Bronwyn Pregnancy fic Part II

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  1. First part:
  2. ---
  4. Inside the treehouse, Finn was building a tower of playing cards. He was reaching for the top when the door burst open and Jake was standing there.
  6. "FINN!" Jake yelled, his face a twisted mask of rage. Finn screamed girlishly, the tower of cards coming crumbling down in front of him.
  8. "W-what's wrong, man?" Finn shrieked, his voice cracking.
  12. Jake was on the warpath, stomping towards Finn. He morphed himself some giant hands and upended the living room table. Finn put his hands up in defense.
  14. "Chill out dude, be cool!"
  16. "Cool?! How can I be cool when I find out you've been out there bumping uglies with Bronwyn?!"
  18. "Look, I can explain!"
  20. Jake reduced the size of his fists. "This better be good. Kim Kil Whan will have a fit when he finds out."
  22. "Okay." Finn said with a sigh. "It all started a couple weeks ago."
  24. ---
  26. "You were off doing dad biz so I was hanging around the woods."
  28. Finn walked through the forest next to the treehouse, hopping over logs and looking at plants. He sighs, and plops down on a stump.
  30. "I was getting mega bored just walking. Thankfully, I ran into the kids from the skatepark."
  32. Finn heard the sound of chatter coming through the woods. He turned his head to look. He waved at them and they waved back. "What're you guys doing?" He called. They waved their skateboards in response. "Can I join you?" They all shrugged in unison.
  34. "They asked me to join them so I went along."
  36. The other kids and Finn arrived at the skatepark, where Bronwyn was already waiting. She was riding the skate ramp all by herself, stopping once she caught sight of the others. She let herself roll over to where the others were standing. "Hey guys." She said in her monotone voice before glancing at Finn. "Aren't you my grandpa's roommate?"
  38. Finn laughed. "Yeah, Jake is my bud."
  40. Bronwyn groaned a little bit. "Well, can you skate?"
  42. Finn scratched his head. "We used to snowboard around the Ice Kingdom. I guess that counts for something."
  44. The fox kid threw Finn his board. "Try it." He said.
  46. "I ended up skating with them for a while."
  48. It turned out that skateboarding was not too different from snowboarding, and Finn got the hang of it quickly. He hung out with Bronwyn and her friends for the rest of the day, skating around and just chatting. The day wound to a close, and the night air was warm. The last of her friends left, and it was just Finn and Bronwyn.
  50. "Eventually, it was just me and her left at the skate park."
  52. The two had been talking, and the conversation was going quite well. They were laughing and having a good time. "You're actually pretty cool, Finn." said Bronwyn, smiling. "Thanks, B!" Finn said, kicking his feet off the side of the skate ramp. "You, uh," Bronwyn started, her face turning a bit pink, "got a girlfriend or something?"
  54. Finn laughed awkwardly. "What? Um, no, I'm single."
  56. Bronwyn smiled. "Then, you won't mind if I do this." She leaned over and gave Finn a kiss on the cheek. Now it was Fin's face that was turning pink. He turned back to kiss her cheek, but when he did Bronwyn turned so that his kiss landed on her lips.
  58. Finn pulled away, shocked. "Woah..."
  60. Bronwyn was looking at him with sultry eyes.
  62. "We, uh, ended up making out."
  64. Bronwyn reached a hand down Finn's shorts, causing his face to turn beet red. His cock had already started to harden from the kiss that they had shared, and now he was nearing full mast. "Oh my glob, Bronwy-"
  66. Finn was cut off as her lips met his, and the two of them began to make out on the top of the skate ramp. His anxiety was lessening as he and Bronwyn leaned into one another, his hand exploring her back. Bronwyn kept her hand down Finn's shorts, working the shaft slowly in his pants as they made out, drops of precum moistening her hands.
  68. Their mouths separated, and they gasped for air. "Have you ever 'done it,' Finn?" Bronwyn asked, looking up at him with endearment.
  70. Finn swallowed hard. "Never all the way. Have you?"
  72. Bronwyn pulled her hair out of her face. "Yeah. I'll help you." She reached under her long shirt and pulled off her pink panties, discarding them to the side of the skate ramp. She unbuttoned Finn's pants, letting his cock out. He was fairly well endowed, and she kept stroking his cock for a while before deciding to go down on him.
  74. Bronwyn took his whole cock into her mouth, all the way down to the base. She looked up at him with baby-doll eyes. "Oh glob..." Finn whispered, the wetness of Bronwyn's mouth causing a shiver of ecstasy to travel up his spine. He'd never been with someone so experienced before. She sucked for a while, fondling Finn's balls and pumping her head up and down.
  76. He could feel he was close. "Bronwyn, I'm gonna-"
  78. She stopped sucking then, taking her mouth off his cock. "Not yet." She pushed Finn back against the concrete floor and climbed on top, her wet pussy positioned on the tip of his dick. Slowly, she slid down, exhaling as she did so, the feeling of his cock warming her up inside. As she reached the base, she started to grind her hips back and forth, working Finn's cock. He couldn't help but moan. She was building speed, using her hands to guide Finn's. She had him put one hand on her breast and one hand on her thigh as she pumped against his cock. Clued in now, Finn began to use his hands to explore her body. Pulling up her shirt to reveal her flat tummy, squeezing her breasts and grabbing at her ass.
  80. He could feel his orgasm building. The inside of her pussy was the best feeling he'd ever felt. Bronwyn was moaning softly, her wetness dripping down all over Finn's dick and thighs. "I- I'm gonna-" Finn started, but Bronwyn hushed him. "Not yet!" she could feel herself getting closer. Finn tried to think of something gross, like the Ice King without his tunic. Bronwyn kept pumping away, her body getting coated in a fine layer of sweat. Her eyes were pinched shut, each thrust causing her to moan softly. Finally, she could feel herself cumming. "Finn!" she moaned, "I wanna have your babies!" She started to come, the walls of her pussy contracting around Finn's cock. "Wait- what?" He sputtered, but he could feel himself cumming.
  82. Finn shot several large loads inside of her, each one a few seconds apart. They were both panting heavily, her laying on top of him, them both feeling hot and sticky in the summer night air. Finn held her tight and gave her a kiss on the lips.
  84. "And uh, we made out pretty hard and that was all that happened."
  86. ---
  88. Jake frowned. "So you made out with my granddaughter so hard you gave her puppies?"
  90. "Puppies!?" Finn shrieked, his eyes turning huge.
  92. "Yes, puppies! You hear that?!"
  94. Finn plopped down on the couch, staring up at the ceiling. "Oh glob. What am I gonna do? I'm not dad material."
  96. "I'll tell you what you're gonna do, buddy! You're gonna go talk to her and get this sorted out! Make an honest woman of her! Or so help me glob..." Jake said, raising a giant fist.
  98. "Okay, okay." Finn sighed, getting up from the couch. "I'll go talk to Bronwyn. I won't leave her alone."
  100. "Good!" Jake said, crossing his arms. "I'm gonna stay here and think about the best way to let Kim Kil Whan know that my best bud has been getting down with his daughter!"
  102. Finn climbed down the ladder and headed towards the skate park.
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