Rise of the Charmbitches - part 3

Aug 31st, 2012
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  1. [19:31:33] <Charm> When Yui Shirayuki last remembered, she was in a clean sterile room after gaining the ability to call on magical powers that don't seem like they should be possible, but then again, she just killed 3 hyenas with a sword made of ice in a trance of majestic destruction. so there you go.
  2. [19:32:02] <Charm> 'Chapter I completed. Chapter II will commence following a 23.5hour acclimation period in Realspace.' the computer screen said, as her vision went black. The next time she opens her eyes...she finds herself in her own bedroom.
  3. [19:33:01] <Charm> Everything is as she left it before - no ice swords, no elaborate kimono, no floating robotic magician, nothing. It's as if the whole thing just...never happened.
  4. [19:33:05] <shirayuki_yui> "..."
  5. [19:33:11] <shirayuki_yui> "...huh?"
  6. [19:33:23] * shirayuki_yui sits up
  7. [19:33:55] * shirayuki_yui rubs her eyes
  8. [19:34:10] <shirayuki_yui> "aaaah, and that was such a nice dream too..."
  9. [19:34:24] * shirayuki_yui looks at the clock
  10. [19:34:39] <Charm> Dream or not, there's school to do, and she only has about 45 minutes to get all her affairs in order before first bell.
  11. [19:35:00] <shirayuki_yui> "QH NO! IM GOING TO BE LATE!"
  12. [19:35:16] * shirayuki_yui jumps out of bed
  13. [19:35:33] * shirayuki_yui promtply runs into the wall
  14. [19:35:33] <Charm> As your feet hit the floor, a shock of frozen energy runs through you.
  15. [19:36:53] * shirayuki_yui freezes
  16. [19:36:59] <shirayuki_yui> "what the..."
  17. [19:37:13] * shirayuki_yui looks down
  18. [19:37:44] <Charm> "freeze" is definitely the operative word here. Around her neck is a silver chain, a pure-white snowflake pendant attached to it, hanging right below her collarbone.
  19. [19:38:16] * shirayuki_yui is shocked
  20. [19:38:28] * shirayuki_yui holds it up
  21. [19:38:40] <shirayuki_yui> "wh-..what?"
  22. [19:38:49] <shirayuki_yui> "no, it cant be
  23. [19:38:50] <shirayuki_yui> "
  24. [19:39:03] <shirayuki_yui> "this isnt happening, this is the real world" D:
  25. [19:39:20] <Charm> certainly looks like the same thing from her dreams. Whether or not it would function the same...well, she'd have to try that when she wasn't in such a hurry.
  26. [19:39:58] <shirayuki_yui> " way, this is a trick of some kind."
  27. [19:40:11] * shirayuki_yui takes off the pendant and puts it in a drawer
  28. [19:40:41] <shirayuki_yui> "god, did i have some bad soba last night or something?"
  29. [19:41:00] * shirayuki_yui gets dressed for school
  30. [19:41:19] * shirayuki_yui goes downstairs into the kitchen
  31. [19:41:30] <shirayuki_yui> "good morning..."
  32. [19:41:34] <Charm> It's about now that your cell phone buzzes with a message from a strange number. certainly not one of your classmates.
  33. [19:41:44] <shirayuki_yui> "huh?
  34. [19:41:44] <shirayuki_yui> "
  35. [19:41:50] * shirayuki_yui answers
  36. [19:41:58] <shirayuki_yui> "hello, this is shirayuki yui...
  37. [19:42:00] <shirayuki_yui> "
  38. [19:42:05] <Charm> It's not a phone call, but a text message that's equally cryptic.
  39. [19:42:17] * shirayuki_yui half asleep or something
  40. [19:42:58] * shirayuki_yui reads it
  41. [19:43:26] <Charm> the text reads: "everything is real. keep it with you, but do not use it. You still have much to learn."
  42. [19:43:35] <shirayuki_yui> D:
  43. [19:44:06] <shirayuki_yui> "no way, this has to be a trick of some kind. now to figure out whos doing it..."
  44. [19:44:27] <shirayuki_yui> "later, gonna be late..."
  45. [19:44:42] * shirayuki_yui grabs the toast she made and heads for school
  46. [19:45:09] <Charm> Well, you feel oddly warm, but speed is of the essence. All the same, it doesn't feel right, leaving such a piece behind...
  47. [19:47:04] <shirayuki_yui> "ah,. its not even summer yet and its this hot..."
  48. [19:48:00] * shirayuki_yui checks the time
  49. [19:48:28] <Charm> "Mm?" Mom looks up from her computer - stock trading can wait, if her daughter isn't feeling well. "It feels just fine to me - are you coming down with something, Yui?" It's still 25 minutes until first bell, and the walk to school is 15 minutes usually...
  50. [19:52:06] <shirayuki_yui> "i dont think so, maybe i ate something bad again..."
  51. [19:52:51] <shirayuki_yui> "ahhg, first crazy dreams and now this heat..."
  52. [19:53:33] * shirayuki_yui sigh
  53. [19:53:56] <shirayuki_yui> "i think i forgot something... be right back."
  54. [19:54:03] * shirayuki_yui goes back to her room
  55. [19:54:22] <Charm> Still the same. no magical future robots hiding here. nope!
  56. [19:54:57] * shirayuki_yui opens the drawer and lifts out the pendant
  57. [19:55:14] <shirayuki_yui> "...theres no way this could have anything to do with anything..."
  58. [19:55:42] <Charm> And yet she feels a lot more comfortable the second she slips it on. Like it belongs there...
  59. [19:55:58] <shirayuki_yui> actually, she put it in her pocket
  60. [19:56:33] <shirayuki_yui> "this is insane..."
  61. [19:56:40] * shirayuki_yui heads back down the stairs
  62. [19:57:02] <shirayuki_yui> "cant stay for breakfast mom, gotta get going." :/
  63. [19:57:12] * shirayuki_yui grabs a toast
  64. [19:57:16] <Charm> "Alright. Be Careful, Yui-chan!"
  65. [19:57:35] <shirayuki_yui> "igh whill
  66. [19:57:36] <shirayuki_yui> "
  67. [19:57:51] * shirayuki_yui heads to school at a rapid pace while ating toast
  68. [19:57:55] <shirayuki_yui> *eating
  69. [19:59:02] <Charm> With her jogging, she's able to make it to class with a good 8 minutes to spare before first bell.
  70. [19:59:55] <Charm> That being said, she really doesn't feel like doing much today. She can pull swords made of ice out of nowhere, why does this mean anything anymore?
  71. [20:00:17] <shirayuki_yui> "no way, that was a dream..."
  72. [20:02:17] <Charm> maybe. but it felt real, and it's kind of making it hard to give a shit about world history - she didn't like the class to begin with, anyways.
  73. [20:03:46] * shirayuki_yui thinks "maybe ill go to the roof..."
  74. [20:04:48] <shirayuki_yui> "teacher, im not feeling well, may i be escused?"
  75. [20:04:56] <shirayuki_yui> *excused
  76. [20:05:28] <shirayuki_yui> or was i not in class yet
  77. [20:05:34] <shirayuki_yui> im assuming i was
  78. [20:05:35] <shirayuki_yui> if i wasnt
  79. [20:05:40] * shirayuki_yui goes to the roof
  80. [20:05:51] <Charm> "Hmm? Of course, Shirayuki-san. Haruka-san, please escort Shirayuki-san to the infirmary." One of your classmates with short brown hair stands up to help you out.
  81. [20:06:15] <shirayuki_yui> "ah, i know the way, no need to bother anyone else..."
  82. [20:08:23] <Charm> "S-sorry yui-chan. As the class representative, I have to escort understand, right?" Mizuki Haruka. One of your classmates, too kind for her own good, and while she's certainly not ugly, there aren't any takers for her and she's a little bitter about it
  83. [20:10:18] <shirayuki_yui> "alright, i guess lets go then..."
  84. [20:11:13] <Charm> The walk seems like it drags on for a lot longer than you'd like. It's mostly just an awkward silence, until Mizuki prompts a question. "That's a cute necklace, Yui-kun...where'd you get it?"
  85. [20:11:35] <shirayuki_yui> "huh?"
  86. [20:11:49] <shirayuki_yui> .me the last thing she remembers, that necklace was in a pocket...
  87. [20:12:19] <shirayuki_yui> "ah, i found it somewhere, i dont know where it came from."
  88. [20:13:23] * shirayuki_yui checks her pocket
  89. [20:13:58] <Charm> Seems like it's sticking out of her pocket. Mizuki frowns as you tell her. "O-oh...okay then..." She seems a bit distraught. At the same time, it's like there's a sort of pressure building, pressing against your head. Not life-threatening, just annoyingly achy.
  90. [20:15:41] * shirayuki_yui puts a hand to her head
  91. [20:16:02] <shirayuki_yui> "ah, bad timing, headache..."
  92. [20:17:18] <Charm> "Well, it's good that you're here then!" Mizuki puts on the best fake smile that she can, as the infirmary door comes into view. "Is there anything else you need?"
  93. [20:18:01] <shirayuki_yui> "not that i can think of, assuming they can fix this headache. thanks for coming with me, mizuki-san."
  94. [20:18:47] <Charm> "It's no problem. Get better, okay?"
  95. [20:19:05] <shirayuki_yui> "i'll do my best."
  96. [20:19:15] * shirayuki_yui gives a little smile
  97. [20:19:28] <shirayuki_yui> although it ends up being more of a :|
  98. [20:19:50] * shirayuki_yui heads into the infirmary
  99. [20:20:40] <Charm> The nurse is there, and after explaining as much as you need to, she sticks you on a cot and gives you some aspirin, which does damned little to help the headache.
  100. [20:22:09] <Charm> 'bzzzz~' Yui's phone again with another text message. didn't she shut that off when she got to school?
  101. [20:22:19] * shirayuki_yui checks it
  102. [20:23:44] <Charm> 'this is not unnatural. we will discuss specifics at the appointed time.'
  103. [20:23:51] <Charm> it's from the same number as the first message.
  104. [20:25:06] <shirayuki_yui> "..."
  105. [20:25:34] * shirayuki_yui thinks "ah geeze, maybe some nerd can figure out how to find whoever this is..."
  106. [20:25:58] <Charm> Well, she's bound to find some in the computer lab, assuming she can get there without the nurse causing a fit.
  107. [20:26:07] <Charm> and assuming she can deal with the pressure headache
  108. [20:26:26] <shirayuki_yui> how headache is this, migrane level yet?
  109. [20:28:10] <Charm> nah. more like a dull pain near the base of her skull.
  110. [20:28:13] <shirayuki_yui> ok
  111. [20:28:41] * shirayuki_yui looks to see what the nurse is doing
  112. [20:29:21] <Charm> She's typing up reports, it seems
  113. [20:30:33] * shirayuki_yui quietly gets up and sneaks to the door
  114. [20:31:14] <Charm> being sneaky? sure, whatever. not like anyone cares about her. Hell, she could probably spend the rest of the day doing whatever the fuck she wanted - it's not like anyone would care, right?
  115. [20:32:15] * shirayuki_yui head out into the hallway
  116. [20:32:19] <shirayuki_yui> *heads
  117. [20:35:08] * shirayuki_yui heads towards the computer lab, looking for nerds
  118. [20:35:16] <Charm> It's not long before she finds one of the computer labs. and while it's not a given that she'll get the answers she wants...she can't possibly get any less information than she has.
  119. [20:36:12] <shirayuki_yui> "oi, any of you guys have some spare time?" yui says quietly
  120. [20:36:28] <shirayuki_yui> "i need some help with something..."
  121. [20:37:29] <Charm> "Yeah?" One kid wheels around in his chair, short black hair all mussed up. You quickly recognize him as Satoshi Masamoto - one of the school's baseball stars. Certainly didn't expect him to be here.
  122. [20:40:29] <shirayuki_yui> "masamoto-san? thought you were a sports guy... anyhow, some creep keeps textimg me and i wanna know if you guys can find out who it is, please."
  123. [20:41:33] * shirayuki_yui writes down the number on a peice of paper and hands it to masamoto-san
  124. [20:41:34] <Charm> "Alright...I can try. Lemme see..." He scrolls through your call and text logs a bit, and types a bit on the computer.
  125. [20:41:40] <shirayuki_yui> or that
  126. [20:41:56] <Charm> "That...hmm. strange. Try calling the number, I have a hunch."
  127. [20:42:11] <shirayuki_yui> "alright..."
  128. [20:42:18] * shirayuki_yui dials it and hits send
  129. [20:43:21] <Charm> There's one ring before an automated voice pops up. "The number you are trying to reach has been disconnected. Please hang up or press 0 for an operator."
  130. [20:43:52] * shirayuki_yui presses 0
  131. [20:44:06] <shirayuki_yui> "lets see what the actual phone people say...
  132. [20:44:11] * shirayuki_yui speakerphone
  133. [20:44:21] <shirayuki_yui> "got a message that its disconnected
  134. [20:44:23] <shirayuki_yui> "
  135. [20:44:38] <shirayuki_yui> "not sure how werid that is, i hear some people just text..."
  136. [20:45:31] <Charm> "The thing is, if it were a pager or beeper then there would be a prompt. As it stands..." Satoshi frowns. "That number isn't one that's been assigned by any phone company in the district, as far as i can tell..."
  137. [20:46:10] <shirayuki_yui> "weird..."
  138. [20:46:15] * shirayuki_yui closes phone
  139. [20:47:03] <shirayuki_yui> "so i guess its someone from a phone company then? would be a great place for a pervert to hide..."
  140. [20:47:58] <shirayuki_yui> "anyhow, thanks for your help, masamoto-san. i'll be sure to pay you back somehow."
  141. [20:48:28] <Charm> "It's no problem. Just be careful, oka-" 'bzzzzz~'
  142. [20:48:58] <shirayuki_yui> "eh?"
  143. [20:49:11] * shirayuki_yui looks at the phone
  144. [20:50:01] <Charm> Another text from the same number.
  145. [20:50:20] <shirayuki_yui> "masamoto-san, look! another one!"
  146. [20:50:31] * shirayuki_yui looks at the message
  147. [20:51:41] <Charm> 'for the answers you seek, return to where you last were'.
  148. [20:52:01] <Charm> "Well, that's not totally creepy or anything..." the boy says, deadpan.
  149. [21:14:23] <shirayuki_yui> "no, not in the slightest..." replies yui, equally deadpan.
  150. [21:15:01] <Charm> " any case, I hope whaatever it is works itself out..."
  151. [21:18:24] <shirayuki_yui> "yeah, hopefully its nothing serious, just some spineless wimp who thinks hes all that..."
  152. [21:18:52] <shirayuki_yui> "thanks again fo the help."
  153. [21:19:05] <shirayuki_yui> *for
  154. [21:19:17] <Charm> "You got it. See you around." In any case...'where you last were' would be the infirmary, right? doesn't make much sense, but none of the texts had so far.
  155. [21:19:28] * shirayuki_yui heads out of the lab, back to the infirmary
  156. [21:20:00] <shirayuki_yui> "ahgh, what a drag... stupid headache..."
  157. [21:22:03] <Charm> "Well that's what you get for trying to go through classes with it! I swear, it's not like I give you kids medicine for fun..." the nurse seems mad. But there's really no indication on what else to do, unless she gets another message...or gets one sent her way.
  158. [21:22:49] * shirayuki_yui lies down on a cot
  159. [21:24:41] <Charm> well, that did it. one last message. 'the princess of ice calls her court with a snowflake's siren call.' what the hell is that supposed to mean?
  160. [21:25:40] <shirayuki_yui> "what the hell... how is this supposed to be even remotely helpful?"
  161. [21:26:43] * shirayuki_yui takes out the necklace and looks at it
  162. [21:26:56] <shirayuki_yui> "but that was just a silly dream..."
  163. [21:26:58] <Charm> well, she doesn't have anything else to go on, other than whatever texted her wants her here, and the necklace definitely has a snowflake pendant attached to it...
  164. [21:28:48] <Charm> maybe she needs to...use it, somehow? how would that even work?
  165. [21:28:52] <shirayuki_yui> "this is insane..."
  166. [21:29:20] * shirayuki_yui puts the necklace on. "this seems like a really really bad idea..."
  167. [21:30:48] <Charm> she keeps saying that, but she can't keep from thinking that it's what is supposed to happen. this is what she's here to do.
  168. [21:34:02] <shirayuki_yui> "ah, this probably isnt the best place to do such a thing..."
  169. [21:34:17] * shirayuki_yui looks to see if anyone else is around
  170. [21:34:33] <shirayuki_yui> "not that anyhting is going to happen, but if anything does..."
  171. [21:35:59] <Charm> Just the nurse, it seems. and she's not paying attention.
  172. [21:37:58] * shirayuki_yui waits for whatever is going to happen
  173. [21:38:36] <Charm> As Yui tries to focus, it's as if she's pulled away. before she can process anything, she finds herself in a familiar empty room, the fans of the oversized computer terminal drowning out any other sounds, though the screen quickly types a message.
  174. [21:39:17] <shirayuki_yui> "oh, i fell asleep?"
  175. [21:39:19] <Charm> 'thank you for returning. starting chapter II. Please remove any applicable Limiters.'
  176. [21:39:41] * shirayuki_yui pinch
  177. [21:40:05] <shirayuki_yui> "..."
  178. [21:40:17] <shirayuki_yui> D:
  179. [21:40:22] <shirayuki_yui> D:
  180. [21:40:26] <shirayuki_yui> D:
  181. [21:41:01] * shirayuki_yui fetal position
  182. [21:41:23] <shirayuki_yui> "its not real its not real its just a dream wake up wake up WAKE UP!"
  183. [21:41:47] <Charm> 'this is a dream. however, being a dream does not preclude this from also being Real.'
  185. [21:43:07] * shirayuki_yui loks up to find the source of the voice
  186. [21:43:11] <shirayuki_yui> *looks
  187. [21:43:13] * Rainy soars through on a dragonite made of paint before disappearing into the sunset, leaving splattered paint in her wake.
  188. [21:44:30] <shirayuki_yui> "ok, yeah, theres no way such a thing could be real, i must be dreaming."
  189. [21:44:37] * shirayuki_yui sits up
  190. [21:45:06] <shirayuki_yui> "such an odd dream..."
  191. [21:45:13] * shirayuki_yui looks at the pendant again
  192. [21:45:16] <Charm> '. . .' the computer displays
  193. [21:45:26] <Charm> The pendant is still there, waiting for her to use it.
  194. [21:45:51] <shirayuki_yui> "alright, i guess lets go along and see how deep the rabbit hole goes..."
  195. [21:46:10] * shirayuki_yui holds the pendant and concentrates
  196. [21:46:21] <shirayuki_yui> >:|
  197. [21:49:30] <shirayuki_yui> a cold wind whips through the room, snow blowing along with it
  198. [21:49:42] * shirayuki_yui turns to face the wind
  199. [21:49:57] <shirayuki_yui> a snowdrift envelops yui!
  200. [21:50:15] <shirayuki_yui> it melts away to reveal a powered up yui, kimono and all.
  201. [21:50:40] <shirayuki_yui> "huh, that didnt take nearly as long this time. wonder why..."
  202. [21:51:07] <Charm> 'Forme Alteration Complete. Proceeding with OverCharge Dispersal' the screen helpfully displays
  203. [21:51:25] <shirayuki_yui> "eh? whats that?"
  204. [21:52:42] <Charm> (anyway, time for more parenthetical explanations)
  205. [21:53:49] <Charm> (Accruing overcharge is the result of magic going outside of your control, and lingers until it can be discharged via 'fallout'. Fallout varies by the type of magic being discharged, and how much of it is being discharged)
  206. [21:55:32] <shirayuki_yui> (i see)
  207. [21:57:05] <shirayuki_yui> (so how does one blow off energy)
  208. [21:57:17] <Charm> (as a general rule of thumb, magic fallout create magical disturbances, heart fallout warp relationships, and fury/grief fallout hurts things)
  209. [21:57:32] <Charm> (it's an activated ability you can use any time you aren't in combat)
  210. [21:58:11] <shirayuki_yui> (ah, i dont have any relationships i know of, outside i guess of mom back home?)
  211. [21:58:19] <shirayuki_yui> (and dad i suppose)
  212. [21:59:31] <shirayuki_yui> (well its a moot point at the moment, i don have any heart oc)
  213. [21:59:37] <Charm> (relationships period. friends, secret crushes, etc. and true)
  214. [22:00:34] <Charm> (in any case, 2-3 fallout is a minor distortion. in grief's case, it's a self-destructive, antagonistic nature. the whole wallowing in self-pity thing, sometimes even some sort of destructive behavior)
  215. [22:02:46] <shirayuki_yui> (eating all the chocolate forever, crying in bed or whatever)
  216. [22:02:58] <shirayuki_yui> (at high levels, self-harm probably?
  217. [22:02:59] <shirayuki_yui> )
  218. [22:03:52] <Charm> (sort of. in any case, the "fuck school and everyone else" feeling was the grief leaking out, so that's more or less cleared. only 2 overcharge means there's not much to let loose)
  219. [22:04:15] <shirayuki_yui> (ah i see)
  220. [22:04:35] <Charm> (at 4-5 fallout, a flare occurs. a flare is a sudden uncontrolled burst of magic, that can result in a strange phenomena occuring, or even a temporary mutation)
  221. [22:06:00] <shirayuki_yui> (i see)
  222. [22:06:31] <Charm> (in magic's case, this usually means your element manifesting itself in the real world, centered around you)
  223. [22:06:56] <shirayuki_yui> (probably not in awesome ways like an ice mecha though huh)
  224. [22:08:49] <Charm> (no, more like you lower the temperature of a room by 10 degrees just by being there)
  225. [22:08:58] <shirayuki_yui> (ah)
  226. [22:09:44] <shirayuki_yui> (flash freeze everyone in class sort of things?)
  227. [22:10:59] <Charm> (not that extreme, but it'd be noticably colder, and you'd be at the center of it)
  228. [22:11:28] <Charm> (that was the pressure headache, the 5 OC in magic wanting out.)
  229. [22:12:12] <Charm> (if you get to 6 or 7 overcharge, you get a Change. a Change is a permanent mutation that is almost always detrimental to your ability to live as a normal person.)
  230. [22:13:09] <shirayuki_yui> (i thought it had to be higher for it to be permanent, then again maybe i misread
  231. [22:13:13] <shirayuki_yui> )
  232. [22:14:41] <Charm> (no, 4-5 is temporary, 6-7 is permanent)
  233. [22:15:13] <Charm> (also, if you get to 6 or more overcharge in any stat, you cannot take any more OC to that stat, and are forced to undergo fallout as soon as possible)
  234. [22:16:47] <shirayuki_yui> (alright, looking at RAW, i have to roll on a flare table to see what happens, unless theres a houseruling about it)
  235. [22:17:11] <Charm> (I'll say that you can pick your flare, but if it's temp mutation then you have to roll that)
  236. [22:18:04] <Charm> (and if you get 8 or more overcharge in a stat, you Burst instantly. a Burst is a wildly uncontrolled explosion of magic, and tends to have terrifying consequences.)
  237. [22:20:30] <shirayuki_yui> (so how would an elemental flare work)
  238. [22:20:38] <Charm> (8+ OC in magic creates a Magical Burst, which is essentially a magical nuke. everything within the AoE takes damage equal to two times the amount of overcharge that got bursted)
  239. [22:20:52] <shirayuki_yui> (damn)
  240. [22:21:06] <Charm> (an elemental flare would be your Element or Power going out of control, and I control the specifics of the flare.)
  241. [22:21:50] <Charm> (8+ OC in heart creates a Heartspawn, a youma of negative emotions that goes after people who are close to your character (emotionally, not spatially) and knows everything that you do.)
  242. [22:22:22] <shirayuki_yui> (ah, btw i had an idea for how exploding dice could be made dickish, instead of add 1d6 for a 6, add 2d6)
  243. [22:22:30] <shirayuki_yui> (nuclaer chain reaction~)
  244. [22:22:51] <shirayuki_yui> (well, the chance for it)
  245. [22:23:23] <Charm> (6's chaining together are risky enough as it is.)
  246. [22:24:20] <Charm> (anyway, a 8+OC in fury creates a rage storm. Everyone in the AoE must attack a target at random every round for 1d4+1 rounds. You can negate the effect with a successful heart roll though.)
  247. [22:25:13] <shirayuki_yui> (nice, what happens then?)
  248. [22:26:02] <Charm> (if you pass the roll then you don't berserker)
  249. [22:26:44] <shirayuki_yui> (just you? the people in the rage storm still fight though?)
  250. [22:27:57] <Charm> (anyone who doesn't make the save goes berserker. anyone who does make the save doesn't have to)
  251. [22:28:04] <shirayuki_yui> (ok)
  252. [22:31:09] <Charm> (and with that I'm going to retire for the night, since I have to be up in 5 hours.
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