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  1. Anna
  3.     I have a lot to say right now. There’s been a lot of issues in our relationship lately, and It’s making it hard for me. IMVU is an escape from my RL situation and stress, and everything with you lately is causing me stress and anxiety and it’s uncomfortable. Before I go on though, I do love you. You are my daughter and that has not changed, but there are things that need to. For everyones sake. I’m taking a page out of your nana’s book, and being blunter then I normally am, so bear with me.
  5.     Firstly, since I joined the new family, you have been a lot more active. Maybe you were on before I joined them and just on DND, but I have seen you more in the past couple of weeks that I had for the past 8 months of so… I know it’s exciting having a new family and new relatives but there really hasn’t been much mother-kid time except when we got those photos or you were mad at Vaz (which I will come back to)
  7.     We’ve all noticed some attention seeking behaviour with you lately. Whether it be with your grandparents, aunts, your brother or even Geer, you want to be in the spotlight. Maybe it’s subconscious but it’s obvious to us.. You veer towards the ones that give you more attention to, like Mim and Nicole. It was really difficult the first couple days after introducing you.
  8. I’m not sure I you noticed my silence or not, but I felt like I couldn’t even get a word in because you were always demanding there attention in some way. When Johnny finally got back on, you stole all his attention to the point where even he was questioning it.. It’s hard to be in a room sometimes with you because of that. They are my parents afterall, I do deserve some of the attention.
  10.     Secondly, there’s been a lot of going behind my back. Whether it’s what you did with Mia to get Nate to cheat and show his ’true colours’. Or talking to Johnny about our issues & comparing them unfairly to my relationship & the issues /w Nate. You and Vaz and my issues /w that were NO where near the same as Nate and I and your feelings towards them. If you have a question or a concern about something I am saying or doing, come to ME. Not your brother.
  11. If you think we are talking about you in the GC, ask me. There’s no need to sneak behind my back to ask him. It’s not fair to put him in that position, nor is it right.
  13.     Thirdly, and this is going back a bit.. but I need to get it off my chest. Mia, the twin and bestie I’ve never even met before. How is it that I’ve never met my daughters twinnie??? Or that you got her without even consulting me and seeing if I was alright with it? Same with the godmother thing.. I specifically said I wanted to meet her BEFORE she became your godmom, but I never even met her once. At that point, I hardly saw you as it was, why was there a need for a godmother at all?
  15.     You post appreciation posts on your story saying things along the lines of ‘I can tell you anything’ but the truth is I barely know what’s going on in your life. I don’t know your friends, I don’t even know who this Eli person is and suddenly you two are together? I know comparing you and Johnny isn’t far, but with Johnny, I know what’s going on.. If he’s not active on VU, He’ll check in. I know he’s got a third date soon with that boy, but I don’t know what’s going on with you. And it’s hard on me always wondering.
  17.     Onto the Vaz thing. Not gonna lie, that whole situation pissed me off. How it was handled from the moment you two started flirting right to you being pissed at him. That was HALF of why I was so against it all. Vaz/Shane is family and you dont get with family. And yes, I know neither of you wanted a relationship, but still look what happened. Shit got fucked up and people got hurt, which hurt the family. It should neve have happened in the first place. At all.
  19.     Lastly, the silly thing that still bothers me. My sex life with Geer shouldn’t be a topic of conversation brought up by you or Johnny unless something is wrong. It shouldn’t be joked about. The earthquake jokes aren’t funny and make me pretty darn uncomfortable. If we got silent, just ask us what we’re doing, there’s no need to say ‘they’re doing the nasty’. We’re grown up, in a healthy consensual relationship, and except for the shit I post on my IG, which isn’t even that bad, We keep it all private.
  21.     I know this is a lot. I know you probably disagree with a lot of it. I know this could turn into an argument, and honestly; I half expect it to. But it all needed to be said. Hope you read it ALL and thought about it.
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