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  1. 1. List four ways to start Task Manager.
  2. 2. If a program is not responding, how can you stop it?
  3. 3. If a program is using too much of system resources and bogging down other applications,
  4. what can you do to fix the problem?
  5. 4. How can you get a list of users currently logged onto the computer?
  6. 5. What is the program filename and extension of the System Configuration utility?
  7. 6. What tool in Windows Vista, used to temporarily disable a startup program, is not avail-
  8. able in Windows XP?
  9. 7. If a nonessential service is slowing down startup, how can you permanently disable it?
  10. 8. What should be the startup type of a service that should not load at startup but might be
  11. used later after startup? What tool can you use to set the startup type of a service?
  12. 9. List three snap-ins that can be found in both the Windows Vista and Windows XP
  13. Computer Management windows that are used to manage hardware and track problems
  14. with hardware.
  15. 10. What is the file extension of a console that is managed by Microsoft Management Console?
  16. 11. What are the program filename and extensions of the Microsoft Management Console?
  17. 12. Which log in Event Viewer would you use to find out about attempted logins to a computer?
  18. 13. Which log in Event Viewer would you use if you suspect a problem with the hard drive?
  19. 14. What is the program filename and extension of the Reliability and Performance Monitor?
  20. 15. What is the path to the Ntuser.dat file in Windows Vista?
  21. 16. How is the Ntuser.dat file used?
  22. 17. Which registry key contains information that Device Manager uses to display information
  23. about hardware?
  24. 18. What tool in Windows XP do you use to back up the system state?
  25. 19. What is the Vista tool that can give you a quick report of the overall performance of the
  26. system?
  27. 20. To improve Windows performance, you decide to disable the indexer used for Windows
  28. search. Will Windows search still work?
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