Littlepip TF part 2

Dec 29th, 2020
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  1. >Ow, that actually hurt
  2. >As you're recovering from the pain, Matt retorts
  3. >"Do you have any better ideas?"
  4. >Mentally preparing yourself so you don't squeak you start
  5. >"W-well, shouldn't the national guard have some relief camps nearby?"
  6. >He looks down toward the ground, solemnly
  7. >"Well, they did"
  8. >"What do you mean they did?"
  9. >"Most deserted, ran home, and the few left couldn't deal with the gangs that attacked >Gangs?
  10. >Other than a few annoying Mexicans that tried to act tough you didn't really know of any gangs in the area
  11. >Seeing your confusion, he explains
  12. >"After the dust had settled, the smaller gangs banded together, mostly to gain ground"
  13. >"But then they started to run out of food"
  14. >"H-how long has it been?"
  15. >"About a week"
  16. >A week
  17. >This magic horse's body somehow managed to live that long without food
  18. >Now that you're thinking about it, your stomach grumbles
  19. >"Here, let's get to the Humvee, I've got some food in there" he says, as he turns around and walks to the front door
  20. >You try to follow him, and surprisingly manage to walk pretty well all things considered
  21. >Now that you're both standing next to each other, you can see just how tall you are
  22. >You'd wager you're a bit around 2 feet tall standing on all your hooves, reaching just a bit over his knees
  23. >Your hooves
  24. >It feels weird, but natural thinking that
  25. >As you look at him, your gaze turns to his thighs
  26. >His strong, muscular thighs
  27. >Quickly looking to the ground to avoid a repeat of earlier, you see you've made it to the car
  28. >Well, car was an understatement
  29. >It looked like a Humvee you'd see on videos of Iraq
  30. >Fully armored, and armed
  31. >He probably stole it and drove off when the gangs took over the camp
  32. >You don't blame him
  33. >Mexicans get kinda scary when they group up
  34. >He opens the front side door for you, and you somehow easily jump in and lay down on your stomach
  35. >He gets a packet out of a backpack and hands it to you as he gets into the drivers seat
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