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Dec 6th, 2021
130 days
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  5. -**Last updated**: December 1, 2021
  6. +**Last updated**: December 6, 2021
  7. +
  8. +  
  9. +
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  11. +**The same Pokémon appears to hatch repeatedly when multiple eggs hatch at once.**  
  12. +**Issue description:** When 2 or more eggs hatch at the same time, the first Pokémon hatched appears to hatch from every egg. This is a visual bug and the Pokémon actually hatched from the egg will appear in your Poké Bag correctly.  
  13. +**Issue status:** Investigating.
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  21. -**Lucky Friends appear to remain as Lucky Friends even after completing a trade.**  
  22. -**Issue description:** After completing a trade with a Lucky Friend, Trainers' Lucky Friend status appears to persist. However when they complete a second trade it is a standard trade, so the Pokémon will not be a Lucky Pokémon.  
  23. -**Issue Status:** Resolved, Lucky Friends should now be able to successfully trade Pokémon.
  24. -
  25. -  
  26. -
  27. -
  28.  **Lures in research rewards or in the Shop may appear with the wrong image.  
  29.  Issue description:** Lures may appear with the wrong image, such as a Poké Ball or Stardust in research rewards or in the Shop. This is a visual bug and the correct items will still appear in the Item Bag. **Issue status:** Resolved in upcoming release (0.225)
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  32.  **The trash can button to delete Gifts does not work.**  
  33.  **Issue description:** The trash can button on Gifts cannot be tapped to delete gifts in Trainers' Item Bags.  
  34.  **Issue status:** Resolved in upcoming release (0.225). Gifts can still be deleted by tapping on the image of the Gift Trainers want to delete.  
  35. -  
  36. -**Trainers receive a network error when attempting to claim a reward for some Field Research.**  
  37. -**Issue description:** Some Trainers attempting to claim a reward for Field Research completed but not claimed before Daylight Savings Time receive a network error (2) and the research appears to be claimed with no rewards. Leaving and returning to the Field Research view shows the unclaimed reward is still available.  
  38. -**Issue status:** Mitigated. If you have a completed Field Research task that you are unable to claim, reach out to Support for assistance. Support will unblock the stuck task.  
  40.  **Feebas cannot be evolved while assigned as a buddy.**  
  41.  **Issue description**: Attempting to evolve Feebas while it’s assigned as a buddy causes the game to freeze.  
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  44.  **Wayfarer edits are not reflected in Pokémon GO.**  
  45.  **Issue description:** Approved edits to Wayspots are not synchronizing in Pokémon GO and are reverted to pre-edit settings.  
  46. -**Issue status:** Investigating  
  47. +**Issue status:** Resolved  
  49.  **Charizard sometimes cannot be Mega Evolved.**  
  50.  **Issue description:** Even when Trainers have the correct amount of Mega Energy, they may not be able to Mega Evolve Charizard into either X or Y form.  
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