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  2. Welcome to Geek Squad Remote Support, we will be with you shortly. Note that this session may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance purposes only.
  3. Sergio Enriquez [03:22 PM] :
  4. Welcome to Geek Squad, my name is Sergio Enriquez. How may I help you today?
  5. robert [03:22 PM] :
  6. Hi, Sergio does GeekSquad also remove virus from Linux ?
  7. Sergio Enriquez [03:23 PM] :
  8. One moment.
  9. Sergio Enriquez [03:24 PM] :
  10. Yes
  11. Sergio Enriquez [03:24 PM] :
  12. can you tell me more about the problem
  13. robert [03:25 PM] :
  14. its an exe virus on my linux machine everytime I boot it up the virus keeps restarting my pc
  15. Sergio Enriquez [03:25 PM] :
  16. Alright sir, let me connect remotely to your computer so I can diagnose.
  17. Sergio Enriquez [03:25 PM] :
  18. Is that ok?
  19. robert [03:26 PM] :
  20. it won't let me turn on the machine i'm using another machine to chat with you.
  21. robert [03:27 PM] :
  22. does linux have a system32 folder ?
  23. Sergio Enriquez [03:28 PM] :
  24. No, the system32 is a Windows Folder
  25. robert [03:28 PM] :
  26. Wait nevermind I got the virus removed :) thanks to another remote tech
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