Fabulous x Cute C-B

Mar 8th, 2013
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  1. [16:59:57] * Ffleu is off in a corner of the camp, wildly gyrating those hips, his blonde hair and white costume inexplicably sparkling. "One, two~! One, two~! One, two, three, four, yeah!" He raises his hand, pointing up, as he gives everything in front of him a nod. Although that's apparently nothing.
  2. [17:01:01] * Ash comes upon this scene. :o
  3. [17:01:34] * Ash applauds, naturally. :D
  4. [17:01:49] <Ash> "Well done Lord Ffleu."
  5. [17:03:20] * Ash is wearing his usual troubadour costume of Jodpurs, high boots, and thin somewhat feminine mishmash of riding gear and pegasus stuff, although with a Viking sigil on his breast pocket denoting his family.
  6. [17:04:29] * Ash has short blonde hair that looks very cute, although he cut it short in order to look manlier. He applauds through clean white riding gloves.
  7. [17:05:47] * Ffleu gives Ash a 1,1flashy grin. "You can just call me Ffleu, baby~! I'm only interested in looking royal, not being fawned on like one! Unless that sparkles your fancy~!" He adjusts his hair, a few stray sparkles coming off. His suit is white and yellow and flashy, looking like a disco suit pulled out of the 70s, although it's still made of cloth rather than some fancy synthetic,
  8. [17:05:47] * Ffleu so it doesn't look THAT out there. He also wears a dull yellow cloak, that seems to be more for making sure his other clothes don't get dirty than anything. His hair is shoulder-length and blonde, and he's got piercing green eyes~
  9. [17:07:10] <Ash> "Ffleu it is, then. I hope we can be good friends."
  10. [17:07:54] <Ash> "I just wanted to come by and say thank you for rescuing me from those bandits. I'm sure I could have fought them off, but... you know... I was outnumbered."
  11. [17:08:53] <Ffleu> He winks. "It was no problem, hon, those ugly boys were committing fashion crimes, after all!"
  12. [17:09:06] <Ash> "I was excited to come meet you properly, since we seem to have so much in common." :D
  13. [17:09:13] <Ash> (mfw "Fashion" pings me)
  14. [17:09:27] <Ash> "We both suffer from THE CURSE."
  15. [17:09:44] <Ffleu> His voice is a bit higher than most men, but you can still tell he's a guy. Although it goes a little deeper, now. "The Curse?"
  16. [17:09:53] * Ash suddenly has a deathly serious expression on his face.
  17. [17:10:01] <Ash> "Yes. The curse."
  18. [17:10:35] <Ash> "It's plain on both of us. We're men who've been cursed. Robbed of our... our..."
  19. [17:10:46] <Ffleu> "Our?"
  20. [17:10:47] <Ash> "...Our manliness."
  21. [17:10:55] <Ash> tears begin to stream down his face.
  22. [17:11:07] <Ash> It's been so long. I'm so glad to finally meet someone else.
  23. [17:11:09] <Ash> *""
  24. [17:11:41] * Ash grabs Ffleu's hands, "So, we must be best friends, alright? It's us against the world that shuns us." ;o;
  25. [17:12:49] <Ffleu> He blinks a few times, before suppressing a 1,1giggle. "Oh, that! Being beautiful never bothered me, hon, but if it bothers you I'll be sure to help you through accepting it!" He grasps Ash's hands tightly. "Don't worry, Ashy-boy~! We'll take the world by storm and make all the men think they're cursed!"
  26. [17:13:34] <Ash> "You mean you like looking this way?"
  27. [17:14:40] <Ffleu> He takes one hand off of Ash's and points into space, his hair inexplicably fluttering in the wind! "We shall start the Ffleu Society for Beautiful People and set a new standard for manliness!"
  28. [17:15:02] <Ash> "But I've been wishing ever since I came of age for a big bushy beard like my father's. It would be big and luxuriant, and I could braid it and wash it with scented oils. It would be the best! I would be a real viking."
  29. [17:15:32] <Ash> "But... a new standard of manliness, eh?" <;o
  30. [17:15:37] <Ash> *<:o
  31. [17:16:02] <Ffleu> "Ash..." He shakes his head. "Beauty comes from the inside! Not having some huge beard doesn't make you less fabulous! It's about the beauty of your soul!"
  32. [17:16:19] <Ash> "My soul?"
  33. [17:16:24] <Ash> "Yes. Yes. I see."
  34. [17:16:48] <Ash> "If we can't join them, we'll beat them at their own game." >:D
  35. [17:16:49] <Ffleu> "Yes, ☆your★soul☆!"
  36. [17:17:44] <Ffleu> You can just see the twinkle in his eyes! The sparks that burn from within him! They're all literally there!
  37. [17:17:53] <Ash> "We'll make the curse work for us! Everyone in the camp will see us as the manly ones, and everyone else will suffer!"
  38. [17:18:03] <Kraken> (Burbs, just got diabetes)
  39. [17:18:27] <Ffleu> "Indeed! And then, we'll-" He suddenly collapses unconscious, blood slowly streaming from his mouth.
  40. [17:19:02] <Ash> "Thunderation and Victory at sea! We'll sit upon the prettiest, most tasteful throne of skulls anyone has ever seen! We'll... Oh gosh!" :o
  41. [17:19:06] * Basil is now known as Anise
  42. [17:19:22] * Ash kneels down, "Ffleu? Ffleu! Are you alright?"
  43. [17:19:50] * Ash props him up, fanning him with his cravat.
  44. [17:20:32] <Ffleu> All the sparkles disappear along with his consciousness. He's breathing, and somehow his clothes (mostly) haven't gotten dirty from falling onto the ground, so he SHOULD be all right. Right?
  45. [17:20:55] <Ash> "Oh dear. Heal staff, heal staff..."
  46. [17:21:51] * Ash pulls out a convenient heal staff (Troubadour, whee) and tries to revive him. "Wake up Ffleu. I can't see my enemies driven before me and hear the lamentations of their women without you. Not now!" D:
  47. [17:24:05] * Ffleu slowly opens his eyes, taking in a deeeep breath. "I'm sorry, did I do that again?" Gasp. "Really need to kick using so many effects...but I just...can't resist being ☆fabulous!☆" There's a shower of beautiful sparks and then HACK HACK he coughs up more blood oh god.
  48. [17:24:54] <Ash> D: "The Curse must be really bad with you. Let me get you to the hospital tent."
  49. [17:25:17] <Ash> "I thought all of those sparkles and things were a little odd."
  50. [17:25:46] <Ffleu> He nods, getting up slowly. "All right, thanks" Wheeze. "hon."
  51. [17:26:41] * Ash nods, "Once you're better we'll put together a plan of attack."
  52. [17:27:26] <Ash> "With the gods as my witness, we shall never be hated because we're beautiful ever again."
  53. [17:27:31] <Ffleu> "And then the Fabulous Ffleu Forum shall begin!" Coughcoughhack.
  54. [17:28:11] <Ffleu> Maybe you should stop encouraging him to be fabulous.
  55. [17:28:30] * Ash helps him to the hospital tent and drops him off. C/
  56. [17:28:45] <Ffleu> C~
  57. [17:28:55] <Ash> (What's your affinity, BTW)
  58. [17:28:59] <Ash> Mine's fire
  59. [17:29:06] <Kraken> (It's Fabulous)
  60. [17:29:53] <Ffleu> Elegently Flowing Wind
  61. [17:31:01] <Ash> (Also, naturally, this takes place before Haldis-S where he finally grows his first beard hair)
  62. [17:31:27] <Ash> (But then, every Ash-S starts with him arriving having grown his first Beard hair)
  63. [17:31:46] <Giantree> ( intermission: )
  64. [17:31:50] <Kraken> (That hair will get him kicked out of the FFF)
  65. [17:32:02] <Giantree> (but do carry on, this is missing something and by the gods I'll find out what)
  66. [17:32:04] <Ash> Noice
  67. [17:32:27] <Ash> Shall we go on with B-rank?
  68. [17:33:01] <Ffleu> Hmmmmm
  69. [17:33:23] <Ffleu> Well, if no one else wants to hop to it with me, then sure!
  70. [17:33:28] <Ffleu> You start this time.
  71. [17:33:30] <Ash> Anyone else?
  72. [17:33:35] <Ash> Okay!
  73. [17:33:56] <Kraken> In due time, m'boy
  75. [17:34:59] * Ash rushes over to wherever Ffleu hangs out in his free time. Ash has a smile upon his face. The smile makes him look very pretty. He's holding a stack of posters.
  76. [17:35:57] <Ash> "Ffleu, there you are! I've just been to the printshop in town, and I've begun planning the first step of the Fabulous Ffleu Forum."
  77. [17:36:37] * Ffleu 's eyebrows quirk up, a big grin starting upon his face. "Lay it on me, babycakes!"
  78. [17:36:52] <Botherer> (Oh God here we go.)
  79. [17:36:53] <Ffleu> There's a few sparks but nowhere near as much as before.
  80. [17:38:06] * Ash drops the posters onto the table in front of them (Lets say in the mess-hall) and begins to pull pages from the stack. They are all paintings of Ffleu posing and dancing dramatically with rose petals and sparkles flashing past, and they all have slogans and small fine-print guidelines.
  81. [17:38:38] <Kraken> (With the new nickname of Babycakes, this is how I shall view Ash )
  82. [17:38:59] <Ash> "Thin is in!" "Beat the enemy with Flair and Style!" "Lord Ffleu's army is a Fabulous army."
  83. [17:39:23] <Ash> The fine print is an item-by-item dress code for all of the men in the army
  84. [17:39:54] <Ash> "Here we are."
  85. [17:41:22] <Ash> "All men must have waists within specification, and until then dieting is mandatory. All men in the army must have fair complextions, with clear skin. Every male in the army will recieve a raised salary for spending on clothing."
  86. [17:41:44] <Ffleu> "Hmmmm..."
  87. [17:41:48] <Ash> "Men found spending their allowance on anything not related to makeup or accessories will be warned once."
  88. [17:41:49] <Ffleu> "Hmmmm..."
  89. [17:42:00] <Ash> "After a single warning. They will be Put to death."
  90. [17:42:36] <Ash> "Either conform to the standards of beauty or pay the consequences. Eventually, everyone will be beautiful." :D
  91. [17:42:45] <Ash> "And you and I will finally be normal."
  92. [17:43:02] <Ffleu> Blink. Blink. "Ash, hon..." He gets up and puts his arm around Ash's neck. "I really appreciate your work, and I think you have a great idea and your heart's in the right place..."
  93. [17:43:29] <Ash> :< "You don't like it?"
  94. [17:43:32] <Ash> Pouty face
  95. [17:43:44] <Ash> PUPPY DOG EYES
  96. [17:43:52] <Ffleu> " you know anything about dancing, Ash?" He looks deep into those puppy dog eyes.
  97. [17:44:32] <Ash> "I'm... afraid not. The dancing in father's court was too rough for me."
  98. [17:45:24] <Ffleu> He walks Ash over near the armory, where there's armor and weapons and the like kept. "Well, do you think you can dance in, say, a heavy suit of armor?"
  99. [17:45:44] <Ash> "Father did. All the time. That's why it was too rough." :(
  100. [17:46:19] <Ffleu> He gestures toward one such piece of armor, the armor in question being a huge general's suit of armor, covering the whole body and having exaggerated pauldrons
  101. [17:46:41] <Ash> "I suppose he never danced in anything that huge."
  102. [17:46:50] <Ash> "Close though."
  103. [17:47:18] <Ffleu> He clears his throat. "Hunny-boy, do you think your father started dancing in big suits of armor like that when he was a baby?"
  104. [17:47:57] <Ash> "Well, I can't imagine a baby would fit in armor that big."
  105. [17:50:27] <Ffleu> "Exactly! In a big heavy suit of armor that you can't fit in, you can't move, you can't dance, you can't grow! To dance you need freedom of movement in order to eventually be capable of grace! To put armor like that on everyone's souls would prohibit their growth, and prevent them from becoming the beautiful person they truly are! It's like forcing a plant into a dark cage
  106. [17:50:27] <Ffleu> with no soil and expecting it to grow into a riveting redwood! It can't happen!"
  107. [17:50:46] <Ffleu> "The beauty in people's souls can't flourish if they're chained down by restrictive rules!"
  108. [17:51:23] <Ash> :( "So... the dress code won't work?"
  109. [17:52:14] <Ffleu> He puts a hand to his heart. "" He closes his eyes. "Besides, Ffleu's Fabulous Forum is about celebrating beauty, not enforcing it!"
  110. [17:52:57] <Ash> "But Ffleu, how else are we supposed to set a new standard of manliness if everyone still adheres to the old standard?"
  111. [17:53:27] <Ash> "I might as well go back to rubbing my face down with snake oil to make my beard grow."
  112. [17:55:30] <Ffleu> He opens his eyes, a few sparks coming off, grinning. "People learn by example! We have to become role models! Perform fabulous deeds that are gracefully sung throughout the continent by bards, spreading word of Ffleu the beardless and his dashing companion Ash the chest-hairless! The children will sing our tales and want to grow up to be like us, don't you see!?"
  113. [17:55:53] <Ash> "I suppose."
  114. [17:56:23] <Ash> "Still. I'd rather see results now, and not when bards start singing about us." :(
  115. [17:56:33] <Ash> "Who knows how long that will take."
  116. [17:57:45] <Ffleu> "Patience is glamorous, baby! Being able to take things at your own pace, slowly but surely, will convince people that you mean business and you're worth taking seriously!"
  117. [17:58:59] * Ash breathes in and out, "Alright. I was raised to be more of a 'charge ahead and pillage' sort of person, but I can try patience."
  118. [17:59:27] * Ash poses,
  119. [17:59:47] <Ash> "Ffleu's Fabulous Forum will succeed."
  120. [18:00:23] <Ffleu> "You were also brought up to believe that you weren't beautiful! You see what ideas can do to children? We can convince boys that being fabulous is wonderful just like how you were taught that being hairy and big makes you godly!"
  121. [18:00:36] <Ash> our faces when.
  122. [18:01:19] <Ash> Wait no
  123. [18:01:24] <Ash> In Color
  124. [18:01:43] <Ffleu> Ffleu poses as well, a few stray sparks, launching off his cloak to go with it! "We are the harbingers of the future! The shapers of destiny! The fabulous architects of reality!"
  125. [18:02:01] <Ffleu> "Ffleu's! Fabulous! Forum!!"
  126. [18:02:18] <Ash> SPARKLE
  127. [18:02:23] <Ffleu> SPARKLE
  128. [18:03:12] <Ash> (I think that's a great place to leave off /B)
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