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  1. 1) selecting from a list of reasons to down vote,
  2. 2) forming a jury of opinion or of a highly qualified judge,
  3. 3) rendering that verdict, and
  4. 4) having the poster or other protagonist option for challenging the down vote verdict.
  6. 1) Up votes add more points than a down vote subtracts to their recipients and if they were
  7.    actually of equal but opposite value the reputation change for each would be equal but
  8.    opposite.
  9. 2) A down vote on an answer costs the down voter reputation to assign but an up vote
  10.    on an answer does not add to the assigner's reputation.
  11. 3) The reputation level for the privilege of first up voting (*circa* 15) does not equal
  12.    that for first down voting (*circa* 125).
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