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  1. >Be a Black Harpy.
  2. >Bored as fuck.
  3. >Browsing imgur on a Failed Isekai-protag's smartphone.
  4. >It's hard with wings, but you can make do.
  5. >Hear some obnoxious noises coming from your younger half-sister's roost.
  6. >It's not sex.
  7. >Disappointing.
  8. >She still won't shut up.
  9. >Ask what's wrong.
  10. >"There's a bunch of knights down below us, and they're getting hauled away by cops!"
  11. >That isn't something that happens very often.
  12. >Wonder what the fuck a cop is.
  13. >Look it up on the smartphone.
  14. >Apparently it's related to strippers.
  15. >You don't like competition.
  16. >Actually look the hell down.
  17. >Male cops are hauling away a bunch of weird dorky knights.
  18. >Male Strippers?
  19. >Not in my greentext.
  20. >Tell sister we should liberate the knights and marry the cutest ones.
  21. >"Good idea!"
  22. >Sister swoops in without thinking.
  23. >Facepalm.
  24. >Fly down to bail her out in case the cops aren't weenies.
  25. >Cops quickly turn towards you and little sis.
  26. >"Freeze!"
  27. >Stand your ground with little sis.
  28. >"Release the hot knights, you dumbass thots!"
  29. >Little sis is too ballsy for her own good sometimes.
  30. >Also way too into dorks.
  31. >The cops look at eachother.
  32. >One pulls out a small black box.
  33. >"What're you gonna do with that?"
  34. >Cop shoots her with the strange thing.
  35. >Nonlethal electricity courses through her body.
  36. >By the way, she's a Thunderbird.
  37. >Cops get one look of oh shit in before they blast off.
  38. >Team Rocket would be triggered by the size of the explosion.
  39. >Like, how do they not have PTSD already???
  40. >Get blasted into the cutest knight in the herd.
  41. >It *is* a herd of knights, right?
  42. >Knight looks terrified.
  43. >Recover from daze of being slammed into his armor.
  44. >Look at the other knights.
  45. >They look scared too.
  46. >Check on sis.
  47. >She's Hyperactive from the extra electricity, but otherwise fine.
  48. >To avoid any shit knight armor-pants, you calmly ask the knights if they want to join you for dinner.
  49. >The knights seem up to it.
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