Greek Ponies 3

Oct 22nd, 2012
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  1. With Kat out of the room, I attempted to follow her advice and huddle up under the blankets. I imagined that the blankets on top of my new layer of fur would end up turning my bed into an oven, eventually. Thankfully, Bubbles and I had one major thing in common: a love for keeping the thermostat cranked down as low as we were allowed.
  3. Between the mental and physical shocks I'd endured over the last 24 hours, I finally felt like myself again, or at least as much like myself as I could, all things considered.
  5. I wanted to sleep, but my mind was racing. After getting over the initial what-the-fuck factor of becoming a cute little p0ny, I began thinking about how this would affect things long term. Sure, I could probably hide out in Kat's room under the guise of roommate swapping, and possibly ride out a little longer crashing in Dan's room at the frat house, depending on how well he handled the news. But, sooner or later, folks would start to wonder where I am and why no one has actually seen me in person since yesterday.
  7. I had no idea what I would do long-term. Obviously, I'd have to try to figure out what caused my transformation and how to reverse it, but that was going to prove pretty hard to do as a tiny equine.
  9. My morose musings on the subject were interrupted by the buzzing of my phone. It was Dan calling. I nosed the "answer" button.
  11. "Hello?"
  13. "Hey babe, how're ya feeling?"
  15. "I've been better, but I'll be ok. What's up?"
  17. "Just wanted to let you know I probably won't be crashing the formal after all, my car broke down in the city, so I'm gonna have to wait to get it towed back or catch a cab or something."
  19. Yes! That would give me the opportunity to have a bit of control over how the whole situation gets explained to him.
  21. I tried my best to sound truly disappointed. "Aw, sorry Danny. Did you at least enjoy the show?"
  23. "Heh, yeah it was awesome. Anyway, just wanted to call to check in on you. See you tomorrow?"
  25. "Hopefully. Text me when you get back to your house, ok?"
  27. "Sure thing. Hope you feel better, Sarah! Talk to you tomorrow."
  29. "Thanks, bye Dan."
  31. I managed to press the lock button with one of my hooves, hanging up. Having nothing else to do, I tried to let my mind go blank, and drift off to sleep.
  33. ---
  35. I groggily awoke a few hours later to the sounds of keys being clumsily jammed into the lock of my bedroom door, followed immediately by a panicked yell.
  37. "Bubbles, no! Don't go in there! You'll... Uh... Wake up Sunny!"
  39. "Shhh! Your yelling ish what will wake 'er up, Kat! I jus' wanna get mah dressh off an' grab my hoodie..."
  41. Oh fuck. Clusterfuck imminent. If Bubbles gets in here and sees me, especially if she's drunk, all manner of hell will break loose.
  43. "Bubbles, just go back to my room."
  45. The lock clicked. "No! Jush gonna be a second..."
  47. I peeked out from under my blanket to see that the harbinger of my doom crashed through the door, swaying ominously in the light. She slowly took a step forward, towards my bed...
  49. Only to trip on the empty floor in front of her.
  51. "Owww! Fuck!"
  53. I could hear Kat practically rolling on the ground, laughing. "Jesus, Bubbles, how much have you had to drink?"
  55. "Ehehehe wouldn't you like to know?" Bubbles retorted as she picked herself off the floor. She dropped her voice to a whisper as she stood under my bed. "Hey Shunny, you ok?"
  57. I elected to pretend I was still asleep.
  59. "AY! I know you can hear me, Sunny!" She reached up and ripped off my blankets; the sight of a small plum-colored p0ny shocked her closer to sobriety as she gasped aloud. "Uh... What... Sunny? Kat, you seeing this?"
  61. Kat finally stepped into the room. "See what?"
  63. Bubbles continued to point towards the bed frantically. "It's a... There's a... What?"
  65. With her best pokerface, Kat responded, "I don't see anything, Bubbles."
  67. Bubbles alternated her wide-eyed gaze between Kat and myself; at this point I was looking right at her, struggling not to burst out laughing once I realized what Kat was playing at.
  69. Finally, Bubbles slouched and sighed, bringing a hand to her forehead. "What the fuck did I drink tonight..." She muttered as she grabbed her hoodie and left, barely managing to stay upright.
  71. Kat watched her leave, and once the hallway was clear, Kat shut the door and walked over to me. "I know it's only been a few hours, but how are you holding up?"
  73. I sighed. "Actually, better than I thought. I was sleeping before Bubbles rampaged through. Nice job on convincing her that I was a hallucination, by the way."
  75. "Heh, what can I say? She's a sweet kid but not too bright, especially when she's as hammered as she is. But seriously, if I were in your spot, I'd be freaking the fuck out right now."
  77. I shook my head. "It's probably coming. I'm just exhausted in every way."
  79. "Anything I can do for you?"
  81. "Hmm... Actually yeah, but it's kinda personal..."
  83. Kat raised an eyebrow. "What is it?"
  85. "Nothing too embarrassing; just help me down from here, first off."
  87. "That's it?"
  89. "I'm not done yet, just get me down, it's too hard for me to try to fly out of such a confined space."
  91. "Ok, ok."
  93. Kat stood up on the bottom rung of the ladder, and lifted me onto her shoulder as if I were a rather large cat. I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel a little comforting, but my shame at having to be handled like a pet more than outweighed any pleasant feelings. Gently, Kat set me down at her feet.
  95. "Alright, what else?"
  97. I looked up, feeling my face flush underneath the fur. "I need you to... Um... Take my bra and underwear off of me."
  99. Kat just stared blankly at me.
  101. "Seriously! It's not like I really need a bra now, and these panties aren't exactly designed for an ass like mine. It's a little uncomfortable."
  103. "I guess that makes sense..."
  105. With that, Kat stooped down, and guided my now-useless clothing from my shoulders and backside.
  107. "Thanks. One more thing, I really need to go to the bathroom. I need you to play lookout for me..."
  109. "Gotcha." Kat then opened the door, and walked down the hall to the bathroom. She returned moments later, motioning for me to follow.
  111. I hesitantly stepped outside into the hall, thankful that the floor was carpeted and masked any clip-clopping I'd have made. I slowly nudged the bathroom door open, and stepped inside.
  113. A few minutes later, I exited. I seriously did not and do not want to talk about how awkward it was trying to sit on and use a toilet meant for something much larger than me.
  115. "Alright Kat, if you wouldn't mind helping me back into bed, I don't want to crack my head on the ceiling again..."
  117. "Sure, Sunny."
  119. We both returned to my bedroom and shut the door, at which point Kat again hoisted me up. This time, I did my best to place my forelegs around her neck.
  121. "Thank you, Kat..."
  123. "Don't mention it, that's what sisters are for, right?"
  125. I felt my throat tightening up and my eyes burning as I instinctively nuzzled into her shoulder. Oh god, it's finally hitting me. I'm fucked; trapped in the body of what's effectively a cartoon character, relying on someone else to help me take care of myself. All of my doubts and fears over the whole ordeal and what it meant for the future came crashing up against my usual wall of sarcasm. I sniffled as I felt a crack in my mental walls forming.
  127. Kat must have sensed my emotional shift, as she started gently rubbing my back as she sat down at my computer desk with me against her. "It's ok," she murmured, "just let it out, I'd be a wreck if it were me..."
  129. Oh goddamn it, Kat, don't do that to me! With one last deep breath, I began sobbing uncontrollably into her shirt.
  131. "What am I gonna do?!" I managed to squeak out between sobs.
  133. Kat just continued rubbing my back.
  135. I lost track of time, but eventually I regained my composure and nudged Kat to set me down. I looked up at her, trying to smile with the fur of my face slightly matted from my tears.
  137. "Sorry about all that..."
  139. Wiping a few tears of her own, Kat smiled. "Don't worry about it."
  141. Venturing a laugh, I cocked my head to the side. "I never knew you had such a motherly side there, Kat, haha..."
  143. Kat facepalmed. "Yep, you're gonna be fine. Here," she began lifting me up, "let me put you back into bed, and we'll sort this out in the morning. Meanwhile, I'm going to make sure Bubbles stays in my room. Good thing Jackie went home for the weekend, eh? I'll be able to watch her, and knowing Bubbles, she won't remember anything about tonight anyway. I haven't seen her drink that much since she went with John to TKE's rager last month, heh..."
  145. I sniffled again as she let go of me. "Yeah, thanks. Really, I mean it."
  147. Kat smiled. "Again, don't mention it. Now, maybe we can both REALLY get some sleep, and we'll go to Dan in the morning."
  149. I nodded. "Goodnight Kat."
  151. "Goodnight." She left the room and shut the door, locking it behind her with Bubbles' keys.
  153. Wiping my face with one of my blankets, I huddled under the sheets and attempted to go back to sleep.
  155. ---
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