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  1. /me has her world slow down as the Supernova comes flying at her. The fox is staring at herself in a "mirror". She's looking at her reflection with fear and worry. Everyone ounce of her being is telling her to flee, run for the hills. Even the reflection screams at her. "You have to run. Get help! There's nothing you can do! You're not strong enough to stop that! RUN AWAY! YOU WILL DIE!" "..."
  3. But the original Maxene is slowly clutching her fists and SHATTERS the mirror with a gaze, and dashes forwards. "No. NOT today." Her tone is determined as she dashes right in front of the attack, and brings her leg up and over to slam down in a stance, beginning to flare with Ki and energy. She throws her arms out and catches the attack, sliding back and into the ground, making a crater and a small "tunnel" of sorts. In her mind, the pain is searing, all centers reporting overwhelming force and part of her is screaming she can't do this... but then she clenches teeth- the thought of her loved ones; Trish, Broly, Chaya, the world she swore to protect to her dying breath... all of it? She'd fail them if she didn't stop this attack and survive. She begins to feel the burn running through her arms, the attack beginning to overtake her. If she fails... if she fails!!-
  5. Then she can feel it. Her ki surging in power, everyone around for miles can feel it- it was almost as if the ground shook with the force of the fox breaking through the mental barrier holding her back. The fox's eyes glow, Maxene letting out a yell to be heard as she takes a single step, pushing the sphere back a few feet. Then again, and again. She is glowing with dark orange aura, and her tail tingles, before it splits into two seperate tails, the fox's power shooting up and she throws all she has into stopping this attack. Because if she fails, then Piccolo failed in choosing her. Trish failed by saving her for the fox to just die here. Chaya failed in finding her in the wilderness because she died here. She would fail the planet by not being able to protect it later!! Worst of all, if she dies here... who will stop Cooler from killing millions? Of course, Goku or Vegeta could; that isn't the point. She'd gotten him to see better beyond mere simple slaughter to bring out the heroes. He had given her this chance to prove herself! And if she fails... everyone she loves will die. And with that thought, the fox pushes the ki blast back enough to give her a split second of breathing room- and brings her arms back and smashes her hands together, ki pulsing in the space between them. "FOX BLAST!!!!"
  7. And with a scream of pure determination, the Supernova is sent hurtling into the sky, propelled by Maxene's own ki-blast, before it breaks through the atmosphere... and likely dissipates in the sky. With that done, Maxene slumps forwards and to her knees, the tails joining back together as she clutches her chest, the strain that form put on her felt heavily by how much her heart was beating. "Trish, Chaya, Piccolo.. I did it." She'd say, before slumping onto her side, the fox breathing heavily to try and get her body back to a normal state.
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