Starya & Kalen

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  1. stαr12/15/2018
  2. Fingers were loosely coiled around red plastic cup, idly swirling the blue colored contents as ice cubes dipped and rolled in effort to remain afloat. It was her first drink of the evening, fruity on the tongue and packing a punch that would have inebriated a mortal after a few. But the wolf would require far more in a shorter length of time to have judgment become impaired, a risk that was as expensive as it was foolish given the constant threat of hunters. Free hand rubbed at partially nude shoulder, twisting the delicate strap of gray camisole as gaze shifted over the partygoers. Beautiful, young strangers caring only for the pursuit of pleasure or popularity. A silly lot that was oblivious to the predator in their midst. For who would imagine that the blonde was capable of cutting through their flesh with as little effort as a hot knife through butter? A terrible deed she had no interest in pursuing..    Instead, it was the chase of an illusion of belonging to something that brought her there. The refreshments and music also had their weigh in. Black miniskirt rode high on toned thighs, exposing the lovely length of shapely legs before they disappeared into calf high black boots. An outfit while simple in design, certainly improved upon the feminine charms at her disposal. After a prior brief exchange with a drunk neanderthal, she had chosen a spot near the glass doors leading to the backyard. Either to tuck herself out of the way, or indulge in the cool breeze that wafted past.
  3. ¢нυвву вυηηү12/15/2018
  4. Found himself constantly twiddling his thumbs together. If there was one thing he knew, it was that no matter how many times a person would stand in front of a crowd --whether they were familiar with them or not-- the jitters would never just go away. Top row of ivories tugged at his lower lip, while dark void black hues surveyed the surroundings. Too many people that were far too intoxicated for their own good. It had been a little later into the night that most bands had finished their set. it was the down side of playing later than most. The fact that people are too drunk, or most had already left. The male who had set up the stage smack dab in the middle of the room had been gesturing Kalen and the rest of his band mates to come join him. A simple tug was made to the member on his left, and soon they found themselves standing atop the make shift stage, housing all of their equipment. The male cleared his throat and leaned slightly into the microphone. "Hi, my name's Kalen Myers, and we're Red October." Immediately, the boy clad in his black long sleeved shirt, and black skinny jeans that moved all the way down until it contrasted the bright red high cut sneakers that he wore. "This is our first song. It's called "Remember". Goes like thi--" His eyes caught sight of a woman, blonde, attractive in all areas. "G-goes like this." Kalen caught himself before he stumbled on his words. With that, his fingers began strumming on the strings of his white Fender guitar, letting out soothing note after soothing note, all the while the bass, the drum beat, and the synths backed up the melody. For some reason, he couldn't tear his eyes away from her.
  5. stαr12/15/2018
  6. If there was one thing that the wolf could appreciate it was music. She was particularly fond of those that howled with anger or whined with melancholy. But it was the upbeat ones that would draw hips to shimmy and hands to raise. She had arrived towards the end of the last act, knowing that the attendees would be too in their cups to question why they didn't recognize her or be capable of thought to recall her after. As the next one took to the stage, attention was redirected to skim over their eager frames. Only to pause upon the speaker with raven colored hair, who's deft fingers conjured pure magic from strings. It took her a long moment, perhaps at the second lap of the chorus to realize that she was the primary focus of a stare. Eyes bluer than a crisp morning burned into his, accentuated by the light brush of mascara and eyeliner. Languidly a swig was taken of drink, permitting a brief chill to wash over tongue before being swallowed. It was rare that an individual would hold her return stare, without shifting focus to another part of her anatomy or away altogether. As if cowering from the beast that prowled beneath the surface. Cup lowering to midchest region, as pink muscle slithered forth to swipe over lower plump lip. Delicate brow arching with what could be communicated as invitation or challenge.
  7. ¢нυвву вυηηү12/15/2018
  8. It was hard enough for the male to come up with words, and certainly it was harder to focus on what he was doing. For the briefest of moments he managed to look elsewhere. Forget the blonde who had caught his attention. If he was being fair, she was probably the kind of person who went to parties such as this for the sole purpose of listening to good music. Who knows, really? Kalen's mind finally began it's descent into the constant jumble it always seemed to be in. For all he knew, she'd probably never be into him anyway. Dark wavy tresses that spilled across his face, barely touching lips, were tossed to on side of his head by a single brush of a hand, in the momentary pause of the song. Suffice it to say, even if they were deep in their cups, the crowd seemed to be intently listening. His hands struck unto the strings like a painter would brush his canvas. There was grace, and elegance that most people won't find themselves achieving without a heavy dose of practice. When the song had finally reached it's chorus, Kalen opened his mouth even wider to accentuate certain words. His knees bent slightly, forming a dance that went so well with the melody of the song, while his eyes returned her challenge, perhaps Kalen was finding ways of showing off, but there he was. Doing what he did. In all fairness, it was all he could do from his situation. Even while distracted, he never once missed a beat, a strum, or a note. Then again, things could always go from good to bad in a heartbeat. As the crowds cheered for them, an the song came to it's conclusion, the male held the microphone stand gently around it's neck. "Thank you."
  9. stαr12/17/2018
  10. It was not surprising when the male siren broke the intangible line between them to refocus elsewhere, in search no doubt for something less intense. The notes coaxed from strings were clever in their execution, weaving a prayer between past and present. Enticing to the ear when coupled with the varying high and lows that told a story that hit a little too close to home. She had not expected for the recharged fire that burned like embers in his eyes when gaze met a second time. A half smile curled on lips, caught on an invisible hook in the left side to reveal a shallow dimple. A secret kiss not yet claimed. While she made no noise to communicate her appreciation of their first song, the tilt of head and press of back to the wall indicated the blonde would be at least listening to another or three. What did they possess in their arsenal? Lips parted to form the inaudible and flirty, "Hi." No doubt testing how close he was paying attention. Another swig taken afterwards, bringing cup to half full.
  11. ¢нυвву вυηηү12/19/2018
  12. cleared his throat just before his fingers began strumming a new melody. Something not so different, but melodically variant enough for the listeners to know this was an entirely different song. They'd probably pick up on some motif from the singer as to how he wrote his songs, mostly due to the fact that Kalen always preferred his songs to sound low-fi as compared to most artists of the indie genre. Once more, his attention was caught by the woman, this time her lips spelled the word "Hi" for him. In that split second, Kalen looked to his bassist who stood to his left, and then the rhythm guitar to his right. Which one was she saying hi to? It had to be one of them right? She seemed like the type of girl who was a little too out of his league. Then again, his features were attractive enough to draw in different kinds of people in his life. In return, he tried to mouth the words "Hey" to her, but instead, his throat messed up his groove, and accidentally spoke to the mic, allowing the entire room to hear it. "H-hey Barbara. It's our next song." Just then, the drummer furrowed his brows, knowing full well that the particular song wasn't even on the playlist. Kalen turned around to face him, giving the drummer a "Just play it" look. Nice save? Maybe.
  13. stαr12/20/2018
  14. Pure delight reflected in those desvestingly blue irises as the young male revealed just how closely he was paying attention. There was a moment of insecurity on his part, as he checked to the left and right for the target of her interest. In the end however, realization would prompt a stumbling reply that was cleverly concealed under the guise of a new song. Starya couldn't help but laugh, notes of mirth that were swallowed up from his hearing by the peddling of his art. She waited patiently until opportunity presented itself again before mouthing "You're cute." A little more direct than the prior greeting, even as she focused her sensitive nostrils to pick up the traces of his scent. There was a soft citrus fragrance that was recognized as lemon, mingling with a natural odor of musk and sweat. It would be difficult to pick apart further without closing the distance between them. While surprising, it was also a pleasant discovery that ignited curiosity on whether he might taste as good as he smelled..
  15. ¢нυвву вυηηү12/20/2018
  16. Okay, no one can exactly blame Kalen for that mistake. In fact, he almost always found himself in a scenario where his cheeks would grow a weird shade of red, and his mind would go haywire. For a moment, Kalen thought about how Audrey would have felt about the entire thing. Speaking of, he should consider himself luck that she wasn't around. Else, his constant oggling of a cute blond girl would not have gone unnoticed for too long. And as the song played it's groovier, and considerably more upbeat tune, his legs swiveled a few times, the showman in him beginning to show. Perhaps it was best not to dwell too much on the blond. "Heeeeey Barbara." His lips began to sing. Closed eyes slowly began to open, meeting her gaze once more. Perhaps as if he were challenging her. "Maybe I can get you some wine." A tug on the corner of his lips formed a smirk. When she mouthed what she had to say, a lump on his throat shot up, nearly throwing his tune off course. Nearly, but not quite. The sharpest of ears might have picked upon it. Of course, Kalen would have no idea that she could smell him all the way from where she sat, but he was more than glad to have sprayed himself by his favored cologne. "Myyyy Silvia. How can I say that you are mine?" The darks of his eyes began taunting, Kalen finally bending his ego into himself, perhaps noting that the longer he stared at her, the more... he was attracted. A break in the song allowed him to mouth back to her. "I'm not a mirror." Probably a lame come back, but hey. Kalen sure tried.
  17. stαr12/20/2018
  18. There was a distinct shift in the male's scent, as their gazes continued to hold. And it caused a strange warmth to pool her belly in reply, mingled with the tight press of thighs. The surge of attraction could not be ignored, as Starya drained the remainder of cup to provide fleeting balm to a throat that was suddenly parched. Empty container set aside to free fidgeting hands that sought purchase of opposing hip and shoulder to knead. A sensual embrace of one's self that wasn't inviting in nature to anyone but the vocalist. It was uncommon for an idle flirtation to bloom into borderline lust, and the wolf was clawing at its cage as the girl tried to keep it in check. She doubted that he would be as interested in the hairier side of her nature, as he was of the faux blonde before him. Or rather in the crowd. There was the chance when his time on stage was at a close, he may depart before either of them became entangled. A wise move if he did, as she was trouble. More than anyone could be expected to handle.. "I like your mouth," was the follow up as the second song ended, and instruments were being primed for a third.
  19. ¢нυвву вυηηү12/21/2018
  20. As his guitar pick struck the strings of his guitar one final time for that particular song. Kalen found himself at a significant pause. It was always around this time, just before the final song of the set where he introduced the band to the the crowd. Perhaps this time around, he found it as a cheeky excuse to make sure that the blonde got his name before anything else. Again, something that Audrey would one hundred percent kill him for doing. "Uhh--" Fingers tapped upon the microphone slightly, a habit more than anything since Kalen knew full well that it was working. He'd been using it for two full songs after all. "--Hi guys. I hope you're enjoying so far." His eyes darted quickly around the room just to survey and scan, or perhaps pretend he was focused on everyone rather than just one individual.  "Again, we're Red October. You have--" Hand swiveled behind him to point at the male slapping his drum sticks against each other. "Loren at the Drums." And then pointed to his right. "Ramon on the Guitar." One more swivel was made, this time to the left. "And Mars on the Bass. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm Kalen--" And with his words, dark orbs flashed back at the woman, this time he felt it. The hunger seeping through his every pore. Kalen could feel his breaths warming up with exhale he made. Shit. Subconsciously, his fingers traveled to his lips once her mouthing had been read. The male couldn't help but watch and admire her own tiers this time. The hairs on the back of his body began standing, lips wanting to meet lips, and flesh wanting to meet flesh. What was this sensation? It was different. Definitely something that he was not used to. "--and this is our last song. 'On your Side'."
  21. stαr12/21/2018
  22. The air was becoming ripe with tension and longing, a flirtation with the unknown that would wreck havoc on their souls. A subconscious brush of fingers to the sensual line of his mouth, as his name echoed in ears was an invitation that she would seize. Kalen. It was beautiful and uncommon, and she couldn't help but feel it suited him. The crowd cheered again as the final number was named, but all the blonde could do was stare. Gaze gliding along the slender form shrouded in black, musing over the best way to strip him down so that tongue and teeth could rake over flesh. The need was exhilarating, fueled by the excitement in his scent. Starya wondered if it was the girl or the wolf that felt the connection between them, or an odd marriage of both? Teeth snagged on lower lip, viciously tearing into lower tier as Kalen watched. It took great deal of restraint to remain composed as the velvet quality of his voice once again filled the room.. And as the last chord was strummed, a top of head was given in the direction of the backyard with an upward tilt of brow. Will he? Or won't he? A push of shoulder given to the wall, and the wolf slinked out into the cool and unjudging night.
  23. ¢нυвву вυηηү12/21/2018
  24. voice traveled across the room, the song was particularly fit to end their set, as it was made with the intention to do so. Drums, and bass were heavily incorporated for this one, while the lyrics still held it's melodramatic tone. Some might say the song was the current magnum opus of the band, but as Kalen would put it; things could still be better. Far better. At one point, the song would hit it's most selling attribute, and it was the guitar solo designed specifically for Kalen to exert all of his talents he'd practiced over the years. As strings were on again and off again struck sometimes individually, and often times more than one was strummed at a time. If one were to listen closer, it wasn't just any guitar solo. it was one made with a lot of consistent melodies, and a melody that could be considered a chorus for the song. One strum, two strums, three strums, and all were accompanied by the drums, and finally, the song was done. "Thank you." He spoke into the mic, seeing the blonde tip him off somewhere. Backyard? Wait. Wait wait wait wait. What? Was it... going to go that far? The loyalty in his heart for Audrey grounded him. Of course, it lasted shorter than any unwanted television series. Kalen unhooked the strap of his white guitar from his body, and passed it to Loren. "Hold this." And with that, he ventured down from the stage, and off to find the lone girl in the backyard. Nobody was there but a few people who were far too drunk to even think about what was going on. "Hey." He spoke, slowly hoping that this wasn't as bad of an idea as he originally thought it would be. Here was to hoping.
  25. stαr12/21/2018
  26. A cool breeze ruffled blonde strands, as head tilted upwards to the night's affections. The fresh air providing a mild balm to the heat that burned beneath the surface, an agony of desire that Starya couldn't quite name. He did not make her wait long, the pull between them too strong and building with every moment. She turned at the simple greeting, gaze meeting his to find it a tumult of desire and guilt. "Hey," echoing the same note of breathlessness. Kalen was allotted thirty seconds to make a decision, to remain or flee. She eased forward, closing the distance between them as fingers landed on his hip before beginning a treacherously slow navigation upwards. Opposite arm rising to encircle neck, a subtle guide to dip his head downwards so that lips could meet. The initial contact was a hesitant brush that quickly took root to blossom into a warmth that nearly matched the sensation that had been mounting in belly. Mouth opening to permit tongues to meet in a truer greeting than the first words that had found volume between them. It was a gasoline fire, a livewire, and a tsunami all rolled in one. Enough to draw out a whimper of need, as the kiss was temporarily halted after several deliciously long minutes. "Starya," she would breathe against his mouth, even as eyes refocused on his once more.
  27. ¢нυвву вυηηү12/21/2018
  28. It was considerably colder outside than it was inside. Luckily, Kalen was used to the cold. In fact, his roommate, the bassist of the band, always left the heater off, and the windows open due to some of the art projects he'd been working on. Something about natural air drying the paint was better than being stuck in a humid room. To be fair, Kalen never listened too intently to the ramblings of a painter. At least, that one specific painter. A wash of guilt seemed to have stopped him from taking even the simplest of steps forward. Audrey. Audrey. Audrey. All the sirens in his mind had started going off, each and every single one of them warning him no to do it. However, even as his mind clutched upon the last remaining strings of his consciousness, his body wanted something from her, he wanted something that no other woman could ever give him. Again, it was a strange sensation, and everything about this blonde was strange. The next thing Kalen knew, their lips were intertwined together, tongues brushing in an elaborate dance, and for the briefest of moments, the fire that raged within him quelled, only to be refueled, coming back stronger than ever. Slowly, he pushed himself closer to her, as the next band began to play in a muffled tone for it was inside the house, and they were out. Kalen wanted this. Nay. He NEEDED this. And once that kiss had been broken, and the proclamation of her name was made, dark eyes watched her lips move. "Kalen." He reinstated, only to plant another kiss to her lips, this one a little more passionate than the last. The fire, it burned brighter than any street lamp ever could.
  29. stαr12/21/2018
  30. Starya would be unable to recall at what point they moved from the near center of the backyard to a more secluded area. All she could feel was the press of an equally hungry mouth and hands, as both of them succumbed to the consuming flame. The pair would find themselves an entanglement of limbs on the ground, moonlight filtering through tree limbs overhead to provide dim lighting as soft grass was their blanket. Sounds from the party could be heard in the distance, a guiding force should one of them change their mind. Kalen had already been relieved of his shirt, giving her a mouthwatering view of his torso. Her own camisole tossed to the side, but the lacy strapless black bra wouldn't be too far behind as the blonde arched into him. Fingers fumbling with the clasp in frustration, as teeth nipped at sensitive lobe of ear. In her eagerness, it was becoming more difficult to complete easy tasks. "Help me?" hands abandoning the pursuit of bra in favor of rubbing along his chest and back, enticing him between the natural cradle of thighs.
  31. ¢нυвву вυηηү12/21/2018
  32. It all happened in the blink of an eye. One moment, he was inside the van, with his band mates yelling and screaming about being surrounded by girls, and drinking their asses off, and the next he was on stage playing and singing three songs the he himself wrote, and now? Now he found himself somewhere secluded with a girl he met from a party who looked like she was on a whole other leveled compared to him. Two things popped into his mind while fingers idly worked upon her bra. One; Audrey was going to kill him. Two; What did she look like underneath? Kalen wanted to know. And as the hook upon the hold of her breasts were set free, allowing her globes to spill, Kalen found his mouth nearing her buds, eyes falling into half lids. "My girlfriend's going to kill me." He whispered to her, but it was clear that regret was way past him when his hands squeezed at her supple flesh. His hands helped her remove the brassiere from her completely, and tossing it to the nearest patch of grass. Finally, his lips met the buds that were already perked into attention, tongue swirling around it's tip, having his first official taste of her, and it filled his senses with blaring alarms of lust and want.
  33. stαr12/21/2018
  34. The air was cool, providing scant relief to the heat that curled and stretched beneath the surface. Her skin felt tight and sensitive, even the barest of touches or caress of breath was sending her nerve endings into delicious little spasms. Kalen's fingers were more capable than hers, as clasp was undone to free the delicate contraption from responsibility. Breasts were pert with a never-ending summer of youth, large enough to fit comfortably within hand with pebbled nubs that were erect with need. Starya barely heard, nor cared about the mention of a significant other's ire. All she cared about was the press of lips to nipple and the savoring swipe of tongue that wrestled a moan from deep within throat in a jolt of pure arousal. Fingers slid along bicep and shoulder, dragging him closer into the lifting arch of bosom for his attention. "Kalen," a murmur and benediction, demanding for him to forget anything but her. Gliding hands dipping lower to curve over rib and hip, drawing him between widening thighs, eager for the warmth and friction of jeans to flesh.
  35. ¢нυвву вυηηү12/21/2018
  36. could almost feel her words strike his chest like a drum desperate for someone to hear it. And although Kalen held a certain amount of respect for himself, and an even stronger willpower that constantly overshadowed those who thought otherwise. Top row of ivories slowly found itself sinking upon the plump flesh Kalen had been slowly giving praise to. hearing her whisper his name had given him a new life of lust. One that was shown through the circled mouth pressed against her breast. The attraction had moved past simple lust, now, it felt as if Kalen had known her his entire life, even though it was clear that the two of them had just met. Even the familiar sounds of the music coming from the next band was promptly ignored. hands grabbed at her wrist, guiding them upon his chest. It wasn't the most toned of bodies, but if there was one thing he knew, aggression would have been considered sexy. Afterwhich, his fingers began un strapping his belt from it's hold, two different flaps of his pants slipped further apart, revealing a black boxer, the last thing keeping his cock from view of Starya. However, it was already clear that his growing bulge had been twitching for attention. "Holy shit, we're going to fuck aren't we?" Don't be stupid Kalen.
  37. stαr12/21/2018
  38. As those teeth sank into flesh for a claiming hold, a whimpering moan came in answer. The wolf clawing at the surface for release as the boy spoke to it directly, desiring to return the favor. But he wanted her to touch him, to become better acquainted with the flat terrain of abdomen and edges of muscle that quivered under the passing of fingers. It was the thundering of his heart that guided her more than the navigation of wrist, calling her name with an urgency that rivaled a howl. Elbow dug into grass, aiding in an upward lean for mouth to find the elegant column of his bare throat. Tongue dancing forth to swipe and roll, tasting the salt of his need and excitement. Teeth close behind to nip and bruise, an inhale sucking sensitive skin inwards with enough pressure to leave a mark of passion in it's wake. Mouth angling upwards still to catch earlobe, teeth taking hold to tug in a seemingly playful manner. Opposite hand racing from chest down to the thin barrier of boxer to cup his stiffening member in greeting. "I want you inside me," voice a husky whisper in his ear, answering him in the affirmative. "Fill me up, Kalen," lips tracing back along the beautiful line of his jaw to rediscover his mouth.
  39. ¢нυвву вυηηү12/21/2018
  40. And now would be the time she'd have a better whiff of his cologne. One that had been so expensive that it was a collective gift by the entire band for his birthday. The more recent one. Ever since, it had been a staple that he'd apply it every morning after his bath. Nevertheless, the scent of lemon would fill her senses, even more now that she had pressed herself against his neck. Hands fell upon her rear, raising her upwards, but closer towards him. A gentle squeeze was made, but was immediately turned into a firm grip once she left a mark upon the skin of his throat. Subtle moans escaped his lips, allowing them to travel slowly. Kalen arched forward, a breathy gasp was taken the moment her hands met the fabric of his boxers. It was certainly stiff, and hopefully enough for her to be enticed by the idea of it reshaping her insides to it's curves and length. "You can have me." He whispered in turn, mouth finally meeting her's once more. Oh how he wanted this. Not with anyone else, but with her. For some reason, while his eyes watched her from the stage earlier, the growing sensation of need made it's way into his system, and now, he had the chance to take it. And Kalen wasn't one to let go. Slowly, the male began to peel off the top of his boxers, first revealing the pink cap of his cock, already excited to greet the blonde. He broke the kiss, and while his breathing had consumed majority of the sounds they made, the male spoke once more. "Move your panties." A request made solemn by the way he watched her eyes.
  41. stαr12/21/2018
  42. Starya had been alone ever since her flight from the pack. She had not been strong or brutal enough to deal with the Alpha, and had been in a constant state of travel as a result. The survival of a lone wolf was rare, as other packs would be suspicious and not want to share their territory. And how was she know which of them to trust? It had been a long bout of trial and error that brought her to this night. The pursuit of narrow minded hunters could only be thwarted so many times by the intervention of Kerah. Perhaps the wolf was living on borrowed time.. She had felt an undeniable tug the moment his presence had taken the stage, building with intensity at each passing moment until they huddled together in the foliage like primal creatures. A part of her wanted to kiss him forever, to become lost in the union of their tongues. But the ache inside couldn't be satisfied with the prayer of mouths alone. Teeth tore into his lower lip as the request bordering on a command urged her hands to abandon his flesh to contend with hiking up mini skirt to hips. A simple black lace thong was all that remained, and instead of a full removal the seat was slid to the side to give him access to a second set of quivering lips that would be as greedy in their embrace as her mouth had been. Free hand moving to wrap around his hard cock, rubbing along his shaft in appreciation as he was guided towards the slit between thighs.
  43. ¢нυвву вυηηү12/21/2018
  44. Funny. Funny how her life and his life were two completely different worlds apart. While her's was complex, and supernatural in the literal sense, Kalen was more inclined for the life of a normal human being. Albeit, he was better off than most people. One could call him the Ace, for whatever sense he stood for. The boy was handsome, he was talented, and he could do nearly anything that he wanted to. For as long as he had put his mind into it. Audrey, his girlfriend, was a model for a fashion magazine. So in turn, almost everyone wanted to be Kalen. But for some reason, he wanted more. No one could really achieve everything, and it was the horrible truth of the matter. Even still, none of those were allowed to overrule his life and dictate the kind of person that he turned out to be. Even in the possession of all things rare, Kalen still found the time to humble himself. He was a kind, soft spoken individual. But now? In the face of someone who changed his very nature? He was taking liberties in changing the way he acted. Especially with how her fingers began rubbing at his length, and the tip slowly guided towards her slit. "F-Fu--" Mouth was open, nearly watering from how much he had craved her. Both hands were pressed upon her waist, giving him the advantage to lower her into him. her entrance was slowly split open by the curve of his cap, lacing her flesh around him. The jolt of warm pleasure finally allowed him to finish his curses. Fingers squeezed her skin, the pleasure almost unbearable right off the bat. "HOLY SHIT." he expressed a little too loud for most people to find comfortable with their sex partners. "S-Sorry..."
  45. stαr12/21/2018
  46. The life of a wolf did not seem overly complex. Not in comparison to the weight of responsibilities that kept shackles on Kalen's ankles, tethering him to the ground and to a life that erected a cell about him. Albeit a pleasant one. Starya traveled for necessity never growing close to anyone outside of the friendship with a witch. Despite the terrible cause, she still saw exciting places and became knowledgeable with different occupations. Enough to keep her up to date with an ever changing world.. But did any of that matter at the moment? No. Their differences and the world itself fell quiet as tip slipped past hairless slit, into a tight flexing grip that coaxed him further into the delicious wet heat that awaited. Hips rose upwards in offering, hungry for every last inch that was being fed to her at a breath hitchingly slow pace. Whatever apology felt the need to be vocalized was swallowed by the urgency of her mouth upon his, one arm about neck and the other curved about waist to drag them closer together. It seemed forever and immediate, when he was at last balls deep inside. The heat of his testicles was almost scalding, and it sent a small wave of triumph within. He was heavy with need, and she was willing to soak up every last drop.. She couldn't help but rock a bit on his lap, each movement shudder worthy as the thickness of his girth left no breathing room.
  47. ¢нυвву вυηηү12/21/2018
  48. Perhaps it was a hard life that he lived. Kalen constantly had to live and abide by society's standards of how he should act. People like him weren't allowed to be their actual selves because they had to keep a face. Especially with Audrey, he couldn't be his usual playful self because the media demands that she dated someone who only focused on one thing, and it was Audrey's career. In a sense, Kalen wasn't even allowed to be himself. The thoughts that plagued him were quickly washed away by her sudden press of lips upon his. Eyes fluttered to a close, his body begging him to stop thinking and simply enjoy the moment. Hips pressed upwards as far as they could possibly go, until the skin of his sac would lightly graze upon her leaking slit. His tongue lashed into an elaborate danced, nearly mimicking the way her own moved inside his mouth. In his mind, this was as far as it could go, but even so, the hunger within pleaded for him to do something, to take more of her. And so, the male sat up, his back being released from the bed of grass until he was upright. Arms carried her up slowly, and was immediately dropped down. In turn, his cock would slip inside of her before she could even blink. And thus the process would be repeated over and over. A slow rhythm of sexual proportions was being built between the two of them, while the intoxicating sound of flesh smacking against one another escaped into the night.
  49. stαr12/21/2018
  50. A cruel and unsatisfying life! But the expectations and restraints didn't mean anything in the late hours of the night. Beneath the canopy of light and shadow cast by moonlight and tree branches, they were sufficiently camouflaged from the world. Lids slid shut, robbing her of the fragile beauty of his face.. but cementing her further into the sensation of their union. Tongues swept and plunged, eager and brutal in their mounting hunger for one another. Starya couldn't recall ever desiring someone as she did him. A need so overwhelming, that she hadn't bothered to pause to consider whether or not it was a good idea. To wonder if she should be afraid of what it might mean. As weight was shifted, thighs stretched further apart in acceptance of the teeth baringly slow roll of hips that lifted her high before dropping her low. A rhythm of his own creation that was no less entrancing than the notes he summoned upon strings. All she could do was meet his thrusts with the same lust and abandon, inner walls greedily sucking upon his dick in pursuit of a release from the soul crushing loneliness she hadn't been aware of until then. Nails dug into the soft vulnerability of his skin, creating perfect crescent moons that would ooze small traces of blood. Naked breast heaving against chest, agonizingly aware of every breath taken or shared.
  51. ¢нυвву вυηηү12/21/2018
  52. Strings. Music. His guitar. All of which had been a part of his life for the longest time. And over and over he played them, mastering his craft. A repeated series of strumming, much like the way he had slipped himself inside of her. It was as if Kalen, and the way he lived his life, had become one individual within the joining of two different bodies. In other words, it almost felt right for him to do this. Even with the underlying thought that if he had gotten caught, it would not be the best for him, or her if she had a boyfriend of her own. It only goes to show just how little the male actually knew about her. Not a single moment of thought was put into thinking as to who she really was. All he wanted was to be inside of her. And finally, he's achieved it. Soft and gentle moans spilled from him, as one hand came up to one her breasts and squeezed at it firmly. She'd feel his cock stretch out the walls that it penetrated, over and over again, as it paved way to the same shape as his length. One way or another, Kalen was making this pussy his. At least for tonight. His other hand reached up to her face, slinking his thumb into her mouth. Dark eyes flew open to watch the sight of this beautiful woman. His hips bounded up and then down, it being the one keeping the rhythm in play. "You're so hot."
  53. stαr12/21/2018
  54. The pull was magnetic, and neither of them gave a true effort to fight it. Perhaps because the attraction was mutual, and each dealt with an emptiness inside that had been growing ever larger as time progressed. Yet, as their moans joined together in chorus, it seemed like coming home after an eternity of being separated. Meaty spear stretched her near virginal insides, claiming the tight cleft with each pump even as she surrendered to Kalen. Blissfully aware of each intimate curve and groove, as the heat built like a wildfire in belly. It was natural to arch into the lift and squeeze of breast, mouth falling open in gasping pants. Thumb replaced tongue in her mouth, pink muscle swirling around it as she sucked with a fervor one paid a popsicle on a hot day. Blue eyes all but veiled by fluttering lashes as they met the near obsidian of his own. It was evident that she desired him with every fiber of her being, as her insides were churned like butter by his shaft. The marks she left on his flesh stung as the cool night breeze licked at them, wounds that would heal in a matter of days..
  55. ¢нυвву вυηηү12/21/2018
  56. The wounds she had inflicted upon his skin went mostly unnoticed. Due to the fact that there was nothing else he could think about except for taking her for himself. The blood, which had slowly trickled down from his skin, was kissed by the cooling breeze of the night as if it were any consolation. Kalen found himself moaning from pleasure while he watched her suck upon his thumb. And the idea of her doing the same thing to his cock had filled his senses. Of course, he wasn't going to ask that of her at the moment. For now, he just wanted to fill her with himself. More and more with each pump. His balls would smack against the bottom of her slit, and she'd feel it swing and kiss her skin a couple of times. Even with the slow crawl to his climax, the male shoved it away from his mind. No. Not yet. He wanted to keep doing this until she couldn't take it anymore. Head dipped down to the crook of her arm, just where her chest meet her arm. Soft kisses were paid upon the slit of her skin, tongue gently licking upon it, even as his cock would be much more cruel to her lower body. Kalen wanted her to feel all of him, and for the most part, he was giving all that he could offer. Gentle sucks were made on it, craving to have a taste of her skin. Parts of her that went unnoticed.
  57. stαr12/21/2018
  58. Kalen. Kalen. Kalen. resounded in her mind, a mantra that matched the pace of his dungeoneering thrusts. A name that paired with the indescribable sensations that he carved out of her. It was becoming increasingly difficult to focus on the ministration of suction on thumb, as instinct commandeered the roll of hips in an ebbing motion like waves upon the shore. Each pump more mind-numbing the last, and Starya felt as if she were drowning. Lost in a battering maelstrom to the havoc of his dick, the scent of lemon and copper overpowered her senses, and the present of his worshiping mouth on far more sensitive areas often ignored. Her own scent was a faint cross between honey and crisp red apples, but he would taste the sweet salt of her fever for him as it clung to her skin. Mouth lost the presence of his thumb, causing blonde head to tip low into the crook of his neck. Delirious in their affection upon him, only to be chased with a sharp introduction of teeth when the building pressure exploded like fireworks behind eyes. The orgasm was quick, and violent, causing a spasm of hips as white hot nectar flushed over his member and the hold upon him became strangling. Moan was near a howl, muffled by the painful bite that could rip flesh from bone.
  59. ¢нυвву вυηηү12/21/2018
  60. Her skin... Her skin tasted like something someone would forbid you to taste just basing it off the fact that he couldn't keep himself from licking her. More and more he tasted, seeping his tongue deeper into the crook, finding a warmer spot in her pit, while his eyes rolled back from the much more adored taste of the woman. The undeniably arrival of his own climax was getting ever closer, but Kalen had clenched his stomach hard enough to ignore the cries of his cock for release. He wanted it to hold on for just a little bit longer. He didn't want this feeling to end, he wanted to ruin her some more for as much as he could. And slowly his eyes watched as she lowered her head upon the crook of his neck.The built up pressure which had spilled all over his shaft, and eventually seeped down upon his hips were noted by Kalen. It was a sign for him to go faster, fuck her harder. Give her what she wants, but at the same time, take what he needs. Her sudden--very painful bite caused Kalen to yell, unmuffled by anything. Perhaps it would have alerted someone to their location, but what little care did Kalen really have for that at the moment. All he wanted was to get even closer to his own release. "Starya, I'm going to--" He cut himself off, the pain from the bite seemed to have been slightly overwhelming.
  61. stαr12/21/2018
  62. It had been ages since another had kissed or licked her in the manner that Kalen did. The pleasure stemming from it was a soothing balm to the bitter loneliness in her soul. Starya wasn't sure which she craved more at this point. The singer was giving her too much stimulation, and all she could think about was him. Shamelessly she withered and jerked upon the still rock hard member, a ball of nerves that were sending continuous sparks like a livewire. Teeth broke from the abusive hold, luckily not having caused any actual damage save a few drops of blood to pool to the surface. Ones that were quickly wiped away with a massaging tongue in apology, ensuring in the process that he'd suffer no infection. Cheek rubbing into shoulder as she continued to lick him greedily, coaxing him along to the release that dangled before him. "Please Kalen, please. I need you," the admission was vulnerable and fierce, begging for everything he had left to give. Pleading with him not to leave her. Demanding that they never part. Nails tore angry lines of possession from top of shoulders, down  to the small of back. Maybe it was just a fuck for him.. Maybe this was just a chance to sleep with a stranger before committing to better things in his life. Or maybe this was the beginning of a new chapter..
  63. ¢нυвву вυηηү12/21/2018
  64. And while it had been ages for her, it wasn't all that long ago that he was in bed with his girlfriend. But as shameless as it was for him to admit it, Audrey never gave him the same sensations as this woman was. His senses were all on overdrive, his cock momentarily feeling numb with every pump that transpired. The bite upon his skin was being pampered, even without the need for it. however, her doing so only drove him more into her, eyes gazing upon those that she held. There was something that the two of them shared, but Kalen just couldn't put his finger on it. While his eyes watched her's, more and more precum started leaking, spreading upon her walls as if begging him to start painting her pink flesh with his seed. What happens if he just let loose inside of her? She had pills to deal with it right? She timed it right, yes? All the thoughts of a man concerned about the aftermath of sex crossed his mind, yet still the idea of loosing himself inside of her was too good to pass up. And with one final lick to her armpit, one that grazed the tip of his tongue against the patch of her skin, he spoke. "I'm gonna cu--" Hands clutched upon her back, pulling her down into him making sure that he was balls deep inside of her, while his cum burst forth from it's hold, spilling upon her insides and clutching within her walls from first contact. The heavy sigh of relief escaped him, breathing fast and unsteady. "Fuck." Kalen exclaimed with one heavy exhale. His dark, onyx eyes surveyed her form. Perhaps it was the start of something else. Something new. Because even after all of that? He wanted more.
  65. stαr12/21/2018
  66. Either she had uttered the magic phrase to entice his orgasm, or Kalen had been closer to release than anticipated. There was a roughness in his hands as he clung to back, willing their bodies to remain pinned together as a shudder of pure volcanic heat rolled through them both. Starya had came a second time. No less violent, and with a sharp yelp of surrender. And yet, their hips didn't cease in movement. She continued to stretch and contract around him, milking every bit of semen he had to give. A glove that tightened, despite the slippery moisture within. After several moments the rolling of hips stilled, and it was just their panting breaths and feathered moans. It was not a desire to end their union that prompted the redistribution of her perch from his lap back onto her heels.. but a morbid curiosity to see how much dribbled out from between thighs. The glistening residue was visible on inner thighs, as she was utterly slick with their combined juices. Wordlessly she shifted again, this time to the side upon hands and knees with her back facing him. Hips arching backwards to present apple bottom for his viewing pleasure, as a glance was given over shoulder with the same insatiable look he had within his.
  67. ¢нυвву вυηηү12/21/2018
  68. was usually more in control of the way he climaxed. It wasn't easy for him to be dragged that fast to him spilling seed all over the place, but somehow, his attraction towards her just made it so easy for him to do so. Her second time climaxing did not go unnoticed, however. A soft smile pierced his lips, knowing that whatever it was, he at least found some way to please her. Kalen helped her move slowly off of him, the male too growing curious as to just how much it was that he had filled her with. And as the moonlight glistened against the juices, the male could not help but lick his lips. Even more so when she had shifted from his to his side, with her rear facing him. A gentle squeeze was given, perhaps even a pinch. And although Kalen had just climaxed, he moved closer towards her, raised one leg upwards, and slowly, he slipped the tip of his cock once more into the wet, juice-filled pussy of her's. A tired moan was made, but his member, which had grown a little softer over time, began hardening once more, this time inside of her so that she would feel it as it grew in size. "Do you want to go for seconds?" Even before she could come up with a reply his hips would already be working on swaying.
  69. stαr12/21/2018
  70. It wasn't every day that a blonde stranger was in such a submissive position on the grass, dripping wet with passion's labor. Every sense was heightened by the rush of adrenaline in veins, and the scent of sex in the air was more of an aphrodisiac than oysters or chocolate. Even as shivers still ran the length of spine, and muscles cried out for relief.. Starya wanted more. Kalen did not hesitate to join her, as dick slid between folds once more, welcomed by the lubricated depths. The effortless glide of his hips would bring her back into a rhythm of his choosing, languid and soothing, as the audible slurp could be heard of ripe peach upon him. Gradually she leant downward as arms settled on the grass, rubbing breasts into the grass as knees widened to support his pumping. The angle providing full access in direct pursuit of womb, and within moments she was moaning his praises again. Cheek falling into the natural crook of arm as lids flickered closed.
  71. ¢нυвву вυηηү12/21/2018
  72. Once again, Kalen found himself inside of her, and once again, everything felt right. Everything felt as if it fell into place. Like he was supposed to be doing this to her on a daily basis. But that was impossible, right? Circumstances of how they met dictate that this was supposed to be only for tonight. But for some reason, Kalen couldn't help but think that it won't. The male raised her leg even higher, while his waist began working on creating a rhythm once more. This time around, he was steady, making sure that every inch he traveled, the pair of them would feel it. This time, he wanted his tip to touch the entrance of her womb, letting her know just how deep he was inside of her. His hand came up to her front, lowering just enough to reach the most sensitive part of her pussy, and slowly rub his pointer finger against it. All the while his rock hard length continued in it's pursuit to slowly fill the hole she needed filled. An audible moan escaped him, the skin of his thighs smacked against her rear.
  73. stαr12/21/2018
  74. Kalen kept one shapely leg aloft, restraining her to the submissive position and giving him no resistance to the pounding that she craved. Even as clever fingers slipped around to permit a strumming of the sensitive nub, prompting a series of wild bucking as hips gravitated shamelessly to each avenue of desire he offered. Starya's moans intensified, whimpering with need as he masterfully succeeded in both filling her with every inch of himself and chased away any thought that did not circle around him. How wanton she must have appeared to him! Sober and rutting on the ground like a dog, begging for more.. "Kalen," a delirious murmur, a prayer, and a curse.
  75. ¢нυвву вυηηү12/23/2018
  76. The idea of this, the mere idea of going for a second round with a woman who he barely knew, and only by name seemed to have instilled a great --and very exciting-- emotion within him. One that he could swear he's never felt before. It was difficult to pin point and tell what exactly was it's cause, but if Kalen were to describe it in a word, it was almost... animalistic. Hand came up to her arm, forcing it to raise high above her head while his hips kept that new found rhythm, flesh smacking against flesh like a drum finding a fantastic, and sexy beat. His moans spilled from his lips the way notes and lyrics would, but was immediately muffled by the joining of his top row of teeth with the skin of her sides, just next to her breast. The male's tongue swirled from it's keep, glazing her bare skin with a coat of his saliva, allowing it to trickle ever so slowly down upon the grass. Lips moved up slower, until it met the exposed skin of her armpit. Usually, Kalen would fuck someone more casually, but the instilled hunger within him, almost demanded that he be more vicious in his approach, which was more evident with the stiff cock throbbing and relinquishing her pussy of it's tight properties, and tongue tasting the sweet salt of her exposed skin. Delicious.
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