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  3. A step up from the life of an Urchin, a Panhandler is one drawn to the seductive clink of coins and dreams of wealth. In their cases, serving themselves serves the Family: the more wealth they gain, the more wealth the Family claims. Just a few steps away from the fortune they seek, these individuals must learn to open their minds to all possibilities of acquisition, injecting a healthy bit of creativity to gain coin in more ways than most might dare imagine. Complete the following tasks, and ask a Thief, a Merchant, the Daymaster, or the Nightmaster to administer your exam.
  5. -Reach the 40th level of experience.
  7. -Learn to Parry in Fighting. It is imperative that you know how to avoid incoming blows in order to escape with both your coin and your life.
  9. -Acquire one golden sovereign. Creativity in completing this task is welcomed - work for Ursula, lend a hand to individuals in need, steal it, beg for it, or whatever else your mind might conjure.
  11. -List five ways to gain coin. Be ready to demonstrate or explain each way if asked.
  13. ============
  16. Having acquired a modest sum, a Panhandler becomes a Pursesnatcher and sets his sights on bigger fish. Not only must one who is concerned with all that glitters learn to take, but one must learn to keep and protect. By this time, a Pursesnatcher should be familiar with the Bank and how to take advantage of its services. In addition, the following jobs will combine gain with maintenance. Complete these jobs, and ask a Thief, a Merchant, the Daymaster, or the Nightmaster to examine your progress when you are ready to gain further rank in our humble business.
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  20. -Acquire five golden sovereigns. Deposit fifty silver to the Family's bank account. NOTE: Do not make your deposit until you are undergoing your examination.
  22. -Be familiar with a Rogue's Hostage, a Priest's Divine Command and a Mage's Compel. Know how to protect yourself and counter each theft attempt against you.
  24. -Explain at least two ways to throw a pursuer off your trail. It is important to know to avoid thefts against you or the risks of conducting your particular line of business.
  26. -Determine whether the path of the Merchant or the Thief is the one for you. Be able to provide your reasons as to why. NOTE: The Merchants are closed until such a time as crafting skills may be practiced once more.
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