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New LRT by Pitted / TEST

Morse66 Sep 24th, 2018 (edited) 141 Never
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  1. I'm gonna test the new RE4 LRT, all credits goes to Pitted for making that new one.
  3. Current LRT (load remover timer) was pretty inaccurate as it didn't remove the inventory loading times, the loadings in the merchant, and a retry from a checkpoint (even that it's technically a load).
  5. But the most important thing was that it didn't take into considerations someone dropping frames because your rigs are not very good or your pc is a beast.
  6. RE4 is a poorly optimized game. Period. Even if you have a very good computer, luck not be on your side and you will loose significant amount of frames.
  7. I initially requested someone to spend time making a LRT that will be fair for everyone that runs the game.
  9. So we finally get a new LRT to try, that one might not be perfect yet But someone has to test it out to see if there is any bug so that we could debug or adjust the LRT.
  11. I'll do a few runs (no pb attempts) and test many conditions see if that LRT works as intented and report any bug i see to improve it.
  13. For people saying "Wow all the times are invalid rip" -> Please no. IGT is still a thing and gives a fair reference to how fast was your run. So you still have that.
  15. Also, we actually found that picking up an amo is a loading time for about 4 frames. Pitted couldn't find a way to pause the timer, but i don't think it makes a big difference to have that LRT stop for like what 4 frame for a loading, besides the loadings are super fast and you don't even notice there is a load there, but it's an interesting fact.
  17. thanks to Cheat engine and some tools, Pitted managed to find the adress of what keeps tracks of how many fps have passed throughout the game, it's very huge.
  18. So technically you can lag your game with any software and play at 30 fps without loosing time. With that new LRT it will be requested to have a fps show on stream so it's 60 Fps, i think that's pretty logic.
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