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  5. 03[10:11] * Topic is 'Welcome to #politics |'
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  7. 01[10:11] <dataman3>
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  9. [10:19] <Manos> synirc best irc
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  11. [10:19] <Registeredblob> dunno it
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  13. [10:27] <MadPierrot>
  14. [10:27] <+gonzobot> (MadPierrot) ✓@realDonaldTrump (Donald J. Trump): The new Rasmussen Poll, one of the most accurate in the 2016 Election, just out with a Trump 50% Approval Rating.That's higher than O's #'s! (1 day and 3 hours ago)
  15. [10:28] <MadPierrot> Gallup had Obama at 60%
  16. [10:28] <MadPierrot> in June 2009
  17. [10:30] <AmerieHartree> MadPierrot, seems like he just picked a random time in obama's tenure, maybe the end
  18. [10:30] <AmerieHartree> comparison between trump's ratings and other presidents
  19. [10:30] <+gonzobot> Title: How Popular Is Donald Trump? | FiveThirtyEight
  20. [10:30] <AmerieHartree> MadPierrot, and.. he thinks that actually makes sense
  21. [10:32] <captainmeta4> O was down to like 30% by the end
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  24. [10:33] <AmerieHartree> captainmeta4, by rasmussen's numbers or in general?
  25. [10:34] <captainmeta4> idk
  26. 03[10:34] * Tylzen has joined #politics
  27. [10:34] <Tylzen> Hey peeps
  28. [10:35] <AmerieHartree> captainmeta4, rasmussen and gallup both have him at 55-60
  29. [10:36] <%corvusmalus> captainmeta4? at rasmussen, obama was >60 at the end and he never got into the 3x% ever:
  30. [10:37] <%corvusmalus> and the rasmussen number are probably the worst for obama out there.
  31. [10:37] <Tylzen> Alternative facts!
  32. [10:37] <Tylzen> You have to remember, when it is Trump, the opposite is true
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  34. [10:38] <HydroponicFunBags>
  35. [10:38] <+gonzobot> Title: GOP Data Firm Accidentally Leaks Personal Details of Nearly 200 Million American Voters
  36. [10:38] <HydroponicFunBags> ". A folder titled simply ‘reddit’ houses 170 GBs of data apparently scraped from several subreddits, including the controversial r/fatpeoplehate that was home to a community of people who posted pictures of people and mocked them for their weight before it was banned from Reddit’s platform in 2015."
  37. [10:38] <Manos> How dare you bring facts into this corvusmalus
  38. [10:38] <Tylzen> Earlier today, I called the police, to press charges against 4 people who support terrorism
  39. [10:39] <Manos> See Something, Say Something
  40. [10:39] <Manos> Narc! ;)
  41. [10:39] <Tylzen> <3
  42. [10:40] <Tylzen> One of them in a public space, said we should have more people like the person in London
  43. [10:40] <%corvusmalus> Manos, blame dataman, he made me look at the rasmussen polls yesterday ;)
  44. [10:40] <Tylzen> Another said he would open up for donation to pay for his legal costs and anyone other.
  45. [10:40] <Tylzen> corvusmalus, Never blame dataman, he only speaks the truth
  46. [10:40] <Tylzen> :D
  47. [10:41] <Manos> lol
  48. [10:41] <Tylzen> /s
  49. [10:41] <Manos> Like when he posted the rasmussen page meant to support Trump's claims, but it didn't.
  50. [10:41] <Tylzen> Manos, How dare you fact check !
  51. [10:43] <%corvusmalus> Manos, well, according to rasmussen trump and obama now (which is pretty meaningless, because obama is not president anymore...) have the same approval rating. where trump got the "better" from - idk.
  52. [10:43] <Manos> lol
  53. [10:43] <Manos> same is not better, and also a silly comparison.
  54. [10:43] <Tylzen> corvusmalus, Didn't you know Obama runs the deep state :D
  55. 03[10:44] * angrybread has joined #politics
  56. [10:44] <angrybread> trump makes up shit, his supporters really dont care one way or the other
  57. [10:44] <Manos> Former, current and future president Barack HUSSEIN Obama
  58. [10:45] <angrybread> republicans just leaked everyones personal information
  59. [10:46] <Manos> everyone?
  60. [10:46] <Tylzen> Not mine
  61. [10:46] <angrybread> in the u.s., 200 million peoples voter information
  62. [10:46] <tohdaeleu> angrybread, link plz
  63. [10:46] <angrybread> thats pretty much everyone in the u.s. who votes
  64. [10:47] <angrybread>
  65. [10:47] <+gonzobot> Title: GOP Data Firm Accidentally Leaks Personal Details of Nearly 200 Million American Voters
  66. [10:47] <Manos> and a whole lot more who don't, angrybread
  67. [10:47] <arble> good thing I'm an immigrant without the franchise
  68. [10:47] <arble> I'm safe!
  69. [10:48] <Manos> The data was amassed from a variety of sources—from the banned subreddit r/fatpeoplehate to American Crossroads, the super PAC co-founded by former White House strategist Karl Rove.
  70. [10:48] <tohdaeleu> angrybread, no I mean link to the data
  71. [10:48] <angrybread> i dont have that
  72. [10:48] <Manos> I always suspected the venn diagram between t_d, fph, and probably jailbait is a single circle.
  73. [10:49] <%corvusmalus> wow. why the fuck does such data exist at all?
  74. [10:50] <angrybread> so people can make money off of you
  75. [10:50] <captainmeta4> I
  76. [10:50] <captainmeta4> I'm T_D but not fph or jailbait
  77. [10:50] <tohdaeleu> ok so the data was accessible via url - but the url I guess was like the google doc link share urls
  78. [10:51] <%corvusmalus> angrybread, yeah, but in most western countries that's just illegal.
  79. [10:51] <tohdaeleu> unless you know what to look for you would not really find it
  80. [10:51] <tohdaeleu> its not leaked to public
  81. [10:51] <%corvusmalus> and why the fuck do people give out such data?
  82. [10:52] <tohdaeleu> corvusmalus, I don't think people gave it out
  83. [10:52] <tohdaeleu> what data would people give out from fph ?
  84. [10:52] <captainmeta4> tohdaeleu: probably just scraped via bot
  85. [10:53] <captainmeta4> for comment in r.subreddit('fatpeoplehate').comments():
  86. [10:53] <captainmeta4>     #some code here to save comments
  87. [10:53] <tohdaeleu> captainmeta4, yeah but my point is that at lest for fph its not data that was not public anyway - so its not like someone gave it to Deep Root Analytics
  88. [10:53] <%corvusmalus> tohdaeleu, no fph, i meant more the other data they gave e.g. to the pacs. i am already surprised that americans don't protest about things like "registered xxx" - that's screwed. that's private. even more positions on individual topics.
  89. [10:54] <angrybread> its not always the most obvious information, the time they post, where they post from, the length of the post.
  90. [10:54] <UKDivided> corvusmalus: privacy is dying
  91. [10:54] <tohdaeleu> I'm actually not sure where the claim of fph comes from
  92. [10:54] <%corvusmalus> UKDivided, only in the uk.
  93. [10:55] <tohdaeleu> assuming this is source of all info:
  94. [10:55] <UKDivided> everywhere
  95. [10:55] <+gonzobot> Title: The RNC Files: Inside the Largest US Voter Data Leak
  96. [10:55] <tohdaeleu> there is this dump from reddit:
  97. [10:55] <%corvusmalus> UKDivided:
  98. [10:55] <+gonzobot> Title: EU proposes banning encryption backdoors
  99. [10:56] <angrybread> they are going to have a problem with the u.s. if they do that
  100. [10:56] <tohdaeleu> but there is stuff from startrek, pokemontrades, etc
  101. [10:56] <tohdaeleu> don't see fph
  102. [10:56] <%corvusmalus> angrybread, really? i think we'll just get some more billions in fines from us companies.
  103. [10:57] <%corvusmalus> angrybread, and i also hope we get much data back to europe anyway - currently the us is not really willing to act as a safe data haven complying to eu regulations anymore.
  104. [10:58] <UKDivided> corvusmalus: doesn't save you from the analytics
  105. [10:58] <captainmeta4> iMessage is encrypted without a backdoor
  106. [10:58] <UKDivided> captainmeta4: that you know of
  107. [10:58] <captainmeta4> but as Vault7 showed us the CIA had malware for iPhone
  108. [10:58] <captainmeta4> called DRBOOM
  109. [10:58] <captainmeta4> .gis Dr. Boom
  110. [10:58] <+gonzobot> (captainmeta4)
  111. 03[10:59] * autotldr` has joined #politics
  112. [10:59] <autotldr`> Any mods here?
  113. [11:00] <tohdaeleu> < ocr data from reddit img
  114. [11:00] <+gonzobot> Title: show at bpaste
  115. [11:00] <tohdaeleu> cant find fph
  116. [11:02] <%corvusmalus> UKDivided, but it was more about all the pac and voter data which is stored in the us - that's just unthinkable here. as all the kind of campaigning by harrassing people would be not. if somebody campaigning from a party would ring at my door or call me - at least if it is not my representative himself - i would tell them to get the fuck away. and it might influence my voting decision -
  117. [11:02] <%corvusmalus> against them.
  118. 14[11:03] * anton_23 has left #politics
  119. [11:03] <%corvusmalus> and if they even wanted to know private stuff from me? wtf. why should i tell them that?
  120. [11:03] <tohdaeleu> angrybread, where is the source for the claim about FPH ?
  121. [11:05] <tohdaeleu> methinks gizmodo is doing a creative license news
  122. [11:05] <%corvusmalus> UKDivided, do labour or the tories have such data about you? i don't think that's typical in the uk, and here it is not at all, and would be seen as extremely intrusive and "evil". "Although files possessed by Deep Root would be typical in any campaign, Republican or Democratic, experts say its exposure in a single open database raises significant privacy concerns."
  123. [11:06] <%corvusmalus>
  124. [11:06] <+gonzobot> (corvusmalus) ✓@AFP (AFP news agency): #BREAKING Champs-Elysees driver 'very likely dead': ministry (1 minute and 8 seconds ago)
  125. [11:10] <UKDivided> corvusmalus: probably
  126. 03[11:11] * Don`Quixote has joined #politics
  127. [11:11] <Don`Quixote> Good, I have no sympathy for someone who goes out and taunts animals while trying to kill them as a sport, let the animals gore them to death.
  128. [11:11] <Don`Quixote>
  129. [11:11] <+gonzobot> Title: Spanish bullfighter dies after being gored
  130. [11:11] <s1alker> Don`Quixote:  i'm sure that happens pretty regularly....
  131. [11:12] <%corvusmalus> UKDivided, really? do they also knock at your door or even call you? i wouldn't give a party my phone number and if the call on the landline i would report them for unsolicited calls and have them fined.
  132. [11:12] <%corvusmalus> s1alker, yeah, and those people participating in the bull races even more often.
  133. 02[11:13] * autotldr` has quit IRC (Quit: No activity)
  134. [11:13] <s1alker> corvusmalus:  you mean the rodeo?
  135. [11:14] <UKDivided> I've had mp's knock my door
  136. [11:14] <UKDivided> sure
  137. [11:15] <UKDivided> but that's not how the reams of data is used
  138. [11:15] <%corvusmalus> s1alker, the bullfighting yes. that's not rodeo. and this: - even more victims there regularly.
  139. [11:15] <+gonzobot> Title: Running of the Bulls - Wikipedia
  140. [11:16] <s1alker> oh yeah, people trampled and stuff.
  141. [11:16] <%corvusmalus> UKDivided, mps themselve - okay. but ever those campaigners like in the us? or did you get called before the elections to remind you to vote for them?
  142. [11:17] <Don`Quixote> Good, those officials need to be held accountable.
  143. [11:17] <+gonzobot> Title: Flint Water Crisis: Officials Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter
  144. [11:17] <HydroponicFunBags>
  145. [11:17] <+gonzobot> Title: Russia Warns U.S. After Downing of Syrian Warplane - The New York Times
  146. [11:18] <UKDivided> yes campaigners too corvusmalus
  147. [11:22] <%corvusmalus> UKDivided, never happens here. and as i said, i would be pretty angry and annoyed - who do they think they are, wanting to pressure me to vote something or even ask me about my political affiliations and private stuff. if the want to inform me, they can send me a letter.
  148. [11:23] <Don`Quixote>
  149. [11:23] <+gonzobot> Title: Justices take on fight over partisan electoral maps
  150. 02[11:23] * UKDivided has quit IRC (NickServ (GHOST command used by UKDivided_))
  151. [11:25] <angrybread> republicans are getting desperate
  152. 02[11:25] * The_Machine has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
  153. 01[11:25] <dataman3> democrats are getting desperate
  154. 02[11:25] * @MAGA_Bot has quit IRC (Connection closed)
  155. 01[11:25] <dataman3> they are very erratic recently
  156. 01[11:25] <dataman3> even attacking internal groups
  157. [11:25] <angrybread> lol
  158. 01[11:26] <dataman3> ANTIFA and BLM were fighting each other
  159. 01[11:26] <dataman3> its like the funniest thing ever
  160. [11:26] <angrybread> antifa are not democrats
  161. 01[11:26] <dataman3> yea they are
  162. 01[11:26] <dataman3> they are hard leftists
  163. [11:26] <angrybread> no
  164. 01[11:26] <dataman3> yes
  165. 01[11:26] <dataman3> back later
  166. 01[11:26] <dataman3> read up and we can come back to this
  167. [11:26] <%corvusmalus> lol
  168. [11:27] <angrybread> im not aware of any elected officals claiming to be antifa
  169. [11:28] <%corvusmalus> .q dataman 5
  170. [11:28] <+gonzobot> (corvusmalus) [5/10] <dataman> I think HRC, merkel, obama, and some other big EU players are keen to set up a new globalist NWO
  171. 03[11:29] * MAGA_Bot has joined #politics
  172. 03[11:29] * NSA sets mode: +o MAGA_Bot
  173. [11:29] <roshambo> nazis are republican
  174. [11:30] <Don`Quixote> We wouldnt have so many money issues if the animals paid taxs too,
  175. [11:30] <Don`Quixote> need to have them empty their pockets
  176. 02[11:31] * @MAGA_Bot has quit IRC (Connection closed)
  177. 03[11:31] * MAGA_Bot has joined #politics
  178. 03[11:31] * NSA sets mode: +o MAGA_Bot
  179. [11:31] <Don`Quixote> next thing you know people will be saying we dont need any animal protection programs,
  180. [11:31] <tohdaeleu> angrybread, ?
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  183. 03[11:32] * NSA sets mode: +o MAGA_Bot
  184. [11:33] <Don`Quixote>
  185. [11:33] <+gonzobot> Title: Looking at America’s forgotten War of 1812
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  188. 03[11:35] * NSA sets mode: +o MAGA_Bot
  189. [11:40] <Don`Quixote>
  190. [11:40] <+gonzobot> Title: Octopus inspires S. Korea 'breakthrough' adhesive patch
  191. [11:44] <Don`Quixote>
  192. [11:44] <+gonzobot> Title: Florida Woman Finds Secret NASA Documents In Trash Outside Her Home
  193. [11:46] <HydroponicFunBags>
  194. [11:46] <+gonzobot> (HydroponicFunBags) ✓@thehill (The Hill): Senate GOP considers deeper Medicaid cuts than House ObamaCare repeal bill (12 minutes and 27 seconds ago)
  195. [11:47] <tohdaeleu> angrybread, u doing us a fake news ?
  196. [11:48] <angrybread> fake news about what
  197. [11:48] <tohdaeleu> angrybread, about FPH
  198. [11:48] <angrybread> fat people hate? i cant find a link to the data
  199. [11:48] <tohdaeleu> angrybread, the source does not support gizmodo's claim
  200. [11:48] <angrybread> what source
  201. [11:48] <tohdaeleu> unless gizmodo has some other original research
  202. [11:48] <angrybread> upguard?
  203. [11:48] <tohdaeleu>
  204. [11:48] <+gonzobot> Title: The RNC Files: Inside the Largest US Voter Data Leak
  205. [11:49] <tohdaeleu> only subreddits I see in the img is : /r/pokemontrades /r/InfertilityBabies /r/DC_Cinematic /r/GlobalOffensive /r/Pokemongiveaway /r/montreal /r/askreddit /r/heroesofthestorm /r/eu4 /r/NewYorkMets /r/lgg5 /r/nfl /r/soccer /r/letsplay /r/pokemon /r/startrek
  206. [11:49] <Don`Quixote> What they do not mention, is that when such things do happen, then shortly (geologically) after such a spike, then we have a sudden deep freeze kicking off the next ice ages.
  207. [11:49] <Don`Quixote>
  208. [11:49] <+gonzobot> Title: Scientists throw light on mysterious ice age temperature jumps
  209. 03[11:50] * Kichigai has joined #politics
  210. [11:50] <Kichigai> tohdaeleu, yeah, but that image is only a tiny fraction of all the data. I'd hardly consider it to be a comprehensive list.
  211. [11:51] <tohdaeleu> Kichigai, I'm not saying it is - but first of all - it does not seem like they were targetting particular subs for data collection from those
  212. [11:51] <Don`Quixote> its in the ice core charts, sudden spike in global temperatures, then sudden and drastic drop.\
  213. [11:51] <angrybread> thats just an image not the full file...did you convert the image to txt then search it?
  214. [11:52] <tohdaeleu> Kichigai, and this claim draws specific attention to something which is not supported by available data: "The data was amassed from a variety of sources—from the banned subreddit r/fatpeoplehate to American Crossroads, the super PAC co-founded by former White House strategist Karl Rove."
  215. [11:52] <tohdaeleu> Kichigai, can we assume there may have been some fph in there ... probbably if they have motreal and InfertilityBabies
  216. [11:52] <Kichigai> tohdaeleu, I'm not familiar with this claim. I tend to avoid reading Gizmodo or any other Gawker blog in general, so I can't really defend it.
  217. [11:53] <tohdaeleu> Kichigai, well I'm asking angrybread to defend it since they shared it
  218. 03[11:53] * Snoo36035 has joined #politics
  219. [11:53] <Snoo36035> what the fuck is infertilitybabies?
  220. [11:53] <angrybread> i need to see the full file...i just searched the image and its not there
  221. [11:54] <angrybread> that does not mean it isnt in the leak
  222. [11:54] <angrybread> ill look for it later
  223. [11:54] <tohdaeleu> Snoo36035,
  224. 03[11:54] * Snoo36035 is now known as UKDivided
  225. [11:55] <UKDivided> tohdaeleu: a subreddit for people who get knocked up despite being told they are infertile? of course that's a thing
  226. [11:56] <Don`Quixote>
  227. [11:56] <+gonzobot> Title: Donald Trump Reports He’s Getting Richer as President - The Atlantic
  228. [11:56] <Kichigai> UKDivided, You know what else is apparently "a thing"? "Bug chasers."
  229. [11:58] <UKDivided> I'd heard about that
  230. [11:58] <UKDivided> weird
  231. 03[11:59] * TheRomanticPianist[bestc] has joined #politics
  232. [11:59] <TheRomanticPianist[bestc]> lmao, h is getting richer as president
  233. [11:59] <Kichigai> UKDivided, Yeah, that's a scary weird dark corner.
  234. [11:59] <UKDivided> oh corvusmalus:
  235. [11:59] <+gonzobot> Title: Russia warns US-led coalition over downing of Syrian jet | World news | The Guardian
  236. [11:59] <Don`Quixote> I dont know, its all buggy to me.
  237. [11:59] <TheRomanticPianist[bestc]> that happens when you have a busniess
  238. [11:59] <TheRomanticPianist[bestc]> its grows
  239. [12:00] <UKDivided> Kichigai: I sort of understand if you are thinking of HIV like chicken pox in that given your lifestyle theirs no way to avoid it, but it's still not a great plan
  240. [12:00] <Kichigai> Man, I remember when it was supposed to be Clinton's no-fly zone in Syria that was going to cause World War III with Russia and inevitably escalate into nuclear war.
  241. [12:00] <UKDivided> and, theirs
  242. [12:00] <UKDivided> damn it it's too hot to drink coffee
  243. [12:00] <Kichigai> UKDivided, you'd be smarter off just using PReP.
  244. [12:00] <UKDivided> there is
  245. [12:00] <UKDivided> I got it wrong again
  246. [12:00] <Don`Quixote> Damnit, I just no more then woke up, read the news, now I am getting nappy again.
  247. 03[12:00] * feldstein has joined #politics
  248. [12:00] <feldstein>
  249. [12:00] <+gonzobot> (feldstein) ✓@RichardBSpencer (Richard Spencer): Has World War III already begun? (5 minutes and 6 seconds ago)
  250. [12:01] <UKDivided> I think I have a coffee dependence
  251. 02[12:01] * angrybread has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
  252. [12:01] <Don`Quixote> me too, just made a pot o coffee, not doing much good though this morning.
  253. [12:01] <%corvusmalus> UKDivided, me to.
  254. [12:01] <%corvusmalus> ^too
  255. [12:01] <tohdaeleu> re voter db "leak": I think the argument is more that the Russians are trying to sow chaos and/or are retaliating for the sanctions and/or are sending a warning to the GOP to stay in line.
  256. [12:02] <%corvusmalus> UKDivided, but i think that's pretty common. most people just don't even know about it...
  257. [12:02] <tohdaeleu> quoting
  258. [12:02] <tohdaeleu> how ?
  259. [12:02] <UKDivided> corvusmalus: the russia thing or the creepy thing?
  260. [12:02] <%corvusmalus> the coffeine dependance / addiction :D
  261. [12:02] <UKDivided> oh
  262. [12:03] <UKDivided> I might just see if I can drink some cold
  263. [12:03] <UKDivided> what do you make of the russia statement
  264. [12:03] <jerkstate> it seems like the msm and dnc are colluding with russia to sow chaos
  265. [12:03] <jerkstate> and it's working
  266. [12:03] <Kichigai> UKDivided, I find if you mix with enough milk cold coffee can be quite drinkable.
  267. [12:04] <%corvusmalus> UKDivided, if i don't drink coffee for ~30 hrs, i get headache. not a craving for coffee, but with a little bit of coffeine it disappears.
  268. [12:05] <tohdaeleu> jerkstate, ?
  269. [12:05] <%corvusmalus> Kichigai, oh, iced coffee is great - best is when you cool it down quickly. make some strong coffee and then blend it with much ice and some milk and sugar.
  270. [12:05] <tohdaeleu> what ?
  271. 03[12:05] * chip_0` has joined #politics
  272. [12:05] <chip_0`> I'm having coffee but I wish I could have weed. It's just too bloody early to start
  273. [12:05] <UKDivided> Kichigai: it's ok I'd found a cup I've left and it's already gone cold
  274. [12:05] <UKDivided> mmmmm 6 hour old coffee
  275. [12:06] <tohdaeleu> jerkstate, are you the libertarian ?
  276. [12:06] <tohdaeleu> I forget what everybody is
  277. [12:06] <chip_0`> we have libertarians here?
  278. [12:06] <tohdaeleu> chip_0`, sometimes
  279. [12:06] <tohdaeleu> s/the libertarian/a libertarian/g
  280. [12:06] <+gonzobot> Correction, <tohdaeleu> jerkstate, are you a libertarian ?
  281. [12:07] <tohdaeleu> man y'all must stop seeing russians everywhere
  282. [12:08] <tohdaeleu> people are perfectly capable of being incompetent and irresponsible without them
  283. [12:10] <feldstein>
  284. [12:10] <+gonzobot> (feldstein) ✓@AP (The Associated Press): BREAKING: Carrie Fisher had cocaine, heroin and ecstasy in her system when she became ill on a flight last year, autopsy shows. (4 minutes and 53 seconds ago)
  285. [12:10] <tohdaeleu> party girl hey
  286. [12:10] <%corvusmalus> tohdaeleu, iced coffee and you south african remind me off: do you know mrbrown: - i came into a garage in the middle of the karoo and it was so hot, and then i saw a fridge (well i thought it is a little fridge) with those cans - and i was like: awesome, mmmmh - some iced coffee in that heat, that's what i need now - i'll buy 3 :)
  287. [12:10] <%corvusmalus> then i went closer and recognized that it is not a fridge but a heating box and they heated those iced coffee cans to ~70°C...
  288. 02[12:11] * chip_0` has quit IRC (Quit: No activity)
  289. [12:11] <tohdaeleu> lol ok - first time I ever see that
  290. [12:11] <@hawky> feldstein: is this news?
  291. [12:11] <tohdaeleu> I just do the energy drinks
  292. [12:11] <tohdaeleu> hawky, I'm sure we can connect it to politics somehow
  293. [12:12] <tohdaeleu> corvusmalus, coffee is too much effort IMO
  294. [12:12] <@hawky> I just assumed she was intoxicated, that make me a bad person?
  295. [12:13] <@hawky> Oh well
  296. [12:13] <tohdaeleu> hawky, depending on who you ask - yes
  297. [12:13] <tohdaeleu> We are all jackasses in someone
  298. [12:13] <tohdaeleu> 's book
  299. [12:14] <%corvusmalus> tohdaeleu, oh, coffee tastes just so much better. but only why does somebody heat iced coffee in the middle of the desert? it is not like they didn't have a fridge there also...
  300. [12:15] <tohdaeleu> corvusmalus, we have our fair share of noobs here ;) - probbably someone did not understand how iced coffee is supposed to work
  301. [12:16] <%corvusmalus> tohdaeleu, yeah - i think it was just the weird garage owners - i don't think somebody every bought or drank it heated - at least i don't hope so.
  302. [12:16] <Kichigai> coffee is also much cheaper. Like, what, 30? per cup versus $1.99+ per can?
  303. [12:16] <tohdaeleu> Kichigai, yeah but the extra cost is for conveincence
  304. [12:16] <tohdaeleu> spell fail
  305. [12:17] <Kichigai> Plus profit margin too. But is it really that inconvenient to dump some coffee grounds into a basket, pour water into a reservoir, and press "brew"?
  306. [12:17] <tohdaeleu> Kichigai, for me - yes
  307. [12:17] <tohdaeleu> I mean compared to oopening a can ... yes
  308. [12:17] <tohdaeleu> I'm laziest person
  309. [12:17] <Kichigai> Still cheaper'n Starbucks either way.
  310. [12:18] <%corvusmalus> tohdaeleu, but you need to buy them and carry them home. you get coffee in a much more concentrated form ;)
  311. [12:18] <tohdaeleu> corvusmalus, see I go to the supermarket once a week anyway - and its not that much more to carry
  312. [12:19] <tohdaeleu> I mean there is some inconvenience there - but the marginal inconvenience there is not that significant
  313. [12:19] <Kichigai> A bunch of 16 fl. oz. cans of mostly water every week vs. one 16oz can of mostly powder per month?
  314. [12:19] <tohdaeleu> Kichigai, like I said I go to the shops anyway at least once a week
  315. [12:20] <Kichigai> tohdaeleu, I was speaking to "not that much more to carry"
  316. [12:20] <Kichigai> See, that's where Soda Stream f'd up.
  317. [12:20] <tohdaeleu> well its not - its like maybe couple of KGs - not noticeable really
  318. [12:21] <Kichigai> They should have brought the cost down with the idea being that instead of buying bulky sodas that are mostly water and you have to store until they're ready to be drank, it should have been sold more like a Keurig or a coffee maker: condensed soda.
  319. [12:22] <Kichigai> Sell it either as a single-serving soda maker or as a space-saving tool.
  320. [12:22] <Kichigai> Franchise up with major brands, have Monster Energy pods for sale, so people can just by a pack of those instead of the cans.
  321. [12:23] <tohdaeleu> I think I would still rather buy the cans
  322. [12:23] <tohdaeleu> still less effort to just crack a can than make soda streamer thing
  323. [12:23] <Kichigai> There will always be people who would rather buy the cans, there are people who prefer to buy cans over 2L bottles even though the 2L is cheaper per ounce.
  324. [12:24] <tohdaeleu> yeah I'm one of those also
  325. [12:24] <Kichigai> I'm just saying from a product practicality standpoint that could have saved the SodaStream as a viable product.
  326. [12:24] <tohdaeleu> 2L bottles go flat if you don't drink them quickly
  327. [12:24] <tohdaeleu> cans you just drink and then its done - no worry about it going flat
  328. [12:24] <%corvusmalus> UKDivided:
  329. [12:24] <+gonzobot> (corvusmalus) ✓@AFP (AFP news agency): #UPDATE Russia will track US-led coalition aircraft in central Syria as "targets" after Syrian warplane downed (51 seconds ago)
  330. [12:25] <Kichigai> tohdaeleu, we just used this when I was a kid:
  331. [12:25] <+gonzobot> (Kichigai) Jokari Fizz-Keeper Pump Cap (Only 13 left in stock - order soon.) - 3.7/5 stars (718 ratings) - Prime, Free Shipping
  332. [12:25] <tohdaeleu> Kichigai, hmm, never seen that
  333. [12:25] <tohdaeleu> Kichigai, looks like effort though ;)
  334. [12:26] <tohdaeleu> Kichigai, see I don't have children so I can afford to waste money on cans of soda instead of cheaper 2L bottles ;)
  335. [12:26] <Kichigai> tohdaeleu, either way, my point was that as a product the SodaStream was a bust because it didn't make a lot of soda (~1L), it was less convenient than existing bottles, and it wasn't any cheaper than just buying bottles off the shelf. If they undercut bottled sodas in one of those categories they could have been more successful.
  336. [12:26] <feldstein> thank god corvusmalus . not one more syrian soldier should die from them. ENOUGH
  337. [12:26] <tohdaeleu> Kichigai, yeah I guess
  338. [12:27] <%corvusmalus> feldstein, is that why you asked me to uncensor ww3 in the other channel?
  339. [12:27] <feldstein> yes
  340. [12:27] <Kichigai> tohdaeleu, like if they had sold it as a single-serving soda maker al? a Keurig then for families you could make the marketing case that it meant everyone could have their favorite soda without needing to have a hojillion cans and bottles hanging around.
  341. [12:28] <tohdaeleu> Kichigai, yeah
  342. [12:28] <Kichigai> You wouldn't even need to undercut the cost of bottled soda at that point: people would pay for the convenience.
  343. [12:28] <Kichigai> Just like the Keurig.
  344. [12:29] <MadPierrot> ayy lmao
  345. 03[12:29] * jellyb has joined #politics
  346. [12:29] <jellyb> what's up boys
  347. [12:29] <jellyb> miss me
  348. [12:29] <roshambo> no idea who you are
  349. [12:30] <jellyb> is the intent of irc, anonymity
  350. [12:30] <tohdaeleu> jellyb, ok then - no we did not miss you
  351. [12:30] <tohdaeleu> jellyb, happy now :)
  352. [12:31] <jellyb> well you should of missed me
  353. [12:31] <UKDivided> corvusmalus: well let the track, I heard they were going to consider hostile
  354. [12:31] <UKDivided> them
  355. [12:31] <MadPierrot> .seen jellyb
  356. [12:31] <+gonzobot> (MadPierrot) jellyb was last seen 20 seconds ago saying: well you should of missed me
  357. [12:31] <MadPierrot> oh
  358. [12:31] <MadPierrot> I wish I could do it before you said anything
  359. [12:31] <tohdaeleu> MadPierrot, lol
  360. [12:31] <jellyb> i was one of few trump supporters keeping this place from turning into a leftist echo chamber
  361. 01[12:32] <dataman3> i appreciate you jellyb
  362. [12:32] <jellyb> ey dataman long time
  363. [12:32] <tohdaeleu> jellyb, you use reddit ? T_D ?
  364. [12:32] <%corvusmalus> UKDivided, tracking is already very problematic.
  365. 01[12:32] <10dataman3>
  366. [12:32] <+gonzobot> Title: MUTINY! Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein Calls for Investigation into Obama, Lynch, and Clinton!! [WATCH]
  367. 01[12:32] <10dataman3> mwahahaha
  368. 03[12:33] * Alien46 has joined #politics
  369. [12:33] <Alien46> im not  even a trump supporter but the liberal circle jerking in here is atrocious
  370. 01[12:33] <10dataman3> yea, theyre fake outrage is pathetic
  371. 01[12:33] <10dataman3> their
  372. [12:33] <tohdaeleu> Alien46, hey man
  373. [12:33] <tohdaeleu> come now
  374. 01[12:33] <10dataman3>
  375. [12:33] <+gonzobot> Title: CNN Tries To Conduct Online Trump-Hater Poll, But Turns Out To Be Landslide Of Support For President | Daily Wire
  376. [12:34] <tohdaeleu> Alien46, no u
  377. [12:34] <%corvusmalus> UKDivided, also in combination with this:
  378. [12:34] <+gonzobot> (corvusmalus) ✓@AFP (AFP news agency): #BREAKING Russia halts incident-prevention hotline with US in Syria (4 hours and 47 minutes ago)
  379. [12:34] <Alien46> stop pinging me.
  380. [12:34] <roshambo> solid sources as always dataman3
  381. 01[12:34] <10dataman3> lol didnt they already do that corvusmalus
  382. [12:34] <%corvusmalus> dataman3, do what?
  383. [12:34] <MadPierrot> hi roshambo
  384. [12:34] <tohdaeleu> Alien46, do you go to T_D?
  385. 01[12:34] <10dataman3> break off their deconfliction hotline
  386. [12:34] <%corvusmalus> dataman3, no, yesterday it was still active.
  387. [12:34] <Alien46> no.
  388. [12:34] <%corvusmalus> dataman3, and used.
  389. [12:34] <roshambo> dataman3 doesn't go on reddit, except to the front page
  390. 01[12:35] <10dataman3> corvusmalus yes but weeks and weeks ago they closed it
  391. [12:35] <tohdaeleu> corvusmalus, I actually also remember that from some weeks or months ago regarding the hotline ( dataman  )
  392. 01[12:35] <10dataman3> after we hit that syrian airbase
  393. 01[12:35] <10dataman3> after the chemical attack
  394. [12:35] <Alien46> i am too busy to frequent reddit echo chambers
  395. [12:35] <Alien46> of any kind.
  396. [12:35] <tohdaeleu> dataman3, ye I member that also
  397. 01[12:35] <10dataman3> i dont read reddit, i just see reports on stupid shit happening there sometimes
  398. [12:35] <MadPierrot> Alien46 what do you do instead of circle jerking?
  399. [12:35] <tohdaeleu> Alien46, man just say yes I need it for the joke
  400. [12:35] <Alien46> work and enjoy time with my family and friends.
  401. [12:35] <Alien46> thats what i do.
  402. [12:35] <%corvusmalus> dataman3, not really. that military channels were kept open back then, below all the public outrage.
  403. [12:35] <roshambo> yes your schedule only allows for irc visits i'm sure Alien46
  404. [12:35] <tohdaeleu> Alien46, u r no fun
  405. [12:35] <Alien46> roshambo, which are few and far in between
  406. 01[12:36] <10dataman3> corvusmalus so what makes you think this is different?
  407. [12:36] <tohdaeleu> I was going to make fun of gizmodo but now I guess that just has to be implied
  408. [12:36] <%corvusmalus> dataman3, also turning on the target tracking is pretty extreme.
  409. [12:36] <Alien46> unlike the folks who seem to live here.
  410. 01[12:36] <10dataman3> corvusmalus not really
  411. 01[12:36] <10dataman3> sensationalism
  412. [12:36] <%corvusmalus> dataman3, not really?
  413. 01[12:36] <10dataman3> and youre drinking it up
  414. [12:36] <MadPierrot> Seth Rich was murdered by Obama
  415. 01[12:36] <10dataman3> podesta and co
  416. [12:37] <MadPierrot> Podesta is Obama dressed up
  417. 01[12:37] <10dataman3> podesta is an agent for obama/dnc
  418. [12:37] <%corvusmalus> dataman3, normally this is seen as a very hostile acts, and a plane was hunted by such a target tracking into i think belgium by russia not long ago causing a major diplomatic struggle?
  419. 01[12:37] <10dataman3> these are posture moves with no real affect
  420. 01[12:37] <10dataman3> like we just discussed, they already closed off the line they just closed off again
  421. [12:37] <roshambo> any day/week/month now that seth rich story is coming flying back
  422. [12:37] <%corvusmalus> dataman3, it is a posture to turn on the target radar?
  423. [12:37] <MadPierrot> roshambo remember how the Russia narrative was destroyed by Comey's and Sessions's testimony?
  424. [12:38] <roshambo> nothingburger was the term, I believe
  425. [12:38] <%corvusmalus> dataman3, if you do that with a jet, it normally will start countermeasures...
  426. [12:38] <MadPierrot> And remember how the investigation was immediately shut down? i remember
  427. [12:38] <loathiing> wait, what are we talking about.
  428. [12:39] <MadPierrot> loathiing I was talking about how us dems are drowning in our tears
  429. [12:39] <roshambo> the "made up" Russia stuff
  430. [12:39] <roshambo> librul medias
  431. [12:39] <roshambo> and all that
  432. [12:39] <MadPierrot>
  433. [12:39] <+gonzobot> (MadPierrot) ✓@realDonaldTrump (Donald J. Trump): The Dems want to stop tax cuts, good healthcare and Border Security.Their ObamaCare is dead with 100% increases in P's. Vote now for Karen H (4 hours and 12 minutes ago)
  434. [12:39] <roshambo> go Karen!
  435. [12:40] <roshambo> no more Ps!
  436. [12:40] <Alien46> "progressives"
  437. [12:40] <MadPierrot> Never has a president been such a whiner
  438. [12:40] <loathiing> oh. well i think i'm gonna order a falafel.
  439. [12:40] <%corvusmalus> dataman3, ah, sorry, was sweden and it was pretty mahor:
  440. [12:40] <+gonzobot> Title: U.S. official: Spy plane evaded Russian tracking -
  441. [12:40] <Alien46> liberals are the biggest cry babies in the world
  442. [12:41] <MadPierrot> Alien46 I am literally crying right now
  443. [12:41] <roshambo> lol
  444. [12:41] <Alien46> the tears are salty and sweet
  445. [12:41] <loathiing> weeping.
  446. [12:41] <loathiing> i don't know why they serve fries with falafel though.
  447. [12:41] <loathiing> it's weird.
  448. [12:42] <MadPierrot> Alien46 can you remind me what I am crying about today?
  449. [12:42] <Alien46> why the fuck do i care
  450. [12:42] <Alien46> you people cry for everything
  451. [12:42] <Alien46> remind me when i should give two shits.
  452. [12:42] <MadPierrot> ok
  453. [12:42] <%corvusmalus> dataman3, UKDivided, and this is according to the wire about coalition forces, not only the us.
  454. [12:43] <roshambo> Dolan is very smart and never cries.
  455. [12:44] <MadPierrot> He hasn't complained about anything
  456. 03[12:44] * applesoranges has joined #politics
  457. [12:44] <applesoranges>
  458. [12:44] <+gonzobot> (applesoranges) ✓@evanoconnell (Evan O'Connell): @realDonaldTrump I thought you liked increases in P. (4 hours and 16 minutes ago)
  459. [12:44] <loathiing> alright, the order is in. i hope it's good.
  460. [12:44] <MadPierrot> applesoranges hiyooo
  461. [12:44] <loathiing> i love that tazeki (sp?) sauce.
  462. [12:44] <applesoranges> i'm this guy, who graduated science po to tweet edgy jokes at donald trump
  463. [12:44] <MadPierrot> tatziki IIRC
  464. [12:44] <loathiing> ty
  465. [12:44] <applesoranges> kill everyone with a blue mark on twitter
  466. [12:44] <MadPierrot> tzatziki*
  467. [12:45] <loathiing> close enough.
  468. [12:45] <applesoranges> except @Pontifex
  469. [12:45] <loathiing> madpierrot++
  470. [12:45] <MadPierrot> ty
  471. [12:45] <MadPierrot> .points MadPierrot
  472. [12:45] <+gonzobot> (MadPierrot) MadPierrot has a total score of 4 (+4/0) in #politics.
  473. [12:45] <MadPierrot> wow look at me
  474. [12:45] <loathiing> .points loathiing
  475. [12:45] <+gonzobot> (loathiing) loathiing has a total score of 7 (+7/0) in #politics.
  476. [12:45] <loathiing> all thanks to you, bud.
  477. [12:45] <MadPierrot> ( ˘ ³˘) ❤
  478. [12:46] <loathiing> anyway. i've been obsessing over the rules of engagement concerning this downing of the syrian su-22.
  479. [12:46] <loathiing> this is my favorite kind of drama.
  480. [12:46] <UKDivided> loathiing: the kind that could end the world?
  481. [12:46] <roshambo> really?
  482. [12:46] <roshambo> I couldn't give less of a shit.
  483. [12:46] <MadPierrot> my favorite kind is when Trump fucks himself over
  484. [12:46] <loathiing> eh. we'll be fine. this is reality. it's a far cry from the partisan politics we bemoan constantly.
  485. [12:47] <loathiing> we were protecting our boots on the ground.
  486. [12:47] <UKDivided> corvusmalus: so the british are going the europeans are going to be shooting at russians? what could go wrong?
  487. [12:47] <UKDivided> and the*
  488. [12:47] <roshambo> how about the 7 US sailors that died?
  489. [12:47] <MadPierrot> sad
  490. [12:47] <roshambo> seems more relevant
  491. [12:47] <roshambo> Dolan don't care
  492. [12:47] <loathiing> i don't understand how you wreck into a navy vessel.
  493. [12:48] <UKDivided> loathiing: I think you might be making a mujahadeen in afghanistan in the 1970's type mistake there
  494. 03[12:48] * waldenasta has joined #politics
  495. [12:48] <waldenasta> Yeah, he was too busy humble bragging lying about Obama's numbers
  496. [12:48] <loathiing> oh, that mistake has been made. it's too late to turn that clock back.
  497. [12:48] <MadPierrot> waldenasta didn't you know 50>60?? (/s)
  498. [12:48] <roshambo> because he has is priorities straight
  499. [12:48] <%corvusmalus> UKDivided, i don't know how they react, when the russian turn on the target radar of the air defense missiles or planes. but that's not a small thing - in a conflict you would immediately fire back, if it is radar targeting from the ground.
  500. [12:48] <waldenasta> lol
  501. [12:48] <UKDivided> loathiing: well I mean you are making it again, they aren't your people in syria, you are their air support, how on your side they are is very questionable
  502. 03[12:49] * Tylzen is now known as Tylzen[bestc]
  503. [12:49] <loathiing> it's sabre rattling. we wouldn't have shot down a russian pilot. and russia wouldn't have put one of their pilots in that position.
  504. [12:49] <loathiing> they were targeting rebels danger close to american rangers.
  505. [12:49] <loathiing> mission command made the decision to eliminate the immediate threat.
  506. [12:49] <UKDivided> corvusmalus: indeed, as I said last night when you were very tired, I think this is the problem of when the war against ISIS ends and the two armies meet in the middle
  507. [12:49] <loathiing> russia wanted to know if we'd fire.
  508. [12:49] <applesoranges> sdf are only vaguely rebels though
  509. [12:49] <%corvusmalus> loathiing, if the wire is correct it is more than that. turning on the target radar is very serious.
  510. [12:50] <UKDivided> in theory the US reason for being there goes
  511. 03[12:50] * Tylzen[bestc] is now known as Tylzen
  512. [12:50] <applesoranges> and the US has gone to protecting pkk affiliates by shooting down syrian planes
  513. 03[12:50] * Tylzen is now known as Tylzen[bestc]
  514. [12:50] <MadPierrot> #Bernie2016
  515. [12:50] <loathiing> sure, but that's beside the point.
  516. [12:50] <MadPierrot> amirite
  517. [12:50] <applesoranges> planes which were used to fight isis
  518. [12:50] <applesoranges> they are on the side of exactly no one on this
  519. [12:50] <loathiing> we've got 500 rangers in country and the last thing we're going to allow is syrian aggression against our troops.
  520. [12:50] <applesoranges> except sdf itself
  521. [12:50] <applesoranges> why do you think syrians were aggressing your troops
  522. [12:51] <UKDivided> loathiing: legally? because I don't recall he government of syria letting you in
  523. [12:51] <%corvusmalus> UKDivided, yeah, that could be one reason.
  524. [12:51] <loathiing> i don't recall asking.
  525. [12:51] <applesoranges> the 'government' of syria has no choice
  526. [12:51] <applesoranges> they don't hold any legitimacy
  527. [12:51] <UKDivided> loathiing: well when they start shooting at you, and you shoot back, you'll find you are on the wrong side of the law.
  528. [12:51] <applesoranges> when you torture and kill millions, you don't get to use the "muh territorial sovereignty" card
  529. [12:51] <loathiing> one time i asked my dad why he didn't care that we took the land away from the natives. he said, "because they weren't bad enough to keep it".
  530. [12:51] <waldenasta> So are we inching towards a multi national conflict in Syria?
  531. [12:51] <loathiing> we're already there.
  532. [12:52] <loathiing> supported by nato troops.
  533. [12:52] <UKDivided> applesoranges: actually you do, unless the UN says otherwise
  534. [12:52] <applesoranges> UKDivided lmao
  535. [12:52] <applesoranges> do you even know the slightest bit
  536. [12:52] <applesoranges> about the role syria has had
  537. [12:52] <applesoranges> with respect to the un
  538. [12:52] <applesoranges> in lebanon?
  539. [12:52] <applesoranges> in jordan?
  540. [12:52] <applesoranges> supporting terrorism all over?
  541. [12:52] <UKDivided> as far as I'm aware the UN hasn't said actionas against the syrian reigeme are legit
  542. [12:52] <UKDivided> applesoranges: so?
  543. [12:52] <roshambo> we're staying out of the Middle East guys- America first!
  544. [12:53] <applesoranges> but now you want to pretend a dictator should have absolute control over 'his' land
  545. [12:53] <MadPierrot> roshambo++
  546. [12:53] <waldenasta> this might be a good time for the US to put more resources into our State department.
  547. [12:53] <applesoranges> when clearly the population doesn't support him
  548. [12:53] <UKDivided> applesoranges: clearly a large fraction do
  549. [12:53] <Alien46> it seems evidence shows otherwise.
  550. [12:53] <loathiing> all of that doesn't matter. our military commanders have already chosen a side.
  551. [12:53] <loathiing> and it ain't assad.
  552. [12:53] <applesoranges> UKDivided are you going to quote the election numbers?
  553. [12:53] <applesoranges> i want to laugh, please do
  554. [12:53] <Alien46> imo a dictator as shitty as it is can provide stability
  555. [12:53] <applesoranges> fuck off with the stability argument
  556. [12:53] <Alien46> otherwise you have groups of warring factions fighting for control
  557. [12:54] <UKDivided> applesoranges: no I'd going to point to the fact the government hasn't collapsed and been overrun
  558. [12:54] <loathiing> thanks to russian support.
  559. [12:54] <applesoranges> every person tortured and killed by shabiha yields 5 more people who will fight against the regime
  560. [12:54] <applesoranges> it's not stability, it's inhuman and it creates an entire generation willing to fight even more
  561. [12:54] <loathiing> had russia not provided critical air support, assad would have fallen.
  562. [12:54] <loathiing> a la qaddafi.
  563. [12:54] <applesoranges> UKDivided propped up by russia
  564. [12:54] <applesoranges> without it
  565. [12:54] <Alien46> applesoranges, your pretty ideals are nice and all
  566. [12:54] <UKDivided> loathiing: debatable
  567. [12:54] <Alien46> but not the reality
  568. [12:54] <applesoranges> the syrian regime would be gone in 1 s
  569. [12:54] <applesoranges> Alien46 no, it's actually the reality
  570. [12:54] <loathiing> it's not debatable. assad's forces were on the ropes, losing important ground.
  571. [12:54] <applesoranges> assad is creating a generation of syrians
  572. [12:54] <UKDivided> I don't think that is correct applesoranges
  573. [12:54] <applesoranges> at home or abroad
  574. [12:55] <applesoranges> who will harbor life-long hatred towards him
  575. [12:55] <applesoranges> towards iran
  576. [12:55] <applesoranges> and towards russia
  577. [12:55] <applesoranges> that IS the reality
  578. [12:55] <applesoranges> and people who argue using "MUH STABILITY" are making it a hundred times worse
  579. [12:55] <applesoranges> because they clearly have no clue
  580. [12:55] <Alien46> id venture to say most syrians would rather have assad then have their country devolve into civil fucking war.
  581. [12:55] <loathiing> don't say "muh"
  582. [12:55] <applesoranges> about any facet of the conflict
  583. [12:55] <Alien46> with extremists and thugs in control
  584. [12:55] <loathiing> it's obnoxious.
  585. [12:55] <applesoranges> Alien46 literally shabiha are thugs
  586. [12:55] <applesoranges> and shia who run death squads
  587. [12:56] <applesoranges> to kill sunnis
  588. [12:56] <applesoranges> are as much extremists as the other side
  589. [12:56] <loathiing> there isn't a sane side in the conflict.
  590. [12:56] <loathiing> we should be used to that by now.
  591. [12:56] <Alien46> War is insanity itself
  592. [12:56] <loathiing> meanwhile, afghanistan is quietly the deadliest warzone in the world.
  593. [12:56] <Alien46> there is no pretty and neat solutions
  594. [12:56] <applesoranges> you're not even willing to engage with any real solutions
  595. [12:56] <loathiing> i look forward to the surge. it went so well for bush.
  596. [12:57] <applesoranges> so don't pull out the edgy pseudo-realist point of view
  597. [12:57] <Alien46> What real solutions do you have ?
  598. [12:57] <Alien46> you just seem to have lofty ideals
  599. [12:57] <applesoranges> a real solution would have been no-fly zone
  600. [12:57] <loathiing> bang. good idea.
  601. [12:57] <Alien46> grounded in nothing but feel good justice rhetoric
  602. [12:57] <applesoranges> or an actual margin of safety along jordanian, turkish border
  603. [12:57] <loathiing> i like it.
  604. [12:57] <loathiing> even better!
  605. [12:57] <loathiing> keep'em coming.
  606. [12:57] <applesoranges> obama was unwilling to engage real solutions
  607. [12:57] <applesoranges> hence the failed red line
  608. [12:57] <applesoranges> and trump lashes out without any logic
  609. [12:58] <applesoranges> the US foreign policy is absolute shit
  610. [12:58] <loathiing> eh. he couldn't without boots on the ground.
  611. 01[12:58] <10dataman3> yes corvusmalus turning on targeting is just posturing
  612. 01[12:58] <10dataman3> russia wouldnt be so stupid as to shoot down a USA jet
  613. [12:58] <MadPierrot> applesoranges how dare you insult YOUR president
  614. [12:58] <waldenasta> applesoranges, this might be a good time for the US to beef up the State Department.
  615. [12:58] <applesoranges> i'm not even american lol
  616. [12:58] <applesoranges> waldenasta exactly
  617. [12:58] <MadPierrot> applesoranges :)
  618. [12:59] <loathiing> man, i hope the falafel is good today. place is a shithole but i haven't gotten food poisoning yet.
  619. 03[12:59] * jonesnc has joined #politics
  620. [12:59] <jonesnc> MadPierrot: what's wrong with insulting a president's policies?
  621. [12:59] <waldenasta> What we are doing right now is gutting the State Department and handing Foreign policy to a neophyte called Jared Kushner
  622. [12:59] <applesoranges> the state department is an empty carcass already
  623. [12:59] <loathiing> man, now we're back to this. i wanted to talk about global issues.
  624. [12:59] <applesoranges> and henry kissinger is still alive
  625. [12:59] <loathiing> and you bastards always want to talk about trump and his lot.
  626. [12:59] <applesoranges> loathiing MUH ISSUES
  627. 01[12:59] <10dataman3> lol Carrie fisher had cocaine, heroin, and ecstacy in her system when she died
  628. [12:59] <Alien46> everyones on the boogie man trumps dick loathiing
  629. [12:59] <Alien46> thats why
  630. [12:59] <applesoranges> oh. Alien46 is pro-trump what a surprise
  631. [13:00] <Alien46> dont put words in my mouth
  632. [13:00] <applesoranges> looking forward to macron taking the reins
  633. [13:00] <waldenasta> I will never understand how anyone one can seriously think the world is taking us seriously, when we have Jared Kushner running things
  634. [13:00] <Manos> lol Carrie Fisher was rolling until the end. Bless her.
  635. [13:00] <applesoranges> european world domination 2020
  636. [13:00] <Alien46> fucking child.
  637. [13:00] <WinstonWolf> trump is a clear, proven child tho. why shouldnt we clown on him constantly?
  638. [13:00] <MadPierrot> jonesnc I was joking
  639. [13:00] <Alien46> ive said over and over i dont support or like trump
  640. [13:00] <Alien46> so fuck off.
  641. [13:00] <roshambo> good for her!
  642. [13:00] <loathiing> tell'em alien.
  643. [13:00] <roshambo> go out with a party
  644. [13:00] <Alien46> just because i dont agree with your every word dont fall to that typical liberal cop out shit.
  645. [13:00] <UKDivided> WinstonWolf: it's not very good at persuading people to shift their voting position for one
  646. [13:00] <roshambo> cry more Alien46
  647. [13:00] <loathiing> i know. why can't i hate both sides of this butt-penny?
  648. [13:00] <Alien46> cry over what ?
  649. [13:01] <applesoranges> calling people liberal as an insult
  650. [13:01] <MadPierrot> roshambo no no, you're the one who is crying
  651. [13:01] <applesoranges> yep, true murican right here
  652. [13:01] <WinstonWolf> facts arent good at persuading them either UKDivided
  653. [13:01] <roshambo> oh, right
  654. [13:01] <Alien46> how do you even know im america
  655. [13:01] <WinstonWolf> they will listen to nothing lol
  656. [13:01] <Alien46> america
  657. [13:01] <loathiing> i am america.
  658. [13:01] <loathiing> i'm all of it.
  659. [13:01] <roshambo> no, me
  660. [13:01] <Alien46> you make a lot of typical assumptions
  661. [13:01] <applesoranges> no one else ever uses libearl
  662. [13:01] <applesoranges> as an insult
  663. [13:01] <Alien46> like a typical liberal
  664. [13:01] <roshambo> I am America
  665. [13:01] <UKDivided> WinstonWolf: that's a very dangerous position to adopt
  666. [13:01] <MadPierrot> .wiki I am America And So Can You!
  667. [13:01] <+gonzobot> (MadPierrot) I Am America (And So Can You!) is a 2007 satirical book by American comedian Stephen Colbert and the writers of The Colbert Report. ::
  668. [13:01] <waldenasta> Not all Americans
  669. [13:01] <applesoranges> because the rest of the world isn't fucking idiotic
  670. [13:01] <Alien46> hahahahah
  671. [13:01] <Alien46> is that a joke ?
  672. [13:01] <WinstonWolf> its whats occurring in front of my eyes
  673. [13:01] <roshambo> stop being a typical Nazi Alien46
  674. [13:01] <Alien46> now im a nazi
  675. [13:01] <Alien46> rofl
  676. [13:01] <roshambo> typical right wing
  677. [13:02] <MadPierrot> Alien46 now you're the one who is being a liberal
  678. [13:02] <roshambo> nazis
  679. [13:02] <MadPierrot> jesus
  680. 03[13:02] * br00tal has joined #politics
  681. [13:02] <br00tal> This is a good conversation.
  682. [13:02] <MadPierrot> br00tal lmao
  683. [13:02] <captainmeta4> roshambo: civility warning
  684. [13:02] <loathiing> br00tal++
  685. [13:02] <WinstonWolf> its not a position UKDivided, just whats happening
  686. [13:02] <captainmeta4> do not insult other users
  687. 01[13:02] <10dataman3> corvusmalus russia is just flexing
  688. [13:02] <captainmeta4> attack the ideas not the person
  689. [13:02] <Alien46> this place really is a circle jerk
  690. [13:02] <Alien46> full of dense morons
  691. [13:02] <MadPierrot> it was good but I can't help but derailing with memes
  692. [13:02] <roshambo> not all republicans are nazis, but all nazis are republican
  693. [13:02] <MadPierrot> Alien46 ty
  694. [13:02] <roshambo> generally speaking
  695. 01[13:02] <10dataman3> its like when they sent that troller out to where launched the cruise missile attack fr4m
  696. [13:02] <Alien46> im not republican either
  697. [13:02] <Alien46> but nt
  698. [13:02] <roshambo> not talking to you
  699. 01[13:02] <10dataman3> russia likes to bark, but they know their place
  700. [13:03] <Alien46> roshambo no but you only called me a nazi right ?
  701. [13:03] <MadPierrot> Alien46 can you tell me what else is bad about liberals?
  702. [13:03] <loathiing> they're cowards.
  703. [13:03] <MadPierrot> I need to know for our next meeting
  704. [13:03] <loathiing> spineless cowards.
  705. [13:03] <Alien46> you guys let emotions dictate illogical reactions MadPierrot
  706. [13:03] <Alien46> you guys thrive on emotion based bullshit
  707. [13:03] <roshambo> YOU guys
  708. [13:03] <WinstonWolf> lol
  709. [13:03] <roshambo> you espeically
  710. [13:03] <roshambo> YOU
  711. 06[13:03] * MadPierrot takes notes
  712. [13:03] <MadPierrot> go on
  713. [13:04] <Alien46> i find it funny how i can not even name someone but all the liberals will band together in here
  714. [13:04] <Alien46> and jerk each other off
  715. [13:04] <roshambo> how can I not name
  716. [13:04] <roshambo> to be have and much not name
  717. [13:04] <loathiing> lol
  718. 01[13:04] <10dataman3> russia = paper tiger
  719. [13:04] <loathiing> we're off subject again. quit dick-flickin'.
  720. [13:05] <WinstonWolf> when the trump crowd is in here jerking each other off as they often do, will you speak out against that Alien46?
  721. [13:05] <MadPierrot> Alien46 I'm trying to improve myself here with your constructive criticism. Now is not the time to attack
  722. [13:05] <WinstonWolf> im guessing no :)
  723. [13:05] <roshambo> syria= cellophane turtle
  724. [13:05] <Alien46> WinstonWolf, i do
  725. [13:05] <WinstonWolf> when?
  726. [13:05] <Alien46> i think both sides are fucking retards
  727. 01[13:05] <10dataman3> lol wtf, trudeau just tweeted talking shit about the ww2 generation
  728. 01[13:05] <10dataman3> what a boob
  729. [13:05] <WinstonWolf> never once have i seen it in here
  730. [13:05] <WinstonWolf> i guess we'll just have to wait and see
  731. [13:05] <Alien46> so you are admitting you are here 24/7
  732. [13:05] <Alien46> ?
  733. [13:06] <Alien46> some of you are.
  734. [13:06] <Alien46> so im not surprised
  735. [13:06] <MadPierrot> Alien46 yeah pretty much. During the week
  736. [13:06] <roshambo> dataman3 is here more than anyone
  737. [13:06] <WinstonWolf> my nickname is here for that long, i doubt any person would actually be here that long
  738. [13:06] <MadPierrot> I don't come here on weekends usually
  739. 01[13:06] <10dataman3> !stats
  740. [13:06] <+Statistics> Stats for this channel can be found at
  741. [13:06] <Alien46> in here jerking each other off
  742. 01[13:06] <10dataman3> false
  743. 01[13:06] <10dataman3> nice try roshambo
  744. [13:06] <MadPierrot> Alien46 nowhere in the rules does it say we can't jerk each other off
  745. [13:06] <WinstonWolf> i thought we couldnt insult each other...
  746. [13:06] <Alien46> and ?
  747. [13:06] <WinstonWolf> i guess if you hate on liberals you can tho :)
  748. [13:06] <Alien46> doesnt make the chat productive
  749. 06[13:06] * MadPierrot rubs roshambo's shoulders
  750. [13:07] <roshambo> he has 17 different handles so stat tracks don't work
  751. [13:07] <roshambo> plus he thinks half the internet is out to get him
  752. [13:07] <MadPierrot> Really I'm here to rage about trump
  753. [13:07] <captainmeta4> ok
  754. [13:07] <loathiing> i'm here for the fights.
  755. [13:07] <captainmeta4> !op
  756. 03[13:07] * NSA sets mode: +o captainmeta4
  757. [13:07] <MadPierrot> wait plz no ban
  758. [13:07] <MadPierrot> i'll be good to u captainmeta4
  759. [13:07] <Alien46> <MadPierrot> Really I'm here to rage about trump
  760. [13:07] <Alien46> that much is clear.
  761. [13:08] <@captainmeta4> !kick roshambo second civility warning. You can rejoin if you can stop attacking other users
  762. 03[13:08] * roshambo was kicked by NSA (second civility warning. You can rejoin if you can stop attacking other users (captainmeta4))
  763. [13:08] <MadPierrot> :D
  764. [13:08] <MadPierrot> Alien46 there's a lot to rage about
  765. [13:08] <@captainmeta4> !deop
  766. 03[13:08] * NSA sets mode: -o captainmeta4
  767. [13:08] <WinstonWolf> Alien46 is allowed to insult us too?
  768. [13:08] <WinstonWolf> i see..
  769. [13:08] <Alien46> when did i insult anyone ?
  770. [13:08] <Alien46> i didnt personally attack or harass anyone.
  771. [13:09] <applesoranges> you harassed me
  772. [13:09] <WinstonWolf> you said we do nothing but jerk each other off
  773. [13:09] <Alien46> you guys got all defensive and started trying to gang up on people who dont agree with you.
  774. [13:09] <applesoranges> and called me a liberal insultingly
  775. [13:09] <WinstonWolf> youre never in here
  776. [13:09] <Alien46> you are the most petty fucking lot ever
  777. [13:09] <Alien46> its hilarious.
  778. [13:09] <WinstonWolf> thats was nothing but an emotional attack
  779. [13:09] <applesoranges> typical trump racist
  780. [13:09] <Alien46> ^
  781. [13:09] <captainmeta4> I don't see Alien46 attacking another user
  782. [13:09] <Alien46> lol
  783. [13:09] <MadPierrot> Alien46 I'm just trying to engage in self improvement
  784. [13:09] <Alien46> im not a racist or a trump supporter.
  785. [13:09] <WinstonWolf> and i didnt see a single insult given by roshambo
  786. [13:09] <Alien46> for the umpteenth time
  787. [13:09] <Alien46> WinstonWolf, so calling me a nazi is not an insult ?
  788. [13:09] <loathiing> why are you guys beating up on alien?
  789. [13:09] <applesoranges> that's exactly what a trumpie would say
  790. [13:09] <Alien46> you are delusional.
  791. [13:09] <captainmeta4> however, Alien46 if you're here to insult everybody here, that's also not welcome
  792. [13:09] <loathiing> i'm naturally for the underdog, and i'm starting to get irked about it.
  793. [13:10] <loathiing> alien, what did you say to these guys?
  794. [13:10] <Alien46> nothing.
  795. [13:10] <WinstonWolf> calling you a nazi is on the same level as saying we al jerk each other off all day
  796. [13:10] <Alien46> they are defensive for nothing
  797. [13:10] <captainmeta4> loathiing: have you ever read The Kevin Jenkins Experience?
  798. [13:10] <WinstonWolf> identical
  799. [13:10] <Alien46> and ganging up with their mob
  800. [13:10] <Alien46> irc mob
  801. [13:10] <loathiing> i haven't...
  802. [13:10] <captainmeta4> .g Kevin Jenkins Experience
  803. [13:10] <MadPierrot> Alien46 I got beat up by an IRC mob once :'(
  804. [13:10] <captainmeta4> .g kevin jenkins experience
  805. [13:10] <+gonzobot> (captainmeta4) -- series/the_kevin_jenkins_experience ... The Kevin Jenkins Experience AKA "The Deathworlders" The Kevin Jenkins…
  806. [13:10] <captainmeta4> ^yeah there we go
  807. [13:10] <captainmeta4> that's how and why you beat up the aliens
  808. [13:10] <Alien46> i m<Alien46> everyones on the boogie man trumps dick loathiing
  809. [13:11] <Alien46> this is what i said
  810. [13:11] <captainmeta4> because the alien craves the flesh of sentient beings
  811. [13:11] <Alien46> then the mob proceeded to assume im a trump supporter
  812. [13:11] <Alien46> and a nazi
  813. [13:11] <Alien46> captainmeta4, this is true.
  814. 01[13:11] <10dataman3> common democrat tactic
  815. 01[13:11] <10dataman3> call people racists
  816. [13:11] <captainmeta4> Alien46: that's why I kicked roshwhatsisface
  817. 01[13:11] <10dataman3> even when they arent
  818. [13:11] <WinstonWolf> you also said we all jerk each other off. it was against liberals tho, so i can see why the current op let it go ;)
  819. [13:11] <loathiing> lol, i need to read this.
  820. [13:11] <MadPierrot> I'm an evil lefty liberal who is out to drown right-wingers with my liberal tears
  821. [13:12] <loathiing> i consider myself a diviationist.
  822. 06[13:12] * MadPierrot begins sobbing, very liberally
  823. [13:12] <captainmeta4> loathiing: it's turned into a monthly serial that right now is twice as long as lord of the rings
  824. [13:12] <loathiing> deviationist?
  825. [13:12] <Alien46> WinstonWolf, what do you call ganging up on one user for disagreeing with your sentiments ?
  826. [13:12] <loathiing> dee vee ay shon ist.
  827. [13:12] <Alien46> i call that a coordinated attack and circle jerk
  828. [13:12] <WinstonWolf> a group of people in agreement
  829. [13:12] <captainmeta4> loathiing:
  830. [13:12] <+gonzobot> Title: Page not found | Humanity, Fuck Yeah!
  831. [13:12] <WinstonWolf> trump supporters do it in here constantly
  832. [13:12] <captainmeta4>
  833. [13:12] <+gonzobot> Title: The Deathworlders | Humanity, Fuck Yeah!
  834. [13:12] <WinstonWolf> yet i only see you whining about one side...
  835. [13:12] <Alien46> omg get off the trump supporter bullshit
  836. [13:12] <Alien46> seriously old as fuck
  837. [13:12] <WinstonWolf> ill get off it when you get off the liberal bullshit
  838. [13:12] <WinstonWolf> its so old...
  839. [13:13] <loathiing> alright, this is going on the 'to-read' list
  840. [13:13] <captainmeta4> alright calm down both of you
  841. [13:13] <loathiing> thank you for the link.
  842. [13:13] <captainmeta4> .cookie Alien46
  843. 06[13:13] * +gonzobot buys Alien46 a scrumptious medium-sized Chocolate Chip cookie and serves it with a bowl of chocolate sauce!
  844. [13:13] <captainmeta4> .cookie WinstonWolf
  845. 06[13:13] * +gonzobot buys WinstonWolf a luscious gigantic Oatmeal cookie and serves it with a glass of milk!
  846. 06[13:13] * Alien46 eats it
  847. [13:13] <loathiing> noice.
  848. [13:13] <loathiing> falafel incoming in t- 10 secs... (i'm just trying to will it so)
  849. [13:14] <captainmeta4> .falafel loathiing
  850. [13:14] <captainmeta4> that doesn't appear to be a thing
  851. [13:14] <captainmeta4> .cookie loathiing
  852. 06[13:14] * +gonzobot makes loathiing a delicious small Macadamia Nut cookie and serves it with a bowl of chocolate sauce!
  853. [13:14] <MadPierrot> .doobie captainmeta4
  854. 06[13:14] * +gonzobot passes captainmeta4 a pathetically-sized killer joint made with the finest Paris OG
  855. [13:14] <captainmeta4> of course that's a thing
  856. [13:14] <MadPierrot> "pathetically-sized killer joint"?
  857. [13:15] <loathiing> it's deadly and small.
  858. [13:15] <WinstonWolf>
  859. [13:15] <+gonzobot> Title: Study: AHCA would lead to job loss - Business Insider
  860. [13:15] <loathiing> don't smoke it.
  861. [13:15] <WinstonWolf> i guess thats one of the reasons why they want it done in secret
  862. [13:16] <loathiing> .suicide
  863. [13:16] <loathiing> dang.
  864. [13:16] <loathiing> toomeforirl.
  865. [13:16] <MadPierrot> the truth of the matter is you can't fix healthcare in a short amount of time, Trump had no idea what he was talking about during his campaign
  866. 06[13:17] * Manos gasps.
  867. [13:17] <MadPierrot> And republicans should have been working on a replacement to ACA instead of just bitching about it for 8 years
  868. [13:17] <WinstonWolf> like most children, he thought he could do anything without actually knowing what needed doing
  869. [13:17] <loathiing> well, he thought someone else would do it.
  870. [13:17] <MadPierrot> "turns out healthcare is complicated, who knew"
  871. [13:17] <loathiing> and he could put his name on it.
  872. [13:17] <WinstonWolf> he was dumb to think it was within any humans capability in the short amount of time hes had
  873. [13:17] <Manos> The republicans have no just not been working on a better bill for the last 6 years, they often and loudly boasted about already having one drawn up.
  874. [13:18] <MadPierrot> Manos that's true
  875. [13:18] <WinstonWolf> yeah, they shouldve been 1000% ready for this
  876. [13:18] <MadPierrot> cowards
  877. [13:19] <captainmeta4> not cowards
  878. [13:19] <captainmeta4> just incompetants
  879. [13:20] <captainmeta4> led by paul ryan who needs to stop throwing a political bitchfest
  880. [13:20] <captainmeta4> and fund the goddamn wall already
  881. [13:20] <MadPierrot> Yes, the magical wall that will solve all immigration problems
  882. [13:20] <captainmeta4> I don't think they realize that a lot of republicans will judge them by how well they worked with Trump
  883. [13:20] <WinstonWolf> trump is too toxic to do business with
  884. [13:21] <WinstonWolf> they want to get reelected
  885. [13:21] <MadPierrot> captainmeta4 he doesn't make it easy for them to work with him
  886. [13:21] <captainmeta4> !op
  887. 03[13:21] * NSA sets mode: +o captainmeta4
  888. [13:21] <MadPierrot> he's not really a good negotiator, just a good ultimatum giver
  889. 03[13:21] * captainmeta4 sets mode: +g .kill
  890. [13:21] <@captainmeta4> !deop
  891. 03[13:21] * NSA sets mode: -o captainmeta4
  892. [13:22] <captainmeta4> loathiing: thanks for inadvertantly reminding me that one existed
  893. [13:22] <captainmeta4> .slap
  894. [13:22] <captainmeta4> !op
  895. 03[13:22] * NSA sets mode: +o captainmeta4
  896. 03[13:22] * captainmeta4 sets mode: +g .slap
  897. [13:22] <@captainmeta4> !deop
  898. 03[13:22] * NSA sets mode: -o captainmeta4
  899. 06[13:22] * MadPierrot hugs captainmeta4
  900. [13:22] <applesoranges> .slаp
  901. [13:22] <MadPierrot> you didn't ask for a hug but you got one
  902. [13:23] <loathiing> weird.
  903. [13:23] <loathiing> but nice.
  904. [13:24] <captainmeta4> .hug MadPierrot
  905. [13:24] <applesoranges> ok listen to this twitter bio
  906. [13:24] <captainmeta4> not a thing
  907. [13:24] <applesoranges> Restaurateur. Former fintech exec & marketer. Fan of alliteration, beer & Detroit. Intolerant of Trump & cilantro. Tenacious, defiant & snarky. #TheResistance
  908. [13:24] <captainmeta4> .cookie MadPierrot
  909. 06[13:24] * +gonzobot buys MadPierrot a tasty medium-sized Biscotti cookie and serves it with a bowl of chocolate sauce!
  910. [13:24] <MadPierrot> ty captainmeta4
  911. [13:24] <applesoranges> #TheResistance lmao
  912. [13:24] <MadPierrot> applesoranges is that you?
  913. [13:24] <MadPierrot> cuz I don't want go get booted for insulting you
  914. [13:24] <captainmeta4> I don't see any alliteration in that bio
  915. [13:25] <applesoranges> so glad we have woke fintech people to post snarky replies to donald j trump
  916. [13:25] <applesoranges> MadPierrot this is my mum
  917. [13:25] <MadPierrot> uwotm8
  918. [13:25] <captainmeta4> applesoranges: most of those people are full time shills
  919. [13:25] <captainmeta4> sad life to lead, I'm sure
  920. [13:25] <applesoranges> i know
  921. 03[13:25] * Ardonpitt` has joined #politics
  922. [13:25] <Ardonpitt`> If you have to say your snarky then you aren't really snarky
  923. [13:25] <MadPierrot> if you have to resort to twitter hashtags to signal that you are "part of the resistance" you're probably not part of the resistance
  924. [13:26] <applesoranges> there's even one who pumps his political party in the comments
  925. [13:26] <applesoranges> every time
  926. [13:26] <captainmeta4> to have your whole identity revolve around your hatred of the leader of the free world
  927. [13:26] <Alien46> MadPierrot, can i join your resistance ?
  928. [13:26] <MadPierrot> I don't have one
  929. [13:26] <Alien46> we can stay hydrated with your tears
  930. [13:26] <MadPierrot> :D
  931. [13:26] <MadPierrot> Still crying btw
  932. [13:26] <MadPierrot> not sure why anymore
  933. [13:26] <WinstonWolf> lol
  934. [13:26] <Alien46> most liberals dont MadPierrot
  935. [13:26] <Alien46> so its okay.
  936. [13:26] <applesoranges> <- the real resistance
  937. 06[13:26] * Alien46 hands MadPierrot a tissue
  938. [13:26] <WinstonWolf> odd logic there Alien46
  939. [13:27] <WinstonWolf> thats Runner_ like logic
  940. [13:27] <MadPierrot> WinstonWolf, you are devoid of logic because you're a liberal (/s)
  941. [13:27] <WinstonWolf> i must be ;)
  942. [13:27] <Alien46> you are also devoid of humor i see
  943. [13:27] <Tylzen[bestc]> We just had a meeting with the church minister.
  944. [13:27] <Tylzen[bestc]> She wasn't very fond of the idea of a secular state.
  945. [13:27] <MadPierrot> Alien46 who me?
  946. [13:27] <MadPierrot> I thought it was funny
  947. [13:27] <Alien46> :]
  948. [13:27] <MadPierrot> Tylzen[bestc] isn't Denmark secular already?
  949. [13:28] <WinstonWolf> you didnt get mad at him for his insult, therefore you made him sad MadPierrot
  950. [13:28] <MadPierrot> :(
  951. [13:28] <Tylzen[bestc]> MadPierrot, No
  952. [13:28] <Tylzen[bestc]> MadPierrot, We have a state church, church taxes, etc.
  953. [13:28] <Alien46> WinstonWolf, you love my nuts dont you ?
  954. [13:28] <Alien46> they are getting sweaty now though
  955. [13:28] <Alien46> so please hop off them
  956. [13:28] <Alien46> thank you!
  957. [13:28] <MadPierrot> ah ty Tylzen[bestc]
  958. [13:28] <WinstonWolf> i dont, but its odd how your insults are allowed
  959. 03[13:29] * roshambo has joined #politics
  960. [13:29] <roshambo> sure is
  961. [13:29] <Tylzen[bestc]> <3 MadPierrot
  962. [13:29] <WinstonWolf> but understandable. its against liberals so itll be allowed
  963. [13:29] <Alien46> lol
  964. [13:29] <WinstonWolf> :)
  965. [13:29] <Alien46> victim complex
  966. [13:29] <Alien46> you are a walking stereotype
  967. [13:29] <WinstonWolf> and i have eyes to see with lol
  968. [13:29] <Alien46> its hilarious
  969. [13:29] <applesoranges> >conservative
  970. [13:29] <roshambo> dish it but can't take it I suppose. typical.
  971. [13:29] <applesoranges> >says others have victim complex
  972. [13:29] <MadPierrot> Alien46 you're going to love my schweddy balls
  973. [13:29] <Alien46> MadPierrot, already do bb
  974. [13:29] <MadPierrot> kek
  975. [13:30] <Ardonpitt`> mad kek
  976. [13:30] <MadPierrot> Tylzen[bestc] was it a good interview?
  977. [13:30] <roshambo> Sound the snowflake alarm! Safe space breached in level 2
  978. [13:30] <MadPierrot> awoooga
  979. [13:30] <MadPierrot> etc
  980. 06[13:30] * Alien46 looks towards roshambo and sieg heil salutes
  981. [13:30] <Tylzen[bestc]> MadPierrot, With the minister?
  982. [13:30] <MadPierrot> yeah
  983. [13:30] <Tylzen[bestc]> MadPierrot, No, she refused to help people leaving the church
  984. [13:30] <MadPierrot> oh, sounds like a nasty woman
  985. [13:31] <Tylzen[bestc]> MadPierrot, She also dismissed the representative from the "After Faith" group that helps people leaving religious sectcs
  986. [13:31] <MadPierrot> :(
  987. [13:34] <captainmeta4> Alien46: civility
  988. [13:35] <Alien46> im being tongue in cheek and not attacking anyone. but i gotcha captainmeta4
  989. [13:36] <loathiing> that was a good falafel. thank you, middle eastern man.
  990. [13:36] <Alien46> what is a falafel ?
  991. [13:36] <loathiing> delicious.
  992. [13:36] <roshambo> what is google?
  993. [13:36] <Alien46> roshambo, fuck off already jeez.
  994. [13:36] <%corvusmalus> .wiki falafel
  995. [13:36] <+gonzobot> (corvusmalus) Falafel (/fəˈlɑːfəl/; Arabic: فلافل‎‎, [fæˈlæːfɪl], dialectal: [fæˈlæːfel]) is a deep-fried ball, doughnut or patty made from ground chickpeas, fava beans, or both. ::
  996. [13:36] <loathiing> it's fried balls of chickpeas.
  997. [13:36] <Alien46> i know you are salty
  998. [13:36] <Alien46> but get over it already roshambo
  999. [13:36] <loathiing> it's so good.
  1000. [13:36] <MadPierrot> Alien46 he is salty from his tears (/s)
  1001. [13:37] <roshambo> I love salt tbh
  1002. [13:37] <Alien46> hes drowing in them at this point.
  1003. [13:37] <roshambo> stop attacking me! waaah
  1004. [13:37] <Alien46> captainmeta4, you call that civility ?
  1005. [13:37] <WinstonWolf> sighs
  1006. [13:37] <MadPierrot> I think we're crying over how much winning Trump is doing. A successfully built wall, no FBI investigations, a perfect healthcare bill
  1007. [13:38] <MadPierrot> So much winning!
  1008. 02[13:38] * JudgeGorsuch has quit IRC (Connection closed)
  1009. [13:38] <roshambo> and he found the Seth Rich closet killer!
  1010. [13:38] <MadPierrot> don't forget all the dead globalists!
  1011. [13:38] <MadPierrot> ))) G L O B A L I S T S (((
  1012. [13:38] <MadPierrot> and dead commies
  1013. [13:38] <Manos> el oh el
  1014. [13:38] <+gonzobot> (Manos) @crupicrupicrupi (Anthony Crupi): Megyn Kelly's interview with Alex Jones was out-rated by 30% in the A25-54 demo by a repeat of America's Funniest Home Videos on ABC. (2 hours and 20 minutes ago)
  1015. [13:39] <WinstonWolf> lol
  1016. [13:39] <roshambo> they actually aired it?
  1017. [13:39] <Manos> apparently
  1018. [13:39] <WinstonWolf> thats hysterical
  1019. [13:39] <Alien46> roshambo, google
  1020. [13:39] <WinstonWolf> NBC really knows how to shit a bed
  1021. [13:39] <roshambo> don't address me it hurts my delicate feelings
  1022. 02[13:39] * applesoranges has quit IRC (Quit: zZz)
  1023. [13:39] <Alien46> i know it does.
  1024. [13:40] <Alien46> all the more fun.
  1025. [13:40] <WinstonWolf> heh, runners mad
  1026. [13:40] <roshambo> well he leans right so of course he's mad
  1027. [13:40] <roshambo> so mad
  1028. [13:41] <loathiing> is that who that is?
  1029. [13:42] <loathiing> runner_?
  1030. [13:42] <Alien46> idk who runner is but no.
  1031. [13:42] <roshambo> so yes then
  1032. [13:42] <roshambo> lol
  1033. [13:42] <loathiing> yeah
  1034. [13:42] <Alien46> if u say so.
  1035. [13:42] <loathiing> you just made it apparent.
  1036. [13:42] <roshambo> no wonder he keeps addressing me
  1037. [13:42] <Alien46> okay ?
  1038. [13:42] <loathiing> why the secrecy?
  1039. [13:42] <roshambo> typical Runner
  1040. [13:42] <loathiing> who are you hiding from?
  1041. [13:42] <Alien46> roshambo, i never addressed u until you hopped on my nuts
  1042. [13:42] <Alien46> you are delusional as fuck
  1043. [13:42] <Alien46> its hilarious
  1044. [13:42] <roshambo> !ops
  1045. [13:43] <Alien46> why not take a break from here
  1046. [13:43] <Alien46> you are here 24/7
  1047. [13:43] <Alien46> being a self important geek
  1048. [13:43] <roshambo> I'm being attacked and my safe space is in jeopardy
  1049. [13:43] <Alien46> and a vindictive shithead
  1050. [13:43] <roshambo> have a mod come and kick someone out of the room
  1051. [13:43] <roshambo> and spit on the wall
  1052. [13:43] <Don`Quixote> I know how to solve the national debt, tax everyone for each time they have sex.
  1053. [13:43] <Alien46> still crying over you rightfully being kicked i see
  1054. [13:43] <captainmeta4> !op
  1055. 03[13:43] * NSA sets mode: +o captainmeta4
  1056. [13:43] <WinstonWolf> Alien46 gets to call people vindictive shitheads... call him a nazi tho and watch out!
  1057. [13:43] <@captainmeta4> !kick Alien46 second civility warning
  1058. 03[13:43] * Alien46 was kicked by NSA (second civility warning (captainmeta4))
  1059. [13:44] <loathiing> lol
  1060. [13:44] <Don`Quixote> interesting,
  1061. [13:44] <loathiing> you shouldn't have done that.
  1062. [13:44] <loathiing> everyone is egging him on.
  1063. [13:44] <MadPierrot> Don`Quixote tax everyone whenever they eat
  1064. [13:44] <loathiing> he was just being a reactionary.
  1065. [13:44] <@captainmeta4> WinstonWolf: you cut it out too ok?
  1066. [13:45] <WinstonWolf> ok... but at no point did i personally insult anyone
  1067. [13:45] <MadPierrot> i'm eating a granola bar, going to have to pay Uncle Sam $20
  1068. [13:45] <loathiing> you were goading him.
  1069. [13:45] <MadPierrot> o7
  1070. [13:45] <@captainmeta4> !kb roshambo you're done being an instigator here
  1071. 03[13:45] * roshambo was kicked by NSA (you're done being an instigator here (captainmeta4))
  1072. 03[13:45] * NSA sets mode: +b *!*@user/roshambo
  1073. [13:45] <loathiing> we all were, the poor soul...
  1074. [13:45] <MadPierrot> rip roshambo
  1075. 06[13:45] * MadPierrot pours one out
  1076. [13:45] <loathiing> dang, layin' down the law today. i dig it.
  1077. [13:46] <MadPierrot> i'm going to have to be careful with my shitposting
  1078. [13:46] <@captainmeta4> shitposting is fine; attacking other users (or trolling other users) is not
  1079. [13:46] <@captainmeta4> hell, I shitposted in the channel topic
  1080. [13:46] <@captainmeta4> should probably fix that
  1081. [13:47] <Manos> So if you troll, you need to troll everyone at once.
  1082. [13:47] <Don`Quixote> I am going to insult someone, watch me! I am an idiot for not voting better and trying harder, foolish in fact for thinking people would vote for common sense.  so full of shit most of the time my eyes turn brown.
  1083. 06[13:47] * @captainmeta4 kb's Don`Quixote
  1084. [13:47] <Don`Quixote> ?
  1085. [13:47] <@captainmeta4> being facecious
  1086. [13:48] <MadPierrot> I wrote in Harambe when I voted
  1087. [13:48] <Don`Quixote> Oh ok
  1088. [13:48] <Manos> If people are being obtuse I'm gonna call them obtuse. #yoirco
  1089. [13:48] <MadPierrot> Fite me
  1090. [13:48] <@captainmeta4> carry on fellow shitposter
  1091. [13:48] <@captainmeta4> MadPierrot: 1v1 wildy?
  1092. 03[13:48] * Alien46 has joined #politics
  1093. [13:48] <Alien46> MadPierrot, finally someone with some sense
  1094. [13:48] <MadPierrot> I get to choose the weapons
  1095. [13:48] <MadPierrot> I choose boneless wings with honey bbq sauce
  1096. [13:49] <Alien46> bone in >boneless
  1097. [13:49] <loathiing> hit him with a hammer.
  1098. [13:49] <@MAGA_Bot> We have wiped 76 emails so far. We are 0.2303030303% of the way towards clearing Hillary's server of incriminating evidence.
  1099. [13:49] <loathiing> i don't understand this...
  1100. [13:49] <loathiing> what is this...
  1101. [13:49] <Alien46> lol MAGA_Bot
  1102. [13:49] <loathiing> ^^
  1103. [13:49] <loathiing> what and why.
  1104. [13:49] <@captainmeta4> I have to un-break the bot
  1105. [13:49] <@captainmeta4> +part #politics
  1106. 14[13:49] * @MAGA_Bot has left #politics
  1107. [13:50] <@captainmeta4> it's supposed to look like this
  1108. [13:50] <@captainmeta4>
  1109. [13:50] <+gonzobot> Title: Snippet | IRCCloud
  1110. [13:51] <@captainmeta4> idk why it's only posting one of the two lines in this channel
  1111. [13:51] <Manos> bone-in is the right answer
  1112. [13:51] <Don`Quixote> Ya know, the only real BBQ sauce I ever found that I liked,. I made my self, even I was so shocked at how good it was, others wanted recipe the but I didnt write it down.
  1113. [13:51] <Alien46> im not a fan of super sweet BBQ sauces. gotta have some tang and spiciness to it
  1114. [13:52] <Manos> I like BBQ like I like my women. Indiscriminately.
  1115. 02[13:53] * Ardonpitt` has quit IRC (Quit: No activity)
  1116. [13:54] <Don`Quixote> Have a new neighbor that likes to play loud music, I wonder if he parties with the locals too.
  1117. [13:54] <loathiing> if i weren't stuffed full of falafel, you guys would be making me hungry for mission bbq.
  1118. [13:57] <@captainmeta4> !deop
  1119. 03[13:57] * NSA sets mode: -o captainmeta4
  1120. [13:58] <Don`Quixote> I woke up earlier, had a snack, made coffee, had a cup, be it all didnt do much good, went back and took anuther couple hours nap. having a hell of a time waking up this morning.
  1121. [13:58] <loathiing> when do you work?
  1122. [13:58] <Don`Quixote> I dont work today
  1123. [13:58] <loathiing> lucky dog.
  1124. [13:59] <Don`Quixote> OK since room going dead, may as well see what else I can fishup in the news
  1125. [14:00] <Don`Quixote> I have the feeling when it comes to this room, most the people here are news hounds too
  1126. [14:00] <loathiing> most definitely.
  1127. 03[14:02] * NSA sets mode: +o captainmeta4
  1128. [14:02] <Don`Quixote>
  1129. [14:02] <+gonzobot> Title: Democrats just got some very good news from the Supreme Court on gerrymandering - The Washington Post
  1130. [14:03] <WinstonWolf> actually thats good news for republicans too
  1131. [14:03] <Manos> It's good news they'll hear the case. I'm less excited about the possible outcome.
  1132. [14:03] <WinstonWolf> repubs gerrymandered themselves to a point where they cant get anything done
  1133. [14:04] <WinstonWolf> they have people in zones so safe in order to not lose in a primary they have to be far right as can be
  1134. [14:04] <WinstonWolf> and the other half has to be somewhat centered to get reelected in a general
  1135. [14:05] <Don`Quixote>
  1136. [14:05] <+gonzobot> Title: Senate leaders plan to rush a health-care bill to a vote, and there’s nothing Democrats can do about it - The Washington Post
  1137. [14:07] <WinstonWolf> bah, let them. if they pass a secret health care bill that ultimately costs jobs and 30 million people health insurance, republicans will get massacred across the board in 2018
  1138. [14:07] <MadPierrot> woo! Democracy in action folks!
  1139. [14:07] <WinstonWolf> so in that way i support it
  1140. [14:07] <Don`Quixote> there is no way they can just up and create a health bill out of thin air, that would take lots of time and commitment, what they are trying to force passed us will most likely fail.
  1141. [14:08] <@captainmeta4> they need to pass Rand Paul's bill
  1142. [14:08] <MadPierrot> s/Rand/Ron
  1143. [14:08] <+gonzobot> Correction, <captainmeta4> they need to pass Ron Paul's bill
  1144. [14:08] <MadPierrot> Ron Paul 2012!
  1145. [14:09] <Kichigai> WinstonWolf, unless the law takes immediate effect there's no way it'll hurt them in 2018. Until ordinary people feel the real-world squeeze from this law it won't change their votes.
  1146. [14:09] <WinstonWolf> but as of right now its largely secret
  1147. [14:09] <WinstonWolf> once passed everyone will know whats in it
  1148. [14:10] <Kichigai> WinstonWolf, remember, these folks had no problem voting in "repeal and replace" Republicans for the last how many terms? Now that they're realizing what they might lose it suddenly has value.
  1149. [14:10] <Kichigai> What's on paper won't matter until it hits them in their pocketbooks.
  1150. [14:11] <Kichigai> The negative effects aren't real, and the "doom and gloom" predictions are so much hot air until they come true.
  1151. [14:11] <WinstonWolf> depends on how bad and if it stays in the news cycle for years
  1152. [14:11] <Alien46> political parties are full of hypocrites
  1153. [14:11] <Alien46> go figure
  1154. [14:12] <Kichigai> "They said we'd be destitute if we repealed and replaced the ACA, and here we are, just having done it, and I'm doing fine!" Because the phase-in doesn't complete until 2022.
  1155. 01[14:12] <10dataman3> lol why do people still post washington post articles
  1156. 01[14:12] <10dataman3> you may as well post the onion
  1157. 01[14:13] <10dataman3> im laughing at you Don`Quixote
  1158. [14:14] <Don`Quixote> that was off of yahoo, if they was from the same places it was coincidental. right now I am off onto the sciences. and no not by the same places/
  1159. 01[14:14] <10dataman3> its literally
  1160. [14:15] <Don`Quixote> the little things you know adds up. check this one out.
  1161. [14:15] <Don`Quixote>
  1162. [14:15] <+gonzobot> Title: Grape-based compounds kill colon cancer stem cells in mice -- ScienceDaily
  1163. [14:15] <MadPierrot> does this mean if I drink a shit load of wine I will never get colon cancer???
  1164. [14:16] <Kichigai> MadPierrot, no, you need to butt chug it.
  1165. [14:16] <MadPierrot> got it, thanks!
  1166. [14:16] <MadPierrot> brb
  1167. [14:16] <MadPierrot> off to butt chug
  1168. [14:17] <Kichigai>
  1169. [14:17] <+gonzobot> Title: Intero-Rectogestion - Video Clip | South Park Studios
  1170. [14:17] <Don`Quixote> and for you cat lovers
  1171. [14:17] <+gonzobot> Title: Science Says: DNA shows early spread of cats in human world - ABC News
  1172. 01[14:19] <10dataman3> Don`Quixote please go to #casualconversation for cat DNA studies
  1173. [14:19] <Don`Quixote> dataman:  the way I see it, the room is being slow right now, so what harm?
  1174. [14:19] <feldstein> real shit only
  1175. 01[14:19] <10dataman3> flooded with non-topic stuff
  1176. 01[14:20] <10dataman3> go to #casualconversation for that
  1177. [14:20] <Kichigai>
  1178. [14:20] <+gonzobot> Title: The RNC Files: Inside the Largest US Voter Data Leak
  1179. 01[14:20] <10dataman3> and actually we were talking about washington post and how innacurate it is
  1180. [14:20] <MadPierrot> Evil DNC hacking RNC
  1181. [14:21] <MadPierrot> #wakeupsheeple
  1182. 01[14:21] <10dataman3> mustve been russia lol
  1183. [14:21] <Manos> This channel needs more cat memes tbh
  1184. [14:21] <Kichigai> Manos,
  1185. [14:21] <Manos> excellent
  1186. [14:22] <Don`Quixote> some of what seems off topic are right on though, like this one.
  1187. [14:22] <+gonzobot> Title: Dead dolphin mystery explained by Scripps Insitution of Oceanography - KGTV-TV San Diego
  1188. [14:22] <Don`Quixote> its the reality of global warming, which is a political issue as well.
  1189. 01[14:23] <10dataman3> not really
  1190. [14:23] <Manos> I'm pretty sure there's no actual hard rule that this channel has to stick to political discourse only.
  1191. [14:23] <MadPierrot> Global Warming is a hoax invented by the Chinese
  1192. 01[14:23] <10dataman3> its almost unanimous that we need to cut emmissions and pollution
  1193. [14:23] <Kichigai> Well this is the only rule stated now:
  1194. [14:24] <MadPierrot> captainmeta4 I love the "Love, " salutation in there lol
  1195. [14:24] <MadPierrot> "Dear media, Bush did 9/11. Love, TotesLegitLeaker"
  1196. 01[14:24] <10dataman3>
  1197. [14:24] <+gonzobot> Title: Germany: Police Powerless Against Middle Eastern Crime Gangs | Zero Hedge
  1198. [14:25] <WinstonWolf> too bad that news source is fake
  1199. 01[14:25] <10dataman3> if you say so
  1200. [14:25] <WinstonWolf> as you do
  1201. 01[14:25] <10dataman3> theyre just quoting the judge
  1202. [14:26] <Kichigai> MadPierrot,
  1203. [14:26] <+gonzobot> (Kichigai) @TheBillyWest (Billy West): ZAPP presents... Famous Trump Quotations! (10 months and 12 days ago)
  1204. [14:26] <Manos> lol dataman is posting zerohedge again
  1205. [14:26] <Manos> But WaPo is the real trash source
  1206. [14:26] <WinstonWolf> youve called links fake when its nothing but clear video
  1207. [14:26] <Manos> good times
  1208. 01[14:26] <10dataman3> it is
  1209. 01[14:26] <10dataman3> i posted zerohedge opinion piece
  1210. [14:26] <Kichigai> Ahh ZeroHedge, the website whose author(s) aren't even willing to tell you who they are. Totally legit!
  1211. [14:26] <MadPierrot> wow Kichigai, that's hilarious
  1212. [14:26] <WinstonWolf> lol
  1213. [14:26] <MadPierrot> the twitter thing
  1214. [14:27] <MadPierrot> Kichigai they're afraid of being killed by the DNC
  1215. 01[14:27] <10dataman3> DNC leaving quite a trail of blood
  1216. 01[14:27] <10dataman3>
  1217. 01[14:27] <10dataman3> lolol
  1218. 01[14:27] <10dataman3> CNN played itself
  1219. [14:28] <Manos> It should surprise nobody that data*ish*man considers zerohedge a reputable site.
  1220. [14:28] <@captainmeta4> cnn is isis
  1221. [14:28] <WinstonWolf> they played themselves right out of the business
  1222. [14:28] <@captainmeta4> !deop
  1223. 03[14:28] * NSA sets mode: -o captainmeta4
  1224. [14:28] <MadPierrot> CNN created ISIS
  1225. 01[14:28] <10dataman3> Manos i dont use zerohedge for hard data
  1226. [14:28] <MadPierrot> they were paid by Soros
  1227. 01[14:28] <10dataman3> that was an editorial
  1228. [14:28] <Manos> You still use it at all.
  1229. [14:28] <MadPierrot> paid with Soros Shillbux
  1230. [14:28] <Manos> This is the first or second time you've posted form there.
  1231. [14:28] <Manos> *isn't
  1232. 01[14:28] <10dataman3> perhaps if you understood the difference between journalism and editorials you would have a better grasp on the world-at-large
  1233. [14:29] <MadPierrot> ))) G L O B A L I S T S (((
  1234. [14:29] <Manos> Perhaps if you understood the difference between journalism and propaganda yadda yadda
  1235. 01[14:29] <10dataman3> lol you fail
  1236. [14:30] <Manos> Dude you're the one who cites shitty ass sources like that, repeatedly, even ones that are riddles with malware. If you're running windows I weep for your AV.
  1237. 01[14:30] <10dataman3> i cite great sources
  1238. [14:30] <Manos> lol
  1239. 01[14:30] <10dataman3> i posted an editorial and you discredit all sources ive ever posted
  1240. 01[14:30] <10dataman3> lol
  1241. 01[14:30] <10dataman3> sad!
  1242. [14:30] <Kichigai> .yt laugh harder
  1243. [14:30] <+gonzobot> (Kichigai) laugh harder - length 9s - 9,349 likes, 83 dislikes (99.1%) - 1,275,336 views - darkchia00 on 2010.01.13 -
  1244. [14:30] <Manos> The rare times you do, it's to refute your own assertations.
  1245. [14:31] <Manos> dataman says this like he wasn't JUST trashing two "liberal" media sources.
  1246. [14:31] <Manos> goose gander etc etc
  1247. 01[14:31] <10dataman3> wapo = trash
  1248. [14:31] <MadPierrot> bezos is shill.copypasta
  1249. [14:31] <Don`Quixote> I agree with musk, we need to spread or die, but the thing is I dont agree that mars is the way to go yet.
  1250. [14:31] <+gonzobot> Title: Elon Musk claims Mars colony dreams critical to avoid 'Doomsday' event | ZDNet
  1251. 01[14:32] <10dataman3> wapo track record is abysmal
  1252. [14:32] <MadPierrot> .q add dataman wapo track record is abysmal
  1253. [14:32] <MadPierrot> another gem
  1254. [14:32] <Manos> Second verse same as the first
  1255. 01[14:32] <10dataman3> lol it really is
  1256. 01[14:32] <10dataman3> it wasnt bad until bezos bought it in 2013
  1257. [14:32] <MadPierrot> [12:31:51] <MadPierrot>: bezos is shill.copypasta
  1258. [14:33] <MadPierrot> called it!
  1259. 01[14:33] <10dataman3> it used to be a real newspaper with obituaries and classified, but it was going out of business
  1260. [14:33] <Manos> The last time you tried exposing WaPo as trash, I refuted 3.5 of your five claims. Wanna try again?
  1261. [14:33] <Kichigai> Hold on, Imma channel someone else right now.
  1262. [14:33] <Kichigai> .q MadPierrot .q add dataman wapo track record is abysmal
  1263. 01[14:33] <10dataman3> you can refute all you want, their track record speaks for itself
  1264. [14:33] <Kichigai> .q add MadPierrot .q add dataman wapo track record is abysmal
  1265. [14:33] <Kichigai> Ow, my brain hurts after doing that.
  1266. [14:33] <MadPierrot> .q MadPierrot
  1267. [14:33] <+gonzobot> (MadPierrot) [2/7] <madpierrot> dicks++
  1268. [14:33] <MadPierrot> .q MadPierrot 7
  1269. [14:33] <+gonzobot> (MadPierrot) [7/7] <madpierrot> .q add dataman wapo track record is abysmal
  1270. [14:33] <MadPierrot> .q MadPierrot 6
  1271. [14:33] <+gonzobot> (MadPierrot) [6/7] <madpierrot> Jesus did 9/11
  1272. [14:33] <MadPierrot> hahahaha
  1273. [14:33] <Kichigai> lol
  1274. [14:33] <MadPierrot> crack myself up
  1275. [14:34] <Manos> Yes, Wapo's track record has been pretty damn good. Sorry all thjose anonymous leaks have turned out to be true.
  1276. 03[14:34] * torpit has joined #politics
  1277. [14:34] <torpit> and the repubs may not to be able to ram a health care bill through. Because if they don't stop and look around.. They ain't gonna know what's going on.
  1278. [14:34] <+gonzobot> Title: Personal details of nearly 200 million US citizens exposed - BBC News
  1279. 01[14:34] <10dataman3>
  1280. [14:34] <+gonzobot> (dataman3) @BreakingNLive (Breaking News): BREAKING: Reports of stabbings at Oval sub station in central London with casulties. DEVELOPING (2 hours and 32 minutes ago)
  1281. 01[14:34] <10dataman3> part & parcel
  1282. 01[14:34] <10dataman3> gj khan
  1283. [14:35] <WinstonWolf> so any terrorist attack in a city is the mayors fault dataman3?
  1284. [14:35] <WinstonWolf> damn that guiliani for 9/11...
  1285. 01[14:35] <10dataman3> at this point you can point to him for allowing the problem to go on
  1286. [14:35] <Kichigai>
  1287. [14:35] <+gonzobot> Title: Finsbury Park attack: Suspect named as Darren Osborne, 47-year-old who lives in Cardiff – latest updates | UK news | The Guardian
  1288. 01[14:35] <10dataman3> khan has been an active supportor of radical islam
  1289. [14:35] <Kichigai> Those damn Moose-lambs!
  1290. [14:36] <MadPierrot> dataman3 keep living in your dream world
  1291. [14:36] <Don`Quixote> I just want to know who was all on his list
  1292. 01[14:36] <10dataman3> reality mate
  1293. 01[14:36] <10dataman3> you should check it out
  1294. [14:36] <dr0w> Fuck wapo, I'm still mad about the 16 anti-bernie stories in 16 hours after one of the largest debates.  :(  Biased assholes.
  1295. [14:36] <MadPierrot> " khan has been an active supportor of radical islam"
  1296. [14:36] <MadPierrot> complete horse shit
  1297. 01[14:36] <10dataman3> dr0w yea WAPO = DNC shill
  1298. [14:36] <torpit> Basically now repubs will have to fend off attacks they were trying to form a Beast computer.
  1299. 01[14:36] <10dataman3> podesta inc.
  1300. [14:36] <MadPierrot> I thought it was Bezos inc?
  1301. 01[14:37] <10dataman3> it is but bezos doesnt run it, just funds it
  1302. 01[14:37] <10dataman3> podesta runs the joint
  1303. [14:37] <MadPierrot> Does podesta run everything you are against?
  1304. [14:37] <Don`Quixote> the republicans are becoming afraid of burnie so they are starting their attacks on him early.
  1305. [14:37] <torpit> And also.. At the same time.. Try to get 200 million people protected..
  1306. 01[14:37] <10dataman3> bernie might have beaten trump
  1307. 01[14:37] <10dataman3> but DNC sank him
  1308. [14:37] <Manos> truth
  1309. [14:37] <Manos> a rare sighting form dataman
  1310. [14:37] <Kichigai> MadPierrot, it's a vast Podesta-wing conspiracy!
  1311. [14:38] <torpit> Lets talk today. Republican Beast computer data dump.
  1312. [14:38] <MadPierrot> Kichigai podesta is in control of everything evil
  1313. [14:38] <torpit> Supreme court rules for dems on gerrymamdering.
  1314. 01[14:38] <10dataman3> podesta is basically 100% evil so wherever you find him - you know evil shit is going on
  1315. [14:38] <torpit> US finally takes down an assad fighter.
  1316. [14:38] <dr0w> Podesta is just another republican to me.  ;p
  1317. 01[14:39] <10dataman3> podesta = hardcore dem
  1318. [14:39] <Kichigai> torpit, it wasn't a "data dump," it was an enormous bone-headed security blunder that lead to a massive leak.
  1319. 01[14:39] <10dataman3> by a private firm
  1320. [14:39] <%corvusmalus> Kichigai, beside that such data shouldn't exist at all.
  1321. [14:39] <dr0w> hardcore dem = republican-lite, right?
  1322. [14:39] <dr0w> Pro corporation dems are basically repblicans..
  1323. 01[14:39] <10dataman3> no, dem and repub are binary polar opposites
  1324. [14:39] <MadPierrot> dataman3 your conspiracy theories are so tiring
  1325. 01[14:39] <10dataman3> you tire of them because you buy into them
  1326. [14:39] <Manos> so many data leaks have happened now that I'm dulled to them, sadly. Another day, another instance of my deets being in the hands of ne'er-do-wells.
  1327. 01[14:39] <10dataman3> and hate being criticized
  1328. [14:40] <dr0w> Wait, which one is against oligarchy then?  I'd say neither.
  1329. [14:40] <MadPierrot> what?
  1330. [14:40] <Kichigai> corvusmalus, the data exists regardless of whether or not it's collected, it's a question of who should have it.
  1331. [14:40] <%corvusmalus> Kichigai, well, such databases shouldn't exist.
  1332. [14:40] <MadPierrot> dataman3 99% of the stuff you talk about in this channel is a fringe conspiracy theory that has no basis in reality
  1333. [14:41] <torpit> Kichigai: really? 200 million Americans? Beast computer.
  1334. [14:41] <%corvusmalus> Kichigai, wtf. should political parties own private data of >60% of the population?
  1335. 01[14:41] <10dataman3> MadPierrot 99% of what you say is off base
  1336. [14:41] <Don`Quixote> check this out, and the other day you guys was complaining about Internet speed, now on top of what they report here, in their statement that you can not test or view an entangled particle without destroying it,. just the other day an article just came out that they found a round about way they could.
  1337. [14:41] <Don`Quixote> 19/china-quantum-internet-record/
  1338. [14:41] <Kichigai> corvusmalus, we feel they shouldn't exist, but as long as we continue to make such an amount easily collectable there's nothing to stop them.
  1339. [14:41] <+gonzobot> Title: Asia Pacific Archives | Dhaka Tribune
  1340. [14:41] <MadPierrot> s/off base/shitposting
  1341. [14:41] <+gonzobot> Correction, <dataman3> MadPierrot 99% of what you say is shitposting
  1342. [14:41] <loathiing> all of you are 99% in love with one another.
  1343. 01[14:41] <10dataman3> MadPierrot you never discuss what I post, you only attack me
  1344. 01[14:42] <10dataman3> because you have no data to refute with
  1345. [14:42] <%corvusmalus> Kichigai, sure, there would be the law. and there would be people complaining about it.
  1346. 01[14:42] <10dataman3> its plainly obvious
  1347. [14:42] <torpit> You say the truth.. It was a beast computer. And so.. Some people hear this.. And seriously know what you mean.
  1348. [14:42] <MadPierrot> dataman3 what you said about Khan is a fabrication
  1349. 01[14:42] <10dataman3> wrong
  1350. 01[14:42] <10dataman3> its true
  1351. [14:42] <Manos> dataman making shit up!? gasp
  1352. [14:42] <loathiing> and seth rich was capped by hillary clinton's people.
  1353. [14:42] <MadPierrot> show me where he says he supports radical islamic terrorism
  1354. [14:42] <loathiing> show me hillary in cuffs.
  1355. 01[14:42] <10dataman3> seth rich was no doubt the DNC email leaker
  1356. [14:42] <Kichigai> corvusmalus, Of course, but there are always people who will act outside the law. I'm just saying the biggest concrete take-away we can act on right now is to be more aware of what information we make publicly available.
  1357. [14:43] <loathiing> off target, wrong, always spouting nonsense.
  1358. [14:43] <loathiing> data doesn't back this shit up.
  1359. [14:43] <loathiing> this is just fluff.
  1360. [14:43] <Kichigai> torpit, it was Amazon AWS. The database was on an insecure Internet-facing S3 bucket.
  1361. [14:43] <loathiing> it's bullshit and it's fuckin' bad for ya.
  1362. [14:43] <%corvusmalus> Kichigai, oh, sure. but it should also be illegal to store private data without a permission or need.
  1363. [14:43] <Kichigai> corvusmalus, not going to disagree with you about that.
  1364. 01[14:44] <10dataman3> MadPierrot Khan has a long history of supporting and working with radical islamists
  1365. [14:44] <captainmeta4> !op
  1366. 03[14:44] * NSA sets mode: +o captainmeta4
  1367. [14:44] <torpit> Kitch. Gonna have to make a law on databases.
  1368. 03[14:44] * captainmeta4 sets mode: +g .doobie
  1369. [14:44] <loathiing> where's the data, data. i need to see the data.
  1370. [14:44] <@captainmeta4> !deop
  1371. 03[14:44] * NSA sets mode: -o captainmeta4
  1372. [14:44] <Kichigai> torpit, and I don't see that happening. At least not here in the US.
  1373. [14:44] <torpit> Bezos will comply or else.
  1374. [14:44] <MadPierrot> dataman3 give me a source for him going on record saying he supports terrorism
  1375. 01[14:44] <10dataman3>
  1376. [14:44] <+gonzobot> (dataman3) Reminder: Mayor of London Sadiq Khan was a lawyer for a 9/11 terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui - length 1m 52s - 51 likes, 9 dislikes (85.0%) - 15,554 views - Joe Crumpskie on 2017.06.06
  1377. 01[14:44] <10dataman3> there you go
  1378. [14:45] <loathiing> he's a fucking lawyer!!!
  1379. [14:45] <MadPierrot> being a lawyer means you have to represent questionable clients
  1380. [14:45] <torpit> Sure it will. We didn't decide as a nation they'd collect that much info on that much people.
  1381. [14:45] <loathiing> is every defense attorney guilty of whatever crime their client committed??
  1382. [14:45] <loathiing> what the fuck. that's not even data.
  1383. 01[14:45] <10dataman3> its raw data
  1384. [14:45] <captainmeta4> MadPierrot: not necessarily. Unless you're a public defender, you can choose to decline any potential customer you like
  1385. [14:45] <loathiing> it's bullshit
  1386. 01[14:45] <10dataman3> footage of him supporting them
  1387. [14:45] <torpit> Database laws.
  1388. [14:45] <captainmeta4> just like any other business
  1389. 01[14:45] <10dataman3> khan was a legal advisor, not a lawyer
  1390. [14:45] <captainmeta4> except wedding cake bakers
  1391. 01[14:45] <10dataman3> his support was entirely optional and voluntary
  1392. 01[14:46] <10dataman3> this is not khans only known brush with radical islam
  1393. [14:46] <loathiing> you don't even live there.
  1394. [14:46] <loathiing> why do you care.
  1395. [14:46] <loathiing> how can you??
  1396. [14:46] <loathiing> it's so boring.
  1397. [14:46] <Don`Quixote> I just posted information that if you look at it, it will change the whole communications industry, other then that of the computers them selves being hacked or the like, it all would be almost like wifi but without any signals being broadcast. that means speed would no longer be an issue except for how fast the main server computer runs.
  1398. [14:46] <%corvusmalus> torpit, we have such laws. here companies you have no relation to, are not allowed to store any personal information about you. and all others have to restrict it to data necessary related to the business they have with you. and you can do something like foi requests on companies and agencies, where they have to deliver you a complete copy of all data they have about you and a complete
  1399. [14:46] <%corvusmalus> description of all processes operating on  that data.
  1400. [14:46] <MadPierrot> dataman3
  1401. [14:46] <MadPierrot>
  1402. [14:46] <+gonzobot> Title: FACT CHECK: Did London Mayor Sadiq Khan Defend 9/11 Terrorists?
  1403. 01[14:46] <10dataman3> lol snopes
  1404. [14:46] <MadPierrot> so that's BS. next
  1405. [14:46] <loathiing> he's already seen it.
  1406. 01[14:46] <10dataman3> look up the owner of snopes
  1407. [14:46] <loathiing> snopes is lib fake news.
  1408. 01[14:46] <10dataman3> snops is garbage
  1409. 01[14:46] <10dataman3> it is
  1410. [14:46] <Manos> "lol *" whenever someone posts something that refutes dataman
  1411. [14:46] <torpit> You can't go against it.
  1412. 01[14:46] <10dataman3> read up on the owner of snopes
  1413. [14:47] <loathiing> data... you will never find a source that is without bias.
  1414. [14:47] <MadPierrot> dataman3 you can't dismiss a whole website based on it's owners. You value it based on the content
  1415. [14:47] <loathiing> people have opinions.
  1416. 01[14:47] <10dataman3> snopes trash just like wapo
  1417. [14:47] <captainmeta4> snopes is so misused
  1418. [14:47] <MadPierrot> sigh
  1419. [14:47] <captainmeta4> I should just +g
  1420. [14:47] <%corvusmalus> torpit, and that's after we calmed down pretty much about data protection, in the 80s we still bate and chased people wanting to get census data away.
  1421. [14:47] <dr0w> Snopes isn't always right, but like anything you have to check the content.  This sentence is telling to me:
  1422. [14:47] <dr0w> In the circulating clip Khan referenced “three British men”, which should have been a primary clue that it did not have anything to do with the 2001 hijackers.
  1423. [14:48] <Don`Quixote> here comes the next stage of 3d printing
  1424. [14:48] <+gonzobot> Title: '4D' printed objects could be used in space exploration | Daily Mail Online
  1425. [14:48] <Manos> Here's a great article from talking about how Clinton molests children while Podesta autoeroticasphyxiates
  1426. [14:48] <Don`Quixote> if you want to know what to expect from the future, keep up guys.
  1427. [14:48] <loathiing> lol
  1428. [14:48] <MadPierrot> Manos++
  1429. [14:49] <loathiing> do you think hillary uses seth rich's cut out tongue as a feminine cleaning wipe?
  1430. [14:49] <loathiing> the poor fool.
  1431. 01[14:49] <10dataman3> khan says terrorism has nothing to do with islam LMAO
  1432. 01[14:49] <10dataman3> what a tool
  1433. [14:49] <%corvusmalus> torpit, that was 1987: :D at other protests about it there were hundreds of wounded.
  1434. [14:49] <Manos> She turned his scrote into a menstrual cup.
  1435. [14:49] <loathiing> he should have kept quiet. hillary is way too dangerous.
  1436. [14:49] <loathiing> she scares me.
  1437. [14:49] <loathiing> she is truly terrifying.
  1438. [14:50] <loathiing> deadly. and untouchable.
  1439. [14:50] <loathiing> no one will fuck with her. just the brave souls on the alt right. but even those really tough guys can't seem to drag her down.
  1440. [14:50] <MadPierrot>
  1441. [14:50] <+gonzobot> Title: George W. Bush Addresses Muslims in the Aftermath of the 9/11 Attacks
  1442. [14:50] <MadPierrot> dataman3
  1443. [14:50] <loathiing> the evil must end! when will a team of elite hackers arrest hillary clinton for ordering pizza on 9/11?
  1444. [14:50] <MadPierrot> so you're not a fan of Bush either right?
  1445. [14:51] <MadPierrot> is he also a Soros shill?
  1446. [14:51] <loathiing> i miss bush. bush was a funny guy. and i mean that literally.
  1447. [14:51] <%corvusmalus> loathiing, even worse, she ordered a hotdog without a bun!!!
  1448. [14:51] <dr0w> The Koch brothers are Soros shills!  
  1449. [14:51] <loathiing> he was smarter than people like to admit. he was just goofy
  1450. [14:52] <MadPierrot> i heard Shillary ordered grey poupon mustard! what a liberal elite psycho
  1451. [14:52] <loathiing> his famous gaff, the "fool me once thing"? he said he fucked up at that moment because he knew if he said the real quote, the news media would be playing clips of him saying "shame on me" over and over again.
  1452. [14:52] <loathiing> i feel bad for the guy.
  1453. [14:53] <loathiing> yet even he didn't get on the internet to flame his critics like some little twat who never got his ass kicked.
  1454. [14:53] <loathiing> ahhh. when men were men and donald was just a reality tv guy people kept around because he reminded them of the 80s....
  1455. [14:54] <loathiing> honestly. let the mexicans take this shit. bring all them middle eatern people here.
  1456. [14:54] <loathiing> they can all have this shit.
  1457. [14:54] <loathiing> we didn't do anything with it but put up strip malls anyway.
  1458. [14:54] <loathiing> fuck this.
  1459. [14:55] <loathiing> i don't want them middle eatern refoogees comin' over here and takin' mah parkin lots!
  1460. [14:56] <loathiing> fuck it all, right?
  1461. [14:57] <loathiing> and all these cranky mother fuckers arguing about whose club is cooler. fuck your clubs. your clubs are full of killers, thieves, and lawyers.
  1462. [14:57] <%corvusmalus> torpit, this is the main principle of the law here: "Data reduction and data economy: Personal data are to be collected, processed and used, and processing systems are to be designed in accordance with the aim of collecting, processing and using as little personal data as possible. In particular, personal data are to be aliased or rendered anonymous as far as possible and the effort involved
  1463. [14:57] <%corvusmalus> is reasonable in relation to the desired level of protection." and also: "Provision of information to the data subject (1) The data subject shall, at his request, be provided with information on 1.  stored data concerning him, including any reference in them to their origin, 2.  the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data are transmitted, and 3.  the purpose of storage."
  1464. [14:57] <Kichigai> loathiing, at least when Bush f'd it up was just a minor gaffe, not something emblematic of a more fundamental misunderstanding of concepts, and he knew how to laugh that stuff off too.
  1465. [14:58] <loathiing> it's all too weird. i don't believe it.
  1466. [14:59] <Manos> Starting the iraq war was not a minor gaffe
  1467. [14:59] <loathiing> well, we created a power vacuum sure. but fuck saddam.
  1468. [14:59] <loathiing> bad planning.
  1469. [14:59] <loathiing> poor understanding of middle eastern politics.
  1470. [15:00] <Manos> Iraq remains far worse than anything Trump has accomplished yet.
  1471. [15:00] <Kichigai> Manos, well that's another story, I mean like when Bush goofed on stuff like "strategery" or "is our children learning," compared to Trump's incoherent rambling about what a good brain he has and half an anecdote about his uncle when asked about the Nuclear Triad.
  1472. [15:00] <%corvusmalus> loathiing, no - they knew that it won't work that way. sane neocons like fukuyama thus criticized it back then, told which problems there will be, and left the neocons for good.
  1473. [15:00] <loathiing> i'm on bush's side.
  1474. [15:00] <loathiing>
  1475. [15:00] <+gonzobot> (loathiing) This is the guy who tried to kill my dad. - length 1m 46s - 57 likes, 9 dislikes (86.4%) - 31,612 views - Doug Wead on 2008.12.10
  1476. [15:00] <Kichigai> When Bush said something stupid you laughed at it. When Trump says something stupid you question his understanding of the world around him.
  1477. [15:00] <Manos> I still user "misunderestimate" frequently. W was good for those.
  1478. [15:00] <loathiing> saddam tried to kill my dad? and i just so happen to be the high king of skyrim.
  1479. [15:04] <torpit> Some might accuse dems, for the db leak. Some might say someone more loyal to superpacs/alt partisan than the party... At either rate.. You need a network database personal information cap law.
  1480. [15:04] <Don`Quixote>
  1481. [15:04] <+gonzobot> Title: Driver killed after he rams police vehicle with car carrying explosives on Champs-Elysees
  1482. [15:05] <Manos> wow
  1483. [15:05] <%corvusmalus> torpit, yeah. did you see the law i just linked you. that's pretty strict - but even the us should have a milder version of something like that.
  1484. [15:07] <%corvusmalus> torpit, and about the leaking - i don't see it is much worse to leak that to the public, than political interest groups owning the data. why the fuck are they allowed to spy in such ways on the citizens? that's fucking intrusive and like that stasi.
  1485. [15:08] <Don`Quixote> Now this is getting bad,,,,,,,,, mexico has all kinds of problems,.
  1486. [15:08] <+gonzobot> Title: Using Texts as Lures, Government Spyware Targets Mexican Journalists and Their Families - The New York Times
  1487. [15:10] <WinstonWolf>
  1488. [15:10] <WinstonWolf> cant wait for the republican version of the internet
  1489. [15:11] <WinstonWolf> i dont really get how repubs defend this...
  1490. [15:11] <Manos> free market baby
  1491. [15:11] <Kichigai> WinstonWolf, but net neutrality was Obamacare for the Internet, and Obamacare is exploding! Why do you want the Internet to be exploding?
  1492. [15:12] <WinstonWolf> indeed, ive been silly
  1493. [15:12] <WinstonWolf> if that truly comes to pass, people will revolt
  1494. [15:13] <Don`Quixote>
  1495. [15:13] <+gonzobot> Title: Exxon Makes a Biofuel Breakthrough - Bloomberg
  1496. [15:13] <WinstonWolf> im not sure a human comes any crazier than an internet addicted one
  1497. [15:13] <Don`Quixote> Oil will become less and less of a political issue at this rate.
  1498. [15:20] <Kichigai> Oil should already be less of a political issue. We have such a glut of NatGas that we've had to cap off wells because it costs more to extract than it's worth.
  1499. [15:22] <Don`Quixote> good
  1500. [15:23] <torpit> corvusmalus: yep. Surveillance state concerns.
  1501. [15:23] <torpit> I was driving.. So let me grab those links..
  1502. [15:23] <Don`Quixote> besides, humanity does not realize it yet, but much later we are going to need those natural oil reserves, building huge space colonies and the like is going to eat away a lot of that.
  1503. [15:24] <Don`Quixote> petroleums make a lot more then fuels
  1504. [15:24] <torpit> corvusmalus: funny you mention the stasi. Putin was a stasi overseer for the KGB.
  1505. [15:25] <%corvusmalus> torpit, not really, at least not about surveillance of citizens. his job war more about recrution of spies in the frg.
  1506. 02[15:27] * loathiing has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 241 seconds)
  1507. [15:29] <Don`Quixote>
  1508. [15:29] <+gonzobot> Title: Brexit: EU, UK Focus on Citizens' Rights in 'Promising' Day |
  1509. [15:30] <torpit> corvusmalus: wonder how many weren't reported.
  1510. [15:30] <%corvusmalus> torpit, what do you mean?
  1511. [15:32] <Don`Quixote>
  1512. [15:32] <+gonzobot> Title: Registered to Vote? If So, A GOP Firm Probably Exposed Your Personal Data | HuffPost
  1513. [15:33] <torpit> Well.. The kgb hung the phone up on Putin the day the wall came down.. Meaning: the Kremlin blacked out.
  1514. 02[15:33] * Tylzen[bestc] has quit IRC (Connection closed)
  1515. [15:34] <%corvusmalus> torpit, hm - moscow didn't answer on that day anymore at all, yeah. but what do you mean with "how many weren't reported"?
  1516. [15:35] <torpit> For some time he was off the grid. So.. Anyhow.. Yes. We need a size cap on personal data networked databases. That's too juicy.
  1517. [15:35] <torpit> corvusmalus: how many people did he recruit without anyone's knowledge?
  1518. [15:36] <%corvusmalus> torpit, i don't think that happened. he wasn't a boss or something.
  1519. [15:36] <Don`Quixote> Cosby was a mistrial.
  1520. [15:38] <torpit> Its so easy these days to create a beast computer.. 1tb hdd.. Single database. 200 million Americans records. 50,000 dollars paycheck and million dollar contracts to make it all look secure..
  1521. 03[15:38] * angrybread has joined #politics
  1522. [15:38] <angrybread> why wouldnt cosby be a mistrial
  1523. [15:39] <torpit> It would have been smarter to split their records up between different companies.. Using different systems.
  1524. [15:39] <%corvusmalus> torpit, and the spy ring he alledgely built for the time after the gdr was lead by a verfassungsschutz spy - and the other ivolved people got detained. so this job clearly
  1525. [15:39] <Don`Quixote> wasnt saying either way, why was you assuming otherwise? all i did was note that it was a mistrial, for those who may be interested.
  1526. [15:39] <torpit> But still.. Why should anyone have that much info on that many people?
  1527. [15:40] <%corvusmalus> torpit, yeah. aquiring and storing this data should be illegal.
  1528. [15:40] <%corvusmalus> and that in particular for political parties.
  1529. [15:40] <torpit> Youre gonna get amway calls! You are soooo screwed!
  1530. [15:41] <angrybread> bill cosby should run for president
  1531. [15:42] <%corvusmalus> torpit, also beside the leak - they also clearly "shared" the data with google...
  1532. [15:42] <Don`Quixote> corvusmalus:  did you read the article on GOP Firm I posted a few min ago?
  1533. [15:42] <Don`Quixote> it feeds into your argument
  1534. [15:42] <%corvusmalus> no, but i'll ;)
  1535. [15:43] <torpit> Yep.. Calls from puthan Patel posing as himie michelobich the Jewish Russian gigolo..
  1536. [15:43] <torpit> Saying you owe for sex toys.
  1537. [15:45] <%corvusmalus> Don`Quixote, hm, how does it? it is not more than the other articles?
  1538. [15:46] <Don`Quixote> Large caches of text appear to have been scraped from Reddit, while other folders seem to have been named to track the origin of the data each contains. UpGuard reported that American Crossroads, the super-PAC Republican strategist Karl Rove helped start, likely contributed data, as did a company called Data Trust, which boasts a mission of “contin
  1539. [15:46] <Don`Quixote> ually develop[ing] a Republican and conservative data ecosystem through voter file collection, development, and enhancement.”
  1540. [15:47] <Kichigai> "Enhancement"? WTF does that mean?
  1541. [15:47] <Don`Quixote> ast January, Vickery found a database with 56 million records that appeared to belong to a right-wing Christian organization. In addition to more standard information like a person’s name and address, it included individual income levels, whether they donated to religious organizations, where they worked, and whether they were politically conservat
  1542. [15:47] <Don`Quixote> ive.
  1543. [15:48] <angrybread> steve bannon is also linked to the company
  1544. [15:48] <Don`Quixote> thats a lot of personal information that republicans are collecting
  1545. [15:48] <HydroponicFunBags> Here's something we should be talking about. The press was told they cant film audio for off camera press briefings.
  1546. [15:48] <Don`Quixote> and i am sure it will also note who are not republicans
  1547. [15:48] <HydroponicFunBags> And instead of protesting it they just all went along with it and then bitched about it on twitter afterwards.
  1548. [15:49] <HydroponicFunBags> Why are they so terrible?
  1549. [15:49] <Kichigai> HydroponicFunBags, Spicy?
  1550. [15:49] <HydroponicFunBags> Do they think theyre gonna miss a big "scoop" from a fucking white house press briefing?
  1551. [15:49] <HydroponicFunBags>
  1552. [15:49] <+gonzobot> (HydroponicFunBags) ✓@brianstelter (Brian Stelter): "I don't know why everyone is going along with this." @Acosta says maybe reporters should have skipped Spicer gaggle (1 hour and 1 minute ago)
  1553. [15:49] <%corvusmalus> Don`Quixote, do they also work in the eu?
  1554. [15:50] <Don`Quixote> Oh ok i get your point,
  1555. [15:50] <Don`Quixote> I keep forgetting sometimes your not in the US
  1556. [15:51] <Don`Quixote> I think
  1557. [15:51] <HydroponicFunBags> "I dont know why everybody is going along with this" YES, Mr fucking reporter, why are YOU going along with this?
  1558. [15:51] <Don`Quixote> or was the subject about EU only
  1559. [15:51] <HydroponicFunBags> Its amazing to me how they can just bitch and moan and then be like "Welp, theres nothing else we can do!" like fuck, youre worse than congress
  1560. [15:52] <angrybread> trump is a bitch
  1561. [15:52] <angrybread> his press secretary is a bitch
  1562. [15:52] <%corvusmalus> Don`Quixote, no, i just asked, because if they do, and they scrapped reddit, it is also about my data, and i would consider to start some request and report to get them offline asap.
  1563. [15:52] <angrybread> trump supporters are bitches
  1564. [15:53] <angrybread> reddit archives all your posts, then compiles them into books and sells them on amazon
  1565. [15:53] <angrybread> true story
  1566. [15:54] <Don`Quixote> corvusmalus:  its likley they did, because it would be hard to separate peoples comments.
  1567. [15:54] <%corvusmalus> Don`Quixote, if they have any company seed in the eu, we could try to get them fined, also i can request any data they have about me, and in addition complete information about the origin of that data, and a complete description about any methods used to analyse and operate with it.
  1568. [15:54] <%corvusmalus> ^seat
  1569. [15:55] <captainmeta4> Voted trump. Can confirm, am Putin's bitch
  1570. [15:55] <captainmeta4> He hacked my mind and made me fill in the circle next to Trump/Pence
  1571. [15:55] <Kichigai> So I think I've figured it out: they want to turn off recorders because then they can dispute whether or not a reporter misquoted them or not.
  1572. [15:55] <angrybread>
  1573. [15:56] <%corvusmalus> angrybread, if you're interested in reddit analysis - people downloaded it completely and it is as a sql accessible package on google big query. pretty useful.
  1574. [15:56] <angrybread> you have a link
  1575. [15:56] <%corvusmalus> angrybread, sorry, no. i just bound the database into by big query account.
  1576. [15:56] <%corvusmalus> ^my big
  1577. [15:57] <HydroponicFunBags> Kichgai well yes, absolutely thats the aim. Spicer was looking bad on the on cam briefings.
  1578. [15:57] <%corvusmalus> angrybread, but it is all of reddit and updated monthly by new packages.
  1579. [15:57] <HydroponicFunBags> So they swap to off camera and only do on camera ones occasionally and send out the better spoken sarah huckabee sanders for those.
  1580. [15:57] <angrybread> ah
  1581. [15:58] <Kichigai> HydroponicFunBags, also it means that if Spicy goes and says something that sounds bad he can contest he actually said it that way. Of course what they forget is that it's still a room full of reporters, and it's not like they all won't be taking down the same notes.
  1582. [15:58] <%corvusmalus> angrybread, if you have a huge computer, you can also torrent the database itself.
  1583. [15:58] <Kichigai> Also, DC has Single Party Consent, IIRC, so they could record every conversation they ever have without telling anyone.
  1584. [15:59] <HydroponicFunBags> Fuck those reporters, they should be walking out in protest, not playing their games.
  1585. [15:59] <HydroponicFunBags> Yes, they could record anyway in secret.
  1586. [15:59] <angrybread> that would be the best
  1587. [16:00] <angrybread> if the reporters all recorded the press briefings in secret
  1588. [16:00] <Kichigai> The only problem with that is if they ever got caught they'd risk having their credentials revoked for not complying.
  1589. [16:00] <Don`Quixote> Na, just make all our politicians wear those police cams and recorders too, during their working hours.
  1590. [16:01] <HydroponicFunBags> Thats why none of them will do it, Kichigai, and its why all of them should band together and refuse to cover briefings until they are back on camera.
  1591. 01[16:01] <10dataman3>
  1592. [16:01] <+gonzobot> Title: EU army inevitable, says senior German official
  1593. [16:01] <captainmeta4> !op
  1594. 03[16:01] * NSA sets mode: +o captainmeta4
  1595. 01[16:01] <10dataman3> Germany arming up for global takeover attempt #3
  1596. 01[16:02] <10dataman3> well, 3rd this century
  1597. 01[16:02] <10dataman3> probably their 50th try
  1598. [16:02] <Kichigai> HydroponicFunBags, except "all of them" won't band together. Fox News and InfoWars just become the exclusive coverage of the White House.
  1599. [16:02] <@captainmeta4> !kb Alien46 harassing another user in PM
  1600. 03[16:02] * Alien46 was kicked by NSA (harassing another user in PM (captainmeta4))
  1601. 03[16:02] * NSA sets mode: +b *!*@Snoonet-s50.1bu.d1sdal.IP
  1602. [16:02] <@captainmeta4> !deop
  1603. 03[16:02] * NSA sets mode: -o captainmeta4
  1604. [16:02] <torpit> dataman: hardly. It wouldn't work.
  1605. 01[16:02] <10dataman3> I know it wont work
  1606. [16:02] <HydroponicFunBags> Kichigai: So let them. All of the normal, qualified press should band together.
  1607. 01[16:02] <10dataman3> but they are trying and many are onto them
  1608. 01[16:02] <10dataman3> many are blind to it, like corvusmalus
  1609. [16:02] <torpit> Did they get alliance base and trefoil up and running in Lyon?
  1610. [16:02] <HydroponicFunBags> Breaking news isnt broken from a fucking WH press briefing.
  1611. [16:03] <Kichigai> HydroponicFunBags, no, but then you don't get stories like this:
  1612. [16:03] <+gonzobot> Title: Spicer: Trump’s Tweets Are ‘Official Statements By The President’ (VIDEO) – Talking Points Memo
  1613. [16:03] <HydroponicFunBags> Letting Fox and Infowars become the sole entities to cover the WH briefings would only serve to further delegitimize the white house.
  1614. [16:03] <torpit> NATO wasnt really in Ukraine. But where it is.. The Russians don't even think of going into.
  1615. 01[16:03] <10dataman3> HydroponicFunBags "only" ???
  1616. [16:04] <torpit> The Germans drop a division and some German says "EU army". We are all like whaaaa?
  1617. 01[16:04] <10dataman3>
  1618. [16:04] <+gonzobot> Title: Dem whip delivers pizzas to Scalise staffers | TheHill
  1619. 01[16:04] <10dataman3> ^^ subtle
  1620. [16:04] <HydroponicFunBags> Stories like that have no impact when its not on film Kichigai because they say such retarded shit that no one can even believe it until they see and hear with their own eyes. That was from an on camera briefing.
  1621. 01[16:04] <10dataman3> scalise was a major opponent of human trafficing and pedorapes
  1622. [16:04] <WinstonWolf> isnt that fake news tho dataman3?
  1623. 01[16:04] <10dataman3>
  1624. [16:04] <+gonzobot> (dataman3) ✓@SteveScalise (Rep. Steve Scalise): The House is taking strong action to protect victims of #HumanTrafficking and to bring child predators to justice. (24 days and 23 hours ago)
  1625. 01[16:04] <10dataman3>
  1626. [16:04] <+gonzobot> (dataman3) ✓@SteveScalise (Rep. Steve Scalise): Human trafficking affects millions of victims who need our help. Working with @POTUS, we will fight this epidemic. (3 months and 25 days ago)
  1627. 01[16:05] <10dataman3>
  1628. [16:05] <+gonzobot> Title: Scalise Update - MedStar Washington Hospital Center
  1629. [16:05] <WinstonWolf> if youve claimed it to be fake in the past, you cant claim its suddenly legit
  1630. 01[16:05] <10dataman3> scalise is brought to same hospital as seth rich, treated by same doctor
  1631. 01[16:05] <10dataman3> doctor was a heavy obama and DNC donor
  1632. [16:05] <HydroponicFunBags> dataman3 Oh so them delivering pizzas to Scalise staffers was obviously them saying "hahahaha we are referencing child rape, enjoy your pizza"
  1633. [16:05] <HydroponicFunBags> K, got it.
  1634. 01[16:05] <10dataman3> a subtle dig
  1635. [16:05] <WinstonWolf> lol
  1636. [16:06] <HydroponicFunBags> Kay.
  1637. 01[16:06] <10dataman3> interpret it however you want
  1638. [16:06] <torpit> You said that info got to google? Google announces they want to combat extremism?
  1639. 14[16:06] * feldstein has left #politics
  1640. 01[16:06] <10dataman3> google is trash
  1641. [16:07] <torpit> Corporations... Sheesh.
  1642. [16:07] <Kichigai> torpit, Are you talking about the RNC database?
  1643. [16:07] <torpit> Yeah.
  1644. [16:07] <HydroponicFunBags> dataman3 you can get a lot of people to agree that USA has a human trafficking and pedo problem. You can even get most of those to believe that people in government and law enforcement have pedo/trafficking connections, a la the catholic church or british parliament or hollywood.
  1645. [16:07] <Kichigai> torpit, someone put it into Google BigQuery, which is just a database engine AFAIK.
  1646. 01[16:07] <10dataman3> im not trying to get people to agree
  1647. 01[16:07] <10dataman3> the truth is out there
  1648. [16:07] <Kichigai> torpit, like GitHub but for SQL.
  1649. [16:07] <Kichigai> .yt xfiles theme
  1650. [16:07] <+gonzobot> (Kichigai) the x files theme song (full version) - length 5m 2s - 67,729 likes, 3,253 dislikes (95.4%) - 10,520,757 views - baanetland on 2009.10.20 -
  1651. [16:08] <HydroponicFunBags> But when you insist that democrats delivering pizzas to the staffers of a republican congressman who got shot because they are sending him super secret joke messages to rub their pedophilia in his face... you sound absolutely bonkers
  1652. 01[16:08] <10dataman3> no youre bonkers
  1653. 01[16:08] <10dataman3> i said it was a subtle dig
  1654. [16:08] <%corvusmalus> Kichigai, torpit, it was me talking about big query - that was about the complete reddit, not about that rnc database.
  1655. [16:09] <Kichigai> corvusmalus, AAaaaahhhhhhhhhh. Still, BigQuery is essentially just an SQL engine, though, right? Or is my assessment wrong?
  1656. 02[16:09] * HydroponicFunBags has quit IRC (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
  1657. [16:10] <%corvusmalus> Kichigai, i think so. at least i only used it with sql so far. but i guess it can do more as a dedicated big data tool.
  1658. [16:11] <%corvusmalus> Kichigai, i mean pattern recognition stuff and so on. i only used it to get my own posts from reddit and to download "historically" interesting parts of a sub i mod.
  1659. [16:11] <torpit> Organized extremism can be handled from ISC
  1660. [16:12] <angrybread> steve scalise is a scumbag...i just looked up his political record
  1661. [16:12] <torpit> Hostile bits are hostile bits.
  1662. 01[16:12] <10dataman3> this isnt new stuff
  1663. 01[16:12] <10dataman3>
  1664. [16:12] <+gonzobot> Title: Botched database leaks records for 191 million voters
  1665. 01[16:12] <10dataman3> angrybread scalise would probably call you a scumbag too
  1666. 01[16:12] <10dataman3> considering youre a certified racist
  1667. [16:12] <angrybread> lol hes a piece of shit
  1668. 01[16:12] <10dataman3> and you arent?
  1669. [16:12] <angrybread> you are the racist
  1670. 01[16:12] <10dataman3> youre a racist
  1671. [16:13] <angrybread> no you backsies
  1672. 01[16:13] <10dataman3>     [21:51] <angrybread> white people need to be locked up for the good of humanity
  1673. 01[16:13] <10dataman3>     [22:09] <angrybread> skin color doesnt define race
  1674. 01[16:13] <10dataman3>     [22:12] <angrybread> just because you are a peckerwood doesnt make me a racist
  1675. [16:13] <torpit> So.... The best way companies can help.. Is support this against organized extremism through the internet storm centre
  1676. 01[16:13] <10dataman3> angrybread i just quoted examples that show your overt racism
  1677. 01[16:14] <10dataman3> can you cite examples of me saying such things?
  1678. 01[16:14] <10dataman3> im sure you cant
  1679. [16:14] <angrybread> dataman3 give me your klan robes and ill buy you a mcmuffin
  1680. 01[16:14] <10dataman3> i hate kkk
  1681. 01[16:15] <10dataman3> funny how you lash out at me when I point out that youre a racist
  1682. 01[16:15] <10dataman3> rather than saying you arent racist lol
  1683. 01[16:15] <10dataman3> all I did was quote your own words
  1684. [16:16] <torpit> This also means an anti organized extremist defense is better than any one company.
  1685. 01[16:17] <10dataman3> angrybread KKK stemmed from the democratic party
  1686. 01[16:17] <10dataman3> did you leave? lol
  1687. 01[16:17] <10dataman3> your typical idiot millenial doesnt know who Wallace was
  1688. 01[16:17] <10dataman3>
  1689. [16:17] <+gonzobot> Title: George Wallace - Wikipedia
  1690. [16:17] <MadPierrot> who's an idiot?
  1691. 01[16:17] <10dataman3> angrybread = fail = racist
  1692. [16:17] <torpit> dataman3.. Bet you hate Jimmy Cahtah
  1693. [16:19] <AmerieHartree> frankly I'm sick of these people on the right calling us racist with no justification
  1694. [16:19] <AmerieHartree> you know if you just chuck that term around, it's not going to mean very much, right
  1695. 01[16:19] <10dataman3> i just showed evidence
  1696. 01[16:19] <10dataman3> so not sure why you say theres no justification
  1697. [16:19] <Kichigai> AmerieHartree, that's kinda the point.
  1698. [16:19] <torpit> The Carter Presidency taught me optimism. The Clinton Presidency showed me prosperity.
  1699. [16:20] <MadPierrot> AmerieHartree dataman3's claiming that angrybread is racist against white people
  1700. [16:20] <AmerieHartree> well, somebody is calling somebody racist on the internet
  1701. [16:20] <AmerieHartree> generally it's reasonable to claim, off the bat, that there's very little justification
  1702. 01[16:20] <10dataman3> claim is a soft word
  1703. 01[16:20] <10dataman3> im showing that he is
  1704. [16:20] <AmerieHartree> uh
  1705. [16:20] <torpit> My dad was a teacher through most of the carter presidency.. And I had a governess through most of the carter presidency. Hows that. A teacher.
  1706. [16:21] <AmerieHartree> what does peckerwood mean
  1707. [16:21] <MadPierrot> dick
  1708. [16:21] <MadPierrot> .urban peckerwood
  1709. [16:21] <+gonzobot> (MadPierrot) [1/10] A peckerwood is a rural white southerner, usually poor, undereducated or otherwise ignorant and bigoted, the term gained popularity in the deep south during the early twentieth century and was meant... -
  1710. [16:21] <MadPierrot> oh
  1711. [16:21] <MadPierrot> ^
  1712. 01[16:21] <10dataman3> its a slightly racist term
  1713. [16:21] <MadPierrot> dataman3 are you southern?
  1714. 01[16:21] <10dataman3> like cracker etc
  1715. 01[16:21] <10dataman3> no, born and raised in michigan
  1716. [16:22] <torpit> I was working for msft and many other companies in the 1990's. I made all the way up to 32 dollars an hour. Non programming. Clinton. Yeah!
  1717. 01[16:22] <10dataman3> im probably upper class too, by definition
  1718. [16:22] <MadPierrot> so you're part of the reason Trump was elected?
  1719. [16:22] <AmerieHartree> old school anti-white racism, thats a hell of a niche
  1720. 01[16:22] <10dataman3> the reason he was elected?
  1721. 01[16:22] <10dataman3> i voted for him if thats what youre asking
  1722. [16:22] <AmerieHartree> you are not upper class because you are american
  1723. [16:22] <MadPierrot> if you voted for him
  1724. [16:22] <MadPierrot> yeah
  1725. [16:22] <arble> the US has no upper class smh
  1726. [16:22] <MadPierrot> and in MI
  1727. [16:22] <torpit> And I could really throw out some purchasing power.
  1728. [16:22] <MadPierrot> MI went red
  1729. 01[16:22] <10dataman3> MI was a big swing state for trump
  1730. 01[16:22] <10dataman3> he won big here
  1731. [16:22] <MadPierrot> bigly
  1732. [16:23] <AmerieHartree> arble, oh my
  1733. 01[16:23] <10dataman3> Hillary never visited, she just sent Chelsea to Flint like 5 times
  1734. [16:23] <MadPierrot> So I can blame you for our current situation
  1735. [16:23] <arble> it's true though
  1736. 01[16:23] <10dataman3> you can try, ill show you to be wrong
  1737. [16:23] <arble> no lords, no ladies
  1738. 01[16:23] <10dataman3> go for it MadPierrot
  1739. [16:23] <arble> not even a baron
  1740. [16:23] <AmerieHartree> barely a baronet
  1741. [16:23] <arble> you can count the Viscounts on the fingers of no hands
  1742. [16:24] <MadPierrot> dataman3 did your district go Red or Blue?
  1743. 01[16:24] <10dataman3> if by that measure you can blame me, then MadPierrot you are about to get a lot of blame coming your way LOL
  1744. [16:24] <Manos> Trump won Michigan by 11K votes. That a bigly win?
  1745. 01[16:24] <10dataman3> yes Manos it turned
  1746. [16:24] <Manos> It was a .3% edge
  1747. [16:24] <MadPierrot> My district went Red as well despite my efforts
  1748. 02[16:24] * jonesnc has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
  1749. [16:24] <MadPierrot> rip
  1750. [16:24] <WinstonWolf> thats not a "bigly" win
  1751. [16:24] <WinstonWolf> its a bare escape
  1752. [16:25] <torpit> During the carter presidency.. The first half.. I lived in a mansion basically.
  1753. 01[16:25] <10dataman3> elections are typically won by very slim margins
  1754. 01[16:25] <10dataman3> its why the allocation issue is so important
  1755. [16:25] <WinstonWolf> not this slim
  1756. 01[16:25] <10dataman3> and gerrymandeing is important
  1757. [16:25] <torpit> Not a huge place.. But put it this way. A lawyer bought it later.
  1758. [16:25] <AmerieHartree> yeah you have to go back 16 years to find one like this
  1759. 01[16:25] <10dataman3> first time michigan has gone republican in quite some time, it was a big victory for trump
  1760. [16:25] <AmerieHartree> and how far back do you have to go before that to find another victory like thta, dataman3
  1761. [16:25] <angrybread> steve scalise is a white supremacist
  1762. [16:25] <MadPierrot> .wiki Steve Scalise
  1763. [16:25] <+gonzobot> (MadPierrot) Steve ScaliseStephen Joseph Scalise (/skəˈliːs/; born October 6, 1965) is the current United States House of Representatives Majority Whip and representative for Louisiana's 1st congressional... ::
  1764. 01[16:25] <10dataman3> democrats cant even accept that winning michigan was a victory for trump lol
  1765. [16:25] <WinstonWolf> gerrymandering has fucked republicans into stagnation anyway, i support it
  1766. [16:26] <MadPierrot> dataman3 victory for trump, loss for the country
  1767. [16:26] <MadPierrot> :(
  1768. [16:26] <Manos> We're just contesting your own quote of "he won big here"
  1769. 01[16:26] <10dataman3> gerrymandering is for both parties, they both do it
  1770. [16:26] <Manos> derp derp de derp
  1771. 01[16:26] <10dataman3> MadPierrot trump is better for you than you realize
  1772. [16:26] <WinstonWolf> no dataman3, dont be disingenuous . we said a .3% win isnt a MASSIVE win
  1773. 01[16:26] <10dataman3> he's like your dad giving you tough love
  1774. [16:26] <WinstonWolf> and you know it
  1775. [16:26] <WinstonWolf> :)
  1776. [16:26] <AmerieHartree> I don't think anyone is denying a victory, just that it was a particular strong or triumphant victory
  1777. 01[16:26] <10dataman3> I know that trump winning michigna was a massive victory
  1778. 01[16:26] <10dataman3> hillary fucked herself by not visiting michigan at all
  1779. [16:26] <MadPierrot> s/was/wasn't
  1780. [16:26] <+gonzobot> Correction, <dataman3> I know that trump winning michigna wasn't a massive victory
  1781. [16:27] <AmerieHartree> are you aware of
  1782. [16:27] <AmerieHartree> numbers
  1783. [16:27] <WinstonWolf> and i know that when you win by .3% you barely won
  1784. 01[16:27] <10dataman3> dont alter my statements
  1785. 01[16:27] <10dataman3> MadPierrot
  1786. [16:27] <AmerieHartree> s/dont/
  1787. [16:27] <+gonzobot> Correction, <dataman3>  alter my statements
  1788. [16:27] <MadPierrot> s/dont/do
  1789. [16:27] <+gonzobot> Correction, <dataman3> do alter my statements
  1790. [16:27] <torpit> If it wasnt for my mother running out on us.. We would still own it. So that was not carter's fault. No. Carter was a great president.
  1791. [16:27] <MadPierrot> you got it chief
  1792. 01[16:27] <10dataman3> losers lol
  1793. [16:27] <MadPierrot> o7
  1794. 01[16:27] <10dataman3> this is how you debate
  1795. 01[16:27] <10dataman3> pathetic
  1796. [16:27] <AmerieHartree> s/lol/voted for donald trump
  1797. [16:27] <+gonzobot> Correction, <dataman3> losers voted for donald trump
  1798. [16:27] <WinstonWolf> insults eh?
  1799. [16:27] <MadPierrot> Well .3% isn't massive
  1800. [16:27] <MadPierrot> by any stretch
  1801. 01[16:27] <10dataman3> it is when the state has a long history of going the other way
  1802. [16:27] <MadPierrot> so yeah
  1803. [16:27] <WinstonWolf> i guess being a trump supporter, dataman3 will be able to insult with impunity
  1804. 01[16:27] <10dataman3> its a massive victory
  1805. [16:27] <Kichigai> torpit, Carter also put up his family farm into a *real* blind trust.
  1806. [16:27] <MadPierrot> if by massive you mean narrow than yes
  1807. 01[16:28] <10dataman3> a big win
  1808. [16:28] <MadPierrot> s/big/small
  1809. [16:28] <+gonzobot> Correction, <dataman3> a small win
  1810. [16:28] <torpit> This was also before they called palaces "mansions".. Which comes from maison. Which means house. But proper.
  1811. 01[16:28] <10dataman3> lol MadPierrot you suck at debating
  1812. [16:28] <AmerieHartree> dataman3, more seriously, we'll see. I mean - we're talking about michigan, wisconsin, and PA here, right? For what trump managed to flip
  1813. 01[16:28] <10dataman3> cant even defend a point
  1814. 01[16:28] <10dataman3> trump flipped key states
  1815. 01[16:29] <10dataman3> won fair and square
  1816. [16:29] <WinstonWolf> all personal insults
  1817. [16:29] <WinstonWolf> :)
  1818. 01[16:29] <10dataman3> dems are still tripping out over losing the election
  1819. [16:29] <WinstonWolf> thats the sign of someone whos lost a debate
  1820. [16:29] <AmerieHartree> dataman3, would you say those 3 states are the important ones here tho
  1821. [16:29] <AmerieHartree> or would you include some other states
  1822. 01[16:29] <10dataman3>
  1823. [16:29] <+gonzobot> Title: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  1824. 01[16:29] <10dataman3> you can analyze on your own
  1825. [16:29] <WinstonWolf> no ones tripping, just making the fair and logical point that a .3% victory isnt a HUGE margin of victory
  1826. 01[16:29] <10dataman3> election results are old news
  1827. [16:29] <WinstonWolf> and we're correct :)
  1828. 01[16:29] <10dataman3> wrong
  1829. 01[16:29] <10dataman3> youre incorrect
  1830. [16:30] <WinstonWolf> we'll have to agree to disagree
  1831. [16:30] <MadPierrot> dataman3 how is it big? are you saying 11k votes is a huge margin of victory?
  1832. 01[16:30] <10dataman3> winning the state was a huge victory
  1833. 01[16:30] <10dataman3> inch or a mile
  1834. 01[16:30] <10dataman3> doesnt matter
  1835. [16:30] <MadPierrot> Bush won it 2000 and 2004
  1836. [16:30] <MadPierrot> was it a big victory then?
  1837. [16:30] <MadPierrot> oh wait sry I was wrong
  1838. [16:31] <MadPierrot> 1988 is last time a republican won
  1839. [16:31] <Manos> Hillary Clinton has 2.1% margin over trump in the popular vote, so by dataman's reasoning, that's a big win x7.
  1840. 01[16:31] <10dataman3> yea, youre wrong the whole way down
  1841. 01[16:31] <10dataman3> start over completely
  1842. [16:31] <Kichigai> s/big/bigly
  1843. [16:31] <+gonzobot> Correction, <Manos> Hillary Clinton has 2.1% margin over trump in the popular vote, so by dataman's reasoning, that's a bigly win x7.
  1844. 01[16:31] <10dataman3> pop vote doesnt win election
  1845. 01[16:31] <10dataman3> hillary screwed herself by focusing on pop vote
  1846. 01[16:31] <10dataman3>
  1847. [16:31] <+gonzobot> Title: Hillary and Popular Vote - Imgur
  1848. [16:31] <MadPierrot> hillary screwed herself over by staying in the race
  1849. 03[16:31] * Retrieving #politics modes...
  1850. [16:31] <Manos> ^
  1851. [16:31] <MadPierrot> should have stepped out after the email scandal broke
  1852. 01[16:32] <10dataman3> i love the pop vote argument :)
  1853. 03[16:32] * applesoranges has joined #politics
  1854. [16:32] <applesoranges> .bef
  1855. [16:32] <angrybread> hillary screwed up by not going for donalds throat
  1856. 01[16:32] <10dataman3> angrybread promoting violence lol
  1857. 01[16:32] <10dataman3> racist
  1858. 01[16:32] <10dataman3> angrybread why did you disappear and never address my points?
  1859. [16:32] <MadPierrot> I thought personal attacks aren't allowed?
  1860. [16:32] <MadPierrot> captainmeta4 plz clarify
  1861. 01[16:33] <10dataman3> calling someone a racist isnt a personal attack
  1862. [16:33] <angrybread> i was doing something else
  1863. 01[16:33] <10dataman3> especially if its verifiably true
  1864. [16:33] <angrybread> what were your points
  1865. [16:33] <Manos> That wasn't a pop vote argument, that was applying your own logic to Hillary's pop vote tally. She won big, apples to apples.
  1866. 01[16:33] <10dataman3> angrybread i quoted your statements
  1867. [16:34] <angrybread> i was being sarcastic about locking up all white people
  1868. [16:34] <captainmeta4> Personal attacks aren't allowed
  1869. [16:34] <angrybread> and you are a peckerwood
  1870. 01[16:34] <10dataman3> lol best timing
  1871. [16:34] <angrybread> thats not racist, its just fact
  1872. [16:34] <MadPierrot> ruh roh
  1873. [16:34] <waldenasta> Exactly, Manos. Usually winning the popular vote translates into winning an election
  1874. [16:34] <Manos> Usually
  1875. [16:34] <waldenasta> This has only happened once before with Gore/Bush
  1876. [16:34] <MadPierrot> no it's happened before that as well
  1877. [16:35] <MadPierrot> .yt the problem with the electoral college cgpgrey
  1878. [16:35] <+gonzobot> (MadPierrot) The Trouble with the Electoral College - length 6m 31s - 49,118 likes, 2,113 dislikes (95.9%) - 3,245,319 views - CGP Grey on 2011.11.07 -
  1879. [16:35] <captainmeta4> But it's also important to remember that technically we do not have a popular vote to win
  1880. [16:35] <waldenasta> So it is kind of disingenuous to say that she wasted her time trying to win the popular vote
  1881. 01[16:35] <10dataman3> its just bad strategy to focus on pop vote when the EC is the decider
  1882. 01[16:35] <10dataman3> democratic strategy in 2016 was failure from the start
  1883. [16:35] <waldenasta> No...We are not a true democracy
  1884. 01[16:35] <10dataman3> if they really wanted to win they should have tried with bernie
  1885. [16:35] <waldenasta> We are a Republic. I think sometimes people forget that
  1886. 01[16:35] <10dataman3>     [16:19] <waldenasta> I don't particularly like white people
  1887. [16:35] <Kichigai> Yes, let's ignore the will of the people and intentionally go to win based solely on a technicality.
  1888. [16:36] <Manos> I can't argue against the DNC strategy being a disaster.
  1889. [16:36] <Kichigai> That's the pinnacle of a Representative Democracy!
  1890. [16:36] <MadPierrot> Kichigai it's an outdated system
  1891. 01[16:36] <10dataman3> Kichigai lol thats silly
  1892. [16:36] <MadPierrot> EC needs to be banished
  1893. 01[16:36] <10dataman3> outdated or not, thats the system
  1894. [16:36] <Manos> A continuing disaster, it would seem.
  1895. [16:36] <waldenasta> I think the electoral collage is archaic and should be done away with
  1896. [16:36] <Kichigai> MadPierrot, that was sarcasm.
  1897. 01[16:36] <10dataman3> you play the game by the rules as defined
  1898. 01[16:36] <10dataman3> if we had a pop vote sysytem trump would have won that too
  1899. 01[16:36] <10dataman3> he never campaigned in california, our most populous state
  1900. [16:36] <MadPierrot> orly
  1901. [16:36] <Kichigai> So you subvert the will of the people and win on a technicality. So honest!
  1902. 01[16:36] <10dataman3> Kichigai EC has been our system since the beginning
  1903. [16:36] <MadPierrot> pure speculation dataman3
  1904. [16:36] <waldenasta> If the electoral college had done its job. Which is to make sure that a qualified candidate assumes the office. We would not be in this mess
  1905. 01[16:37] <10dataman3> MadPierrot you are also out on speculation saying the opposite
  1906. [16:37] <MadPierrot> waldenasta++
  1907. [16:37] <MadPierrot> I didn't say the opposite
  1908. [16:37] <MadPierrot> I said "orly"
  1909. 01[16:37] <10dataman3> EC or POP vote is a stupid argument when one party shills in a candidate
  1910. [16:37] <angrybread> they need to go back to a hand counted paper ballot.  the primaries should be regulated not by a private political party but by election law
  1911. 01[16:37] <10dataman3> lol you guys want to change our whole electtion system now that you lost
  1912. 01[16:37] <10dataman3> hahaha
  1913. [16:38] <AmerieHartree> dataman3, so you have to go back to '88 in PA and MI, 84 in WI to find republican presidential victories. Very small margins though, 10.7k in MI, 44k in PA, 22.7k in WI. Michigan is actually the one I think republicans are least likely to hold onto, and therefore in the long run the least important victory. Now, if they can hold onto PA, which seems more likely to me, thats a big win for republicans
  1914. [16:38] <angrybread> trump cant even comb his hair let alone run a country
  1915. [16:38] <Manos> that shit's hair?
  1916. [16:38] <waldenasta> angrybread, lol!
  1917. 01[16:38] <10dataman3> lol attacking his hair
  1918. 01[16:38] <10dataman3> no substance to your criticisms
  1919. [16:38] <nospinzy>
  1920. [16:38] <+gonzobot> (nospinzy) ✓@NBCNightlyNews (NBC Nightly News): BREAKING: Otto Warmbier, American student recently released by North Korea, has died, his family says. (3 minutes and 17 seconds ago)
  1921. [16:39] <AmerieHartree> also I've supported abolishing the electoral college for a long time now
  1922. [16:39] <Manos> That's sad
  1923. 01[16:39] <10dataman3> prob took him off life support
  1924. 01[16:39] <10dataman3> NK fucked his brain up
  1925. [16:39] <angrybread> republicans attacked hillarys hair, obamas suit...trumps comb over is fair game
  1926. [16:39] <%corvusmalus> :( otto died:
  1927. [16:39] <+gonzobot> (corvusmalus) ✓@nktpnd (Ankit Panda): REUTERS: Otto Warmbier, American student who had been detained in #NorthKorea, has died - family statement (2 minutes and 26 seconds ago)
  1928. [16:39] <MadPierrot> rip otto
  1929. 01[16:39] <10dataman3> about to be RIP kim
  1930. [16:39] <MadPierrot> dataman3 look at the timestamp of the EC video, 2011
  1931. 01[16:39] <10dataman3> what video
  1932. [16:39] <Kichigai> angrybread, don't forget they also went after Hillary for not smiling enough.
  1933. [16:39] <MadPierrot> People have been complaining about the EC for a long time
  1934. [16:39] <MadPierrot> .yt the problem with the electoral college cgpgrey
  1935. [16:39] <Kichigai> s/not smiling enough/smiling too much
  1936. [16:39] <+gonzobot> Correction, <Kichigai> angrybread, don't forget they also went after Hillary for smiling too much.
  1937. [16:39] <+gonzobot> (MadPierrot) The Trouble with the Electoral College - length 6m 31s - 49,118 likes, 2,113 dislikes (95.9%) - 3,245,319 views - CGP Grey on 2011.11.07 -
  1938. [16:40] <MadPierrot> you can win the presidency with 22% of the popular vote IIRC
  1939. 01[16:40] <10dataman3> why do i care about some stupid youtube video
  1940. [16:40] <MadPierrot> ><dataman3>: lol you guys want to change our whole electtion system now that you lost
  1941. 01[16:40] <10dataman3> EC has other reasons for existing, and has been our system for long times
  1942. [16:40] <angrybread> that sucks for that kid....probably should have never gone to north korea
  1943. [16:40] <MadPierrot> just because something exists for a long time doesn't make it good
  1944. [16:40] <MadPierrot> EC favors smaller states over larger ones
  1945. [16:41] <jerkstate> trump doesnt have a comb over, he has very expensive plugs
  1946. [16:41] <angrybread> that shit is a comb over
  1947. [16:41] <Kichigai> Slavery was around for a long time, does that mean slavery was a good idea?
  1948. 01[16:41] <10dataman3> MadPierrot crying about it AFTER you lose doesnt change that it was the system DURING the election
  1949. [16:41] <angrybread> plugs would be so much fucking better
  1950. 01[16:41] <10dataman3> hahahha major ANITFA website owned got doxxed... .professor at berkeley lmao
  1951. [16:42] <Manos> It's so a combover
  1952. 01[16:42] <10dataman3> hahah fuckin antifa
  1953. [16:42] <Manos> Is that real news or is that zerohedge news?
  1954. [16:42] <MadPierrot> dataman3 even if Hillary won, EC is still a shitty system
  1955. [16:43] <angrybread>
  1956. [16:43] <Kichigai> angrybread, jerkstate, it's a comb-over following an experimental "scalp reduction" surgery.
  1957. [16:43] <+gonzobot> Title: Donald Trump’s Ivana Rape Allegations Turn Uglier As New Details Emerge About The 1989 Incident
  1958. [16:43] <waldenasta> Oh, my gosh they are now defending the orange one's awful comb over by saying it is EXPENSIVE plugs!
  1959. [16:43] <MadPierrot> Kichigai fake news, he's only been married once (/s)
  1960. 01[16:43] <10dataman3> is this where we talk about bill clinton paying 450k to linda tripp and losing his license to practice law - all over rape accusations
  1961. [16:43] <waldenasta> I swear this cult of 45 is so weird
  1962. [16:44] <MadPierrot> dataman3 is this where we remember Bill wasn't running for president in 2016?
  1963. 01[16:44] <10dataman3>
  1964. [16:44] <+gonzobot> (dataman3) Trump: Bill Clinton was far worse, Hillary should be ashamed - length 4m 36s - 378 likes, 43 dislikes (89.8%) - 49,658 views - Fox News on 2016.10.10
  1965. 01[16:44] <10dataman3> ^^^
  1966. 01[16:44] <10dataman3> watch this
  1967. [16:44] <MadPierrot> why did Repubs focus so much on Bill when it was HIllary running
  1968. [16:44] <WinstonWolf> cant watch fake stuff dataman3
  1969. 01[16:44] <10dataman3> bill injected himself into the campaign
  1970. [16:44] <waldenasta> Trump is the great white hope!
  1971. [16:44] <MadPierrot> So does every spouse
  1972. [16:44] <WinstonWolf> even if its just video, its fake. like  you routinely claim
  1973. [16:45] <waldenasta> Who is failing
  1974. [16:45] <Kichigai> MadPierrot, apparently a wife has no separate and distinct identity separate from her husband's. Once she is married she surrenders all independent identity.
  1975. 01[16:45] <10dataman3> HRC sunk her image with women voters when she stuck with Bill through his rape problems
  1976. 01[16:45] <10dataman3> bill was a factor, no matter how you cut it
  1977. [16:45] <WinstonWolf> she sunk her image with all voters by being a shit candidate
  1978. [16:45] <jerkstate> bill clinton is a factor,
  1979. [16:46] <MadPierrot> Hillary married to a rapist, DJT is an actual rapist
  1980. [16:46] <angrybread> hillary is a conservative...if they attack her politics too much it will cause issues with their own platform
  1981. [16:46] <angrybread> so they went after bill
  1982. 01[16:46] <10dataman3> oops, Bill paid 850k
  1983. 01[16:46] <10dataman3> not 450k
  1984. 01[16:46] <10dataman3> and it was paula jones, not linda tripp
  1985. [16:46] <waldenasta> Because his wife was running! That is not injecting that is been a supportive spouse. At least he didn't have to steal his speech and college degree because he is an illiterate, high school dropout, who married for money
  1986. 01[16:46] <10dataman3> my bad
  1987. [16:46] <MadPierrot> giant douche vs turd sandwich, decision 2016
  1988. 01[16:46] <10dataman3> waldenasta why do you support rape
  1989. [16:46] <WinstonWolf> you know he doesnt
  1990. [16:46] <MadPierrot> dataman3 why do you?
  1991. [16:47] <waldenasta> Who here can say that Melania is with Trump for love
  1992. [16:47] <WinstonWolf> you know it for a fact
  1993. [16:47] <waldenasta> We all know she is bought and paid for
  1994. 01[16:47] <10dataman3>     [08:26] <waldenasta> I hope you are white because I can honestly say that I fucking hate you!
  1995. 01[16:47] <10dataman3> lol thats a good one
  1996. [16:47] <WinstonWolf> just being disingenuous as per usual
  1997. [16:47] <waldenasta> I think thaat is why certain people hate the Obamas so much
  1998. [16:47] <waldenasta> They actually love each other
  1999. [16:47] <waldenasta> sad!
  2000. 01[16:47] <10dataman3> no, obama was hated for his policies
  2001. [16:47] <WinstonWolf> lol
  2002. [16:48] <AmerieHartree> lol
  2003. [16:48] <WinstonWolf> one time obama used dijon mustard and it was in the news cycle for a week
  2004. 01[16:48] <10dataman3> even his libary in chicago is being publicly funded
  2005. [16:48] <Manos> I read so many stupid "Will Michelle divorce barack as soon as Trump takes office" Q&As on Quora. wtf are these people
  2006. 01[16:48] <10dataman3> while illinois is about to go bankrupt
  2007. [16:48] <AmerieHartree> a presidential library being publicly funded, quelle horreur
  2008. [16:48] <waldenasta> dataman3, is in love with me and is angry because I don't like white people that have no job and take advantage of welfare
  2009. 01[16:48] <10dataman3> oabam makes them pay millions for his library
  2010. [16:48] <Kichigai> .g Dijon Derangement Syndrome
  2011. [16:48] <+gonzobot> (Kichigai) -- Dijon Derangement Syndrome: Conservative media attack Obama for burger order ... Dijon Derangement Syndrome:…
  2012. 01[16:48] <10dataman3> AmerieHartree it breaks historical trend
  2013. [16:48] <AmerieHartree> what it would be like to live in your world dataman3
  2014. [16:48] <waldenasta> Stop been so in love with me dataman3
  2015. [16:48] <Kichigai> Yes, totally hated for his policies.
  2016. [16:48] <waldenasta> I don't swing that way
  2017. 01[16:48] <10dataman3>     [22:02] <waldenasta> So you tell me. What makes me saying that I don't particularly like white people so racist
  2018. [16:48] <waldenasta> dataman3, is obsessed with me.
  2019. 01[16:49] <10dataman3> nah, i just think youre funny
  2020. [16:49] <waldenasta> he wants to fellate me the way he does for Trump
  2021. 01[16:49] <10dataman3> and i like to make you mad by posting your own words
  2022. [16:49] <WinstonWolf> dataman3 you dont care about that money. i know cause you dont care that trump is costing us 5 million every golf trip he takes that he personally profits off of
  2023. [16:49] <AmerieHartree> dataman3, would you like to provide a source for that
  2024. 01[16:49] <10dataman3> trump works on the golf course
  2025. [16:49] <WinstonWolf> so if you dont care about the $ trump is costing us golfing and making $ off it, you dont care about obamas library
  2026. 01[16:49] <10dataman3> both japan and china golfed with trump
  2027. [16:49] <waldenasta> I keep telling you dataman3! I only like big bottomed white women!
  2028. 01[16:49] <10dataman3> obama sat in his office looking at the wall
  2029. [16:49] <WinstonWolf> lol he can do that in washington
  2030. [16:49] <AmerieHartree> specifically that it breaks historical trend for a presidential library to be publicly funded, dataman3, thats what I'd like a source for
  2031. 01[16:50] <10dataman3> obama barely traveled at all
  2032. [16:50] <waldenasta> dataman3, do you have a job?
  2033. 01[16:50] <10dataman3> yes
  2034. 01[16:50] <10dataman3> of course
  2035. 01[16:50] <10dataman3> do you
  2036. 01[16:50] <10dataman3>     [22:03] <waldenasta> Brown people cannot be racist. We don't control societal power
  2037. [16:50] <AmerieHartree> dataman3 I would like an answer
  2038. 01[16:50] <10dataman3> on what
  2039. [16:50] <AmerieHartree> to be clear I'm going to be here for the next few hours and I'm not going to stop asking
  2040. [16:51] <waldenasta> So...what is the point of Spicey giving a gaggle and banning cameras and audio
  2041. [16:51] <AmerieHartree> stop being a dick you know what I asked
  2042. 01[16:51] <10dataman3> not really
  2043. [16:51] <waldenasta> this administration is so hiding something
  2044. [16:51] <Manos> Why did Trump (and the right in general) constantly harp on Obama's travel expenses if "barely traveled at all?" Were they... were they just being screeching harpies??
  2045. 01[16:51] <10dataman3> i have like 8 people attacking me at once
  2046. [16:51] <angrybread> its so he can make statements to the press, then deny that he made them after the fact
  2047. [16:51] <angrybread> no soundbytes to be played in the media
  2048. [16:51] <AmerieHartree> dataman3, would you like to provide a source for the assertion that it is a break from historical trend for a presidentail library to be publicly funded
  2049. [16:51] <waldenasta> dataman3, has never spoken out against
  2050. [16:51] <waldenasta> all the trips to his golf course
  2051. [16:52] <AmerieHartree> *presidential
  2052. [16:52] <Kichigai> "Working," sure, as if he couldn't get work done elsewhere.
  2053. [16:52] <waldenasta> Hypocrisy thy name is dataman3
  2054. 01[16:52] <10dataman3> AmerieHartree
  2055. [16:52] <+gonzobot> Title: With High-Profile Help, Obama Plots Life After Presidency - The New York Times
  2056. 01[16:52] <10dataman3> asking for 1 billion of public money
  2057. 01[16:52] <10dataman3> prior presidents built their libraries with funding from their own foundations
  2058. [16:52] <waldenasta> lol
  2059. 01[16:52] <10dataman3> even clinton did
  2060. [16:52] <angrybread> the fact that they have these press briefings where they limit access, video and audio is just proof that the trump administration is just a bunch of scared bitches
  2061. [16:53] <waldenasta> So now you are saying that the black man is what strong arming the public into building his library
  2062. 01[16:53] <10dataman3> AmerieHartree what do you think of that
  2063. [16:53] <waldenasta> dataman3, you call me a racist
  2064. [16:53] <waldenasta> lol
  2065. [16:53] <waldenasta> you are not even trying
  2066. 01[16:53] <10dataman3> you are a racist, i have evidence
  2067. [16:53] <angrybread> he has evidence
  2068. 01[16:53] <10dataman3> evidence of angrybread being racist too
  2069. [16:53] <waldenasta> says the guy who has never had a kind word for a brown person
  2070. 01[16:53] <10dataman3> youre just calling me racist because im attacking obama
  2071. [16:53] <AmerieHartree> dataman3, hang on
  2072. [16:53] <waldenasta> dataman3, do you have any brown friends
  2073. 01[16:53] <10dataman3> like he's untouchable because he's black
  2074. 01[16:54] <10dataman3> yea
  2075. [16:54] <Manos> angrybread, I don't think it's unprecedented  (presidented? heh), as long as it isn't overused. So far it doesn't strike me as abusive (no more so than giving credentials to infowars.)
  2076. [16:54] <waldenasta> bullshit!
  2077. 01[16:54] <10dataman3> many black people are sensible and cool
  2078. [16:54] <Kichigai>
  2079. [16:54] <+gonzobot> (Kichigai) ✓@realDonaldTrump (Donald J. Trump): "@nikkio: DonaldTrump: Only way to get Obama to do right for our Marine would be for every country club across USA to deny him golf access (2 years and 8 months ago)
  2080. 01[16:54] <10dataman3> skin color doesnt matter to me
  2081. 01[16:54] <10dataman3> only to you
  2082. [16:54] <WinstonWolf> hes not untouchable. had obama did 1/2 the things trump is doing dems wouldve have turned their backs on him, irrespective of his color
  2083. [16:54] <Kichigai>
  2084. [16:54] <+gonzobot> (Kichigai) ✓@realDonaldTrump (Donald J. Trump): We pay for Obama's travel so he can fundraise millions so Democrats can run on lies. Then we pay for his golf. (2 years and 8 months ago)
  2085. [16:54] <WinstonWolf> lol
  2086. [16:54] <waldenasta> oh, you like in your words, "the house negroes.."
  2087. [16:54] <Kichigai>
  2088. [16:54] <+gonzobot> (Kichigai) ✓@realDonaldTrump (Donald J. Trump): Can you believe that,with all of the problems and difficulties facing the U.S., President Obama spent the day playing golf.Worse than Carter (2 years and 8 months ago)
  2089. 01[16:54] <10dataman3> i never used those words
  2090. [16:54] <MadPierrot> fake news Kichigai (/s)
  2091. [16:54] <Manos> dataman is happy to point he's just a bigot, noty a racist.
  2092. [16:54] <angrybread> the fact that infowars got press credentials at all is fucking insane
  2093. [16:54] <WinstonWolf> trumps own words are fake!
  2094. [16:55] <Kichigai>
  2095. [16:55] <+gonzobot> (Kichigai) ✓@realDonaldTrump (Donald J. Trump): "@Kalozap: Obama's mind, IsIs, ebola, etc.... and then thinking, boy I wish I was on the golf coarse. What should I wear on the Links" (2 years and 9 months ago)
  2096. 01[16:55] <10dataman3> im not a bigot haha
  2097. [16:55] <waldenasta> Is that whay you mean by sensible and cool, dataman3 negroes
  2098. 01[16:55] <10dataman3> what?
  2099. [16:55] <Manos> You hate muslims. That's a bigot.
  2100. 01[16:55] <10dataman3> i hate islam
  2101. [16:55] <Manos> ding
  2102. 01[16:55] <10dataman3> big difference
  2103. 01[16:55] <10dataman3> i dont hate the people who are muslims, i hate the faith that controls them
  2104. [16:55] <Manos> Not to the followers.
  2105. [16:55] <Kichigai> .g define muslim
  2106. [16:55] <+gonzobot> (Kichigai) -- A Muslim is someone who follows or practices Islam, a monotheistic Abrahamic religion. Muslims consider the…
  2107. 01[16:55] <10dataman3> Manos your logic fails
  2108. [16:55] <Kichigai> "Controls" them, like how the Pope "controls" Catholics?
  2109. 01[16:55] <10dataman3> nice try though
  2110. 01[16:56] <10dataman3> yea im not a fan of catholicism either
  2111. 01[16:56] <10dataman3> but islam is 100x worse
  2112. [16:56] <waldenasta> that is why dataman3 don't like me. because I am Muslim and I show him to be a jobless, hypocrite
  2113. [16:56] <AmerieHartree> dataman3, so why do you think his library is being publicly funded
  2114. 01[16:56] <10dataman3> waldenasta i dont hate you either
  2115. 01[16:56] <10dataman3> i just think youre kinda dopey and i like to post your racist quotes to make you mad
  2116. [16:56] <waldenasta> lol
  2117. [16:56] <Runner_> i dont hate you either waldenasta, its not your fault, you're brainwashed
  2118. [16:56] <Manos> You have admitted more than once to being bigoted against muslims when this same conversations has come up and I first called you racist, but today you're going to be contrary. Okay.
  2119. [16:56] <waldenasta> I fucks with you guys because you guys can take it
  2120. 01[16:57] <10dataman3> Manos, no - to be clear. I hate islam
  2121. [16:57] <Runner_> lol
  2122. [16:57] <waldenasta> all in good fun
  2123. [16:57] <Runner_> i have no problem with you waldenasta, i think you're actually pretty nice
  2124. 01[16:57] <10dataman3> islam isnt a race, its a religion hahahahahha
  2125. 01[16:57] <10dataman3> Manos try again
  2126. [16:57] <Manos> Right, and your bigoted against it.
  2127. [16:57] <angrybread> trump is now fucking up his tweets and talking to himself
  2128. [16:57] <MadPierrot> we all know that playing golf is work if your white
  2129. [16:57] <Kichigai> Yes, "Islam is 100x worse" and yet the greatest threat of violence in this country comes from Christians.
  2130. [16:57] <+gonzobot> Title: Dad allegedly kills son because he was gay - LA Times
  2131. [16:57] <MadPierrot> but it's a waste of taxpayer money if your black
  2132. 01[16:58] <10dataman3> nah, not a bigot
  2133. [16:58] <MadPierrot> (/s) btw
  2134. 01[16:58] <10dataman3> back in 20
  2135. [16:58] <AmerieHartree> dataman3, all I can find on state assistance is them donating 20 acres, and an attempt of the state legislature to help fund it failing
  2136. 01[16:58] <10dataman3> try to come up wiht some sensible arguments if you want to debate with me
  2137. 01[16:58] <10dataman3> ill be back in 20
  2138. 01[16:58] <10dataman3> AmerieHartree hold that thought
  2139. [16:58] <MadPierrot> AmerieHartree++
  2140. [16:58] <Runner_> yeah Kichigai at least we have laws here about killing gays, unlike muslim countries where they are hunted and killed
  2141. [16:59] <Kichigai> Runner_, why not clean up your own problem at home before bitching about others?
  2142. [16:59] <Kichigai>
  2143. [16:59] <+gonzobot> Title: Violence Against the Transgender Community in 2017 | Human Rights Campaign
  2144. [16:59] <Runner_> kill a gay in a muslim country , they'll give you a felafel as an award
  2145. [16:59] <Runner_> Kichigai what problem?
  2146. [16:59] <MadPierrot> violence against transgendered people
  2147. [16:59] <WinstonWolf> falafel*
  2148. [16:59] <MadPierrot> happens in US
  2149. [16:59] <Kichigai> This problem:
  2150. [16:59] <+gonzobot> Title: Access Denied
  2151. [16:59] <angrybread> they still kill gays in the u.s.
  2152. [16:59] <MadPierrot> ^
  2153. [16:59] <Runner_> you can kill your wife, honor kill her in , turkey , pakistan etc and the man will not go to jail, if he does, its a matter of only months
  2154. [16:59] <Kichigai> "More LGBT people were killed in the United States in 2016 than in any of the 20 years since record-keeping began"
  2155. [16:59] <WinstonWolf> we know this runner
  2156. [17:00] <Kichigai> Ye in glass houses and all that.
  2157. [17:00] <Kichigai> Clean up your own shit before bitching about others.
  2158. [17:00] <Runner_> right Kichigai , record keeping, those countries dont keep records
  2159. [17:00] <AmerieHartree> its perfectly legitimate to criticize the attitude towards lgbt rights and human rights in different places in the globe
  2160. [17:00] <torpit> Runner_: the civil rights act of 1968 was supposed to provide a detailed enumeration of actions you could not do to someone based on sexual orientation. All that got in there was housing based on orientation.
  2161. [17:00] <Runner_> you kill a gay here, and get caught you'll be tried for murder,
  2162. [17:00] <Runner_> whereas in a muslim country you get a felafel
  2163. [17:00] <Runner_> you guys are not too bright
  2164. [17:00] <Kichigai> AmerieHartree, and when they actually give a shit about the attitude towards LGBT and human rights in their own country I'll believe it's not concern trolling.
  2165. [17:00] <WinstonWolf> falafel*
  2166. [17:00] <WinstonWolf> we know this runner
  2167. 03[17:01] * feldstein has joined #politics
  2168. [17:01] <feldstein> so woke Runner_
  2169. [17:01] <torpit> You kill a gay in Iran.. And you sued for malpractice
  2170. [17:01] <Kichigai> Let's be friendly with Russia!
  2171. [17:01] <+gonzobot> Title: Russia: Impunity for Anti-LGBT Violence | Human Rights Watch
  2172. [17:01] <Kichigai> Runner_, anti-LGBT crimes are at record highs. Clearly there's a problem here.
  2173. [17:01] <AmerieHartree> Kichigai, well yeah I guess thats fair, but that's a completely different point
  2174. [17:01] <%corvusmalus> Kichigai, more interesting is the new developments related to chechnya.
  2175. [17:02] <Runner_> i never said its not Kichigai
  2176. [17:02] <Runner_> but its worse in muslim countries
  2177. [17:02] <waldenasta> Runner_, don't they murder gays in Russia?
  2178. [17:02] <waldenasta> How about Chechnya?
  2179. [17:02] <Runner_> they do indeed
  2180. [17:02] <torpit> Its because sex changes are legal in Iran. And ordered if you are gay.
  2181. [17:02] <Kichigai> Runner_, so you'd prefer to bitch about the situation countries where you have no influence instead of trying to affect change where you can? So compassionate.
  2182. [17:02] <waldenasta> Are those majority muslim countries?
  2183. [17:02] <Runner_> waldenasta, not the same but nice try
  2184. [17:02] <Runner_> waldenasta you ok with honor killings?
  2185. [17:03] <waldenasta> Of course not.
  2186. [17:03] <Runner_> islam is ok with it though
  2187. [17:03] <%corvusmalus> waldenasta:
  2188. [17:03] <+gonzobot> Title: Chechens tell of prison beatings and electric shocks in anti-gay purge: ‘They called us animals’ | World news | The Guardian
  2189. [17:03] <waldenasta> Just pointing out that they hunt down and murder gays all over the world
  2190. [17:03] <waldenasta> not just limited to the Muslim world
  2191. [17:03] <torpit> That's not as bizzare as the attempt to make the civil rights act of 1964 apply to gender or orientation. Its not supposed to. We are the most bizzare.
  2192. [17:04] <%corvusmalus> waldenasta, sure it is also in the rest of russia, and in particular the kremln doesn't care about stopping it in chechnya - at least not without much international pressure.
  2193. [17:04] <Runner_> i believe in live and let live, if they want to sleep with other same sex, not my issue, if they want to pray to their shoes, not my issue, as along as it does not affect me
  2194. [17:04] <Runner_> or others
  2195. [17:04] <waldenasta> hey, what happened in the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd?
  2196. [17:04] <Runner_> matthew shepart was such a sad story
  2197. [17:04] <waldenasta> corvusmalus, agreed
  2198. [17:04] <Runner_> dont know james byrd
  2199. [17:04] <Runner_> shepard*
  2200. [17:05] <Kichigai> corvusmalus, if the Kremlin cared about international opinion of Chechnya they wouldn't have installed an egocentric puppet.
  2201. [17:05] <torpit> Like I said.. 68 was supposed to be a framework for enumerating actions you could not take against someone based on orientation.
  2202. [17:06] <waldenasta>
  2203. [17:06] <+gonzobot> Title: Help wanted: Why Republicans won’t work for the Trump administration - The Washington Post
  2204. [17:06] <waldenasta> shit! sorry wrong link
  2205. [17:06] <%corvusmalus> Kichigai, indeed international pressure seem to have stop the worst parts of that purge in chechnya. russia hates it to be seen as that homophobe. the pressure by merkel and some others indeed helped a little bit.
  2206. [17:06] <waldenasta>
  2207. [17:06] <+gonzobot> (waldenasta)
  2208. [17:07] <Runner_> crazy shit
  2209. [17:07] <Runner_> WinstonWolf thanks for my typo correction :P
  2210. [17:07] <Kichigai> waldenasta, dat URL.
  2211. [17:07] <torpit> But only housing discrimination based on orientation got banished. The rest of 68 had to be used to strengthen 64. Because stupid people just don't get it. Gays who like trump. Trump mocked a disabled person. Figures.
  2212. [17:07] <waldenasta> sorry...
  2213. [17:08] <waldenasta> Log Cabin Republicans
  2214. [17:10] <torpit> Lgc's lobbied to repeal dadt. Obama listened to them. I told you the extreme right and left conspire.
  2215. [17:10] <Runner_> just noticed we're in  the same other channel waldenasta,
  2216. [17:10] <waldenasta> :)
  2217. [17:10] <torpit> Sorry lcrs.
  2218. [17:10] <WinstonWolf> youre welcome Runner_ ;)
  2219. [17:11] <Runner_> i'm nice in that channel :P
  2220. [17:11] <waldenasta> lol
  2221. [17:11] <WinstonWolf> i know you would never have learned the right way without me
  2222. [17:11] <Runner_> LOL
  2223. [17:11] <waldenasta> I just lurk
  2224. [17:11] <Runner_> my other side :P
  2225. [17:11] <Runner_> yeah
  2226. [17:11] <torpit> But anyhow.. Australian law made the most sense. Civil Union. No strife over it.
  2227. [17:11] <waldenasta> they have good convo
  2228. [17:11] <Runner_> i know i can count on you WinstonWolf
  2229. [17:11] <Runner_> lol
  2230. [17:11] <torpit> Painless.
  2231. [17:11] <Runner_> yep, they do waldenasta
  2232. [17:12] <WinstonWolf> of course you know. youre wrong so often, youve come to expect being correct by me
  2233. [17:12] <WinstonWolf> its rather commonplace now
  2234. [17:12] <Runner_> LOL
  2235. [17:12] <Manos> That other channel is apprently not the same one I share with WinstonWolf
  2236. [17:12] <WinstonWolf> ;)
  2237. [17:12] <torpit> One would have to ask.. Why would you want to put your country through this.. Or that..
  2238. [17:12] <Runner_> good one WinstonWolf
  2239. [17:12] <torpit> The "ask not" statement of the 2010's
  2240. [17:12] <Runner_> i rather we joke , instead of fight
  2241. [17:13] <WinstonWolf> sure lol
  2242. [17:13] <Runner_> i wont call you a miserable old many anymore, thats not fair
  2243. [17:13] <Runner_> cuz i dont even know your age LOL
  2244. [17:13] <WinstonWolf> and not accurate
  2245. [17:13] <Runner_> its not important
  2246. [17:13] <WinstonWolf> exactly
  2247. [17:13] <WinstonWolf> just makes you look unintelligent
  2248. [17:13] <Runner_> WinstonWolf i thought we were talking nicely
  2249. [17:14] <WinstonWolf> we are
  2250. [17:14] <Runner_> seems youre trying to change it as you gave me many shots, and i did not shoot back,
  2251. [17:14] <Runner_> np
  2252. [17:14] <Runner_> convo over
  2253. [17:14] <torpit> We got so many things to do. Officer involved shooting in Washington state. Black pregnant woman. Hit your stopwatch when the grand jury takes over.
  2254. [17:15] <WinstonWolf> what do you want from me Runner_? you just admitted that calling me an age related joke is stupid when you know nothing about me
  2255. [17:15] <WinstonWolf> i was agreeing with you when i said comments like that only serve to make you look unintelligent
  2256. [17:15] <Runner_> i said convo is over
  2257. [17:15] <Runner_> goodbye
  2258. [17:15] <WinstonWolf> plz dont ignore me. ill be sad
  2259. [17:15] <WinstonWolf> :)
  2260. [17:16] <applesoranges> is this still going on wtf
  2261. [17:16] <torpit> the second such thing occurs.. A grand jury should swing into action. No delay. They gather evidence.. And question.
  2262. [17:16] <+gonzobot> Title: Seattle police fatally shoot pregnant woman who they say confronted officers with a knife - The Washington Post
  2263. [17:17] <applesoranges> american cops are cowards
  2264. [17:17] <WinstonWolf> cowards, not very smart, and entitled
  2265. [17:18] <waldenasta> sadly, this shit happens all the time
  2266. [17:18] <dataman> yea they should have let her stab them
  2267. [17:18] <waldenasta> did you know that the Alabama code of 1852
  2268. [17:18] <WinstonWolf> they shouldve had the ability to take down a pregnant woman
  2269. [17:18] <angrybread> it was probably a spoon
  2270. [17:18] <WinstonWolf> i know thats hard for some men to do
  2271. [17:18] <dataman> pregnant women are nuts
  2272. [17:18] <waldenasta> that the slave patrols serve as the prototype for the modern police force
  2273. [17:18] <torpit> Secondly.. And I won't conjecture or try to bias the case.. But.. This doesn't seem to be procedurally sound when dealing with a pregnant woman. I recall US soldiers approaching a mosque during the Iraq war in the early days. They needed to meet with the imam there. They placed their rifles butt down to the ground. They got on one knee. They looked non threatening.
  2274. [17:18] <waldenasta> so this system was never intended to protect people of color
  2275. [17:19] <dataman> why do only people "of color" matter
  2276. [17:19] <dataman> racist
  2277. [17:19] <waldenasta> Two cops couldn't calm down a pregnant woman after she called them to say someone was breaking into her home
  2278. [17:19] <waldenasta> crazy
  2279. [17:19] <angrybread> how did she confront police in her own home...the police confronted her
  2280. [17:19] <waldenasta> exactly!
  2281. [17:19] <dataman> our resident black racist hates cops, this is so surprising
  2282. [17:19] <waldenasta> it is her home
  2283. [17:19] <torpit> A grand jury is supposed to swoop in the second an officer involved shooting occurs.
  2284. [17:20] <waldenasta> I love cops...some of my best friends are cops
  2285. [17:20] <waldenasta> I hang out in a cop bar all the time
  2286. [17:20] <dataman> sure you do
  2287. [17:20] <dataman> do they know youre racist
  2288. [17:20] <waldenasta> And we talk about the same thing
  2289. [17:20] <angrybread> all the cops i know are assholes who shouldnt have authority over anything
  2290. [17:20] <Runner_> my cousin is a police officer
  2291. [17:20] <waldenasta> how to police without killing people. you would be shocked and surprised how many of them want this shit to stop
  2292. [17:21] <MadPierrot> i miss roshambo
  2293. [17:21] <MadPierrot> ;_;
  2294. [17:21] <Runner_> rosh is an asshole
  2295. [17:21] <MadPierrot> he's funny
  2296. [17:21] <dataman> maybe blacks should stop committing so many crimes
  2297. [17:21] <dataman>
  2298. [17:21] <+gonzobot> Title: Chicago Crime Data - Album on Imgur
  2299. [17:21] <Runner_> he likes to attack , autistics, overweight people and diabetics
  2300. [17:22] <waldenasta> it won't stop until we shine a bright light on the issue and keep pressuring for change. You know we fought for body cameras. You know what states are now doing. They are making it illegal for citizens to see the camera footage unless you are a victim or perp
  2301. [17:22] <waldenasta> Why fight so hard against transparency
  2302. [17:22] <dataman> maybe BLM should go away
  2303. [17:22] <MadPierrot> why
  2304. [17:22] <dataman> instead of killing police, the only people who fight crim in inner cities
  2305. [17:22] <torpit> Grand Jury has been described as the "Shield and the Sword" of the People
  2306. [17:22] <MadPierrot> BLM doesn't kill people
  2307. [17:22] <dataman> BLM causes its own problems
  2308. [17:22] <waldenasta> If the cops are doing their jobs then they should want the public scrutiny
  2309. [17:22] <dataman> BLM killed 5 cops in dallas
  2310. [17:23] <dataman> and 3 more in baton rouge
  2311. [17:23] <MadPierrot> Show me where BLM, the organization, endorsed and/or condoned those killings?
  2312. [17:23] <waldenasta> #blacklivesmatter every day all day!
  2313. [17:23] <torpit> But they try to get in and delay the calling in of one.. Or try to not have one period. Its funny because the grand jury is based on the bible.
  2314. [17:23] <dataman>
  2315. [17:23] <+gonzobot> Title: Sniper Ambush Kills 5 Officers, Injures 7 in Dallas Following Peaceful Protest  | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth
  2316. [17:24] <dataman> ^^ black BLM activisit targets "white cops"
  2317. [17:24] <MadPierrot> show me where it says he was a BLM activist
  2318. [17:24] <MadPierrot> and show me where the organization endorsed and/or condoned his actions
  2319. [17:24] <torpit> dataman3: have you proven it beyond the shadow of a doubt?
  2320. [17:25] <dataman> dont need to, shooter is dead
  2321. [17:25] <dataman> so no court case
  2322. [17:25] <dataman> he himself proclaimed it
  2323. [17:25] <MadPierrot> dataman this man does not represent BLM
  2324. [17:25] <dataman> lol he was a BLM activist and did it during a BLM riot
  2325. [17:25] <nospinzy> they are members of the org, it dosnt need to be authorised, just like Radical Islamic terrorist dont get authorisation
  2326. [17:25] <nospinzy> get it
  2327. [17:25] <Manos> dataman is more than happy to accuse all of BLM for the actions of a couple crazed members, but refuses to do the same for LEOs who are filmed committing atrocities.
  2328. [17:25] <dataman> and he targeted white police
  2329. [17:26] <MadPierrot> "BLM riot"
  2330. [17:26] <Manos> Wonder why he has a double standard?
  2331. [17:26] <dataman> yea, baltimore was more of a riot than Dallas
  2332. [17:26] <waldenasta> "I know that there are some who have criticized even the phrase 'black lives matter,' as if the notion is, is that other lives don't matter. And so you get 'all lives matter' or 'blue lives matter.' I understand the point they're trying to make
  2333. [17:26] <MadPierrot> doesn't fit his narrative
  2334. [17:26] <waldenasta> " Obama said. "I think it's important for us to also understand that the phrase 'black lives matter' simply refers to the notion that there's a specific vulnerability for African Americans that needs to be addressed. It's not meant to suggest that other lives don't matter.
  2335. [17:26] <nospinzy> they do it in the name of BLM
  2336. [17:26] <dataman> Xavier Johnson was closely affliliated with BLM
  2337. [17:26] <dataman> obama invited BLM to white house just days after BLM killed 5 white cops in Dallas
  2338. [17:26] <waldenasta> It's to suggest that other folks aren't experiencing this particular vulnerability.
  2339. [17:26] <nospinzy> Islamic Extremists do it in the name of Islam
  2340. [17:26] <MadPierrot> no arguing with you dataman, you can't argue this man is endorsed by BLM if they never came out and endorsed him. BTW, they did denounce the attacks
  2341. [17:27] <torpit> The grand jury is under the fifth amendment. To invoke immediately in an officer involved shooting is under the sixth.
  2342. [17:27] <dataman> lol they sure loved him before
  2343. [17:27] <dataman> of course they distnace themselves from him after he starts killing
  2344. [17:27] <MadPierrot> show me evidence they loved him before dataman
  2345. [17:27] <nospinzy> did BLM endorse the two girls taking over Bernie Sanders mic that one time
  2346. [17:27] <dataman> just like how democrats dont want to associate with tall of those bernie supporters who turn to violence
  2347. [17:27] <MadPierrot> is it in the video?
  2348. [17:27] <dataman> the argentine shooter
  2349. [17:27] <MadPierrot> all 1 of those darn bernie brows
  2350. [17:28] <dataman> and the portland killer dude
  2351. [17:28] <MadPierrot> bros*
  2352. [17:28] <waldenasta> A moment for the UNARMED Black Men and Women and Children killed or abused by police...Jordan Edwards (Texas, 15, 2017), Lateef Dickerson (Delaware), Brendon Glenn (29, Venice Beach, CA), Adaisha Miller (shot in the chest by an off duty cop, they took 25 minutes to call for any emergency help, police department did not investigate and the prosecutor thought it wasn't worth the time),
  2353. [17:28] <dataman> also the leaker was a bernie bro
  2354. [17:28] <torpit> as a "Shield for the People" from abusive indictments of the government, or malicious indictments of individuals, and as the "Sword of the People" to cut away crime by any private individual, or cut away crime by any public servant, whether in the Judicial, Executive, or Legislative branches.
  2355. [17:28] <Manos> *suspected leaker
  2356. [17:28] <waldenasta> Terrance Kellom (19, Detroit), Dontrell Stephens (20), Clinton Alford Jr., Freddie Gray(Baltimore), Eric Harris, Walter Scott (South Carolina), Angelo Davis, Rumain Brisbon (Phoenix), Floyd Dent (57), Anthony Hill, Charly Robinet (Los Angeles, California), Jason Harrison, Tony Terrell Robinson, Michael Brown(18, Ferguson), Kajieme Powell, Tamir Rice (12 Years old, Cleveland),
  2357. [17:28] <MadPierrot> suspected by dataman
  2358. [17:28] <nospinzy> dataman it dosnt even matter lol, just pic a side :)
  2359. [17:28] <waldenasta>  Eric Garner(Staten Island, NY), Ezell Ford (Los Angeles), Akai Gurley (28, Brooklyn, NY), Dante Parker, John Crawford, Tyree Woodson, Victor White, Yvette Smith, McKenzie Cochran, Jordan Baker, Miriam Carey, Andy Lopez, Jonathan Ferrell, Carlos Alcis, Delon Flood, Larry Jackson, Kimani Gray, Johnnie Warren, Malissa Williams, Timothy Russell, Renaldo Cuevas, Travis Carter, Shantel Davis, Sharmel Edwards, Tamon Robinson, Ervin Jefferson, Kendric Dade,
  2360. [17:29] <dataman> lol are you saying Reality Winner wasnt a leaker?  hahaha
  2361. [17:29] <waldenasta> Rekia Boyd, Shereese Francis, Wendell Allen, Dante Price, Raymond Allen, Ramarley Graham, Sgt. Manuel Loggins…Just the black women killled in 2014....Keara Crowder (29), Latandra Ellington (36), Tracy Wade (39), Pearlie Golden (93), Gabrielle Monique Nevarez (22), Yvette Smith (45), Veronica Woodward (26), Michelle Cusseaux (50),
  2362. [17:29] <torpit> waldenasta: lets see how long in each case a grand jury swung into action. Bear in mind.. When they swing into action.. They gather evidence and question.
  2363. [17:29] <waldenasta> Jacquelline Nichols (64), Aura Rosser (46), Iretha Lilly (37), Tanisha N. Anderson (37).... okay, technically I could go on a long, long time with this but emotionally will need to stop here, at Aiyana Jones, age of death when shot dead by the police: 7.
  2364. [17:29] <dataman>
  2365. [17:29] <+gonzobot> Title: Reality Leigh Winner: What to Know About Alleged NSA Leaker |
  2366. [17:29] <nospinzy> dataman im on your side bro
  2367. [17:29] <dataman> 25 year old bernie chick
  2368. [17:29] <dataman> whats up nospinzy
  2369. [17:30] <nospinzy> and i said it dosnt matter you arnt going to convince liberals at this stage of the game
  2370. [17:30] <torpit> Subpoena and so on. Lets get SPLC on that one. Its high time too.
  2371. [17:30] <MadPierrot> thought you were talking about Seth again
  2372. [17:30] <torpit> Time to grand jury.
  2373. [17:30] <waldenasta> torpit, I have lost faith in the Judicial System to punish these murderers
  2374. [17:30] <captainmeta4> Seth's killer does need to be found
  2375. [17:30] <dataman> MadPierrot seth rich was a bernie bro too
  2376. [17:30] <waldenasta> They get arrested but never convicted..
  2377. [17:30] <dataman> im tired of our judicial system letting criminals walk free
  2378. [17:30] <MadPierrot> dataman you haven't provided any evidence that BLM endorses violence
  2379. [17:30] <waldenasta> I want them to start going to prison. That will send the message to stop these killings
  2380. [17:31] <waldenasta> and stop paying them to go on fucking vacation when they kill anyone
  2381. [17:31] <torpit> waldenasta: lets just get the time to grand jury in action for each shooting case.. And let the southern poverty law center shove it down someone's throat from there.
  2382. [17:31] <dataman>
  2383. [17:31] <+gonzobot> Title: MD Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services
  2384. [17:31] <dataman> && revolving door
  2385. [17:31] <waldenasta> The fucking police union is one union they should definitely bust the hell up
  2386. [17:31] <dataman> how about busting up black gangs
  2387. [17:31] <waldenasta> torpit, you right
  2388. [17:31] <dataman> and radical muslim terror cells
  2389. [17:31] <torpit> Transform the anger.
  2390. [17:32] <torpit> Then we can fix it. Make it right. Even showing disparities.. When a rich white dude wants a grand jury how fast one gets together.
  2391. [17:33] <waldenasta> A brief history lesson on how we got here...Harry Jacob Anslinger
  2392. 03[17:33] * HydroponicFunBags has joined #politics
  2393. [17:33] <HydroponicFunBags> So what happens now that the kid DPRK sent back to us all fucked up is dead.
  2394. [17:33] <waldenasta> Responsible for the outlawing of drugs in the United States and took his case all the way to the United Nations.
  2395. [17:33] <waldenasta> Nixon created the DEA and started the war on drugs.
  2396. [17:33] <waldenasta> Ronald Reagen administration stepped up the rhetoric.
  2397. [17:33] <HydroponicFunBags> How is the Donald gonna handle that one?
  2398. [17:33] <MadPierrot> HydroponicFunBags idk, my guess Trump is gonna get pissed and want to retaliate
  2399. [17:33] <waldenasta> After Len Bias died congress tripped all over themselves to enact the harshest drug laws without much foresight. The mandatory federal sentencing guide lines are absolutely draconian.
  2400. [17:33] <dataman>
  2401. [17:33] <+gonzobot> Title: Black White, Rich Poor - Album on Imgur
  2402. [17:33] <waldenasta> Senate investigation led by John Kerry found out that the US government in order to support revolutions in South/Central America by using the CIA to pump drugs into the minority communities.
  2403. [17:33] <HydroponicFunBags> MadPierrot well, some retaliation is in order, but what can we really do?
  2404. [17:34] <torpit> They drag their heels on something automatic and immediate. We all gotta say what the hell.
  2405. [17:34] <waldenasta> Forfeiter laws did not require anyone any get indicted or convicted.
  2406. [17:34] <waldenasta> The drug raids and no knock raids are setup horribly. At least twice a week a couple goes wrong were a child or some innocent gets killed or hurt. They are done by police departments because that is how they get their federal monies.
  2407. [17:34] <MadPierrot> HydroponicFunBags difficult to say. It's hard to know what's actually best for the people of NK, because they're all brainwashed
  2408. [17:34] <dataman>
  2409. [17:34] <+gonzobot> Title: Crime Data - Album on Imgur
  2410. [17:34] <MadPierrot> Maybe we take out their nuke sites
  2411. [17:34] <waldenasta> America has 5% of the world's population, yet incarcerates 25% of the jail population. The US spends more in building prisons than in building Universities or Colleges. While incarceration continues to go up, drug use has also gone up. After the Clinton administration more people were doing drugs than at any other times up to that time.
  2412. [17:34] <MadPierrot> idk
  2413. [17:34] <%corvusmalus> waldenasta, isn't it legal to shot at them?
  2414. [17:34] <waldenasta> The biggest drug dealers in the United States is the pharmaceutical companies.
  2415. [17:35] <%corvusmalus> waldenasta, i mean as long as you aren't sure they're cops?
  2416. [17:35] <dataman> waldenasta refuses to acknowledge data and just bases his policies on his hate for white people and cops
  2417. [17:35] <waldenasta> Yep
  2418. [17:35] <HydroponicFunBags> Maybe...but if we took out their nuke sites wouldnt they just make a move on SK
  2419. [17:35] <MadPierrot> dataman you're posting pics of graphs instead of full articles
  2420. [17:35] <MadPierrot> almost as if you're, gasp, taking htings out of context
  2421. [17:35] <waldenasta> There was a case in Texas where a man shot dead a couple of cops serving no knock warrants
  2422. [17:35] <dataman> data is cited in the graphs
  2423. [17:35] <dataman> who cares about an article?
  2424. [17:35] <dataman> the data.
  2425. [17:35] <waldenasta> he thought rightly, they were breaking into his home
  2426. [17:35] <torpit> You get cops biasing.. Attorney biasing evidence..  Etc.. Even John blow who the f ask you doing it
  2427. [17:36] <MadPierrot> normally the researchers will interpret the data
  2428. [17:36] <dataman>
  2429. [17:36] <+gonzobot> Title: Interracial Crime - Album on Imgur
  2430. [17:36] <MadPierrot> give caveats etc
  2431. [17:36] <HydroponicFunBags> no knock warrants are fucking retarded. this is america, everyone has guns and when someone smashes in the door to your home you obviously think you are being robbed.
  2432. [17:36] <MadPierrot> why do you have so many saved dataman
  2433. [17:36] <dataman> MadPierrot are you incapable of interpreting data?
  2434. [17:36] <dataman> you need a journalist to spin it for you?
  2435. [17:36] <nospinzy>
  2436. [17:36] <Manos> dataman looks at that graph and says "blacks are criminal!" I look at that graph and think "blacks are faster to be targeted by cops and more likely to be prosecuted"
  2437. [17:36] <MadPierrot> researcher
  2438. [17:36] <MadPierrot> the ones who gathered the data
  2439. [17:36] <waldenasta> Manos, this!
  2440. [17:36] <dataman>
  2441. [17:36] <+gonzobot> Title: Black Crime Data - Album on Imgur
  2442. [17:37] <dataman> actually blacks kill more cops than cops kill blacks
  2443. [17:37] <dataman> truth hurts lol
  2444. [17:37] <nospinzy> thats a real site that shows the Chicago Murder statistics
  2445. [17:37] <+gonzobot> Title: 2017 Stats | Chicago Murder, Crime & Mayhem | HeyJackass!
  2446. [17:37] <Manos> "I'm not racist, but here's an imgur spree of why black people suck"
  2447. [17:37] <waldenasta> "Daily the Negro is coming more and more to look upon law and justice, not as protecting safeguards, but as sources of humiliation and oppression. The laws are made by men who have little interest in him;
  2448. [17:37] <dataman> Manos its not racist to show data
  2449. [17:37] <HydroponicFunBags> Manos: Similar issue with for instance, Philando Castille who had been pulled over something like 47 times in his short life. I look at that and am appalled because it seems to me black dudes get pulled over obsessively just for being black dudes. A right winger looks at that same data...
  2450. [17:37] <waldenasta>  they are executed by men who have absolutely no motive for treating the black people with courtesy and consideration; and, finally, the accused law-breaker is tried, not by his peers, but too often by men who would rather punish ten innocent Negroes than let one guilty one escape."
  2451. [17:37] <dataman> and i dont think its a race issue
  2452. [17:37] <dataman> i think its a culture issue
  2453. [17:38] <nospinzy> is anyone black in this room, let me know
  2454. [17:38] <Kichigai> Oh snap! dataman's infographic is full of shit!
  2455. [17:38] <+gonzobot> Title: Fact Checking braindawgs00's stupid infographic - Album on Imgur
  2456. [17:38] <Manos> So we;re back to you just being a bigot dataman?
  2457. [17:38] <HydroponicFunBags> and is like "Wow Philando must have been a really bad guy to be pulled over so often, he probably was doing something shady to get himselg shot by the cop"
  2458. [17:38] <waldenasta> This is why I tell my black brother, my black cousins, my black nephews, my black uncles, and my black students don't listen to anyone who tries to convince you that the rules that apply to everyone else in this country apply to you.
  2459. [17:38] <waldenasta> Don't let any liberal white man tell you that you are entitled to your rights, because their racist fathers, brothers, uncles, and sons don't recognize those rights. All of those so-called rights and privileges are the creations of white people who have never been segregated into silence or who have never seen a relative lynched in the streets.
  2460. [17:38] <torpit> John Langbien can certainly tell you why so many brothers and poor folks are in prison.
  2461. [17:38] <nospinzy> waldenasta are yo ublack
  2462. [17:39] <dataman>     [16:19] <waldenasta> I don't particularly like white people
  2463. [17:39] <waldenasta> And, don't ever let a conservative convince you that 'if you just behave correctly, everyone will respect you.' That's complete bullshit. White rules apply to white people. Ask Akai Gurley, Rodney King, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, Sean Grant or the countless others whether these white rules applied to them.
  2464. [17:39] <torpit> Hes been the cry in the reform wilderness for decades
  2465. [17:39] <dataman> waldenasta hates whites but wants them to respect him lmao
  2466. [17:39] <waldenasta> This is sad and pathetic. The problem is that this is a daily reality for blacks that most people have absolutely no way of identifying with. This is a black reality.
  2467. [17:39] <dataman>     [08:26] <waldenasta> I hope you are white because I can honestly say that I fucking hate you!
  2468. [17:39] <nospinzy> waldenasta i agree with self segregation
  2469. [17:39] <nospinzy> we can agree with that
  2470. [17:39] <nospinzy> if you like
  2471. [17:39] <dataman> waldenasta maybe if you didnt take such an adversarial approach to law & order......
  2472. [17:40] <%corvusmalus>
  2473. [17:40] <+gonzobot> (corvusmalus) NOFX - Don't Call Me White (with lyrics) - length 2m 51s - 809 likes, 40 dislikes (95.3%) - 196,666 views - joren Aernouts on 2010.07.10
  2474. [17:40] <dataman> NWA fuck tha police
  2475. [17:40] <nospinzy> i can agree with you on many things, blacks need to have their own community
  2476. [17:40] <nospinzy> because i cannot be around majority blacks
  2477. [17:40] <nospinzy> its just how it is
  2478. [17:40] <MadPierrot> dataman are you lumping waldenasta in with a rap group?
  2479. [17:40] <dataman>     [16:17] <waldenasta> I am against welfare for whites
  2480. [17:40] <dataman> no, im pointing out that black culture is adversarial to police, and law & order generally
  2481. [17:41] <waldenasta> dataman, no, im pointing out that black culture is adversarial to police, and law & order generally
  2482. [17:41] <dataman> im not sure waldenasta listens to rap, he's muslim i think
  2483. [17:41] <waldenasta> racist!
  2484. [17:41] <HydroponicFunBags> nospinzy isnt self seggregation the fucking problem? We divide ourselves into these little enclaves...shit when i was in school all the black kids broke off and sat at their own table. The two groups barely interacted with each other.
  2485. [17:41] <waldenasta> no, im pointing out that black culture is adversarial to police, and law & order generally
  2486. [17:41] <waldenasta> racist!
  2487. [17:41] <dataman> thats not racist
  2488. [17:41] <dataman> its cultural
  2489. [17:41] <waldenasta> no, im pointing out that black culture is adversarial to police, and law & order generally
  2490. [17:41] <waldenasta> racist
  2491. [17:41] <MadPierrot> waldenasta don't repeat yourself
  2492. [17:41] <MadPierrot> ull get kicked
  2493. [17:41] <HydroponicFunBags> Maybe we'd have more empathy for each other if we were more integrated.
  2494. [17:41] <nospinzy> HydroponicFunBags thats how it is man
  2495. [17:41] <nospinzy> laws of nature
  2496. [17:41] <waldenasta> dataman, repeats his bigotry and racism everyday
  2497. [17:42] <HydroponicFunBags> But its not like we can really lay that expectation at the feet of black people when we still let our cops murder them left and right.
  2498. [17:42] <torpit> waldenasta: no. They face the Adversarial System.
  2499. [17:42] <HydroponicFunBags> It doesnt have to be that way tho.
  2500. [17:42] <nospinzy> our cops do not murder them left and right
  2501. [17:42] <dataman> black people kill far more cops,  than cops kill blacks
  2502. [17:42] <nospinzy> blacks murder each other left and right
  2503. [17:42] <Kichigai> dataman, incorrect.
  2504. [17:42] <+gonzobot> Title: Fact Checking braindawgs00's stupid infographic - Album on Imgur
  2505. [17:42] <waldenasta> Let's put it this way, Hannity ginned up support for Cliven Bundy. There was a big protest and many people came. Two of those being the Millers. These two then went back to Las Vegas and executed the two cops. So why doesn't the right wing media howl about the direct correlation between someone in the media riling people up just the same way that they do if it is Al Sharpton?
  2506. [17:42] <nospinzy> whites do not murder blacks anywhere near the numbers blacks kill their own
  2507. [17:43] <HydroponicFunBags> nospinzy: That's an issue, yes, but its its own issue separate from the police brutality problem.
  2508. [17:43] <MadPierrot> Kichigai++
  2509. [17:43] <HydroponicFunBags> You cant tell me everything is working as it should when a black man gets shot in front of his girlfriend and child at a traffic stop over a gun he was legally permitted to have.
  2510. [17:43] <nospinzy> its not a seperate issue, because the black on black issue isnt even an issue
  2511. [17:43] <nospinzy> its not brought up in the media
  2512. [17:43] <waldenasta> It seems that if we use right wing logic, that Hannity and the Cliven Bundy are directly responsible for the murders of Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo just as much as they say that Al Sharpton and Bill DiBlasio are for the execution of Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu. But to the cons, who only see things through the prism of their ideaology, they can not see the similarity. To them these two stories are as different as black is to white. And therein might be
  2513. [17:43] <waldenasta> the problem.
  2514. [17:44] <Kichigai> MadPierrot, yeah, they seemed to ignore it last time I mentioned that link, so somehow I think it'll get ignored again.
  2515. [17:44] <dataman>
  2516. [17:44] <+gonzobot> Title: Arab slave trade - Wikipedia
  2517. [17:44] <dataman> oops bad paste
  2518. [17:44] <dataman>
  2519. [17:44] <+gonzobot> Title: Black Lives Matter - Album on Imgur
  2520. [17:44] <torpit> As does the poor. There are people who cop to crimes because they can't possibly fight. But there is a different part of the adversarial system which thinks it should take more court time to assign the guilt of someone like bill cosby. A hung jury on such a short defense statement.. Usually means a retrial cannot win. And its thus only designed to force cosby to give up and cop to it
  2521. [17:44] <waldenasta> The point I am trying to make is that for some whites. Blacks are criminals and deserve to be brutalized by the police state.
  2522. 03[17:45] * CubanPete has joined #politics
  2523. [17:45] <CubanPete>
  2524. [17:45] <+gonzobot> (CubanPete) Donald Trump's Foreign Policy That The Media Wont Mention - length 7m 54s - 584 likes, 40 dislikes (93.6%) - 5,671 views - WeAreChange on 2017.06.19
  2525. 02[17:45] * angrybread has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
  2526. [17:45] <nospinzy> waldenasta why is it every time i go into a black neighboorhood which is very rare. i get someone bumping into me
  2527. [17:45] <waldenasta> they see no hypocrisy in screaming that America is a land of bravery and freedom but only want that freedom for whites
  2528. [17:45] <nospinzy> or trash talking me
  2529. [17:45] <waldenasta> After WWII black soldiers were not
  2530. [17:45] <MadPierrot> are you wearing a KKK outfit nospinzy?
  2531. [17:45] <nospinzy> No
  2532. [17:45] <dataman> waldenasta blacks are victimized, they bring police action on themselves
  2533. [17:45] <waldenasta> allowed to take part in the G.I. Program
  2534. [17:46] <dataman> black participation rates in violent crimes is astronomical compared to any other race
  2535. [17:46] <Kichigai> Yes, Philando Castille brought that traffic stop on himself.
  2536. [17:46] <nospinzy> African Americans are some of the most racist people on the planet
  2537. [17:46] <waldenasta> The G.I. Program was one of the biggest program to pull poor whites out of poverty
  2538. [17:46] <nospinzy> thats what it is
  2539. [17:46] <waldenasta>  and into the middle class
  2540. [17:46] <dataman> castille was high on drugs
  2541. [17:46] <waldenasta> the same thing happened after Vietnam
  2542. [17:46] <AmerieHartree> tfw the NRA are actually just a bunch of gutless cowards
  2543. [17:46] <HydroponicFunBags> nospinzy: I dunno man, i think if i were black id be wary of white folks too....
  2544. [17:46] <nospinzy> ill tell you another story about an interation with a black girl
  2545. [17:46] <waldenasta> Blacks who were drafted and gave their blood for America
  2546. [17:46] <nospinzy> HydroponicFunBags why?
  2547. [17:46] <torpit> In white. John Langbien is white. We both say this.
  2548. [17:46] <waldenasta> once they got back State side were told to go sit at the back of the bus
  2549. [17:47] <Manos> dataman doesn't even have the awareness to realize he's spent the last 15 minutes trying to demonstrate how blacks people are inferior and why some of us might think he's racist.
  2550. [17:47] <HydroponicFunBags> Oh well you had a bad interaction with a black girl so clearly black people everywhere are just the woooooorst. Kay got it.
  2551. [17:47] <dataman> Manos youre wrong
  2552. [17:47] <Manos> Is it more like 20 minutes|?
  2553. [17:47] <dataman> im showing data, that blacks participate in crime more often
  2554. [17:47] <dataman> and im certainly not sayings its because they are black
  2555. [17:47] <dataman> its due to their culture
  2556. [17:47] <Manos> Yes dataman, but why do you feel so inclined to make this argument?
  2557. [17:47] <AmerieHartree> waldenasta, any decent book on the history of jazz generally illustrates your point very well
  2558. [17:47] <nospinzy> HydroponicFunBags you didnt wait for what i was going to tell you
  2559. [17:47] <Manos> get woke son
  2560. [17:47] <CubanPete> the less you have the more you crime
  2561. [17:47] <dataman> Manos this isnt my topic
  2562. [17:47] <torpit> dataman3: no. Theyre just forced to give up and cop to more crimes more often.
  2563. [17:47] <HydroponicFunBags> nospinzy: Because black people arent treated equally, thats why. I'd be worried the white person was gonna be shitty to me. If the white person had a badge, i'd be worried they were gonna kill me.
  2564. [17:47] <dataman> wrong
  2565. [17:47] <dataman> data says otherwise torpit
  2566. [17:48] <nospinzy> i was standing in line at a gas station and there were a bunch of people at the place from a bus stop. This black girl turns around looks me in the eyes, turns around because she got freaked out and went to a line where there was 2 other blacks.
  2567. [17:48] <CubanPete> be given less generationally and you have crime as a  family instituted pastime
  2568. [17:48] <torpit> My dad was insinuated against during my brother's custody battle. I know. I ain't got nooooo illusions.
  2569. [17:48] <MadPierrot> nospinzy your anecdotes are meaningless
  2570. [17:48] <nospinzy> they have plenty of meaning
  2571. [17:48] <AmerieHartree> just to be clear dataman, I'm assuming you weren't saying he was high on drugs as a justification for him being shot, right?
  2572. [17:48] <MadPierrot> could have been creeped out by you, are you a creeper?
  2573. [17:48] <AmerieHartree> because that is pretty scary thing to say
  2574. [17:48] <dataman> AmerieHartree i dont know a lot of specifics about his case
  2575. [17:48] <nospinzy> MadPierrot a creaper how? you fucking idiot
  2576. [17:48] <torpit> I know what the brothas gotta deal with.
  2577. [17:48] <dataman> i just know he was fucked up on drugs and reached
  2578. [17:49] <dataman> you brought him up
  2579. [17:49] <MadPierrot> creeper*
  2580. [17:49] <nospinzy> we were standing in a line
  2581. [17:49] <AmerieHartree> no I didn't dataman
  2582. [17:49] <dataman> i think its silly to look at single cases when talking about larger data
  2583. [17:49] <MadPierrot> here's what I here: someone looked at you and were creeped out by the look of hatred in your eye, and moved to a different line
  2584. [17:49] <dataman> AmerieHartree sorry Kichigai did
  2585. [17:49] <MadPierrot> hear*
  2586. [17:49] <nospinzy> "look of hatred"
  2587. [17:49] <HydroponicFunBags> If youre talking about Philando Castille... he had THC in his system, which DOES NOT MEAN HE WAS HIGH, you can test for THC a month after you last used cannabis.
  2588. [17:49] <nospinzy> sure
  2589. [17:49] <dataman> yea thats not big news about someone getting creeped out
  2590. [17:49] <nospinzy> or just pure paranoia from a racist person
  2591. [17:49] <dataman> waldenasta creeps people out all the time
  2592. [17:49] <nospinzy> lol
  2593. [17:50] <AmerieHartree> tfw the allegation of a misdemeanor is justification for being murdered by the state
  2594. 02[17:50] * applesoranges has quit IRC (Quit: zZz)
  2595. [17:50] <AmerieHartree> how can anyone defend that
  2596. [17:50] <MadPierrot> nospinzy your PMs to me the other day were pretty racist, so it wouldn't suprise me if you creeped people out IRL
  2597. [17:50] <torpit> Vipers have been in your legal system for a long time. Is not like we don't know.
  2598. [17:50] <nospinzy> why because i used a few racist words??
  2599. [17:50] <nospinzy> go fucking cry
  2600. [17:50] <nospinzy> bitch
  2601. [17:50] <dataman> when someone is non-compliant with a police officer, I tent to side with the cop when things go south
  2602. [17:50] <MadPierrot> Just calls em like I sees em
  2603. [17:50] <HydroponicFunBags> nospinzy: So you are mad a woman saw you, got creeped out and changed lines? Women get raped, you know. They get assaulted by creepy men making weird eyes at them in public places and them following them back to her car.
  2604. [17:50] <HydroponicFunBags> She probably just thought you were a potential rapist.
  2605. [17:50] <dataman> its very easy to comply with police
  2606. [17:51] <nospinzy> HydroponicFunBags shut your fucking slanderous mouth
  2607. [17:51] <nospinzy> no one was going to rape her idiot
  2608. [17:51] <MadPierrot> HydroponicFunBags++
  2609. [17:51] <nospinzy> and im not a creep you fucking loser
  2610. [17:51] <MadPierrot> nospinzy idk man, you use some hateful language
  2611. [17:51] <MadPierrot> Not a big leap
  2612. [17:51] <Manos> And as we've seen on video, it's very easy for someone complying with police to still have their face kicked in.
  2613. [17:51] <HydroponicFunBags> That sounds like something a potential rapist would say, nospinzy.
  2614. [17:51] <dataman> its a really basic part of american justice system. A cop can 'unlawfully' arrest you for wearing a shirt... you still have to comply. You just take it to court
  2615. [17:51] <Manos> dataman's privilege is showing
  2616. [17:51] <nospinzy> HydroponicFunBags thats all you do is slander people good work
  2617. [17:52] <nospinzy> your mind is corrupted
  2618. [17:52] <MadPierrot> .def slander
  2619. [17:52] <AmerieHartree> dataman, on what basis do you think he was not complying
  2620. [17:52] <+gonzobot> (MadPierrot) slander: Law   Oral communication of false statements injurious to a person's reputation. - (AHD/Wordnik)
  2621. [17:52] <torpit> We also can watch your social media comments to disqualify you from a jury pool.
  2622. [17:52] <MadPierrot> Oral communication of false statements injurious
  2623. [17:52] <MadPierrot> false
  2624. [17:52] <torpit> But that takes money.
  2625. [17:52] <MadPierrot> these statements are true nospinzy, you are a creepy dude
  2626. [17:52] <MadPierrot> like it or not
  2627. [17:52] <dataman> AmerieHartree i dont know his case
  2628. [17:52] <HydroponicFunBags> I didn't slander you. I said you were a "potential" rapist. We can't be sure. But the potential is there. That girl in the line saw it in your eyes.
  2629. [17:52] <dataman> i didnt bring him up
  2630. [17:52] <AmerieHartree> ah so you're not addressing this case whatsoever
  2631. [17:53] <AmerieHartree> you're just making random comments apropos of nothing
  2632. [17:53] <dataman> i didnt bring up this case
  2633. [17:53] <dataman> why would you attribute anything Ive said to it
  2634. [17:53] <AmerieHartree> you did make at least one comment specific to it
  2635. [17:54] <torpit> HydroponicFunBags: insuniuation and innuendo..nwhats next.. Intimidation?
  2636. [17:54] <dataman> so what
  2637. [17:54] <AmerieHartree> regardless I find it strange that you have no real comment on state suppression of 2nd amendment rights in this specific case
  2638. [17:54] <waldenasta> So someone explain to me how a terrorist drive into a crowd in London. There is no wall to wall coverage or pray for London. How come the President is not tweeting about it?
  2639. [17:54] <waldenasta> Oh, he is white!
  2640. [17:54] <waldenasta> Excuse, me while I sip my tea...
  2641. [17:54] <dataman> AmerieHartree what????
  2642. [17:55] <dataman> im 100% for 2nd amendment
  2643. [17:55] <AmerieHartree> lol
  2644. [17:55] <torpit> waldenasta: something seriously wrong in England if they figure the only way to stop terrorism is with terrorism.
  2645. [17:55] <%corvusmalus>
  2646. [17:55] <+gonzobot> (corvusmalus) ✓@W7VOA (Steve Herman): Statement issued by @POTUS on Warmbier death. (1 minute and 52 seconds ago)
  2647. [17:55] <HydroponicFunBags> torpit: Me, intimidating? lol
  2648. [17:55] <AmerieHartree> torpit, 'they'
  2649. [17:55] <dataman>  well you cant blame the english for getting deperate
  2650. [17:56] <dataman> khan is welcoming terrorism into london
  2651. [17:56] <MadPierrot> (((they)))
  2652. [17:56] <waldenasta> Why is it when a white man commits an act of terrorism the world just shrugs but when it is anyone else the entire fucking world stops...
  2653. [17:56] <AmerieHartree> > the english
  2654. [17:56] <MadPierrot> jk
  2655. [17:56] <waldenasta> so dataman you are advocating murdering people now
  2656. [17:56] <torpit> HydroponicFunBags: we know all the tricks. Don't try me here. We like to think we carved us out a small slice of freedom here.
  2657. [17:56] <MadPierrot> dataman wtf is wron with you, are you siding with this terrorist???\
  2658. [17:56] <dataman> no
  2659. [17:56] <MadPierrot> "well you cant blame the english for getting deperate"
  2660. [17:56] <waldenasta> You dataman think it all right to drive into people and murder th4em
  2661. [17:56] <waldenasta> nice
  2662. [17:56] <AmerieHartree> how fucking moronic can you be
  2663. [17:56] <dataman> im saying you can see why they would be desparate
  2664. [17:56] <MadPierrot> waldenasta he's ookay with it as long as they're not white
  2665. [17:57] <AmerieHartree> thats not a challenge, btw
  2666. [17:57] <dataman> 22 little girls blown up and Khan wants more
  2667. [17:57] <waldenasta> MadPierrot, that is the sense I get
  2668. [17:57] <AmerieHartree> although I'm sure you'll outstrip yourself regardless
  2669. [17:57] <MadPierrot> dataman here you go again with your baseless Khan claims
  2670. [17:57] <AmerieHartree> dataman, this is ridiculous
  2671. [17:57] <HydroponicFunBags> torpit: Who is "we?"
  2672. [17:57] <waldenasta> dataman, seriously, get some have issues!!!
  2673. [17:57] <AmerieHartree> because if nigel farage had said that terrorism was part and parcel of living in a modern city
  2674. [17:57] <AmerieHartree> you would have nodded your head
  2675. [17:57] <AmerieHartree> and said yes he's being politically incorrect and speaking the truth
  2676. [17:57] <MadPierrot> AmerieHartree++
  2677. [17:57] <MadPierrot> same with BoJo
  2678. [17:57] <AmerieHartree> but because khan says it, you somehow see it as advocacy
  2679. [17:57] <dataman> lol racist waldenasta telling me i have issues
  2680. [17:57] <dataman> look in the mirror mate
  2681. [17:58] <AmerieHartree> because you're one thick fucking moron
  2682. [17:58] <HydroponicFunBags> torpit: The suspense is killing me. Who is "we?"
  2683. [17:58] <AmerieHartree> I mean thats the only discernable reason from my perspective
  2684. [17:58] <waldenasta> You have never seen me advocate for hurting any one ever
  2685. [17:58] <dataman>     [16:17] <waldenasta> I am against welfare for whites
  2686. [17:58] <dataman> what about that
  2687. [17:58] <%corvusmalus> dataman3, wtf: "<dataman>  well you cant blame the english for getting deperate" ?
  2688. [17:58] <torpit> I mentioned they needed a cap on mosque construction permits. You should have enough church space for the population. There should be no such thing as a no go zone. Muslims should be british. They come there.. Wear a long beard.. Or wear a hijab.. This isn't British.
  2689. [17:58] <Runner_> lots of cross fighting, kewl
  2690. [17:59] <MadPierrot> Runner_ fite me irl
  2691. [17:59] <Runner_> corvusmalus ban them all
  2692. [17:59] <dataman> corvusmalus saying the english leadership is welcoming it
  2693. [17:59] <dataman> citizen outrage is to be expected
  2694. [17:59] <%corvusmalus> torpit, i wore a long beard now and then? so what?
  2695. [17:59] <Runner_> why MadPierrot, i dont have a prob with you
  2696. [17:59] <MadPierrot> Runner_ jk fam
  2697. [17:59] <AmerieHartree> just because you are a moron who thinks you represent the USA, doesn't mean this one moron in england represents england
  2698. [17:59] <void> beards++
  2699. [17:59] <Runner_> lol
  2700. [17:59] <HydroponicFunBags> torpit: You never said who "we," was, and I just have to know.
  2701. [17:59] <dataman> my beard is epic right now
  2702. [17:59] <dataman> wish i could share a pic
  2703. [18:00] <torpit> Mayor Khan example of integration. Of being British.
  2704. [18:00] <MadPierrot> .sub justneckbeardthings
  2705. [18:00] <+gonzobot> (MadPierrot) /r/justneckbeardthings - Barba non philisophum facit. - a community for 3y, there are 209,836 subscribers and 929 people online now.
  2706. [18:00] <Manos> My beard is sparse and about to be gone with my next shower.
  2707. [18:00] <dataman> ive already gotten death threats sooo I'll skip posting a pic
  2708. [18:00] <MadPierrot> sad!
  2709. [18:00] <MadPierrot> jk
  2710. [18:00] <MadPierrot> I'm not posting a pic
  2711. [18:00] <AmerieHartree> torpit, you keep saying this 'You should have enough church space for the population' thing like there are somehow not enough churches in the UK, seriously what the fuck are you going on about, and why the fuck are you going on about it when you clearly don't know what its about
  2712. [18:00] <%corvusmalus> torpit: ;)
  2713. [18:00] <+gonzobot> (corvusmalus) Dugin on beards - length 2m 8s - 49 likes, 2 dislikes (96.1%) - 5,222 views - dieciscum on 2014.05.13
  2714. [18:00] <Runner_> oh how proper of you to capitalize the M for mayor and K for khant
  2715. [18:00] <Runner_> hehe
  2716. [18:01] <Runner_> the guy is weak
  2717. [18:01] <%corvusmalus> ^ has english subs
  2718. [18:01] <dataman> he promotes terrorism
  2719. [18:01] <dataman> says its part and parcel of life now
  2720. [18:01] <Runner_> although id ont like perce whatever have you seen him interview khan
  2721. [18:01] <MadPierrot> Well mayor was the first word in the sentence
  2722. [18:01] <Runner_> khan is pathetic and weak
  2723. [18:01] <AmerieHartree> why do you appear to be under the entirely ridiculous impression that there are not enough churches torpit
  2724. [18:01] <MadPierrot> dataman you're full of shit
  2725. [18:01] <dataman> no you are
  2726. [18:01] <Runner_> i say , ARMWRESTLE !........
  2727. [18:02] <Runner_> lol
  2728. [18:02] <MadPierrot> you have zero evidence that Khan supports terrorism
  2729. [18:02] <dataman>
  2730. [18:02] <+gonzobot> Title: Khan - Album on Imgur
  2731. [18:02] <Runner_> reliable sources state that, who are un named
  2732. [18:02] <MadPierrot> just taking quotes out of context
  2733. [18:02] <dataman> he wants you to accept it
  2734. [18:02] <AmerieHartree> Runner_, I mean he's not great but I'm not sure I'd say he's pathetic
  2735. [18:02] <dataman> khan says terrorism has nothing to do with islam, hahahhaha what a joke
  2736. [18:02] <MadPierrot> dataman a lot of people have said that
  2737. [18:02] <Runner_> let me find that interview AmerieHartree , brb
  2738. [18:02] <MadPierrot> dataman Trump was just in Saudi Arabia
  2739. [18:02] <Manos> He wants you to not freak out about it. That's a pretty obvious thing most people not on the spectrum would understand.
  2740. [18:03] <dataman> yea giving an anti-terrorism speech
  2741. [18:03] <Runner_>
  2742. [18:03] <+gonzobot> (Runner_) Piers Morgan Grills Sadiq Khan Over Jihadists in London - length 1m 53s - 6,015 likes, 451 dislikes (93.0%) - 534,719 views - on 2017.06.06
  2743. [18:03] <dataman> and launching a new operational center to target terrorism funding
  2744. [18:03] <torpit> But.. He hasn't fought the caliphate.
  2745. [18:03] <dataman> and now you see Qatar alienated
  2746. [18:03] <dataman> just like it should be
  2747. [18:03] <MadPierrot> we have boots on the ground in Qatar
  2748. [18:03] <MadPierrot> probably should have pulled them out first right?
  2749. [18:03] <%corvusmalus> dataman, why do you think quatar should be alienated?
  2750. [18:03] <torpit> dataman3: alliance base was in France.
  2751. [18:03] <dataman> USA has an airbase in Qatar
  2752. [18:03] <dataman> but qatar is fucked
  2753. [18:03] <MadPierrot> before attacking the Qatar government
  2754. [18:04] <MadPierrot> well verbally attacking
  2755. [18:04] <dataman> you cant talk about Qatar like its some unified country, Qatar is tumultuous and has competing parties
  2756. [18:04] <dataman> some good some evil
  2757. [18:04] <%corvusmalus> dataman, do you know the role of qatar and its relation to saudi arabia, iran and so on?
  2758. [18:04] <dataman> yse
  2759. [18:04] <dataman> yes
  2760. [18:04] <AmerieHartree> yeah denying terrorism has something to do with islam is not specific to khan or being a muslim, thats what literally every politician says who is not specifically anti-islamic like some kippers, afd, piv, etc
  2761. [18:04] <MadPierrot> corvusmalus doubtful
  2762. [18:04] <Runner_> qatar  is a horrible place
  2763. [18:04] <AmerieHartree> dont really agree with it but its an odd one to pin on khan
  2764. [18:04] <Runner_> gov't is responsible
  2765. [18:05] <MadPierrot> dataman Bush made the same claim as Khan, do you think Bush was weak and supported terrorism?
  2766. [18:05] <dataman> corvusmalus is german, and germany supports these terror nations that create refugees
  2767. [18:05] <MadPierrot> smh
  2768. [18:05] <Runner_> human rights violations is a major concern
  2769. [18:05] <Runner_> bush is a dumbass who cares
  2770. [18:05] <Runner_> all the bushes are
  2771. [18:05] <dataman> germany is in the middle of its 3rd attempt of the last 100 years to rule the world right now
  2772. [18:05] <Runner_> all bought and paid for
  2773. [18:05] <torpit> AmerieHartree: Assimilation, Integration and Reconciliation. Fresh "Air".
  2774. [18:06] <AmerieHartree> torpit, the fuck does that have to do with anything I said
  2775. [18:06] <%corvusmalus> dataman, ?
  2776. [18:06] <AmerieHartree> try being coherent sometimes m8
  2777. [18:06] <dataman> corvusmalus we have discussed this many times
  2778. [18:06] <dataman> merkel is defacto queen of EU
  2779. [18:06] <Runner_> she is , no doubt
  2780. [18:06] <dataman> and trying to wage economic warfare on europe
  2781. [18:06] <AmerieHartree> lol
  2782. [18:06] <torpit> Khan studied boxing to fight bullies. As a kid. He defended guys in court of being part of the caliphate.. Though he did not fight the caliphate himself.
  2783. [18:06] <AmerieHartree> corvusmalus, its just so bad
  2784. [18:07] <dataman> corvusmalus
  2785. [18:07] <+gonzobot> Title: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  2786. [18:07] <Runner_> oh intersting torpit
  2787. [18:07] <Runner_> link?
  2788. [18:07] <dataman> germany is using the euro to buttfuck the rest of europe
  2789. [18:07] <Runner_> they rarely consult the other eu countries
  2790. [18:07] <dataman> euro was never part of the original EU agreement
  2791. [18:07] <torpit>
  2792. [18:07] <+gonzobot> Title: Sadiq Khan - Wikipedia
  2793. [18:07] <torpit> Its just there plain as day.
  2794. [18:08] <AmerieHartree> everybody needs defending in court
  2795. [18:08] <dataman> khan defense terrorists though
  2796. [18:08] <dataman> and he wasnt their appointed lawyer
  2797. [18:08] <%corvusmalus> dataman, i talked about qatar and its geopolitical role in the middle east/gulf region. and you answered, with that i'm german, and germany is supporting unnamed terror nations which create refugees. how is that even related?
  2798. [18:08] <dataman> he was a legal advisor
  2799. [18:08] <Runner_> hopefully they'll vote him out next time torpit
  2800. [18:08] <dataman> i wasnt replying to you when i said that
  2801. [18:08] <dataman> not everything german is about you lol
  2802. [18:09] <torpit> Part of assimilation is allowing nothing which the caliphate might want someone to do. If its ordinary for Islam.. Don't allow that if its in line also with the caliphate.
  2803. [18:09] <AmerieHartree> dataman, this is actually an interesting point because what were those terrorists called
  2804. [18:09] <dataman> sharia law and calphate are incompatible with western culture
  2805. [18:10] <torpit> dataman3: foreigners have been working to make things compatible with them.. For a long time.
  2806. [18:10] <torpit> And their allies.
  2807. [18:10] <dataman> what do you mean
  2808. [18:10] <AmerieHartree> dataman, this is actually an interesting point because what were those terrorists called
  2809. [18:10] <dataman> many cultures assimilate without integrating
  2810. [18:10] <dataman> think of the amish
  2811. [18:11] <dataman> amish love america
  2812. [18:11] <torpit> dataman3: but they have computers. Just offside.
  2813. [18:11] <Runner_> and america loves them
  2814. [18:11] <nospinzy> i live nea rthe Amish
  2815. [18:11] <torpit> Offsite.
  2816. [18:11] <AmerieHartree> dataman, this is actually an interesting point because what were those terrorists called
  2817. [18:11] <dataman> dude just say what you mean
  2818. [18:11] <torpit> They use them for farm business.
  2819. [18:11] <dataman> dont be rhetorical
  2820. [18:11] <Runner_> i'm having a deja vu AmerieHartree
  2821. [18:11] <Runner_> lol
  2822. [18:11] <AmerieHartree> yes well its very simple stuff
  2823. [18:12] <dataman> torpit amish using computers doesnt mean they are integrated
  2824. [18:12] <dataman> amish live very separate lives from your average american
  2825. [18:12] <nospinzy> yea but they come out in public and are around the public
  2826. [18:12] <nospinzy> i talked to them plenty of times
  2827. [18:12] <torpit> dataman3: when they leave their settlements.. They can.
  2828. [18:12] <AmerieHartree> I appreciate some people present may have difficulties with what is essentially the comprehension of basic english and the possession of a very slight amount of knowledge on the things they choose to run their mouth about
  2829. [18:12] <AmerieHartree> but thats not my problem
  2830. [18:12] <nospinzy> i live near Amish country
  2831. [18:12] <AmerieHartree> dataman, this is actually an interesting point because what were those terrorists called
  2832. [18:12] <dataman> torpit and arabs can integate too
  2833. [18:12] <dataman> dropping that shit religion is a good start
  2834. [18:13] <nospinzy> yea
  2835. [18:13] <dataman> AmerieHartree i dont know what youre trying to say. quit being rhetorical about it and just say it
  2836. [18:13] <dataman> i cant follow your stupid thought process
  2837. [18:13] <dataman> sum it up
  2838. [18:13] <Runner_> his keyboard is stuck
  2839. [18:13] <Runner_> keeps writing the same sentence
  2840. [18:13] <torpit> I've seen Amish both either assimilated or less assimilated.. But then again. When they travel outside of their settlements.. They don't nessicarily have to integrate or not integrate.
  2841. 02[18:13] * HydroponicFunBags has quit IRC (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
  2842. [18:14] <dataman> torpit forget the amish, it was just an example
  2843. [18:14] <dataman> no one here really wants to talk about amish
  2844. [18:14] <torpit> The point is.. Assimilation isn't a hard and fast rule once they leave their own.
  2845. [18:14] <%corvusmalus> dataman, the map you sent me - 2002 was the agenda 2000 in germany - an overhaul of the social system.
  2846. [18:14] <Kichigai> First generation immigrants almost never assimilate. That happens with their kids.
  2847. [18:14] <dataman> corvusmalus what map did i send you
  2848. [18:15] <dataman> USA under massive cyber attack right now
  2849. [18:15] <dataman>
  2850. [18:15] <+gonzobot> Title: Verizon outage or service down? Current problems and outages |           Down Detector
  2851. [18:15] <dataman> check verizon, tmobile, att as well
  2852. [18:15] <dataman> and sprint
  2853. [18:15] <Kichigai> We're always under some kind of "cyber attack."
  2854. [18:15] <+gonzobot> Title: Norse - IPViking Live
  2855. [18:15] <captainmeta4> !access list
  2856. [18:16] <%corvusmalus> dataman: "<dataman> corvusmalus is german, and germany supports these terror nations that create refugees" --- "<dataman> i wasnt replying to you when i said that <dataman> not everything german is about you lol" ?
  2857. [18:16] <dataman> Kichigai yes but not usually with effect
  2858. [18:16] <AmerieHartree> dataman, the fuck are you on about? It's literally one sentence with the question at the end. If you can't follow the thought process involved in one simple sentence then I do worry for you somewhat. Anyways, despite it being so evident, what were those terrorists called
  2859. [18:16] <captainmeta4> .seen jakeable
  2860. [18:16] <+gonzobot> (captainmeta4) jakeable was last seen 1 year and 3 months ago saying: yeah I know, but they occupy so many spaces on r/all
  2861. [18:16] <captainmeta4> .seen meghanam
  2862. [18:16] <+gonzobot> (captainmeta4) meghanam was last seen 8 months and 13 days ago saying: Thank you, helpful network ops :)
  2863. [18:16] <dataman> corvusmalus you are linking unrelated lines
  2864. [18:16] <%corvusmalus> dataman, sorry, not map, the diagram
  2865. [18:16] <dataman> the chart of euro?
  2866. [18:16] <%corvusmalus> yeah.
  2867. [18:16] <dataman> that wasnt for you
  2868. [18:16] <dataman> it was to show how germany is waging economic warfare on europe as a whole
  2869. [18:17] <AmerieHartree> I have now asked you the question five times
  2870. [18:17] <%corvusmalus> and? i still think it is wrong to attribute that the the euro alone.
  2871. [18:17] <dataman> AmerieHartree im still waiting for your question
  2872. [18:17] <dataman> ill asnwer it if you ask it
  2873. [18:17] <captainmeta4> .seen ecafyelims
  2874. [18:17] <+gonzobot> (captainmeta4) ecafyelims was last seen 2 years and 4 months ago saying: what can I do for you?
  2875. [18:17] <torpit> I would say this.. Muslims coming here.. We don't see ethnic wear. We see you trying to export your religion. And so.. How many you know come here and say.. "I need to be like them. "
  2876. [18:17] <dataman> i told you twice I didnt understand it, as you phrased it
  2877. [18:17] <AmerieHartree> dataman, what were the terrorist who khan defended called?
  2878. [18:17] <captainmeta4> I have one word
  2879. [18:17] <AmerieHartree> lol how can you not understand this
  2880. [18:17] <dataman> dude dont ask me rhetoricla questions
  2881. [18:17] <captainmeta4> .wiki taqi yay
  2882. [18:17] <+gonzobot> (captainmeta4) Taqiya (Arabic: تقیة‎‎ taqiyyah/taqīyah, literally "prudence, fear, caution, carefulness, wariness) is an Islamic principle that is Shi'ite in origin, and refers to precautionary dissimulation or... ::
  2883. [18:17] <dataman> just say your piece
  2884. [18:17] <AmerieHartree> they're not fucking rhetorical
  2885. [18:17] <torpit> This can depend on the country.
  2886. [18:17] <dataman> yes they are
  2887. [18:18] <AmerieHartree> its a simple question, what are the names
  2888. [18:18] <dataman> names of what
  2889. [18:18] <torpit> Jordanians for example... Integrate easily.
  2890. [18:18] <AmerieHartree> captainmeta4, corvusmalus, how can you condone this
  2891. [18:18] <MadPierrot> dataman, what were the terrorist who khan defended called?
  2892. [18:18] <AmerieHartree> well, *terrorists
  2893. [18:18] <dataman> terrorists
  2894. [18:18] <Kichigai> torpit, on the flip side my grandparents from the Ukraine didn't assimilate at all.
  2895. [18:18] <AmerieHartree> but its perfectly clear
  2896. [18:18] <MadPierrot> what were their names dataman? and nationality
  2897. [18:18] <AmerieHartree> I'm sorry that I made a typo the sixth time I asked you the question, dataman
  2898. [18:18] <MadPierrot> were they british or not?
  2899. [18:19] <torpit> But.. Being a white kingdom.. It always had goals it shared with the west.
  2900. [18:19] <AmerieHartree> I'm surely that severely obstructed your understanding
  2901. [18:19] <AmerieHartree> *sure
  2902. [18:19] <%corvusmalus> AmerieHartree, " corvusmalus, how can you condone this" - sorry what exactly? i don't follow everything here.
  2903. [18:19] <torpit> Ever since the first circassians came over from the white army
  2904. [18:19] <dataman> AmerieHartree type your question in one line, containing all references together
  2905. [18:19] <AmerieHartree> corvusmalus, I'll cut it down for you
  2906. [18:19] <%corvusmalus> AmerieHartree, or just pm me.
  2907. [18:19] <dataman> otherwise ill have to ask you what youre referencing
  2908. [18:19] <dataman> corvusmalus he wants me kicked because i didnt answer his question lol
  2909. [18:20] <MadPierrot> dataman, what were the terrorists who khan defended called? <-- AmerieHartree's question
  2910. [18:20] <MadPierrot> what were their names
  2911. [18:20] <dataman> what were they called?
  2912. [18:20] <MadPierrot> what were their names
  2913. [18:20] <dataman> he gave legal advice to moussaoui
  2914. [18:21] <Kichigai> what were their names
  2915. [18:21] <Kichigai> Plural.
  2916. [18:21] <feldstein>
  2917. [18:21] <+gonzobot> Title: List of September 11 Victims in Alphabetical Order - Printer Friendly
  2918. [18:21] <Runner_> wtf
  2919. [18:21] <Kichigai> You said there were more than one, didn't you?
  2920. [18:21] <nospinzy> if you bring in to many immigrants from areas who have low standards of etiquette a country runs the risk of having its own country being brought down to a lower level
  2921. [18:21] <MadPierrot> .wiki Zacarias Moussaoui
  2922. [18:21] <+gonzobot> (MadPierrot) Zacarias Moussaoui (Arabic: زكريا موسوي, Zakariyyā Mūsawī; born May 30, 1968) is a French citizen who pleaded guilty in U.S. ::
  2923. [18:21] <torpit> Ultimately the key is at the core.. To be united in goals. The lipkas were with the polish monarchs.. The circassians and Jordan with the west..
  2924. [18:21] <MadPierrot> French*
  2925. [18:21] <nospinzy> thats pretty much what Obama did for us
  2926. [18:21] <torpit> Etc.
  2927. [18:21] <dataman> khans brother gave a public speech advocating jihad, his name was Makbool Javaid
  2928. [18:22] <dataman> khan also shared a stage with Sajeel Abu Ibrahim in 2003
  2929. [18:22] <MadPierrot> ex brother in law
  2930. [18:22] <MadPierrot> not brother
  2931. [18:22] <dataman> also Yasser al-Siri was there
  2932. [18:22] <torpit> The meeting at Tanf Garrison is to discussing uniting in goals...
  2933. [18:22] <dataman> n 2004, Khan made an “error of judgement” by attending four meetings organized by Stop Political Terror, a group supported by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula senior recruiter Anwar al-Awlaki.
  2934. [18:22] <torpit> If the Iranians and hizbullah come to the meeting..
  2935. [18:23] <dataman>
  2936. [18:23] <dataman> khan and moussaouii ^^
  2937. [18:23] <Kichigai> dataman, Sadiq Khan did not represent Moussaoui, he represented three Brits in Egypt.
  2938. [18:23] <Kichigai>
  2939. [18:23] <+gonzobot> Title: BBC NEWS | UK | England | London | Three Britons are jailed in Egypt
  2940. [18:23] <AmerieHartree> dataman, this is entirely different from the claim you made before
  2941. [18:23] <Kichigai>
  2942. [18:23] <+gonzobot> Title: Desperate Britain First sink to new low by linking London mayor Sadiq Khan to 9/11 in bizarre video - Mirror Online
  2943. [18:24] <dataman> khan also attends Tooting Islamic Center, which is run by Sulliman Ghhani, a vocal supporter of ALQ
  2944. [18:24] <torpit> The Americans.. Danes.. Brits.. Who else.. Oh. Kurds.. Syriac's.. Some Arabs.. All at Tanf.
  2945. [18:24] <Kichigai> dataman, sources? Come on, cite some.
  2946. [18:24] <dataman> there is more but i  think 5 links should be enough for your question
  2947. [18:24] <AmerieHartree> Suliman Gani is a tory
  2948. [18:24] <dataman>
  2949. [18:24] <+gonzobot> Title: Imam Suliman Gani denies terror links as pictures with Zac Goldsmith, Dan Watkins and Sadiq Khan emerge (From Richmond and Twickenham Times)
  2950. [18:24] <AmerieHartree> not linked to labour
  2951. [18:24] <MadPierrot> Kichigai
  2952. [18:24] <+gonzobot> Title: Tories step up attempts to link Sadiq Khan to extremists | Politics | The Guardian
  2953. [18:25] <dataman>
  2954. [18:25] <+gonzobot> Title: Imam Suliman Gani denies terror links as pictures with Zac Goldsmith, Dan Watkins and Sadiq Khan emerge (From Richmond and Twickenham Times)
  2955. [18:25] <Kichigai> MadPierrot, I saw that.
  2956. [18:25] <MadPierrot> dataman is regurgitating Tory talking points
  2957. [18:25] <MadPierrot> nothing new and nothing of substance
  2958. [18:25] <dataman> if its true, people will talk about it
  2959. [18:25] <dataman> and democrats will deny it lol
  2960. [18:25] <MadPierrot> what does this have to do with dems?
  2961. [18:25] <Kichigai> In a statement, Imam Suliman Gani said: "Saying I support Islamic State is untrue and highly damaging to my reputation.
  2962. [18:25] <Kichigai> "I am totally opposed to the so-called Islamic State, also known as ISIS, ISIL, Daesh, which I view as a terrorist and inhumane organisation.
  2963. [18:25] <Kichigai> "Indeed as an Imam and community leader, I have campaigned against the evils of Islamic State to my fellow Muslims and to others in the community.
  2964. [18:25] <Kichigai> "I condemn ISIS wholeheartedly and have done so repeatedly in public since its inception."
  2965. [18:25] <Kichigai> Wow, that's a damning piece of evidence.
  2966. [18:26] <MadPierrot> Kichigai, of course he denounces it publically he supports it in private. (/s)
  2967. [18:26] <AmerieHartree> Kichigai, for those who actually care a little bit about this kind of stuff, preventing islamic radicalization and that kind of thing, then khan defending Maajid Nawaz would not be a black mark against him in any shape or form - Although I'm not even sure there is evidence that khan did defend these people and its an odd claim
  2968. [18:27] <AmerieHartree> considering it happened in egypt
  2969. [18:28] <AmerieHartree> so dataman is there anything you weren't wrong about
  2970. [18:28] <dataman>
  2971. [18:28] <+gonzobot> (dataman) Sadiq Khan suddenly cares about terrorism now that a Muslim died - length 5m 43s - 10 likes, 0 dislikes (100.0%) - 133 views - Wrongthink Radio on 2017.06.19
  2972. [18:28] <dataman> dude changes his tune all of a sudden lol
  2973. [18:28] <torpit> Uniting in a goal. Defeat the caliphate. Defeat Assad. Be victorious.. Something which jihad doesn't guarantee.. But having a common goal together can.
  2974. [18:28] <AmerieHartree> when you finally got round to answering the question I had to ask six or so times because you are apparently unable to understand basic english
  2975. [18:28] <dataman> you asked it once properly
  2976. [18:28] <torpit> Defeat terrorism.
  2977. [18:28] <dataman> and 5 times poorly
  2978. [18:29] <AmerieHartree> lol
  2979. [18:29] <dataman> you cant assume i know what youre referencing
  2980. [18:29] <dataman> especially when youre this scatterbrained
  2981. [18:29] <AmerieHartree> yeah, I can't assume you can read basic english
  2982. [18:29] <Kichigai> dataman can't keep up with an typical chatroom. LOW ENERGY! SAD!
  2983. [18:29] <AmerieHartree> I will bear that in mind in future, thanks
  2984. [18:29] <AmerieHartree> if this is winning I hate to see losing
  2985. [18:30] <dataman> so a white dude killed a muslim in london
  2986. [18:30] <dataman> Just think abotu the backlash against peaceful moderate caucasians!!!!!
  2987. [18:30] <dataman> its a travesty
  2988. [18:30] <AmerieHartree> and you think this represents 'the english', for some reason
  2989. [18:30] <AmerieHartree> just idiocy isn't it
  2990. [18:30] <AmerieHartree> I suppose there's no fixing it
  2991. [18:30] <dataman> not as long as there are voters like you
  2992. [18:30] <dataman> lol
  2993. [18:30] <AmerieHartree>
  2994. [18:30] <+gonzobot> (AmerieHartree) Neil Young - Lotta Love - length 2m 39s - 1,834 likes, 31 dislikes (98.3%) - 449,258 views - Fernando Vieira on 2011.11.23
  2995. 02[18:31] * waldenasta has quit IRC (Connection closed)
  2996. [18:31] <AmerieHartree> dataman, yeah its the literate ones who are the problem
  2997. [18:31] <AmerieHartree> see how far that stance gets you
  2998. [18:31] <dataman> the liberal ones
  2999. [18:31] <Kichigai> Why won't you call it what it is? Radical Christian Terrorism.
  3000. [18:31] <dataman> fixed that for you
  3001. [18:31] <torpit> We hold Tanf no matter what( and I mean anything short of nukes.). And we make sure we can have that big meeting. There is a clear path to win.
  3002. [18:31] <nospinzy> Kichigai what was?
  3003. [18:31] <AmerieHartree> Kichigai, because I don't think there is any basis on which to assert he is a christian
  3004. [18:31] <nospinzy> the van attack?
  3005. [18:31] <AmerieHartree> thats why
  3006. [18:31] <Kichigai> Finsbury Park.
  3007. [18:31] <nospinzy> how do you kno whe was a Christian
  3008. [18:31] <nospinzy> you dont
  3009. [18:32] <AmerieHartree> unless you're assuming that he is christian because he is white, in which case you need to familiarize yourself further with the UK
  3010. [18:32] <torpit> Truce message to Iranian forces and hizbullah. They want to meet you at Tanf to discuss victory.
  3011. [18:32] <dataman>
  3012. [18:32] <+gonzobot> (dataman) @GeorgiaDirtRoad (Shannon 🇺🇸): This It's What The Left Is Promoting In America. It's Nothing But Hate &amp; Racism! #DemocratsAreThePartyOfHate (1 day and 2 hours ago)
  3013. [18:32] <Kichigai> Osborne also appears to have a Twitter account, which he has never used to send his own tweets, instead monitoring 32 other users, including Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen, the leaders of the far right party Britain First. Its mission statement states: ?We will restore Christianity as the bedrock and foundation of our national life as it has been for the last one thousand years.?
  3014. [18:32] <Kichigai>
  3015. [18:32] <+gonzobot> Title: Finsbury Park suspect named as Cardiff resident Darren Osborne | UK news | The Guardian
  3016. [18:32] <nospinzy> Kichigai post the twitter account
  3017. [18:33] <AmerieHartree> sure, britain first are explicitly christian
  3018. [18:33] <AmerieHartree> are all their supporters? I'm not convinced
  3019. [18:33] <dataman> did anyone notice Obama didnt say shit about the DC shooting on Scalise
  3020. [18:33] <AmerieHartree> you need to follow the whole BNP -> EDL -> splinters -> BF kinda patterns
  3021. [18:34] <Kichigai> nospinzy, I've got a story right there that covers it.
  3022. [18:35] <AmerieHartree> Kichigai, there's not a vast amount of it but lots of the undercover journalism I've seen on BF reports a certain dissatisfaction with this 'christian message' aspect, which largely relates iirc to one specific funder behind paul golding. There was a certain christian aspect to the EDL, I suppose, but that seems to have been largely symbolic
  3023. [18:35] <nospinzy> Kichigai i said post the twitter account
  3024. [18:35] <nospinzy> so we can study it
  3025. [18:35] <nospinzy> see if the twitter account was set up today
  3026. [18:36] <nospinzy> but you just rely on the media
  3027. [18:36] <AmerieHartree> suffice to say that following britain first on twitter is not, in my opinion, a convincing argument that he is a christian, and I hope that is clear from the comments I just made
  3028. [18:36] <nospinzy> you dont investigate
  3029. [18:36] <AmerieHartree> or that my reasoning is clear, rather
  3030. [18:36] <Kichigai> nospinzy, so you believe the Guardian is so easily duped?
  3031. [18:37] <MadPierrot> dataman
  3032. [18:37] <+gonzobot> Title: Obama calls Republican lawmaker after shooting at baseball field - LA Times
  3033. [18:37] <torpit> Net effect of daesh or assad winning.. Is that Russia gets a bead on Iranian oil fields.
  3034. [18:38] <dataman> paywalled
  3035. [18:38] <MadPierrot> Former President Obama called at least one Republican lawmaker after the shooting at a congressional baseball practice Wednesday, contacting Sen. Jeff Flake (R- Ariz.) to send “best wishes and prayers to those injured,” the senator said.
  3036. [18:38] <MadPierrot> Flake, who maintained good relations with Obama during his presidency, rode Air Force One with Obama back home to Arizona for a service after Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot in 2011.
  3037. [18:38] <MadPierrot> The former president wanted to let Rep. Steve Scalise, who was injured in the attack, and other Republican members of Congress “know he’s thinking about this,” Flake said.
  3038. [18:38] <dataman> lol obama only called his one sellout RINO friend
  3039. [18:38] <AmerieHartree> Kichigai, I mean, does my reasoning there seem reasonable to you
  3040. [18:39] <MadPierrot> what would suffice to you dataman?
  3041. [18:39] <MadPierrot> He's not the prez anymore you know? his duties have changed
  3042. [18:39] <nospinzy> Kichigai im going to find his twitter for us both
  3043. [18:39] <nospinzy> ok
  3044. [18:39] <MadPierrot> may have been suspended
  3045. [18:39] <MadPierrot> idk
  3046. [18:39] <Kichigai> AmerieHartree, sorry, your message got lost in the mix, you're going to have to help me parse some of this: "BF" and "EDL" in this context?
  3047. [18:40] <Kichigai> nospinzy, go nuts.
  3048. [18:40] <Kichigai> nospinzy, that's how this is supposed to work. I provide a source for my claims and then it's up to you to refute it. Not my job.
  3049. 02[18:40] * TheRomanticPianist[bestc] has quit IRC (Quit: Connection closed for inactivity)
  3050. [18:41] <Kichigai> AmerieHartree, oh, wait, you mean Britain First. I still don't know "EDL" beyond "Edit Decision List."
  3051. [18:41] <torpit> Prove ourselves to the Iranians.. So they know we aren't all bad. And we know they aren't all either.
  3052. [18:43] <torpit> I wouldn't mind we recycle their wastes.. And send them pebble bed and gtmhr reactors. But so long as there is guarantees against weaponization. We can forge a clause.. If they need warheads.. We are one phone call away.
  3053. [18:45] <AmerieHartree> Kichigai, yeah bf = britain first, edl = english defence league. bnp = british national party
  3054. [18:45] <AmerieHartree> bf got a lot of their support from edl splinter groups and their members
  3055. [18:46] <AmerieHartree> the overtly christian element was a top-down part of the bf organization and not so much an important organic part of the british radical right imo
  3056. [18:47] <Kichigai> AmerieHartree, OK, but if your point was that it's not fair to paint Osborne as being Christian because of the desire to move Britain First from a Christian-themed org, how does that apply when he's retweeting messages explicitly about Christianity?
  3057. [18:47] <AmerieHartree> well I mean
  3058. [18:47] <AmerieHartree> you probably should have brought that bit up first
  3059. [18:47] <AmerieHartree> because that sounds like more compelling evidence
  3060. [18:47] <Kichigai> I'll buy that it's not necessarily fair to paint BF as being a primarily Christian-centric organization, but Osborne was retweeting explicit messages about "restoring" Christianity, so it doesn't seem that wild to say he's a Christian.
  3061. [18:47] <nospinzy> Kichigai you are a piece of trash there is zero evidence this guy did the attack in the name of Christianity
  3062. [18:48] <nospinzy> post the twitter account
  3063. [18:48] <nospinzy> post a tweet
  3064. [18:48] <nospinzy> post anything ffs
  3065. [18:48] <nospinzy> your posting propoganda
  3066. [18:48] <Kichigai> nospinzy, you were the one digging that up. So far you don't have any evidence to say he's not.
  3067. [18:48] <nospinzy> i cant find it dude
  3068. [18:48] <nospinzy> anywhere
  3069. [18:48] <Kichigai> nospinzy, that's your problem.
  3070. [18:48] <nospinzy> there is no evidence of any of this existing
  3071. [18:48] <nospinzy> no its not my problem
  3072. [18:48] <nospinzy> its your problme
  3073. [18:48] <nospinzy> its eveyones problem
  3074. [18:49] <nospinzy> your the one posting complete propoganda without any evidence
  3075. [18:49] <AmerieHartree> Kichigai, so, he did make these tweets explicitly about christianity, restoring it, etc?
  3076. [18:49] <nospinzy> there is no evidence you moron
  3077. [18:49] <Kichigai> AmerieHartree, he never tweeted directly, but retweeted others exclusively.
  3078. [18:49] <nospinzy> there is no twitter account
  3079. [18:49] <AmerieHartree> where did you get this information Kichigai
  3080. [18:49] <torpit> Part of our inspections will ensure compatibility of their icbms to our warheads. We will need their plans shared with us. This is not a problem. Secondly... For US to send them triso or quadriso fuel.. Made from wastes.. We must guarantee reactors which are making wastes isn't allowing for weaponization of uranium in any way. Its business.. But you think its because we just don't want them to have nukes. If Russia tries to brute force or go plan A... That
  3081. [18:49] <torpit> throws that assertion right out the window.
  3082. [18:50] <torpit> Which is what we hope to prove some of this at Tanf.
  3083. [18:50] <MadPierrot> AmerieHartree it was from a Guardian article
  3084. [18:50] <Kichigai> nospinzy, I have a reputable source that claims he was associating himself with Christian organizations, and you have name calling. Sorry, evidence is 1-0 to me. Come back when you have something that refutes my source.
  3085. [18:50] <AmerieHartree> sorry what the fuck is this
  3086. [18:51] <AmerieHartree> we're not children, whats the source
  3087. [18:51] <nospinzy> "reputable source" who provides zero refrences
  3088. [18:51] <Kichigai> AmerieHartree, The Guardian.
  3089. [18:51] <nospinzy> its not hard for them to link
  3090. [18:51] <nospinzy> dude all i want to do is see the evidence
  3091. [18:51] <Kichigai> nospinzy, if the account has been suspended recently, yeah.
  3092. [18:51] <nospinzy> and then we can debate it
  3093. [18:52] <Kichigai> nospinzy, then go take it up with The Guardian. So far you have no evidence that he's not.
  3094. [18:52] <nospinzy> but you keep pushing a narrative
  3095. [18:52] <torpit> Some ain't gonna much like the fact that we are going to have to help the Iranians.. And they have to help us to some degree.
  3096. [18:52] <UKDivided> no evidence of a negative? You don't have any evidence I'm not the queen of England either
  3097. [18:52] <torpit> Because the Russians are coming towards them. And we know it.
  3098. [18:53] <AmerieHartree>
  3099. [18:53] <+gonzobot> Title: Finsbury Park suspect named as Cardiff resident Darren Osborne | UK news | The Guardian
  3100. [18:53] <AmerieHartree> as far as I can tell those claims are not in these articles
  3101. [18:53] <AmerieHartree> which are the ones within the timeframe
  3102. [18:53] <MadPierrot>
  3103. [18:53] <+gonzobot> Title: Finsbury Park suspect named as Cardiff resident Darren Osborne | UK news | The Guardian
  3104. [18:54] <MadPierrot> Osborne also appears to have a Twitter account, which he has never used to send his own tweets, instead monitoring 32 other users, including Paul Golding and Jayda Fransen, the leaders of the far right party Britain First. Its mission statement states: “We will restore Christianity as the bedrock and foundation of our national life as it has been for the last one thousand years.”
  3105. [18:54] <AmerieHartree> yeah
  3106. [18:54] <AmerieHartree> it doesn't mention the retweeting
  3107. [18:54] <MadPierrot> oh retweeting hm
  3108. [18:54] <AmerieHartree> "how does that apply when he's retweeting messages explicitly about Christianity?"
  3109. [18:55] <MadPierrot> following vs retweeting
  3110. [18:55] <nospinzy>
  3111. [18:55] <nospinzy> i went thru all of there
  3112. [18:55] <nospinzy> these
  3113. [18:55] <nospinzy> couldnt find anything
  3114. [18:55] <MadPierrot> nospinzy v possible that Twitter has suspended the account
  3115. [18:55] <nospinzy> take not there are a ton of Darren Osborne accounts
  3116. [18:55] <AmerieHartree> MadPierrot, we had already covered following BF, I'm sure Kichigai is able to distinguish between following and retweeting
  3117. [18:55] <dataman> doubt it
  3118. [18:55] <MadPierrot> I misread it
  3119. [18:55] <dataman> Kichigai not capable of much critical thought
  3120. [18:56] <AmerieHartree> neither are you, you spoon
  3121. [18:56] <MadPierrot> kek
  3122. [18:57] <UKDivided> don't be spoonist AmerieHartree
  3123. [18:58] <MadPierrot> .urban spoonist
  3124. [18:58] <+gonzobot> (MadPierrot) [1/1] Person who was born with, or was handed a silver spoon. A spoonist uses their given silver spoon where necessary for 'survival', however more regularly portrays themselves as a commoner to become... -
  3125. [18:58] <AmerieHartree> I'll discriminate against whatever cutlery I wish
  3126. [18:58] <MadPierrot> heh
  3127. [18:58] <AmerieHartree> tablespoons are literally useless and I don't care who knows I said it
  3128. 02[18:58] * Kichigai has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
  3129. [18:58] <UKDivided> I'm shocked
  3130. [18:59] <AmerieHartree>  no you're meant to answer my questions before you leave
  3131. [18:59] <MadPierrot> literally shocked
  3132. [18:59] <AmerieHartree> gosh
  3133. [18:59] <AmerieHartree> what a kerfuffle
  3134. [19:00] <AmerieHartree> when was our last overtly christian terrorist, breivik?
  3135. [19:00] <AmerieHartree> I imagine
  3136. [19:01] <MadPierrot> probably
  3137. [19:01] <UKDivided> depends who counts as our
  3138. [19:01] <AmerieHartree> european
  3139. [19:01] <UKDivided> probably
  3140. 02[19:04] * CubanPete has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
  3141. 03[19:19] * waldenasta has joined #politics
  3142. [19:19] <waldenasta> Hey dataman
  3143. [19:20] <waldenasta> aren't you always talking about child marriage?
  3144. [19:20] <waldenasta>
  3145. [19:20] <+gonzobot> (waldenasta) Child Brides | June 14, 2017 Part 2 | Full Frontal on TBS - length 7m 13s - 9,278 likes, 315 dislikes (96.7%) - 531,770 views - Full Frontal with Samantha Bee on 2017.06.15
  3146. [19:21] <Don`Quixote> For some assholes, its the only way they can get a wife.
  3147. [19:22] <Don`Quixote> sad really
  3148. [19:27] <waldenasta> the video is hilarious because in New Jersey the age is 14 for girls! 14! Guess who decided not to sign a new law increasing the marriage age?
  3149. [19:27] <waldenasta> Yep! Chris Christie!
  3150. [19:27] <UKDivided> wait, waldenasta, you can legally shag 14yr olds in the US? weird
  3151. [19:28] <waldenasta> if you marry them
  3152. [19:28] <UKDivided> but only if you marry them, that's a weird system
  3153. [19:28] <waldenasta>
  3154. [19:28] <+gonzobot> Title: State-by-State Marriage "Age of Consent" Laws - FindLaw
  3155. [19:28] <torpit> waldenasta: well.. A lot of states used to be like that..  Back in the 1970's.. But the young people were generally expected to be more mature anyhow.
  3156. [19:29] <torpit> Then again. Pot was legal in some states. Beer and cig ages too.
  3157. [19:29] <waldenasta> Just a quick look at the last link and I was wrong...the majority of States is 16
  3158. [19:30] <waldenasta> Yeah, I talked about the drug wars earlier
  3159. [19:30] <torpit> It was safer too. Back them.
  3160. [19:32] <waldenasta> what was safer?
  3161. [19:34] <torpit> Everything.
  3162. [19:35] <waldenasta> Weed? I don't know about safer but it was not as strong. They should just legalize it in all 50 States. Colorado, Alaska, California, Maine, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Washington, DC,
  3163. [19:35] <waldenasta> have all legalized for recreational use and crime have not gone up
  3164. [19:36] <waldenasta> Crime have gone down especially in border States because the Cartels are no longer making money off the illegal trade
  3165. [19:36] <waldenasta> Another reason why I hate Session's throw back ass!
  3166. [19:38] <waldenasta> The number one killer right now is Opioids. Doctors off prescribing strong opioids to patients and getting them hooked.
  3167. [19:38] <torpit> Well. Everything but nixonism.
  3168. [19:38] <torpit> Carrie Fisher. Not a pothead.
  3169. [19:38] <torpit> So sad.
  3170. [19:42] <torpit> There were so many inventions in the 70's.. Its insane to think about em all.
  3171. [19:42] <waldenasta> Yeah, Fisher is sad
  3172. [19:42] <waldenasta> She was a great advocate for people with mental illness
  3173. [19:47] <nospinzy> waldenasta what area are you from
  3174. [19:47] <waldenasta> Florida
  3175. [19:47] <nospinzy> ok
  3176. [19:47] <WinstonWolf> disney killed carrie fisher
  3177. [19:47] <WinstonWolf> with Rogue One
  3178. [19:47] <waldenasta> lol
  3179. [19:48] <torpit> Depression-anxiety correlation.. They said heroin and methadone. And coke.
  3180. [19:48] <dataman> CF had cocaine, heroine and ecstacy in her system when she died
  3181. [19:48] <WinstonWolf> she dies of complications from taking coke, heroin and X the same month that she has to see a digital, 19 year old version of herself in a star wars movie
  3182. [19:48] <waldenasta> spoiler..the end of Rogue One made everyone in the theatre I was in clap! It was awesome!
  3183. [19:48] <WinstonWolf> her cgi looked horrific
  3184. [19:49] <nospinzy> waldenasta did you like what the writter of the movie tweeted
  3185. [19:49] <nospinzy> about what the movie was about
  3186. [19:49] <WinstonWolf> cgi human faces are at least a decade away from being convincing
  3187. [19:49] <waldenasta> did not see
  3188. [19:49] <nospinzy> 1 second
  3189. [19:49] <torpit> Rogue One didn't even have starkiller. She may have played along with the schlockfest
  3190. [19:51] <nospinzy>
  3191. [19:51] <+gonzobot> Title: 'Star Wars' Writers Get Political: Will Anti-Trump Tweets Hurt 'Rogue One'? | Hollywood Reporter
  3192. [19:51] <nospinzy> "Please note that the Empire is a white supremacist (human) organization," wrote Weitz. Added fellow Rogue One scribe Gary Whitta, "Opposed by a multicultural group led by brave women." Both men changed their avatars to a Rebel insignia with a safety pin, a reference to the symbol of solidarity with persecuted groups that has spread following the election.
  3193. [19:52] <dataman> rogue one sucked
  3194. [19:52] <dataman> episode 8 will suck
  3195. [19:52] <dataman> and im such a die hard star wars fan, disney is ruining it
  3196. [19:52] <waldenasta> Now I remember this!
  3197. [19:52] <nospinzy> yea they bought it and decided to gaslight the population with propoganda
  3198. [19:53] <waldenasta> Much ado about nothing..
  3199. [19:53] <torpit> There is the clincher. It wasnt mental illness or drugs being the root cause. Sleep apnea can lead to depression. She had suck ass medicine.
  3200. [19:53] <nospinzy> yea i guess its nothing much to see............ i mean its the writter saying it but w/e right?
  3201. [19:53] <torpit> She was self medicating for depression and she may not have been much aware of sleep apnea.
  3202. [19:53] <waldenasta> I don't usually pay attention to writers/directors or even actors and their antics.
  3203. [19:54] <waldenasta> If they make good art I will watch
  3204. [19:54] <nospinzy> Go watch Farewell Africa then
  3205. [19:54] <nospinzy> have you ever watched that
  3206. [19:54] <torpit> But apnea will lead to depression. Not mental illness in the classic sense.
  3207. [19:54] <nospinzy> its on youtube
  3208. [19:54] <waldenasta> Clint Eastwood is still one of my favorite actors even though I want to tell him to stfu everytime he talks politics
  3209. [19:55] <torpit> Though im with neurologists(except where they want to cut your head open) all mental problems are physical ones.
  3210. [19:56] <waldenasta> schizophrenia is just a mental imbalance
  3211. [19:56] <torpit> She also gained weight due to sleep apnea. Hence.. She was supposed to look like she did when she was 19.. To some extent. Without sleep apnea... Quite probably so.
  3212. [19:57] <waldenasta> My brother was schizophrenic and it took a long time to get his medication right but it was not physical
  3213. [19:57] <waldenasta> He was an excellent athlete
  3214. [19:57] <torpit> That sleep apnea is nothing to mess around with. It is very dangerous shit.
  3215. [19:57] <nospinzy> hes saying physical meaning the brain
  3216. [19:57] <waldenasta> ok
  3217. [19:57] <waldenasta> fair enough
  3218. [19:58] <torpit> It could have been something else in the body leading to the mental inbalance...
  3219. [19:58] <torpit> The root cause is always physical.
  3220. [20:00] <torpit> And yeah. The real call is for sleep apnea. There has to be a pretty large enough number of those diagnosed with a disorder only to be diagnosed later with apnea.
  3221. [20:01] <torpit> The medical community.. The insurance industry shys away from things like sleep studies.. And things like that.
  3222. [20:01] <torpit> Whoever did her ME.. Did a fine job. Real good.
  3223. [20:09] <torpit> Point is..they say don't focus on her death. But her ME stood for the art of his profession for someone who stood for the art of her profession. So.. Look at that. Know her apnea brought on weight gain and depression. She tried to self medicate. Totally preventable.
  3224. [20:09] <WinstonWolf> and also disney killed her
  3225. [20:11] <torpit> Well.. Unfortunately not a single doctor.. Nor a single player in industry could get it down to its base cause.
  3226. [20:12] <torpit> There is a base cause for everything.
  3227. [20:13] <torpit> They don't have the luxury in the biz of saying.. We are putting on a hiatus so you can get this root cause figured out. They push them suffering.
  3228. [20:14] <torpit> This IS something the unions and industry must start talking about. We don't enjoy losing so many bright lights so soon.
  3229. [20:16] <torpit> If every franchise comes with this thing... You know. Over the long term its bad for business.
  3230. 03[20:17] * MinimumWrist has joined #politics
  3231. [20:17] <MinimumWrist> Why are liberals so stupid?
  3232. [20:18] <waldenasta> Hey! I am smarter than Donald Trump!
  3233. [20:18] <waldenasta> ;)
  3234. [20:26] <torpit> MinimumWrist: probably because Youre not talking to true liberals. They might be something else.. But see... They make you look dumb when you think Youre talking to a real liberal.
  3235. [20:27] <MinimumWrist> : - )
  3236. [20:27] <MinimumWrist> It is funny
  3237. [20:28] <MinimumWrist> I consider myself fairly "progressive"
  3238. [20:28] <MinimumWrist> But when talking to these "people", it is obvious something is awry
  3239. [20:29] <WinstonWolf> can you cite example of all liberals being stupid or just vomit emotion on us?
  3240. [20:29] <torpit> Entertainment is an entire sector of our economy. A huge sector of a huge economy. So.. All these lights dimmed.. This ain't good. Take it seriously. Its an attack on us.
  3241. [20:31] <MinimumWrist> No
  3242. [20:31] <MinimumWrist> I cna't
  3243. [20:31] <MinimumWrist> can't
  3244. [20:31] <MinimumWrist> I actually know nothing about politics
  3245. [20:31] <WinstonWolf> its an odd opinion to hold considering that
  3246. [20:31] <MinimumWrist> I just know liberals are dumb from what I read on breitibart
  3247. [20:32] <torpit> They couldn't tell you who are more true liberals and who are less true liberals.
  3248. 02[20:32] * %corvusmalus has quit IRC (NickServ (GHOST command used by Guest45749))
  3249. 03[20:32] * corvusmalus has joined #politics
  3250. 03[20:32] * NSA sets mode: +h corvusmalus
  3251. [20:32] <dataman> if the average person takes more from government than they pay in - the system fails
  3252. [20:34] <riot_grrrl[bestc]> dataman, so, most of the rich that are rich because the gov't services enable them to be rich (while subsidizing their workforce because they pay shit)
  3253. [20:34] <riot_grrrl[bestc]> right, we need to crack down on tax avoidance
  3254. [20:34] <dataman> tax rate for the rich is super high
  3255. [20:36] <torpit> You need an Eisenhower-Kennedy tax burden
  3256. [20:37] <riot_grrrl[bestc]> ^
  3257. [20:40] <dataman> thats what all the beneficiaries say
  3258. [20:40] <dataman> predictably
  3259. 02[20:40] * Jaybyrrd has quit IRC (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
  3260. [20:40] <dataman> tax the rich like that and they leave USA, thats real globalism for you
  3261. [20:41] <riot_grrrl[bestc]> That's not globalism
  3262. [20:41] <riot_grrrl[bestc]> that's an oligarchy
  3263. [20:41] <riot_grrrl[bestc]> real proper globalism
  3264. [20:41] <riot_grrrl[bestc]> should allow
  3265. [20:41] <riot_grrrl[bestc]> workers to immigrate
  3266. [20:41] <riot_grrrl[bestc]> just as easily
  3267. [20:41] <riot_grrrl[bestc]> as the fucking rich!
  3268. [20:41] <riot_grrrl[bestc]> also, implement a global wealth tax on the rich, to curb inequality
  3269. [20:42] <riot_grrrl[bestc]> as proposed by Piketty
  3270. [20:45] <torpit> Income taxes as a percent of revenue.. Under Eisenhower's policy was why ike's policy was so good. Corps paid in 31 percent of all which came in. Individuals close to 33 percent of all which came in.
  3271. [20:46] <torpit> And they will throw all these other charts and stories out there to try to confuse you on this.
  3272. [20:48] <torpit> Under ike.. It was almost a 3 way equal split between the three major sources of revenue.
  3273. [20:48] <torpit> Right now.. Individual income taxes pay the govt 41 percent of all revenue coming in. Which is way too damn high.
  3274. [20:49] <torpit> Corps pay in anywhere between less than 11 percent to 14 percent of all revenues coming in.. Depending on the year.
  3275. [20:50] <torpit> test for true liberal.
  3276. [20:50] <+gonzobot> Title: Are you a true liberal? Here's an 8-point test
  3277. [20:50] <torpit> Applicable anywhere.
  3278. 03[21:03] * angrybread has joined #politics
  3279. [21:03] <angrybread> dataman just told me hes an 8 point liberal...the truest of liberals
  3280. [21:04] <dataman> wrong
  3281. [21:05] <dataman> wealth isnt some honeypot you just have to get your fingers onto
  3282. [21:05] <dataman> its created by hard work
  3283. [21:05] <WinstonWolf> sometimes its acquired through nothing but birth
  3284. [21:05] <dataman> a country taxing itself is like standing in a bucket and picking it up from the handles
  3285. [21:05] <dataman> you need to create growth
  3286. [21:06] <dataman> fortunes arent eternal, they can disappear as fast as they can be created
  3287. [21:06] <dataman> no one stays rich without keeping income over time
  3288. [21:06] <dataman> "rich people" are usually hard fucking workers
  3289. [21:06] <dataman> who hustle, work smart  AND hard
  3290. [21:06] <torpit> The obstacle to raising the minimum wage is.. The income taxes as a source for revenue.
  3291. [21:07] <torpit> Or as a percentage of revenue.
  3292. [21:07] <dataman> we can raise the minimum wage, its possible
  3293. [21:08] <dataman> but we need more than 3% growth if we want to pay ourselves more
  3294. [21:08] <torpit> You would have to raise corporate income taxes paid in as a percent of revenue first.
  3295. [21:10] <torpit> Because then it becomes closer fixed to the amount of business the govt wants to do with the corporations more realistically.. Which fills coffers.. Which makes such pay increases possible.
  3296. [21:16] <torpit> Come now.. How many "crumbling infrastructure stories" and "govt shutdowns" does it take?
  3297. [21:16] <%corvusmalus>
  3298. [21:16] <+gonzobot> (corvusmalus) ✓@ianbateson (Ian Bateson): .@poroshenko thanks diaspora and warns about Putin at Holodomor monument in Washington DC ahead of meeting with Tru… (45 minutes and 9 seconds ago)
  3299. [21:17] <torpit> How many keeping projects half ass alive by cuts?
  3300. [21:18] <torpit> And killing projects just to make the budget fit into an unreasonable set of demands?
  3301. [21:18] <captainmeta4> !op
  3302. 03[21:18] * NSA sets mode: +o captainmeta4
  3303. [21:18] <@captainmeta4> MinimumWrist: please be civil. Thanks
  3304. [21:18] <@captainmeta4> !deop
  3305. 03[21:18] * NSA sets mode: -o captainmeta4
  3306. [21:19] <angrybread> what is the republicans long game
  3307. [21:20] <MinimumWrist> maybe you should learn t oread captainmeta4
  3308. [21:20] <MinimumWrist> also
  3309. [21:20] <MinimumWrist> >posturing by opping youreslf
  3310. [21:20] <MinimumWrist> lmfao
  3311. [21:20] <MinimumWrist> stupid ass beta
  3312. 14[21:20] * MinimumWrist has left #politics (Leaving)
  3313. [21:20] <torpit> How about the simplest? Why cannibalize social security.. Not providing a cost of living increase? Don't you want them buying your products?
  3314. [21:21] <WinstonWolf> he insults and runs, but other people are betas...
  3315. [21:21] <captainmeta4> !ban minimumwrist
  3316. 03[21:21] * NSA sets mode: +b *!*@Snoonet-rs3dab.ke1a.7ihc.ptfhvq.IP
  3317. [21:21] <captainmeta4> He doesn't need to come back
  3318. [21:22] <dataman> i wont miss him
  3319. [21:24] <torpit> The world is in trouble. Your awnser can't be more cuts.
  3320. [21:26] <torpit> The only obstacle alone.. Which figures in growth, is to change what the corporations pay in to taxes to more realistically reflect the amount of business the govt really wants to do with them.
  3321. [21:27] <torpit> And that means they would be closer to 30 percent of all revenue.. And not closer to 11
  3322. 03[21:27] * chip_0` has joined #politics
  3323. [21:27] <chip_0`> the republicans were successfully able to capture an election in 2000, start 2 wars, convert the economy into a ponzi scheme for wall street which was shorted in 2008 before they finally were kicked out. just because Attempt #2 has a fool at its head, we shouldn't underestimate them
  3324. [21:27] <dataman> you cant expect government to fix all of your problems
  3325. [21:28] <chip_0`> they are the most dangerous organization in the world right nw
  3326. [21:28] <torpit> I expect govt to safeguard freedom. For if they won't do that.. There is no need for them.
  3327. [21:29] <Don`Quixote> Ya know, i have seen books on, how to crap in the woods, I wonder., if they have one for how to crap in the cities too? although like Nixon, I dont think Trump ever read the memos, they both look like they havent taken a crap in a  month.
  3328. [21:29] <torpit> Yeah. I read John Locke. He did some business with an ancestor of mine :-)
  3329. 02[21:33] * chip_0` has quit IRC (Quit: No activity)
  3330. 02[21:38] * thrrwfls has quit IRC (Quit: I am fast. To give you a reference point I am somewhere between a snake and a mongoose…and a panther.)
  3331. [21:39] <torpit> Is it worth it to push it to the edge of the precipice? Just to say well I think we don't want to do nothing for you.. When in all reality.. Social contract is an observation of how things are. If a govt doesn't protect its citizens rights.. It is the citizens right to remove it. And this has been observed. It is not how it should be. It is the way it will be.
  3332. 02[21:41] * iownall555 has quit IRC (Quit: Out of memory: Kill process or sacrifice child. - ZNC 1.6.4+deb1 -
  3333. [21:44] <torpit> Locke had observed things as they had been. Coming off the heels of cromwellism.. And rejecting it.. He observed that social contract is what it will be.. For it was how it had been. It does not change.
  3334. [21:45] <torpit> Perceptions do... As what happened during the regicides.. But social contract is unchanging.
  3335. [21:46] <torpit> Right now.. There's a challenge against the perceptual skew.
  3336. [21:51] <torpit> Government cannot solve any problem. Enabling people to solve them.. Ie.. Safeguarding liberty.. Is what they shall do when we are finished with this perceptual skew. What the people are not asking is to solve all their problems for them. But to enable them to solve their own. Our nation in its natural state.. Is libertarian.. But no man can be a libertarian. A crown is a state. A nation is a state. A people is a state. (The state as individual in its
  3337. [21:51] <torpit> natural state is libertarian.) much like a true Christian in his deeds.. His actions.. Are agnostic. Ie.. He does it because he is cheerful.
  3338. 02[21:53] * feldstein has quit IRC (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
  3339. 02[21:53] * jellyb has quit IRC (Quit: Leaving)
  3340. [21:54] <torpit> So when they say "make them increase our salaries" is saying "safeguard my freedom ". And I already told you what must be done for this so I won't get into again.
  3341. [21:56] <torpit> Freedom is being enabled to solve your own problems. Its being made capable to pursue your life.
  3342. [22:02] <torpit> Reagan had to stop nearly 50 percent of his tax cuts over time.. Because he realized that ultimately broad money would win out over trickle down in the end.
  3343. [22:04] <br00tal> Reagan was a damn mess.
  3344. 02[22:07] * Don`Quixote has quit IRC (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
  3345. 03[22:07] * vintagebear` has joined #politics
  3346. [22:07] <vintagebear`> hey there peeps
  3347. [22:08] <torpit> He was forced to remove half of his tax cuts.. Favoring broad money. But he didn't have the time to implement that.. That came around the time of Clinton. Trickle down supposed it would help by trickling down to other people.. The problem is the money stayed in a very tight group. Then it was realized.. You got to put more money in more hands of more people. Hence.. Broad money.
  3348. [22:08] <torpit> By people i mean.. The people. The citizens.
  3349. 14[22:09] * nospinzy has left #politics
  3350. [22:10] <torpit> Youre as far away from broad money as the people can tolerate. They are like me.. Trying to reveal the notch in the armor of goliath. Its in his forehead.
  3351. [22:13] <torpit> Clinton lowered some taxes in his second term.. Because broad money was starting to take hold.. And beginning to work. But he started by raising some.
  3352. [22:15] <br00tal> The US has been dealing with the myth and fallout of the trickle down scam since the early 80s.  Unfortunately, plenty of conservatives still think it works, even though it's been proven for over 30 years that the rich simply hold onto the money, often in tax shelters.
  3353. [22:16] <br00tal> The money is basically removed from circulation altogether, providing even less money to the US economy.
  3354. [22:16] <torpit> Broad money works. Cutting surplus checks that bush had done.. Was a very poor translation. You could have let the projected surplus fall into investments.. And from out of those dividends and maturities paid a UBI continually.
  3355. [22:18] <torpit> So when they say tax and spend.. You fire back.. "We see local republican run governments do that very thing.. What we talk about is this broad money scheme"
  3356. 02[22:20] * vintagebear` has quit IRC (Quit: No activity)
  3357. [22:20] <torpit> Broad money.. Again. Simply can be boiled down to one observation. Putting as much money in as much hands of as many citizens as you can.
  3358. 03[22:22] * SpicyQuitsLOL has joined #politics
  3359. [22:22] <SpicyQuitsLOL> i love the absolute denial this pathetic chat is
  3360. [22:23] <A_D> O,o
  3361. [22:23] <SpicyQuitsLOL> your whole ship is sinking becuase you insisted on electing this fool
  3362. [22:23] <torpit> What's that quicyshits?
  3363. [22:23] <SpicyQuitsLOL> lol
  3364. [22:24] <SpicyQuitsLOL> your boy is going down
  3365. [22:24] <SpicyQuitsLOL> get used to it
  3366. 14[22:24] * SpicyQuitsLOL has left #politics
  3367. [22:24] <captainmeta4> !kb SpicyQuitsLOL
  3368. 03[22:24] * NSA sets mode: +b *!*@Snoonet-0mm.ue3.65lrhv.IP
  3369. [22:24] <captainmeta4> He doesn't need to come back either
  3370. [22:24] <torpit> The country may not actually have elected him. Theyre saying the Russians hacked voting machines along with everything else they did.
  3371. [22:24] <A_D> do I still have ban in here?
  3372. [22:24] <A_D> !k A_D
  3373. [22:24] <A_D> nope
  3374. [22:25] <captainmeta4> Who's saying that?
  3375. [22:26] <captainmeta4> Anonymous sources?
  3376. [22:26] <captainmeta4> Because last I checked nobody hacked my head to make me go fill in the circle next to Trump/Pence
  3377. [22:28] <torpit> appearantly codename Reality Winner was the source for information.
  3378. [22:28] <+gonzobot> Title: Report: Russia hacked election systems in 39 US states
  3379. [22:29] <captainmeta4> And before the election they were so sure it was unhackable
  3380. [22:29] <torpit> That's a govt codename. The words "reality show" wasnt in common enough parlance when she was born. Hence its a codename.
  3381. [22:30] <captainmeta4> Ah yes. The omniscient "unnamed official"
  3382. [22:30] <torpit> Well.. This one has a nom De guerre. Pro US and everything.
  3383. 06[22:31] * torpit waves old glory.
  3384. [22:33] <br00tal> I still don't understand why potential outside influence in our elections is controversial/politcal...
  3385. [22:33] <br00tal> If it happened/was attempted, that's a problem.  Full stop.
  3386. [22:34] <br00tal> Who cares if it was for Trump or not. Influence campaigns from foreign entities, let alone hacking, is a huge issue.
  3387. [22:34] <br00tal> Especially as some push to centralize/digitize our voting process further.
  3388. [22:35] <br00tal> We're lucky in a sense that we as a nation don't really have a standardized voting process in this case.
  3389. [22:35] <br00tal> Both parties are guilty of party over country, and it's got to stop.
  3390. [22:36] <torpit> Well.. No- at the beginning of the election cycle the national elections commission was stating that they have so little money.. Complaints just got filed. That was all. Not much they could do.
  3391. [22:37] <br00tal> What complaints?
  3392. [22:37] <dataman> UH OH loretta lynch might testify
  3393. [22:37] <dataman> that will be some shit
  3394. [22:37] <dataman> ahhahaha
  3395. [22:38] <torpit> Because people would rather play with dark money. And superpacs. And we should tax the immortal dogshit out of superpacs. Obama made a promise to go after superpacs. That was what put him in for the win. Citizens united could have made it implausible we could remove them.. And this rnc data thing might have been some way to get everyone info to the rest of the superpacs.. We don't know.
  3396. [22:39] <torpit> Because these organizations don't just run to share info with just anyone.
  3397. [22:40] <dataman> anyone who hasnt invested at least some money in bitcoin is missing out
  3398. [22:40] <torpit> dataman3: north Korea is using it.
  3399. [22:40] <br00tal> I can agree with that. Even I, a crying, butthurt liberal, have $1000 in bitcoin.
  3400. [22:40] <torpit> Source was plain as the tee shirt rodman was wearing.
  3401. [22:41] <dataman> using what
  3402. [22:41] <torpit> NK is using bitcoin.
  3403. [22:41] <dataman> oh, so what
  3404. [22:41] <dataman> its growing
  3405. [22:41] <dataman> im using it
  3406. [22:41] <dataman> how about that
  3407. [22:42] <br00tal> The difficulty is getting silly, though.  Transaction fees are getting really high.
  3408. [22:42] <dataman> market doesnt seem to care
  3409. [22:42] <dataman> +++++++
  3410. [22:43] <torpit> He was promoting potcoin.. The bitcoin of weed.. While there.. But yes.. NK and their overseas agents use bitcoin.
  3411. [22:43] <WinstonWolf> i thought bitcoin was the bitcoin of weed
  3412. [22:43] <dataman> potcoin is a joke
  3413. [22:43] <dataman> only one cryptocurrency will really thrive
  3414. [22:43] <dataman> some copycates will shadow it
  3415. [22:44] <br00tal> Just pump and dump the altcoins
  3416. [22:45] <captainmeta4> Remember dogecoin
  3417. [22:45] <torpit> All the dark biz cloak and dagger shit uses bitcoin.
  3418. [22:45] <dataman> lol i own $100 in dogecoin
  3419. [22:45] <dataman> i dont even know its value
  3420. [22:45] <captainmeta4> They liked to flaunt how awesome they were
  3421. [22:45] <dataman> i bought some when they had that nascar sponsorship
  3422. [22:45] <captainmeta4> Just pissed everyone off
  3423. [22:46] <br00tal> Haha, dogecoin. I mined that for a year, because it was supposed to be finite, then they changed that.  I recently traded it in for bitcoin.
  3424. [22:46] <torpit> And NK has strict political ideological reasons their agents only probably use that strictly.
  3425. [22:47] <torpit> So rodman wanted to not just go over to sell pot? I mean.. You want peace with north Korea.. That might just do it.
  3426. [22:47] <dataman> koreans hate weed
  3427. [22:47] <dataman> theyre alcoholics
  3428. [22:48] <br00tal> Every single one.
  3429. [22:48] <dataman> soju
  3430. [22:48] <br00tal> Every American likes monster trucks and Budweiser.
  3431. [22:49] <torpit> ipdambae isn't pot. See. Its like fake shit. Its like 1984 victory gin.
  3432. [22:53] <torpit> According to abisher.. North Koreans do abduct people from overseas.
  3433. [23:00] <torpit> br00tal: and all Americans are fat we know. While Kim is svelte athletic. More than Putin. He is like Buddha.. Aha.. This is what he think.
  3434. [23:02] <torpit> He should understand.. Fat people is unproductive! Cannot make 5 year plan work!
  3435. [23:04] <torpit> See. Even as I mock these leftist dictatorships.. I can likewise prove I can run them even better than they can.
  3436. [23:05] <torpit> Good night.
  3437. 14[23:05] * torpit has left #politics
  3438. [23:39] <dataman>
  3439. [23:39] <+gonzobot> Title: Transcript: Jay Sekulow on "Face the Nation," June 18, 2017 - CBS News
  3440. [23:39] <dataman> comey tapes coming
  3441. [23:40] <jerkstate> oh lordy
  3442. [23:51] <dataman> FBI clears Michael Flynn
  3443. [23:51] <dataman> lolol
  3444. [23:52] <dataman>
  3445. [23:52] <+gonzobot> Title: FBI clears Michael Flynn in probe linking him to Russia | New York Post
  3446. [23:56] <jerkstate> well thats not why he got fired but its true
  3447. [23:59] <dataman>
  3448. [23:59] <+gonzobot> (dataman) ✓@AP (The Associated Press): Carrie Fisher had cocaine, heroin and ecstasy in her system when she became ill on flight last year, autopsy shows. (11 hours and 50 minutes ago)
  3449. Session Close: Tue Jun 20 00:00:00 2017
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