. She'd contacted her. And now she was hers. "You will have all the peace you need, once you pass the Event Horizon~!" The idea of... Sinking into her hair was there. The paper had just disappeared into it before. But those locks have been flowing and touching Sombra occasionally for a while and nothing has happened. No, it wasn't her hair she was going into. That wasn't the Event Horizon... And then her lips parted. There was no way to NOT look at it. With everything else being pitch black around them, her tongue, the inside of her mouth, it was a luminescent gradient of gold to dark red. And at the back of her open maw, past her tongue, past the drool. Beyond her uvula. It was a bottomless abyss, darkness that not even her hair could match.
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  119. Sombra: Her eyes widened as the other opened her mouth wide, wider than a human could....much, MUCH wider. It was damn scary to say the least as she squirmed about, seeing her mouth, warm, slick and wet. But further down, down her throat, and into the empty void. "N-No, you cant do this...YOU CANNOT DO THIS TO ME..."
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  122. MESSY: That... Pull. That gravitational pull only seemed more intense now, with her lips parted. Her mouth open, her tongue... Out. Long, longer than a Human's too. It flicks against her body, it brushes at her thighs... Up along her chest, a bit over her face- And then her head tilts back. Lifted, legs dangling over her open maw. A slow descent, ankles past her lips, past her teeth. The damp warmth surrounding her, rising, the hot breath washing over the rest of her body... And the closer to the back of her throat, the more her feet just seem drawn towards it, making it difficult to even squirm properly...
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  125. Sombra: She squirmed about, grabbing onto that yellow-red tongue for dear fucking life, although as the pull was stronger and stronger, she slid...and eventually her grip was too weak, and she was pulled, right off of the tongue and down her throat, into the bottomless...chasm? She couldn't even describe it...
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  128. MESSY: It was... Strangely organic, and at the same time not. Once dropped, once slipped, there was no turning back. She was sucked past the threshold. She could feel herself sliding down her throat, the absolute darkness surrounding her. There was nothing but the heat and the pressure around her- And the more she slid down through her gullet, the TIGHTER it seemed to press around her... Squeezing close together... The warmth. A whisper around her, along the wet squelches of the movement of her insides, there was almost that sweet voice. Reassuring. Sweet... It kept pulling her down, more, more, it felt like a never-ending water-slide. The teasing of her body, the numbing of the skin. The melting away of her clothes... Directly against her body, every inch of her, suspended in that TIGHT darkness, the teasing pulses around her, massaging her, molding to her body...
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  131. Sombra: "S-Shut up...get out of my head. Or wherever you are.." She mumbled, barely able to speak in the tight, stuffy darkness, unsure how she was even still conscious by that point, not sure if she was even still breathing. As she felt was just a massaging tightness, she couldn't even tell is she was moving, or just hovering, suspended in a tightness which felt like solid black latex clinging onto her, all wet and hot.
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  134. MESSY: But it was too late. Messy wasn't talking to her. More... At her. In her general direction. Those reassuring words kept coming. Of happiness. Of calm. A stomach is supposed to be a wider space, but as that journey seems to stop entirely and all motion ceases, Sombra's nowhere even partially wider. Compressed tight. Squeezed to the point of suffocation and immobilization, but she can still breathe. Those walls pressing down on her feel like hands groping at her body. Juices, filling up the chamber- Truly leaving her suspended. Swimming. Like her very being is melting away. Like her consciousness is slipping somewhere even TIGHTER. Like the darkness around her is filling with flashes of galaxies and bright, glistening stars, vast, eternal... Peaceful... Peace... Sweet... Calm... Happy..
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  137. Sombra: Of course, it was weird, it was totally out there for her, that weird mix of pleasure, tightness and attempted reassurance, all while her mind was starting to melt away, like the being was trying to hypnotise her using space itself. Of course she resisted, but there was nothing she could do, she was stuck, ofr...technically forever. A literal eternity...
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  140. MESSY: It was the end-state at the end of the Messier Event Horizon. what existence held for every other being in the Universe it was hard to say- But Sombra? She'd been consumed by her. She was part of her. The Universe, the stars, the galaxy. All around her, her consciousness was one with the very core of the galaxy... So peaceful. So nice. So peaceful. So nice. Even if she didn't think so right now... She had eternity to break. She had eternity to give in. Learn to enjoy...
  142. For Talon, it'd suppose a catastrophic and very strange loss. No footage. That side of the station had suffered a completely catastrophic failure. Sombra was missing without a trace. But hey. Maybe in around 50 million years, if Talon still exists, they'll get a single instant, a burst of a radio wave, matching Sombra's signal, from somewhere very close to Messier-87, before fading away into eternity once more...
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  145. Sombra: It would take a while for Sombra's mind to give in. Without having to sustain anything but a consciousness, it seemed she could do a lot to keep that creeping feeling out, but there was a point... maybe it was a few days, maybe a year, maybe centuries later, she couldn't tell. She couldn't tell anything, except a strange, constant pleasure that she felt, yet having to body, no physical way to feel it. And finally, it broke her, the girl giving up, inviting that tight, constant mantra-worthy set of feelings. So Peaceful, So Nice, So Pleasureful, So Calm...
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