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  1. 00:45   trubble_bass    Well tell whoever made the decision that they need their shit slapping.
  2. 00:45       *** mr_sir joined #tgstation13
  3. 00:45   Ursarkar_E_Creed    He was on yesterday.
  4. 00:45   Ursarkar_E_Creed    That'd be fateweaver.
  5. 00:45   trubble_bass    Wouldn't this thing need a unanimous decision?
  6. 00:46   trubble_bass    Or do all the headmins act independantly or something?
  7. 00:46   Dawgas  or at least if we're going to put strange people who are uncool into this "new" post
  8. 00:46   Ursarkar_E_Creed    Fate is not a headmin.
  9. 00:46   Dawgas  can we at least have super cool awesome people who we know aren't completely retarded in there too
  10. 00:46   Ursarkar_E_Creed    Again. Beard was never permabanned for a legitimate reason.
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