My Cute 'Dolon Kain't Suddenly Get So DARRRRRRRK

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  1. [17:22:15] <Ralul> There's a knock on the inn door a little before noon the next morning.
  2. [17:23:06] * Amaryllis sets down her saucer and cup of tea she was drinking and shuffles over to the door to answer it.
  3. [17:23:45] * Natbuncle rolls over on her back at the noise, waking up- oh she's in catform. Poof.
  4. [17:24:07] <Amaryllis> "Greetings." Ammy opens the door.
  5. [17:24:44] <Natbuncle> "Oooh..."  Nat yawns loudly and scoots to the edge of the bed, rubbing her tiara.  "Who is it, Ammy?"  :D
  6. [17:25:52] <Ralul> Ralul is standing there, and I realize I haven't actually described him very well. He's white-furred with short whiskers, and the occasional black patches of fur along his face. He's dressed in wealthy clothing, and carries his tail curled around a special lining on the back of his waistcoat.
  7. [17:26:49] <Amaryllis> "Come in." Ammy steps aside. "Or did you have a more discreet location in mind?"
  8. [17:27:33] <Natbuncle> "Oh!"  The catgirl stands up - yes, on the bed - and stretches.  "Hi!"
  9. [17:27:57] <Ralul> "No..." he looks about. "No, this will do. The bulk of what we'll be discussing won't be discussed in the real world, and I doubt we'll be in danger in the interim."
  10. [17:28:19] * Natbuncle bounces on the bed and leaps off.
  11. [17:28:21] <Ralul> He steps in, taking off his hat. "And good day." he greets Nat.
  12. [17:29:08] * Amaryllis closes the door. "If you mean we shall be discussing this within Carbuncle's aether realm," Ammy pauses a moment, "well, it is no longer quite as private as it once was."
  13. [17:29:11] * Natbuncle instincively whips out her diary and starts flipping through it, to make sure none of her memories blew up.
  14. [17:29:33] <Ralul> "Ten years... I daresay this is somewhat embarassing. Oh, you should know, Inquisitor, that your... competitor, shall we say? is currently in forced sleep, so there should exist no danger there, either."
  15. [17:29:42] <Ralul> "...Hm?"
  16. [17:29:45] <Ralul> "What do you mean?"
  17. [17:29:49] <Natbuncle> "Ah... huh, oh, right, yeah!"  WHUP.  She closes the diary and sticks it back where it was.  "We should probably tell him about Mary, huh..."
  18. [17:30:04] <Natbuncle> "Well um, see, I kind of have... a..."
  19. [17:30:19] * Natbuncle rubs her forehead, a little embarrassed.
  20. [17:30:35] <Amaryllis> "A forced sleep? So what presence, if any, would I find in my mind? Nevermind." Ammy stops and looks to Nat with a look that says 'shall I explain, or you?'
  21. [17:31:15] * Natbuncle gives Ammy a weird look for a second before just responding with a nod. "I'D call her a 'little sister' but I guess that's not exactly what it is."
  22. [17:31:41] <Natbuncle> "Actually, um, Ammy... I don't remember how exactly she was born, do you?"
  23. [17:31:42] <Ralul> Ralul raises an eyebrow. "There's another eidolon in your aether realm, Carbuncle?"
  24. [17:31:45] <Amaryllis> "A doppelganger Eidolon, the product of a rather unique Epitaph."
  25. [17:32:03] * Natbuncle gives a relieved nod. "Yeah, thanks. She's another Eidolon... but she's me, too."
  26. [17:32:18] <Natbuncle> "Er, what I mean to say is, there're two Carbuncles now."
  27. [17:32:19] <Amaryllis> "One that is, I am afraid, bonded to the Glutton."
  28. [17:32:22] <Ralul> "Oh dear. The Epitaph is already dangerous enough as it is..."
  29. [17:33:06] <Ralul> "This may change things a bit..."
  30. [17:33:08] <Amaryllis> "Or Quosis Quar, whichever monkier you prefer to use for the creature."
  31. [17:33:15] <Ralul> He goes over to have a seat, thinking.
  32. [17:33:18] <Natbuncle> "So she lives in her own castle there now... well, she's not exactly bad or anything.  Even though nobody but me seems to like her much."  :<
  33. [17:33:39] * Natbuncle reaches into a pocket or whatnot and fishes for the bottle of Ipsen's mist. "Lessee, should I...?"
  34. [17:34:14] <Amaryllis> "You are far too trusting of her. The Glutton intends to consume other Eidolons. That you trust his intentions simply because he is your counterpart's summoner is absurd, frankly." Ammy says tiredly.
  35. [17:34:48] <Ralul> "It seems we have much more to discuss than I thought."
  36. [17:34:59] <Ralul> "Shall we enter the aether realm first, though?"
  37. [17:34:59] <Natbuncle> "Oh, it's not that I don't think he's evil or a big mean jerk!"  Nat shrugs.  "It's just, like, that 'balance' stuff I was talking about last night... I was talking about that and not just dreaming it or something, right?"
  38. [17:35:09] <Natbuncle> A nod.  "Okay, let's go."
  39. [17:35:24] * Natbuncle opens the mist bottle unless told otherwise.
  40. [17:36:01] <Ralul> "As the Architect of the Monolith... I open this gate of immortal legend." he intones.
  41. [17:36:30] <Amaryllis> (>Architect of the Monolith)
  42. [17:36:44] <Amaryllis> (did you choose that on purpose or did you accidentally into one of my favorite vampire the requiem bloodlines?)
  43. [17:36:52] <Ralul> (wat)
  44. [17:36:58] <Natbuncle> (d o n k e y s)
  45. [17:37:34] <Amaryllis> (nevermind I'll explain later~)
  46. [17:37:53] <Ralul> There's a flash of light, and the world fades away smoothly. No descending, this time, you appear directly on top of Nat's castle, on a tower looking out over the planetoid.
  47. [17:38:14] <Natbuncle> "Oh, that's a little different."
  48. [17:38:21] <Ralul> Ralul is dressed exactly the same as he was before, while both of you are in your trance forms without the pink glowing.
  49. [17:38:36] * Natbuncle looks back and does a tail check~ kya~
  50. [17:38:39] * Amaryllis takes off her mask first thing, tucking it away in her robes.
  51. [17:39:27] <Ralul> He walks over to the edge, looking out towards Mary's bastion for a few moments, silently.
  52. [17:40:09] <Ralul> "Considering everything, it seems you've done a rather good job of repairing what you could of the place." he remarks.
  53. [17:40:24] <Ralul> "But... what I see is a bit troubling."
  54. [17:40:48] <Natbuncle> "I think she might've helped, actually..."  She says while pointing to the other castle.  Poor Ammy.
  55. [17:40:55] <Amaryllis> "I have helped Carbuncle in every way I can, but I am, of course, not as well-versed in the aether realms as you."
  56. [17:41:38] <Ralul> Ralul turns away from the other castle and gestures to the landscape behind Nat's castle.
  57. [17:42:23] <Natbuncle> "But I only just not-that-long-ago got my powers back, like transforming and stuff."  Nat turns to look.  "So I hadn't been able to stay here just by concentrating or anything like that... or maybe I had and just forgot about it?"
  58. [17:42:42] <Ralul> From up here, you can see it well. The terrain beyond is cracked, with pulsing purple energy within the fissures, shattered mirrors laying everywhere, and the surface of a red lake that is dull and clouded.
  59. [17:43:05] * Natbuncle shivers a bit. It's like the final dungeon of Star Ocean 4 except not in a bad game.
  60. [17:43:06] <Ralul> It looks far worse than the pathway to the castle did, proper.
  61. [17:43:07] * Amaryllis winces at the sight.
  62. [17:43:39] <Ralul> "I do not think this is something that happened merely because the crystal fractured." he remarks, looking out at the landscape.
  63. [17:43:55] <Amaryllis> "A malevolent force?"
  64. [17:44:11] <Ralul> "Perhaps. We will need to get closer before I can confirm my suspicions."
  65. [17:44:16] <Natbuncle> "So you mean..."  She shrinks down a little.  "Someone did this to my world on purpose?"
  66. [17:44:55] * Natbuncle shakes it off and stands up straight, tail curled up too. "Okay! I'll um... try to lead you there then. If I can remember the way..."
  67. [17:45:23] <Amaryllis> "Then let us go." Ammy says hurriedly.
  68. [17:45:41] <Ralul> "Navigating aether realms isn't too hard for myself, actually... hold fast a moment."
  69. [17:45:49] <Ralul> He forms a sort of picture frame with his hands as if he's trying to set up for a camera...
  70. [17:46:00] * Natbuncle stops on one leg. "'Kay."
  71. [17:46:32] <Ralul> And then slowly pulls his hands apart. As he does so, the terrain he was focusing on sort of zooms towards you, and you realize you're standing on the ground where he was looking, with the castle far behind you now.
  72. [17:46:47] <Natbuncle> "Huh."
  73. [17:46:50] <Ralul> You're a few meters away from one of the purple fissures, and the lake isn't too far off either.
  74. [17:47:01] * Natbuncle leans back and stands on two legs. Three, as her tail curls downward.
  75. [17:47:08] <Amaryllis> "Extraordinary." Ammy takes a step back in surprise, then steadies herself.
  76. [17:47:14] <Ralul> We don't need to hear about Nat's third leg.
  77. [17:47:20] <Natbuncle> There better not be any giant humanoid-sized bubbles that float up to higher platforms and pop.
  78. [17:47:24] <Natbuncle> Fuck that stupid fucking dungeon.
  79. [17:48:39] <Ralul> "Why don't we let Carbuncle lead the way from here?"
  80. [17:48:52] <Ralul> "I'm sure any of these points of interest will have clues."
  81. [17:49:03] <Amaryllis> "What can you tell from here?"
  82. [17:49:07] <Natbuncle> "Okaaaaaay," the Bunc turns to the others.  "I'm not exactly sure where we're going, but let's see..."
  83. [17:49:57] <Ralul> "I'm still unsure."
  84. [17:50:00] <Natbuncle> "While we're here," She starts walking anyway.  "Should we mention the tiara too, Ammy?  Might be kinda important."
  85. [17:50:55] <Ralul> Where to first?
  86. [17:51:15] * Amaryllis nods. "Her tiara is a memory-storing device, crafted of synthesized crystal I believe. I think it helps her to retain new memories, but there are dangers to its removal or destruction..."
  87. [17:51:21] <Natbuncle> Do the mirrors look important like the videomirrors inside the castle?
  88. [17:51:43] <Amaryllis> "We received it from a...former member of our organization. The Renegade, once Mythweaver, long ago."
  89. [17:52:21] <Natbuncle> "I think my memories were constantly disappearing or something, that's why I needed it..."  Walkwalk, she rubs it.  "But putting it on is the first thing I remember now, and it hasn't really happened since then!"
  90. [17:52:56] <Ralul> They're similar to the videomirrors, but broken, their frames cracked.
  91. [17:53:08] <Amaryllis> (so I'm listening to this right now: appropriate scene music or no?)
  92. [17:53:12] <Natbuncle> Well let's go around looking at those first.
  93. [17:53:24] <Ralul> "Synthetic... crystal? I've heard of Renegade, yes, but I didn't think such a thing was possible."
  94. [17:53:39] * Natbuncle moves her hair out of the way or whatever to indicate the Crystal at the sides.
  95. [17:53:51] <Ralul> He looks rather intrigued by that notion, and follows Nat, looking at the Tiara.
  96. [17:54:35] <Natbuncle> Nat slows down to give him a look and makes sure to keep her tail from hitting him now.  God damn that thing is like a masterwork greatclub in this form.
  97. [17:54:46] <Amaryllis> "Cranky old bastard. I cannot fault his craftsmanship, however."
  98. [17:55:07] * Amaryllis shuffles along after Nat, glancing cautiously at the surroundings.
  99. [17:55:27] * Natbuncle ultimately heads to the lake if the mirrors are beyond repair, anyway.
  100. [17:55:50] <Ralul> Grey clouds are floating overhead now, sort of looking like clouds of mist.
  101. [17:55:59] <Ralul> You make a stop at one of the cracked mirrors, and Ralul leans down.
  102. [17:56:16] * Natbuncle :<s at it. "Poor thing."
  103. [17:56:56] * Amaryllis stoops down as well, reaching for a piece. She stops before touching it, giving Ralul a tentative glance first.
  104. [17:57:03] <Ralul> "There are aeons of memories within your mind, Carbuncle, and each of these mirrors across this blasted plain is a single one. Let me see if..."
  105. [17:57:21] <Ralul> He nods at you.
  106. [17:57:39] <Ralul> He begins placing the mirror back together, piece by piece, very gently.
  107. [17:57:44] <Natbuncle> "Yeah," she nods slowly, "They're all important memories, right?  And the boring ones are all... well, not in mirrors."
  108. [17:57:47] * Amaryllis picks up the piece and examines it, trying to find a counterpart to it among the other shattered pieces.
  109. [17:58:38] <Ralul> After a minute or two, it seems you've pieced the entire thing back together, though it's still fractured. Ralul murmurs a bit, and red light shines between the cracks, and then the mirror is whole.
  110. [17:58:41] * Natbuncle tries to help but is clumsy moe~ enough to timid back and let the others actually put the pieces together.
  111. [17:59:26] <Natbuncle> She beams, of course, but frowns again.  "You have to do that.... to ALL of these?  Ooh, that might take a while."
  112. [17:59:51] <Amaryllis> "This shall be a long and arduous endeavor if we cannot find the source of all this and somehow reverse the process from there."
  113. [18:00:19] <Ralul> The mirror's surface starts to change as a memory begins playing, but suddenly, the mirror cracks, and then shatters again, and darkness leaps out of it, forming itself into some sort of savage, four-legged beast... with a familiar tail and red-gem upon its head. It's much, much different from Mary's carbuncle form, this one is truly some sort of monster made of shadows.
  114. [18:00:25] <Ralul> !
  115. [18:00:38] * Natbuncle slides back and gets into stance.
  116. [18:00:40] <Natbuncle> "What's-!"
  117. [18:00:52] * Amaryllis draws her knife out of thin air.
  118. [18:01:14] <Ralul> "This is...!"
  119. [18:01:19] <Ralul> Combat
  120. [18:01:34] <Ralul> Nightmare Buncle
  121. [18:01:41] <Natbuncle> "Be careful!  I'll give you my light... hold on..."
  122. [18:02:14] * Natbuncle preps slow action, but tries not to look straight at it. :<
  123. [18:02:58] <Ralul>
  124. [18:03:07] <Ralul> Ralul begins chanting a spell.
  125. [18:03:43] * Amaryllis looks over it warily, then calls up a wisp of shadow to coat her blade as she stabs at it. She hopes to fuck it's not going to absorb the shadow.
  126. [18:03:44] <Amaryllis> 2d6+7
  127. [18:03:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+7: 15 [2d6=4,4]
  128. [18:03:47] <Amaryllis> (Darkside obv)
  129. [18:03:57] <Ralul> Hits!
  130. [18:04:04] <Natbuncle> (oh you adorablehead)
  131. [18:04:11] <Amaryllis> 268 shadow ARM
  132. [18:04:24] <Amaryllis> (what's adorable about that?)
  133. [18:04:30] <Natbuncle> (slightly further up)
  134. [18:04:46] <Amaryllis> (ooh)
  135. [18:05:14] <Amaryllis> (finally an RPG I've played ;_;)
  136. [18:05:34] <Ralul> The nightmarish creature feeds of Ammy's attack, growing stronger, and larger!
  137. [18:05:42] <Ralul> "Don't use Shadow on it!"
  138. [18:05:47] <Natbuncle> "Eek."
  139. [18:05:54] <Natbuncle> "Oh, that means I should-!"
  140. [18:05:57] <Aori_Radidjiu> (love Baten Kaitos~.  Although I'd have suggested one of the other boss themes for it, but you're you, and I'm me~)
  141. [18:06:10] <Ralul> (Nah I used this because of the song name silly)
  142. [18:06:15] <Natbuncle> (nah I know why- ^)
  143. [18:06:24] <Amaryllis> "I had to be sure." Ammy winces as the last wisps of shadow slide off her arm. "Alright."
  144. [18:06:39] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Ah, okay~)
  145. [18:06:58] <Ralul> Enemy turn
  146. [18:07:16] * Natbuncle is stanced in Impatient btw
  147. [18:08:03] <Ralul> Tendrils of darkness extend from the creature's body, and it howls in a tone that gives you all goosebumps. The red light on its forehead intensifies, and a red line of energy passes from its head through Amaryllis's arm, seemingly doing no damage...
  148. [18:08:25] <Ralul> Until moments later it's following by a large Reflect forming, straight through your arm as well.
  149. [18:08:29] * Natbuncle gasps. "A-Ammy, are you...?"
  150. [18:08:49] <Ralul> 2d6+140 arm
  151. [18:08:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Ralul, arm: 147 [2d6=4,3]
  152. [18:08:51] <Natbuncle> holy shit nightmare fuel
  153. [18:09:12] <Ralul> The Reflect tears Ammy's arm from the rest of her body with burning pain, also Disarming her.
  154. [18:09:32] <Natbuncle> "That is NOT okay."
  155. [18:09:41] <Natbuncle> ... Literally?
  156. [18:09:41] <Amaryllis> "Augh! Bloody hell, WHAT?!"
  157. [18:09:47] <Aori_Radidjiu> (whoa)
  158. [18:10:06] <Natbuncle> "Ammy, just hold still!"
  159. [18:10:26] <Aori_Radidjiu> (1,1Too bad there isn't anything insane you can do to this thing short of collapsing Nat's castle on it, but hahahaha that'd be a horrible idea.)
  160. [18:10:31] <Ralul> "It's just a spiritual injury, thankfully. It hurts, I know, but try to focus, it's not permanent."
  161. [18:10:52] <Ralul> Player turns
  162. [18:11:12] <Amaryllis> (does it still cost an action to rearm (har har) myself with the knife given it has chronopocket?)
  163. [18:11:47] <Ralul> Nah, you can call it back to your other hand.
  164. [18:11:57] * Natbuncle sniffles and does what looks like the same thing the beast just did to Ammy, only it's a LITTLE more soothing! "Hang in there... Don't lose, okay? 4Ruby Heal! II!"
  165. [18:12:19] <Natbuncle> 2d6+174 inb4 that was an actual reflect and not just fluff
  166. [18:12:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Natbuncle, inb4 that was an actual reflect and not just fluff: 176 [2d6=1,1]
  167. [18:12:42] <Ralul> It doesn't seem to bounce the spell back when used offensively.
  168. [18:12:46] * Amaryllis tries hard not to look at her stump of an arm as she waves the other, her lantern disappearing to be replaced by the knife again.
  169. [18:12:58] <Natbuncle> Well it's used to heal Ammy.
  170. [18:13:10] <Ralul> Armmy's stump stops bleeding, but it doesn't reattach the arm or anything.
  171. [18:13:17] <Natbuncle> God ow.
  172. [18:13:18] <Ralul> Ralul traces a sign in the air with blue light.
  173. [18:13:30] <Amaryllis> (what's around the landscape right now? just the scattered shattered mirrors?)
  174. [18:13:35] * Natbuncle follows up by QCing a Protect on her, wincing a little.
  175. [18:13:37] <Ralul> Yep!
  176. [18:13:55] <Ralul> "O' Sapphire Seal, pierce the light! Supernova!"
  177. [18:14:17] <Amaryllis> "Thanks, Nat."
  178. [18:14:49] <Ralul> 2d6+500
  179. [18:14:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Ralul, 2d6+500: 504 [2d6=3,1]
  180. [18:14:50] <Natbuncle> "Be careful.  I'll use something special I've been saving up if I have to..."
  181. [18:15:26] * Amaryllis lunges forward with a more vicious strike than is the norm for her, a sort of wild upward slash.
  182. [18:15:27] <Amaryllis> 2d6+7
  183. [18:15:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+7: 14 [2d6=1,6]
  184. [18:15:34] <Ralul> The same spell T-1000 tried to cast on you goofs launches out from his fingertips, casting everything in bright light. A red shield appears around the beast, but it briefly breaks as it's assault by the Sapphire Seal.
  185. [18:15:46] <Ralul> Hit!
  186. [18:15:48] <Amaryllis> 133 ARM
  187. [18:16:14] <Natbuncle> "So it really does..."  Natbuncle looks like she's really trying not to throw up.
  188. [18:16:38] <Amaryllis> "Nat, get a hold of yourself. We are both here for you, and it shall be alright!"
  189. [18:16:46] <Natbuncle> "Y-Yeah."
  190. [18:17:21] <Ralul> He concentrates and then breathes a cloud of dust at the creature as well.
  191. [18:17:24] <Ralul> Quick Cast Stone Breath
  192. [18:17:57] <Ralul> 2d6+240
  193. [18:17:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Ralul, 2d6+240: 246 [2d6=2,4]
  194. [18:18:09] <Ralul> This spell doesn't seem reflectable.
  195. [18:18:19] * Natbuncle was totally expecting that too, and breathes a sigh of relief.
  196. [18:18:41] <Ralul> Enemy phase
  197. [18:19:06] <Ralul> Tendrils from the creature lash out at Natalie!
  198. [18:19:09] <Ralul> 2d6+7
  199. [18:19:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Ralul, 2d6+7: 17 [2d6=5,5]
  200. [18:19:15] <Natbuncle> YEP
  201. [18:19:24] <Ralul> They latch on to her head and...
  202. [18:19:29] <Natbuncle> "Ack!"
  203. [18:19:37] <Ralul> They don't seem to be doing any damage, but Nat feels memories being drained from her mind.
  204. [18:19:52] <Natbuncle> "Ungh... n-no don't... take..."
  205. [18:20:00] <Amaryllis> "Nat!"
  206. [18:20:01] <Ralul> The creature begins to change shape, becoming more humanoid.
  207. [18:20:22] <Ralul> Meanwhile, the tendrils don't detach...
  208. [18:20:26] <Ralul> Player turns!
  209. [18:20:32] <Natbuncle> "I'm... okay," she lies through her teeth and tries to make one of those dumb thumbs-ups.
  210. [18:20:34] <Amaryllis> "Nat what is it doing?"
  211. [18:20:47] <Natbuncle> "Mem..."
  212. [18:21:02] <Ralul> Ralul draws a rapier and tries to attack the tendrils.
  213. [18:21:05] <Ralul> 2d6+6
  214. [18:21:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Ralul, 2d6+6: 17 [2d6=5,6]
  215. [18:21:41] <Amaryllis> (you know, I hate to spend precious destiny, know what it wouldn't make sense for this not to happen I think)
  216. [18:22:03] <Ralul> "It's drawing her very being into itself! Don't let it touch her!"
  217. [18:22:06] * Natbuncle tries to blade-kick at the tentacle mons- I mean tendrils too.
  218. [18:22:06] * Amaryllis GLOWS as she dimisses the knife and lunches for the tendrils with her remaining hand.
  219. [18:22:10] <Amaryllis> TRANCE
  220. [18:22:10] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Yeah dude just fucking blow it)
  221. [18:22:14] <Natbuncle> (oh god)
  222. [18:22:28] <Natbuncle> 2d6+6 meanwhile execution
  223. [18:22:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Natbuncle, meanwhile execution: 17 [2d6=5,6]
  224. [18:22:33] <Natbuncle> Hah.
  225. [18:22:58] <Ralul> Oh, actually.
  226. [18:23:10] * Amaryllis tries to grab hold of the tendrils in one bunch and yank them off with sheer force.
  227. [18:23:22] <Ralul> I think this is a pretty appropriate moment! I'll let you avoid the destiny expenditure.
  228. [18:23:27] <Ralul> Force check!
  229. [18:23:33] <Amaryllis> (is it opposed?)
  230. [18:23:38] <Ralul> Nope
  231. [18:23:49] <Natbuncle> (It's okay, Ammy, it's me!  So it wouldn't have force anyway, teehee!)
  232. [18:23:50] <Amaryllis> 2d6+9
  233. [18:23:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+9: 15 [2d6=4,2]
  234. [18:24:24] <Amaryllis> (>lunches. whoops my typos)
  235. [18:24:27] <Ralul> You successfully yank the rest of the tendrils off, but you had to dismiss your knife since you only have one arm!
  236. [18:24:36] <Ralul> What do with the handful?
  237. [18:24:51] <Natbuncle> Switching stances to E-P for that by the way since QC was used, sorry, forgot to mention it- that's 131 ARM and debuffs from Nat's flaily legs.
  238. [18:25:13] <Amaryllis> pull the foul creature to me
  239. [18:25:43] <Aori_Radidjiu> (GET OVER HERE)
  240. [18:25:47] <Ralul> Its face shifts into a foul mockery of Natalie's even as you pull it over.
  241. [18:25:56] <Ralul> "4Hi!"
  242. [18:26:00] <Ralul> *italics
  243. [18:26:01] <Natbuncle> (oh you)
  244. [18:26:06] <Aori_Radidjiu> (^)
  245. [18:26:20] <Amaryllis> (I don't have haste, so I assume I have to wait til next turn to do any more~)
  246. [18:26:32] <Ralul> Its voice is distorted and extremely creepy, and the expression on its face is anything but Natalie's kindness.
  247. [18:26:37] <Natbuncle> (You don't have haste yet)
  248. [18:27:51] <Ralul> enemy phase
  249. [18:28:35] <Ralul> The creature, despite your grip on it, does a backflip kick, launching a red beam of light at you! "4Finishing Strike...  The Edge of a Decision!
  250. [18:28:47] <Natbuncle> (youuuuuuuuu mother fucker)
  251. [18:28:59] <Ralul> 2d6+7
  252. [18:29:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Ralul, 2d6+7: 14 [2d6=5,2]
  253. [18:29:06] <Amaryllis> lol what am avd
  254. [18:29:09] <Natbuncle> (THAT SONG SUCKS YOU STUPID BITCH)
  255. [18:30:05] <Natbuncle> Don't forget Ammy has Protect on~
  256. [18:30:16] <Amaryllis> (is protect before or after armor?)
  257. [18:30:24] <Natbuncle> (pokémon-style)
  258. [18:31:30] <Ralul> 2d6+180 Arm
  259. [18:31:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Ralul, Arm: 186 [2d6=3,3]
  260. [18:31:35] <Ralul> Greatest of Enemies
  261. [18:31:41] <Natbuncle> fuck
  262. [18:32:19] <Ralul> Player Phase
  263. [18:32:28] <Natbuncle> "Augh... Ammy, are y-" she hesitates before asking if Ammy's okay because holy fuck she just lost her goddamn arm.
  264. [18:33:10] * Amaryllis doesn't allow herself to be phased by the attack, maintaining her grip on the creature. "That memory is hers! You shall not" Ammy lifts it up in the air violently, then stamps her foot down, calling her knife to that spot, pointed straight up, "have it!" She slams it straight down onto the blade.
  265. [18:33:24] * Natbuncle boosts and starts another slowact, probably prepared to blink it if necessary. But not yet~
  266. [18:33:24] <Amaryllis> 2d6+7 would this be a normal attack or something else?
  267. [18:33:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, would this be a normal attack or something else?: 17 [2d6=5,5]
  268. [18:33:30] <Ralul> That works!
  269. [18:33:51] <Ralul> Not using Karma?
  270. [18:34:09] <Amaryllis> (Ammy doesn't have her lantern in her hand right now)
  271. [18:34:15] <Amaryllis> (Power item etc)
  272. [18:34:23] <Ralul> Aha, right
  273. [18:34:34] <Ralul> (I should do this more often)
  274. [18:34:35] <Natbuncle> (I-I could use my ruby as a makeshift lantern!  Kyaauuu)
  275. [18:34:44] <Amaryllis> 220 ARM though
  276. [18:34:52] <Ralul> The creature staggers back a bit...
  277. [18:34:57] <Ralul> Ralul begins casting again...
  278. [18:35:19] <Amaryllis> (besides, I have one more turn of trance, right? We hit level 10)
  279. [18:35:53] <Ralul> Oh, yep
  280. [18:37:31] <Amaryllis> (psst Tree waiting on you I think?)
  281. [18:37:43] <Natbuncle> (No I went, probably just got buried in the sea of purple text)
  282. [18:37:49] <Amaryllis> (oh)
  283. [18:38:13] <Ralul> Enemy phase
  284. [18:38:17] <Natbuncle> (If you must know I haven't decided whether it's death laser or transforming juuuust yet)
  285. [18:38:32] <Ralul> The red light on the creature's forehead changes to a sudden green.
  286. [18:38:54] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Oh, we get another turn of Trance now?)
  287. [18:39:16] <Amaryllis> (+1 turn at level 10 and another +1 at level 15, right?)
  288. [18:39:19] <Ralul> (Yeah, I decided you'd get +1 at 10 and 15)
  289. [18:39:41] <Ralul> She steps back, focusing on Ralul. "4I'll Exceed my Limit..."
  290. [18:39:59] <Natbuncle> "... That isn't good."
  291. [18:40:16] <Ralul> "4RUBY DISASTER!"
  292. [18:40:35] <Ralul> The emerald light momentarily changes back to red as an enormous beam of energy fires out of the shadow creature's forehead at Ralul.
  293. [18:40:46] <Natbuncle> aaaaaaa
  294. [18:41:05] * Natbuncle isn't sure what to do because the player knows that's not reflectable by RAW but nat would do it anyway help me dicemaid
  295. [18:41:06] <Natbuncle> 1d2
  296. [18:41:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Natbuncle, 1d2: 1 [1d2=1]
  297. [18:41:19] <Natbuncle> ... Oh wait a second
  298. [18:41:24] * Natbuncle blinks and casts SHELL on him. Durr.
  299. [18:41:36] <Amaryllis> (Astra?)
  300. [18:41:44] <Ralul> 2d6+460 on Ralul
  301. [18:41:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Ralul, on Ralul: 472 [2d6=6,6]
  302. [18:41:47] <Natbuncle> (Hmm... that is a good idea too)
  303. [18:42:03] <Ralul> ...can aura bolt critical hit
  304. [18:42:07] <Natbuncle> (Nah, Astra's for emergencies- no it can't)
  305. [18:42:08] <Ralul> let's say fuck no
  306. [18:42:10] <Natbuncle> (thank the gods)
  307. [18:42:17] <Amaryllis> (this isn't an emergency? okay)
  308. [18:42:17] <Natbuncle> (It's an autohit so it's practically a spell)
  309. [18:42:39] <Ralul> Ralul is engulfed in light, but stays conscious due to Nat's quick Shell.
  310. [18:42:41] <Natbuncle> (It's more like she has plans to heal and plenty of it to go around right now)
  311. [18:42:42] <Ralul> Player Phase
  312. [18:42:55] <Natbuncle> "Don't lose!  Hang in there!  13Pearl Light!!"
  313. [18:42:59] <Amaryllis> "Nat, what was that? You do that?"
  314. [18:43:10] <Natbuncle> "Eheh... surprise!  That's how I beat your..."
  315. [18:43:16] * Natbuncle headshakes. "No time to talk!"
  316. [18:44:09] * Natbuncle doesn't jump on anyone due to how dire the situation is and just does the Ruby Light pose from neutral, spinning and transforming! If... is that even possible here?
  317. [18:44:53] <Ralul> It is!
  318. [18:45:10] <Ralul> "Thank you..." Ralul breathes a sigh of relief.
  319. [18:45:13] <Natbuncle> Alright, she lands and tosses poor Ralul a quick Regen then.  He'll need it.
  320. [18:45:33] <Natbuncle> "3Hang in there.  Just give me some time... I don't think it can do that more than once for a while.  I-I hope."
  321. [18:46:34] * Amaryllis steps back and holds her hand out. Her knife returns to her grip, and the lantern appears as well, hooked to her wrist by a chain as it often is. She seethes as she stares down the shadowbuncle. "Creature of shadow, thief of essence, may what you have stolen destroy you from within. 3,8Karma."
  322. [18:46:46] <Amaryllis> (god damnit color codes y u fail me now)
  323. [18:46:52] <Natbuncle> (nice three-eight karma)
  324. [18:47:09] <Ralul> 38< King of devils
  325. [18:47:37] <Amaryllis> 333 piercing ARM, inflicts shadow weakness, and...
  326. [18:47:48] <Amaryllis> 2d6+13 opposed force for poison
  327. [18:47:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, opposed force for poison: 20 [2d6=5,2]
  328. [18:48:13] <Ralul> She can't even pass that!
  329. [18:48:22] <Natbuncle> Hi!
  330. [18:48:24] <Ralul> Poisoned!
  331. [18:48:44] <Ralul> The creature reels quite a bit.
  332. [18:48:57] <Amaryllis> A black miasma rises out of Ammy's lantern, the glow of the flame within traveling along in the form of myriad faces in the mist, like angry spirits that all rush toward the shadowbuncle and engulf it.
  333. [18:49:39] <Ralul> Ralul simply intones... "Trine."
  334. [18:50:49] <Ralul> Ammy's attack is assisted as three balls of light appear around the creature and lance through it, then form spears, turn and tri-pierce it again.
  335. [18:51:31] <Ralul> He follows up by rushing forward and stabbing at it with his rapier!
  336. [18:51:35] <Natbuncle> (1,1He forgot his 'It shall be engraved upon your soul!')
  337. [18:51:44] <Ralul> 2d6+6
  338. [18:51:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Ralul, 2d6+6: 11 [2d6=1,4]
  339. [18:51:53] <Ralul> And misses!
  340. [18:51:58] <Ralul> Enemy phase
  341. [18:52:04] <Natbuncle> >not having reliable strike
  342. [18:52:17] <Ralul> (It's an arcane rapier ;-;)
  343. [18:52:21] <Natbuncle> (LAAAAAAAAAME)
  344. [18:52:32] <Natbuncle> (oh good point he did quick cast earlier)
  345. [18:52:37] <Amaryllis> (>not gemini)
  346. [18:52:42] <Aori_Radidjiu> (^)
  347. [18:52:46] <Natbuncle> (^)
  348. [18:53:06] <Ralul> The creature shifts around into a more carbuncley form, before casting Regen on itself!
  349. [18:53:08] <Amaryllis> (oh whoops, karma should've done 42 more damage. forgot to apply damage step increase for tier 2 limit)
  350. [18:53:42] * Natbuncle has auto-regen, LOOOOSER. She just EXUDES superiority. ... But doesn't say anything out loud because this is a serious fight.
  351. [18:53:48] <Natbuncle> (Did you apply greatest of enemies too?)
  352. [18:53:54] <Amaryllis> (yes)
  353. [18:53:58] <Natbuncle> (k)
  354. [18:54:25] <Ralul> And then she shifts back to humanoid and slams into the ground, cracking it and sending out a... Shockwave!
  355. [18:54:41] <Natbuncle> Whoa that is clever.
  356. [18:55:26] <Ralul> do you do so much damage with shockwave
  357. [18:55:31] <Ralul> your stats say it should be 90
  358. [18:55:36] <Natbuncle> Last session's was a sovereign fist.
  359. [18:55:41] <Natbuncle> So, it used MND instead, treehee~
  360. [18:56:07] <Ralul> oh, good point
  361. [18:56:17] <Natbuncle> (But that's correct, and it's also why Nat doesn't shockwave all that much anymore!)
  362. [18:56:31] <Ralul> 2d6+7 to all of you
  363. [18:56:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Ralul, to all of you: 11 [2d6=1,3]
  364. [18:56:47] <Ralul> 1d6 reroll that 1
  365. [18:56:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Ralul, reroll that 1: 2 [1d6=2]
  366. [18:57:07] <Ralul> 2d6+90
  367. [18:57:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Ralul, 2d6+90: 94 [2d6=3,1]
  368. [18:57:30] * Natbuncle takes it if her AVD went back to 'what it would have been with no equipment' when transforming, but just barely gets to nope if it's 'what your AVD effectively was immediately before summoning.' This system's p. vague about that.
  369. [18:58:30] <Ralul> No equipment!
  370. [18:58:35] <Natbuncle> Yeah alright boom then.
  371. [18:58:37] <Ralul> player phase
  372. [18:58:46] * Amaryllis looks hardly phased by the blow. She scowls as she sees the swirls of healing magic around the nightmare buncle and raises her knife toward the sky, the points it at the creature.
  373. [18:59:00] <Amaryllis> 2d6+7 darkside nightsword
  374. [18:59:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, darkside nightsword: 15 [2d6=2,6]
  375. [18:59:01] <Natbuncle> Turn 2!  The Bunc hopefully goes before Ammy to Regen her too so they can all heal at the same time~
  376. [18:59:04] <Natbuncle> But... maybe not.
  377. [18:59:36] <Ralul> Hit!
  378. [19:00:02] <Amaryllis> 134 shadow ARM! Heals 50% of inflicted damage (don't forget its new shiny weakness :>)
  379. [19:00:11] <Amaryllis> 2d6+13 oh right and opposed force for zombie >:I
  380. [19:00:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, oh right and opposed force for zombie >:I: 22 [2d6=6,3]
  381. [19:00:19] <Ralul> Can't pass that!
  382. [19:00:29] <Natbuncle> (smells like incoming ALTICLIMAX)
  383. [19:00:29] <Ralul> You recover 134 hp
  384. [19:00:56] <Natbuncle> (... N)
  385. [19:00:59] <Natbuncle> (ANTICLIMAX)
  386. [19:00:59] <Amaryllis> (I totally forgot greatest of enemies there, but whatevs)
  387. [19:01:12] <Ralul> Ralul starts casting...
  388. [19:01:16] <Aori_Radidjiu> (1,1Hey Nat, cast Regen on Zamb- wait it already ahs it nevermind)
  389. [19:01:24] <Natbuncle> (yeah you goof)
  390. [19:01:26] <Ralul> Enemy Phase
  391. [19:01:41] <Natbuncle> (... You know though there's no reason why I haven't walled, oops)
  392. [19:01:58] <Ralul> Nightmare Buncle seems to be on its last legs, but it morphs into an almost entirely accurate Natalie, and looks at the real 'bunc with a hatred in her eyes.
  393. [19:02:07] <Ralul> "4I will... consume..."
  394. [19:02:18] <Natbuncle> "3No way."
  395. [19:02:41] <Amaryllis> "You shall do no such thing."
  396. [19:02:47] <Ralul> There's a shattering noise, and her form gains afterimages.
  397. [19:03:33] <Ralul> She shifts into the Impatient Sword stance, slowly, and concentrates.
  398. [19:03:48] <Natbuncle> (♪)
  399. [19:05:05] <Ralul> And then leaps at Natalie, unleashing a torrent of kicks, each one aimed at her, followed by a slide, a ruby cutting laser, a few forehead beams, some after image combos, and then summoning up a shitload of Dia balls that hang in the air for a moment before converging on Nat. "4Confidence in the Domination!"
  400. [19:05:14] <Ralul> 3#2d6+7 Asuran Fists
  401. [19:05:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Ralul, Asuran Fists: 14 [2d6=5,2], 11 [2d6=3,1], 11 [2d6=2,2]
  402. [19:05:28] <Natbuncle> all succeed in this form ;-;
  403. [19:06:24] <Ralul> 3#2d6+140
  404. [19:06:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Ralul, 3#2d6+140: 146 [2d6=4,2], 148 [2d6=2,6], 147 [2d6=6,1]
  405. [19:06:46] <Ralul> Reduced to One HP! Cutscene Mode!
  406. [19:07:07] <Ralul> Natalie Phase
  407. [19:07:15] * Natbuncle takes all the hits as a tiny ruby cat too, ow ow.
  408. [19:07:16] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Oh.)
  409. [19:07:35] <Natbuncle> "3I'm not... ow ow ow..."
  410. [19:08:01] <Aori_Radidjiu> (1,1Hey Tree, you might want to know that Seventh Heaven came up on shuffle for me)
  411. [19:08:12] <Natbuncle> (that is max kawaii)
  412. [19:08:57] * Natbuncle blasts backwards with a tiny, weak ray from her forehead after taking the bulk of the hits...
  413. [19:09:06] <Natbuncle> 2d6+42 this is unbelievable damage
  414. [19:09:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Natbuncle, this is unbelievable damage: 47 [2d6=3,2]
  415. [19:09:12] <Natbuncle> But it's also the end of turn 3
  416. [19:09:42] <Ralul> Finish off the fakebunc.
  417. [19:09:51] <Natbuncle> "3Not just going to lose here!  Even if I am, that's what I have friends for!  Ammy, Mr. Rally..."
  418. [19:09:59] <Ralul> :D
  419. [19:10:44] <Natbuncle> "3Take my light!"  She bounces between the two of them and stops in midair, glowing a green just like the evilbuncle was a second ago.  Like she's going to finish it alone~
  420. [19:10:51] <Natbuncle> 9EMERALD LIGHT
  421. [19:11:06] <Ralul> Player Phase, you all get +1 turn
  422. [19:11:57] * Natbuncle may be KO'd after detransforming OR up to oneshot this THING at the GM's whim~
  423. [19:12:08] <Ralul> You're up!
  424. [19:12:53] <Natbuncle> 'Kay then!  "Ohhh... It really hurts," the girl lands and is not a cat.  "But I'll Ex- ... nah, let's not do it that way."
  425. [19:13:07] <Amaryllis> "Nat..." Ammy lets the emerald energies wash over her and readies her knife. "Together?"
  426. [19:13:27] <Natbuncle> Two red lines flare out of her back and she gives a nod, forehead glowing almost white-hot.
  427. [19:15:15] <Ralul> Ralul nods and prepares to cast
  428. [19:15:58] <Ralul> He leaps forward with the rest of you, and drops to the ground, raising his feet up and kicks Nightmare Bunc into the air!
  429. [19:16:11] * Amaryllis rushes up to the nightmare with an alacrity quite unlike herself, "Foul abomination!" She stabs down with her knife, aiming to pin it in place. "This is your Last Moment"
  430. [19:16:13] <Amaryllis> (oh wait uh)
  431. [19:16:18] <Natbuncle> (lol)
  432. [19:16:24] <Natbuncle> (TRIPLE TEAMWORK LET'S DO IT ANYWAY)
  433. [19:16:32] <Ralul> (Yeah, you can combo how you please, I figure Ralul would participate)
  434. [19:17:08] <Natbuncle> Nat stomps the ground and leaps in midair, spinning once, twice- then pauses, not unlike her iconic pose, but the thin red lines BLAST into massive flapping wings made of red light!  A massive orb conjures itself directly in front of her ruby and shoots out in a linear stream, causing the background to flash white as usual.  "Of your Wicked Way!!"
  435. [19:18:03] <Natbuncle> 2d6+420 ... just because
  436. [19:18:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Natbuncle, ... just because: 430 [2d6=5,5]
  437. [19:18:16] <Aori_Radidjiu> (notbad)
  438. [19:18:33] <Aori_Radidjiu> (1,1That counts as a pair right I forget)
  439. [19:18:35] <Ralul> The light engulfs the shadowy creature... and you hear a piercing scream as it rips apart into pieces.
  440. [19:19:12] * Natbuncle loses all her energy and falls facefirst to the ground, rubywings dissipating.
  441. [19:19:21] <Ralul> Thump.
  442. [19:19:33] <Ralul> Ralul rolls to his feet and sighs. "Thank goodness."
  443. [19:20:11] <Ralul> Nat feels the stolen memories slowly deep their way back into her brain.
  444. [19:20:16] <Ralul> *seep
  445. [19:20:17] * Amaryllis rushes over to Nat's side and lifts her up to a standing position.
  446. [19:20:33] <Natbuncle> "Aah..."  She leaves her eyes closed.
  447. [19:20:40] <Ralul> "This... is quite the predicament. It's much more serious than I thought."
  448. [19:20:49] <Natbuncle> "Let's not... do that... again..."
  449. [19:20:51] <Ralul> "That was a Nightmare Eidolon."
  450. [19:21:10] * Natbuncle barely cracks an eye open.
  451. [19:21:14] <Amaryllis> "Does each of these shattered memories contain one?"
  452. [19:21:17] <Natbuncle> "Are all of... those... mirrors...?"
  453. [19:21:31] * Amaryllis awkwardly tries to support Nat with one arm.
  454. [19:21:37] <Ralul> "Very likely."
  455. [19:21:49] <Natbuncle> "Ah... haha..."
  456. [19:22:00] <Ralul> "Not only that, but they're a manifestation of corruption that... usually marks the beginning... of the transformation into a Dark Eidolon." he says, grimly.
  457. [19:22:02] * Natbuncle clamps her eyes closed again.
  458. [19:22:56] <Amaryllis> "What? No. I know of the technique of the Dark Eidolon. You cannot mean to say...oh bloody hell!"
  459. [19:23:07] <Aori_Radidjiu> (what the fuck even)
  460. [19:23:13] <Natbuncle> "A-Ammy, wh... at...?"
  461. [19:23:16] <Ralul> "There are a few different methods."
  462. [19:23:27] <Natbuncle> "Did I... for... get..."  :<
  463. [19:23:50] <Ralul> "But... come, we likely shouldn't linger. Let's take her back to her sanctum."
  464. [19:24:18] * Natbuncle doesn't even bother trying to get up.
  465. [19:24:39] <Ralul> "Your arm... well..."
  466. [19:24:44] <Amaryllis> "Alright. Does this have anything to do with our new denizen in this realm?" Ammy tries to carry Nat over her shoulder with one hand.
  467. [19:24:54] <Amaryllis> "And yes, you said this is...not permanent?"
  468. [19:24:58] <Ralul> "...No, no I don't think so. Unless she's been here for years."
  469. [19:25:12] <Natbuncle> "Go... od..."  Nat musters a faint smile.
  470. [19:25:19] <Ralul> "Not permanent, no. The pain you feel is real enough, but you will be injured in the real world."
  471. [19:25:28] <Natbuncle> (HOW REASSURING)
  472. [19:25:30] <Ralul> "Here, let me carry her, you've already suffered quite a bit."
  473. [19:25:31] <Amaryllis> (*will not?)
  474. [19:25:37] <Ralul> *will not be
  475. [19:25:54] <Ralul> Ralul offers to carry Nat.
  476. [19:26:17] <Amaryllis> "I have been through w-" Ammy looks to her arm. "Okay, so I have not. But I shall be fine."
  477. [19:26:54] <Ralul> "...Very well then."
  478. [19:27:18] * Natbuncle just hangs limp, not able to really object.
  479. [19:27:25] <Ralul> You return to Nat's sanctum, and find a bedroom within, that seems to have come from the Athenaeum Stray. You let Nat rest there for now.
  480. [19:27:28] <Ralul> Ralul sits nearby.
  481. [19:27:46] <Ralul> "In any case, I was able to confirm what's going on."
  482. [19:28:21] <Amaryllis> "The technique of the Dark Eidolon. That is one of many variants of the Dark Sword, is it not?"
  483. [19:28:42] <Ralul> "The technique of the Dark Knights? It may be possible that way, but I can't say I've heard of that method."
  484. [19:29:42] <Amaryllis> "It originated from the Tonberry summoners I believe, but I digress." Ammy shakes her head. "She shall be okay...right? This is reversible?"
  485. [19:29:51] <Ralul> "I believe there to be a malevolent force at work.  One that has, possibly, been working for the past ten years... draining away directly from Carbuncle's memories and leaving behind these dark manifestations."
  486. [19:30:17] <Ralul> "It should be, at this stage, yes."
  487. [19:30:38] <Ralul> "Something has prevented it from progressing, I'd say, since it's only at a very early stage."
  488. [19:30:48] <Ralul> "Perhaps your companionship, even."
  489. [19:31:10] * Natbuncle shuffles around in the bed. Hard to tell if she's even awake or not, but she wears a soft smile.
  490. [19:31:28] <Ralul> "But the signs are there, and they seem to have been there quite a while."
  491. [19:31:34] * Amaryllis sighs in relief.
  492. [19:31:42] <Amaryllis> "So what must be done now?"
  493. [19:32:25] <Ralul> "A purification ritual... It will require the assistance of a powerful summoner."
  494. [19:32:50] <Ralul> "These days, those are in limited supply, but... I know of one who fits the bill rather well."
  495. [19:32:57] <Ralul> "Queen Garnet til Alexandros."
  496. [19:33:00] <Amaryllis> "Eiko is easily reached in Linblum."
  497. [19:33:26] <Ralul> He shakes his head. "Eiko is powerful in her own right, but... She's too young."
  498. [19:34:05] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Poor Eiko, always too young for everything)
  499. [19:34:31] <Amaryllis> "I see."
  500. [19:34:32] <Natbuncle> (not too young for Bunce's lower horn)
  501. [19:35:07] <Amaryllis> (/me baps)
  502. [19:35:25] <Natbuncle> (Au!)
  503. [19:35:51] <Ralul> "And even if Carbuncle is purified, that will not stop her from continuing to lose her memories, nor from whatever force is exerting its influence from continuing to create Nightmare Eidolons."
  504. [19:36:09] <Ralul> "That tiara seems to have aided in the first of these things..."
  505. [19:36:12] <Aori_Radidjiu> (jesus fuck)
  506. [19:36:15] <Amaryllis> "So, I suppose then this calls for a trip to Alexandria. Perhaps, at least, Eiko could help us send word to Garnet. The Queen would trust Eiko's word, would she not?"
  507. [19:36:17] * Amaryllis nods.
  508. [19:36:25] <Natbuncle> "Ah..." Nat rolls around, attempting to creak an eye open.
  509. [19:36:35] <Amaryllis> "And the second, that task falls to me as the Inquisitor."
  510. [19:36:46] <Ralul> He nods.
  511. [19:36:52] <Ralul> "I've done what I can for now."
  512. [19:37:08] <Amaryllis> "Thank you."
  513. [19:37:21] <Natbuncle> "Ammy... is it.... gonna be okay?"
  514. [19:37:42] <Ralul> "Considering how it seems to be progressing, I don't think Carbuncle is in any immediate danger."
  515. [19:37:44] <Amaryllis> "Yes, Nat."
  516. [19:37:55] <Ralul> "But you should keep this at the forefront of your mind."
  517. [19:38:07] <Natbuncle> "Okay..."  She closes her eyes with a smile.  "I'm sorry..."
  518. [19:38:20] <Ralul> "And be careful when venturing into the untamed portions of this world."
  519. [19:38:30] <Amaryllis> "Just one more in the road of trials, Nat. Nothing more."
  520. [19:39:44] <Amaryllis> "What kind of power would have the power to do this? Chaos? The Fiends?"
  521. [19:39:46] * Natbuncle struggles to try and sit up.
  522. [19:39:55] <Ralul> "That is... very possible, yes."
  523. [19:40:16] <Ralul> Your wounds have healed a bit, nat, and you find the strength in you.
  524. [19:40:51] <Natbuncle> "If it's not her fault..."  She still winces a bit.  "Maybe I can... get Mary's help."
  525. [19:41:02] <Natbuncle> "Two mes is better than one me," she says with a smile and one eye closed.
  526. [19:41:29] <Natbuncle> "To keep it from getting worse, I mean... right?"
  527. [19:41:57] <Amaryllis> "I would not want the Glutton to learn of a method of creating Dark Eidolons. Anything Mary learns we must treat as if her master knows as well."
  528. [19:42:16] <Natbuncle> "Oh...."  She sulks a little.  "Yeah, I guess."
  529. [19:42:30] <Amaryllis> "Do you trust me, Nat?"
  530. [19:42:41] * Natbuncle nods without hesitation. "Uh-huh."
  531. [19:42:59] <Amaryllis> "I shall do everything I can myself to help you through this, and I know it shall be enough. It must be."
  532. [19:43:13] <Natbuncle> "Mr. Rally..."  She sits up and turns to the ratman.
  533. [19:43:29] <Ralul> "Hm?"
  534. [19:43:36] <Natbuncle> "Ow... Thanks.  But um... it might... uh... ah..."
  535. [19:43:53] <Natbuncle> "I mean... I'm not the only one who's been losing their memories."
  536. [19:44:11] <Amaryllis> "Titan, Phoenix..." Ammy mumbles.
  537. [19:44:20] <Natbuncle> "Oh, and Ultros too," she adds.
  538. [19:44:21] <Ralul> "I suppose I have a lot to do myself, then."
  539. [19:44:27] <Ralul> "Ul...tros?"
  540. [19:44:38] <Ralul> "...I... don't think I've heard of that one."
  541. [19:44:52] <Natbuncle> "Mm-hmm.  He... I'm not sure if he's really an eidolon or not," she says still-a-bit-weakly.
  542. [19:45:07] <Natbuncle> "But he DID say he had amnesia."
  543. [19:45:19] <Natbuncle> "He's uh... purple... lives in water..."
  544. [19:45:24] <Ralul> "I'll put that on the checjlist, then."
  545. [19:45:26] <Ralul> *checklist
  546. [19:45:58] * Natbuncle smiles a little. "Thanks. Fenn- I mean... Phoenix is staying in Lindblum with Eiko. Titan and the others too."
  547. [19:46:20] <Amaryllis> "If you have the time, Architect Ralul," Ammy turns toward him in her seat. "Could you examine my realm as well? It has improved, little by little, over time, but it is still quite a dark and unpleasant place."
  548. [19:46:54] <Ralul> "Then I will check in with them as soon as I can afford to leave Kalissa here without direct supervision."
  549. [19:47:02] <Ralul> "I could." he nods.
  550. [19:47:38] <Natbuncle> "As long as they're with her," she flops back down, "They'll be fine... for now.  I know it."
  551. [19:47:56] <Ralul> Ralul concentrates...
  552. [19:47:59] <Amaryllis> "I shall send word to Eiko to expect you, and to request she send a letter of introduction forward to Queen Garnet." Ammy looks to Nat, "or perhaps you would like to speak to her in person. I think you should tell her, about the nightmare eidolons."
  553. [19:48:18] <Ralul> And the scene sort of... transitions. You're still in the bedroom, but the bedroom is now within a dark labyrinth of stone.
  554. [19:48:22] <Natbuncle> "That'll be a scary thing to talk about..."
  555. [19:48:28] <Ralul> Ammy's arm seems to form again out of shadow.
  556. [19:48:33] <Amaryllis> "I know."
  557. [19:48:52] <Natbuncle> "... It was scary to SEE."  Speaking of scary she kind of shrivels up, not remembering having been to THIS place before.
  558. [19:48:57] * Amaryllis cautiously bends it and tests her fingers.
  559. [19:49:08] <Amaryllis> "It's okay Nat."
  560. [19:49:17] <Amaryllis> "This is my realm."
  561. [19:49:40] <Ralul> It works well enough. As well as for the labyrinth, it exudes a rather... malicious feeling. The air is dark and there are quiet whispers on the edge of your hearing. But... this place seems to be safe.
  562. [19:49:43] <Natbuncle> "Oh..."  Nat slowly gets up.  "I guess if I've been here before I don't remember, huh..."
  563. [19:50:07] <Ralul> It's a bit like your arm was just asleep for a bit.
  564. [19:50:09] <Ralul> Pins and needles and all
  565. [19:50:22] <Natbuncle> "I can tell her, though.  I promised some moogles I'd take them to see her anyway."
  566. [19:50:30] <Amaryllis> "...I have never shown you." Ammy says quietly, looking over the surroundings with a melancholic expression on her face.
  567. [19:51:02] * Amaryllis rubs her arm and keeps bending her fingers until everything feels normal again.
  568. [19:51:51] <Ralul> Ralul looks around a bit. "I trust we won't have to worry about a minotaur, or needing a ball of yarn."
  569. [19:52:01] <Amaryllis> "It is a dark and dreary place, and I had hoped not to worry you." Ammy turns to Ralul. "Well? You can feel the oppressiveness of the place, can you not?"
  570. [19:52:04] <Aori_Radidjiu> (He knows what's up)
  571. [19:52:42] * Amaryllis reaches out with her mind. Does it seem like there's a Tonberry presence here, or is it gone with Kalissa being asleep?
  572. [19:52:59] <Ralul> It's present, at the very edge of your senses.
  573. [19:53:28] * Amaryllis shakes her head with a smirk. "Not unless your minotaurs carry a lantern and knife."
  574. [19:54:03] * Natbuncle trails behind, stretching a bit. "Okay... I guess I see why you wouldn't." :< "But even though I'm still not feeling great, I'll protect you if anything happens, 'kay?"
  575. [19:55:33] <Ralul> The bedroom fades away, and you're left solely in the labyrinth.
  576. [19:55:46] <Natbuncle> "So what's a minna-toer again?"
  577. [19:55:56] <Amaryllis> "Do not worry Nat. Our safety is assured as long as I am here, I believe. Shall we look around?" Ammy visualizes her inner chamber as she takes a step forward.
  578. [19:56:20] <Natbuncle> "I thought that about mine too," she retorts with a nervous giggle.
  579. [19:56:34] <Amaryllis> "A creature of myth that lurks a labyrinth such as this. I shall have to tell you that story again sometime."
  580. [19:56:55] <Natbuncle> "Heee.  I might be able to hang onto it this time."
  581. [20:03:26] <Ralul> The visualization helps, and as you lead forward with the lantern, it only takes you a minute to reach a large, well-lit room. A bright lantern hangs from the ceiling, An altar is in the midst of the room, with painted pictures of tonberries, and runic lettering.
  582. [20:04:42] <Amaryllis> "There are but two places in realm that remain distinct from the serpentine corridors you've seen. This chamber and one other. This is, I suppose, an inner sanctum of sorts for me here."
  583. [20:04:52] * Natbuncle hugs the rear of the group, pointing a ruby flashlight behind them as they walk in case they get ambushed by minotonberries or something.
  584. [20:05:26] <Ralul> Ralul is quiet, just observing around as you enter.
  585. [20:05:44] <Ralul> "Dreary and oppressive, but rather healthy otherwise."
  586. [20:07:06] * Amaryllis sighs in relief. "That is good to hear. I imagine as the dominant stories shift, so too will the tone of this place. Darkness balanced with light."
  587. [20:07:15] <Ralul> The brightly lit room is much less malicious-feeling than the rest of the labyrinth, for reference.
  588. [20:07:34] <Ralul> "I wonder if Kalissa shares this place with you or if she has her own realm..."
  589. [20:07:43] <Ralul> "Something I will have to look into."
  590. [20:08:36] <Amaryllis> "I have never seen her here, but I admit I have not been here often enough to say for sure that means she does not share this place."
  591. [20:09:08] <Ralul> "Remember, it's not just eidolons that have their aether realms but people as well. This could be your own realm, partially inhabited by Tonberry, or Tonberry's realm, which may be a merger of yours and hers. I admit I'm unsure from a cursory examination."
  592. [20:09:09] <Amaryllis> "For years, I largely avoided my own realm..."
  593. [20:09:40] <Natbuncle> "Hmm..."  Nat spins around, facing Ammy instead as they enter the room.  "Ammy, can you come here by yourself?  Like... at the same time while you're doing other stuff?"
  594. [20:09:43] * Amaryllis nods. "This room, however, I feel is mine and mine alone. That much I can say."
  595. [20:09:49] <Ralul> He nods.
  596. [20:09:58] <Amaryllis> "Not that I know of."
  597. [20:10:13] <Amaryllis> "When I visit, I am unaware of the outside world."
  598. [20:10:28] <Natbuncle> "Ah-hmm... I still don't exactly get how that works," she makes a weird face.
  599. [20:10:43] <Amaryllis> "It is odd, almost as if no time were to pass in the real world while time is spent here." Ammy shrugs and looks to Ralul for an explanation.
  600. [20:11:08] <Ralul> "Time is not altogether a constant structure here."
  601. [20:11:31] <Natbuncle> "Huuuh."
  602. [20:12:45] <Ralul> "It's hard to define, really. It passes, but in reference to itself, which is meaningless in reference to Gaia."
  603. [20:13:22] <Amaryllis> "Ah, that's right. There is one place that I know has been visited by someone that is Well, you know what I mean, not this facet of me. Either the Tonberry in here that is a mixture of Kalissa and I or perhaps Kalissa herself."
  604. [20:13:27] <Ralul> "A few eidolons possess the concentration to be in both reality and their aether realms at once, however."
  605. [20:13:28] <Natbuncle> "So it screws something up if you're here the same time you're outside?"
  606. [20:13:44] <Ralul> "Not... particularly, no."
  607. [20:13:49] <Ralul> He looks over at Ammy.
  608. [20:13:55] <Amaryllis> "Is that a learnable talent?"
  609. [20:14:02] <Natbuncle> "Huh, I guess it's weird like that."  She rubs her Ruby.  "I'm one of those apparently."
  610. [20:14:54] * Amaryllis looks back at Ralul.
  611. [20:14:58] <Ralul> "It's possible that it is, yes."
  612. [20:15:10] <Natbuncle> "Anyway," looking a bit less damaged goods she handhips and turns back to Ammy, "I guess she kinda is your Mary in that way?  But, I guess we should go find out by saying hi!"
  613. [20:16:06] <Amaryllis> "I could bring us to the place that I know we have shared before," Ammy starts to say, with clear unease, "but I am not sure I can guide us to Tonberry's presence in here directly."
  614. [20:16:46] * Natbuncle clings to Amms. "Don't worry, I'm here!"
  615. [20:18:26] <Amaryllis> "...Do you really want to see?" Ammy :<s and turns a little bit flushed. "I mean, really, this chamber is nice enough, and we get enough of an understanding of the workings of this place from that place I most strongly lay claim to, do we not?"
  616. [20:18:47] <Ralul> "Hm, you're uncomfortable." he studies Ammy a moment.
  617. [20:18:59] <Ralul> "There's something rather unpleasant there, isn't there?"
  618. [20:19:40] * Natbuncle nods along. "Yeah, if she's here and wants to start a fight or something, I'll beat her up again! I told you!"
  619. [20:19:51] <Amaryllis> "Not...precisely." Ammy's face looks a light shade of rose. "There is...oh sod it."
  620. [20:20:03] <Natbuncle> :3c?
  621. [20:20:22] <Ralul> He crosses his arms, raising an eyebrow.
  622. [20:20:31] <Ralul> "If you're not comfortable, we can try this later perhaps."
  623. [20:20:56] * Amaryllis looks to Nat, reading her expression.
  624. [20:21:17] <Natbuncle> It is the derpiest head-tilt.
  625. [20:22:12] <Ralul> "It is in my experience never wise to confront something in one's aether realm until you are comfortable with facing it."
  626. [20:22:39] * Amaryllis sighs, then begins visualizing the gallery as she walks forward. She starts mumbling a spell under her breath as she does.
  627. [20:22:51] <Ralul> He shrugs, and begins to follow.
  628. [20:25:07] <Ralul> You walk through the dark maze, leaving behind the safety of the altar room, and eventually emerge into a sort of art gallery, not very much unlike Mary's. Many pictures of people you don't recognize hang upon the walls, slashed with a knife. There are small portraits of Theta, Nat, Lenore, and Celina, covered with protective glass and iron bars. There's a picture of Ralul as well, unharmed,
  629. [20:25:07] <Ralul> but not protected. And one final picture near the other PCs, a very large one... that has been covered with a dark velvet privacy curtain.
  630. [20:25:47] <Ralul> Ralul squints at the covered painting. "Your subconscious is reacting to our presence."
  631. [20:25:50] <Amaryllis> "Be shrouded in darkness." Ammy mumbles as she finishes her spell, casting a black cloud over the last picture before realizing it's already covered.
  632. [20:26:01] <Amaryllis> "Er, well."
  633. [20:26:23] * Natbuncle admires what is there, noting the similarities, then stands up and head-tilts again. "Huh? Something wrong, Ammy?"
  634. [20:27:00] <Amaryllis> "Nothing, nothing." Ammy looks relieved at the covering.
  635. [20:27:18] <Amaryllis> With a wave, Ammy dismisses the intuitive twilight.
  636. [20:27:44] <Natbuncle> "Huh... if you say so."  Nat is too derp to get it and continues question marking at the faces next to hers she DOESN'T recognize.
  637. [20:29:37] <Ralul> Ralul is looking at the paintings with interest.
  638. [20:29:48] <Ralul> "At some point you started going after members of 12GIL."
  639. [20:30:05] * Amaryllis nods. "Kalissa resents us. Why?"
  640. [20:30:17] <Ralul> "I... don't know, honestly."
  641. [20:30:26] <Natbuncle> "So why's this one so big anyway..."  Nat sidesteps their conversation and tugs on the privacy curtain.
  642. [20:30:34] <Ralul> Tug... tug...
  643. [20:30:44] <Natbuncle> 2d6+7 1,1master thief the curtain
  644. [20:30:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Natbuncle, 1,1master thief the curtain: 19 [2d6=6,6]
  645. [20:30:53] <Amaryllis> (>6,6)
  646. [20:30:54] <Ralul> What curtain?
  647. [20:30:55] <Amaryllis> (whelp)
  648. [20:31:02] <Lenore> (jesus fuck wow)
  649. [20:31:09] <Amaryllis> "N-Nat?" Ammy swivels around.
  650. [20:31:12] <Lenore> (NICE WAY TO START BEING A KLEPTOMANIAC)
  651. [20:31:14] <Natbuncle> (I hope you could all envision my arms dropping from my keyboard)
  652. [20:31:23] <Natbuncle> "Hmm?"
  653. [20:31:40] <Natbuncle> (Yeah, eat your heart out, Lorelei)
  654. [20:32:36] <Ralul> One second.
  655. [20:34:20] <Ralul> The entire thing comes off and the scenery changes around it. Spotlights now hang from the ceiling above it, poruing light down. The picture is a gigantic portrait of Noah, covered with glass and iron bars, with hearts written in ink on the glass. All kinds of foods are now in front of the portrait as well, like meat pies and desserts.
  656. [20:35:39] <Amaryllis> Is the journal there? Ammy swipes the fuck out of the journal if it's there. And then goes off to hide her face with it, which is now completely red.
  657. [20:35:52] <Natbuncle> "Ohh, yeah, Mary had something like that.  And it was pretty big too..."  Nat admires like a brat, seemingly not noticing there was EVER a curtain.
  658. [20:36:16] <Ralul> -1 Journal swiped
  659. [20:36:23] <Ralul> Nat's just sort of wearing the curtain like a cloak now.
  660. [20:36:50] <Ralul> Ralul looks over the Noah portrait with purely academic interest.
  661. [20:36:51] <Natbuncle> <3
  662. [20:36:55] <Ralul> "Hm, I see."
  663. [20:37:08] <Natbuncle> "So who's that?"  :D
  664. [20:37:21] * Amaryllis slowly slinks away somewhere else within the gallery.
  665. [20:38:33] <Ralul> "Perhaps the Librarian...? I never met him face to face..."
  666. [20:38:55] <Natbuncle> "Library?  Huh..."
  667. [20:39:21] <Ralul> "But in any case, Inquisitor, you were correct."
  668. [20:39:29] <Ralul> "This room does have a different feeling to it.
  669. [20:39:40] <Ralul> "
  670. [20:40:20] <Amaryllis> "Was I?" Ammy mumbles, flustered, as she reapproaches. Her red face is half-hidden behind the journal she's holding up.
  671. [20:40:53] <Ralul> "This is certainly a shared space."
  672. [20:41:00] * Natbuncle wears the cloak like a vampire would or something and continues prancing along. ... Maybe steals some of the food if there's anything in small bites.
  673. [20:42:23] <Amaryllis> "I see." Ammy nods. "...and yes, that is the Librarian. Noah Cromwell." she adds more quietly.
  674. [20:42:32] <Ralul> Ralul nods.
  675. [20:43:12] <Natbuncle> "Noooooooh."  Nat the cat seems to be onto something for a second but just turns around, muttering a "Nope, doesn't ring a bell" to herself.
  676. [20:43:29] <Ralul> "I believe I can say with some certainty this room is the prime source of your unwanted behaviors. If you can claim this section as your own, fully, you should be able to gain control over yourself."
  677. [20:44:04] <Natbuncle> "How does she do that?"
  678. [20:44:16] <Amaryllis> "And..." Nat finishes what Ammy would've asked.
  679. [20:45:43] <Natbuncle> "Actually, how do you do that in general?  There's some secret stuff in the other castle in mine and I kinda wanna see what that's all about too..."
  680. [20:46:36] <Natbuncle> "Well I guess I could do the same thing and be like 'don't check behind my castle' too and then we'd be even," her head tilts a bunch of different directions.  "Ooh... is this what human siblings are like?"
  681. [20:46:47] <Ralul> "Do as you have been, likely. Kalissa mentioned having to act to keep her dominance. Reinforcing the story you wish to tell, training your mind and body, being careful not to feed into her source of power, whatever it may be, and essentially, winning the 'game' between you and her."
  682. [20:46:56] <Ralul> "As for that question..."
  683. [20:47:26] <Ralul> "If you could remove that curtain her subconscious erected, then I imagine you could do the same to whatever defenses your double has."
  684. [20:47:30] * Amaryllis nods, thinking to herself and avoiding looking at the husbando shrine.
  685. [20:47:54] <Natbuncle> "Oh, wow, that's a lot easier than I..."
  686. [20:47:59] <Natbuncle> "Wait, what curtain?"
  687. [20:48:06] * Natbuncle is still wearing it.
  688. [20:48:07] <Ralul> "The one you're wearing."
  689. [20:48:24] <Natbuncle> "What do you mean wear-" She looks down.  "Whoa!  Where'd that come from?"
  690. [20:48:35] * Amaryllis sighs.
  691. [20:48:44] * Natbuncle bursts into a mini-gigglefit.
  692. [20:49:02] <Ralul> Ralul walks over and pulls it over Nat's head.
  693. [20:49:10] <Natbuncle> "Nn!"
  694. [20:49:11] <Ralul> It seems like a mean gesture for a moment, but after a second Nat vanishes.
  695. [20:49:50] <Ralul> "It is a sort of block the subconsious can use to hide things from view."
  696. [20:50:51] <Natbuncle> "Oh..."  The invisible feline checks to see if she still has a voice.
  697. [20:50:53] <Amaryllis> "How curious." Ammy squints at invisinat.
  698. [20:50:58] <Ralul> Yep!
  699. [20:51:01] <Ralul> You can hear Nat.
  700. [20:51:10] <Ralul> It's like a sort of invisibility cloak, though
  701. [20:51:20] <Natbuncle> 1,1Then some of the food starts disappearing.
  702. [20:51:28] <Ralul> Nomnomnom
  703. [20:51:36] <Natbuncle> Just a little~
  704. [20:52:07] <Natbuncle> "Wow," mmpf, "That'ff pretty neat!"
  705. [20:53:11] <Amaryllis> "Listen, um..." Ammy takes a deep breath. "I sent a letter to Noah a time back asking him to meet me in Madain Sari. you mind not speaking to him of...-this-?" She sorta flails a hand toward the portrait with the little hearts and the gifts all piled up. Her other hand is protectively clutching the journal she picked up.
  706. [20:53:40] <Natbuncle> "Huh?  Is there something bad about it?"
  707. [20:54:04] <Natbuncle> "There were weird drawings with hearts and stuff like that showing up in my diary without me remembering too..."
  708. [20:54:32] <Ralul> "I wasn't planning on it, no. Things like this within an aether realm are usually rather private."
  709. [20:55:31] <Amaryllis> "Thank you," Ammy says in relief to Ralul. She then turns to Nat. "Just as a favor, alright? As friends?"
  710. [20:55:55] <Natbuncle> "Well, I dunno why I WOULD.  I mean it's your world, isn't it?"
  711. [20:56:23] * Amaryllis nods.
  712. [20:56:26] <Natbuncle> "I need to go check if my own castle has big stuff like this..."
  713. [20:57:58] <Amaryllis> "So this sort of phenomena is not unusual then, Ralul?"
  714. [20:58:11] * Amaryllis cracks open the journal and peeks in for anything new.
  715. [20:58:32] * Natbuncle 1,1invisibly sneaks behind Ammy and peeks in too
  716. [21:00:04] <Ralul> "It isn't, no. Everyone has things they wish to hide. This is why I said it was alright if we waited, if you weren't comfortable."
  717. [21:00:15] <Ralul> The journal actually has nothing new in it, disappointingly.
  718. [21:00:50] <Amaryllis> Can Nat even read it?
  719. [21:00:57] <Natbuncle> ^
  720. [21:04:38] <Ralul> She can.
  721. [21:04:55] <Ralul> I'll leave it to you for which pages Ammy is looking at~
  722. [21:04:57] <Natbuncle> k y a a a a a
  723. [21:05:38] * Amaryllis is mostly just flipping through to see if anything's been added. So...whichever.
  724. [21:05:41] <Ralul> Normally, I don't think she could, but she is sort of ignoring your subconscious barriers right now.
  725. [21:06:11] <Amaryllis> (aka 1,1up to you tree what Nat catches glimpses of)
  726. [21:06:13] <Ralul> Nat gets a glimpse of some... poetry.
  727. [21:06:18] <Natbuncle> <3
  728. [21:06:39] * Natbuncle stands on tiptoes for a better look, not that anyone sees that!
  729. [21:06:48] <Natbuncle> 2d6+6 and I want to stealth to see if she's bad enough to get caught
  730. [21:06:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Natbuncle, and I want to stealth to see if she's bad enough to get caught: 13 [2d6=5,2]
  731. [21:06:52] <Natbuncle> lol
  732. [21:07:37] * Amaryllis is too focused on the journal to really notice either way.
  733. [21:08:12] * Natbuncle totally stifles a giggle and tiptoes to the other side of the room before slipping the cloak off, then.
  734. [21:08:56] * Amaryllis gets to the end and squints closely to make sure she didn't miss anything, then closes the journal again.
  735. [21:09:56] <Natbuncle> "Anyway, I'm glad there's nothing seriously dangerous or anything."
  736. [21:11:45] <Amaryllis> "Right..." Ammy holds the closed journal close to herself again.
  737. [21:12:30] <Amaryllis> "Kalissa's source of power. I had assumed it stemmed from hatred and bloodlust. Perhaps fear as well." Ammy frowns.
  738. [21:13:15] * Natbuncle slips the cloak back over her head again. "Hey Ammy, can I borrow this?"
  739. [21:13:19] <Natbuncle> "... Is that even possible?"
  740. [21:13:45] <Amaryllis> "I doubt it would have any function outside of my realm. Or that it could even be brought out of it."
  741. [21:13:55] <Amaryllis> "You are free to try though, Nat."
  742. [21:14:01] <Natbuncle> "Booo."
  743. [21:14:46] <Natbuncle> "But, she's her, and you're you.  So as long as you just do things that are actually you..."
  744. [21:15:15] * Amaryllis nods. "But I must also be sure not to act in ways that empower her."
  745. [21:15:32] * Natbuncle invisinods back.
  746. [21:21:00] * Amaryllis takes another few steps around the gallery, then stops in an empty space. She tucks the journal under an arm and then starts forming a frame of sorts with her hands, murmuring a story under her breath. Opus! After a moment, a table appears in the framed space.
  747. [21:21:22] <Natbuncle> 1,1flip it
  748. [21:22:50] <Amaryllis> Atop it is a board, criss-crossed by lines forming a grid. Two wooden bowls lie at two ends of the table, one filled with small white stones, the other with black. Ammy takes one of the black stones, sets it on the board, then walks away to return contemplating the other contents of the gallery.
  749. [21:30:31] <Amaryllis> "Is there any other advice you would offer me, Ralul?"
  750. [21:31:12] <Ralul> He considers.
  751. [21:31:19] <Ralul> "None at the moment, I think."
  752. [21:31:38] <Ralul> Nat gets a Cloak of Invisibility! But it only exists inside aether realms, boo.
  753. [21:31:55] <Amaryllis> (But not just Ammy's realm?)
  754. [21:31:55] <Natbuncle> ... Realms plural?
  755. [21:32:00] <Ralul> Plural
  756. [21:32:08] <Natbuncle> someone get M. Bison
  757. [21:34:00] <Amaryllis> "Then, shall we return?"
  758. [21:34:14] <Ralul> He nods, and concentrates.
  759. [21:34:20] <Ralul> The aether labyrinth fades away.
  760. [21:34:23] * Natbuncle also nods but still can't be seen, treehee.
  761. [21:34:25] <Ralul> And you're in the inn again.
  762. [21:35:16] <Natbuncle> Hmmm does Nat have enough concentration to go to her own realm by this point?  Because if so she is totally gonna take her prize to her castle and prepare.
  763. [21:35:49] <Amaryllis> "Just when we think we have hit a milestone, new difficulties arise." Ammy muses to herself as they return. "Such is the way with all great stories, I suppose."
  764. [21:36:20] <Natbuncle> "Sorry, Ammy... I mean, I'm at least glad we found SOMETHING."
  765. [21:38:05] <Amaryllis> "Worry not, Nat. I am simply glad we discovered this now, before it became worse." Ammy turns. "Thank you, Ralul. From here on out, the rest is my task I suppose, seeking out whoever has done this to Carbuncle."
  766. [21:38:44] <Amaryllis> "Noah should be in town soon as well, and perhaps then we can make more headway."
  767. [21:41:19] <Natbuncle> "'Kay.  Thanks a lot, Mr. Rally!  Sorry you both got... sort-of-but-not-really hurt, though."  :<  "I want to practice that being-in-two-places-at-once thing while I have time."
  768. [21:42:29] <Amaryllis> "As long as I don't lose my arm in -this- world, I think I shall be fine." Ammy smiles.
  769. [21:43:06] <Natbuncle> "(I actually didn't even know my Reflects COULD be used like that.  Ow... maybe I'll do it to Kraken though.)"
  770. [21:43:58] <Ralul> Oh whoops
  771. [21:44:14] <Ralul> I'd say... sure, Nat.
  772. [21:44:32] <Natbuncle> Cool then she is having ADVENTURE in there.
  773. [21:44:56] <Ralul> In any case, Ralul nods. "I'd better get back and check up on you know who."
  774. [21:45:10] <Natbuncle> It's like, an 8-year-old with a pillow fort but instead of an 8-year-old it's a 4,000-year-old immortal godbeast and instead of a pillow fort it's a giant castle full of mirrors with cartoons on them.
  775. [21:45:38] <Amaryllis> "Of course. She...cannot do much to influence our respective positions in this competition as she is, can she?" Ammy asks a bit worriedly.
  776. [21:46:15] <Ralul> "I hope not."
  777. [21:46:28] <Natbuncle> "Ammy...."  Nat :<s in the most reassuring way she can, which is to say, not very.
  778. [21:46:44] * Thetina is now known as Shawyun
  779. [21:47:10] * Shawyun is now known as zoofman
  780. [21:47:21] <Amaryllis> "I have ideas, Nat. Worry not. I have survived all these years without even knowing the rules of the game. Now that we are on equal ground, there is no way I shall lose."
  781. [21:47:40] <Ralul> Ralul goes to take his leave.
  782. [21:47:48] * Ralul is now known as Kain
  783. [21:47:50] <Natbuncle> "Hee.  Well you know I'm gonna help any way I can."
  784. [21:48:31] <Amaryllis> "And I shall help you as well." Ammy smiles and returns to her cup of tea. She waves to Ralul as he leaves.
  785. [21:48:45] <Natbuncle> and so the adventure of etc etc YOU KNOW I wasn't planning on asking to play anything else out at all but wooooooooooooooooooooooooooow
  786. [21:49:53] <Natbuncle> Nat is just going to sit around with a goofy smile on her face and actually be sneaking around her æther realm
  787. [21:50:09] <Natbuncle> ... maybe installing fences around the castle so the other cat doesn't go back there
  788. [21:50:19] <Natbuncle> because she doesn't consider that'll just make it MORE obvious
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